Camilla Storage Giveaway Winner!

I’m jumping on a plane to HSN as we speak for two craft packed days, and I hope each of you will join me for all of the fun! I’ll be on tomorrow at 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. and Wednesday at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. EST. Before I hit the set, though, I want to show you one more new product I am bringing with me on this visit!

Eyelet prints have become a coveted spring fashion staple, and I am so inspired by these dainty, intricate designs. So, I created some beautiful Eyelet Border Stickers in white, ivory and kraft papers that complement any card or scrapbook page. This kit gives you 96 borders to layer and frame your projects, and the possibilities are simply endless!

Another great month of giveaways is coming to an end! I wish I could send every last one of you these sets of storage, because they are such a fabulous, practical way to organize all of your hobbies.  We saved the romantic floral Camilla collection for last, but it is certainly not least in our choice of 3 beautiful patterns. Our winner this week has a special place in her heart for the Camilla collection, since her husband gave her a Camilla papercrafting kit for their 32nd anniversary in place of flowers because he knew how much she loved my products.  So, Debbie McLaughlin, we hope you enjoy surrounding yourself with even more Camilla blooms!

What a fun visit to HSN this is sure to be! I’m over the moon excited to show you everything new and also bring back a few of my recent favorites. The Cuttlebug and it’s original folder bundle will be back in stock AND you can sign up for the Autoship for the last 3 folder shipments in case you missed out in January.

Until tomorrow, crafting family!


  1. Posted by: Deloris
    Good looking storage boxes. It’s great when everything matches. Beautiful designs.
  2. Posted by: Bonnie
    I have been trying to view your super sale since last night, any idea when the site will be back up?
  3. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna!
    Loved your presentations on HSN! You looked gorgeous, by the way! I am looking forward to your next visit on HSN although I did order enough to keep me busy for awhile! Thank you for the great opportunity to purchase from HSN, it is getting more difficult to find your items in craft stores and believe me, I am always on the hunt for Anna Griffin products!  In the meantime, would it be possible for you to post some new photos of projects on the CREATE page of your website?  I really appreciate the examples you have for us all to view and I am always looking forward to anything new on the Anna Griffin website.
    As always thanks for everything…

    Happy Creating!
    Holly G

  4. Posted by: Gail
    I love all that you have designed.  Your papers are absolutely beautiful. Well done!  I did buy your little Golden Bug and with auto-ship when it was first offered.  I recently bought the organization box to hold the embossing folders.  Will you be offering more of the folders as I have already filled the 15 pages that came with the box.  I checked HSN but there is nothing offered at this time.  With 2 more shipments coming, I will surely need these handy folders.  Thank you so much for bringing such beautiful papers and products.  We romantic and sentimental fans appreciate all that you do!
  5. Posted by: Susan
    Hi Anna,

    I agree with Julie. I too have asked for birthday stickers as a separate purchase. I would by them along with thank you etc. Sometimes you just want to keep it simple. Everyone could use these.

    I enjoyed your recent shows and bought the Jessica Swift Blomma cardmaking kit!  Thank you for all the wonderful things you bring us!

  6. Posted by: Maryann
    Anna – Love all your shows.  I missed your Golden Cuttlebug last time and kept watching the HSN website hoping to see it offered.  The Cuttlebug was offered before your shows so I bought it but at the time it wasn’t offered with Autoship.  I thought for sure you would be offering the embossing folders separately for those of us who missed out on the autoship last time and this time but it wasn’t.  I almost bought a second one but I’ve got several embossing machines as it is.  Please Please Please offer the embossing folders separately.  I’m desperate and I’m sure others who missed out are too.  I love all your products and was so tempted to buy a second Cuttlebug just for the folders!!!  Thanks Anna.  You’re the greatest.
  7. Posted by: Julie H
    Hi Anna –

    I am so happy! Now I have my Cuttlebug with Autoship – YAY!!!

    I have a lot of other keen stuff, too. Thank you for bringing back the sentiments and foil paper! I can’t wait for everything to arrive.

    I have a suggestion for a sell-out item. I would love to buy layered or vellum stickers that are All Occasion, but that simply say Thank You, Happy Birthday, Get Well, With Sympathy, etc. I think your long quotes are lovely and inspired, but often I send a card to someone I don’t know that well, and I just want the message on the front to be straightforward.

    Yes, I know these already come in the cardmaking sets, and I have all of them (at least one of each, anyway!), but I would still buy sticker sets like I just described.

    What do you think?

  8. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    To repeat the request made by Karen – please bring back the Floral Impressions Card Kit.  Sadly, I also missed out on that set and it looks absolutely gorgeous.  Basically Anna, everything you come out with is awesome and timeless; your products are never outdated.  I think you could keep bringing back past items and we would all continue to buy them!  Looking forward to a new idea book I hope??????
  9. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    Dear Anna,

    Watching your shows on HSN this week was inspirational!  The Chinoiserie collection is fantastic, I actually bought four sets (I usually only by two set of each scrapbooking collection).  I can’t wait for the organization boxes to arrive (I bought three sets of the magazine boxes and one set each of the document boxes, paper trays and card boxes).  I think I will need to get more of the card boxes, I hope they will still be available.  Could you add boxes for six-by-six cards?

    When you were on air last month you mentioned that your work was pinned on Pinterest.  I’ve been following your pins.  It is great to be able to view your beautiful pages and cards.   I started to post some of my work (

    I was selecting a butterfly from the birds and butterfly 3D stickers and I recognized one of the butterflies that I’ve seen before.   About thirty years ago I purchased several cards that featured butterflies from ‘Insects of China’ that was on display at a gallery in Dublin. I remembered the blue butterfly because it was on the back of each of the cards and I used it as part of one of my pastel paintings.   I know you collect art from all over the world and I thought it was really cool that we loved the same butterfly.

    I will continue to follow your work on this website and Pinterest.  I anxiously await the next collection of  pretty papers and embellishments you will have for us crafters.

    Thank you for the beautiful materials and sharing your inspirational work.
    Vivian Kochis

  10. Posted by: Marijane
    Bravo!!!  Great job on HSN.  I am re-doing and organizing my craft room soooooo, your storage solutions came at just the perfect time to make my space not only oranized but GORGEOUS!  Thanks for your ideas and inspiration.  I got, and love the Camilla collection.
  11. Posted by: Debbi
    Hi Anna! Really enjoyed the chat after the show. Lots of info. Can’t wait till May, June and Sept. This retiree thinks she needs to go back to work…….lolol.
  12. Posted by: Karen
    Hello Anna,
    I loved your presentations on the 23rd and 24th. I bought 1 or 2 of just about everything (I need a backup so I can use the original). I bought the cuttlebug in March but couldn’t get autoship for the folders, I was tempted to buy it again to get the autoship folders but
    I would rather buy more of your other products since I have two cuttlebugs and several other cutting and embossing machines. I did get the second set of folders that were offered this week and they are beautiful, your designs are outstanding. Will the next three sets of folders be for sale on HSN?  I will be watching out for them. Will the Floral Impressions card kit and the 18th Century Garden stamp set be available again? They sold out when they were in my bag and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. I can’t wait for Christmas in July!!! Thanks so much for all your beautiful designs!!!
  13. Posted by: Cherri
    I am relatively new to your products but can say that they are without a doubt my favorites.  Your beautiful designs and the fact that you give us everything we need to make cards to be proud of certainly puts you a step above the rest.  Question:  Will the 225 die-cut packages be back?  And what a great price!  $20.  When the budget is tight this is certainly a blessing.   Thank you.
  14. Posted by: Claudia Henderson
    Hello Anna,
    I am always inspired by your creations and I am so glad I bought the Cuttlebug in January. Even so I already owned one, but the folders that come with it are worth it. I did sell the Cuttlebug on to my friend and now she is Cuttle-ing away too.
    I did buy the storage box for the folders, but the refills sadly were sold out again. Any chance that they will come back, because I need them for all my autoship folders.
    I do have a suggestions… are you planing on doing any cutting dies for the Cuttlebug as well? Would be nice to have some that go with the rest of your wonderful items. I also would like to see many of you products coming to the German/ European market. I do live in the states for now, but I have to bring so many things back to Germany since there is not much available if it comes to Scrapbooking. 🙂 Let me know if you need some help selling it there…
    Please keep doing what your are doing! Have a wonderful crafty year

  15. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Hi Anna, it’s Me again!! LOL! I wrote to you last on
    FB yesterday answering the question about what was
    Our Favorite items you showed us on HSN. In that
    I asked if you would Adopt Me or could I become your
    Sister?? I thought my Name could Be Debbie Griffin
    Because when My Door Bell starts ringing (and it did today)
    It was Elenor at the Door!! Anyway when My Door Bell
    Rings Next Week, my Husband would through me out
    On my Ear!!  LOL!!! Well that was BEFORE MY ORDERING
    In Camila, I had previously ordered Olivia, I just Could Not
    Leave Miss Camila Behind!!!
    Even though I am still in Physical Therapy, I have some
    Help clearing out my Daughter Katie’s Room. Yahoo!!
    Katie moved into her Townhouse a few weeks ago
    So here room is going to be “My Anna Griffin Room”!!
    I just cant wait to get it finished. I will have to go llook
    For Fabric to make Curtains for my French Doors.
    I have ordered the items early to make sure it doesn’t sell
    Out I could find the Storage Boxes in Camila today, so I will own
    Olivia and Camila in my Room.
    I mention once I about an Shoulder Cloth Organized
    To store Supplies in to take to a Crop. I think it would
    Be great if the Fabric would match out Storage Boxes.
    It should hold be able to hold Tools Cardstick and Decorative
    Paper, Adhesive, Markers, Ink pads, etc. kinda like”Anna On The
    Run, or “Anna On The Go”. A Grab and Go Bag. What
    Do you think? I have Enjoyed you on HSN, Take Care
    Best Regards to you and your Team.
    Debbie Dunn

  16. Posted by: Ellen-Ann Adler
    Hi Anna,
    I am loving your presentations on HSN today as always but I do have a request…I am in search of your Iris Folding kit and I can’t find it being sold anywhere so I am hoping you will bring it back or something like it. Also, I would love if you sold your beautiful paper alone without extras so I can use it to fold, pleat, weave etc. I would like thin paper not cardstock. Any possibilities or some direction as to where these items are already available? Thanks so much and come back to HSN very soon, please.
  17. Posted by: OM&V
    Hi, Anna
    I just saw part of your presentation on your Cuttlebug–looks like way too much fun!

    Will be be able to use other dies or folders with it?  Also can we use other materials like metal flashing or metal blanks for making tags/jewelry or fabric, foil, waxed paper or transparencies?

    Love your products and you are always so gracious.
    Thank you so much:)
    Keep the creativity coming!

  18. Posted by: Cheryl Keys
    It was great to see you on HSN with the Cuttlebug and Embossing folders. I love it !  I did want to know what kind of ink you used on the folders before embossing and how did you get the ink off the folders?     Thankyou so Much!
  19. Posted by: Marge
    Hi Anna – LOVED all the products on HSN yesterday and today – I keep ordering more and more, every time I see your show.  Tried to get through to say “hi,” but your legion of fans kept me from it.  So, thanks so much for all the beautiful designs you bring to us.  You make papercrafting so much fun, and I look forward to all future products!
  20. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    Well Anna, you did it again.  Your Demonstration of all of your Beautiful, Elegant and Fun Products just make me want to have it right now!

    I ordered each and everyone of your products yesterday and today, now the hard part, waiting to receive it.  I have never seen one product that I didn’t care for or thought I could live without, your are amazing, Anna.

    Is there anyway you would consider making a Photo Catalog of all of your completed Cards, Scrapbook pages, etc that you demonstrate on HSN. I always DVR record your HSN shows, then go back and freeze the frame to take a photo of the samples and ideas. Yes, it takes me a while but you ideas are true inspirations to me.  I don;t necessarily copy them exactly but they give me a starting point.  I have done this for years and I have thousands of photos of your work.

    I would be so happy if I could just purchase a Photo Catalog of your ideas, it would leave me more time for crafting LOL please think about it, I know you would sell out on this item within 20 mins.

    Thanks Anna, I so a enjoy watching you.


  21. Posted by: Gayle
    Dear Anna, I am so enthralled with ALL your products,I have a difficult time deciding what to purchase. I am home now on disability-broken shoulder and torn rotator cuff had extensive surgery and what better way to pass my time than to watch you on hsn. I have quite a few of your products and I love them all.I was hoping  were going to bring back the Fabulous Folded Paper Kit. I watched all your shows today(yesterday)april 23 and look forward to later on april 24th.You are such a wonderful crafting person you give me so much inspiration.  I also sew and am a beginner quilter and you have even covered these areas. Thank you so much and keep your products comming. Gayle
  22. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Hello Anna:  It was a thrill to talk to you today on HSN.  I have been setting up my wonderful set of Ivory Damask storage boxes that you so generously sent me as a winner of your contest. (I just might have to write a poem of thanks — lol!)    Anyway, they are just lovely.  And this weekend I was at a crop making your Cutting Garden collection cards and realized that I have a lot of other boxes that match!  Wow, you really think of everything!

    I have an idea for a product that I think you should create.  I have several scrapbooks that are just plain wearing out.  It would be so great if you could make some type of album cover out of your beautiful patterns.  They could be made out of that stretchy material that they make book sox from.  That way, when one of our scrapbook covers wears out, rather than taking it apart, we could just cover it with one of your beautiful prints.  Thanks again for all your products.  I really enjoy watching you and all your fabulous ideas on HSN.  Kind regards.

  23. Posted by: Nury stevens
    Dearest Anna: I love to see you in TV. Many thanks for bringing beauty to us. I couldn’t afford a third cuttlebug. I have mine and bought a second in your last visit but you did not offer autoship. I was hoping that you will offer autoship to those who bought it last time. Everytime that you talk about the folders that you will get in the autoship, I feel sad because I am missing beauty. I bought your other folders, and chinoserie (difficult word) and the metallic sheets. I hope that you consider offering an auto ship to those who could not get it the last time. Many thanks and always wishing you the best!
  24. Posted by: maria m
    called hsn, the folder sizes under features tab are opposite,,,avary is A2 not 5×7 and so forth…i hope they will fix the website soon so you ladies dont think you are getting a big avary etc…
  25. Posted by: Cathy
    Too beautiful.  I can just see me sorting through all my crafting goodies and packing them into these amazing storage boxes.  Finally, I will have place to put everything after my move into my little house.
  26. Posted by: Cynthia Little
    Hi, Anna ~

    I have been looking forward to Tuesday’s show since you visited HSN last time!  My lovely husband passed away from cancer 1-1/2 years ago, and to get through my grief, I make your cards and send them to friends to cheer THEM up.  They tell me that they are reminded of both of us.  Have made so many purchases that I  cannot count them and my cards number in the hundreds I’m sure!  I really love making cards to make others feel happy.  Looking forward to Tuesday at 7 a.m. sharp!

  27. Posted by: Nury stevens
    Dear Anna: Many thanks for all the wonderful products that you prepare for us. I know that I will buy your folders. They are simply awesome! I can’t see them well so I do not know if they are the same one that came along with cuttlebug. Now, dear Anna I bought the cuttlebug last time with your folders even that I already had one cuttlebug. I just wonder if one can order only the folders since I already have 2 cuttlebugs and I do want to have a third one but I will love to buy the autoship. Is there any way that you can offer them to those who bought the cuttlebug in your last visit?
    I look forward to see you tomorrow at HSN. You bring so much glamour to crafting! Thank you and wishing you success always!
  28. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Congratulations Debbie!! I know first hand how Grand

    It is to Be a Winner with Anna Griffin Products because
    I was one of the Winner’s in September. You will have
    To post a picture of your Storage when you get it set up.
    I have been Busy buying mine today on HSN, I thought
    I had purchased it all when I just check back on HSN
    And they added More!! I have bought a few other Anna
    Griffin New Products, I hope that is the end of the New Stuff
    Because …….I’m feeling Guilty, $$$!!! CaChing!!
    Best of Luck Anna!
    Debbie Dunn
  29. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
    Have a great day of shows Anna! I’m looking forward to some beautiful inspiration and to ordering some fun new goodies!! Congratulations to Debbie too.
  30. Posted by: Linda Tagg
    Congratulations Debbie…what a wonderful husband you have…I can see why you have held onto him for 30+ years!
    Anna, I will be watching on HSN tomorrow and Wednesday…I already have the DVR set so I can record your shows.  You always have such great technique ideas and beautiful crafting items!
  31. Posted by: Susan in Atlanta
    Hi Anna, I’m peeking at all the items you have for Tue & Wed on HSN – can’t wait to see you on air with the lovely projects and inspiration you bring.  I will be shopping for sure.  Happy travels! Congratulations Debbie – you have one sweet hubby!!  Smiles, S
  32. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Congratulations to Debbie!  I read that post and it brought tears to my eyes.  What a sweet, wonderful gesture.  She is sure blessed, both with a wonderful husband, and to receive Anna’s gorgeous storage!
    Can’t wait ’til tomorrow.  Counting the minutes!
  33. Posted by: Karen
    Love all your stuff, so beautiful, keep it coming:-)