Craft Storage System..oh my!

Hello everyone!

National Craft Month put me in such a giving mood, and I just can’t seem to shake the urge to keep giving things away to thank you for all you’ve given to me! So, for the next three weeks I will be giving my brand new craft storage system away to three lucky winners!

These versatile boxes, trays and organizers are perfect for any creative space and come adorned in prints from my Camilla and Olivia collections as well as my signature ivory damask. They were made exclusively for HSN and debut in my 4 shows over April 23rd and 24th. These sturdy decorative boxes are sized to hold A7 and A6 cards, 12×12 papers, magazines, pens, pencils, embellishments and there are even nested boxes for legal size paper down to letter size paper.

For this week,  the prize is the Olivia pink and green damask – sooooo cute!

So how do you win? Well, it’s simple, just tell us how you will use our new Craft Storage System. Let us know by leaving a comment below, and each week I will select my favorite response!

I will announce the winner right here each Monday at 5 p.m. EST, and will also give you exclusive sneak previews of my latest collections that will debut on HSN April 23rd and 24th.  I’ve got a little bit of everything this time around, from stamps to sticker borders to card kits, and I hope you love it all as much as I do!

Organize away!


  1. Posted by: Carol Edge
    I have no place to keep my card making sets, my clear stamp sets, and all of my scrapbooking papers by Ann Griffin. Right now they are sitting on my husband’s pool table. I so wanted they stsorage set during the last time you were on HSN, but I had ordered too much already. It would bring domestic tranquillity to our household if I had the storage set, and my husband had his pool table back.
  2. Posted by: Jeannie
    Dear Anna ~ I just LOVE your new Craft Storage System! ! My husband is helping me to create my “dream craft & sewing room” and I am using your fabrics, papers, stamps, & embellishments to decorate it with. It’s been a long time coming as I am a totally & permanently disabled RN and have had to overcome a lot after having been through the fire and back again more than once. God has been good to me and I am just “happy to be here” I know my new craft room will bring lots of  joyful therapy so that I can once again do for others by making beautiful creations using Anna Griffin Craft products. I have been using your items for a long time, but now can organize and spend more time doing what I have always wanted to do but never had the time or space. We are, however, on a fixed budget now so it is taking time to acquire all that I need to make this dream room come to reality. Thank you for your gorgeous and heart-warming designs…they just make my heart happy and my soul smile 🙂 May God bless you real good, you deserve it.
  3. Posted by: Susie Hawkins
    I love making cards with Anna Griffin papers and die cuts.  I get so many compliments for my cards.
  4. Posted by: Monna Accurti
    WOW!!! Your storage system is so beautiful and practical.  This is so timely for me, over this weekend I have been on YouTube looking for storage ideas and on Amazon looking for books with organizing tips.  My scrapbooking and card making supplies are oozing out of my storage area and sitting on the floor.  I have tried to organize them and I just make it worse!  I need help and incentive to organize and these beautiful boxed would do just that!  (Even if I would win them, I think I will probably need to order more from HSN)  and I look forward to your shows on April 23 and 24 – I already have my calendar marked, so I’ll see you then.
  5. Posted by: D.Ann Adams
    Craft Right with Anna’s Flower stickers and Tools and I would  put them in my storage system.
  6. Posted by: mary frances murphy
  7. Posted by: Angela
    I love it!!!I recently added a crafting desk to my bedroom (much to my parents dismay lol) and your style is so beautiful and elegant that will go perfectly with my shabby chic decor in my room!! No to mention my mom won’t freak out any more when she comes to my room and see all my supplies beautifully display in this gorgeous storage a system!!!Thanks for the chance. I love your products!! Can’t wait for April 23!!!
  8. Posted by: Jan Adams
    This would be used to store scrapbooking supplies. My space runneth over! Help! Thanks for the chance to win I have shared your post!
  9. Posted by: Dee
    lovely and thanks
  10. Posted by: Cathy
    Wow!  Simply elegant.
  11. Posted by: Lucy
    I love this storage system…the colors are beautiful….the design is gorgeous….I would put my Anna Griffin items in the storage system..I purchased the cuttlebug with auto-ship on HSN…then i purchased alot of other Anna items…I love your products…Thank you for all you do…
  12. Posted by: Linda Tagg
    Thanks Anna!!!   I am so excited that you selected my post from so many other amazing and deserving posts. Now I will have, a beautiful place to store all my Anna Griffin papers, stamps and embellishments.  I can’t wait to receive it…so I can begin my reorganization efforts.
    Hugs and Heartfelt Thanks!!!!
  13. Posted by: Ellen
    Hi Anna,
    If I won this craft storage system I would fill it with all the beautiful Anna Griffin papercrafting supplies I have collected.  The colors of this collection would be perfect for my bedroom, which currently doubles as my crafting space. This design reminds me of a card from the first card set I ever bought.  I take it out every time I make a card, but have been unable to part with it. I am frequently awake for hours during the night because of health problems.  If I had everything at hand in my room, I would be able to quietly craft without disturbing family in the middle of the night.  Thank you for all the beautiful things you design.
  14. Posted by: Lora
    I am currently trying to create a space organized and neat with just my Anna Griffin products in order to be able to create more easily and more often.  A space that’s inviting and beautiful!  I’ve been waiting for just this very system.  Only Anna does things this clever and beautiful.
  15. Posted by: Patty
    Awesome product and will be a GREAT addition to your line! I would love to win this and be able to put it to great use in my craft room! I love all your product and in fact my first scrapbook page was done with a sheet of your beautiful paper.
    I am so sad because I am still in the hospital and missed the big craft day and due to the fact that this hospital blocks you from watching videos (due to possible crashing of there server) I have yet to be able to watch and catch up! If all goes well I will finally be home in time to watch on the 23rd and 24th!!!
    Thanks for a chance to win but also keep the WONDERFUL product coming! Its great to be able to get it right on HSN and never have to leave home 🙂
    Have a Nice day 🙂
  16. Posted by: Pat
    I would LOVE to own this storage system!  I would put all of my Anna Griffin card-making materials in it and I would even put all of my Anna Griffin special 12 x 12  papers in – which I hesitate to use – because they’re so pretty!  I am in the middle of ortanizing my Craft Room at home and would like to have this beautiful, top-of-the line Anna Griffin storage products.  My craft room already looks like a subsidiary of Anna Griffin and having this system would be the cherry on top!
  17. Posted by: Stephanie Fenenbock
    I Just had my Son and his family move back in with us. I Lovingly gave up my craft room for one of my adorable Grand Daughters! I desperately need the storage set to keep me organized while enjoying my family . I Love they way they look Anna your products are so beautiful! I want to be like you when I grow up . 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration .
  18. Posted by: Amy Harper

    Your papercraft items are the most beautiful of any supplies I own. And I have tons and tons! Piled in the corner of my bedroom and the heaps are growing!! I have to step over some of it because I don’t have any place to store it! I desperately need an organization system so I can find and USE my favorite AG kits!! I would love to beautify my space with your gorgeous designs! AND my absolute favorite color combo is PINK and GREEN!! Plus, my boyfriend would absolutely be shocked to see me organized once and for all!!!! 🙂

  19. Posted by: Starqueen
    Hi Anna,
    I’m in the process of re-organizing my “stuff” and am so fortunate to have a new room to convert into my crafting space (studio?)! So, of course Anna’s storage collection is the perfect place to start, since I have so-o-o much Anna stuff! Love seeing you on HSN, on Pinterest and really, really love all the great inspiration and creativity you and your amazing designers share with us all.
    Thank you!
    p.s. I hope you’re bringing the sentiment stamp set back in April – so sad I missed it before it sold out in February.
  20. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    I recieved the prizes you sent me.  Thank you, they are beautiful. Eleanor is so lovely.  My daughter said, “You could touch these papers for ever.”  I agree with her.
    Good luck with the new contest.
    Thank you again Anna, for your generosity.  Please remember me if you ever start an in-home business.


  21. Posted by: Ronny
    I am another of your 70-something ladies in their second childhood, that just loves playing with all your gorgeous papers, stickers and card kits.  We come from a time of wearing swirly skirted dresses with big starched ruffled slips,wearing pearls and lace and little pill box hats.   We are ladies of a certain age that loves all things feminine.  Thats why your style of crafts speak loudly to us and draw us in.   Beautiful patterns, flowers, ribbons.
    Now here you are with these lovely color coordinated storage solutions.  How can we (I) not fall in love with them.  They fit our style like a hand in a glove. How lovely it would be to have my little craft room shelves look the way my cards look from your collections.    Beautiful of course!
  22. Posted by: Jeanette
    I would love to win this storage set as I have rheumatoid arthritis and this makes organizing my scrapbooking materials super convenient for my hands. I truly enjoy using your products because of the quality of the product as well as it is user friendly. I truly enjoy watching your shows and I’man-enthusiast when it comes to learning new things and using new products. Fortunately I have had the opportunity to chat with you on HSN. I hope you will consider me as a winner!

  23. Posted by: Donna O
    I have almost everything you have sold and so much of your storage already.  I must have your new storage line or my craft room just won’t look right.  Please, please, please pick me.  Just love the look of all your products and get so many compliments when people view my layouts or cards made with them.  Donna O
  24. Posted by: V Hart
    I am voting for one or two of them to go to Linda who gave up her craftroom for her veteran son, also I loved the way she made up words for each letter of Anna’s name. That was very creative and different. Secondly for Katherine whos home was vandalized while she was away. Sounds like someone knew just when she would be away and what they could get their hands on. You don’t often hear of a craft thief, maybe she should look on ebay to see who is selling her stuff or if a “friend” of hers is suddenly making some really beautiful cards and scrapbooks!!!
  25. Posted by: Kathleen Lundman
    I don’t think my comment worked so here goes again.  Thank you for all of your lovely products.  I am your biggest fans and have most of your scrapbooking things.  Love them all!  Can’t wait to see you again on HSN in two weeks.  I missed getting a few things because they sold out even though I had them in my basket.  I really do need this organizing package since my work space looks so messy.  It really needs something so pretty like this set to make it look more professional, and maybe I will be able to find things too!  Can’t wait to see you again AND your new products.  I must confess that I have so much of your products that I tend to save them and look at them over and over again because they are so pretty.  I must sound like a stalker!!!  Really, I’m not.  Keep it coming Anna.  There are so many fans like me that are obsessed with your products.  Thank you so much!
  26. Posted by: Kathleen Lundman
    Oh my, how I would love that set!  I am trying so hard to get my work area organized so that I can find things a lot easier and also for a much better look than things in piles or in stacks.  Love your products and have almost everything that you have come out with for scrapbooking.  I did miss out on some of your cool new products on HSN recently, so I keep watching for them to come back again.  Looking forward to seeing you there again in two weeks!  Can’t wait.  Thanks so much for your lovely products.
  27. Posted by: Brenda Conover
    I love these and they would work just perfect in my pink and green office/craft room. They would help organize my craft magazines on the bookshelf as well as the papers on my desk. Also the boxes would be perfect for storage of my Anna Griffin craft supplies. I have many of your card making, scrapbook, and stamp sets. As well as your tools. But the fact that the colors and the patterns are just perfect would just be amazing. Thanks for your consideration.
  28. Posted by: Elicia P
    Of course, I would love to use your craft storage system to store all my Anna Griffin products!  Not only will this keep me organized, but it will keep everything stored so beautifully.  Thank you, Anna!
  29. Posted by: Sue Miller
    They are so beautiful & I would certainly enjoy having the storage boxes.  But since I’ve been stamping & making cards for over 35 years & scrapbooking for about 15 years, I have my craft room fairly well organized.  But I’d love to win these so that I could give them as a bridal shower gift to a dear friend who is getting married this fall.  New brides usually need so many necessary items I think it would be fun to give something that is also useful & pretty as well.  Thanks, Anna, for all the lovely products you offer us!
  30. Posted by: Cheri Goldsmith
    Oh what a fun give-a-way. Thank you for sharing – your talent- your designs – your self! <3 hugs
  31. Posted by: Kim Perkins
    Just recently started buying Anna Griffin products and just love her product.  She makes crafting look so easy.  Would love to have her storage boxes to start a craft room.
  32. Posted by: Debbie
    Your items are fantastic! I would love to win and use the storage for my scrapbooking supplies! Right now I am trying to scrapbook the every day that I babysit my grandkids. These are great! Thanks for the giveaway!
  33. Posted by: Pat Capela
    I would love to be so organized. I need this help because I have so much to do for my mother-in-laws album. I have info from the ship they came over on and where they landed. I need to be more able to find these when I come to putting the album together. She had a family member die on the ship and was buried at sea. She also had 11 brothers and sisters. Then she had a big family. NEED HELP.
  34. Posted by: Pat Capela
    I had everyone of your shows taped off HSN. I save them all. I also watched them at the same time. I had my computer on as well as the tv. That way  no matter what came on I could get it before it sold out.I know how popular you are on HSN. They need a whole day just for you.I would want to make a request. Can you come out with a box of just flower stickers. I can never have enough when it comes to doing scrapbook pages and making cards. I also request you come out with embossing folders with flowers on them that match your papers. As you can see, I never have enough of your items. I need these containers for the storage. You are such a talented woman that the Lord has blessed you with so many talents.
  35. Posted by: Linda Tagg

    F…Found &


    Oh Anna, I love this beautiful storage system you have created!  When my son, who is a disabled Veteran, moved back home I gave up my craft room so he could have his old room again.  When I lost my craft room, I also lost my organization.   I really could use this beautiful system to begin reorganizing my card making and scrap booking supplies!

  36. Posted by: Jan Adams
    Hoping to win a new beautiful and organized home for my scrapbooking supplies! My supplies are out of control and need a happy home! 🙂
  37. Posted by: Jan Adams
    Hoping to win a new beautiful and organized home for my scrapbooking supplies!
  38. Posted by: Melinda Ross
    I just love any and all Anna Griffin! Love this storage and organizing set. I need all the help i can get!
  39. Posted by: Lisa GWT
    Since they are pretty enough to keep out, I’d put my most used craft items in them so they are always at the ready on my work area!
  40. Posted by: Sue Gulley
    Hi Anna,

    Although I have my own craft room in one of our spare bedrooms, I love using craft boxes to more neatly store all my card making supplies, most of which are from your product lines. I love sending cards out to family and friends from your kits because I always hear back from them that they save my cards. It was the ultimate compliment when my niece, Megan, said she had made a scrapbook of the cards I sent her over the years!