Winner of the Paper Crafting Final Four!

Hi Crafting Family!

I just arrived in sunny Florida to get everything prepped and ready for an amazing three hours of crafting with you tomorrow, and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am! I hope you all will join me at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST for all of the fun.

It’s been so great getting to know so many of your names and faces here on the blog and on my social media sites, and to see you sharing your love for crafting and your beautiful work with each other. Trust me when I say that the sneak peeks and giveaways are far from over, because before you know it I will be ramping up for my September 17th shows and you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for what’s in store!

This week’s winner is taking home my new Festive Flags Ribbon Stickers, French Floral Papers, Interchangeable Sentiments and (my personal favorite) the Perfect Palette Cards & Layers.

That winner is Annie Laura Pence!! Congratulations and enjoy all of your wonderful new items!

I’ll be keeping you updated throughout my visit on here on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter and Istagram with behind the scenes photos and more.  Oh, and don’t forget to download the HSN app on your tablet or smart phone and chat live with me tomorrow at 2 p.m.!

See you then!


  1. Posted by: Cee
    Aloha Anna,
    I am so sad I missed out on the two sets of dies! I had to work, but set my dvr and got a chance to order a bunch of your products. Will HSN be restocking the die sets? I really, really need them! I can hardly wait to receive my shipment. I loved everything you presented and can’t wait to see what you’ll have in September! Thank u sooo much!
  2. Posted by: Steve
    I am the husband of an Anna fan. I wanted to leave a note to you so I “borrowed” my wife’s ipad.  2 years ago, after suffering for 3 years of unexplained pain, my athletic and active wife was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease. We were told to enjoy the quality of life she had left for one more year maybe two. She refused to sit down and wait it out. A year ago she found Anna and paper crafting.  I just wanted to thank you.  Most all of her symptoms are in remission we believe due to her love of creating with your products and our faith. Thank you to you Anna and your amazing team for giving me my wife back.
  3. Posted by: Leslie
    Anna Thank You for all the flex pays yesterday, without them I would not have been able to get everything that I wanted. Please keep those flex pays coming. Justl LOVED all of your shows. You are the QUEEN of papercrafting.
  4. Posted by: Elizabeth D
    Congrats to Annie Laura. And congrats to all who watched HSN and were able to order what they wanted. With Anna’s beautiful items we are all winners.
  5. Posted by: Marta
    Congrats, Annie!

    Anna, I am excited to see your shows. Can’t wait!


  6. Posted by: Maryann
    Congratulations Annie Laura. You’re sooooo lucky. I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I too have already ordered but I’m sure I’ll be ordering more and more tomorrow.  The Coca Cola cards will definitely be on my list.  Thanks Anna for all you’re doing for us.  Have a wonderful day tomorrow everyone.  Happy dance time!!!
  7. Posted by: Jeanne Tipton
    WOOHOO!!!  Got both die sets!  I’ve been watching and waiting for them also.  They’re so much more elaborate and delicate than any dies I’ve purchased from any other company.  I can hardly wait to get them and everything else I’ve already ordered.  Okay, Anna, September what?  I need to put it in my calendar.
  8. Posted by: Jeanne Tipton
    Congratulations!   I’ve already ordered all the components so I’ll be creating with you.
  9. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Way to go, Annie!  Congrats!   Have fun at HSN tomorrow Anna!  Can’t wait.
  10. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Congratulations Annie Laura, you are going to play with all those Pretty Anna Griffin Products before you know it, how Exciting is That????!!!!

    To Anna Griffin, I have Been Obsessive checking out HSN 24
    Hours a day to see if the New AG Produce have been posted. Oh
    My My My, I have Gone and Done It Again!!! I thought I
    Hurried and opened the Bigger Boxes yesterday and got rid of the
    Evidence but guess what, he figured it out!! BUSTED!! LOL!!
  11. Posted by: Lin M.
    Congratulations Annie Laura!
    I am so excited for tomorrow’s shows. I have the DVR set (I have to work 🙁 .  I’ve placed my order online – you know Anna Griffin stuff always sells out quickly. I’ll get to watch the evening show live.
  12. Posted by: Melissa Hampton
    Anna, thank you for your wonderful generosity with all of your giveaways! Have a great time on HSN…I hope you have a day full of sell outs!!
  13. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    Congrats to Annie.  I’m sure you will enjoy working with these beautiful supplies.
  14. Posted by: Amy W
    Congrats Annie!
  15. Posted by: Patti Doss
    Congratulations Lucky Laura…Can I come over to play?
  16. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.  I already went to HSN and ordered all the things I wanted.  The first package came today with the washi tape, the flags and the animal stickers.  I just love the animal stickers.  I know what I will be doing tomorrow. Thanks.
  17. Posted by: Janese
    Congrats Annie!  I received all these products yesterday and they are as always true beautiful Anna style. You will love them! Enjoy and I look forward to seeing everyone’s creations.
  18. Posted by: Elicia P
    Congrats, Annie Laura!!!
  19. Posted by: Antonia Pierre-Radford
    Congratulations, Annie! I’m about to start my ordering on HSN. I just can’t wait any longer. So excited!!!  ^_^
  20. Posted by: Tom G.
    YAY Annie Laura!  I’ve seen your cards, and I know all of those goodies will be put to good use! Enjoy…
  21. Posted by: Karen Davidson
    Congrats Annie Laura!! I am so excited about tomorrow I hope I can sleep tonight!!!!! I’ll not only be watching but also taping so I can enjoy the show again & again for added inspiration 🙂 Will be watching with you all tomorrow!
  22. Posted by: Penny Krueger
    Can’t wait to see what you are going to do with The Coke Cola Kit! It is so different from your usual pastels, florals and butterflies…. My new goodies have not arrived yet, and the anticipation is killing me! You can probably look for me on the TV show about hoarders! I have a stash that I use, BUT I also have a stash “just in case!” Already saving for the September show…..
  23. Posted by: Annie Laura Pence
    Oh, my ……….I am flabbergasted to see that I WON this fabulous gift from Anna Griffin.
    You have made not only my day but I’ll be high all year ! LOL

    THANK YOU , Anna, and your great team.

    It has been a great fun summer to look at all your products.

    I can hardly wait to begin making all the birthday cards coming up.
    Thanks to others too.

    Annie Laura

  24. Posted by: Fran Camero
    I could not wait any longer.  Went to HSN and ordered the two new floral dies.  Will definitely love using them on my page layouts.
  25. Posted by: Cathy May
    Congratulations to Annie Laura!  I’m sure that you will love your prizes from Anna.  The boarder stickers that I won are absolutely fabulous and I encourage everyone to pick these up while you can.  Can’t wait until tomorrow!
  26. Posted by: Carol
    Congratulations to Annie Laura!  I am so glad the wait is almost over and I can’t wait for Anna’s shows tomorrow on HSN.  I have already purchased several items online.  I love everything!  See you tomorrow, Anna.