Giveaway Grand Prize Winner & Craft Day Kickoff

Craft Day on HSN is finally here! I am elated that in just a few short hours I will be showing you all of the new, amazing Anna Griffin collections that you can get your hands on to start your Spring crafting spree! Each piece in these collections was artfully and thoughtfully designed to give you every element you need to make beautiful creations for any memorable occasion. I hope you love them as much as I do!

As the day goes on, I’ll be showing you everything from brand new vellum quotes to stamps to stickers to perfect paper embellishments. The coveted Anna Griffin Cuttlebug and Embossing Folders will also be back on the air in limited supply!

It’s time to announce the Anna Griffin Giveaway grand prize winner!

Since the day I announced this crafting contest, our winner began reaching hundreds, even thousands of people right out of the gate and hasn’t slowed down since. Every time I log onto Facebook or Pinterest I see her sharing her passion for my products, showing others where to find them and how to get inspired and even posting her own beautiful creations for all to see.

So, a huge congratulations to Melissa Hampton for starting the best and farthest reaching Anna Griffin social media crafting frenzy to date! We will send you a giant box of crafting goodies first thing in the morning, chock full of your very own Anna Griffin Cuttlebug and every new item that I’m presenting on HSN today!

I’ve been so moved by your comments, projects and efforts that I would like to recognize Erica, Holly and Dalyce by sending you runner up prizes this week. We love you and don’t want to leave you out! Now, just because National Craft Month is drawing to a close, I hope the sharing and posting on all of our social media sites does not! You have all inspired so many people this month to express themselves through paper crafting and scrapbooking, and I hope you will keep up the good work!

The countdown is on!  See you all on HSN today at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. EST. I can hardly wait!

Much love and thanks,


  1. Posted by: Cheryl
    Will the 18th Century Garden Stamps in the beautiful binder be back?  It’s just beautiful and would love to get that and the pen set that goes with it.
  2. Posted by: Rhonda Haun
    Anna, Love the Cuttlebug and folders!  I chose to get autoship and get all the other fabulous folders too.  I received an email from HSN saying my March shipment will not arrive until July.  Do you have any info on this?  HSN customer service could not help.  Looking forward to future shipments.

    Thanks for any information you can give!

  3. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna!
    I am impatiently waiting for UPS to deliver all the goodies I ordered during the craft show! I am at a loss for words about how very grateful I am for the opportunity to acquire such beautiful items! And thank you again for the runner up surprise!  Whew…that was a whirlwind of a show!  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!  I am going to have to tip the UPS driver!

    Looking forward to April’s show!

  4. Posted by: Paola
    Dear Anna, Greetings from little old England. Thank you for all the hard work that you put in creating such beautiful products. I am sure that you are aware that you have a massive following in the UK, I adore your wonderful papercrafting items. I am new to cardmaking but found your lovely kits on a shopping channel in the UK and susequently bought pretty much all that was available. I am really pleased that your recent trip to London was a success. Again it just shows how high the quality of the products is and how much people appreciate them and you for coming to present them. I missed the show, due to work ( I am a hospital based doctor ), but I stocked up before the show via the website- lucky, because everything sold out.
    Anyway, I have made hundreds of cards, using your kits since November last year, because I have been fundraising for my daughter’s school- Dame Alice Owens. The school celebrates its 400th anniversary this year and the pupils have been raising money for a new science building. Fundraising has been based on the parable of the talents, each pupil was loaned £10 to get started. My daughter made cards and cupcakes and her tiny business thrived. We raised £190 pounds and people loved the cards. Thank you for super kits they do the work, as do you. Sorry it’s such a long message, but I thought that you and some of the fellow world community of crafters might like to know what other crafters get up to. Thanks again.
  5. Posted by: Laura
    Congratulations to the winners! Anna, I am so excited that I got to watch your shows 1st hand! As a teacher, my days off are numbered and these shows are usually during the week. Well this year it was my Spring Break! I slept 3 hours total!! My HSN card is about to stroke. I got the Cuttlebug this time (it was sold out by the time I got home from school last time.) Are you going to have more folders in April? I love your products and can’t wait to use the folders. I just finished my Christmas 2012 in one of your auto-ship albums!
  6. Posted by: Judi Edder
    Dear Anna, I’ve been a fan of yours since the other shopping network.  I love your products.  I’m a big fan of vintage things.  Are you going to be offering your embossing folders on HSN?  I’m retired so I can’t get your Cuttlebug but would love to be able to purchase the folder for my Cuttlebug.  Yours is prettier than my little green bug but love it any way.  Did I hear you say you’d be back on HSN in April.  Must make a note of that so I don’t miss you.  Happy Easter.
  7. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    I watch the Show today, so many pretty things.
    I Purchased so many things I’m sure I Broke the
    Bank! LOL!!
    Congratulations to All the Winners!
    Anna, Did I hear you Correctly that you will be back
    On HSN in April? If so I need to put it on my Calendar.
    Thanks You and your Team For All your Hard Work
    Debbie Dunn

  8. Posted by: Rosie Waldt
    I enjoyed seeing you on two of your presentations (had to miss one because of a Dr. appt. ) .  I had ordered the Cuttlebug with folders in January and love, love, love the machine and folders.  You are so talented and I love the uniquess of your work.  Do you have a place we can view some of the projects you have shown and created?
  9. Posted by: Cristina Sarlea
    I missed the card making kit… maybe next time.
  10. Posted by: Beca
    Hi Anna are back you going to bring the Anna Griffin cuttlebug with 23 embossing folders with autoship for the remainning folders.

    thanks Beca

  11. Posted by: Tobia Kiestler
    Congradulations ladies!!
  12. Posted by: Sue Miller
    I was able to order the cuttlebug early today & am so excited!  Tried to buy the embossing folder storage box also but it wasn’t available.  Will it be later?  Also bought the 12″ borders & would like to know where I can learn the measurements for pleating them or making banners.  Hope that info is available somewhere.  Love your products & projects!
  13. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum

    I am so excited!!! I appreciate you considering me as a runner up. Just to think you know who I am, and my story, is an honor.
    My kids and friends have been texting me all morning.  They are all so happy.  I could not have done it without them.  Family and friends mean so much and your products have brought me closer to them in a way I never imagined.  I can never thank you enough for blessing my life in the way you have.  I will never stop telling people about Anna Griffin and her wonderful line of products.

    Congradulations to Melissa!!!  I am very excited for you.  And thank you Melissa for the links, for lots of more ideas.

    My 8yr. old daughter, Kaye, wants to tell you thank you also.
    I tried to get to live chat on HSN this morning to thank you, but never got through.  My daughter is just as excited to thank you as I am.  I will try again this afternoon.
    Thank you again Anna, for you generosity and kindness.
    Hope you have a successful day today.

  14. Posted by: nury stevens
    Dear Anna: I am watching you. I bought the cuttlebug today but I am disappointed  that you have not offered the autoship for getting the other folders. Would you please offer the folders for those who did not watch in January? I have been your follower for 13 years. Many thanks for all your beautiful products. I just love them. I have been crafting with your products for 2 weeks in a row now.
  15. Posted by: Bonita ringler
    Anna I would love your box for the embossing folders- when will we be able to get it?
  16. Posted by: Tamera B
    Congratulations Melissa!! Also to the runners up! Great Job!  Enjoy your new stash!
  17. Posted by: Anna Griffin
    You are most welcome! You and your work are awesome! Thank you so very much!
  18. Posted by: Anna Griffin
    You are most welcome! You and your work are awesome! Thank you so very much!
  19. Posted by: Erica Hersh
    Congratulations Melissa! 8)
  20. Posted by: Holly G
    Congratulations Melissa! Well deserved! I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful creations as well as everyone that posted their great projects using Anna’s collections.

    I also want to thank Miss Anna & Co! This has been such a fun and inspiring contest. It has brought many new ideas and products into the spotlight. I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate, and the recognition received  for helping with the goals! Thank you! I am loving the additions you have made to your Pinterest boards and website! Makes me want to create!
    I am SO very excited for Anna’s appearance on HSN today! I’ve said it before but I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve and need to go to sleep before Santa, I mean ANNA brings fabulous things that are on our our wish lists!  I hope everyone tunes in and is able to purchase  what they want before we see the “sold out” sign!

    Happy Creating Everyone!

  21. Posted by: Erica Thompson
    Congrats Melissa Hampton!!!
  22. Posted by: Anna Griffin
    You are most welcome! You and your work are awesome! Thank you so very much!
  23. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
    Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Thank you so much Anna Griffin Inc!!! I am so excited, and believe me, it has been my absolute pleasure to spread the word about your beautiful products! I am completely in shock, but beyond grateful. Thank you for your generosity in awarding runner-up prizes to the other wonderful posters, another classy move from Anna Griffin! Thank you again Anna, and have a **Fabulous** day of shows on HSN!!!

March 18th Giveaway Winner

It’s hard to believe National Craft Month is already more than halfway over! I’ve had so much fun seeing all of you share your love for crafting, and have also enjoyed sending the love back to you with our weekly Anna Griffin Giveaways and sneak previews of our newest collections.  Thank you so much!

Craft Month marks the launch of our brand new Pinterest page! I hope this page will become a resource to inspire you to create beautiful things with Anna Griffin products.  We will post a new pin board every day this week to showcase all of the items in my shows on the 25th.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit our new page, feel free to follow us and explore:

I have so many amazing products to show you next week, and I wish I could show you every single one, but until then I want you to meet a gorgeous gal named Gabbie by Maude Asbury.

The preppy, punchy prints in this collection marry mod-era patterns with iconic cameo shapes, wood-grain textures and letterpress typography.  Gabbie is a cheerful collage of bold graphics and primary colors, this collection is the perfect canvas for modern designs. We have something for everyone! Don’t miss your chance to purchase this great kit and all of the embellishments on the 25th!

Now, enough about us, let’s talk about this week’s winner!  A big congrats to Tonia Kiestler for sharing all of her beautiful Anna Griffin projects and her amazing story on our blog and all of our social media outlets! Tonia posted beautiful projects photos on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and told us how she uses Anna Griffin cards to put smiles on the faces of her friends and family. Congrats Tonia! You will be receiving our newest set of vellum quotes, brand new border stickers, our 6×6 cardstock collection, watercolor markers and the 18th Garden clear stamp library! The possibilities with this prize package are endless.  Enjoy!

With only the Grand Prize left to award, the stakes are even higher! And as most of you know, this giveaway is nothing short of a crafter’s dream. Not only will the lucky winner receive an autographed Anna Griffin Golden Cuttlebug, they will also get an exclusive crafting party package  featuring each and every new item that I will be presenting on the 25th!

You’ve got 7 days to get out there and share! This should be our biggest week, with our biggest reach!  So what are YOU going to do? Don’t hold back, show us what you’ve got, now is the time!

Here’s what to do to win:
1. Tell everyone you know to like our Facebook page – can we get to 10,000 likes?
2. Follow us on Pinterest – can we get to 500 followers?
3. Follow us on Instagram – can we get more of you?
user name is annagriffininc
4. Follow us on Twitter – can we get to 1000 followers?

Have fun, spread your love of crafting and come back to my blog by Sunday afternoon and tell me your results. The grand prize winner will be announced at 12:01 am March 25th.



  1. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna and Fellow Crafters!
    The clock is ticking and as of 8:20 MST there are well over 6700 followers on FB, many more than when the contest first began! GOAL REACHED and surpassed on Pinterest with 539 followers! And 799 followers on Twitter, closer to the goal of 1000.
    If you haven’t already, be sure to like, pin and tweet like crazy! Let’s all help Anna reach her goal!

    I know you are all as excited as I am about tomorrow’s HSN Craft Day featuring Miss Anna Griffin! Check your local listings for times, MST indicates 9am, 1 pm and 6 pm. Anna’s blog has provided links to all of her social media sites and it is easy to link and follow them! Spread the word everyone!

    Happy March Madness Crafting to all!

  2. Posted by: Laura Stewart
    great projects!
  3. Posted by: Jane Makuch
    So happy to tell everyone about your upcoming HSN visit!!!
    I have entered the contest by doing the required below:

    1. Liked you on Facebook:
    2. Followed you on Pinterest:
    3. Followed you on Instagram: my username is janewrites
    4. Followed you on Twitter: @janewrites

    Thank you for having this wonderful contest!!  Yay!!  xoxo  Jane

  4. Posted by: Jade Passmore
    March National Craft Month is going by so fast!  I like (LOVED) and shared your Facebook page; Followed all of your posts on Pinterest; Tweeted and chirped; and Instagram won’t let me log on but I’ll keep trying!  Good luck with your shows on HSN on March 25th.  🙂
  5. Posted by: mary ann
    Liked and shared on FB…..Following on Pinterest….Told ALL my crafting friends about Anna Griffin!  Now LET’S win this!!!!!!
  6. Posted by: Gina
    Shared you on Facebook, followed on Pinterest, Instagram and twitter!
  7. Posted by: Cheryl Towner
    Shared you on Facebook. Congrats to the other winners but I hope I win the grand prize. Love all your things Anna. Thank you so much for all your hard work on creating such beautiful things.
  8. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    I forgot to put that I have been posting photos of my projects to Anna Griffin Inc Facebook page!
  9. Posted by: Judith Temple
    I shared on FB. I love all Anna’s items. My most Fav is the first line of papers she came out with. I have about 25 to 30 pages left. I will only use them for something special, because I can’t find them any more:-). I’m also loving the new cuddle bug machine. I tried to buy another one for my friend but they were all sold out. I hope I’m blessed to win so I can give it to her. If not I’m still blessed to be able to have a some of Anna’s items. My second set of embossing folder have been shipped out, can’t wait to get them on Tuesday.  I can’t wait for the HSN Craft day!  Looking forward to seeing you on there Anna.
  10. Posted by: Brenda Porter
    I shared on FB and twitter!   I can’t wait to see your products on HSN!!  I love my cuttlebug and my shipment of new folders should be here tomorrow!   can’t wait!  I love the ones that came with the machine!  and how they work with the card kit I got also!  hope there are good surprises tomorrow!
  11. Posted by: Amanda Jones
    I have liked you on facebook and followed you on both twitter and pintrest. Would love to win!!
  12. Posted by: Karin Boschaart
    shared on FB  karin Boschaart
    twitter @guusfan
    pintrest kaatje1959

    beautiful prize with amazing products in it.

  13. Posted by: Denise Bryant
    Liked and shared on FB!
  14. Posted by: Jean Bullock
    Now I tweeted.

    That’s all I can do as I can’t get Instagram on my phone.  Doubt I will win, but I didn’t know about you until Ken Oliver posted about you on Facebook (about your dress and I clicked on your link and saw not only your cool page but that this contest was still open.

    Anyway, congratulations to the winner and I am glad I found you.

  15. Posted by: Jean Bullock
    I followed you on Twitter   @giveawayjean
  16. Posted by: Jean Bullock
    I followed you on Pinterest.  username giveawayjean
  17. Posted by: Jean bullock
    I pinned the contest!
  18. Posted by: Jean Bullock
    I LIKED your page and shared it.  user name jean.bullock.148
  19. Posted by: Amanda
    shared and liked your facebook page, and followed you in pinterest.  Would be great to win!  Love all your products!
  20. Posted by: Shelia Clark
    So glad to share all the great projects and crafting that is available through your designs. Such a great thing to be able to share you crafting ideas in Facebook Pinterest and hand to hand contact with others thank for an opportunity to win product that can be shared with others to let them see what great things can be created with your products
  21. Posted by: Betty Patterson
    Thanks so much for this awesome contest and the wonderful papers and scrapbooking products you produce!!!  Love the pages shown on Pinterest.  Have shared and am telling my friends to like your page.  I am in the central time zone so hoping to see you after work.  Thanks again Anna for the awesome beautiful products you share with us!
  22. Posted by: LOUISE JOHNSON
    I follow you on FAcebook & pininterest! Would be so excited to win!!
  23. Posted by: Tonya
    I follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook. I like a ton of your posts and Pins. I share where I know how 😉 Thanks for the chance to win this dream prize 🙂
  24. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    I’m so ready for the big day tomorrow!! So what have I done to spread the word of Anna Griffin and her amazing products? Well I have uploaded around 400 Anna Griffin projects to Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, and 2 peas in a bucket! So many photos that I actually locked up my Facebook account! 🙂 But it was SO worth it. I know have 50 new followers on my Pintrest Anna Griffin board and 40 of my close family/friends are now following Anna on pintrest. I have 15 family/friends that now like Anna Griffin on Facebook. I have created a forum on 2 peas where have been discussing her upcoming visit and what are favorite collections, products, and more. From that I know for certain there will be 5 new people watching your programming on HSN tomorrow!!  I also have also been hired to create a wedding scrapbook based on my posted projects. The bride requested I use the same vintage look in there wedding album. So of course it will be Anna products all the way!!  I’m new to twitter but have 3 new followers. I just have to say how much Anna products mean to me. I have Ulcerative Colitis and have for 17 years now. Scrapbooking and card making is my outlet. Even on my worst days I can sit down with a Anna Griffin card kit and create wonderful projects that I can proud of.  Depending on how I feel I can make them as elaborate or as simple as I choice! I started scrapbooking the year I was diagnosised at 9 to get through the side effects of my treatments and have been doing it ever since. Now that I have been told I can’t continue working I know with my creativity and Anna’s products I can work from home creating wonderful products. Anna, you honestly have no idea what your products mean to me. Your not just making products you are creating SO much more. You have been able to give me purpose, hope, and some cheering up when I need it the most. I hope you read these comments because you have no idea how much I appreicate you and your staff! Thank you so much for all you do! My health hasn’t been the greatest lately and just something as simple as you coming to HSN has giving me something to look forward to. Then when I found out I won last week I was overcome with emotions. I have been ill the last few days and I have literally set in bed and look at each and every product in the box multiply times!! I can’t wait tell I feel like using them. Since I’m unable to work money is tight but my birthday was this month I have been saving it all for your shows!  I hope you see this Anna I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do!! God Bless you and your wonderful team!!

    Tonia Kiestler
  25. Posted by: Lora James
    Sharing all your posts on my Facebook with my 300 friends. Telling them all to like your page. Pinning all of your gorgeous products on my Pinterest page: Lora James. Love how easy Anna Griffin products are for us “non-crafters.” Thanks to you everyone thinks that I am so talented! Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows on HSN!
  26. Posted by: pam allen
    congrats to winners so far!  I have posted again to get the word out! So much wonderful Anna goodies to win and to shop for on HSN!!! Wish I could buy it all 🙂 I have been a fan ever since I saw you on DIY
    channel, QVC and now HSN.  I have been sharing on FB, Pinterest and
    twitter.  I can’t wait for the 25th.  I record all your show and watch
    when crafting.  thanks for a chance to win again this week.

    FB Pamela Allen

    Twitter grammypame

    Pinterest Pam Allen



  27. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
      What a great week of crafting with Anna Griffin. I’ve continued sharing, posting and commenting on Facebook.
    I was invited to join a Group “cards” board on Pinterest:  with 7,385 followers. I’ve shared lots of gorgeous Anna Griffin cards, like this one here:
    I was also invited to join a Group “arts & crafts” board: with 10,714 followers. I’m pinning lots of beautiful Anna Griffin layouts and cards, like this one:
    Adding my own personal Pinterest board with 2,900 followers, I have been able to share Anna Griffin products with over 21,000 people on Pinterest! Can’t wait for your shows on HSN on Monday!!
  28. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    I know everyone is working very hard for this giveaway and is looking forward to Monday as much as I am. I just wanted to invite people to continue sharing your ideas after the promotion is over. Oh course I was thrilled and honored to be chosen as one of the giveaway winners but I have enjoyed seeing everyone projects just as much! I don’t know about you but I get so much inspiration by seeing others creations. So please add on Facebook, follow me on pintrest, twitter, Instagram or whatever social network you use but I would love to keep this buzz going!! Let’s keep inspiring each other espically once we get all of new goodies from Monday’s shows
  29. Posted by: Ronny
    Can hardly wait for Monday!  I have so much Anna Griffin stuff! But of course its never enough as all you AG lovers know.
    I bought myself silly last time you were on.  Hope I have some money left for this next round as like last time I will want it ALL!          Everyone who knows me in my crafting world knows most all my cardmaking is done with Anna products. They are so beautiful.  Especially love those pretty bright flower stickers.          I have posted on facebook and have a pinterest board of  Anna cards etc.    Have sent out many cards made with the kits and people think I am so brilliant to make such beautiful cards 🙂   How Annalicious it would be to win all the products that will be on her show.  I would probably faint cause I am usually not in the winner category, it tends to evade me.     But there is always hope and no matter what I will always love Annas products.
  30. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    Still working hard to spread the word about your upcoming visit! I just have to the products I received are GREAT! I’ve added more projects on pintrest, twitter, 2 peas, and Facebook. I have the DVR set and ready to go for Monday! I can’t wait to see your new items. Thank you Anna for your products and ideas.
  31. Posted by: Erica Hersh
    HI everyone! HUGE FAN!!!!! I have been paper crafting for a really LONG time, I started right after I moved to Arizona, from New York-I started my family tree; found that I had too many PHOTOS/documents and needed a place for them, and I didn’t want to just throw them in a cheap album, so I started SCRAPBOOKING! I have well over 4,100+ people on my family tree, so you can imagine the amount of information I have to place with each individual, for sure! I wish I could post every little thing I have, but you would be bored, don’t want to do that, so, instead, I’m spreading the love of Anna Griffin, Inc., cause I LOVE everything I have purchased and created! I can’t wait to see what is yet to come! SO exciting!

    I’m STILL spreading the word:
    I want everyone to follow AnnaGriffinInc and spread the word(so far):

    HSN: 752,810+ Fans at

    Scrapbook Memories TV: 1,853+ Fans –

    Residents of Rancho Sahuarita: 1,487+ Fans –

    Scrapbooking 24/7: 19,331+Fans-

    The Scrapbooking Club: 120,382+ Fans –

    Obsessed With Scrapbooking: 11,363+ Fans –

    Scrapbooking For Less: 15,429+ Fans –

    Paper Crafts Magazine: 62,749+ Fans –

    Pinterest on Facebook: 2,590,539+ Fans –

    HGTV: 2,450,079+ Fans –

    DIY Network: 282,951+ Fans –

    My Facebook Page: 1000+ Photos of my Paper Crafting – 877+ Friends – AND

    My Twitter Page: 553+ Followers –

    Pinterest: TONS of Photos Uploaded – 283+ Followers –

    Instagram: TONS of Photos Uploaded – 334+ followers – OXErica

    If you could please:
    ~LIKE Anna Griffin Inc. on Facebook:

    CAN’T WAIT: Also, please watch Anna Griffin Elegant Papercrafting on HSN at 11am, 3pm, and 8pm on HSN or visit HSN.COM

    Thank you so much for your help! #AnnaGriffinGiveaway

  32. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    Reporting back on the progress of spreading your name and products.  Because of the help from my Married Children and Friends, as of yesterday we had over 40 people, that I know of, posting for me on facebook and twitter.  My kids think it’s many more.  They have numbers of friends posting for me also.  So many have said they would help.  It is impossible to know just how many people we are reaching, but my kids say they think it must be several thousands with everyone helping to post.  Even one of my Son-in-Laws was getting his friends to post.  Cute Ah!   We also know that several hundred are going to Pinterest to see your products.
    This has been a fun contest and my friends and family have reported back to me that their friends, love your products also and can see why I love them.
    We are going to continue through Sunday to get the Anna Griffin word out and we have also been encouraging everyone to watch you at HSN on Monday.
    I am so greatful to everyone who has helped me try to win the Grand Prize.  I am amazed and deeply touched at so many many people I don’t even know doing this for me because my friends and family asked them to.  Those close to me know how I love and like to share your products.
    Also, as of this morning I have 286 followers on my Anna Griffin pinterest.   My Pinterest account is Gail Gale.
    I look forward to seeing you at HSN on Monday.
    Thanks again Anna for bringing all your wonderful ideas and products into so many lives.
  33. Posted by: Sherry Anderson
    Greetings Anna Griffin. I am sharing your posts on Facebook and following you on Pinterest and re pinning your beautiful things. I love this great contest.
  34. Posted by: Kelli Smith
    Wow Anna, You products get more amazing at the time.

    I started scrapbooking in late 2001 & your “Anna Griffin Decorative Papers” were some of the first paper’s I bought. I really enjoy crafting with you wonderful array of products and always look forward in anticipation of your next product reveal.

    I’m helping to spread the word about your FB page, products and upcoming HSN appearance by doing the following.

    I like your FB page & happily shared a link to your page on my page ( so my FB friends  can easily find you.

    I follow your Pinterest board from mine, which is funscrappin

    I also follow you on twitter & have been tweeting about your upcoming appearance from my twitter account: @ksmithscrappin

    I am eagerly awaiting to see what amazing products you showcase via HSN on the 25th.

  35. Posted by: Stefanie Haluk
    I love your products, they are all so beautiful.
    i Follow you on facebook and shared, pinterest and twitter.
  36. Posted by: Kat
    Already follow you on FB. Have loved your products for years. Waiting for the 25th!
  37. Posted by: Marta Tapanes
    I love your products and would love a signed, golden CB!!! I liked you on FB and am “like” #6,610. I am now following all  your boards on Pinterest and am follower #407. I am also following you on Twitter and am follower #772. I have shared your site with my friends and hope I win!!! Thank you!

    Marta Tapanes

  38. Posted by: Linda English
    I’m following you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest now! I have been enjoying so much all of your designs and papers. You have the most beautiful papers available in the market. I would love to win the bundle, so I can really get busy creating some beautiful layouts. I’m just hoping that you have your “Cuttlebug” available for purchase again on the 25th~I missed it the first time around. Keep designing!
  39. Posted by: Patti
    Oops…that is Facebook…
  40. Posted by: Patti
    I follow you on Dacebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Now what do I do to win?

March 11th Giveaway Winner

Wow!!  I am so proud and humbled to see all of the amazing support and sharing you have done over the past couple of weeks.  I feel like we’ve got an Anna Griffin crafting army behind us that is ready and raring to go for March 25th on HSN, and that is such an inspiring feeling! Thank you very much.

This week, I want to introduce you to our Blomma papercrafting collection by Jessica Swift. Our new licensing division, Blend, showcases the work of many talented people and Jessica is one of our most prolific.  She is known for her daring use of color and quirky and fun pattern sense.  Depicting the happiness of sunny days (which are on the horizon!), Blomma’s bright disposition incorporates vibrant oranges and pinks, stylized flowers and bold chevrons.  This eye-catching collection offers dynamic textures achieved with tone-on-tone line illustrations and flowers, butterflies and natural creatures all bathed in the warmth of the sun.

Blomma is perfect for all of your playful and upbeat springtime paper projects, and comes with more than 135 coordinating pieces all designed to mix, match, layer and build unique crafts. This beautiful group will be offered on HSN March 25th.

Now, I know you all are dying to know who will be receiving this week’s prize package, and I am excited to tell you!  This week, we’re giving away an autographed Anna Griffin Cuttlebug and embossing folders and the Metallic Layers paper kit that is perfect for embossing.

Our winner this week is Melissa Hampton, who has been telling friends about our contest on her blog, and Pinterest pages, made an Anna Griffin pin board on her Pinterest page and even created a projects with Anna Griffin products and posted them to our AG Facebook page for all to see! Thank you for sharing your passion for crafting, Melissa, and we hope you enjoy making more beautiful paper projects with your prize!

Next week, we are upping the ante even further!  You know the drill: keep sharing, posting, liking and following all week long and then comment on our blog to tell us what you’ve done to spread the word about Anna Griffin.  Next week’s winner will get our newest set of vellum quotes, brand new border stickers, our 6×6 cardstock collection, watercolor markers and the 18th Garden clear stamp library!

Only 2 more weeks until Craft Day on HSN, so keep up the sharing, following, liking and posting! The grand prize of every new item in my shows is still up for grabs.


  1. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    Another 20 new people following my Anna Griffin pintrest board!! My two peas in a bucket projects now have over 100 views!
  2. Posted by: Carol Vivenzio
    I liked, shared and pinned. Love, love, love your products, Anna. I have for years since I first saw you on the DIY Scrapbooking with Sandi G. I have learned so much for you. Thank you for this chance to win.
  3. Posted by: Tobia Kiestler
    I just checked pintrest. I have 20 new people following my Anna Griffin board, 5 new pintrest followers, and turned 5 people onto following Anna on pintrest. I also have 5 new people liking Anna’s Facebook page. I have over 50 views of my projects that I’ve posted to two peas in a bucket!  Hoping all my hard work paid off this week. I can’t wait till 5:00!!’
  4. Posted by: ilovecrafts1
    Just like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Anna Griffin and her new Cuttlebug go together!! Everyone is always searching for the golden ring or the golden egg, but me, I am searching for the golden cuttlebug!!! This is a great opportunity and what wonderful ideas and projects we have to lean on for ideas.  Thank you
  5. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
    Spread the word about the contest on, one of the top scrapbook/papercrafting websites in the world, with over 525,00 members. Listed on several different forums for more impact. (here’s just one ).  Also posted a photo of the project I made and directed people to my blog where I took a photo of the 18th Century Garden Stamps for people to see with a link to Anna’s blog to enter. Enjoying spreading the love for Anna Griffin products. Can’t wait to see who wins.
  6. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    I spent another day uploading pictures of my Anna projects.  I have pictures on two peas in a bucket, pintrest, and Facebook. Still have a few more to go but I’m working really hard to win this weeks prize. Fingers crossed!
  7. Posted by: Jeanetta barker
    I’m an Anna griffin fan from down under! And it’s not that easy but I enjoy the challenge of sourcing some of the most beautiful card crafting items in the world. I’ve been a fan since I bought my first wood mounted set of stamps as a teenager, and now as a new mum I love having a little timeout to craft. I’m lucky to have family in the uk who send me orders from HSN but I am a little limited with what I am able to get. I religiously watch clips on QVC and HSN and thank goodness for online tv- I’m known to get up at 2am to watch. I have liked on fb and have a Pinterest page dedicated to Anna. All I ask is that you bring more of your amazing kits to us in little old Australia- we need you!
  8. Posted by: DarlaWelch
    So glad I found your blog.  The products are simply gorgeous.
  9. Posted by: Lisa S
    Love the color combinations.  As a 22nd Anniversary gift last year I received my wedding photos that people had taken that the photographer missed.  I’ve been looking for the perfect scrapbook designs to create my album.  I would be honored if I was picked.

    The happy crafter,
    Lisa 🙂

  10. Posted by: Steph D.
    Love your products!  They are so soft and pretty!  I shared on my facebook – Steph Sweetcraftychick.  Thanks for the chance and have a wonderful weekend!  *hugs* and Much aloha, Steph 🙂
  11. Posted by: Brenda Gaston
    I’ve been using Anna’s products ever since I started scrapbooking.
    I love the floral and designed papers for cards too!
    I shared the new picture with all my friends on FB and Pinterest.
  12. Posted by: Pam Allen
    So much wonderful Anna goodies to win and to shop for on HSN!!! Wish I could buy it all 🙂 I have been a fan ever since I saw you on DIY channel, QVC and now HSN.  I have been sharing on FB, Pinterest and twitter.  I can’t wait for the 25th.  I record all your show and watch when crafting.  thanks for a chance to win again this week.
    FB Pamela Allen
    Twitter grammypame
    Pinterest Pam Allen
  13. Posted by: Denise J
    I am a card crafter who has been using your beautiful products for years. I am always thrilled by the new product categories you keep adding to take your offerings to the next level. I cannot tell you the number of times I have given a card made with your amazing selection of designs and heard “this is the most beautiful card I have ever received” or “I  am going to frame this” or “Can you make me more cards like this to send” or “you are an amazing card artist.”. But, really, it is your coordinated lines that make it effortless. Thank you so much and I can’t wait until March 25 to see more gorgeous samples and buy a bunch more fabulous AG stuff! Thank you so much!
  14. Posted by: Holly G
    Good Evening Miss Anna & Fellow Crafters!

    It looks like everyone is as excited as I am for the show on the 25th (no doubt) and also very enthusiastic about the FAB Anna Griffin Giveaway too! I love everyone’s comments.  When I view the creations of others, in addition to those presented  by Anna & Co, I feel inspiration coming on!  Thanks everyone!
    This weekend I am planning a “Crafting with Anna” party for my family! They have all been recipients of cards and projects using Anna’s exquisite line! This should be so much fun!
    I love what Tonia spoke of in her comment about sending her wonderful cards out to many who are in need of a “pick me up”!
    Great job Tonia! I find that to be the case as well and helping  someone smile or forget their troubles for a little while … what a powerful thing!  Anna creates the beautiful kits, papers and embellishments that help us accomplish this with ease and with an elegant style, and no stress!  Plus you get the therapeutic benefits of creating! It’s a win, win!
    I like to give some of the Anna cards I have created to the care givers I know who give so much of themselves, so often.  The sentiment inserts, stickers and stamps  are so helpful when you aren’t quite sure what to say, I am so grateful for these!  In addition to the cards,  I have found that for some scrapbook pages, these sentiment stickers and stamps convey just the right message for the photos you want to showcase.

    Happy St Patrick’s Day!
    Holly G

  15. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    I have been working very hard this week to spread the news about Anna and her wonderful products.  I have uploaded photos of all my cards I’ve made with Anna’s products.  I have all 221 photos on Instagram (kiestler87) and know I’m in the process of putting them on Facebook, pintrest (disney87) and Two Peas in a Bucket (kiestler87).  I love Anna’s products and have for years.  I started scrapbooking when I was 9 years old after I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.  My Mom would order me items when you were on QVC.  I use these homemade cards so frequently.  I have often put in the hopsital and use the thank you cards for my church and loved ones who have prayed for me and sent me items.  It gives me such great joy to give them a card as a thank you that I personally made.  Often times the people that receive this cards keep them out on display at all times.  My grandparents have 7 displayed in there home now.  I would LOVE to receive this prize!!! Added this wonderful products to my growin number of Anna products would be such a blessing.  This past year alone I have used your products to make 2 sets of wedding shower invitations, 1 wedding reception, and 1 1st birthday party.  I have recently been told that I will not be able to continue to work because of my condition.  Your products allow me to create wonderful products people want to purchase and for me to give.  Using your products allow me to create wonderful products and give me a sense of importance.  I would also like to say how much I have enjoyed this contest.  It has connected me with other crafters and their wonderful creations.  I know have new facebook friends, people to follow on pinterest/instagram, and new blogs to explore. I hope get new followers and friends as well. Anna, I can’t WAIT till your shows on the 25!!  I will be there with phone in one hand and credit card in the other! Please Please Please consider me for this week prize!!!!
  16. Posted by: Meg
    Hello Anna and Fans,
    I have been such a fan of Anna, and have been following her for years.  I also do not use Facebook, like Michelle, however, I agree with her that the response from the receivers is wonderful.  I purchased the AG cuttlebug from HSN and have had so much fun with this product.  (I gave my other machine to my friend), so I received twice the joy!!! The products from AG line are so great, and I enjoy getting my packages from HSN, like a kid at Christmas. Thank you Anna for all the great products, and may you have a great year!!!  Looking forward to many more crafting days and sharing joy to others because of your creations.
  17. Posted by: Judy
    Nice! The use of colors and patterns is just so beautiful!
  18. Posted by: Paula Gale
    Hi Anna

    I adore your products.  Your lines and collections are always exquisite and are just a level of class above everything else on the market.  I have most of your stamp sets and what a birthday present to find out about your embossing folders, which I’ve just purchased on QVC as well as another set of stamps to add to my collection.

    Well done on your new releases and look forward to many more (although not sure how you can top your newest stuff).

    Paula Gale (UK).

  19. Posted by: Michelle Smart
    Hi Anna!!!  I just wanted to let you know that I love your products!!!  Being able to make cards and scrapbook brings me such joy in this sometimes hectic world.  Crafting is my passion, and I record all of your HSN appearances.  I watch them when I am rocking my son to sleep and when I go to sleep at night.  I never get tired of seeing all of the things that you and your company have created.  I am a bit old school, so I don’t have Facebook or Pinterest, but please believe that every time I give someone a card or a scrapbook that I made from one of your collections I tell them exactly why it came out so beautifully – because Anna Griffin designed it!!  I always let them know to go on to check for your products.  I tell all of my crafting friends just when to tune in to HSN so that they can see the latest and greatest from your collection.  I am begging that you please consider me for the weekly prize.  I have been dreaming of your 18th century garden stamp set.  I totally went crazy from your January appearance on HSN and ordered way to much stuff (the golden cuttlebug, the metallic layers, the card inserts, the floral impressions card kit, the graduation kit).  Add that to my growing Anna Griffin collection and I could open a store.  Oh Anna, I got it bad!!!  I may not be able to spread the word via the internet, but please believe that I spread the word to all of the recipients of your cards and scrapbooks that I create and to all of my crafty friends!!!  I LOVE ANNA GRIFFIN!!  COUNTDOWN TO MARCH 25TH!!!!!!
  20. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello to All!
    Congratulations Melissa! Well deserved I might add! Thank you for sharing your wonderful projects, they are beautiful!  I am coninuing to share and create. Melissa’s projects are a great inspiration as well as the new collections being featured on Miss Anna’s blog. The anticipation of the 25th is getting to me!
    Keep sharing and creating everyone and keep watching for all Anna’s new product lines on her blog and don’t forget to tune in to  HSN on the 25th.
    Holly G
  21. Posted by: Judy
    Beautiful, as always!!!
  22. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
    I am so excited!! Everyone keep creating and sharing your Anna Griffin projects…I have this 18th Century Garden Stamp Set and the Watercolor Markers and they are will want to win these!!! Share, share, share, everywhere!!!
  23. Posted by: Ellen Schmidt
  24. Posted by: Donna
    Love AG and Cricut! Great combo! Love these products.

March 4th Winner of the Anna Griffin Giveaway

We are so excited to announce the winner of the March Craft Madness Anna Griffin Giveaway for March 4th. But first, I promised you a sneak product preview…

Say hello to our Eleanor papercrafting collection, which will make its debut on March 25th. Eleanor is a decidedly feminine collection inspired by the elaborate millinery and antique perfume bottles of the 1920’s.  With vintage hatbox stripes and lush rose bouquets, this collection has many contrasts between flowing florals and concentrated geometrics.  This collection is a step back in time when Hattie Carnegie was introducing ready-to-wear fashion, the era in which Eloise lived in the Plaza, when women wore hats as statement pieces and every wall was covered in decadent wallpaper.

This collection is comprised of coordinating decorative papers, embellishments, titles, 3D stickers and detailed embellishment shapes in a variety of colors and styles. Eleanor’s feminine feel is perfect for gorgeous greetings or springtime soirées.

Now, on to the giveaway!

Our first winner did exactly what we asked for!  She followed all of our social media networks, shared her love for Anna Griffin products on Facebook and Pinterest.  So, a big congrats to Holly Golding, who is the lucky recipient of our brand new Nearest and Dearest 3D Sentiment Stickers (which are not available until the 25th!) and our Floral Impressions Card Making Kit (which is completely sold out and is no longer available!) Congratulations Holly!

However, the giveaways are far from over, so if you didn’t win this week don’t fret!  This time around, we are giving you the entire week to show us what you’ve got to win an even bigger prize! So keep posting!


An autographed Anna Griffin Cuttlebug and embossing folders plus the Metallic Layers paper kit that is perfect for embossing! This could be yours on March 11th!

To win you have to spread the word:
1. Tell all of your friends to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

2. Post your Anna Griffin projects on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram with the tag @AnnaGriffinInc

3. Post a comment on our blog telling us how many people you have reached. The next Anna Griffin Giveaway will take place Monday, March 11th at 5 p.m. EST right here on the blog.

Thank you for all of your submissions this week! Remember, the person who creates the biggest crafting frenzy will win all of the new items in my March 25th show.

Happy sharing!


  1. Posted by: Teresa Blue
    I saw this kind of late…but I shared on my facebook page with my 200 friends.  Many of those friends are scrapbookers and cardmakers!  Thanks for the opportunity to win!
  2. Posted by: Amber
    I love your products! This giveaway is so great! I shared on facebook.
  3. Posted by: wanda
    love your products!  I shared on FB and pinned on Pinterest! 🙂
  4. Posted by: Kelly Brandt
    I have shared this classy cuttlebug on FB, my own blog, Pinterest,  emailed all my club girls I teach. This is such a nice classy looking machine…how it would class up my workspace. Thank you for being so generous and offering such a grand prize. Check out my blog.
  5. Posted by: Teri Bruce
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this beautiful package!
    I have liked and shared on Facebook, followed and tweeted on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram! 🙂

  6. Posted by: Cathy
    Shared your page on Facebook and reached 139 of my friends, fist hand because I’m sure, I’m in all their news feeds!  Now, if you consider multiplying my friends times their friends, times theirs, and theirs, well, you get the picture!  The potential amount of people that we have reached together, is well, uncountable!

    Looking forward to the possibility of winning the March 11th giveaway at 5:00 p.m.  This is the only place I could find to comment on your blog.

  7. Posted by: Ruby Schlachter
    Shared your page and products with over 650 people on both Facebook and and also have reached endless people on Pinterest! I would love to win this for my craftroom to compliment my Silhouette and Cricut. The colors are exquisite and I am so excited about it! 🙂

  8. Posted by: Jami Larson
    I have already purchased this set and absolutely love it.  I took it to a recent crop and one of the gals there fell absolutely in LOVE with it.  She spent the entire crop running paper piece upon paper piece through this machine and went home with a whole mound of embossed papers to use in her crafting.  She’s not great at social networking so if I would win this it would be given to her.  I have shared your link on facebook and take your machine and folders to many events.  Thank you for the chance to win!
  9. Posted by: Ruby Schlachter
    I would love to have this! Such beautiful colors and is so useful for my craftroom and projects! It will compliment my Silhouette and Cricut! 🙂
  10. Posted by: Jami Larson
    I have already purchased this set and absolutely love it.  I took it to a recent crop and one of the gals there fell absolutely in LOVE with it.  She spent the entire crop running paper piece upon paper piece through this machine and went home with a whole mound of embossed papers to use in her crafting.  She’s not great at social networking so if I would win this it would be given to her.  I have shared your link on facebook and take your machine and folders to many events.  Thank you for the chance to win!
  11. Posted by: SCHUREE MYERS
    I want to get started in scrapbooking. I would love this.
  12. Posted by: Jean Zima
    Shared on Facebook & especially my scrapbooking friends. LLovely card making supplies!
  13. Posted by: Ellen Schmidt
    I would love to win this giveaway!  Your stuff is really beautiful!
  14. Posted by: liz vellali
    sharing on blogs, fb, pinning, etc.  I also share with the crops I teach at and have gotten many people to buy your new folders.

    Thanks for this opportunity

  15. Posted by: Beth W
    I shared on my FB page and tagged 3 special firends-Kerri,Emily,and Donna.And I pinned it on Pinterest.
  16. Posted by: Amber Starr
    I love Anna Griffin products. I will share this on Facebook and pinterest. Thank you Melissa for letting me know about the contest and thank you Anna Griffin for giving us a chance to win your beautiful prizes.
  17. Posted by: C Miller
    Repinned the washi tape card on pinterest and immediately got a phone call and a repin.  Also – seeing the sharing of my Anna post on Facebook too!  Social media is definitely productive … and quick! Love the washi tape – my new favorite item to add to my cards and scrapbooking!
  18. Posted by: C Miller
    Social media at it’s finest … repinned the washi tape card on Pinterest and got a phone call from a weekend warrior who just LOVES the card and is now sharing Anna on facebook and pinterest as I type!! Results!  Love the washi tape … it is my new favorite!!
  19. Posted by: C Miller
    Okay — shared and commented on Facebook (over 60) to my scrapbooking weekend warriors! Commenting on the blog — I just need to post a picture of a project.  I just made a gorgeous card this weekend for a family friend using AG stamps and one embossing folder.  Will post now! Thank you!  Oh … just wondering … if one of weekend warrior scrappers ends up winning due to my sharing of the post, do you think they will share the prize??
  20. Posted by: Debra Hutchinson
    I’ve shared on my FB and have reached almost 200 people, I’m a follower of your on Pinterest but do not have a Twitter account.  I do, however, have a following of almost 3000 on Pinterest so that should help spread the word.  I used your Christmas Card Kit to make my Christmas Cards last December and they were a huge hit.  I can’t wait to see what you have for Christmas this year.
    I love the gold cuttlebug and folders and I want very badly to win!
    Been a fan of Anna Griffin for year!
  21. Posted by: Cappie
    I shared the 3/11/13 Giveaway on my fb timeline… So even people who have no idea who Anna Griffin is will get to scroll down and at least see her name and the Cuttlebug… Fortunately I do have one friend who is an avid paper crafter 🙂
  22. Posted by: Diane
    I hope that as a senior citizen, I can reach all the “oldies but goodies” out there who still love to keep busy with crafting. There are so many places that we can no longer go because of physical reasons but with Anna Griffin, one is limitless and we can fly anywhere.
  23. Posted by: Maria Singer Nestor
    I have like’d and share’d the post with all my Facebook friends and am off to tweet and go to Pinterest from here! 🙂  I don’t know how people will see it, but those will do will LOVE Anna’s products as much as I do, I’m sure!   Good luck everyone!


  24. Posted by: Christine Rauth
    I shared you on my facebook timeline; unlike many of the others who have left comments, I promote you when I go shopping to Michaels, Hobby Lobby, ACMoore, Joanns (where a while ago I taught scrapbooking)…since word of mouth stimulates other crafters to purchase your items..I tell them that they can get them on HSN….Go Anna
  25. Posted by: Judy
    Nine hours to go and I could barely sleep last night…anyone hat knows me knows how much I appreciate Anna Griffin products. I took the scrapbook classes when they first started, I bought almost every product as it was released….but this, well, an autographed Cuttlebug in THOSE colors? It’s like a dream and I don’t want to wake up. Oh please just make this day go faster….
  26. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
    I’m continuing to create projects with Anna Griffin products and sharing them on Facebook. I also pin the projects I have made to my Pinterest boards (like this one here that board alone has 862 followers. I re-pin from Anna Griffin’s pinterest page to many of my different boards so as many of my follower as possible can see Anna’s beautiful products and crafts (over 2,700 followers at ).
    I also have a crafting blog, where I made a post about the beautiful new Eleanor collection at
    Having so much fun creating craft projects with Anna Griffin and hoping to inspire others to do the same!
  27. Posted by: Judy
    Need Eleanor….but that’s after the perfect colored Cuttlebug!
  28. Posted by: Rea
    I repinned cards and scrapbook layouts from @Anna Griffin’s  pinterest page for my followers.  I’m @ReaCuster on pinterest.
  29. Posted by: Rea
    I did a blog post sharing a card I made using your beautiful papers, and also about one of your bags I purchased and love.  Here is the link here
  30. Posted by: Rea
    I followed you on pinterest.    (my blog,  )
  31. Posted by: Rea
    I shared about the giveaway again on Facebook.  (my blog is – it wouldn’t post in the spot above.)
  32. Posted by: Debra W
    Thank you Anna for all of your beautiful designs and card kits, everyone wantts to know how they are made and I say is Anna Griffin! We make cards and share them with patients with breast cancer, my sister being one of them. You have new fans due to the cards and they are loved and many of your cards are featured on my facebook profile.
  33. Posted by: Judy
    I thought the “Spring forward” would help me sleep better…but the anticipation is killing me….March 11th can’t get here soon enough! This stuff is gorgeous!!!
  34. Posted by: Judy
    68 Twitter followers + 29 Pinterest followers + 190 Facebook friends = me trying to spread the word about Anna Griffin Inc
  35. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
    I love all of Anna Griffin’s products. I have been telling everyone to like her Facebook page, I’m sharing projects using Anna’s crafts on Facebook. I follow Anna on Pinterest, I have an Anna Griffin board on my Pinterest, and I also share Anna Griffin pins on many of my different boards to reach as many of my followers as possible.
    I have over 2,700 followers on Pinterest. My Pinterest username is Sweet Dreams of Paris. htttp://
  36. Posted by: Pam Allen
    Hi Anna I forgot to tell you how many people I told about the giveaway it was 350.  Thanks again!!!!
  37. Posted by: Pam Allen
    What a great giveaway Anna!! I wanted this “Golden Bug” so much but was unable to purchase it.  It would be amazing to win it.  I am one of those that never win contest lol!!! I keep trying though.  I can’t wait to see your new items on March 25th. I love watching you on HSN!!! I have posted on FB, Pinterest and Twitter.  I can’t do Instagram as I have an old phone,  here is link to Pinterest

    Twitter :
    Thanks so much for the chance to win my own Cuttlebug!!! You rock Anna!!! See you on the 25th
  38. Posted by: Barbara Rice
    I am back again with this update. You can go to my facebook page and see Anna Griffin Inc. and read about the website and see projects I posted on Anna Griffin scraobooking and Anna Griffin, Inc. I also have pinned Anna Griffin Inc. on Pinterest and have a following as I do on facebook. I went to my Twitter account and also promoted Anna Griffin, Inc. I don’t have an iphone, ipad, etc. from which to send an instagram, but I will tell my friends so they can promote Anna Griffin, Inc. on theirs. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you Anna Griffin! You have combined style and personality in all that you do. I am your BIGGEST fan!
  39. Posted by: Judy
    So I went to Tweet last night but got stuck looking at all of the art on Pinterest. Why does Anna have so few followers? I know she has tons of fans! Come on guys, repin/like her boards! It’s ridiculous!
  40. Posted by: margaret driscoll
    Hello Anna
    Thanks for the email re/ Giveaway…
    I don’t do Facebook, but the cards I make go far and wide ……
    my Nickname is Annamad, as all my friends and family, know your name, and your products, even though they aren’t crafters, they understand the Beauty and loveliness of your designs through the cards I send them!

Countdown to HSN on March 25th

March Crafting Madness – A Month of Anna Griffin Giveaways!

Since March is National Craft Month, we’ve decided to celebrate all month long with sneak previews of new products and amazing giveaways every Monday as we count down to my March 25th shows on HSN!

Starting this Monday, March 4th, we will be giving away exclusive new products that are not available for purchase (yet!)

This is our newest 3-D sticker library full of sentiments for those who are nearest and dearest to you! Attention all card makers – this is a must have!

And there’s more…
On the morning of March 25th we will give away the ultimate Anna Griffin grand prize!

The grand prize winner will receive an autographed Anna Griffin Golden Cuttlebug with embossing folders, and you will also get an exclusive crafting party package for you and your friends featuring each and every new item that I will be presenting on the 25th!


So how do you win?

Easy…share your love for crafting with Anna Griffin products, then tell us how you’ve been spreading the word!

It’s all about how many people you reach. Post about us on social media, tell your friends and family about Anna Griffin crafts and show us what you’ve made with our products.

To win the weekly prizes, post blog comments here. Tell us how you shared your passion for crafting throughout the week, how many people you reached and who you inspired along the way.

Those who create the biggest social media crafting frenzy and post about it on my blog will be selected (at random) to win. There will be one prize winner every Monday.  Then a grand prize winner will be chosen at random from all blog comments made before March 25th.

So get out there and share your passion!

Start your National Craft Month Anna Griffin frenzy here: or #AnnaGriffinGiveaway
Twitter: @AnnaGriffinInc or #AnnaGriffinGiveaway
Instagram: @AnnaGriffinInc or #AnnaGriffinGiveaway
Pinterest: share your own photos on Pinterest and use the hashtag #AnnaGriffinGiveaway

Using tags such as @AnnaGriffinInc or #AnnaGriffinGiveaway in your posts will help us follow your social media reach, and by clicking on these tags you can interact with other Anna Griffin fans!

Start now, post on our blog by Monday, March 4th about everything you have done to be eligible to win this Monday’s prize – Nearest and Dearest Stickers and the “sold out” Floral Impressions Card Kit.

Check back here every Monday to meet the winner and see sneak previews of new products. Happy March Crafting Madness!


  1. Posted by: Pam Allen
    Hi Anna! I am not sure which post to comment for giveaway so I will comment on both!!! I have posted on FB, Pinterest, and Twitter.  I have reached 370 people so far.  I have been a fan for many many years.  I love seeing you on HSN.  I just wish you were then every month! lol!!!! Have a great week and thanks so so much for the chance to win!!
    Pam Allen
  2. Posted by: Jennifer Essad
    just sending our handmade cards w/my daughters graduation pictures -they are so pretty, love the stock and designs in your line @AnnaGriffinInc
  3. Posted by: carolyn
    To say I’m a fan is almost an  understatement! You designed scrapbook paper and embellies for the way I have lived, decorated and dressed for the last three decades! I love everything roses (my house shows that…once I even  had a pink house that people referred to as the Rose Cottage”). Thanks for all you do to make papercrafting beautiful!
  4. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna & Co!
    I have created my first “event” using Facebook! Inviting everyone to view Anna Griffin, March 25 on HSN! Getting the word out about these fabulous collections via FB and Pinterest. Everyone within earshot of me has heard about Anna Griffin being viewed and available on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and! I must admit this is not a difficult task considering the subject! I am using my Anna Griffin card and scrapbooking kits, inspiring others to do the same and having fun in the process! Thanks for all the divine product lines and collections, keep ’em coming!

    Holly G

  5. Posted by: AvexiaLix
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  6. Posted by: Sharon sienaski
    Please make card stock in your palette for new embossing folders. Also please list your brand with Bazzill paper color matching app or at least list yout Pantone numbers for your devoted fans
  7. Posted by: Debra Ann Waldhaur
    The Floral Impression kit makes beautiful cards and use the Anna Griffin Embossing folders to add the extra touch.  I have shared all of the cards with friends and family and they all love each and every card!  Thank you Anna for thinking up all the beautiful designs!
  8. Posted by: AvexiaLix
    This genuinely answered my dilemma, thank you! [url=]michael kors bags[/url]
  9. Posted by: Judy
    Ok, have done Pinterest and Facebook…off to Tweet now!
  10. Posted by: JOYCE ANDERSON
    I have sent out more than 150 Anna Griffin Christmas Cards for the
    past THREE Christmas’s.   Thank God for you Anna, I’ve received
    waaaay many Compliments as well as inquiries as to where I got the
    cards, sentiments and embellishments.   All CREDIT TO YOU ANNA, My Favorite artist…would love to meet someday!!!, Joyce Anderson
  11. Posted by: Kim Haygood
    Love, love, love ANNA GRIFFIN! Your card kits are my absolute favorite and you are one of the first people I look for on HSN when they have Scrapbook and Craft days! I look forward to them for a long time and always hope I have enough money to buy my favorite things! Not only do I send these cards to my favorite friends, but I also make them and give sets as gifts. People are always amazed at how beautiful these cards are. I always look forward to the newest things and since I missed out on the new embossing folders in January–I am hoping they will be back this month! Keep up the good work. Good job on making kits that include man friendly cards and having sideline embellishment kits that coordinate (sentiment stickers, fan and ruffle kits, vellum quotes and greetings, self-inking stamp sets–would love more on those–and how about refill kits for tags that fit with the self-inking stamper stamps?). Keep the fabulous products coming! Hope I will be able to win something this month!
  12. Posted by: joan blockley
    well what can i say that everyone else hasnt said ,anna has to be the best ever with all her designs and brill ideas ,i got my sister into crafting with anna and now i am doing the same with my facebook friends and anyone who will listen .i can never get enough of annas products they all look stuning and everyone says how good the cards are ,and i could certanly use the goodies up for grabs .well fingers crossed xxxx
  13. Posted by: kj
    since I send a card (from my various Anna kits!) to either my daughter (away at school) or friends and family near and far every day, not only do I get the word and beauty of Anna everywhere, I also make sets of cards to give as gifts and I know these “samples” have turned into new Anna Fans!!
  14. Posted by: Tonia
    Just finished putting the link on favebook. Now I’m getting ready to take pictures of all my cards and scrapbooks to put on Facebook pintrest and instagram
  15. Posted by: Linda McQuade
    Love your paper and embellishments.  I want your cuttlebug with embossing folders so bad.  I drooled when I missed them.  🙁
  16. Posted by: Sherry Anderson
    Awesome giveaway. I shared about this on Facebook and Pinterest
  17. Posted by: Joann
    Love love love love all my Anna goodies!!!! Moved tons of boxes of all my AG products a couple of months ago. Just did a scrapbook store hop this past weekend all over Florida and not one store had any AG product – was sooooo sad but knew she will be coming to HSN shortly!  Was telling everyone on our van about the binder of all the awesome stamps
  18. Posted by: Karen
    Anna – what can I say except that you are gifted with the talent of design and papercrafting.  You have changed my “look” in all of my scrapbooking and card making that it makes me proud!  It’s always a “must-have it” if the “it” is by Anna Griffin!  Thank you!!
  19. Posted by: Christina Ramon
    I just recently discovered AG products and I love them! I have a Facebook fan page where I display my creations, from digital scrapbooking to cardmaking and everything in between. I create pins from my FB posts and pin them to my Pinterest account so I get more exposure and a bigger following! I definitely tag AG on both FB and Pinterest. 🙂 Last, I just started doing guest blog posts on craft tutorials! I am guesting at a couple of different blogs to show full tutorials on simple papercrafting and crafts. 🙂
  20. Posted by: Norine Butcher
    Good Morning Anna,  I just got into card making about 6 months ago. I just became aware of your products at Christmas time. I am thrilled to see all the beautiful products you have created! Thank you for helping me develop more creativity. God bless you!
  21. Posted by: Debbie R
    I can’t wait until the 25th to see what new “must-have goodies” you have in store for us!  You  never disappoint.  I love to use your card kits to make all my cards.  My family and friends love love love the cards they receive.  I even made a gift bag with your embossed designs for my niece’s birthday gift – it was the hit of the party.  My response to all the compliments is always the same “Anna Griffin”.  Hurry up March 25th!
  22. Posted by: Susan S
    Hi Anna, I’ve been sharing the love of your designs with many, many people in person at scrapbook events over the years.  I will accept your invitation now to share on social media as well.  This week I posted on Facebook – next week I will try to get the hang of Instagram!  🙂
  23. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna!
    What a Great SuPrisE  when I came to your blog to see  how busy you have been… then I saw the news! How exciting! I am going to do my best to spread the word about how divine Anna Griffin Inc products are! I receive most of the Anna products from HSN, however I frequently scour the internet for your inspiring designs. I just love how the products are all so well made and thought out for all of us! and have some Anna Griffin products that are difficult to find in stores, sold out or even discontinued! The designs never go out of style and are all so lovely.They also work well with the new things and are easily incorporated.  New meets old, just like Anna products!
    Can’t wait to see the new releases on the Anna Griffin Blog! So excited about CrAft MoNTh! I never really was into paper crafting as much until I foundAnna Griffin Inc products…now I can’t get enough!
    ~Good Luck Everyone~
  24. Posted by: Arielle Berceau
    I love Anna Griffin products. I shared this awesome giveaway post on Facebook.
  25. Posted by: Laura Payne
    Hey Anna, I love working with your products. I have all your HSN autoship scrapbooks! I just finished Christmas 2012 using your premade pages. I needed more pages, so I just went to my Anna stash and created more! It turned out beautifully. I teach middle school and sponsor a scrapbook club. I carry my scrapbooks to show them different ways to set up pages. They love looking at them. Since I teach a connection class, I get new students every 9 weeks. Rather than just tell them about myself, I take in a collection of my scrapbooks and as I talk about my grandchildren I pass their scrapbooks around. Your products have been such an inspiration! Generations of my family will get to know me through my captured memories. Also, I hope to influence some of my students to record their memories. I’m already seeing evidence of that! My scrapbook club would be so excited to see your Golden Bug and the embossing folders. I hope I win!
  26. Posted by: Cheryl R
    I have always loved the scrap booking materials, but when Anna offered card kits on HSN, I ordered a couple of sets for myself, and one for my mother, and my Mom was hooked.  She loves the cards and all the compliments she gets when she sends them.  She only sends them to ‘special people’.  We have craft day at my house about 10 times per year, and everyone that attends gets exposed to Anna because she is the best!!!  Any time you use any of Anna’s products the projects turn out better!
  27. Posted by: Debbie Nelson
    I love all of your products. I just sent off a dozen Birthday cards to my mother-in-law to send to her relatives and friends(she’s always saying how talented I am , if only she knew it’s all thanks to you, Anna). We have an Anna Griffin girls evening every month to get together and exchange ideas and products.  Thanks for all the elegant products you creat.
  28. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    I just notice the New Post on your Blog, it is 1:24 am Sunday Morning March 3, and My Daughter Katie’s 26 th Birthday. I am still up waited on her to come home from Game Nite with friend a few miles away. I need to get up and make her a Birthday Card this morning.  Anyway as I was saying I noticed the New Post on your Blog of the Awesome Give Aways!! Good Luck too Everyone. It is So Thrilling to Win an Anna Griffin Giveaway, I know Because I have  won a Spectacular Awesome Fantastic Giveaway in September 2012. I am Still in Shock that I Won!!! I just order more on Anna Griffin on HSN this past week, I received one waiting on more. Can’t wait for the Auto Ship on the Embossing Folders and What is in store Next for Anna Griffin!! Much Love to you and your Team Anna!! Sincerely, Debbie Dunn

  29. Posted by: Elizabeth Whetstone
    Hi Anna,
    I have been using your products since you began the scrapbooking classes in the early 2000’s. I made a scrapbook for my wedding and displayed it during the reception and received so many compliments on it. Every album that I make for all my friends and family uses your paper and embellies. I get so many compliments on the cards I send using your card kits and all of them say they keep the cards in a special place afterwards because they don’t want to throw them away. I would love to win this and create more beautiful things for my family and friends. Thank you!
  30. Posted by: elizabeth murphy
    OH ANNA….you have such a gift for designing, but I’m sure u hv heard that many many times….I hv just about every item I’ve seen on HSN and am still hunting on the internet for more….I would enjoy wining anything of yours , so I can keep passing on the finer look of card-making and scrapbooks….You a truly Blessed,  Keep well.
  31. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    I love your card kits.  I went to a craft weekend and made a lot of cards out of the floral card kit and I got so many compliments on how beautiful the cards were.  I told everyone to watch your show on HSN on March 25th.
  32. Posted by: Sue M
    I have been stamping & making cards for 35 years & scrapbooking for over 10 years.  Love all the beautiful papers & ribbons from Anna & have recently discovered her card kits.  I mailed 3 birthday cards this past week that I made from the Floral Impressions kit.  Have a get well & anniversary ready to go for later this month.  Can’t wait to get the Cuttlebug as I missed it last time.  Wondering if I can use die cuts with it as well as emboss?  Thanks, Anna, for sharing your amazing talent with all of us!
  33. Posted by: Angela Jones-Smith
    I have been making Anna Griffin cards for two years now and all of my family adore them as much as I do.  My Mom and her sisters love the cards I make for them so much they wanted me to host an Anna Griffin card making class.  It took some time for me to find & order just the right ‘all occasion’ card kit for each of them, but it was so much fun!!! We had a card-making tea party, Anna Griffin style.
    Thanks so much Anna!
  34. Posted by: Barbara Norfolk
    I love your products everything is so beautiful and easy to craft with as everything coordinates so beautifully! Thanks Anna!
  35. Posted by: marie sierra
    wow!! i would be happy to win one lil thing from this huge prize package! thank you for the chance towin some of your anna griffin goodness! xoxox marie
  36. Posted by: Jennifer Essad
    I am always excited to see the colors and designs you offer, it’s so easy to pull a project together when you offer so many options-fingers crossed for this prize package!
  37. Posted by: Mary Beth Blackburn
    Anna’s products are so very beautiful and I have used many of them for a very long time.  They always bring compliments galore.
  38. Posted by: Nancy
    My favorite scrapbooking materials are Anna Griffin products. I love the vintage and themed products. I share my creations with my friends in the form of scrapbooks, cards, and home decor. My husband is my greatest fan and never has a problem with me buying Anna Griffin products. He even watches Anna with me when she is on HSN.
  39. Posted by: K2
    I love all my Anna Griffin products. I’ve been working on completing the card kits at crops the past several weeks. Everyone in the store comes over to see them and asks where I purchased the kit! I tell them HSNhey are amazed at the beauty and quality of the cards I’ve completed. My husband is even impressed and said you couldn’t find anything like this in the card shops.
  40. Posted by: Debbie DD
    Oh my gosh…where to begin to express how long I have been purchasing and collecting your beautiful collections of scrapbook papers, embellishments and your guide books. My craft room is filled with Anna Griffin florals in many scrapbooks, on a bulletin board, as a covering for my craft cabinet and my utensil holders.  It’s springtime in my craft room each day because of Anna Griffin’s gorgeous products.  I discovered you on the Scrapbooking with Sandy Genovese tv show on the DIY network in the early 2000’s and I continue to love and search for your products all these years later.