Camilla Storage Giveaway Winner!

I’m jumping on a plane to HSN as we speak for two craft packed days, and I hope each of you will join me for all of the fun! I’ll be on tomorrow at 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. and Wednesday at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. EST. Before I hit the set, though, I want to show you one more new product I am bringing with me on this visit!

Eyelet prints have become a coveted spring fashion staple, and I am so inspired by these dainty, intricate designs. So, I created some beautiful Eyelet Border Stickers in white, ivory and kraft papers that complement any card or scrapbook page. This kit gives you 96 borders to layer and frame your projects, and the possibilities are simply endless!

Another great month of giveaways is coming to an end! I wish I could send every last one of you these sets of storage, because they are such a fabulous, practical way to organize all of your hobbies.  We saved the romantic floral Camilla collection for last, but it is certainly not least in our choice of 3 beautiful patterns. Our winner this week has a special place in her heart for the Camilla collection, since her husband gave her a Camilla papercrafting kit for their 32nd anniversary in place of flowers because he knew how much she loved my products.  So, Debbie McLaughlin, we hope you enjoy surrounding yourself with even more Camilla blooms!

What a fun visit to HSN this is sure to be! I’m over the moon excited to show you everything new and also bring back a few of my recent favorites. The Cuttlebug and it’s original folder bundle will be back in stock AND you can sign up for the Autoship for the last 3 folder shipments in case you missed out in January.

Until tomorrow, crafting family!


  1. Posted by: Deloris
    Good looking storage boxes. It’s great when everything matches. Beautiful designs.
  2. Posted by: Bonnie
    I have been trying to view your super sale since last night, any idea when the site will be back up?
  3. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna!
    Loved your presentations on HSN! You looked gorgeous, by the way! I am looking forward to your next visit on HSN although I did order enough to keep me busy for awhile! Thank you for the great opportunity to purchase from HSN, it is getting more difficult to find your items in craft stores and believe me, I am always on the hunt for Anna Griffin products!  In the meantime, would it be possible for you to post some new photos of projects on the CREATE page of your website?  I really appreciate the examples you have for us all to view and I am always looking forward to anything new on the Anna Griffin website.
    As always thanks for everything…

    Happy Creating!
    Holly G

  4. Posted by: Gail
    I love all that you have designed.  Your papers are absolutely beautiful. Well done!  I did buy your little Golden Bug and with auto-ship when it was first offered.  I recently bought the organization box to hold the embossing folders.  Will you be offering more of the folders as I have already filled the 15 pages that came with the box.  I checked HSN but there is nothing offered at this time.  With 2 more shipments coming, I will surely need these handy folders.  Thank you so much for bringing such beautiful papers and products.  We romantic and sentimental fans appreciate all that you do!
  5. Posted by: Susan
    Hi Anna,

    I agree with Julie. I too have asked for birthday stickers as a separate purchase. I would by them along with thank you etc. Sometimes you just want to keep it simple. Everyone could use these.

    I enjoyed your recent shows and bought the Jessica Swift Blomma cardmaking kit!  Thank you for all the wonderful things you bring us!

  6. Posted by: Maryann
    Anna – Love all your shows.  I missed your Golden Cuttlebug last time and kept watching the HSN website hoping to see it offered.  The Cuttlebug was offered before your shows so I bought it but at the time it wasn’t offered with Autoship.  I thought for sure you would be offering the embossing folders separately for those of us who missed out on the autoship last time and this time but it wasn’t.  I almost bought a second one but I’ve got several embossing machines as it is.  Please Please Please offer the embossing folders separately.  I’m desperate and I’m sure others who missed out are too.  I love all your products and was so tempted to buy a second Cuttlebug just for the folders!!!  Thanks Anna.  You’re the greatest.
  7. Posted by: Julie H
    Hi Anna –

    I am so happy! Now I have my Cuttlebug with Autoship – YAY!!!

    I have a lot of other keen stuff, too. Thank you for bringing back the sentiments and foil paper! I can’t wait for everything to arrive.

    I have a suggestion for a sell-out item. I would love to buy layered or vellum stickers that are All Occasion, but that simply say Thank You, Happy Birthday, Get Well, With Sympathy, etc. I think your long quotes are lovely and inspired, but often I send a card to someone I don’t know that well, and I just want the message on the front to be straightforward.

    Yes, I know these already come in the cardmaking sets, and I have all of them (at least one of each, anyway!), but I would still buy sticker sets like I just described.

    What do you think?

  8. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    To repeat the request made by Karen – please bring back the Floral Impressions Card Kit.  Sadly, I also missed out on that set and it looks absolutely gorgeous.  Basically Anna, everything you come out with is awesome and timeless; your products are never outdated.  I think you could keep bringing back past items and we would all continue to buy them!  Looking forward to a new idea book I hope??????
  9. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    Dear Anna,

    Watching your shows on HSN this week was inspirational!  The Chinoiserie collection is fantastic, I actually bought four sets (I usually only by two set of each scrapbooking collection).  I can’t wait for the organization boxes to arrive (I bought three sets of the magazine boxes and one set each of the document boxes, paper trays and card boxes).  I think I will need to get more of the card boxes, I hope they will still be available.  Could you add boxes for six-by-six cards?

    When you were on air last month you mentioned that your work was pinned on Pinterest.  I’ve been following your pins.  It is great to be able to view your beautiful pages and cards.   I started to post some of my work (

    I was selecting a butterfly from the birds and butterfly 3D stickers and I recognized one of the butterflies that I’ve seen before.   About thirty years ago I purchased several cards that featured butterflies from ‘Insects of China’ that was on display at a gallery in Dublin. I remembered the blue butterfly because it was on the back of each of the cards and I used it as part of one of my pastel paintings.   I know you collect art from all over the world and I thought it was really cool that we loved the same butterfly.

    I will continue to follow your work on this website and Pinterest.  I anxiously await the next collection of  pretty papers and embellishments you will have for us crafters.

    Thank you for the beautiful materials and sharing your inspirational work.
    Vivian Kochis

  10. Posted by: Marijane
    Bravo!!!  Great job on HSN.  I am re-doing and organizing my craft room soooooo, your storage solutions came at just the perfect time to make my space not only oranized but GORGEOUS!  Thanks for your ideas and inspiration.  I got, and love the Camilla collection.
  11. Posted by: Debbi
    Hi Anna! Really enjoyed the chat after the show. Lots of info. Can’t wait till May, June and Sept. This retiree thinks she needs to go back to work…….lolol.
  12. Posted by: Karen
    Hello Anna,
    I loved your presentations on the 23rd and 24th. I bought 1 or 2 of just about everything (I need a backup so I can use the original). I bought the cuttlebug in March but couldn’t get autoship for the folders, I was tempted to buy it again to get the autoship folders but
    I would rather buy more of your other products since I have two cuttlebugs and several other cutting and embossing machines. I did get the second set of folders that were offered this week and they are beautiful, your designs are outstanding. Will the next three sets of folders be for sale on HSN?  I will be watching out for them. Will the Floral Impressions card kit and the 18th Century Garden stamp set be available again? They sold out when they were in my bag and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. I can’t wait for Christmas in July!!! Thanks so much for all your beautiful designs!!!
  13. Posted by: Cherri
    I am relatively new to your products but can say that they are without a doubt my favorites.  Your beautiful designs and the fact that you give us everything we need to make cards to be proud of certainly puts you a step above the rest.  Question:  Will the 225 die-cut packages be back?  And what a great price!  $20.  When the budget is tight this is certainly a blessing.   Thank you.
  14. Posted by: Claudia Henderson
    Hello Anna,
    I am always inspired by your creations and I am so glad I bought the Cuttlebug in January. Even so I already owned one, but the folders that come with it are worth it. I did sell the Cuttlebug on to my friend and now she is Cuttle-ing away too.
    I did buy the storage box for the folders, but the refills sadly were sold out again. Any chance that they will come back, because I need them for all my autoship folders.
    I do have a suggestions… are you planing on doing any cutting dies for the Cuttlebug as well? Would be nice to have some that go with the rest of your wonderful items. I also would like to see many of you products coming to the German/ European market. I do live in the states for now, but I have to bring so many things back to Germany since there is not much available if it comes to Scrapbooking. 🙂 Let me know if you need some help selling it there…
    Please keep doing what your are doing! Have a wonderful crafty year

  15. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Hi Anna, it’s Me again!! LOL! I wrote to you last on
    FB yesterday answering the question about what was
    Our Favorite items you showed us on HSN. In that
    I asked if you would Adopt Me or could I become your
    Sister?? I thought my Name could Be Debbie Griffin
    Because when My Door Bell starts ringing (and it did today)
    It was Elenor at the Door!! Anyway when My Door Bell
    Rings Next Week, my Husband would through me out
    On my Ear!!  LOL!!! Well that was BEFORE MY ORDERING
    In Camila, I had previously ordered Olivia, I just Could Not
    Leave Miss Camila Behind!!!
    Even though I am still in Physical Therapy, I have some
    Help clearing out my Daughter Katie’s Room. Yahoo!!
    Katie moved into her Townhouse a few weeks ago
    So here room is going to be “My Anna Griffin Room”!!
    I just cant wait to get it finished. I will have to go llook
    For Fabric to make Curtains for my French Doors.
    I have ordered the items early to make sure it doesn’t sell
    Out I could find the Storage Boxes in Camila today, so I will own
    Olivia and Camila in my Room.
    I mention once I about an Shoulder Cloth Organized
    To store Supplies in to take to a Crop. I think it would
    Be great if the Fabric would match out Storage Boxes.
    It should hold be able to hold Tools Cardstick and Decorative
    Paper, Adhesive, Markers, Ink pads, etc. kinda like”Anna On The
    Run, or “Anna On The Go”. A Grab and Go Bag. What
    Do you think? I have Enjoyed you on HSN, Take Care
    Best Regards to you and your Team.
    Debbie Dunn

  16. Posted by: Ellen-Ann Adler
    Hi Anna,
    I am loving your presentations on HSN today as always but I do have a request…I am in search of your Iris Folding kit and I can’t find it being sold anywhere so I am hoping you will bring it back or something like it. Also, I would love if you sold your beautiful paper alone without extras so I can use it to fold, pleat, weave etc. I would like thin paper not cardstock. Any possibilities or some direction as to where these items are already available? Thanks so much and come back to HSN very soon, please.
  17. Posted by: OM&V
    Hi, Anna
    I just saw part of your presentation on your Cuttlebug–looks like way too much fun!

    Will be be able to use other dies or folders with it?  Also can we use other materials like metal flashing or metal blanks for making tags/jewelry or fabric, foil, waxed paper or transparencies?

    Love your products and you are always so gracious.
    Thank you so much:)
    Keep the creativity coming!

  18. Posted by: Cheryl Keys
    It was great to see you on HSN with the Cuttlebug and Embossing folders. I love it !  I did want to know what kind of ink you used on the folders before embossing and how did you get the ink off the folders?     Thankyou so Much!
  19. Posted by: Marge
    Hi Anna – LOVED all the products on HSN yesterday and today – I keep ordering more and more, every time I see your show.  Tried to get through to say “hi,” but your legion of fans kept me from it.  So, thanks so much for all the beautiful designs you bring to us.  You make papercrafting so much fun, and I look forward to all future products!
  20. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    Well Anna, you did it again.  Your Demonstration of all of your Beautiful, Elegant and Fun Products just make me want to have it right now!

    I ordered each and everyone of your products yesterday and today, now the hard part, waiting to receive it.  I have never seen one product that I didn’t care for or thought I could live without, your are amazing, Anna.

    Is there anyway you would consider making a Photo Catalog of all of your completed Cards, Scrapbook pages, etc that you demonstrate on HSN. I always DVR record your HSN shows, then go back and freeze the frame to take a photo of the samples and ideas. Yes, it takes me a while but you ideas are true inspirations to me.  I don;t necessarily copy them exactly but they give me a starting point.  I have done this for years and I have thousands of photos of your work.

    I would be so happy if I could just purchase a Photo Catalog of your ideas, it would leave me more time for crafting LOL please think about it, I know you would sell out on this item within 20 mins.

    Thanks Anna, I so a enjoy watching you.


  21. Posted by: Gayle
    Dear Anna, I am so enthralled with ALL your products,I have a difficult time deciding what to purchase. I am home now on disability-broken shoulder and torn rotator cuff had extensive surgery and what better way to pass my time than to watch you on hsn. I have quite a few of your products and I love them all.I was hoping  were going to bring back the Fabulous Folded Paper Kit. I watched all your shows today(yesterday)april 23 and look forward to later on april 24th.You are such a wonderful crafting person you give me so much inspiration.  I also sew and am a beginner quilter and you have even covered these areas. Thank you so much and keep your products comming. Gayle
  22. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Hello Anna:  It was a thrill to talk to you today on HSN.  I have been setting up my wonderful set of Ivory Damask storage boxes that you so generously sent me as a winner of your contest. (I just might have to write a poem of thanks — lol!)    Anyway, they are just lovely.  And this weekend I was at a crop making your Cutting Garden collection cards and realized that I have a lot of other boxes that match!  Wow, you really think of everything!

    I have an idea for a product that I think you should create.  I have several scrapbooks that are just plain wearing out.  It would be so great if you could make some type of album cover out of your beautiful patterns.  They could be made out of that stretchy material that they make book sox from.  That way, when one of our scrapbook covers wears out, rather than taking it apart, we could just cover it with one of your beautiful prints.  Thanks again for all your products.  I really enjoy watching you and all your fabulous ideas on HSN.  Kind regards.

  23. Posted by: Nury stevens
    Dearest Anna: I love to see you in TV. Many thanks for bringing beauty to us. I couldn’t afford a third cuttlebug. I have mine and bought a second in your last visit but you did not offer autoship. I was hoping that you will offer autoship to those who bought it last time. Everytime that you talk about the folders that you will get in the autoship, I feel sad because I am missing beauty. I bought your other folders, and chinoserie (difficult word) and the metallic sheets. I hope that you consider offering an auto ship to those who could not get it the last time. Many thanks and always wishing you the best!
  24. Posted by: maria m
    called hsn, the folder sizes under features tab are opposite,,,avary is A2 not 5×7 and so forth…i hope they will fix the website soon so you ladies dont think you are getting a big avary etc…
  25. Posted by: Cathy
    Too beautiful.  I can just see me sorting through all my crafting goodies and packing them into these amazing storage boxes.  Finally, I will have place to put everything after my move into my little house.
  26. Posted by: Cynthia Little
    Hi, Anna ~

    I have been looking forward to Tuesday’s show since you visited HSN last time!  My lovely husband passed away from cancer 1-1/2 years ago, and to get through my grief, I make your cards and send them to friends to cheer THEM up.  They tell me that they are reminded of both of us.  Have made so many purchases that I  cannot count them and my cards number in the hundreds I’m sure!  I really love making cards to make others feel happy.  Looking forward to Tuesday at 7 a.m. sharp!

  27. Posted by: Nury stevens
    Dear Anna: Many thanks for all the wonderful products that you prepare for us. I know that I will buy your folders. They are simply awesome! I can’t see them well so I do not know if they are the same one that came along with cuttlebug. Now, dear Anna I bought the cuttlebug last time with your folders even that I already had one cuttlebug. I just wonder if one can order only the folders since I already have 2 cuttlebugs and I do want to have a third one but I will love to buy the autoship. Is there any way that you can offer them to those who bought the cuttlebug in your last visit?
    I look forward to see you tomorrow at HSN. You bring so much glamour to crafting! Thank you and wishing you success always!
  28. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Congratulations Debbie!! I know first hand how Grand

    It is to Be a Winner with Anna Griffin Products because
    I was one of the Winner’s in September. You will have
    To post a picture of your Storage when you get it set up.
    I have been Busy buying mine today on HSN, I thought
    I had purchased it all when I just check back on HSN
    And they added More!! I have bought a few other Anna
    Griffin New Products, I hope that is the end of the New Stuff
    Because …….I’m feeling Guilty, $$$!!! CaChing!!
    Best of Luck Anna!
    Debbie Dunn
  29. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
    Have a great day of shows Anna! I’m looking forward to some beautiful inspiration and to ordering some fun new goodies!! Congratulations to Debbie too.
  30. Posted by: Linda Tagg
    Congratulations Debbie…what a wonderful husband you have…I can see why you have held onto him for 30+ years!
    Anna, I will be watching on HSN tomorrow and Wednesday…I already have the DVR set so I can record your shows.  You always have such great technique ideas and beautiful crafting items!
  31. Posted by: Susan in Atlanta
    Hi Anna, I’m peeking at all the items you have for Tue & Wed on HSN – can’t wait to see you on air with the lovely projects and inspiration you bring.  I will be shopping for sure.  Happy travels! Congratulations Debbie – you have one sweet hubby!!  Smiles, S
  32. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Congratulations to Debbie!  I read that post and it brought tears to my eyes.  What a sweet, wonderful gesture.  She is sure blessed, both with a wonderful husband, and to receive Anna’s gorgeous storage!
    Can’t wait ’til tomorrow.  Counting the minutes!
  33. Posted by: Karen
    Love all your stuff, so beautiful, keep it coming:-)

We Have a Winner!

It’s my favorite day of the week again! I love making Mondays just a little less Monday-ish by hearing from all of you, showing you the new collections I’ve been designing and best of all — doing fun giveaways!

Next week on HSN I will be showing you so many exciting things, including my new Asian inspired Chinoiserie Collection, featuring patterns conveying whimsical follies and Chinese inspired prints paired with an eye-popping Palm Beach color palette. Chinoiserie is full of vibrant graphic elements such as designer chic peacocks, pink pagodas and turquoise porcelain designs.

I just love the unique possibilities with this bright, cheerful collection! I’ll show you all of the papers, embellishments and sentiment options this kit has to offer on HSN April 23rd and 24th. You won’t be able to get enough!

Now, onto the giveaway!

I was on the plane coming home from HSN last week reading the blog comments for this week’s giveaway and I started laughing out loud. People around me thought I was nuts, but I knew we had a winner when I read Penny Comeau’s poem. Seeing that Penny cleverly recited almost every single AG collection in the last 3 years, she gets the boxes! I hope this new set of storage helps you get all of your Anna Griffin collections in perfect order!

Don’t give up, Debbie K (and your FBLA)… never fear Julie (my number 1 fan)… there is another chance Christina (and your Texas Tornado)… okay Maw J it’s time to post again this week to win the beautiful grey Camilla storage boxes pictured below.

So much fun!  See you all back here next Monday for one last sneak preview and one more giveaway.  Remember, comment below, tell me how you would use the storage and then I’ll select our final winner.

Good luck everyone! Thank you very much for all of your enthusiasm. You are one bunch of creative people!


  1. Posted by: Hilda Briseno
    Hi Anna! I am a big fan. I was anxiously waiting for you on HSN last week. I ordered a bunch of your things. I love everything you design.
    But I was so sad Anna. When I got my BIG box and when I opened it the Golden Cuttlebug was missing my 32 folders and the plates that were suppose to come with it. I called HSN and unfortunately they said they could not send me another one since it had sold out. I’m going to have to return it for missing parts.. I am so bummed out. I had waited such a long time to get the golden cuttlebug, I even sold my green one since I finally was able to order yours it’s so pretty.  And especially with all the folders I hope you bring it back soon.
  2. Posted by: Monette Runquist
    Who wouldn’t want to win this beautiful collection – I have been working on my scrapbooking storage are for the last 6 months. It is in the unfinished side of the basement so I hate to work there. I am finally getting it to a point where I pick some things and make a mess on the dining room table. When I get a layout almost finished, I go back down to the “cave” and find what I need to finish the page.  It is functional, but NOT pretty!
  3. Posted by: Jo Ann Portell
    Anna, I had a dilemma while watching you on HSN…whether to buy the sentiment inserts and the new Chinoiserie’s kit…or storage boxes….I bought the inserts and the new “C” kit!  I’ll have to wait on the boxes, but if I had to vote on which design I like the best; it would be Camilla!  For good measure I purchased your Cuddlebug w/autoship.  (My best friend will inherit my other AG folders I have!) I ended up buying the Eleanor kit (my third one!) as well….shhhh, everyone….I don’t want my husband to find out how much I REALLY spent….LOL  Can’t wait for Christmas in July!
  4. Posted by: Cheerie M.
    Hi Anna,

    Well I don’t have a craft room or anything as cool as that but I have my desk I used for college. I have a few items just stacked up on there, mostly bought from Walmart. I’ll admit I don’t own anything from your line yet. I was on a student budget so instead of buying ramen noodles, I bought scrapbook stuff. I’m actually 31, it took a bit longer to graduate because I have an auto-immune disease. But none the less, I have my Marketing degree now! Yay! Your website may receive my resume one day!! I live in FL but I’ll move! haha! I have pictures ranging from my graduation to my 1st dog when I was little. I love watching you on HSN because your spirit seems so happy, calm, cool, and collected! And it’s obvious you genuinely appreciate your customers! These days it’s really nice to see people on TV enjoying themselves, talking about something they’re passionate about AND having nice conversations with strangers from all over the nation. How can you not want to be apart of that unity? Thank you!

  5. Posted by: Jeanette
    For over 6 years our office/craft room has been misused for the put it there till we can get to it later, room.  Well I woke up a few weeks ago and realized that if something happened to me my children would see all that excess stuff and think I really wanted it, but truth was I had no idea what to do with it.  So I woke up one day and began by sorting everything, then placing my scrap booking, sewing, craft items, Mary Kay and Tupperware back in the room so all these things could be utilized.  I saw your collection on HSN and fell in love with everything.  And would one day love to own and utilize all of it.  Thank you for your time, J
  6. Posted by: Michelle Overton
    Wow, what a beautiful collection! I would love these in my craft space, filled with all my Anna goodies. Hope I win!
  7. Posted by: Lucy
    I have so many of Anna’s items….I just have no storage for Anna’s items…..I just plain need these….ok enough joking…Anna I love all of your craft items….when i get an order from HSN….my husband says “Anna”…He knows…It’s just so funny when he does that….When i first started ordering Anna’s crafts…I think my husband thought that Anna’s crafts was all that was availalble…lol…Thank you so very much for all you do and for the beautiful crafts that you have given to all crafters…..Thanks for the chance to win….Hugs….
  8. Posted by: Lora
    My original comment didn’t post, hope it’s not too late.  Anna nobody does it like you beautiful always and clever too.  Perfect to organize my more than ten years of collecting and treasuring your
    products.  It would make it easier to create more and more often too.
  9. Posted by: Amy W
    I would use the storage system in my craft room for all my crafty items. I am currently waiting on some Anna Griffin Goodies to come in the mail, so I could use new storage. Thanks for the chance to win! Whoever wins will be lucky!!! Thanks!
  10. Posted by: Amy W
    I would use the storage system in my craft room for all my crafty items. I am currently waiting on some Anna Griffin Goodies to come in the mail, so I could use new storage. Thanks for the chance to win! Whoever wins will be lucky!!! Thanks!
  11. Posted by: Kate Cook-Wood
    I’ve been cleaning and organizing my scrapbooking room. I didn’t realize how much Anna Griffin stuff I have. It sure would look good in Anna Griffin storage containers! Keep up the great work! I made AG Christmas cards and I got so many compliments. My friends told me they kept them and put hem up where they could enjoy them.
  12. Posted by: Janice Kelley
    WHOOPS!!!!!!!!  Sorry for the typo I had in the message I just posted to you.  What I didn’t type right, was that I don’t think there are many items of yours that I DON”T HAVE.  I each and everyone and always look forward to what you come up with next.  THANKS ANNA.
  13. Posted by: Janice Kelley
    All I have to say is “BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL”!!!!!!
    I absolutely love your style and all the products that you make available for us.  I would just love to have this lovely set to store all of your items that I have.  I don’t really think there are many that you have given us the pleasure of acquiring from you over the years.  Not only is your style the most beautiful I have ever seen, but I find it is so inspiring to me.  I look so much to your shows and presentations.  Love you Anna and thank you for your sharing you wonderful talents with us.
  14. Posted by: Julie Mangold
    All of your things are so pretty!
  15. Posted by: Linda Germundson
    I would love it !
  16. Posted by: Norine Butcher
    Beautiful! I can always use some help organizing my craft area. Thanks for doing this give away!
  17. Posted by: Carmelita Shea
    LOVEEEEEEEEE your products.  These are so awesome as always.
  18. Posted by: Melinda B.
    All of your products are gorgeous! I would be so honored to win this package. 🙂
  19. Posted by: Laura Wright
    Though I’m not sure that the phrase “in perfect order” will ever apply to my scraproom, I would love to give it a try with this beautiful storage collection! I need all the help I can get!
  20. Posted by: Susana Hernández
    Oh Anna i so wish with all my heart I could win this one. I have an amazing collection of all your products. I could easily say I have every single thing you have had on hsn. I LOVE all your products from stamps to papers. Unfortanetly I have everything in different drawers but would love to have my Anna griffin section in my scrap area.
  21. Posted by: Mary Beth
    Just came in from doing some Spring clean up of the flower beds…it’s a lot a work but worth it!

    I guess that is why I love Anna Griffin products so much. Whether it is the dead of winter, harvest season, or Spring – I can always look forward to the refreshing colors and beautiful flowers so often found among your papers and fabrics.  And this week’s storage containers are just all that and more! Love the dazzling pink roses on the sophisticated grey background.

    About 20 years ago a picked up a box of Anna Griffin party invitations and have been hooked ever since! And now that you offer so many crafting products I have become obsessed with collecting all that I can find (and hoarding – is that wrong?).

    I love to make cards! So I started with your All Occasion Card Kit from HSN. Then I embarked on my quest for paper, paper, paper:  Hanna Christmas, Paisley & Plaids, Fall collection, then another Christmas collection, more Hanna, Olivia, Camilla, and yesterday I finally tracked down a pad of Fancesca and some Haven singles. What am I doing with all of this? Having the time of my life!
    I can satisfy my creative ilk and those on the receiving end look forward to the latest seasonal cards arriving in the mail.

    But I must say my craft room needs a Spring clean up too and it would be ever so wonderful to be able to organize with your boxes and containers! Good luck to all and will be watching HSN tomorrow to see whats new….

  22. Posted by: Margaret
    Pick me, pick me!  I am trying to organize my office/craft room and really need so beautiful containers to stormy beautiful AG stash in b/c a BFF & I are going to a 4 day crop & AG products & kits are all we are bringing on which to work.  Our work tables would be beautiful with these storage items on our shelves.  Can’t wait to see what you are offering on HSN tomorrow.
  23. Posted by: Isabel
    I’m not a poet — I’m a scrapbooker that is in desperate need of more organization and I’ love all your products
  24. Posted by: Sherry Shea
    I’ll make it simple. Pick me! wish I could send a pick. I will when I win! before and after.
  25. Posted by: grace
    Horder Here!! I am just a mess and these beautiful storage pieces would be perfect for all my Anna products and crafting thing!! Please help! lol Thank you Grace xoox
  26. Posted by: Jo
    Love all your products, Anna.  Would love to have more time to scrap, but I need to work so I can afford to buy everything!  And, I’ve never regretted a single purchase.  You are an artist and an inspiration!
  27. Posted by: Heather H
    I would use these beauties to store things in our bathrooms.  There are no drawers in any of the bathroom vanities in the house we are renting, so these bins would come in very handy!  Thanks for the generous give away and chance to win – I always ooooh and ahhhh over your gorgeous products!!
  28. Posted by: Jenniffer Smith
    Thank you for another chance to enter (3rd time silly me). I’m happy and sad all at the same time. Happy to get another chance but  beyond sad what is going on in Boston n TX. I know it has nothing to do with this contest but as I sit here trying to put my words together my heart breaks for those family. I couldn’t imagine how they are all feeling to have lost a loved ones. Anyone who is reading this please pray for the family and friends on this sad day. I don’t have a catchy poem nor using you name in a clever way. But I would be honored to win this not for me but for my friend whom has become like a mom to me. Who has taken me in when I didn’t know anyone here, whom has share laughs to cries with me. We still in the middle of redoing  her office but we are taking a break at the moment. I know she would love this.
    Thank you once again!
    Hugs to you and everyone.
    Please don’t forget to pray!!!!!!
  29. Posted by: Kathy Etersque
    What can I say!!!  I have loved and bought Anna’s papers,etc for many many years. I have a craft room that has a least a third just for my Anna Griffin things.
  30. Posted by: karen huscher
    dear Anna, my daughter and I for years have taught scrapbooking to our group developmentally disabled kids, young adults and adults, our “kids”! they certainly enjoyed that but the smiles and the excitement on their faces when we decided to make cards and use your product exclusively is priceless! they create, they help each other choose colors, and flowers, occasion stickers and quotes, they learn patience, they help each other read the sayings, try to explain to those who need some more help understanding, you have opened the beauty of the world to our kids. My son, a young man who lives with autism, just loves the flowers! and the fact that they can send these cards handmade by them to family and friends is most exciting for them, the pride, the sense of accomplishment is beauty in itself!

    win or not, i am blessed by using your product to delight and encourage the creativity that is within all of us! especially those who are sometimes ignored or made fun of. Thank you, Anna!

  31. Posted by: Susan Mlacker
    Hi Anna,
    I would love to win this set.  It will go perfectly in my new craft room I am planning.  The colors are beautiful.  They will hold everything.  Can’t wait to watch you on HSN this week.  I love when you are on. I already have my wish list made out. Just bought some stamps last week the Patchwork Collection and Background sets. Your sets are beautiful.  Would love to see your designs in some Cricut Cartridges, just a thought.
    Hope I win 🙂
    Thank you!!!!
    Susan Mlacker
  32. Posted by: Robbie
    I would love for my craft room to look a little more organized.  How beautiful these are!  A great asset to anyone’s craft area.
  33. Posted by: Brenda Johnson
    Love, Love, Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. Posted by: Darlene
    I would love your boxes. They are really Cool.Never won anything before. This would be the first for me.Roses are Red,Violets are blue I would truely love to win your storage boxes.I have a storage problem and these would solve some of them issue I have. Plus they would look great.
  35. Posted by: Linda Briner
    I love your products! I think they are BEAUTIFUL! I would also love to win!
  36. Posted by: JoAnne Wells
    This would be great and stand out in my WorkBox!  It looks so good!
  37. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Hi Anna, Here I am again trying to win these beautiful storage boxes like I’ve had written before that I have severe RA but it does not stop me of doing my scrapbooking or card making projects because I have to feel free from pain
    and the only way is scrapbooking and card making
    That makes me forget. I hope that I get this chance to win I know that there are so many of us that wants this chance but I hope that I will win so I could have better asset to my supplies.
  38. Posted by: Sharon
    I can’t win, because I can’t do poetry, and I can’t afford to buy them, but I still love your stuff, my favorite is boxes my sister laughs at me because I love boxes ,  Thanks for making them, I have a hard time with your paper, I don’t want to cut it.  It is so pretty, I have lots of your albums and stuff, this would so organize it.  Thanks so much
  39. Posted by: Susanne
    Always adore your offerings.  This is so inspiring…it made me smile just seeing the photo….how lovely it would be to have them in my home as we all need a smile often!  I am currently in the process of trying to organize my home after a lifetime of bouncing to and fro….these would certainly say done and dusted!
  40. Posted by: Rea
    This collection is just beautiful.  I have been needing something like this in my craft space.  I would be so grateful and it would be a very welcomed addition.   Thanks for the chance to win.

First Craft Storage Winner and Sneak New Product Preview

I leave for HSN today for sewing shows tomorrow at 1pm and 6 pm. If you love to sew, I’ve got precious projects for you to make, so tune in!

I’ll also be back on HSN at the end of this month! I have so many wonderful new items for April that I’m going to give you a sneak peek each Monday leading up to my visit on the 23rd and 24th.

Lately I’ve been having so much fun with stamping, and I wanted to give you something that would add femininity and elegance to any card or scrapbook project.  So, say hello to our new Doily Stamp Kit, featuring 24 stamps and clever template to make circular patterns that will give you a detailed doily look in seconds!

Soooo pretty and fun to use!

Now let’s give away some craft storage so you have a place to put all of these new supplies!

I always love taking time after a crazy day at the office to wind down and read all of the comments you leave for me on the blog.  Each and every one of you inspire me to design, and I hope my designs continue to inspire you.  This week the Olivia pink and green damask craft storage system is going to the home of Linda Tagg, where I know it will be put to great use to organize her craft room. I love your creative post!

If you did not win this week you still have two more chances! Next week we will be giving away the same set of storage, only this time it will be in my classic ivory damask print.

This versatile neutral print will look perfect in any space!  Remember, to win all you need to do is comment below and tell me why you desperately need this darling storage and how you would use it if you were the winner.

Can’t wait to hear from everyone!


  1. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    Dear Anna,

    I have been collecting your papers, stamps and embellishments for years.  I started purchasing Anna Griffin products on QVC and I searched craft stores to get my Anna Griffin fix.  I was very relieved to find your line on HSN.

    I’m looking forward to your shows next week.  I’m especially interested in the doily stamp collection.

    I believe you hinted that we can look forward to an Anna Griffin cartridge for the cricket.  It would be great to have a cartridge with designs that coordinated with your stamp collections.

    I enjoy using your webste and your Pintrest Pins for inspiration. I even posted a few of my projects on Pintrest.

    Thanks for all you do for crafters!!!

  2. Posted by: kathy M
    Hi Anna,
    I was excited to hear that you were given more storage systems away, I love all your beautiful patterns & colors, I’m a paper person.  Only people that love paper would understand what that means.  I have pictures of me as a child cutting paper, I enjoyed making cards way back when.  Anyway just wanted to tell you that I would be interested in your storage system.  I’ve keep all your storage boxes from all your kits and use them for storage too.  I could always use more pretty storage boxes for all my paper……..Thank you for all the beautiful products you offer us.   Good luck to all !!
  3. Posted by: Cindy Kolesar
    Hi Anna,
    I wait every month for your shows to be on and mark the calendar to record.  It is so exciting to see what you bring to HSN.  I always love to purchase what is new and I look for new kits that coordinate with kits that I already have.  I appreciate the return of products that sold out last time.  I have spoken with you on the phone a few times at HSN and the previous network. I would love to have a set of your beautiful new organization boxes.  As I have purchased so many of your products, I am out of room for storage.  Currently the new boxes are sitting on top of my video cartridge cabinet.  Your beautiful prints would look elegant and wonderful there instead of just the brown boxes.  Thank you for your time and fabulous products.
  4. Posted by: Shirley Covarrubias
    Hello Anna,
    I’m so thrilled that you have brought these new designs to paper crafting.  I look forward to more designs and ideas.  I love the new storage and and planning to redo my room in Anna Griffin if given the opportunity. Thank you!!!
  5. Posted by: Denise
    I am counting the days until your HSN papercrafting shows next week. Would love to win this beautiful storage set for my many A/G paper and supplies.  I am very particular about organization.  Keep the great stuff coming.   I wish you would have a live show at HSN and have a drawing for two free tickets to the show.  I would fly there to see you!!   I am kind of an Anna Griffin “groupie”. I can’t seem to get enough of your items.  Your style is so classic, elegant and fabulous.
  6. Posted by: Deanna D
    Help!  I need a new way of organizing.  I scrapbook for me, my daughter, granddaughter, and mother so I have more supplies than most scrapbook superstores.  I love this collection.
  7. Posted by: Rosario
    This is my first time writing on your blog. All I can say WOW!!!! I love everything you make it’s so beautiful. I don’t even want to use the paper or any of the stickers. Thank you for all the hard work you do to make it so easy for us.
  8. Posted by: Debbie Eslinger
    We are moving to a different home and I have a room that I will be u sing for  my craft area, these would fit in perfectly thanks for this chance
  9. Posted by: Barbara Niekamp
    I really would love to win this beautiful storage system.  It would look so pretty in my craft room. Can’t wait to win this in put it in my room.
  10. Posted by: Stefanie Haluk
    Love your craft storage, so beautiful. And the layout and card are stunning.
  11. Posted by: Mercedes Silva
    I love your products; pretty boxes drive me crazy. My husband is always teasing me because I have many boxes but still need more!
    Hope I can win! Keep the good stuff coming. I’ll be watching HSN next week. Congratulations!
  12. Posted by: Pam
    Keepin my fingers crossed that I’ll win your storage system. My craft room needs them SOOOOooooooo much!  Love all your paper crafting. Just ordered more of your stamps last weekend. Can’t wait to get them. Yay!
  13. Posted by: Debra Lovell
    Hi Anna…I absolutely love all your products! I have several of your paper packs,and I would love to own some of your storage boxes,as they are just as Gorgeous as You are! I would put my Awesome Copic Markers in the boxes because they are “The Best” with Annas storage!Thanks,and “Happy Spring”
  14. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    Anna, can any real crafter have enough storage? LOL I share my Scrapbooking and Card Making space with our Family Room.  Fortunately, it is a 800 sq. ft family Room but I keep telling my husband that I need the entire Family Room. LOL

    I think what really amazes me is how you can be so creative and no matter what you touch, it is useful, elegant, easy to use, very unique, fun, organized and most important, it allows us to express ourselves.

    I just can’t wait until April 23rd & 24th, I am looking forward to New Products and hopefully some of the Products you had in March.  I just LOVE the Embossing Folders, Storage Folders and Box. You would be amazed what materials I have used with the Embossing Folders and turns out just Beautiful. I am so happy I choose the auto-ship for the Embossing Folders.  Of course, I have always choose the auto-ship for all of your products.

    I know I would just love to have this Storage System, as everyone else would too.  Thank you Anna for the opportunity.

  15. Posted by: Faye Thompson
    My Anna Griffin paper and flowers and bows and embossers are just waiting for those organizing storage kits.
  16. Posted by: Shelly R.
    I love All Things Anna!!!! I purchase almost everything she comes out with! I would love to have these storage pieces.

    Keep up the great work Anna and Co.

  17. Posted by: Doreen
    I love Anna’s products and designs.  These would be awesome to have in my craft room!
  18. Posted by: marie sierra
    hi anna! i love that the storage is so beautiful..that you dont want to hide it! thank you for the chance to win!
  19. Posted by: Jenniffer Smith
    Excited that I get a another chance to enter and thankful! Anyone who don’t love your products just don’t have taste. :0)   I still really I mean really would love to win this for my friends home office. Right now it’s a hot mess and we have been working on organizing little at a time. Its hard because it’s very small space and just so much things. We in the middle of picking color, we trying to make into a shabby chic office. I think this would look great with the theme. Thank you once again for giving us another chance to win. Best wishes!
  20. Posted by: Kathy
    I just love your products Anna!  I have so many of your things that need a beautiful “home”.  These storage boxes would go great in my craft room. Thanks for the chance to win!
  21. Posted by: Lisa Angela
    hello Anna! I desperately need your beautiful storage….I keep my crafts in my bedroom closet and they have begun to spill out onto my bedroom floor! I have stuff everywhere and really would love to have these to organize everything in a pretty way. I could even keep them out on display as they are so pretty! Thanks for the chance!  Lisa
  22. Posted by: Julianne
    I love Anna Griffin and all her products.  I’d love to have something with her look and style that makes a substantive dent in my need to organize craft supplies!  I have lots and lots of stuff, and would like a cohesive look to my storage.  So excited to see what you have in store!
  23. Posted by: Margaret Vaccaro
    I have so much “ANNA” stuff from way back to present that I need some coordinated storage units. I have the perfect place to put them. Thanks.
  24. Posted by: Grace
    ooooh I love your new storage containers. Beautiful Damask! Grace
  25. Posted by: Doris Arnold
    I don’t have much time to craft but I have taken over my husband’s “man cave” and own just as much Anna Griffin as I can.   Someday soon I will make time.
  26. Posted by: Brenda Conover
    I desperately need these to organize all my craft projects. I have nice wooden ivory open bookshelfs that these would look so perfect on. I have scrapbooking, cardmaking, stamping and beading projects that would go perfect in these boxes. Please, please, please Anna I love these so much. I love everything you do but I love to be organized and these are the best.
  27. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    I have 2 large Origami shelving systems and 4 small Origami systems filled with craft supplies.  It doesn’t look great, and I have a pretty nice home.  My husband walks thru our Great Room and just shakes his head.  He loves that I have a hobby because I am partially disabled.  If I had your storage system, he would be so happy, and that would make me feel less guilty about having craft supplies all over.  I just want to be organized in an elegant way.
  28. Posted by: Liz Vellali
    Love love love these and need to get organized!
  29. Posted by: Margi Lunn
    I love love love this storage. It’s so beautiful. It will make any scrapbook room look so beautiful and perfect no matter the size of the room. I really need this storage because I have a small craft room and lack of storage is a big problem. If I were the winner I would use it to storage my pictures and my magazines (which are all over the place). Also it would be great to storage my scrap papers, stamps and embossing folders. I can also use them when I go to scrapbooking crops. Thank you very much for this amazing giveaway and Congrats to Linda. Have a wonderful week.
  30. Posted by: Sharon Johnson
    Personally, I use pretty boxes throughout my home for various storage needs.  I save old Christmas cards in them (I have a box for each year), I use them to organize the office area, and I often use them to gift items in.  I am currently playing with the Oliva product line and LOVING it — SUCH pretty colors and patterns!  I made a gift set of 12 cards which I’ll post on my blog this week Wednesday.  Can’t wait!  Hope Chest is next on my list!  Have LONG loved your products!
  31. Posted by: Lisa Smith
    To scrapbook is to celebrate what life has given us!
  32. Posted by: Carolyn French
    Thank you for the chance to win the beautiful items. I am in desperate need of them as this is my first crafting/sewing space and it matches my decor. Your designs are fabulous.

    Best if luck to all. :)))

  33. Posted by: Lisa Smith
    Scrapbooking is my way of life.  Thank you Anna for all the great supplies!
  34. Posted by: Susan Gipe
    Anna thanks for making our lives more beautiful!! You always seem to know exactly what we love, like your reading our minds! Please don’t ever stop what you do our life will have no color or beauty! No one can compare ! love ya
  35. Posted by: Just Jyspy Janet
    Oh my this is truly pretty and I could certainly use it to make more room for more stuff!!!  Don’t we all just love “stuff” for our craft room?
  36. Posted by: Sandra S
    I would ABSOLUTLEY love to have this beautiful storage package. I love your scrapbooking
  37. Posted by: shari cook
    really would love something like this because my craft room is in my living room and it would be nice to see these instead of cardboard boxes sitting around ty 4 the chance
  38. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    Dear Anna,

    My love of crafting has begun from a very young age.  Due to medical condition I am no longer able to work.  This decision was something  that completely broke my heart and my sprit.  After a few months to except this news I now have a new outlook.  I know God is in control and even though I might not know what his plans are for me I do believe he has given me guidance.  I am turning my hobby and the love of crafting into a business and outlet.  I’m in the middle of a completely craft space overhaul and I need your help Anna.  I have a small budget to get my space completely organized.  I’m trying to go through my stash and see what I can began to create with the things I already own to get back on my feet again.  I’ve already been asked to create a wedding scrapbook album as well as some baby shower decorations.  Anna I feel your products help showcase my talent and make people want to see more.  My goal is to get organized so I can concentrate on creating so I can submit my designs to publications, apply for design teams, and make items to sell at craft fairs, and ETSY business.  Please consider me for your storage system.  I need a step in the right direction and this could very well be the boost I need!  Thank you for your kindness, creativeness, and generosity!

  39. Posted by: Carol C.
    Anna, you have created such a beautiful piece of furniture for craft storage. I love it! Thank you also for all of the beautiful scrapbooking and card making products.
  40. Posted by: Tammy Whitley
    I just love the new stamp set.  I’m all about doilies and I can’t wait to get my set and get some ink on them!!!
    The storage boxes that you are giving away here and showcasing this visit on HSN are simply beautiful.  They are elegant and somehow, it hard to imagine using them for storage, because they are so pretty. Maybe for storing some pretty clothing items in, like scarves or something frilly.  Like an antique collection of doilies. Anyway, I would love to have them and would be honored to win them.  As always, thank you for allowing us to win something wonderful from your product line.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Maybe an Anna Griffin credit card would be best for me!!! LOL!!!

Craft Storage System..oh my!

Hello everyone!

National Craft Month put me in such a giving mood, and I just can’t seem to shake the urge to keep giving things away to thank you for all you’ve given to me! So, for the next three weeks I will be giving my brand new craft storage system away to three lucky winners!

These versatile boxes, trays and organizers are perfect for any creative space and come adorned in prints from my Camilla and Olivia collections as well as my signature ivory damask. They were made exclusively for HSN and debut in my 4 shows over April 23rd and 24th. These sturdy decorative boxes are sized to hold A7 and A6 cards, 12×12 papers, magazines, pens, pencils, embellishments and there are even nested boxes for legal size paper down to letter size paper.

For this week,  the prize is the Olivia pink and green damask – sooooo cute!

So how do you win? Well, it’s simple, just tell us how you will use our new Craft Storage System. Let us know by leaving a comment below, and each week I will select my favorite response!

I will announce the winner right here each Monday at 5 p.m. EST, and will also give you exclusive sneak previews of my latest collections that will debut on HSN April 23rd and 24th.  I’ve got a little bit of everything this time around, from stamps to sticker borders to card kits, and I hope you love it all as much as I do!

Organize away!


  1. Posted by: Carol Edge
    I have no place to keep my card making sets, my clear stamp sets, and all of my scrapbooking papers by Ann Griffin. Right now they are sitting on my husband’s pool table. I so wanted they stsorage set during the last time you were on HSN, but I had ordered too much already. It would bring domestic tranquillity to our household if I had the storage set, and my husband had his pool table back.
  2. Posted by: Jeannie
    Dear Anna ~ I just LOVE your new Craft Storage System! ! My husband is helping me to create my “dream craft & sewing room” and I am using your fabrics, papers, stamps, & embellishments to decorate it with. It’s been a long time coming as I am a totally & permanently disabled RN and have had to overcome a lot after having been through the fire and back again more than once. God has been good to me and I am just “happy to be here” I know my new craft room will bring lots of  joyful therapy so that I can once again do for others by making beautiful creations using Anna Griffin Craft products. I have been using your items for a long time, but now can organize and spend more time doing what I have always wanted to do but never had the time or space. We are, however, on a fixed budget now so it is taking time to acquire all that I need to make this dream room come to reality. Thank you for your gorgeous and heart-warming designs…they just make my heart happy and my soul smile 🙂 May God bless you real good, you deserve it.
  3. Posted by: Susie Hawkins
    I love making cards with Anna Griffin papers and die cuts.  I get so many compliments for my cards.
  4. Posted by: Monna Accurti
    WOW!!! Your storage system is so beautiful and practical.  This is so timely for me, over this weekend I have been on YouTube looking for storage ideas and on Amazon looking for books with organizing tips.  My scrapbooking and card making supplies are oozing out of my storage area and sitting on the floor.  I have tried to organize them and I just make it worse!  I need help and incentive to organize and these beautiful boxed would do just that!  (Even if I would win them, I think I will probably need to order more from HSN)  and I look forward to your shows on April 23 and 24 – I already have my calendar marked, so I’ll see you then.
  5. Posted by: D.Ann Adams
    Craft Right with Anna’s Flower stickers and Tools and I would  put them in my storage system.
  6. Posted by: mary frances murphy
  7. Posted by: Angela
    I love it!!!I recently added a crafting desk to my bedroom (much to my parents dismay lol) and your style is so beautiful and elegant that will go perfectly with my shabby chic decor in my room!! No to mention my mom won’t freak out any more when she comes to my room and see all my supplies beautifully display in this gorgeous storage a system!!!Thanks for the chance. I love your products!! Can’t wait for April 23!!!
  8. Posted by: Jan Adams
    This would be used to store scrapbooking supplies. My space runneth over! Help! Thanks for the chance to win I have shared your post!
  9. Posted by: Dee
    lovely and thanks
  10. Posted by: Cathy
    Wow!  Simply elegant.
  11. Posted by: Lucy
    I love this storage system…the colors are beautiful….the design is gorgeous….I would put my Anna Griffin items in the storage system..I purchased the cuttlebug with auto-ship on HSN…then i purchased alot of other Anna items…I love your products…Thank you for all you do…
  12. Posted by: Linda Tagg
    Thanks Anna!!!   I am so excited that you selected my post from so many other amazing and deserving posts. Now I will have, a beautiful place to store all my Anna Griffin papers, stamps and embellishments.  I can’t wait to receive it…so I can begin my reorganization efforts.
    Hugs and Heartfelt Thanks!!!!
  13. Posted by: Ellen
    Hi Anna,
    If I won this craft storage system I would fill it with all the beautiful Anna Griffin papercrafting supplies I have collected.  The colors of this collection would be perfect for my bedroom, which currently doubles as my crafting space. This design reminds me of a card from the first card set I ever bought.  I take it out every time I make a card, but have been unable to part with it. I am frequently awake for hours during the night because of health problems.  If I had everything at hand in my room, I would be able to quietly craft without disturbing family in the middle of the night.  Thank you for all the beautiful things you design.
  14. Posted by: Lora
    I am currently trying to create a space organized and neat with just my Anna Griffin products in order to be able to create more easily and more often.  A space that’s inviting and beautiful!  I’ve been waiting for just this very system.  Only Anna does things this clever and beautiful.
  15. Posted by: Patty
    Awesome product and will be a GREAT addition to your line! I would love to win this and be able to put it to great use in my craft room! I love all your product and in fact my first scrapbook page was done with a sheet of your beautiful paper.
    I am so sad because I am still in the hospital and missed the big craft day and due to the fact that this hospital blocks you from watching videos (due to possible crashing of there server) I have yet to be able to watch and catch up! If all goes well I will finally be home in time to watch on the 23rd and 24th!!!
    Thanks for a chance to win but also keep the WONDERFUL product coming! Its great to be able to get it right on HSN and never have to leave home 🙂
    Have a Nice day 🙂
  16. Posted by: Pat
    I would LOVE to own this storage system!  I would put all of my Anna Griffin card-making materials in it and I would even put all of my Anna Griffin special 12 x 12  papers in – which I hesitate to use – because they’re so pretty!  I am in the middle of ortanizing my Craft Room at home and would like to have this beautiful, top-of-the line Anna Griffin storage products.  My craft room already looks like a subsidiary of Anna Griffin and having this system would be the cherry on top!
  17. Posted by: Stephanie Fenenbock
    I Just had my Son and his family move back in with us. I Lovingly gave up my craft room for one of my adorable Grand Daughters! I desperately need the storage set to keep me organized while enjoying my family . I Love they way they look Anna your products are so beautiful! I want to be like you when I grow up . 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration .
  18. Posted by: Amy Harper

    Your papercraft items are the most beautiful of any supplies I own. And I have tons and tons! Piled in the corner of my bedroom and the heaps are growing!! I have to step over some of it because I don’t have any place to store it! I desperately need an organization system so I can find and USE my favorite AG kits!! I would love to beautify my space with your gorgeous designs! AND my absolute favorite color combo is PINK and GREEN!! Plus, my boyfriend would absolutely be shocked to see me organized once and for all!!!! 🙂

  19. Posted by: Starqueen
    Hi Anna,
    I’m in the process of re-organizing my “stuff” and am so fortunate to have a new room to convert into my crafting space (studio?)! So, of course Anna’s storage collection is the perfect place to start, since I have so-o-o much Anna stuff! Love seeing you on HSN, on Pinterest and really, really love all the great inspiration and creativity you and your amazing designers share with us all.
    Thank you!
    p.s. I hope you’re bringing the sentiment stamp set back in April – so sad I missed it before it sold out in February.
  20. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    I recieved the prizes you sent me.  Thank you, they are beautiful. Eleanor is so lovely.  My daughter said, “You could touch these papers for ever.”  I agree with her.
    Good luck with the new contest.
    Thank you again Anna, for your generosity.  Please remember me if you ever start an in-home business.


  21. Posted by: Ronny
    I am another of your 70-something ladies in their second childhood, that just loves playing with all your gorgeous papers, stickers and card kits.  We come from a time of wearing swirly skirted dresses with big starched ruffled slips,wearing pearls and lace and little pill box hats.   We are ladies of a certain age that loves all things feminine.  Thats why your style of crafts speak loudly to us and draw us in.   Beautiful patterns, flowers, ribbons.
    Now here you are with these lovely color coordinated storage solutions.  How can we (I) not fall in love with them.  They fit our style like a hand in a glove. How lovely it would be to have my little craft room shelves look the way my cards look from your collections.    Beautiful of course!
  22. Posted by: Jeanette
    I would love to win this storage set as I have rheumatoid arthritis and this makes organizing my scrapbooking materials super convenient for my hands. I truly enjoy using your products because of the quality of the product as well as it is user friendly. I truly enjoy watching your shows and I’man-enthusiast when it comes to learning new things and using new products. Fortunately I have had the opportunity to chat with you on HSN. I hope you will consider me as a winner!

  23. Posted by: Donna O
    I have almost everything you have sold and so much of your storage already.  I must have your new storage line or my craft room just won’t look right.  Please, please, please pick me.  Just love the look of all your products and get so many compliments when people view my layouts or cards made with them.  Donna O
  24. Posted by: V Hart
    I am voting for one or two of them to go to Linda who gave up her craftroom for her veteran son, also I loved the way she made up words for each letter of Anna’s name. That was very creative and different. Secondly for Katherine whos home was vandalized while she was away. Sounds like someone knew just when she would be away and what they could get their hands on. You don’t often hear of a craft thief, maybe she should look on ebay to see who is selling her stuff or if a “friend” of hers is suddenly making some really beautiful cards and scrapbooks!!!
  25. Posted by: Kathleen Lundman
    I don’t think my comment worked so here goes again.  Thank you for all of your lovely products.  I am your biggest fans and have most of your scrapbooking things.  Love them all!  Can’t wait to see you again on HSN in two weeks.  I missed getting a few things because they sold out even though I had them in my basket.  I really do need this organizing package since my work space looks so messy.  It really needs something so pretty like this set to make it look more professional, and maybe I will be able to find things too!  Can’t wait to see you again AND your new products.  I must confess that I have so much of your products that I tend to save them and look at them over and over again because they are so pretty.  I must sound like a stalker!!!  Really, I’m not.  Keep it coming Anna.  There are so many fans like me that are obsessed with your products.  Thank you so much!
  26. Posted by: Kathleen Lundman
    Oh my, how I would love that set!  I am trying so hard to get my work area organized so that I can find things a lot easier and also for a much better look than things in piles or in stacks.  Love your products and have almost everything that you have come out with for scrapbooking.  I did miss out on some of your cool new products on HSN recently, so I keep watching for them to come back again.  Looking forward to seeing you there again in two weeks!  Can’t wait.  Thanks so much for your lovely products.
  27. Posted by: Brenda Conover
    I love these and they would work just perfect in my pink and green office/craft room. They would help organize my craft magazines on the bookshelf as well as the papers on my desk. Also the boxes would be perfect for storage of my Anna Griffin craft supplies. I have many of your card making, scrapbook, and stamp sets. As well as your tools. But the fact that the colors and the patterns are just perfect would just be amazing. Thanks for your consideration.
  28. Posted by: Elicia P
    Of course, I would love to use your craft storage system to store all my Anna Griffin products!  Not only will this keep me organized, but it will keep everything stored so beautifully.  Thank you, Anna!
  29. Posted by: Sue Miller
    They are so beautiful & I would certainly enjoy having the storage boxes.  But since I’ve been stamping & making cards for over 35 years & scrapbooking for about 15 years, I have my craft room fairly well organized.  But I’d love to win these so that I could give them as a bridal shower gift to a dear friend who is getting married this fall.  New brides usually need so many necessary items I think it would be fun to give something that is also useful & pretty as well.  Thanks, Anna, for all the lovely products you offer us!
  30. Posted by: Cheri Goldsmith
    Oh what a fun give-a-way. Thank you for sharing – your talent- your designs – your self! <3 hugs
  31. Posted by: Kim Perkins
    Just recently started buying Anna Griffin products and just love her product.  She makes crafting look so easy.  Would love to have her storage boxes to start a craft room.
  32. Posted by: Debbie
    Your items are fantastic! I would love to win and use the storage for my scrapbooking supplies! Right now I am trying to scrapbook the every day that I babysit my grandkids. These are great! Thanks for the giveaway!
  33. Posted by: Pat Capela
    I would love to be so organized. I need this help because I have so much to do for my mother-in-laws album. I have info from the ship they came over on and where they landed. I need to be more able to find these when I come to putting the album together. She had a family member die on the ship and was buried at sea. She also had 11 brothers and sisters. Then she had a big family. NEED HELP.
  34. Posted by: Pat Capela
    I had everyone of your shows taped off HSN. I save them all. I also watched them at the same time. I had my computer on as well as the tv. That way  no matter what came on I could get it before it sold out.I know how popular you are on HSN. They need a whole day just for you.I would want to make a request. Can you come out with a box of just flower stickers. I can never have enough when it comes to doing scrapbook pages and making cards. I also request you come out with embossing folders with flowers on them that match your papers. As you can see, I never have enough of your items. I need these containers for the storage. You are such a talented woman that the Lord has blessed you with so many talents.
  35. Posted by: Linda Tagg

    F…Found &


    Oh Anna, I love this beautiful storage system you have created!  When my son, who is a disabled Veteran, moved back home I gave up my craft room so he could have his old room again.  When I lost my craft room, I also lost my organization.   I really could use this beautiful system to begin reorganizing my card making and scrap booking supplies!

  36. Posted by: Jan Adams
    Hoping to win a new beautiful and organized home for my scrapbooking supplies! My supplies are out of control and need a happy home! 🙂
  37. Posted by: Jan Adams
    Hoping to win a new beautiful and organized home for my scrapbooking supplies!
  38. Posted by: Melinda Ross
    I just love any and all Anna Griffin! Love this storage and organizing set. I need all the help i can get!
  39. Posted by: Lisa GWT
    Since they are pretty enough to keep out, I’d put my most used craft items in them so they are always at the ready on my work area!
  40. Posted by: Sue Gulley
    Hi Anna,

    Although I have my own craft room in one of our spare bedrooms, I love using craft boxes to more neatly store all my card making supplies, most of which are from your product lines. I love sending cards out to family and friends from your kits because I always hear back from them that they save my cards. It was the ultimate compliment when my niece, Megan, said she had made a scrapbook of the cards I sent her over the years!

Thank You and All Questions Answered!

It is with much appreciation that I write to all of our Craft enthusiasts today. Thank you so much for your excitement, your support and your crafting frenzy posts this week! The HSN shows were off the charts successful and that would not have happened if it weren’t for YOU! From the social media giveaways, to the wardrobe choices, to the amazing calls I had during the shows – this has been the most exciting National Craft Month ever!

For those of you that joined in our the live chat on HSN Monday night – here are funny pictures from the photo booth in the chat room. I obviously didn’t understand what was going on!

Thanks for all of your questions during the live chat and the ones posted here on my blog. I thought I would get a few of them answered for you!

1. The next HSN dates are April 9th for sewing, April 23rd & 24th for paper crafting
2. The next QVC UK date is tentatively set for August 6th – for everyone in England, did you know that we ship all over the world from our webstore at
3. The measurements for pleating a border sticker are score at every one eighth inch and then pleat. The measurements for the banner pleating are score twice at one eighth inch, skip one half inch, score twice at one eighth. Then skip the width of the banner you want to make and repeat the scoring on the other side. Pleat the one eighth inch pleats on either side of the banner.
4. Our Pinterest link to see craft projects is
5. The April HSN craft shows will feature many re-orders of sold out products like: Card sentiment inserts, Embossing folder storage, Metallic layers for embossing and the completely fabulous Cuttlebug with 23 embossing folders!

Stay tuned here for all of the new product sneak peeks for the April shows!


  1. Posted by: Carol
    I purchased your self-inking stamp during the April shows.  How do I get colored ink pads for the stamper?
  2. Posted by: Eileen Crisostomo
    I saw you on the HSN show in April. I loved how you did the inking on the embossing folders. I have a question, where do you get the roller that you used and how do you clean the folder after inking it?
  3. Posted by: Jill
    Hi Anna – I bought one of your beautiful card kits from your March 25 HSN show and put the cards together yesterday at a crop. I sure received a lot of compliments on the cards from the other croppers passing by my table! I can’t wait to start sending out these beautiful cards! Very relaxing to put them together! Thanks, Jill
  4. Posted by: Rosie
    Hi Anna:  I watched your show in March on HSN pretty much the whole time you were on – I love your products!!  I did order the Gold Anna Griffin Cuttlebug and the folders that I will receive every 3 mos.  I have received 2 sets and they are timeless – I amxious for you to be on again in April!  One question:  Is Plate C supposed to be included with the Cuttlebug?  Wondered, as I was watching a YouTube video and she was using all three sizes – I did not receive plate C.  Look forward to your reply.
  5. Posted by: Nury Stevens
    Dear Anna: Your work is an inspiration. I have been crafting so far 3 weeks with your products. I am nuts right now. I like your products the best! You have such an artistic eye! WHat a gift! I agree with Beca and ask the same question “Are you going to bring back the autoship for the Anna Griffin embossing folders? ” I bought the cuttlebug with the embossing folders. I had already owned one cuttlebug. But not matter, I love your products. I will be making the “quinceanera cards” for my daughter with your products. I missed the chat because I was working. Many thanks for bringing beauty to us. Please, do not forget the cardmaking books that you offered to us.
    Have an awesome day and you ROCK, dear Anna.
    Many thanks,
    Nury Stevens Nuila
  6. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna!
    I am sure you are getting ready for your visits in April! Good news for all of us!  I will be waiting, watching and buying!

    I was just watching one of the segments from the March 25th show on HSN. The product featured was the gorgeous flocked paper kit. You showed a CASTLE scrapbook page featuring these beautiful papers which I was lucky enough to receive. I would love to try and recreate it. Try being the operative word…I was just wondering if there is any way you could put the picture and techniques used in making this fabulous page on your Create section of your website? Just a darling page!
    Thank You!

  7. Posted by: Penny C.
    Hello Anna:  I’m so excited that you are going to be on AGAIN in April!  Wahoo!  I am not buying exclusively your products and can’t wait to see some of the “older” things back again.  I have a request.  Could you make a card kit that is especially for “get well” and “thinking of you”?  I send so many of those cards and would love to have a plethora at my fingertips.  Also, I love it when the inserts are in the kits, not sold separately.  Thank you for making the world more beautiful with your products!  Thank you so very kindly.  Penny
  8. Posted by: Julie Fallon
    Would love to see the banners back!
    i work & Dvr’ed your show but so much was sold out ;(
  9. Posted by: margaret driscoll
    Hello Anna!
    On your last  QVC show , I bought the Embossing Folders  and I would like to say how beautiful they are, and I look forward to the next sets, and your next visit.
    The embossing o the Folders  is nice and deep….. so shows well even on pattern paper!
    Thank you Anna!
  10. Posted by: Beca
    Are you going to bring back the autoship for the Anna Griffin embossing folders?
  11. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    What a wonderful craft day! I was so honored to be able to call in and speak to you live as well as in the live chat! It looks like 2013 is going to be a great year for us Anna fans. I would also love a handmade by stamp. You would think you could find a stamp like this bit there really isn’t one avaiable in the marketplace. I can’t wait till April for some of the returning items I missed out on. Check up the great work Anna. We love your products!!
  12. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
      The HSN shows were fabulous to watch and I loved getting such great inspiration from all of the beautiful projects featured. I was so glad to be able to call in live and personally thank you Anna for your gorgeous products!!
  13. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Hi Anna, I watch you at HSN and I chat with you and now I’m hoping that you will bring back the Floral Impression or the cutting garden cards back I didn’t get a chance to order that but I have order almost everything you had on the show so please bring those items back. Thank you
  14. Posted by: Dawn Whetstone
    Hi Anna, I love all the products you make and have for years! Your ideas are always so beautiful. Will you please make some more layout idea books again or begin classes again soon? Also, I really would love some of your ribbon bows sold separately from the card kits so I could have some for scrapbooking too!
  15. Posted by: Cynthia Little
    Whenever I see you on HSN, I think to myself, “Wow!  She makes cards like ME.”  But then I sheepishly say, “But I make cards with her card kits.  So I make HER cards.”  Ha! I always, always get raving reviews from friends who receive MY/YOUR cards.  What fun to watch you on HSN.  Looking dorward to April’s lovely kits!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  16. Posted by: Debbie R
    I’m with Kathy B, the 50 piece 3D floral sticker set is on my wishlist too – please bring it back.  Also, have you considered more clear stamps?  It would be great to have a “handmade by” stamp for the back of our cards made from scratch – similar to the ones preprinted on the back of cards in your card kits.  I love when you bring back older products – everything you do is timeless, can’t ever seem to get enough of it, so it’s great when we get second chances at your products!!  THANKS.
  17. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    Anna would you please consider bringing back your 50-piece Floral 3D Sticker Collection that you sold on HSN before?  I would love to get a couple of these sets to go with my AG Cuttlebug Embossing Folder Cards.  Thank you for your consideration.  I just can’t wait till April, it’s too far away LOL
  18. Posted by: Laura
    Thank you, Anna, for taking the time to talk to us. We feel we know you and this just adds to that friendship! Hopefully my HSN card will be over its stroke by April! I can’t wait. Let us know what time your shows will be. Believe me. I won’t chance waiting until I get home from work again. I’ll be up during the wee hours if necessary!
  19. Posted by: Nancy Pence
    Anna, I’m really happy that you thought of those of us who did not, or could not participate in the ‘chat’ after last Monday night’s program.  The information that you imparted answering everyone’s questions is invaluable!

    Thank you!

  20. Posted by: Holly G
    Good Afternoon Miss Anna!
    The photos of you at HSN are great! Thanks for sharing! I really wish I could have joined you on Live Chat but I don’t have the kind of phone I think you need for that. But it was nice to speak with you on the 25th!

    I was just browsing through one of my favorite magazines and it reminds me so much of you! Romantic Homes…Just beautiful and classy. I believe it was called Victoria Magazine at one time, my Grandma subscribed and I believe I salvaged a copy or two. You mentioned on your show about how you were inspired by antique perfume bottles for the Eleanor Collection, I have an antique Lavender Talc bottle that my Great Grandma had and now when I see it I will think of that collection!

    Years ago I purchased a collection of your papers that were out of print (I believe) it was 100 piece collection! I adore every sheet and have finally started using some of it. I’m glad there is more than one page of each design! Do you think that would be something you would or even could offer again?  Here’s hoping!


  21. Posted by: Veronica
    Your products and ideas have raised the bar for the scrapbooking arena!!! I will have to start saving $$$$ for the April shows in order to get all that I want this time :). Hugs to you and your wonderful staff.

  22. Posted by: Joann
    Thank you Anna for all your hard work and inspiration.  My collection of your products continues to grow and I love everything!! I can’t wait to get everything I ordered with this last visit 🙂