Lovely Letterpress Stamps & Lace Washi Tape – All New!

We’ve got time for just three more sneak peeks before I head to HSN to debut all of my latest collections, so I had to give you another 2-for-1 product preview and a chance to win this week! I’m also excited to finally announce my July 11th show times- I will be on at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST!
Let me introduce you to our new Letterpress Stamp Kit! Letterpress is all the rage for 2013, so naturally we added a little Anna Griffin style to this trendy typography to bring you some fantastic mix-and-match clear stamps. These stamps combine to form the perfect sentiment to wish friends and family good luck, happy birthday, condolences or congratulations.

To give your cards and layouts added beauty and grace, our Washi Tape is now dressed up in lace! My Washi Tape has been such a popular item on HSN, so I wanted to bring you this brand new set of 12 rolls featuring a variety of colors and styles adorned with lavish lace patterns. Peel, stick, pleat and fold to add dimension and sophistication to any project. The silver and gold will work beautifully on wedding cards and layouts and the citron, green, blue and pink are versatile for any occasion.

If you don’t know the drill by now, all you have to do to win these two fabulous items before they even hit the airwaves is tell us what you’ll make with them by commenting below, or on Facebook for your chance to win!

Check back Friday at 5 p.m. to meet the lucky winner!


  1. Posted by: Laura Capote
    Wow! I love all your paper and stamps!!
  2. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    I hang my cards around my archways.
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  4. Posted by: Carole
    Fabulous products and great project ideas!  So nice to have a giveaway – Thanks, Anna!
  5. Posted by: Donna Winter
    Hi Anna,
    I have never used washi tape before.  Now I know why.  Apparently my brain told me to “wait for Anna”. I really like the lacy look and the fact that they are translucent.  Never seen that before.  I plan to use this tape on an old tray that was my grandmothers.  When I saw your crisscross technique I thought it would be great on the tray and then a piece of glass (or acrylic) to cover it.  Wa La. At last something old that my husband will not want to throw out!
  6. Posted by: Julie Sheehan
    I cannot wait for the leterpress stamps, washi tape is something new I am trying…..hurry up 7/11! I might use a “sick day” for that whole day 🙂
  7. Posted by: Penny Bolton
    I absolutely love washi tape. There are so many things you can use it on. I love making cards. And the sentiments that you can stamp are so easy. I already have some on your sentiment stamps and just love them. Can’t wait to see these new items.
  8. Posted by: Debra Lovell
    Wow! I would love to win both!! I love making cards,but I would use the sentiments on my scrapbooking more,and the washy tape also.Thanks Anna,have a blessed weekend!
  9. Posted by: Debbie N.
    Would love to win these great items!!!
  10. Posted by: Sissy Geist
    Need to win, hubby recovering from surgery, need a getaway in my card room.  I know these products would add excitement and fun right now. And WOW do I need it.
  11. Posted by: Glenda Nowell
      I have a couple of the tape and am waiting to use them at our next crop so the I can share with my fellow scrappers!
  12. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    Less than 3 hours now.  Since I can’t work anymore, and I have my roses rolled now, I don’t want to start a new project until I see who won. I probably should start my IRIS FOLDING, but hands need a break. HSN just gave us a 20% off coupon for a single purchase. Maybe I can shop for something I don’t have.  I don’t think there’s anything, but it won’t hurt to check. Or I could look at Pinterest for some inspiration. Thanks for being there for those of us who can’t go out shopping.
  13. Posted by: Sue K
    I make lots of cards and the letterpress would make a get add to my carding making. The washi tape I could make a beautiful page with all my grand kids and me and would hang it in my sewing room so I could look at it every day!
  14. Posted by: Pam Allen
    Oh I love the letterpress stamps! You are so creative and what a awesome idea!!! Also love the lace washi tape can’t wait. thanks for being so kind and doing giveaways!! I am expecting a new granddaughter next month and am making home decor nursery projects and albums.
    Pam Allen
  15. Posted by: Sharon
    I love your things, the washi tape would be used in scrapbooking and cards, looking forward to find out what your stamps say, because I have bought your otherones and they really work for cards.  Thats what I would use them for, also scrapbooking, love your stuff.
  16. Posted by: Phyllis Dew
    Hi Anna.  I love your designs and products so much and have ordered so many of them thru HSN, so am looking forward to seeing you on air again on July 11.  I have your previous washi tapes and the new ones look beautiful too.  Thanks for making cardmaking, scrapbooking and other paper projects easy and enjoy the compliments I get on cards sent, thanks to you.  Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
  17. Posted by: Patti
    Cant wait to get to try the new tapes!
  18. Posted by: Christine Gay
    I have had July 11th marked on my calendar for months!! Can’t believe it is almost here!! Would just love to win these to use on not only my scrapbook pages but I’m just starting to make cards as well!! Really hoping I win!!
  19. Posted by: Linda Tagg
    I would use these letterpress stamps and washi tapes to bring happiness, joy, and Anna’s own unique style of beauty into the lives of those I know through card making and the creation of scrapbook pages.  Thanks Anna for all the sneak peeks…I am looking forward to the upcoming HSN visit!!!!Linda Tagg
  20. Posted by: Angel Chambers
    First, I’d use these to embellish my cards for OWH since I can’t use glitter. Second, I want to use the washi tapes and laces to wrap around headbands for my niece. I saw something like this online and your tapes and laces would be perfect for  them!!! Third, I Hagee been collecting cans and boxes to make an entire new storage system for my crafts stuff. Washi tape is my first choice for decorating all of them! Thanks for the chance!
  21. Posted by: Sherry Shea
    the winner is….Sherry Shea! there you go Anna did the hard work for you, now all you have to do is copy and paste! your welcome. 🙂
  22. Posted by: Jane Makuch
    So excited for July 11th!  The new products and inspiration!!
  23. Posted by: Linda
    Love all your products!!!  Can’t wait to see everything on HSN in July…..let the countdown begin!!!!
  24. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    I had an epiphany this morning. My son and daughter-in-law love their new house at Myrtle Beach so much, I’ve decided to use the Beach Theme Kit in a shadow box. I think I can incorporate the Letterpress and washi tape into the design. I might need 2 Beach kits, but we’ll see. I don’t know if this is the right place to make a suggestion, but a golfer’s kit would be great. My son is a pro at the beach, and the only thing he thinks about, other than his family and his church, is golf. Well…anxiously awaiting 5PM.
  25. Posted by: Doris Adams
    Love the new items.
    Would use them to make cards.
    Thanks for all the beautiful embossing folders they will go well with the stamps and the washi tape.
  26. Posted by: Dina T.
    I LOVE all Anna Griffin items your paper and designs are the very best in details.The new lace sticker are so elegant. I hope you come out with a few embossing dies like the lace stickers. I would love to have the washi tape to design with that also and those lovely letterpress stamp set. I have to tell you my sister and a few scrap friends were discussing Anna Griffin stuff like you were here and a local friend and my husband said who is this Anna Griffin you speak of all the time. My BIG mouth girlfriend had to say she is the paper scrap and craft supplier for your wife  that she adores. So you are my  friend in my head and now my hubby knows my supplier and my secret (lol). Anna do you have any of the black and ivory damask brocade stamp binders w/ sleeves still available from HSN?Keep bringing  and designing lovely stuff.
  27. Posted by: Debbie H
    Anna, when I craft I just put your beautiful items all around me and pick what works for my projects! These new items are most beautiful and would be a great addition to my stash. I make cards, scrapbook layouts and many home décor projects and these would be perfect for all of those. Can’t wait for the 11th.
  28. Posted by: Angela Jones-Smith
    I’ve been addicted to stamping since the 80’s and washi tape is my newest addiction.  I love using the washi tape on cards, and using it to make the envelopes match.
    Can’t wait until July 11th!
    I hope more shows are added, three doesn’t seem like enough.
  29. Posted by: Shelley Traub
    The new letterpress stamps and washi tape are fabulous!  The tape would make great Christmas trees and other die cuts really come to life.  Imagine a card reading Hope your summer is cool! With washi Popsicles and the sentiment in letterpress!  I can’t wait!
  30. Posted by: Joanne Ryder
    Both of these are wonderful items which I know I would use often.  I love adding washi tape to cards already and stamping is my first passion.  More words and more ways to use them.  Wonderful.
  31. Posted by: Jennifer Carmichael
    I would  the use them to make letterhead and notecards. Just fabulous!!! Thanks for the chance to win.
  32. Posted by: Vee
    Fantastic doesn’t begin to cover this unique and outstanding look. I am currently involved in a tag swap and would love to use the new products for that. Secondly, I am putting together card sets to donate to our local humane society thrift store and another thrift store that benefits a local hospital, and I know the cards will sell quickly and help our four-legged and two legged friends if I can give them the Anna Griffin touch.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.
  33. Posted by: Denise L.
    Am I allowed to post something on your blog TWICE?  Patience, unfortunately, is not one of my virtues.  Haha!  I am not sure I can wait for you to release the new Letterpress stamps & Lace Washi Tape.  I love all things lace & am so excited about these new items.  I guess this is a lesson in patience, huh?  Haha!!   I   so hope I win these on Friday.  If not, I will be buying them soon.   For those of us who work in the daytime, I hope they are not sold out on HSN on 7/11 before the working (stamper) girls get home.  Love your creativity and classy elegance, Anna.
  34. Posted by: Cathy S
    I love everything that Anna Griffin makes. The letterpress looks awesome and I would use it for card making. I haven’t tried Washi tape yet, but the lace patterns look beautiful and I would use it for cards and scrap booking.
  35. Posted by: Mary M
    Looking forward to the July 11 shows. I would use the stamps on cards, always looking for different ways to use sentiments. And, I can’t resist any new and different washi tape. While making cards with my 5 yr old grandson, we used some washi tape. He likes using a set I got just for him.
  36. Posted by: Shelia
    I’m feeling like a kid waiting for Christmas! The stamps are just what I need! Never tried the Washi tape but I’m so ready! These will both be Great to use on our cards and pages!
  37. Posted by: Beth W
    I am so excited-they just rescheduled hubby’s surgery for July 1st instead of the 11th.I take that as a sign I am suppose to watch and buy.
    I love the your tape-it is gorgeous.And the letterpress stamps-maybe I’ll finally be able to stamp sentiments that look good.That is a real must have for me.
    I too would be making lots of cards-being able to stamp sentiments like that will help me to give it a try again.
  38. Posted by: Dona B
    Cards, Cards and more beautiful cards.  That is what I will use the awesome Letterpress Stamps (oh I can’t wait) and stunning Washi Tapes (another awesome product) to make my one of a kind cards.I have been checking the HSN website everyday in case there are new items.  Can’t wait for July 11th.  Thank you Anna1!!
  39. Posted by: Vil
    Anna, love both of these products and can’t wait for your show at HSN on July 11!  I have been looking for new stamps and washi tape to use in my cards and these are very elegant.  They are perfect!
  40. Posted by: Debbi
    Well Anna, you’ve done it. I have to have the letterpress stamps for my wedding scrapbook.
    I am sooo copying the sample above too…..;-D