We Have a Winner!

It’s my favorite day of the week again! I love making Mondays just a little less Monday-ish by hearing from all of you, showing you the new collections I’ve been designing and best of all — doing fun giveaways!

Next week on HSN I will be showing you so many exciting things, including my new Asian inspired Chinoiserie Collection, featuring patterns conveying whimsical follies and Chinese inspired prints paired with an eye-popping Palm Beach color palette. Chinoiserie is full of vibrant graphic elements such as designer chic peacocks, pink pagodas and turquoise porcelain designs.

I just love the unique possibilities with this bright, cheerful collection! I’ll show you all of the papers, embellishments and sentiment options this kit has to offer on HSN April 23rd and 24th. You won’t be able to get enough!

Now, onto the giveaway!

I was on the plane coming home from HSN last week reading the blog comments for this week’s giveaway and I started laughing out loud. People around me thought I was nuts, but I knew we had a winner when I read Penny Comeau’s poem. Seeing that Penny cleverly recited almost every single AG collection in the last 3 years, she gets the boxes! I hope this new set of storage helps you get all of your Anna Griffin collections in perfect order!

Don’t give up, Debbie K (and your FBLA)… never fear Julie (my number 1 fan)… there is another chance Christina (and your Texas Tornado)… okay Maw J it’s time to post again this week to win the beautiful grey Camilla storage boxes pictured below.

So much fun!  See you all back here next Monday for one last sneak preview and one more giveaway.  Remember, comment below, tell me how you would use the storage and then I’ll select our final winner.

Good luck everyone! Thank you very much for all of your enthusiasm. You are one bunch of creative people!


  1. Posted by: Hilda Briseno
    Hi Anna! I am a big fan. I was anxiously waiting for you on HSN last week. I ordered a bunch of your things. I love everything you design.
    But I was so sad Anna. When I got my BIG box and when I opened it the Golden Cuttlebug was missing my 32 folders and the plates that were suppose to come with it. I called HSN and unfortunately they said they could not send me another one since it had sold out. I’m going to have to return it for missing parts.. I am so bummed out. I had waited such a long time to get the golden cuttlebug, I even sold my green one since I finally was able to order yours it’s so pretty.  And especially with all the folders I hope you bring it back soon.
  2. Posted by: Monette Runquist
    Who wouldn’t want to win this beautiful collection – I have been working on my scrapbooking storage are for the last 6 months. It is in the unfinished side of the basement so I hate to work there. I am finally getting it to a point where I pick some things and make a mess on the dining room table. When I get a layout almost finished, I go back down to the “cave” and find what I need to finish the page.  It is functional, but NOT pretty!
  3. Posted by: Jo Ann Portell
    Anna, I had a dilemma while watching you on HSN…whether to buy the sentiment inserts and the new Chinoiserie’s kit…or storage boxes….I bought the inserts and the new “C” kit!  I’ll have to wait on the boxes, but if I had to vote on which design I like the best; it would be Camilla!  For good measure I purchased your Cuddlebug w/autoship.  (My best friend will inherit my other AG folders I have!) I ended up buying the Eleanor kit (my third one!) as well….shhhh, everyone….I don’t want my husband to find out how much I REALLY spent….LOL  Can’t wait for Christmas in July!
  4. Posted by: Cheerie M.
    Hi Anna,

    Well I don’t have a craft room or anything as cool as that but I have my desk I used for college. I have a few items just stacked up on there, mostly bought from Walmart. I’ll admit I don’t own anything from your line yet. I was on a student budget so instead of buying ramen noodles, I bought scrapbook stuff. I’m actually 31, it took a bit longer to graduate because I have an auto-immune disease. But none the less, I have my Marketing degree now! Yay! Your website may receive my resume one day!! I live in FL but I’ll move! haha! I have pictures ranging from my graduation to my 1st dog when I was little. I love watching you on HSN because your spirit seems so happy, calm, cool, and collected! And it’s obvious you genuinely appreciate your customers! These days it’s really nice to see people on TV enjoying themselves, talking about something they’re passionate about AND having nice conversations with strangers from all over the nation. How can you not want to be apart of that unity? Thank you!

  5. Posted by: Jeanette
    For over 6 years our office/craft room has been misused for the put it there till we can get to it later, room.  Well I woke up a few weeks ago and realized that if something happened to me my children would see all that excess stuff and think I really wanted it, but truth was I had no idea what to do with it.  So I woke up one day and began by sorting everything, then placing my scrap booking, sewing, craft items, Mary Kay and Tupperware back in the room so all these things could be utilized.  I saw your collection on HSN and fell in love with everything.  And would one day love to own and utilize all of it.  Thank you for your time, J
  6. Posted by: Michelle Overton
    Wow, what a beautiful collection! I would love these in my craft space, filled with all my Anna goodies. Hope I win!
  7. Posted by: Lucy
    I have so many of Anna’s items….I just have no storage for Anna’s items…..I just plain need these….ok enough joking…Anna I love all of your craft items….when i get an order from HSN….my husband says “Anna”…He knows…It’s just so funny when he does that….When i first started ordering Anna’s crafts…I think my husband thought that Anna’s crafts was all that was availalble…lol…Thank you so very much for all you do and for the beautiful crafts that you have given to all crafters…..Thanks for the chance to win….Hugs….
  8. Posted by: Lora
    My original comment didn’t post, hope it’s not too late.  Anna nobody does it like you beautiful always and clever too.  Perfect to organize my more than ten years of collecting and treasuring your
    products.  It would make it easier to create more and more often too.
  9. Posted by: Amy W
    I would use the storage system in my craft room for all my crafty items. I am currently waiting on some Anna Griffin Goodies to come in the mail, so I could use new storage. Thanks for the chance to win! Whoever wins will be lucky!!! Thanks!
  10. Posted by: Amy W
    I would use the storage system in my craft room for all my crafty items. I am currently waiting on some Anna Griffin Goodies to come in the mail, so I could use new storage. Thanks for the chance to win! Whoever wins will be lucky!!! Thanks!
  11. Posted by: Kate Cook-Wood
    I’ve been cleaning and organizing my scrapbooking room. I didn’t realize how much Anna Griffin stuff I have. It sure would look good in Anna Griffin storage containers! Keep up the great work! I made AG Christmas cards and I got so many compliments. My friends told me they kept them and put hem up where they could enjoy them.
  12. Posted by: Janice Kelley
    WHOOPS!!!!!!!!  Sorry for the typo I had in the message I just posted to you.  What I didn’t type right, was that I don’t think there are many items of yours that I DON”T HAVE.  I each and everyone and always look forward to what you come up with next.  THANKS ANNA.
  13. Posted by: Janice Kelley
    All I have to say is “BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL”!!!!!!
    I absolutely love your style and all the products that you make available for us.  I would just love to have this lovely set to store all of your items that I have.  I don’t really think there are many that you have given us the pleasure of acquiring from you over the years.  Not only is your style the most beautiful I have ever seen, but I find it is so inspiring to me.  I look so much to your shows and presentations.  Love you Anna and thank you for your sharing you wonderful talents with us.
  14. Posted by: Julie Mangold
    All of your things are so pretty!
  15. Posted by: Linda Germundson
    I would love it !
  16. Posted by: Norine Butcher
    Beautiful! I can always use some help organizing my craft area. Thanks for doing this give away!
  17. Posted by: Carmelita Shea
    LOVEEEEEEEEE your products.  These are so awesome as always.
  18. Posted by: Melinda B.
    All of your products are gorgeous! I would be so honored to win this package. 🙂
  19. Posted by: Laura Wright
    Though I’m not sure that the phrase “in perfect order” will ever apply to my scraproom, I would love to give it a try with this beautiful storage collection! I need all the help I can get!
  20. Posted by: Susana Hernández
    Oh Anna i so wish with all my heart I could win this one. I have an amazing collection of all your products. I could easily say I have every single thing you have had on hsn. I LOVE all your products from stamps to papers. Unfortanetly I have everything in different drawers but would love to have my Anna griffin section in my scrap area.
  21. Posted by: Mary Beth
    Just came in from doing some Spring clean up of the flower beds…it’s a lot a work but worth it!

    I guess that is why I love Anna Griffin products so much. Whether it is the dead of winter, harvest season, or Spring – I can always look forward to the refreshing colors and beautiful flowers so often found among your papers and fabrics.  And this week’s storage containers are just all that and more! Love the dazzling pink roses on the sophisticated grey background.

    About 20 years ago a picked up a box of Anna Griffin party invitations and have been hooked ever since! And now that you offer so many crafting products I have become obsessed with collecting all that I can find (and hoarding – is that wrong?).

    I love to make cards! So I started with your All Occasion Card Kit from HSN. Then I embarked on my quest for paper, paper, paper:  Hanna Christmas, Paisley & Plaids, Fall collection, then another Christmas collection, more Hanna, Olivia, Camilla, and yesterday I finally tracked down a pad of Fancesca and some Haven singles. What am I doing with all of this? Having the time of my life!
    I can satisfy my creative ilk and those on the receiving end look forward to the latest seasonal cards arriving in the mail.

    But I must say my craft room needs a Spring clean up too and it would be ever so wonderful to be able to organize with your boxes and containers! Good luck to all and will be watching HSN tomorrow to see whats new….

  22. Posted by: Margaret
    Pick me, pick me!  I am trying to organize my office/craft room and really need so beautiful containers to stormy beautiful AG stash in b/c a BFF & I are going to a 4 day crop & AG products & kits are all we are bringing on which to work.  Our work tables would be beautiful with these storage items on our shelves.  Can’t wait to see what you are offering on HSN tomorrow.
  23. Posted by: Isabel
    I’m not a poet — I’m a scrapbooker that is in desperate need of more organization and I’ love all your products
  24. Posted by: Sherry Shea
    I’ll make it simple. Pick me! wish I could send a pick. I will when I win! before and after.
  25. Posted by: grace
    Horder Here!! I am just a mess and these beautiful storage pieces would be perfect for all my Anna products and crafting thing!! Please help! lol Thank you Grace xoox
  26. Posted by: Jo
    Love all your products, Anna.  Would love to have more time to scrap, but I need to work so I can afford to buy everything!  And, I’ve never regretted a single purchase.  You are an artist and an inspiration!
  27. Posted by: Heather H
    I would use these beauties to store things in our bathrooms.  There are no drawers in any of the bathroom vanities in the house we are renting, so these bins would come in very handy!  Thanks for the generous give away and chance to win – I always ooooh and ahhhh over your gorgeous products!!
  28. Posted by: Jenniffer Smith
    Thank you for another chance to enter (3rd time silly me). I’m happy and sad all at the same time. Happy to get another chance but  beyond sad what is going on in Boston n TX. I know it has nothing to do with this contest but as I sit here trying to put my words together my heart breaks for those family. I couldn’t imagine how they are all feeling to have lost a loved ones. Anyone who is reading this please pray for the family and friends on this sad day. I don’t have a catchy poem nor using you name in a clever way. But I would be honored to win this not for me but for my friend whom has become like a mom to me. Who has taken me in when I didn’t know anyone here, whom has share laughs to cries with me. We still in the middle of redoing  her office but we are taking a break at the moment. I know she would love this.
    Thank you once again!
    Hugs to you and everyone.
    Please don’t forget to pray!!!!!!
  29. Posted by: Kathy Etersque
    What can I say!!!  I have loved and bought Anna’s papers,etc for many many years. I have a craft room that has a least a third just for my Anna Griffin things.
  30. Posted by: karen huscher
    dear Anna, my daughter and I for years have taught scrapbooking to our group developmentally disabled kids, young adults and adults, our “kids”! they certainly enjoyed that but the smiles and the excitement on their faces when we decided to make cards and use your product exclusively is priceless! they create, they help each other choose colors, and flowers, occasion stickers and quotes, they learn patience, they help each other read the sayings, try to explain to those who need some more help understanding, you have opened the beauty of the world to our kids. My son, a young man who lives with autism, just loves the flowers! and the fact that they can send these cards handmade by them to family and friends is most exciting for them, the pride, the sense of accomplishment is beauty in itself!

    win or not, i am blessed by using your product to delight and encourage the creativity that is within all of us! especially those who are sometimes ignored or made fun of. Thank you, Anna!

  31. Posted by: Susan Mlacker
    Hi Anna,
    I would love to win this set.  It will go perfectly in my new craft room I am planning.  The colors are beautiful.  They will hold everything.  Can’t wait to watch you on HSN this week.  I love when you are on. I already have my wish list made out. Just bought some stamps last week the Patchwork Collection and Background sets. Your sets are beautiful.  Would love to see your designs in some Cricut Cartridges, just a thought.
    Hope I win 🙂
    Thank you!!!!
    Susan Mlacker
  32. Posted by: Robbie
    I would love for my craft room to look a little more organized.  How beautiful these are!  A great asset to anyone’s craft area.
  33. Posted by: Brenda Johnson
    Love, Love, Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. Posted by: Darlene
    I would love your boxes. They are really Cool.Never won anything before. This would be the first for me.Roses are Red,Violets are blue I would truely love to win your storage boxes.I have a storage problem and these would solve some of them issue I have. Plus they would look great.
  35. Posted by: Linda Briner
    I love your products! I think they are BEAUTIFUL! I would also love to win!
  36. Posted by: JoAnne Wells
    This would be great and stand out in my WorkBox!  It looks so good!
  37. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Hi Anna, Here I am again trying to win these beautiful storage boxes like I’ve had written before that I have severe RA but it does not stop me of doing my scrapbooking or card making projects because I have to feel free from pain
    and the only way is scrapbooking and card making
    That makes me forget. I hope that I get this chance to win I know that there are so many of us that wants this chance but I hope that I will win so I could have better asset to my supplies.
  38. Posted by: Sharon
    I can’t win, because I can’t do poetry, and I can’t afford to buy them, but I still love your stuff, my favorite is boxes my sister laughs at me because I love boxes ,  Thanks for making them, I have a hard time with your paper, I don’t want to cut it.  It is so pretty, I have lots of your albums and stuff, this would so organize it.  Thanks so much
  39. Posted by: Susanne
    Always adore your offerings.  This is so inspiring…it made me smile just seeing the photo….how lovely it would be to have them in my home as we all need a smile often!  I am currently in the process of trying to organize my home after a lifetime of bouncing to and fro….these would certainly say done and dusted!
  40. Posted by: Rea
    This collection is just beautiful.  I have been needing something like this in my craft space.  I would be so grateful and it would be a very welcomed addition.   Thanks for the chance to win.