More Questions Answered

Hi everyone! Happy Friday.

I thought I would take a minute to respond to your most recent questions all in one place. Don’t worry, the Cuttlebug Die video is still on the blog, just scroll down to the previous entry for July or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch there. Anna Griffin on YouTube

Here are the answers to even more of the questions you have asked this week:

I’m worried I might break the handle on my Cuttlebug when passing the dies through. Any tips?  – Yes, the die cutting can be tricky. We experienced the same thing and found if you put press down on the gold top handle while cranking the handle, it made the pressure more even and easier to turn. Just go slowly. Flip the top B Plate over when you go back to emboss, that way any warping is corrected.

One of our designers owns a C Plate and she gave this advice:
I cut the flower out using A platform, the die/paper between the two B plates and one C plate on top. Then keeping the cutout intact in the cutting die, I embossed it using the rubber mat sandwiched between the B plates on top of the A platform (no C Plate on the emboss).

Can these dies be used on the eBosser or Grand Caliber machine?  – Provo Craft has advised that the dies work with other leading machines. We would however recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your machine for assistance.

My die set came with 2 of the same die or is missing a die. What should I do?  – Contact Customer Service at HSN with your order number – Online orders: 1.800.933.2887  Phone orders: 1.800.284.3900  AutoShip orders:  1.800.557.0714

Will you ever make a smaller embossing folder storage box just for A2 folders? – Good idea, but for now our 1 size fits all!

Will the Watercolor Markers work inside of the embossing folders? – We recommend that you emboss the design first and then use the markers to further enhance the design.

Will the new Cricut cartridge that is coming up in September work on any machine? – Yes!

Is it possible to give a sneak preview for the upcoming Today’s Special? – Yes! Previews will start soon, right here!

Will the Instant Albums be coming back next year?  – There is a new one coming  in September.

How do you secure the centers of the rosettes and the bases of the fans in the Pleating Papers kit? – After you have pleated the paper, made the wheel and glued the ends together, secure the whole thing by adding a piece of card stock to the back of the wheel. It can be any size, we use scraps of paper.

Will you do another birthday kit soon? – There are Birthday Cards in the 3 Auto Ships available with the September 17th Today’s Special.

What is Instagram and how can I access it for special sneak peeks? It’s an APP to download on your Smartphone. We are found #ANNAGRIFFININC. Someone also posted that they Googled Anna Griffin Instagram and saw some of the photos online.

Will you be offering the 6×6 pack of paper again? – Yes, there is a 6×6 card stock pack for Christmas on September 17th. The Floral one may come back next year.

Will there be a Halloween paper crafting kit on HSN on September 17th? – Yes it is called Spooktacular. There are also clear stamps with inks for Halloween.

Do you have color refills for the self-inking stamping machine available? – Yes, look for them to come back on

Will there be any new stamp sets on in September? – Yes, Halloween and a beautiful Self Inking Wreath stamps set.

Will you ever make satin ribbons to go with your card kits? – We’ve wanted to for a long time. Just need to work out the details!

Whew! Have a great weekend. I’m on the way to Vegas for Create and Connect!


  1. Posted by: HollyG
    Good Evening Miss Anna!
    Looking and loving all my AG items I received from the July 11th show on HSN.
    I haven’t had a chance to use the dies yet but thanks for the tips in advance! I’m thrilled that you are going to have a Halloween Collection and the return of an auto-ship card kit collection. I will agree with other posts regarding the plain paper packs in your signature colors! That would be more than great! I love the French Floral Paper Collection you have available and would love a cardstock collection if possible. I like the suggestion regarding the bows as well.
    I guess it really wouldn’t matter what you decided to create…I’m in!
    Your schedule sounds crazy but fun!
    Thanks to you and your team for everything you do!
  2. Posted by: Trudy
     Will you pretty please bring the fan folding kits back??? A lot of us were not able to get them.
    A;so can you make a stamp set that are the sayings that we bought separately for a card kit.

    We need a card kit that has Valentine, Fathers Day, Mothers Day and symphony card in in.
    ” Anna you are my crafting hero”
    Trudy from Texas

  3. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    Wow, can’t believe how many “gotta have” items you will offer on the 17th.  Better start saving $ now!!  Thanks for answering all the questions – feels like we are all on a team working together on this blog, it is very helpful.  I would also like to see a 12×12 pack of solid paper in your beautiful colors.
  4. Posted by: Jackie Hutson
    I store most of my Anna papers vertically, so I would love to have vertical storage similar to the Magazine storage.  It would be so pretty in my craft room.  Love everything that I have ever ordered from Anna Griffin.  I have been a fan since the beginning almost 20 years.
  5. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Hello again, Anna.,

    Just stopped by to say that I finally had a chance to make the little dresses in your Fabulous Folded Embellishments kit and they are just so cute!  It took me about an hour to figure the first one out but, after I did, I was on a mission and finished all of them.  So, so precious for little girl cards.  Loved them.  It would be neat to have some in white for wedding cards, too.  Just a thought.  Hope you’re relaxing a little bit in Vegas!

    Kind regards.

  6. Posted by: Cynthia Little
    Hi ~ I often use Anna Griffin papers to gift wrap small gifts for friends: a little box of Schaeffer’s chocolates for example.  Then I attach an Anna Griffin handmade card.  These “little things” are so well received. Cute little packages tied with ribbon!  Thank you for your lovely creations!
  7. Posted by: Amina
    Hi Anna,

    I just read what you will be bringing to the UK in August, I can not wait to see them and have the chance to purchase some more of your goodies.

    A question Anna, is there any chance not in the too distant future when you can bring back the CREATIVITY AND THE KITCHEN SET CLEAR STAMPS, unfortunately I was unable to purchase them at the time, I know that for new crafters and old crafters who did not get them, would given the chance love to have this set, which are vintage and gorgeous.

    Please, please can you re launch these stamps. I have sent you an email on this.
    Have a great day. Amina

  8. Posted by: Gaila
    Hi Anna,
    I ordered seven items from your July 11 shows on HSN and LOVE them all!
    I have spent hours searching online for the border punch I’ve seen used on several of your sample cards:  it has triple swags with a tassel between each swag.  Please, could you tell me who makes this border punch?
    My favorite new items are your book, both sets of cutting dies, the perfect palette card making set, and the storage box for the embossing folders.  LOVE the beautiful matching boxes you’re packing things in and how well they’re packaged to arrive in perfect condition — no crushed corners!!

    Thanks again for all your beautiful products!

  9. Posted by: Lisa
    For Michelle…the self-inking stamper with black stamp pad is available right now on this very site.  Click on products tab, click on sale, it’s toward the bottom for $15.00.
  10. Posted by: Meg
    Thank you for the video showing the correct way to use the dies. I was one that thought I would break my machine.  I tried it after seeing the video, and had no problems.  Thank you also for taking the time to answer our questions, you truly love what you do, and it shows by responding to us.  Enjoy Vegas, keep COOL, and try to get some relaxing in.  Looking forward to Sept. show.
  11. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Poor Anna.   All this cross-examination has to be exhausting.  I hope you will take a day for yourself on your upcoming trip.  Thanks for all of the advice, but take a day off.  You deserve it!

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland

  12. Posted by: Joni
    THAnK YOU for answering my questions! ! I love all the sneak peaks and tips about what’s coming up…’s like the childhood fun of looking forward to Christmas, only with Anna  Griffin Inc., we we get to do this all year long! Thank you for being so generous with your advice and other information!
  13. Posted by: Anne Marie
    Received my dies and love them.  After playing with various ways to use them on the sizzix, I found that using the platform on no-tabs worked the best for cutting and embossing, just follow the directions on Anna’s blog.
  14. Posted by: Sue
    I tried my new dies yesterday & like some of the others felt that I was going to break the Cuttlebug.  I went really slow & it all worked out just fine.  One thing that I learned was the kind of paper I used made a big difference.  Just have to experiment.  Also I think Marge has hit upon a really good idea.  When I look for solid paper or even something less patterned to go with your florals, etc. it is hard to find something that really works.  A pack of solids similar to the Perfect Palette layers in 12X12 would be great.
  15. Posted by: Ronny
    Thankyou for answering our questions.  I know you are so busy as
    we can plainly see from your schedule.
    It is so refreshing to actually have someone who listens, answers, and
    is so very interactive on her blog.    Again thankyou so very much.
    YAY–another birthday kit coming!!!
  16. Posted by: Michelle
    I’m so excited to see all of the new goodies!!! Thanks for answering all of our questions!

    Will we be able to purchase the self inking stamper that you referred to on hsn?

  17. Posted by: Myra (Mickey) Goddard
    Hi Anna,
    Well, I have received my order from HSN, and I absolutely LOVE every single thing. My 1st. order ever was your warehouse sale, and that was enough to convince me I had to have MORE. Been watching you quite a while on HSN, and am very impressed by your wonderful talent for getting everything just right. I love the quality of your paper, and the embossing folders are to die for. I just tried out 2, the one with the bird, and theone with hearts etc. I love anything Victorian, love it all. I have a request: Could you make embossing folders with some cherubs? I use them all the time on my cards, which will be greatly improved with the stuff I just ordered. Haven’t tried the dies yet, That’s next, and I’m so excited about them. Can’t wait for September. One of your newest fans,
  18. Posted by: Marge
    Hi Anna – thanks for answering all these questions.  I do have one, though.  Could you put together a paper pack using solid colors that match your pattern paper?  I make a lot of cards, and while I have plenty of the patterned paper, it’s hard to find solid colors to layer with them that match.  LOVE your products! Thank you.
  19. Posted by: Karen P.
    Thank you for answering all those questions.  I am very excited about the Halloween Paper Kit , Stamps and Ink!  Actually all of the new items sound Fabulous!  I have found that using the C plate instead of the rubber mat while cutting with the die works the best with my cuttlebug.  Have a great time in Vegas!!!
  20. Posted by: Debbie Gilbert
    Thanks for the video, got the dies to work. Best hint, keep the cutting edge up. Can’t wait for Sept. A Halloween kit and a Today’s Special with Christmas Cards! Have to make more room on my shelves!

    i love to craft. 🙂

Cuttlebug Die Cutting Demo

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a quick demo of how to die cut and emboss with our Cuttlebug dies. Enjoy! Anna


  1. Posted by: Terance
    Howdy Anna, thanks for this video i’m so glad you put this video up since this product was so successful on HSN you barely showed it before it was gone so we never got a good demo.  As usual your product are AWESOME and i’m sure my friends cant wait to get their next cards from us.  Now to figure out how to add these designs into my style.  There are men who enjoy scrapbooking and your items, we just have to figure out how to make combine your items with simple items to take the feminine down a little bit for some of our male friends but we do it pretty successfully.
  2. Posted by: Diane H
    I see that I am not alone and others are having trouble with the dies too. I was able to cut the smaller one but the large dies just won’t go through. I have warped two “B” plates. I bought two more sets today and don’t want to warp them too. I guess I’ll go buy a “c” plate tomorrow to see if that will help. The rubber mat is too thick, IMHO.
    The dies are beautiful and I’m looking forward to be able to use them. Thanks Anna for beautiful products
  3. Posted by: NANCY B.
    I’m also having problems with the floral set of dies!      I tried using my Grand Calibur instead of my cuttlebug because  the plates don’t warp like the  the ones in the cuttlebug when cutting dies. The embossing folders and dies should work in both machines.  I ran the smaller bouquet die and it cut just fine but I was unable to run the other two dies—–I thought I would break my machine  by forcing the dies through. Maybe I need a new cutting plate for my Grand Calibur as my plate is pretty cut up from hundred of uses.  If I have this trouble with the Grand Calibur,  I ‘m afraid of trying to run the dies through the cuttlebug.  The dies are beautiful and I hate to send them back so I will try a new cutting plate—hope this will solve my problem.  I don’t have the new Golden Cuttlebug but have the original machine.
  4. Posted by: Sonnie
    I’m frustrated that I can’t order the die and embossing folders…hopefully you will have more made soon.
  5. Posted by: terri
    Oh my goodness. I just got my Anna Griffin borders from HSN. I love them. Cant wait to use them. Much nicer in person. Thanks for creating such lovely things Anna
  6. Posted by: Barbara
    I think it does take a few times  to flex the “B” plate to get it going. I ordered a “B” and a “C” plate from HSN just to have them.  (just in case)
  7. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    TFS… Ana might I suggest next time you come up with the interchangeable sentiments kit that you make them a tad smaller? Even on 5×7 cards they are taking over my focal points. I do love them all though and am looking forward to seeing whatever else you come up with. Thanks a bunch.
  8. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    Anna, Thank you for being right there with that great tutorial—I really appreciate the video.  The instructions that came with the die sets were a little confusing–at least to me–but you saved the day.  I set up my Cuttlebug and got everything together right here in front of the computer, watched what you did and had no problem at all. I agree–the B plate does get warped and the rubber mat is going to be very sliced up eventually but I will keep using and replace as necessary. The result:  BEAUTIFUL die cuts!  I did the small scroll in the metallic gold cardstock and the quality is superb…almost as if it’s actually cut from metal.   I usually send picture cards (grandkids, you know!) but am thinking that this year I’m going to do my own Anna Griffin cards w/the Christmas dies….Sept. is already marked on my HSN-watching calendar!   And speaking of Christmas—when that box arrived yesterday with all my Anna goodies I had a ball!
  9. Posted by: Terri C
    Yay Ellen Ann! Thanks for the tip. I’m going to try the C plate trick to cut. I bet this would save your plates from getting too cut and bent and wear and tear on the machine. (It’s only one B plate that gets marked and bent from the cutting otherwise anyway.)
  10. Posted by: Ruby
    Thank you Anna for the video.  I tried and tried to use these dies 2 days ago and like others, thought I had ruined my Cuttlebug and B plate. I saw on your Blog that you were making a video and waited until today to watch it.  I was amazed when I tried again.  I was “building” it right but this time the “sandwich” rolled right through.  Think it takes a couple of tries to make the B plate become flexible and bend.  Beautiful cuts!  What paper do you recommend thickness-wise???
  11. Posted by: Ellen-Ann Adler
    I am happy to let everyone know that after much frustration and experimentation with different machines, sandwiches and paper, I have succeeded in getting perfect, easy cuts using the C plate in place of the rubber mat and a B plate to cut. The video method works nicely to emboss. I am so happy!!!! Hope this helps.
  12. Posted by: Debbie Baker
    These are beautiful, but where can you get them.
  13. Posted by: Dee Fisher
    Anna, thank you so much for the video. It really helped to see you use the dies. I cut & embossed tonight after getting my packages yesterday. Love, Love, Love them.
  14. Posted by: Barbara
    Terri C. I am anxious to hear if your “C” plate will work. A thinner rubber mat should work also but don’t know where to get one. I thought for sure the handle on my cuttlebug was going to break off.
    I don’t want to use it until there is a solution. Hopefully Anna will get back to us. Also HSN has “B” plates and “C” also.
  15. Posted by: Terri C
    O. M. G. I am so embarrassed! I couldn’t get the large flourish to cut on the edges and tried a couple different papers etc. but I Was Doing it Wrong! And I bet you gals with the cutting problems are to!! Now I see that the rubber goes down on the A plate FIRST
    , then the B plate etc… I did it this way and it worked like a charm and is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I don’t care if I need a dedicated set of B plates. It’s worth it! Anna,you and your team are a genius! 🙂 Be careful to watch the instructions carefully, gals. This order is different from other dies I’ve used.

  16. Posted by: Terri C
    I’m wondering if the A plate on the bottom, then the rubber mat with paper and die, then a C plate on top might work better, like people do with the spellbinder dies? It wouldn’t be as thick to go thru the machine. 2 B plates are thicker than 1 C plate.. I have a C plate so I’ll try this and report back. I’d rather not bend up my B’s faster than I need to, but I’d gladly sacrifice a set of them for these awesome results! These will look amazing in combination with my embossed papers! So glad I got the folders and the dies.  🙂
  17. Posted by: Erica H.
    Hi!!! I’m so in love with the Cuttlebug bundle(So glad I caught it before they sold out on HSN!)….The Folders are so much fun, especially with pearlized mats/card stock and foil card stock papers-the effect is really amazing….

    I also bought the die cuts….I thought I was using them wrong, as well-but your video confirms that I wasn’t using them wrong-they eventually go through-you have to make sure the machine doesn’t move and if you stand it’s a little bit easier to crank-but the B plates are all bent and cut up….Literally….8( I guess, the mat is too thick-like the ladies above suggested, I couldn’t pass reg. card stock in with it, but eventually passed reg. paper through-I probably have to go buy new B plates now…Any suggestions where to buy them, by chance?

    Thanks for your help,
    Erica H. <3

  18. Posted by: Zandra
    Oh, I just got mine today!  Yea, I can’t wait to use them.  See you at CHA.
    Hugz, Z
  19. Posted by: Lin M.
    Thank you so much for the video – it helps reaffirm I am doing this correctly. I had recorded the HSN show where you demo’d this – even though they cut you off at the end – so I went back and watched and was able to go ahead and use mine Monday evening when they arrived. I am glad that you commented on air that it would take more strength than embossing – it sure does. The first time I thought I was going to break my pretty Gold Cuttlebug getting it through. I cut with all of the dies twice and found that it gets a little easier with each time you cut.
    The finished product is so beautifully detailed I just couldn’t believe it. I can’t wait until you offer dies again and I’ll get all of them next time. 🙂
  20. Posted by: Jana Polly
    I appreciate the demonstation for using the cutting dies.  However, the mat is too thick to use with your Cuttlebug model, my old Cuttlebug, or the Sissix Big Kick.  Some people have been able to use it with the Big Shot. If you do any future dies, could you please consider doing a thinner mat?  Thanks!
  21. Posted by: Barbara
    Anna: the dies are beautiful but I am having the same problem as Elixabeth and Ellen Ann , I am afraid the handle will break off and the “b” plate is warped. It appears the  rubber mat is to thick. Help what can I/we do?
  22. Posted by: Elizabeth D
    Hi Anna, Thank you for the video, it was so much more than the instruction sheet. I am new to the Cuttlebug and I am having problems with some of the dies going through the machine and when I do get it through, some of it or half of it (mostly at the edges are not cut through. I tried to cut with small scissors but the pattern is so narrow that it rips. Any advice?
  23. Posted by: Ellen-Ann Adler
    Hi Anna,
    The dies are beyond beautiful but many people are having many problems. It is nearly impossible to get them to go through the cuttlebug and they don’t cut through all the way even with 2 passes. The large one won’t go through at all  and when forcing I was afraid I would break my hand or my machine. The B plate came out totally warped. I hate to complain as I have all of your stuff in multiples bought on HSN as well as here and this is the first thing I have been disappointed in. What can be done as I don’t want to return them?Please help. Thank you.
  24. Posted by: Marsha
    I have many cutting dies I use with my Cuttlebug but your dies are by far the most beautiful.  I love, love, love your embossing folders and dies.
  25. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Thank you, Anna.  Your attention to detail with your products and your attentiveness to your fans’ needs and wishes truly make your company stand out from the rest.  Also, thank you to Ashley from your staff yesterday for helping me by sending me some lost instructions.  You all are priceless!
  26. Posted by: Pam Ramesh
    Awesome and thank you for making the video.
  27. Posted by: KQWieland
    Well, my big ol package arrived yesterday. I must say, it is the biggest HSN package I ever got at one time! So far, I have just looked at the book – over and over and over. Thank you so much for all the products – they are entirely my style!
  28. Posted by: Janese
    Thank you!!! You explain it so well!  Absolutely beautiful!!!
  29. Posted by: Debbi
    Now I’m REALLY not happy I didn’t get these dies. Is is Sept yet??
  30. Posted by: nancy lee
    Beautiful…available through HSN?
  31. Posted by: Barbara E
    Thank you!  I just figured it out myself after looking at the instruction card although  it is very confusing.  Your explanation should be on the card- so much easier to understand.  By the way, absolutely beautiful!
  32. Posted by: Rose S.
    Thanks so much for the video. I am a retired teacher and your demo was perfect!  I am disappointed with HSN for not giving you enough time to do this since this was your biggest new product and the demo was so necessary for proper use.  Hopefully they will give you more shows with enough time for future products!  Keep your fabulous creativity going!!
  33. Posted by: Vicky
       Perfect!  This will help sooooo much.  Thanks Anna!
  34. Posted by: Rita Viscardi Santo
    Thank you Anna for this.  I followed the directions that were included with the dies, but it is always easier to follow with the video.  I received my dies yesterday and made one from the flourish kit, the one you had in your demo video.  I was blown away how beautifully detailed it was.  The photos give you an idea, but to see in person, to hold in your hand, the detail is amazing.  Thank you for making the tools so we may create these beautiful items.
  35. Posted by: Shanabme
    Thank you. Appreciate how responsive you are to our questions and comments.
  36. Posted by: Tammy Whitley
    Im so glad you showed that.  I get confused about the cutting and the embossing with the pad.  I just received my Anna Dies yesterday and cant wait to play with them.  They are the prettiest dies I have seen….ever.  And I have a lot of dies.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! I know it will be beautiful!

Questions Answered Here

Thank you so much to everyone who watched last Thursday. We had a very successful day on HSN and that was due entirely to you! I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm.I’ve tried to answer most of your questions from this week. Here’s a quick run down of some of the easy ones…What brand and color nail polish do you use?

My nail polish is Essie – Sugar Daddy…

When is the next HSN show?

The next shows are on September 17th and it’s a 24 hour Craft Event AND I have the Today’s Special. (More to come on that subject)

What did I miss on the Live Chat?

1. We had as many people in the chat room as Snooki did – again! 2. Amber from HSN did the typing while I tried to answer everyone’s questions. Amber’s photo is on Instagram. 3. Small details about our Craft Furniture line. It was due in September, but has just now been postponed to November 7th.

Can you show a more detailed video demonstration of the cutting dies since they sold out before the presentation was complete?

I will post a video demo of the cutting dies on Wednesday here on the blog, so check back. This will give you time to receive your shipment.

Will the Flower and Flourish dies be back in September?

These will be back on November 7th. There is a choice of Christmas die sets in September. Check back here for all the news.

Will the dies ever be on an autoship program?

That isn’t in the plan right now, but I think it’s a great idea for next year. Thank you!

When are you bringing new dies and embossing folders to the UK?

I will be on QVC in the UK on August 22nd and 23rd. The Cuttlebug, with 2 folders, the Inspiring Impressions embossing folder Bundle, the Flowers and the Flourishes Die Cutting Dies will all be on during those shows. I will warn you, there are limited quantities.

When you showed the Floral dies you said that an extra B plate would be a good thing to have, but there is also a C adapter. What is the difference?

I said that having an extra set of B Plates is a good idea when using the Cuttlebug with die cutting dies. The dies cut into the plastic and make them look scratched. It does not harm them and they still work perfectly – it was just a suggestion. The die sets come with a rubber mat that acts as a spacer for cutting and embossing, so that is all you need. The C plate adapter is plastic and functions the same as the rubber mat. Not needed since you get the rubber mat.

After you emboss with the Cuttlebug, what type of sand paper or device are you using?

You can use any fine grit sand paper to reveal your embossing design. The small block I used came from Making Memories and we bought it at Michaels. Raid the tool box in the basement – the regular stuff works just fine.

Will you offer the Elegant Arrangements autoship bundle again?

We’ve been asking for it to come back for November, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Will Christmas embossing folders be available in September?

Yes, a special 16 folder bundle was created just for September 17th. This will be different patterns than the Christmas bundle you get if you are on Auto Ship.

When will you be coming out with an Anna Griffin Cricut cartridge?

Our first Cricut Cartridge will be available on September 17th. It’s for Christmas and it is called Winter Wonderland. I’ll be previewing it here soon.

Will you ever make envelopes for 6×6 cardstock?

Our 6×6 paper pads have done well in the past and we do have a set coming up for Christmas. I think adding the envelopes is a great idea for next year!

If there’s anything I missed, just post the question below. I will be previewing the new September items here starting soon, so please check back!

Thanks again for your dedication to us and your dedication to crafting!


  1. Posted by: Maria
      Dear Anna,
    I have several of your card making kits, and most recently bought Floral Impressions and the Perfect Palette, which are both terrific. As I have many bows, borders and 3D florals & sentiment stickers from your previous kits, I find I’m in need of the “Heartfelt Sentiment Liners” to go inside the cards.
    I am currently making card for an upcoming craft fair, and am in desperate need of the inserts. PLEASE , PLEASE, let me know if there are any available for me to order.
    Thank you,
  2. Posted by: Marge
    Thank you for the joy and inspiration you provide.
    I was wondering what you use for adhesive in the paper weaving cards. When I used craft glue, the woven edges seemed to shrink up a bit.
  3. Posted by: Joanne
    I received your new dies yesterday and they are not cutting. What do I need to do. I was trying to use them with my new cuttlebug .   I even tried spraying the paper witH water.
  4. Posted by: Marijane
    Just got my shipment of your items that I ordered last week from HSN and they are OUTSTANDING!  Beautiful and great quality.  Your book is just breathtaking!  Can’t wait for Sept. 17 and your Todays Special Value… They are always the best values!
  5. Posted by: Laura Payne
    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I receive 3 of m items today n figure the rest will be here tomorrow. I can’t wait to play with them. I’m off to KC Nashville moo row morning. Wish you would offer on classes!
  6. Posted by: Linda H
    To: Kathy Brubaker-  HOW TO MAKE FOLDED BUTTERFLY  for directions.
  7. Posted by: Linda H
    To: Kathy Brubaker-  HOW TO MAKE FOLDED BUTTERFLY  for directions.
  8. Posted by: Sharon Sienaski
    I just called AG customer service,I thought mt cuttlebug would break using new dies. B plate came out warped, asked if they can be used on Grand Caliber. Waiting for call back
  9. Posted by: Vonica B
    Hi Anna
    i am a newbie! So excited really I am. I watched your show last week for the first time- loved every minute. I purchased the card making book, washi tape, and the cuttlebug inspiring folders.  I also purchased the embossed thinking that was your product.  My question is will the folder work in the ebosser? I got it because it is automatic and the cuttlebug is not. Did I go wrong? Please advise.
    thank you
  10. Posted by: Humberta
    Hi Anna,
    Today I received your embossing folders storage box and extra embossing folder sleeves.  I love it it, it will be great to be able to keep the folders organized. However, I was wondering if you will ever do a smaller box just for the A2 folders.  It would be so convenient to keep them separate.  Keep up the good work.  Love, love, love your products!
  11. Posted by: NANCY B.
        I was lucky to purchase the new floral dies from your last show.  I have the original  older cuttlebug but expect to use your new dies in the GRAND CALIBUR.  Will they  work in this machine as well in the cuttlebug?  They are beautiful and I will buy more of your dies as they are just beautiful!  Can’t wait to see what you bring us for the holidays!!
  12. Posted by: Dana S
    Hi Anna
    i am such a huge fan of all your products and your lovely creations!!!
    I tune in everytime you are on hsn.
    I buy many of your products..can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Thank you sooo much for the inspiration you share with us!!!
    Looking forward to your September show on hsn.
    Just curious will your new circuit cartiage work on any machine?
  13. Posted by: Elizabeth M
    Hi Anna…..I Love everything about the products that u creater, BUT,…..this just happened….I just received my order from HSN,   and the Flourish die set  came with 2 of the same kind of the smaller ones…..I did not receive the Scroll little one in the pkg….I have a feeling since this came from Cnina, and that the production line was all run the same, that u may be getting alot of calls re: this matter….I realize that HSN is sold-out so   What will the out come be ….The scroll one(that is missing) looks really sweet, hope you will be able to come up with something….thank you, Anna…
  14. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    Hi Anna, I had purchased 2 sets of your Manly Card Kit a while back and have used them all. Could you come out with another Manly type Card Kit?  There is simply very few supplies out in the market for creating cards for men.  Your previous Manly Card Kit was wonderful, I LOVED it.  Thanks Anna.
  15. Posted by: Debbie Gilbert
    Would you make some stickers that can be used on the back of your envelopes, sometimes the glue isn’t quite strong to hold them shut.
    I think it is all the beauty just trying to pop out!Thank you. Debbie
  16. Posted by: Dawn G.
    Hi Anna!Thank you for taking the time to read all these questions and to answer them as well.  🙂  How sweet!By the luck of being on the west coast, was able to watch all the shows on HSN.   Overdosed on inspirations and ideas!!!

    Will you please put on your To Do list a patriotic-summer kit.  Would love to see your take on red, white and blue, as well as, other summer kinds of flowers (hydrangeas, sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias), fireworks, bicycles…….you get the wave length.  🙂

    And as a side, where do you find your cute dresses?  Good thing we don’t know each other because I’d be in your closet “borrowing” that cute pink dress you wore. 😉

    Thank you Anna.  And to your Team as well.

    Happy Summer!  xo

  17. Posted by: Debbie
    Got the new die cuts. It is so hard to run them through the cuttlebug machine. You do feel as if the machine will break. Any suggestions?Very disappointed.
  18. Posted by: Barbara E
    You can see the halloween picture by searching for ” Anna Griffin Instagram” on your computer.  Will take you there without having to sign up for anything 🙂
  19. Posted by: Meg
    Hi Dear Anna,
    I just received my die-cut plates, and I followed the instructions, and the plates wouldn’t go through the cuttelbug. I thought I might break the machine so I stopped trying. Has any one else had this problem. I received my book also, and it is WONDERFUL! Just a little worried about the new die cuts. The video will be good, since I can’t review it on HSN.  Thank you for all of the support and beautiful products.
  20. Posted by: Lin M.
    I so enjoyed your HSN shows! I received my order yesterday. Everything is even better than I imagined. The book is FABULOUS! The Flourish dies are AMAZING – I don’t have enough words to describe. I only wish I had purchased Floral too. The metalic papers sold out last time you were on so I was able to pick those up this time.
    Thank you for answering all our questions and for bringing such fantastic products! I’ll start saving up for the next shows – sounds exciting!
  21. Posted by: Michelle
    Will you be offering any clear new sentiment stamps inn the next couple of months?
  22. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Anna:  I have received most of my items from your July 11th show and I must say that the cardmaking book is STELLAR!  I can’t stop looking at it.  Thank you for such a comprehensive description of your cardmaking processes and tips.  Everything is just wonderful.  Can’t wait until September.I also have an idea for a future product.  Have you ever thought of making card ensembles maybe in like quantities of ten or so and having the sentiment and insider liners together in one kit.  For example, for birthday, having the outside sentiments and then the liner together in the same package, then one for sympathy and get well, etc.  I never seem to have enough sympathy cards ever.  Thank you for always listening.Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland

  23. Posted by: margaret driscoll
    Hello Anna!
    I am so  looking forward to you UK visit it seems ages now saving the pennies!
  24. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    I am also interested in the “Antique Hardware” stamp set that Lynn asked about – it would be great if that came back.  In a previous blog I had also asked if you would be able to do a “Handmade By” stamp for the back of cards we create (just like the ones in all your card kits) – I hope that becomes available someday.  Looking forward to your September show!!
  25. Posted by: Joni
    I guess I should just ask this outright: What product or products will be offered in your upcoming Today’s Special? (Please see related questions about the price of that TS.) Thanks again for your generosity in addressing our questions.
  26. Posted by: Joni
    Would it be possible for you to give us a preview (with the price) for your upcoming Today’s Special? I am hoping  and guessing it might be an AG Cricut machine to go with the cartridges you mentioned. If this is the case, I want to be sure I have plenty of  cash in my Paypal account or that my credit cards are not maxed out. Thanks for listening.
  27. Posted by: Joni
    Thank you for answering our questions! Will the Instant Albums be coming back next year???? I sure hope so. While I love everything you do in papercrafting, I ADORE your instant albums the most. They save me both time and money and wow are they fabulous! Thank you for advancing the art of papercrafting on so many levels! My completed instant albums are my all-time fave possessions! I will keep them forever and then pass them on! They bring me such delight as I complete them and such comfort as I review them! They help me to remember the beauty of my own life! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Posted by: Sharon Sienaski
    Oh and I bought almost every item from July 11 and hubby has to build more shelves now.
  29. Posted by: Sharon Sienaski
    Anna received the card making book today.Love it but the pages are in backwards and upside down!!
  30. Posted by: Mary Prather
    Just a comment, I got my shipment of ELEVEN items for the July show today!!!!! I’m OVER THE MOON!
    Love you Anna and Team
  31. Posted by: Marcy
    I love how in touch Anna is with her customers!  You don’t disappear between HSN shows. Thanks for the continuous inspiration!
  32. Posted by: D. Loeffler
    Please tell HSN to have your shows on Sat. and Sunday.  Since many, many of us work Mon – Friday, we working girls miss the shows.  The items sell out and HSN does not offer wait list (most of the time) like QVC did when an item sells out.    I have been  a fan of your products for a long time, but can’t seem to get them thru HSN.
  33. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    I buy so much–have about nine items coming from the 7/11 show and can hardly wait to use.  Saw the card using dies from both sets on the blog (pastel multi-colored floral die cut on top of a metallic medallion) and noticed that the floral die cut appears to have been colored—was this with the watercolor marker set?  One more question—I have the pleating papers set that I purchased some time ago and am just now getting around to using.  HOW do you secure the centers of the rosettes or bases of the “fans” to get them to stay put? There were no specific instructions in the envelope.
  34. Posted by: Shelley Slentz
    Please bring us some Vintage Halloween kits! Loved the July show and waiting for my goodies to arrive! Can’t wait for the Christmas folders and Cricut cartridge, congrats on the upcoming TSV!!!!!
  35. Posted by: Lynn
    To JOANNE AMORE….Anna did a “Cards for Him” kit that is very nice.  I’ve used almost every card.
  36. Posted by: Ronny
    What a fantastic show you had on the 11th.  I bought so much that
    I’m now in a panic wondering where I am going to get money for
    your Sept. show that I wasn’t expecting!!  I may have to give up eating for August!  (wouldn’t hurt the figure any either) :)My first question is do you have any little odd jobs that I could
    do to make some money for your next show?My second question is, are you going to do another birthday kit soon.  Or if not could we get just the fancy layerd stickers that have birthday greetings on them, or even the flat gold trimmed ones?  That way any of your kits and papers can be turned into birthday cards.   I send out very few other types of cards. At my age with even my grandkids graduated I just don’t get announcements and I am swimming in thankyou and congrats, good luck stickers because they just don’t get used.

    My other thought is with all your stamps I have, it would work to have the layered fancy stickers or flat embellished cards just blank so we could stamp on them the occasion we want to use it for.  If that won’t work I would love to have a big set of your insert papers with just birthday verses in them.     I know just from reading your blog etc that there are a lot of us ‘older’  Anna Griffin fan club members that just do birthdays  (and sympathy) cards.  We belong to ladies clubs and have more time for friends than when we had family at home, so therefore our big need is birthday cards which we love to make and give.   Would love to see some fun mens birthday cards.  I liked the vintage one you had but I would like to see somthing that wasn’t all black and brown.

    Thanks again for all your beautiful products.

  37. Posted by: Humberta M
    Hi Anna,
    You mention Instagram?  What is it and how can I access it?  It was mentioned that there was a sneak preview of the Halloween collection on Instagram.  I would love to see it, but have been unable to.
  38. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    Will you ever do a card kit geared towards men.  Thanks.
  39. Posted by: Ruth
    Will you be offering your 6×6 pack of paper again? I think there were 114 pieces in a attractive packaging
  40. Posted by: Marianne
    The video of the new floral and flourish dies – will you have them on the blog this Wednesday July 17??

What’s Back for More on July 11th

I’m thrilled to offer you twelve brand new items this Thursday, July 11th, but our friends at HSN are also bringing back some of your favorites that you won’t want to miss out on! Here is a quick rundown of the sought-after items that are back for more…

The Floral Impressions Card Kit is the gift that keeps on giving, with enough inside to make 48 beautiful cards adorned with everlasting botanicals. If you’ve never owned this kit before, now is the time!

The Floral Impressions kit goes great with the Heartfelt Sentiment Linersthat will also be making a come back. Twenty-four different interior sentiments come in two sizes, A2 and A7, and include the perfect message for any occasion!

The 1920’s-inspired Eleanor Paper Crafting Kit will also be back with its feminine vintage hatbox stripes and lush rose bouquets. This kit features beautiful flocked and diecut papers that offer endless layering options.

If you are a Cuttlebug fanatic, the Embossing Folder Storage is a must have! Not only will you be able to organize all of your A2 and A7 folders, but you can store your new dies, borders and more in this sturdy storage.

The Blomma Couture Cardmaking Kit depicts the happiness of sunny days, including 12 cards shaped like flower pots and watering cans and such adorable floral embellishments that they look like they were picked straight from the garden!

Our dual-tipped Watercolor Markers are a fantastic addition to your crafting stash! This set of 12 markers is so much fun to use when cutting, stamping and embossing.

On my last visit to HSN I debuted the Chinoiserie Paper Crafting Kit, and this Chinese-inspired collection with a Palm Beach twist is up for grabs again!

Last is the ever-popular Metallic Layers, which have been a sell-out item each time I bring them back! This kit includes multiple sizes of foil and brilliant cardstock perfect for embossing, and come in eight colors that mix-and-match beautifully.

Be sure to tune in on July 11th at 10 a.m, 1 p.m. and 11 p.m. for these special back in stock items! Happy Shopping!


  1. Posted by: Meg
    Hi Anna,
    What a wonderful time we ALL had! So excited to get my animal & shell stickers.  I did ALOT of purchasing before so I wouldn’t miss out.  Several products are on their way too! Can’t wait to see the items.  I want to thank you and your staff for all the great products that you bring to us.  I’m sure HSN likes it too! Take a break, you deserve it, and we’ll see you in Sept.
  2. Posted by: Janese P
    Thank you Anna and your team for another day of awesome shopping!!  My family and friends compliment my creations and “giggle” at me when I say,  “it’s all Anna, all the time!”  Looking forward to September and more Anna-fyed fun stuff!
  3. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    What a fun day we had on Thursday!  I can’t believe I got to talk to you again.  And what an honor it was to have you remember who I was and even remember my name.  You are such an awesome lady.
    I ordered just about everything you had.  I think it will be Christmas in July when it comes in the mail.
    We have been in Utah temporarily, and now my husband’s work is sending us back to the Dallas area.  My married girls, who live there, are so excited to have our Anna Griffin nights again.  Especially with Christmas coming up.
    Thank you again Anna for all you do for us followers who love you so,  and  for your generosity and kind example.  You truly are a very gracious lady.
    I noticed you are in Dallas quite often for their trade shows.  Perhaps I can get into one of them and meet you in person.  I would love that.
    Thanks again for such a fun HSN day.  I’m looking forward to September.


  4. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Hi Anna:  I don’t have Facebook but I was wondering if you had thought about making an embossing folder of animal prints to go with the Animal Kingdom sticker kit.   Loved everything yesterday.  Got two boxes today.  Anxiously waiting for the other nine things I ordered!

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland

  5. Posted by: Kim Haygood
    I just wanted to congratulate you on three wonderful hours on HSN yesterday! I was off work that day and my little ones and I watched and ordered, and ordered, and ordered! I was so glad that I went on the night before to get the die cuts and letterpress stamps. It is not surprising how quickly things sell out–and I had to learn the hard way in January, March, and April. My husband tells me, “Think long, think wrong!” and that is certainly true with your products on HSN!

    I got your lovely book and was wondering if you continue to make card idea books if you could somehow keep them the same size and number them (like Volume 2, 3, etc.)? When I have collected craft books or DVD’s in the past, the companies often don’t number them and it is hard to go by title to always remember what is in the book as well as to know if I am missing any in the collection. If like items are numbered–people would know easily know which books they have/don’t have in a series. I can imagine in a few years from now, looking at my nice, even row of Anna Griffin Card books on a shelf, all lined up and numbered. Also, since you are including pages that can be copied, would it be possible to not only have the templates attached in the spiral part of the book, but also to have a little pocket page at the end with some loose leaf templates that could easily be taken out to copy and return to the book? Those are just a few suggestions, but I thought people can avoid the problems that come with copying from a bound book and have a nice, crisp original copy of the patterns. People could take those and laminate them for longevity if they wanted to do so.  Still, the templates are a FABULOUS idea and I just love that you have given us the bonus of  including them in the book. The photos look amazing and I am looking forward to more idea books from you! I have been waiting for just such a product! Thanks for all of your team’s hard work and congratulations on all your successes yesterday! I am truly a fan!

  6. Posted by: Shelia
    Dear Anna & staff …… it was WONDERFUL!!!
    Thank you so much!

  7. Posted by: Jackie
    Your shows were great, however having to work last night and half the day today, I did get one of the die cuts, but the floral was sold out! Will it be available again? I hope so and hope you make a few for Christmas!, love all your goodies and looking forward to getting more! Jackie
  8. Posted by: Shelby McDaniel
    Hello Anna & Fantastic Staff!

    Congratulations on another great set of shows on HSN! Loved the new die cuts & am very excited about your new book!  I join many other fans who love your products & always look forward to your presentations!  Was smart this time, ordered everything I wanted the night before!  I know your new products sell out in five minutes or less!  Can’t wait to see you again in September!

  9. Posted by: Heidi
    Oh Anna, I purchased so many of your items today!  I have a special request……..can you please assemble a ribbon collection in your beautiful color pallettes?  Thanks so much for all your beautiful items, I can’t wait until they arrive!
  10. Posted by: Lin M.
    Thank you so much for not only the great products you offer but also for the education you provide to go with it. I’m glad I ordered last night because I had to work today and a couple of the items I ordered sold out today. I can’t wait to get my order – your products are always so fabulous!
    I watched your shows that I recorded from earlier. I love all the examples and when you show how to use the products. That is so helpful – you are a great teacher as well as designer.
    I bought my Anna Griffin Cuttlebug in April so I missed the March folder set. Is there any possibility you might sell that set again – I would love to have it!
    Thank you and your team for all that you do! I am so inspired – I’m off to craft some until your next show tonight – I get to watch that one live! 🙂
  11. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    I bought almost all you new things on HSN.  I would love to see a card kit geared towards men.  I also would like to see a package of the rosettes.  I love to decorate my cards with them.  I am looking forward to the Christmas things on September 17th.
  12. Posted by: Carol Babst
    Wow, I pre-bought several items last night, just in case they sold out today.  I thought that was all I wanted, but ended up buying more today after seeing the demonstrations.  Hope you will bring us more of the die cuts as they sold out quickly!  Glad I bought mine last night.  Keep up the good work.  We love you, Anna!
  13. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Wow, Anna!  Great shows.  I’ve watched them both twice.  Really impressive.  You look wonderful and I admire so much that you can get on live TV and make it look easy.  I’d be a nervous wreck, but it goes to show the pro that you are and that, when you are passionate about something, the words just flow.

    Congratulations to you and your staff!  Simply the best!

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland

  14. Posted by: Marge
    Hi Anna – just got done watching your 1st show on HSN, and I’ve gotta say YOU ARE THE WOMAN!  Ordered a bunch of stuff (and will probably order more as the day goes on).
  15. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Couldn’t sleep last night!  Very excited.  I’m up early and ready to watch!  I have already placed my order and have gotten ten of your new products and a few of the repeat ones.  Thank you Anna!  You’re the best!
  16. Posted by: Kathleen Lundman
    Love all of the new products AND some of the old ones that I missed last time.  I’m already ahead of the game this time and have ordered 3 of the sets that I can’t live without.  We shall see if I find anything else tempting!  Thanks for doing this show and having them during daylight helps too!  Looking forward to seeing you soon.
  17. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    I was fortunate enough to order ALL of your New Products on HSN yesterday and today, After years of purchasing your products on HSN, I know they sell out quick and usually before the demonstration is even over.

    Anna, I really can’t say which is my favorite because I love them all so much. You are amazing to know what your Fans want. There is no designer that can compare to you Anna.  You are truly gifted when it comes to your designing.

    I would like to thank you Anna for all of the enjoyment I have had and will continue to have with your Products. I cannot even count all of the compliments I have received when I give a card, that I create with your products.

  18. Posted by: Kathrine Scott
    Oh I am just so happy to see all the old and new! I am a newbie crafter, but your products give me such confidence. Made my very first scrapbooks this year with your instant scrapbooks from last year. They were beautiful. Thank you so much and have a great day at HSN
  19. Posted by: Tammy Gaffney
    I’m hoping that I win the lottery tonight….because I want it all! But of course I’d have to have duplicate sets of everything. to use and one to save so I can oohhh and aahh over later.
  20. Posted by: Maryann
    I can’t wait.  I can’t wait.  See y’all tomorrow.  There’s so much I want.  How about everything!!!!
  21. Posted by: Debra Lovell
    Wow! These are all awesome.I would love to have any of them. I will see you tomorrow on HSN!! Happy Birthday HSN!
  22. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Gorgeous!!!’ Can’t Wait!! It’s Almost TOMORROW!!!!

Winner of the Paper Crafting Final Four!

Hi Crafting Family!

I just arrived in sunny Florida to get everything prepped and ready for an amazing three hours of crafting with you tomorrow, and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am! I hope you all will join me at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST for all of the fun.

It’s been so great getting to know so many of your names and faces here on the blog and on my social media sites, and to see you sharing your love for crafting and your beautiful work with each other. Trust me when I say that the sneak peeks and giveaways are far from over, because before you know it I will be ramping up for my September 17th shows and you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for what’s in store!

This week’s winner is taking home my new Festive Flags Ribbon Stickers, French Floral Papers, Interchangeable Sentiments and (my personal favorite) the Perfect Palette Cards & Layers.

That winner is Annie Laura Pence!! Congratulations and enjoy all of your wonderful new items!

I’ll be keeping you updated throughout my visit on here on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter and Istagram with behind the scenes photos and more.  Oh, and don’t forget to download the HSN app on your tablet or smart phone and chat live with me tomorrow at 2 p.m.!

See you then!


  1. Posted by: Cee
    Aloha Anna,
    I am so sad I missed out on the two sets of dies! I had to work, but set my dvr and got a chance to order a bunch of your products. Will HSN be restocking the die sets? I really, really need them! I can hardly wait to receive my shipment. I loved everything you presented and can’t wait to see what you’ll have in September! Thank u sooo much!
  2. Posted by: Steve
    I am the husband of an Anna fan. I wanted to leave a note to you so I “borrowed” my wife’s ipad.  2 years ago, after suffering for 3 years of unexplained pain, my athletic and active wife was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease. We were told to enjoy the quality of life she had left for one more year maybe two. She refused to sit down and wait it out. A year ago she found Anna and paper crafting.  I just wanted to thank you.  Most all of her symptoms are in remission we believe due to her love of creating with your products and our faith. Thank you to you Anna and your amazing team for giving me my wife back.
  3. Posted by: Leslie
    Anna Thank You for all the flex pays yesterday, without them I would not have been able to get everything that I wanted. Please keep those flex pays coming. Justl LOVED all of your shows. You are the QUEEN of papercrafting.
  4. Posted by: Elizabeth D
    Congrats to Annie Laura. And congrats to all who watched HSN and were able to order what they wanted. With Anna’s beautiful items we are all winners.
  5. Posted by: Marta
    Congrats, Annie!

    Anna, I am excited to see your shows. Can’t wait!


  6. Posted by: Maryann
    Congratulations Annie Laura. You’re sooooo lucky. I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I too have already ordered but I’m sure I’ll be ordering more and more tomorrow.  The Coca Cola cards will definitely be on my list.  Thanks Anna for all you’re doing for us.  Have a wonderful day tomorrow everyone.  Happy dance time!!!
  7. Posted by: Jeanne Tipton
    WOOHOO!!!  Got both die sets!  I’ve been watching and waiting for them also.  They’re so much more elaborate and delicate than any dies I’ve purchased from any other company.  I can hardly wait to get them and everything else I’ve already ordered.  Okay, Anna, September what?  I need to put it in my calendar.
  8. Posted by: Jeanne Tipton
    Congratulations!   I’ve already ordered all the components so I’ll be creating with you.
  9. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Way to go, Annie!  Congrats!   Have fun at HSN tomorrow Anna!  Can’t wait.
  10. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Congratulations Annie Laura, you are going to play with all those Pretty Anna Griffin Products before you know it, how Exciting is That????!!!!

    To Anna Griffin, I have Been Obsessive checking out HSN 24
    Hours a day to see if the New AG Produce have been posted. Oh
    My My My, I have Gone and Done It Again!!! I thought I
    Hurried and opened the Bigger Boxes yesterday and got rid of the
    Evidence but guess what, he figured it out!! BUSTED!! LOL!!
  11. Posted by: Lin M.
    Congratulations Annie Laura!
    I am so excited for tomorrow’s shows. I have the DVR set (I have to work 🙁 .  I’ve placed my order online – you know Anna Griffin stuff always sells out quickly. I’ll get to watch the evening show live.
  12. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
    Anna, thank you for your wonderful generosity with all of your giveaways! Have a great time on HSN…I hope you have a day full of sell outs!!
  13. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    Congrats to Annie.  I’m sure you will enjoy working with these beautiful supplies.
  14. Posted by: Amy W
    Congrats Annie!
  15. Posted by: Patti Doss
    Congratulations Lucky Laura…Can I come over to play?
  16. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.  I already went to HSN and ordered all the things I wanted.  The first package came today with the washi tape, the flags and the animal stickers.  I just love the animal stickers.  I know what I will be doing tomorrow. Thanks.
  17. Posted by: Janese
    Congrats Annie!  I received all these products yesterday and they are as always true beautiful Anna style. You will love them! Enjoy and I look forward to seeing everyone’s creations.
  18. Posted by: Elicia P
    Congrats, Annie Laura!!!
  19. Posted by: Antonia Pierre-Radford
    Congratulations, Annie! I’m about to start my ordering on HSN. I just can’t wait any longer. So excited!!!  ^_^
  20. Posted by: Tom G.
    YAY Annie Laura!  I’ve seen your cards, and I know all of those goodies will be put to good use! Enjoy…
  21. Posted by: Karen Davidson
    Congrats Annie Laura!! I am so excited about tomorrow I hope I can sleep tonight!!!!! I’ll not only be watching but also taping so I can enjoy the show again & again for added inspiration 🙂 Will be watching with you all tomorrow!
  22. Posted by: Penny Krueger
    Can’t wait to see what you are going to do with The Coke Cola Kit! It is so different from your usual pastels, florals and butterflies…. My new goodies have not arrived yet, and the anticipation is killing me! You can probably look for me on the TV show about hoarders! I have a stash that I use, BUT I also have a stash “just in case!” Already saving for the September show…..
  23. Posted by: Annie Laura Pence
    Oh, my ……….I am flabbergasted to see that I WON this fabulous gift from Anna Griffin.
    You have made not only my day but I’ll be high all year ! LOL

    THANK YOU , Anna, and your great team.

    It has been a great fun summer to look at all your products.

    I can hardly wait to begin making all the birthday cards coming up.
    Thanks to others too.

    Annie Laura

  24. Posted by: Fran Camero
    I could not wait any longer.  Went to HSN and ordered the two new floral dies.  Will definitely love using them on my page layouts.
  25. Posted by: Cathy May
    Congratulations to Annie Laura!  I’m sure that you will love your prizes from Anna.  The boarder stickers that I won are absolutely fabulous and I encourage everyone to pick these up while you can.  Can’t wait until tomorrow!
  26. Posted by: Carol
    Congratulations to Annie Laura!  I am so glad the wait is almost over and I can’t wait for Anna’s shows tomorrow on HSN.  I have already purchased several items online.  I love everything!  See you tomorrow, Anna.