First Craft Storage Winner and Sneak New Product Preview

I leave for HSN today for sewing shows tomorrow at 1pm and 6 pm. If you love to sew, I’ve got precious projects for you to make, so tune in!

I’ll also be back on HSN at the end of this month! I have so many wonderful new items for April that I’m going to give you a sneak peek each Monday leading up to my visit on the 23rd and 24th.

Lately I’ve been having so much fun with stamping, and I wanted to give you something that would add femininity and elegance to any card or scrapbook project.  So, say hello to our new Doily Stamp Kit, featuring 24 stamps and clever template to make circular patterns that will give you a detailed doily look in seconds!

Soooo pretty and fun to use!

Now let’s give away some craft storage so you have a place to put all of these new supplies!

I always love taking time after a crazy day at the office to wind down and read all of the comments you leave for me on the blog.  Each and every one of you inspire me to design, and I hope my designs continue to inspire you.  This week the Olivia pink and green damask craft storage system is going to the home of Linda Tagg, where I know it will be put to great use to organize her craft room. I love your creative post!

If you did not win this week you still have two more chances! Next week we will be giving away the same set of storage, only this time it will be in my classic ivory damask print.

This versatile neutral print will look perfect in any space!  Remember, to win all you need to do is comment below and tell me why you desperately need this darling storage and how you would use it if you were the winner.

Can’t wait to hear from everyone!


  1. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    Dear Anna,

    I have been collecting your papers, stamps and embellishments for years.  I started purchasing Anna Griffin products on QVC and I searched craft stores to get my Anna Griffin fix.  I was very relieved to find your line on HSN.

    I’m looking forward to your shows next week.  I’m especially interested in the doily stamp collection.

    I believe you hinted that we can look forward to an Anna Griffin cartridge for the cricket.  It would be great to have a cartridge with designs that coordinated with your stamp collections.

    I enjoy using your webste and your Pintrest Pins for inspiration. I even posted a few of my projects on Pintrest.

    Thanks for all you do for crafters!!!

  2. Posted by: kathy M
    Hi Anna,
    I was excited to hear that you were given more storage systems away, I love all your beautiful patterns & colors, I’m a paper person.  Only people that love paper would understand what that means.  I have pictures of me as a child cutting paper, I enjoyed making cards way back when.  Anyway just wanted to tell you that I would be interested in your storage system.  I’ve keep all your storage boxes from all your kits and use them for storage too.  I could always use more pretty storage boxes for all my paper……..Thank you for all the beautiful products you offer us.   Good luck to all !!
  3. Posted by: Cindy Kolesar
    Hi Anna,
    I wait every month for your shows to be on and mark the calendar to record.  It is so exciting to see what you bring to HSN.  I always love to purchase what is new and I look for new kits that coordinate with kits that I already have.  I appreciate the return of products that sold out last time.  I have spoken with you on the phone a few times at HSN and the previous network. I would love to have a set of your beautiful new organization boxes.  As I have purchased so many of your products, I am out of room for storage.  Currently the new boxes are sitting on top of my video cartridge cabinet.  Your beautiful prints would look elegant and wonderful there instead of just the brown boxes.  Thank you for your time and fabulous products.
  4. Posted by: Shirley Covarrubias
    Hello Anna,
    I’m so thrilled that you have brought these new designs to paper crafting.  I look forward to more designs and ideas.  I love the new storage and and planning to redo my room in Anna Griffin if given the opportunity. Thank you!!!
  5. Posted by: Denise
    I am counting the days until your HSN papercrafting shows next week. Would love to win this beautiful storage set for my many A/G paper and supplies.  I am very particular about organization.  Keep the great stuff coming.   I wish you would have a live show at HSN and have a drawing for two free tickets to the show.  I would fly there to see you!!   I am kind of an Anna Griffin “groupie”. I can’t seem to get enough of your items.  Your style is so classic, elegant and fabulous.
  6. Posted by: Deanna D
    Help!  I need a new way of organizing.  I scrapbook for me, my daughter, granddaughter, and mother so I have more supplies than most scrapbook superstores.  I love this collection.
  7. Posted by: Rosario
    This is my first time writing on your blog. All I can say WOW!!!! I love everything you make it’s so beautiful. I don’t even want to use the paper or any of the stickers. Thank you for all the hard work you do to make it so easy for us.
  8. Posted by: Debbie Eslinger
    We are moving to a different home and I have a room that I will be u sing for  my craft area, these would fit in perfectly thanks for this chance
  9. Posted by: Barbara Niekamp
    I really would love to win this beautiful storage system.  It would look so pretty in my craft room. Can’t wait to win this in put it in my room.
  10. Posted by: Stefanie Haluk
    Love your craft storage, so beautiful. And the layout and card are stunning.
  11. Posted by: Mercedes Silva
    I love your products; pretty boxes drive me crazy. My husband is always teasing me because I have many boxes but still need more!
    Hope I can win! Keep the good stuff coming. I’ll be watching HSN next week. Congratulations!
  12. Posted by: Pam
    Keepin my fingers crossed that I’ll win your storage system. My craft room needs them SOOOOooooooo much!  Love all your paper crafting. Just ordered more of your stamps last weekend. Can’t wait to get them. Yay!
  13. Posted by: Debra Lovell
    Hi Anna…I absolutely love all your products! I have several of your paper packs,and I would love to own some of your storage boxes,as they are just as Gorgeous as You are! I would put my Awesome Copic Markers in the boxes because they are “The Best” with Annas storage!Thanks,and “Happy Spring”
  14. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    Anna, can any real crafter have enough storage? LOL I share my Scrapbooking and Card Making space with our Family Room.  Fortunately, it is a 800 sq. ft family Room but I keep telling my husband that I need the entire Family Room. LOL

    I think what really amazes me is how you can be so creative and no matter what you touch, it is useful, elegant, easy to use, very unique, fun, organized and most important, it allows us to express ourselves.

    I just can’t wait until April 23rd & 24th, I am looking forward to New Products and hopefully some of the Products you had in March.  I just LOVE the Embossing Folders, Storage Folders and Box. You would be amazed what materials I have used with the Embossing Folders and turns out just Beautiful. I am so happy I choose the auto-ship for the Embossing Folders.  Of course, I have always choose the auto-ship for all of your products.

    I know I would just love to have this Storage System, as everyone else would too.  Thank you Anna for the opportunity.

  15. Posted by: Faye Thompson
    My Anna Griffin paper and flowers and bows and embossers are just waiting for those organizing storage kits.
  16. Posted by: Shelly R.
    I love All Things Anna!!!! I purchase almost everything she comes out with! I would love to have these storage pieces.

    Keep up the great work Anna and Co.

  17. Posted by: Doreen
    I love Anna’s products and designs.  These would be awesome to have in my craft room!
  18. Posted by: marie sierra
    hi anna! i love that the storage is so beautiful..that you dont want to hide it! thank you for the chance to win!
  19. Posted by: Jenniffer Smith
    Excited that I get a another chance to enter and thankful! Anyone who don’t love your products just don’t have taste. :0)   I still really I mean really would love to win this for my friends home office. Right now it’s a hot mess and we have been working on organizing little at a time. Its hard because it’s very small space and just so much things. We in the middle of picking color, we trying to make into a shabby chic office. I think this would look great with the theme. Thank you once again for giving us another chance to win. Best wishes!
  20. Posted by: Kathy
    I just love your products Anna!  I have so many of your things that need a beautiful “home”.  These storage boxes would go great in my craft room. Thanks for the chance to win!
  21. Posted by: Lisa Angela
    hello Anna! I desperately need your beautiful storage….I keep my crafts in my bedroom closet and they have begun to spill out onto my bedroom floor! I have stuff everywhere and really would love to have these to organize everything in a pretty way. I could even keep them out on display as they are so pretty! Thanks for the chance!  Lisa
  22. Posted by: Julianne
    I love Anna Griffin and all her products.  I’d love to have something with her look and style that makes a substantive dent in my need to organize craft supplies!  I have lots and lots of stuff, and would like a cohesive look to my storage.  So excited to see what you have in store!
  23. Posted by: Margaret Vaccaro
    I have so much “ANNA” stuff from way back to present that I need some coordinated storage units. I have the perfect place to put them. Thanks.
  24. Posted by: Grace
    ooooh I love your new storage containers. Beautiful Damask! Grace
  25. Posted by: Doris Arnold
    I don’t have much time to craft but I have taken over my husband’s “man cave” and own just as much Anna Griffin as I can.   Someday soon I will make time.
  26. Posted by: Brenda Conover
    I desperately need these to organize all my craft projects. I have nice wooden ivory open bookshelfs that these would look so perfect on. I have scrapbooking, cardmaking, stamping and beading projects that would go perfect in these boxes. Please, please, please Anna I love these so much. I love everything you do but I love to be organized and these are the best.
  27. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    I have 2 large Origami shelving systems and 4 small Origami systems filled with craft supplies.  It doesn’t look great, and I have a pretty nice home.  My husband walks thru our Great Room and just shakes his head.  He loves that I have a hobby because I am partially disabled.  If I had your storage system, he would be so happy, and that would make me feel less guilty about having craft supplies all over.  I just want to be organized in an elegant way.
  28. Posted by: Liz Vellali
    Love love love these and need to get organized!
  29. Posted by: Margi Lunn
    I love love love this storage. It’s so beautiful. It will make any scrapbook room look so beautiful and perfect no matter the size of the room. I really need this storage because I have a small craft room and lack of storage is a big problem. If I were the winner I would use it to storage my pictures and my magazines (which are all over the place). Also it would be great to storage my scrap papers, stamps and embossing folders. I can also use them when I go to scrapbooking crops. Thank you very much for this amazing giveaway and Congrats to Linda. Have a wonderful week.
  30. Posted by: Sharon Johnson
    Personally, I use pretty boxes throughout my home for various storage needs.  I save old Christmas cards in them (I have a box for each year), I use them to organize the office area, and I often use them to gift items in.  I am currently playing with the Oliva product line and LOVING it — SUCH pretty colors and patterns!  I made a gift set of 12 cards which I’ll post on my blog this week Wednesday.  Can’t wait!  Hope Chest is next on my list!  Have LONG loved your products!
  31. Posted by: Lisa Smith
    To scrapbook is to celebrate what life has given us!
  32. Posted by: Carolyn French
    Thank you for the chance to win the beautiful items. I am in desperate need of them as this is my first crafting/sewing space and it matches my decor. Your designs are fabulous.

    Best if luck to all. :)))

  33. Posted by: Lisa Smith
    Scrapbooking is my way of life.  Thank you Anna for all the great supplies!
  34. Posted by: Susan Gipe
    Anna thanks for making our lives more beautiful!! You always seem to know exactly what we love, like your reading our minds! Please don’t ever stop what you do our life will have no color or beauty! No one can compare ! love ya
  35. Posted by: Just Jyspy Janet
    Oh my this is truly pretty and I could certainly use it to make more room for more stuff!!!  Don’t we all just love “stuff” for our craft room?
  36. Posted by: Sandra S
    I would ABSOLUTLEY love to have this beautiful storage package. I love your scrapbooking
  37. Posted by: shari cook
    really would love something like this because my craft room is in my living room and it would be nice to see these instead of cardboard boxes sitting around ty 4 the chance
  38. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    Dear Anna,

    My love of crafting has begun from a very young age.  Due to medical condition I am no longer able to work.  This decision was something  that completely broke my heart and my sprit.  After a few months to except this news I now have a new outlook.  I know God is in control and even though I might not know what his plans are for me I do believe he has given me guidance.  I am turning my hobby and the love of crafting into a business and outlet.  I’m in the middle of a completely craft space overhaul and I need your help Anna.  I have a small budget to get my space completely organized.  I’m trying to go through my stash and see what I can began to create with the things I already own to get back on my feet again.  I’ve already been asked to create a wedding scrapbook album as well as some baby shower decorations.  Anna I feel your products help showcase my talent and make people want to see more.  My goal is to get organized so I can concentrate on creating so I can submit my designs to publications, apply for design teams, and make items to sell at craft fairs, and ETSY business.  Please consider me for your storage system.  I need a step in the right direction and this could very well be the boost I need!  Thank you for your kindness, creativeness, and generosity!

  39. Posted by: Carol C.
    Anna, you have created such a beautiful piece of furniture for craft storage. I love it! Thank you also for all of the beautiful scrapbooking and card making products.
  40. Posted by: Tammy Whitley
    I just love the new stamp set.  I’m all about doilies and I can’t wait to get my set and get some ink on them!!!
    The storage boxes that you are giving away here and showcasing this visit on HSN are simply beautiful.  They are elegant and somehow, it hard to imagine using them for storage, because they are so pretty. Maybe for storing some pretty clothing items in, like scarves or something frilly.  Like an antique collection of doilies. Anyway, I would love to have them and would be honored to win them.  As always, thank you for allowing us to win something wonderful from your product line.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Maybe an Anna Griffin credit card would be best for me!!! LOL!!!