March 18th Giveaway Winner

It’s hard to believe National Craft Month is already more than halfway over! I’ve had so much fun seeing all of you share your love for crafting, and have also enjoyed sending the love back to you with our weekly Anna Griffin Giveaways and sneak previews of our newest collections.  Thank you so much!

Craft Month marks the launch of our brand new Pinterest page! I hope this page will become a resource to inspire you to create beautiful things with Anna Griffin products.  We will post a new pin board every day this week to showcase all of the items in my shows on the 25th.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit our new page, feel free to follow us and explore:

I have so many amazing products to show you next week, and I wish I could show you every single one, but until then I want you to meet a gorgeous gal named Gabbie by Maude Asbury.

The preppy, punchy prints in this collection marry mod-era patterns with iconic cameo shapes, wood-grain textures and letterpress typography.  Gabbie is a cheerful collage of bold graphics and primary colors, this collection is the perfect canvas for modern designs. We have something for everyone! Don’t miss your chance to purchase this great kit and all of the embellishments on the 25th!

Now, enough about us, let’s talk about this week’s winner!  A big congrats to Tonia Kiestler for sharing all of her beautiful Anna Griffin projects and her amazing story on our blog and all of our social media outlets! Tonia posted beautiful projects photos on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and told us how she uses Anna Griffin cards to put smiles on the faces of her friends and family. Congrats Tonia! You will be receiving our newest set of vellum quotes, brand new border stickers, our 6×6 cardstock collection, watercolor markers and the 18th Garden clear stamp library! The possibilities with this prize package are endless.  Enjoy!

With only the Grand Prize left to award, the stakes are even higher! And as most of you know, this giveaway is nothing short of a crafter’s dream. Not only will the lucky winner receive an autographed Anna Griffin Golden Cuttlebug, they will also get an exclusive crafting party package  featuring each and every new item that I will be presenting on the 25th!

You’ve got 7 days to get out there and share! This should be our biggest week, with our biggest reach!  So what are YOU going to do? Don’t hold back, show us what you’ve got, now is the time!

Here’s what to do to win:
1. Tell everyone you know to like our Facebook page – can we get to 10,000 likes?
2. Follow us on Pinterest – can we get to 500 followers?
3. Follow us on Instagram – can we get more of you?
user name is annagriffininc
4. Follow us on Twitter – can we get to 1000 followers?

Have fun, spread your love of crafting and come back to my blog by Sunday afternoon and tell me your results. The grand prize winner will be announced at 12:01 am March 25th.



  1. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna and Fellow Crafters!
    The clock is ticking and as of 8:20 MST there are well over 6700 followers on FB, many more than when the contest first began! GOAL REACHED and surpassed on Pinterest with 539 followers! And 799 followers on Twitter, closer to the goal of 1000.
    If you haven’t already, be sure to like, pin and tweet like crazy! Let’s all help Anna reach her goal!

    I know you are all as excited as I am about tomorrow’s HSN Craft Day featuring Miss Anna Griffin! Check your local listings for times, MST indicates 9am, 1 pm and 6 pm. Anna’s blog has provided links to all of her social media sites and it is easy to link and follow them! Spread the word everyone!

    Happy March Madness Crafting to all!

  2. Posted by: Laura Stewart
    great projects!
  3. Posted by: Jane Makuch
    So happy to tell everyone about your upcoming HSN visit!!!
    I have entered the contest by doing the required below:

    1. Liked you on Facebook:
    2. Followed you on Pinterest:
    3. Followed you on Instagram: my username is janewrites
    4. Followed you on Twitter: @janewrites

    Thank you for having this wonderful contest!!  Yay!!  xoxo  Jane

  4. Posted by: Jade Passmore
    March National Craft Month is going by so fast!  I like (LOVED) and shared your Facebook page; Followed all of your posts on Pinterest; Tweeted and chirped; and Instagram won’t let me log on but I’ll keep trying!  Good luck with your shows on HSN on March 25th.  🙂
  5. Posted by: mary ann
    Liked and shared on FB…..Following on Pinterest….Told ALL my crafting friends about Anna Griffin!  Now LET’S win this!!!!!!
  6. Posted by: Gina
    Shared you on Facebook, followed on Pinterest, Instagram and twitter!
  7. Posted by: Cheryl Towner
    Shared you on Facebook. Congrats to the other winners but I hope I win the grand prize. Love all your things Anna. Thank you so much for all your hard work on creating such beautiful things.
  8. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    I forgot to put that I have been posting photos of my projects to Anna Griffin Inc Facebook page!
  9. Posted by: Judith Temple
    I shared on FB. I love all Anna’s items. My most Fav is the first line of papers she came out with. I have about 25 to 30 pages left. I will only use them for something special, because I can’t find them any more:-). I’m also loving the new cuddle bug machine. I tried to buy another one for my friend but they were all sold out. I hope I’m blessed to win so I can give it to her. If not I’m still blessed to be able to have a some of Anna’s items. My second set of embossing folder have been shipped out, can’t wait to get them on Tuesday.  I can’t wait for the HSN Craft day!  Looking forward to seeing you on there Anna.
  10. Posted by: Brenda Porter
    I shared on FB and twitter!   I can’t wait to see your products on HSN!!  I love my cuttlebug and my shipment of new folders should be here tomorrow!   can’t wait!  I love the ones that came with the machine!  and how they work with the card kit I got also!  hope there are good surprises tomorrow!
  11. Posted by: Amanda Jones
    I have liked you on facebook and followed you on both twitter and pintrest. Would love to win!!
  12. Posted by: Karin Boschaart
    shared on FB  karin Boschaart
    twitter @guusfan
    pintrest kaatje1959

    beautiful prize with amazing products in it.

  13. Posted by: Denise Bryant
    Liked and shared on FB!
  14. Posted by: Jean Bullock
    Now I tweeted.

    That’s all I can do as I can’t get Instagram on my phone.  Doubt I will win, but I didn’t know about you until Ken Oliver posted about you on Facebook (about your dress and I clicked on your link and saw not only your cool page but that this contest was still open.

    Anyway, congratulations to the winner and I am glad I found you.

  15. Posted by: Jean Bullock
    I followed you on Twitter   @giveawayjean
  16. Posted by: Jean Bullock
    I followed you on Pinterest.  username giveawayjean
  17. Posted by: Jean bullock
    I pinned the contest!
  18. Posted by: Jean Bullock
    I LIKED your page and shared it.  user name jean.bullock.148
  19. Posted by: Amanda
    shared and liked your facebook page, and followed you in pinterest.  Would be great to win!  Love all your products!
  20. Posted by: Shelia Clark
    So glad to share all the great projects and crafting that is available through your designs. Such a great thing to be able to share you crafting ideas in Facebook Pinterest and hand to hand contact with others thank for an opportunity to win product that can be shared with others to let them see what great things can be created with your products
  21. Posted by: Betty Patterson
    Thanks so much for this awesome contest and the wonderful papers and scrapbooking products you produce!!!  Love the pages shown on Pinterest.  Have shared and am telling my friends to like your page.  I am in the central time zone so hoping to see you after work.  Thanks again Anna for the awesome beautiful products you share with us!
  22. Posted by: LOUISE JOHNSON
    I follow you on FAcebook & pininterest! Would be so excited to win!!
  23. Posted by: Tonya
    I follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook. I like a ton of your posts and Pins. I share where I know how 😉 Thanks for the chance to win this dream prize 🙂
  24. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    I’m so ready for the big day tomorrow!! So what have I done to spread the word of Anna Griffin and her amazing products? Well I have uploaded around 400 Anna Griffin projects to Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, and 2 peas in a bucket! So many photos that I actually locked up my Facebook account! 🙂 But it was SO worth it. I know have 50 new followers on my Pintrest Anna Griffin board and 40 of my close family/friends are now following Anna on pintrest. I have 15 family/friends that now like Anna Griffin on Facebook. I have created a forum on 2 peas where have been discussing her upcoming visit and what are favorite collections, products, and more. From that I know for certain there will be 5 new people watching your programming on HSN tomorrow!!  I also have also been hired to create a wedding scrapbook based on my posted projects. The bride requested I use the same vintage look in there wedding album. So of course it will be Anna products all the way!!  I’m new to twitter but have 3 new followers. I just have to say how much Anna products mean to me. I have Ulcerative Colitis and have for 17 years now. Scrapbooking and card making is my outlet. Even on my worst days I can sit down with a Anna Griffin card kit and create wonderful projects that I can proud of.  Depending on how I feel I can make them as elaborate or as simple as I choice! I started scrapbooking the year I was diagnosised at 9 to get through the side effects of my treatments and have been doing it ever since. Now that I have been told I can’t continue working I know with my creativity and Anna’s products I can work from home creating wonderful products. Anna, you honestly have no idea what your products mean to me. Your not just making products you are creating SO much more. You have been able to give me purpose, hope, and some cheering up when I need it the most. I hope you read these comments because you have no idea how much I appreicate you and your staff! Thank you so much for all you do! My health hasn’t been the greatest lately and just something as simple as you coming to HSN has giving me something to look forward to. Then when I found out I won last week I was overcome with emotions. I have been ill the last few days and I have literally set in bed and look at each and every product in the box multiply times!! I can’t wait tell I feel like using them. Since I’m unable to work money is tight but my birthday was this month I have been saving it all for your shows!  I hope you see this Anna I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do!! God Bless you and your wonderful team!!

    Tonia Kiestler
  25. Posted by: Lora James
    Sharing all your posts on my Facebook with my 300 friends. Telling them all to like your page. Pinning all of your gorgeous products on my Pinterest page: Lora James. Love how easy Anna Griffin products are for us “non-crafters.” Thanks to you everyone thinks that I am so talented! Looking forward to tomorrow’s shows on HSN!
  26. Posted by: pam allen
    congrats to winners so far!  I have posted again to get the word out! So much wonderful Anna goodies to win and to shop for on HSN!!! Wish I could buy it all 🙂 I have been a fan ever since I saw you on DIY
    channel, QVC and now HSN.  I have been sharing on FB, Pinterest and
    twitter.  I can’t wait for the 25th.  I record all your show and watch
    when crafting.  thanks for a chance to win again this week.

    FB Pamela Allen

    Twitter grammypame

    Pinterest Pam Allen



  27. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
      What a great week of crafting with Anna Griffin. I’ve continued sharing, posting and commenting on Facebook.
    I was invited to join a Group “cards” board on Pinterest:  with 7,385 followers. I’ve shared lots of gorgeous Anna Griffin cards, like this one here:
    I was also invited to join a Group “arts & crafts” board: with 10,714 followers. I’m pinning lots of beautiful Anna Griffin layouts and cards, like this one:
    Adding my own personal Pinterest board with 2,900 followers, I have been able to share Anna Griffin products with over 21,000 people on Pinterest! Can’t wait for your shows on HSN on Monday!!
  28. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    I know everyone is working very hard for this giveaway and is looking forward to Monday as much as I am. I just wanted to invite people to continue sharing your ideas after the promotion is over. Oh course I was thrilled and honored to be chosen as one of the giveaway winners but I have enjoyed seeing everyone projects just as much! I don’t know about you but I get so much inspiration by seeing others creations. So please add on Facebook, follow me on pintrest, twitter, Instagram or whatever social network you use but I would love to keep this buzz going!! Let’s keep inspiring each other espically once we get all of new goodies from Monday’s shows
  29. Posted by: Ronny
    Can hardly wait for Monday!  I have so much Anna Griffin stuff! But of course its never enough as all you AG lovers know.
    I bought myself silly last time you were on.  Hope I have some money left for this next round as like last time I will want it ALL!          Everyone who knows me in my crafting world knows most all my cardmaking is done with Anna products. They are so beautiful.  Especially love those pretty bright flower stickers.          I have posted on facebook and have a pinterest board of  Anna cards etc.    Have sent out many cards made with the kits and people think I am so brilliant to make such beautiful cards 🙂   How Annalicious it would be to win all the products that will be on her show.  I would probably faint cause I am usually not in the winner category, it tends to evade me.     But there is always hope and no matter what I will always love Annas products.
  30. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    Still working hard to spread the word about your upcoming visit! I just have to the products I received are GREAT! I’ve added more projects on pintrest, twitter, 2 peas, and Facebook. I have the DVR set and ready to go for Monday! I can’t wait to see your new items. Thank you Anna for your products and ideas.
  31. Posted by: Erica Hersh
    HI everyone! HUGE FAN!!!!! I have been paper crafting for a really LONG time, I started right after I moved to Arizona, from New York-I started my family tree; found that I had too many PHOTOS/documents and needed a place for them, and I didn’t want to just throw them in a cheap album, so I started SCRAPBOOKING! I have well over 4,100+ people on my family tree, so you can imagine the amount of information I have to place with each individual, for sure! I wish I could post every little thing I have, but you would be bored, don’t want to do that, so, instead, I’m spreading the love of Anna Griffin, Inc., cause I LOVE everything I have purchased and created! I can’t wait to see what is yet to come! SO exciting!

    I’m STILL spreading the word:
    I want everyone to follow AnnaGriffinInc and spread the word(so far):

    HSN: 752,810+ Fans at

    Scrapbook Memories TV: 1,853+ Fans –

    Residents of Rancho Sahuarita: 1,487+ Fans –

    Scrapbooking 24/7: 19,331+Fans-

    The Scrapbooking Club: 120,382+ Fans –

    Obsessed With Scrapbooking: 11,363+ Fans –

    Scrapbooking For Less: 15,429+ Fans –

    Paper Crafts Magazine: 62,749+ Fans –

    Pinterest on Facebook: 2,590,539+ Fans –

    HGTV: 2,450,079+ Fans –

    DIY Network: 282,951+ Fans –

    My Facebook Page: 1000+ Photos of my Paper Crafting – 877+ Friends – AND

    My Twitter Page: 553+ Followers –

    Pinterest: TONS of Photos Uploaded – 283+ Followers –

    Instagram: TONS of Photos Uploaded – 334+ followers – OXErica

    If you could please:
    ~LIKE Anna Griffin Inc. on Facebook:

    CAN’T WAIT: Also, please watch Anna Griffin Elegant Papercrafting on HSN at 11am, 3pm, and 8pm on HSN or visit HSN.COM

    Thank you so much for your help! #AnnaGriffinGiveaway

  32. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    Reporting back on the progress of spreading your name and products.  Because of the help from my Married Children and Friends, as of yesterday we had over 40 people, that I know of, posting for me on facebook and twitter.  My kids think it’s many more.  They have numbers of friends posting for me also.  So many have said they would help.  It is impossible to know just how many people we are reaching, but my kids say they think it must be several thousands with everyone helping to post.  Even one of my Son-in-Laws was getting his friends to post.  Cute Ah!   We also know that several hundred are going to Pinterest to see your products.
    This has been a fun contest and my friends and family have reported back to me that their friends, love your products also and can see why I love them.
    We are going to continue through Sunday to get the Anna Griffin word out and we have also been encouraging everyone to watch you at HSN on Monday.
    I am so greatful to everyone who has helped me try to win the Grand Prize.  I am amazed and deeply touched at so many many people I don’t even know doing this for me because my friends and family asked them to.  Those close to me know how I love and like to share your products.
    Also, as of this morning I have 286 followers on my Anna Griffin pinterest.   My Pinterest account is Gail Gale.
    I look forward to seeing you at HSN on Monday.
    Thanks again Anna for bringing all your wonderful ideas and products into so many lives.
  33. Posted by: Sherry Anderson
    Greetings Anna Griffin. I am sharing your posts on Facebook and following you on Pinterest and re pinning your beautiful things. I love this great contest.
  34. Posted by: Kelli Smith
    Wow Anna, You products get more amazing at the time.

    I started scrapbooking in late 2001 & your “Anna Griffin Decorative Papers” were some of the first paper’s I bought. I really enjoy crafting with you wonderful array of products and always look forward in anticipation of your next product reveal.

    I’m helping to spread the word about your FB page, products and upcoming HSN appearance by doing the following.

    I like your FB page & happily shared a link to your page on my page ( so my FB friends  can easily find you.

    I follow your Pinterest board from mine, which is funscrappin

    I also follow you on twitter & have been tweeting about your upcoming appearance from my twitter account: @ksmithscrappin

    I am eagerly awaiting to see what amazing products you showcase via HSN on the 25th.

  35. Posted by: Stefanie Haluk
    I love your products, they are all so beautiful.
    i Follow you on facebook and shared, pinterest and twitter.
  36. Posted by: Kat
    Already follow you on FB. Have loved your products for years. Waiting for the 25th!
  37. Posted by: Marta Tapanes
    I love your products and would love a signed, golden CB!!! I liked you on FB and am “like” #6,610. I am now following all  your boards on Pinterest and am follower #407. I am also following you on Twitter and am follower #772. I have shared your site with my friends and hope I win!!! Thank you!

    Marta Tapanes

  38. Posted by: Linda English
    I’m following you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest now! I have been enjoying so much all of your designs and papers. You have the most beautiful papers available in the market. I would love to win the bundle, so I can really get busy creating some beautiful layouts. I’m just hoping that you have your “Cuttlebug” available for purchase again on the 25th~I missed it the first time around. Keep designing!
  39. Posted by: Patti
    Oops…that is Facebook…
  40. Posted by: Patti
    I follow you on Dacebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Now what do I do to win?