Our Scrapbook Super Sale

To everyone who participated in our Scrapbook Super Sale this past weekend, please accept my sincere apologies for all of the technical difficulties you experienced.

Everyone here at Anna Griffin and the people handling our website/online store in Missouri worked throughout the weekend to resolve the problems. Unfortunately the resolution did not happen quickly.

I read all of your comments and was upset by many. Our failure to deliver the sale was not my personal intent.  I did not personally set out to make things unfair. We, like every business have to rely on vendors. In this case, our vendor failed, their software failed, the server failed.

We didn’t cancel the sale because every update we received on Friday, we were told that the problems would be resolved within the hour. This same communication continued throughout the day. If I had known Friday, what I know now, we would have cancelled it. We did not update over the weekend, because there was no update from our vendor.

We know that the emotions you felt are driven by your passion for the brand and we appreciate that. We are taking every step to ensure that your experience is positive if we host another sale in the future.



  1. Posted by: Barbara
    received the “scrapbook” sale items today. What a great deal and thanks for the added gift. Can’t wait until the next one!!!.
  2. Posted by: Debbie R
    Still waiting for my goodies to arrive – HOPE they will ship soon??!!!!!
  3. Posted by: Terri C
    Yes, there were problems and it was very frustrating and disappointing at times, but I checked every hour, sometimes more often, until the sale was back up again. I’m so happy with what I was able to order and I noticed lots and lots of great deals were still available the next day after the sale resumed! Anna, you are so sweet to apologize, even when I KNOW the problems could never, never have been anticipated. I work for a business which develops web applications and programs online and believe me when I tell you, there are SO MANY unforeseeable things that can go wrong with a website that a business owner and her staff would NEVER be aware could! I’m shocked that you and the IT team worked over Memorial Day Weekend to fix the issues and I noticed that they reworked the web site to accommodate the sale within the weekend. I’m sure that was quite expensive for your company. You could have called the whole thing off and no one could fault you for that. Anna, you are always more than generous; with your products and care. I’m saddened to see people commenting as if you were personally responsible for the crashes. Often clients are at the mercy of IT issues like internet speeds of hosting companies or server configurations or downed servers. I’ve been there! The fixes aren’t instant. They can take hours and sometimes days to resolve within the system, even after corrections are made right away. I deeply appreciate your tireless work and the sacrifice of your holiday to give us all pretty paper. Very grateful!
  4. Posted by: Jeannine Sheeser
    I received my super sale order today and was pleasantly surprised. Thank you so much, Anna. I can’t wait to play with them. I am so looking forward to your appearance on HSN. Not many retailers would have done what you did to make an unpleasant situation right. You are one class act.
  5. Posted by: cindy b
       Hi Anna….I don’t know if you have the time to read these emails but I just received my package from the super sale and I wanted to thank you again for the sale. I am thrilled with my order, everything is even more wonderful than I had imagined it would be every item is beautiful. Then there are the gifts you included I was very pleased with the bounty, you are so kind to your customers. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
  6. Posted by: Betty
    I just received my shipment.  Thank you Anna for your wonderful gifts.
  7. Posted by: Carol B.
    Hi Anna,
    I just received my goodies from your supersale and I am so excited!  All of the beautiful kits that I received at such a wonderful price, and free gifts too!  This was my first supersale  (only because I didn’t know about the others) and it was well worth the waiting for the website to be fixed.  “Stuff” happens, and that is just the way it is sometimes.  Thank you for all of your beautiful designs and exceptional quality in all your items.  I have loved your designs for years, and already have several designer paper kits and card kits, but can’t wait to use the new ones I just received.  Keep up the good work!
    Your biggest fan in Delaware!
  8. Posted by: Meg
    Dear Anna,
    Thank you for a wonderful sale. I received my package today, sooner than I expected.  What a nice surprise, with the “extra” gift you gave. All I could say, was PURE CLASS! You and your staff did an outstanding job and  “stuff” happens.  We love you and all your creative work.  Keep making our hobbies look beautiful. Just like you.  Will you have another sale of all the AG line. (Totes and accessories). Thank you again.
  9. Posted by: Kelley
    I have yet to receive my SuperSale items.  In the email that confirmed that you received my order, it stated that I would get an email stating when it was shipped so I could track the package, but I have not received that email either. Could someone update me in the status of my orders (2).
  10. Posted by: Penny C.
    Hello Anna!  I just received my wonderful goodies from the Super Sale and, as usual, am blown away with their quality.  And I received them so fast!  Wow!  Thank you so much for your wonderful products.  Also, thank you for including extra goodies.  You have a sweet and generous heart!  Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland
  11. Posted by: Susan Harrington
    Anna,  it’s true.  I am passionate about your brand.  Your designs are wondrous. Thank you for your devotion to bringing nothing but the best.
  12. Posted by: Nury Stevens
    Dear Anna: Thank you for your apologies. In this high technology era, this things happen. I went to different places besides my home. But I did not have any luck. It is all right. Sometimes, things do not work our way. I am not upset because I know you did your best to get the products to us. I thought you cancel the super sale. The positive thing: I got out all my products by you and I have played with them since Friday. I hope that I get to participate in a future near great sale. By the way I am in LOVE with your cardmaking kits. I read somebody said to you “Do not beat yourself hard.” Yes, girl, let it go. So dear ms. Anna continue inspiring us with your beautiful products.  Have a nice weekend!

  13. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Hey Anna, it’s Me Debbie!! I hope your rested and doing much better. I received all your updates of the Techical Problems your ssite experienced, Thank You. You did everything in your ppower to contact and keep your Fans up to date with the News as You Received it, You did all you could to resolve the problems, I know it
    and your Fans realize this. Don’t spend another moment wondering about this issue, you can Never predict what is going tto happen with computers or Servers etc. We Love You and Your Designs and if someone decides not to purchase from you any longer because of this Glitch them……then I Guess that means More for US !!!! LOL!
    !!  Much Love to You Anna and Your Team!!
    Debbie Dunn
    ps I’m looking foreword to July too! I didn’t do the Sale, Katie my
    Daughtet I told you about, her Wedding was Saturday, My other Daughter Alex getting Married in Houston June 8th.
    Then back to working on my Anna Griffin Scrapbook Room. I bought Both Camile and the Pink and Green Sets
    it was much too hard to makeup mind up!! LOL!!

  14. Posted by: general chemistry online
    Dear, Anna. You are doing an amazing stuff and huge work!
  15. Posted by: Rose
    I hope u hv another super sale soon and I will be able to order.  Missed this one by one day.  Anna Griffin scrapbooking products especially my favorite items – love the patterns and everything
  16. Posted by: Palmer
    I personally didn’t think that anyone at  Anna Griffin Inc. or the at the vendor in Missouri did anything unfair. This was a totally level playing field! The way I see it, Eleanor in Sioux Falls got exactly the same information that Camilla in Yosemite did. At exactly the same time, which was when the company or anyone  else posted on Facebook or in an email.Likewise,  Isabella in Spokane could do whatever she wanted with the info. So could Riley in Virginia Beach and Palmer in Sarasota.  Eleanor, Camilla, Isabella, Riley and Palmer may have had different approaches to the sale. They may have varied the times or the frequency with which they attempted to make a purchase. They may have complained about their experiences or had faith that all was well. They may have been on a super speedy computer or they may have been on dial up.  Their efforts may have been successful or their efforts may have failed. But the same information went out to each of these individuals at the same time. In the world of cyberspace and beyond, you can’t get more fair than that!
  17. Posted by: Kathrine Scott
    Dear Anna,
    This was my first super sale. I was one of the few lucky ones to get my order through. I was very impressed by your staff! I had trouble ordering so at least got my favorite things. The emailed your staff about putting my orders together. I worked for a small business and had problems sch as your site experienced. The IT folks always say in an hour. 🙂  I do hope, as a new fan, that you will have a sale again. I am so sorry that so many folks were upset. You are a wonderful person with a beautiful talent. Thank you for making me look crafty.
  18. Posted by: Ellen
    Anna, you do so much right and in fact, too much!  This is why we love you and your products the way we do.  One consistent thing I noticed on the Facebook comments is that nobody (and I think I read most of the comments) said they would stop buying AG products.  Some said they were done with the Super Sales (yeah for the rest of us) … but in spite of all the frustration, people STILL love and appreciate your work and you!!!!  I hope you don’t forget this truth.

    I prayed for you one night as I was getting ready to sleep because I tried to put myself in yours shoes and felt so sorry for you.  I hope you stand there on July 11 on HSN as lovely, classy and confident as usual and don’t mention one word about this sale because it is time to forget about it and move on.  Over the weekend I got out my Carmen products and they are more beautiful than I realized now that I am using them.  Although I understand why/how people collect and hoard your products, I use mine and love paper crafting with your products (not saying I don’t collect a tad eitherJ)

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s a good idea to let people preview the items prior to the sale if the inventory is as limited as in previous sales.  This would cause even more disappointment when things sell out quickly (as they do even without server problems) and people only get 50% of their wish list.  Furthermore, your real fans don’t really need to read the product descriptions especially if the items are the same ones as on HSN because we know all your products by heart and love them!

    Thank you, Thank you for bringing such beautiful products to the paper crafting world and please don’t stop!!  I can’t wait to see and buy your new dies.

  19. Posted by: Nina
    Dear Anna,
    This was my first super sale and inspite of the glitches on the website I got most of what I wanted to buy.  I am looking forward to using my new kits. Thank you. Nina
  20. Posted by: Vivian Kochi
    Dear Anna,

    This was my first super sale.
    I kept try to log onto your site and eventually,  I was able to purchase some wonderful items.   Thank you for referring us to Facebook.  It was my first time on Facebook in years.  I had great fun looking at the photos that were posted by your fans.  I even posted a couple of my own cards.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the new AG items on HSN.

    All the very best,
    Vivian Kochis

  21. Posted by: Lin M.
    I am a relatively new Anna fan and am touched by your sincere concern shared over a server issue. This happens probably more than you know (I work in server support and see it) and is something adults should know better than to get so nasty about. I think most people do understand it was out of your control.
    I was unaware of the sale and tried to hit the site just to look around on Friday with no luck. I checked back yesterday and found the supersale – WOW! I picked up a couple of your beautiful card kits for an amazing price. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! These will work so well with my Anna Gold Bug & folders I got last month and LOVE!
    Your products are beautiful beyond words and you obviously have the spirit to match.
    Looking forward to seeing you on HSN in July and picking up the new dies. And I’ve signed up on your email list now so I won’t miss anything. 🙂
  22. Posted by: cindy burns
      Hi Anna, This was my first Surer Sale and yes there were some problems with the site, but I do not think it called for unkind statements from people I am sorry that you were subjected to that. I was able to order on Sunday I was pleased with what I got and what was sold out I can live without its not the end of the world. I thought the prices were good and I want to thank  you for having the sale. Remember you can’t please everyone and the ones that are not pleased you don’t need.
  23. Posted by: Penny C.
    Thank you, Anna, for the explanation, but I’m really bummed that you had to stress over this and that people were making such unkind comments on Facebook.  This, too, shall pass.  My dad used to always say “it will only make you stronger” when something unforseen happens that doesn’t turn out quite the way we wanted it to.  That’s life.  As a loyal fan of yours, I’m not upset at all and will remain in awe of you and your products. God bless and get some sleep.  I know you probably haven’t had any since Friday.  Kind regards from Jarrettsville Maryland.  A special hello to your wonderful team also.
  24. Posted by: Joanne S
     Dear Anna,
    Thank you for your sincere apologies.  I was one of the lucky ones who was able to get in and place an order on Friday.  I am at the mercy of IT support at work and I understand how they can lead you to believe the problem will be fixed momentarily and then don’t deliver on their promises and don’t update you.  I thought you did a good job communicating via Facebook and email during the sale.

    I will offer a suggestion that I posted on FB to make things more efficient next time.  Please consider posting a full preview of the all the items that will be part of the sale a few days before the sale opens.  That way your fans will be able to browse the sale in advance and possibly put things on their wishlist.  That way, when the sale actually opens, the site won’t be clogged with people browsing the items and those shoppers that want to purchase items can easily check out.  I am a devoted fan and am looking forward to purchasing from you again,

  25. Posted by: Sue in Illinois
    This was my first supersale although I’ve been using your products for many years.  When I couldn’t get on the site on Friday, I didn’t panic.  After all I’m a patient computer user since I have slo-o-o-w dial-up connection.  Checked a few times on Sat. & still nothing.  Not to worry.  There are too many problems in the world to get concerned about & catching a supersale was not one of them.  I’ll either be able to buy some really beautiful things or not.  And I did early on Sunday morning.  You are a dear to apoligize, Anna, but please don’t beat yourself up about it.  I checked just moments ago & it seems the sale was still a huge success.  I’m dying to see my purchases when they arrive!  Can’t wait……
  26. Posted by: HollyG
    Dearest Miss Anna,

    Not to fret! You are such a wonderful, talented and inspiring soul! Problems, such as were experienced with the website, are unforeseen and absolutely no fault of yours! You are a warm, generous and caring individual and I am very much looking forward to your latest and greatest creations coming up in July!

    There is a reason 90% of my crafting supplies are Anna Griffin, they are hands down the most beautiful and enjoyable to work with and  collect!

    A giant thank you and a big thumbs up to you and your team!

  27. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    I, like others, pre-registered and had been anticipating this sale from the first e-mail I received announcing it.  Told friends and family I would be “incommunicado” at least ’til I shopped, promptly at 11 CDT.  I did anticipate that the website might be slow but Anna, you have probably way, way more fans than even you might have imagined.  I went my way after a while without success, but checked back as often as possible.  I was finally able to navigate the site  early on Sunday morning and the two items I wanted most were still there.  I have a philosophy that serves me well—If I’m supposed to have it, it’ll be there when I get there!  Saves me lots of aggravation.  This does imply personal responsibility, reason why I checked back often until the sale went through.  Love you, Anna—will be watching HSN (like I always do if you’re there!) on July 11!  Your loyal fans appreciate your beautiful designs enough to stck with you through thick and thin!  Don’t let this get you down—you have lots of good input here on your blog to put a smile on your face!
    Sharla Wilson
    p.s.  Have you ever considered doing some nostalgic cowboy themed work a la Roy Rogers & the western swing era?  There are some great old designs–cactus, fringed cowgirl attire, roping stuff–out there on pillows, kerchiefs and old souvenir items—kitschy, for sure, but heartwarming and colorful.   I will be your first customer!!
  28. Posted by: Donna/48FiveTime
    When analyzsing what went wrong and how the customers were notified, please note I was very pleased when I received an email stating that the sale was suspended. Not pleased with the circumstances, but with the fact that I could quit waiting and was confident that I would receive an email when the problem was fixed. Not everyone hangs out on FB, although I did go there a couple times to check the status. I never received an update via email. By the time I checked FB again, it appeared that the issues were fixed 8 hours before and I never received an email. Just sayin!
  29. Posted by: Susan in Atlanta
    Hi Anna, just wanted to say again that I talked to some people in your office and at the online number on Friday and they all were so very nice, calm and patient in trying to help me!!  You have a terrific team.  Repeating myself – I love the people and products at your company [but not the server – at least on Friday].  Smiles, Susan
  30. Posted by: Kathy K
    I was an upset fan as well and I appreciate your explanation of what happened. I know that I missed out on a lot of the items I was hoping to find, but there are far worse problems in the world than missing out on some sale items. I will be looking forward to your HSN appearances and future sales.
  31. Posted by: Michelle S.
    Hi Anna!!!  I just wanted to thank you for having the super sale.  I love your products but I am not able to afford everything that I want. I try to wait for things to go on clearance on HSN but as you know the majority of your items sell out way before then.  I was able to get a lot of the things that I thought were gone forever, for a super great price and I really wanted to thank you for that!

  32. Posted by: Azella Tingler
    Dear Anna:  this was my first super sale.  Really good prices.  Looking forward to receiving them.  I appreciate that you kept
    us posted on what was happening on your web site.  It can be
    very frustating when  electronics go down.  Looking forward to July when you are on HSN.  Will you be selling plates for t he cuttlebug and using the dies?  God bless you and your staff for all that you do and create for us.
  33. Posted by: Karen

    I was one of those upset people.  Not upset with you but that I couldn’t get in and when I did the site went off line at the very last step. You were the only one I could vent at if I had know your server I would have vented at them.I kept trying and trying all day long.  Then to my surprise Sunday morning I had an email that my purchase had gone thru even though it didn’t show on the site.  I was one happy lady.  I am so sorry for getting upset, I just love your stuff.
    Keep your spirits up.

  34. Posted by: Bridget
    Dear Anna,
    I have been in love with your beautiful products for years and was so excited to be able to experience your super sale for the fist time. I have to admit that it was a very, ummm, interesting day on Friday with all that occurred. 🙂 Though, I am so sorry about all that happened and can’t imagine how frustrating it was for you as well as for us as your customers with all the technical issues that entangled us from purchasing. Please know that you are well loved and be encouraged that life happens and when plan A doesn’t happen, there is always plan B! You cannot please everyone and we thank you for doing all that you could. Experience is the best teacher! Thank you for keeping us posted/updated and for your heart felt message!
  35. Posted by: Mary
    Was it frustrating? Of course. However, no one but Anna Griffin would have given frequent updates on Facebook and a humble explanation and sincere apology today. I have bought (and hoarded) your products for many years (both networks) and have participated in all of your previous sales. Your products are uniformly beautiful, but our passion for the brand comes from you: your passion for beautiful things and the kind of person you are. You really care about your customers, a very rare quality nowadays. It would be sad if this were your last sale. Thank you for all the beautiful things you create and ideas you share.
    From your home state, NC
  36. Posted by: Joyce
    Thank you for having such a wonderful sale!  This was my 1st time ordering during a SuperSale.  I have watched you for a long time on HSN and really admire all of your products and your craftmanship.  You are a beautiful person inside and out, and it shows in your work.  Despite all of the unforeseen and uncontrollable glitches, this was a fantastic sale.  I sincerely hope you continue to have more of them, as it does help those who cannot afford the higher prices.  God Bless You!!  🙂
  37. Posted by: Shana
    Happy Tuesday, Anna.
    This was my first Supersale. And yes there were those issues on Friday. But while I was waiting I cleaned and organized my entire craftroom. Which made my husband very happy and gave me lots of room for the new things I picked up on Saturday night. The prices were great and I am really excited for the goodies to arrive.
    You can bet I’ll be watching in July and I am already planning for the sale I hear you have in November.
  38. Posted by: Anne Lemay
    Dear Anna Griffin,
    Thank you for another wonderful supersale!  I buy your products regularly on HSN and I absolutely love them!  Please don’t be discouraged by the computer glitches – they happen, and I had complete faith in you and your company that you would come through in the end, if not this weekend, then on another.  This was beyond your control and can happen to anyone (actually, it does happen to everyone eventually, and when it does, we are called to work together with kindness and understanding rather than frustration and a sense of entitlement).
    I look forward to your supersales, and will be shopping again at the next one!  (I’m also hoping that the storage box for the Cuttlebug folders is back in stock at HSN for your show in July!)
  39. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    Thank you so much for all the beautiful items you sell. The problems that happened were unfortunate but not your fault. Well, I for one will still continue to purchase your beautiful items as long as I can. I am a loyal follower of yours and always will be. I’m sorry some of the comments were harsh… It’s only because we all love your stuff. I for one am so happy for the opportunity to have what I purchased at sale prices. I live in Montana and there is no AG products to be found and so I thank you. It was very generous of you to offer free shipping and a gift. Don’t fret because we love you and are loyal customers…I’m still here.
  40. Posted by: Blanca
    Dear Anna
    I love  your  stuff so much, I was  able to place  my order at first I was bit sad cuz it was my mother day gift I could not get in  but  them I was ok  I cant get in so my gift would be  july 11  I read  all the post all I can said  is  you cant make everyone happy   cant  wait  for  your  next sale  for you to be on HSN on july 11  aslo cant wait  to get all my cards kit that I order on the sale
    thanks  you for always been so sweet and  nice   God Bless


  1. resume writers says:

    My daughter is reading in class five. I was looking for a scrapbook for her. I have seen your scrap book which is really on supper sale. I will definitely buy one for my daughter.

  2. Sharon Voge says:

    For some reason I am no longer receiving Anna’s blog so I have been checking on my own. I thought that the sale would be after the event in Georgia. I kept checking, but couldn’t find any info. Today I found that the sale must have been on a Friday not sure which one. I have enjoyed the sales in the past and hope to get info on those. Thank you for helping me again getting the boos and important info.

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