Giveaway Grand Prize Winner & Craft Day Kickoff

Craft Day on HSN is finally here! I am elated that in just a few short hours I will be showing you all of the new, amazing Anna Griffin collections that you can get your hands on to start your Spring crafting spree! Each piece in these collections was artfully and thoughtfully designed to give you every element you need to make beautiful creations for any memorable occasion. I hope you love them as much as I do!

As the day goes on, I’ll be showing you everything from brand new vellum quotes to stamps to stickers to perfect paper embellishments. The coveted Anna Griffin Cuttlebug and Embossing Folders will also be back on the air in limited supply!

It’s time to announce the Anna Griffin Giveaway grand prize winner!

Since the day I announced this crafting contest, our winner began reaching hundreds, even thousands of people right out of the gate and hasn’t slowed down since. Every time I log onto Facebook or Pinterest I see her sharing her passion for my products, showing others where to find them and how to get inspired and even posting her own beautiful creations for all to see.

So, a huge congratulations to Melissa Hampton for starting the best and farthest reaching Anna Griffin social media crafting frenzy to date! We will send you a giant box of crafting goodies first thing in the morning, chock full of your very own Anna Griffin Cuttlebug and every new item that I’m presenting on HSN today!

I’ve been so moved by your comments, projects and efforts that I would like to recognize Erica, Holly and Dalyce by sending you runner up prizes this week. We love you and don’t want to leave you out! Now, just because National Craft Month is drawing to a close, I hope the sharing and posting on all of our social media sites does not! You have all inspired so many people this month to express themselves through paper crafting and scrapbooking, and I hope you will keep up the good work!

The countdown is on!  See you all on HSN today at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. EST. I can hardly wait!

Much love and thanks,


  1. Posted by: Cheryl
    Will the 18th Century Garden Stamps in the beautiful binder be back?  It’s just beautiful and would love to get that and the pen set that goes with it.
  2. Posted by: Rhonda Haun
    Anna, Love the Cuttlebug and folders!  I chose to get autoship and get all the other fabulous folders too.  I received an email from HSN saying my March shipment will not arrive until July.  Do you have any info on this?  HSN customer service could not help.  Looking forward to future shipments.

    Thanks for any information you can give!

  3. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna!
    I am impatiently waiting for UPS to deliver all the goodies I ordered during the craft show! I am at a loss for words about how very grateful I am for the opportunity to acquire such beautiful items! And thank you again for the runner up surprise!  Whew…that was a whirlwind of a show!  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!  I am going to have to tip the UPS driver!

    Looking forward to April’s show!

  4. Posted by: Paola
    Dear Anna, Greetings from little old England. Thank you for all the hard work that you put in creating such beautiful products. I am sure that you are aware that you have a massive following in the UK, I adore your wonderful papercrafting items. I am new to cardmaking but found your lovely kits on a shopping channel in the UK and susequently bought pretty much all that was available. I am really pleased that your recent trip to London was a success. Again it just shows how high the quality of the products is and how much people appreciate them and you for coming to present them. I missed the show, due to work ( I am a hospital based doctor ), but I stocked up before the show via the website- lucky, because everything sold out.
    Anyway, I have made hundreds of cards, using your kits since November last year, because I have been fundraising for my daughter’s school- Dame Alice Owens. The school celebrates its 400th anniversary this year and the pupils have been raising money for a new science building. Fundraising has been based on the parable of the talents, each pupil was loaned £10 to get started. My daughter made cards and cupcakes and her tiny business thrived. We raised £190 pounds and people loved the cards. Thank you for super kits they do the work, as do you. Sorry it’s such a long message, but I thought that you and some of the fellow world community of crafters might like to know what other crafters get up to. Thanks again.
  5. Posted by: Laura
    Congratulations to the winners! Anna, I am so excited that I got to watch your shows 1st hand! As a teacher, my days off are numbered and these shows are usually during the week. Well this year it was my Spring Break! I slept 3 hours total!! My HSN card is about to stroke. I got the Cuttlebug this time (it was sold out by the time I got home from school last time.) Are you going to have more folders in April? I love your products and can’t wait to use the folders. I just finished my Christmas 2012 in one of your auto-ship albums!
  6. Posted by: Judi Edder
    Dear Anna, I’ve been a fan of yours since the other shopping network.  I love your products.  I’m a big fan of vintage things.  Are you going to be offering your embossing folders on HSN?  I’m retired so I can’t get your Cuttlebug but would love to be able to purchase the folder for my Cuttlebug.  Yours is prettier than my little green bug but love it any way.  Did I hear you say you’d be back on HSN in April.  Must make a note of that so I don’t miss you.  Happy Easter.
  7. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    I watch the Show today, so many pretty things.
    I Purchased so many things I’m sure I Broke the
    Bank! LOL!!
    Congratulations to All the Winners!
    Anna, Did I hear you Correctly that you will be back
    On HSN in April? If so I need to put it on my Calendar.
    Thanks You and your Team For All your Hard Work
    Debbie Dunn

  8. Posted by: Rosie Waldt
    I enjoyed seeing you on two of your presentations (had to miss one because of a Dr. appt. ) .  I had ordered the Cuttlebug with folders in January and love, love, love the machine and folders.  You are so talented and I love the uniquess of your work.  Do you have a place we can view some of the projects you have shown and created?
  9. Posted by: Cristina Sarlea
    I missed the card making kit… maybe next time.
  10. Posted by: Beca
    Hi Anna are back you going to bring the Anna Griffin cuttlebug with 23 embossing folders with autoship for the remainning folders.

    thanks Beca

  11. Posted by: Tobia Kiestler
    Congradulations ladies!!
  12. Posted by: Sue Miller
    I was able to order the cuttlebug early today & am so excited!  Tried to buy the embossing folder storage box also but it wasn’t available.  Will it be later?  Also bought the 12″ borders & would like to know where I can learn the measurements for pleating them or making banners.  Hope that info is available somewhere.  Love your products & projects!
  13. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum

    I am so excited!!! I appreciate you considering me as a runner up. Just to think you know who I am, and my story, is an honor.
    My kids and friends have been texting me all morning.  They are all so happy.  I could not have done it without them.  Family and friends mean so much and your products have brought me closer to them in a way I never imagined.  I can never thank you enough for blessing my life in the way you have.  I will never stop telling people about Anna Griffin and her wonderful line of products.

    Congradulations to Melissa!!!  I am very excited for you.  And thank you Melissa for the links, for lots of more ideas.

    My 8yr. old daughter, Kaye, wants to tell you thank you also.
    I tried to get to live chat on HSN this morning to thank you, but never got through.  My daughter is just as excited to thank you as I am.  I will try again this afternoon.
    Thank you again Anna, for you generosity and kindness.
    Hope you have a successful day today.

  14. Posted by: nury stevens
    Dear Anna: I am watching you. I bought the cuttlebug today but I am disappointed  that you have not offered the autoship for getting the other folders. Would you please offer the folders for those who did not watch in January? I have been your follower for 13 years. Many thanks for all your beautiful products. I just love them. I have been crafting with your products for 2 weeks in a row now.
  15. Posted by: Bonita ringler
    Anna I would love your box for the embossing folders- when will we be able to get it?
  16. Posted by: Tamera B
    Congratulations Melissa!! Also to the runners up! Great Job!  Enjoy your new stash!
  17. Posted by: Anna Griffin
    You are most welcome! You and your work are awesome! Thank you so very much!
  18. Posted by: Anna Griffin
    You are most welcome! You and your work are awesome! Thank you so very much!
  19. Posted by: Erica Hersh
    Congratulations Melissa! 8)
  20. Posted by: Holly G
    Congratulations Melissa! Well deserved! I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful creations as well as everyone that posted their great projects using Anna’s collections.

    I also want to thank Miss Anna & Co! This has been such a fun and inspiring contest. It has brought many new ideas and products into the spotlight. I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate, and the recognition received  for helping with the goals! Thank you! I am loving the additions you have made to your Pinterest boards and website! Makes me want to create!
    I am SO very excited for Anna’s appearance on HSN today! I’ve said it before but I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve and need to go to sleep before Santa, I mean ANNA brings fabulous things that are on our our wish lists!  I hope everyone tunes in and is able to purchase  what they want before we see the “sold out” sign!

    Happy Creating Everyone!

  21. Posted by: Erica Thompson
    Congrats Melissa Hampton!!!
  22. Posted by: Anna Griffin
    You are most welcome! You and your work are awesome! Thank you so very much!
  23. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
    Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Thank you so much Anna Griffin Inc!!! I am so excited, and believe me, it has been my absolute pleasure to spread the word about your beautiful products! I am completely in shock, but beyond grateful. Thank you for your generosity in awarding runner-up prizes to the other wonderful posters, another classy move from Anna Griffin! Thank you again Anna, and have a **Fabulous** day of shows on HSN!!!