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Thank you so much to everyone who watched last Thursday. We had a very successful day on HSN and that was due entirely to you! I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm.I’ve tried to answer most of your questions from this week. Here’s a quick run down of some of the easy ones…What brand and color nail polish do you use?

My nail polish is Essie – Sugar Daddy…

When is the next HSN show?

The next shows are on September 17th and it’s a 24 hour Craft Event AND I have the Today’s Special. (More to come on that subject)

What did I miss on the Live Chat?

1. We had as many people in the chat room as Snooki did – again! 2. Amber from HSN did the typing while I tried to answer everyone’s questions. Amber’s photo is on Instagram. 3. Small details about our Craft Furniture line. It was due in September, but has just now been postponed to November 7th.

Can you show a more detailed video demonstration of the cutting dies since they sold out before the presentation was complete?

I will post a video demo of the cutting dies on Wednesday here on the blog, so check back. This will give you time to receive your shipment.

Will the Flower and Flourish dies be back in September?

These will be back on November 7th. There is a choice of Christmas die sets in September. Check back here for all the news.

Will the dies ever be on an autoship program?

That isn’t in the plan right now, but I think it’s a great idea for next year. Thank you!

When are you bringing new dies and embossing folders to the UK?

I will be on QVC in the UK on August 22nd and 23rd. The Cuttlebug, with 2 folders, the Inspiring Impressions embossing folder Bundle, the Flowers and the Flourishes Die Cutting Dies will all be on during those shows. I will warn you, there are limited quantities.

When you showed the Floral dies you said that an extra B plate would be a good thing to have, but there is also a C adapter. What is the difference?

I said that having an extra set of B Plates is a good idea when using the Cuttlebug with die cutting dies. The dies cut into the plastic and make them look scratched. It does not harm them and they still work perfectly – it was just a suggestion. The die sets come with a rubber mat that acts as a spacer for cutting and embossing, so that is all you need. The C plate adapter is plastic and functions the same as the rubber mat. Not needed since you get the rubber mat.

After you emboss with the Cuttlebug, what type of sand paper or device are you using?

You can use any fine grit sand paper to reveal your embossing design. The small block I used came from Making Memories and we bought it at Michaels. Raid the tool box in the basement – the regular stuff works just fine.

Will you offer the Elegant Arrangements autoship bundle again?

We’ve been asking for it to come back for November, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Will Christmas embossing folders be available in September?

Yes, a special 16 folder bundle was created just for September 17th. This will be different patterns than the Christmas bundle you get if you are on Auto Ship.

When will you be coming out with an Anna Griffin Cricut cartridge?

Our first Cricut Cartridge will be available on September 17th. It’s for Christmas and it is called Winter Wonderland. I’ll be previewing it here soon.

Will you ever make envelopes for 6×6 cardstock?

Our 6×6 paper pads have done well in the past and we do have a set coming up for Christmas. I think adding the envelopes is a great idea for next year!

If there’s anything I missed, just post the question below. I will be previewing the new September items here starting soon, so please check back!

Thanks again for your dedication to us and your dedication to crafting!


  1. Posted by: Maria
      Dear Anna,
    I have several of your card making kits, and most recently bought Floral Impressions and the Perfect Palette, which are both terrific. As I have many bows, borders and 3D florals & sentiment stickers from your previous kits, I find I’m in need of the “Heartfelt Sentiment Liners” to go inside the cards.
    I am currently making card for an upcoming craft fair, and am in desperate need of the inserts. PLEASE , PLEASE, let me know if there are any available for me to order.
    Thank you,
  2. Posted by: Marge
    Thank you for the joy and inspiration you provide.
    I was wondering what you use for adhesive in the paper weaving cards. When I used craft glue, the woven edges seemed to shrink up a bit.
  3. Posted by: Joanne
    I received your new dies yesterday and they are not cutting. What do I need to do. I was trying to use them with my new cuttlebug .   I even tried spraying the paper witH water.
  4. Posted by: Marijane
    Just got my shipment of your items that I ordered last week from HSN and they are OUTSTANDING!  Beautiful and great quality.  Your book is just breathtaking!  Can’t wait for Sept. 17 and your Todays Special Value… They are always the best values!
  5. Posted by: Laura Payne
    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I receive 3 of m items today n figure the rest will be here tomorrow. I can’t wait to play with them. I’m off to KC Nashville moo row morning. Wish you would offer on classes!
  6. Posted by: Linda H
    To: Kathy Brubaker-  HOW TO MAKE FOLDED BUTTERFLY  for directions.
  7. Posted by: Linda H
    To: Kathy Brubaker-  HOW TO MAKE FOLDED BUTTERFLY  for directions.
  8. Posted by: Sharon Sienaski
    I just called AG customer service,I thought mt cuttlebug would break using new dies. B plate came out warped, asked if they can be used on Grand Caliber. Waiting for call back
  9. Posted by: Vonica B
    Hi Anna
    i am a newbie! So excited really I am. I watched your show last week for the first time- loved every minute. I purchased the card making book, washi tape, and the cuttlebug inspiring folders.  I also purchased the embossed thinking that was your product.  My question is will the folder work in the ebosser? I got it because it is automatic and the cuttlebug is not. Did I go wrong? Please advise.
    thank you
  10. Posted by: Humberta
    Hi Anna,
    Today I received your embossing folders storage box and extra embossing folder sleeves.  I love it it, it will be great to be able to keep the folders organized. However, I was wondering if you will ever do a smaller box just for the A2 folders.  It would be so convenient to keep them separate.  Keep up the good work.  Love, love, love your products!
  11. Posted by: NANCY B.
        I was lucky to purchase the new floral dies from your last show.  I have the original  older cuttlebug but expect to use your new dies in the GRAND CALIBUR.  Will they  work in this machine as well in the cuttlebug?  They are beautiful and I will buy more of your dies as they are just beautiful!  Can’t wait to see what you bring us for the holidays!!
  12. Posted by: Dana S
    Hi Anna
    i am such a huge fan of all your products and your lovely creations!!!
    I tune in everytime you are on hsn.
    I buy many of your products..can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Thank you sooo much for the inspiration you share with us!!!
    Looking forward to your September show on hsn.
    Just curious will your new circuit cartiage work on any machine?
  13. Posted by: Elizabeth M
    Hi Anna…..I Love everything about the products that u creater, BUT,…..this just happened….I just received my order from HSN,   and the Flourish die set  came with 2 of the same kind of the smaller ones…..I did not receive the Scroll little one in the pkg….I have a feeling since this came from Cnina, and that the production line was all run the same, that u may be getting alot of calls re: this matter….I realize that HSN is sold-out so   What will the out come be ….The scroll one(that is missing) looks really sweet, hope you will be able to come up with something….thank you, Anna…
  14. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    Hi Anna, I had purchased 2 sets of your Manly Card Kit a while back and have used them all. Could you come out with another Manly type Card Kit?  There is simply very few supplies out in the market for creating cards for men.  Your previous Manly Card Kit was wonderful, I LOVED it.  Thanks Anna.
  15. Posted by: Debbie Gilbert
    Would you make some stickers that can be used on the back of your envelopes, sometimes the glue isn’t quite strong to hold them shut.
    I think it is all the beauty just trying to pop out!Thank you. Debbie
  16. Posted by: Dawn G.
    Hi Anna!Thank you for taking the time to read all these questions and to answer them as well.  🙂  How sweet!By the luck of being on the west coast, was able to watch all the shows on HSN.   Overdosed on inspirations and ideas!!!

    Will you please put on your To Do list a patriotic-summer kit.  Would love to see your take on red, white and blue, as well as, other summer kinds of flowers (hydrangeas, sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias), fireworks, bicycles…….you get the wave length.  🙂

    And as a side, where do you find your cute dresses?  Good thing we don’t know each other because I’d be in your closet “borrowing” that cute pink dress you wore. 😉

    Thank you Anna.  And to your Team as well.

    Happy Summer!  xo

  17. Posted by: Debbie
    Got the new die cuts. It is so hard to run them through the cuttlebug machine. You do feel as if the machine will break. Any suggestions?Very disappointed.
  18. Posted by: Barbara E
    You can see the halloween picture by searching for ” Anna Griffin Instagram” on your computer.  Will take you there without having to sign up for anything 🙂
  19. Posted by: Meg
    Hi Dear Anna,
    I just received my die-cut plates, and I followed the instructions, and the plates wouldn’t go through the cuttelbug. I thought I might break the machine so I stopped trying. Has any one else had this problem. I received my book also, and it is WONDERFUL! Just a little worried about the new die cuts. The video will be good, since I can’t review it on HSN.  Thank you for all of the support and beautiful products.
  20. Posted by: Lin M.
    I so enjoyed your HSN shows! I received my order yesterday. Everything is even better than I imagined. The book is FABULOUS! The Flourish dies are AMAZING – I don’t have enough words to describe. I only wish I had purchased Floral too. The metalic papers sold out last time you were on so I was able to pick those up this time.
    Thank you for answering all our questions and for bringing such fantastic products! I’ll start saving up for the next shows – sounds exciting!
  21. Posted by: Michelle
    Will you be offering any clear new sentiment stamps inn the next couple of months?
  22. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Anna:  I have received most of my items from your July 11th show and I must say that the cardmaking book is STELLAR!  I can’t stop looking at it.  Thank you for such a comprehensive description of your cardmaking processes and tips.  Everything is just wonderful.  Can’t wait until September.I also have an idea for a future product.  Have you ever thought of making card ensembles maybe in like quantities of ten or so and having the sentiment and insider liners together in one kit.  For example, for birthday, having the outside sentiments and then the liner together in the same package, then one for sympathy and get well, etc.  I never seem to have enough sympathy cards ever.  Thank you for always listening.Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland

  23. Posted by: margaret driscoll
    Hello Anna!
    I am so  looking forward to you UK visit it seems ages now saving the pennies!
  24. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    I am also interested in the “Antique Hardware” stamp set that Lynn asked about – it would be great if that came back.  In a previous blog I had also asked if you would be able to do a “Handmade By” stamp for the back of cards we create (just like the ones in all your card kits) – I hope that becomes available someday.  Looking forward to your September show!!
  25. Posted by: Joni
    I guess I should just ask this outright: What product or products will be offered in your upcoming Today’s Special? (Please see related questions about the price of that TS.) Thanks again for your generosity in addressing our questions.
  26. Posted by: Joni
    Would it be possible for you to give us a preview (with the price) for your upcoming Today’s Special? I am hoping  and guessing it might be an AG Cricut machine to go with the cartridges you mentioned. If this is the case, I want to be sure I have plenty of  cash in my Paypal account or that my credit cards are not maxed out. Thanks for listening.
  27. Posted by: Joni
    Thank you for answering our questions! Will the Instant Albums be coming back next year???? I sure hope so. While I love everything you do in papercrafting, I ADORE your instant albums the most. They save me both time and money and wow are they fabulous! Thank you for advancing the art of papercrafting on so many levels! My completed instant albums are my all-time fave possessions! I will keep them forever and then pass them on! They bring me such delight as I complete them and such comfort as I review them! They help me to remember the beauty of my own life! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Posted by: Sharon Sienaski
    Oh and I bought almost every item from July 11 and hubby has to build more shelves now.
  29. Posted by: Sharon Sienaski
    Anna received the card making book today.Love it but the pages are in backwards and upside down!!
  30. Posted by: Mary Prather
    Just a comment, I got my shipment of ELEVEN items for the July show today!!!!! I’m OVER THE MOON!
    Love you Anna and Team
  31. Posted by: Marcy
    I love how in touch Anna is with her customers!  You don’t disappear between HSN shows. Thanks for the continuous inspiration!
  32. Posted by: D. Loeffler
    Please tell HSN to have your shows on Sat. and Sunday.  Since many, many of us work Mon – Friday, we working girls miss the shows.  The items sell out and HSN does not offer wait list (most of the time) like QVC did when an item sells out.    I have been  a fan of your products for a long time, but can’t seem to get them thru HSN.
  33. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    I buy so much–have about nine items coming from the 7/11 show and can hardly wait to use.  Saw the card using dies from both sets on the blog (pastel multi-colored floral die cut on top of a metallic medallion) and noticed that the floral die cut appears to have been colored—was this with the watercolor marker set?  One more question—I have the pleating papers set that I purchased some time ago and am just now getting around to using.  HOW do you secure the centers of the rosettes or bases of the “fans” to get them to stay put? There were no specific instructions in the envelope.
  34. Posted by: Shelley Slentz
    Please bring us some Vintage Halloween kits! Loved the July show and waiting for my goodies to arrive! Can’t wait for the Christmas folders and Cricut cartridge, congrats on the upcoming TSV!!!!!
  35. Posted by: Lynn
    To JOANNE AMORE….Anna did a “Cards for Him” kit that is very nice.  I’ve used almost every card.
  36. Posted by: Ronny
    What a fantastic show you had on the 11th.  I bought so much that
    I’m now in a panic wondering where I am going to get money for
    your Sept. show that I wasn’t expecting!!  I may have to give up eating for August!  (wouldn’t hurt the figure any either) :)My first question is do you have any little odd jobs that I could
    do to make some money for your next show?My second question is, are you going to do another birthday kit soon.  Or if not could we get just the fancy layerd stickers that have birthday greetings on them, or even the flat gold trimmed ones?  That way any of your kits and papers can be turned into birthday cards.   I send out very few other types of cards. At my age with even my grandkids graduated I just don’t get announcements and I am swimming in thankyou and congrats, good luck stickers because they just don’t get used.

    My other thought is with all your stamps I have, it would work to have the layered fancy stickers or flat embellished cards just blank so we could stamp on them the occasion we want to use it for.  If that won’t work I would love to have a big set of your insert papers with just birthday verses in them.     I know just from reading your blog etc that there are a lot of us ‘older’  Anna Griffin fan club members that just do birthdays  (and sympathy) cards.  We belong to ladies clubs and have more time for friends than when we had family at home, so therefore our big need is birthday cards which we love to make and give.   Would love to see some fun mens birthday cards.  I liked the vintage one you had but I would like to see somthing that wasn’t all black and brown.

    Thanks again for all your beautiful products.

  37. Posted by: Humberta M
    Hi Anna,
    You mention Instagram?  What is it and how can I access it?  It was mentioned that there was a sneak preview of the Halloween collection on Instagram.  I would love to see it, but have been unable to.
  38. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    Will you ever do a card kit geared towards men.  Thanks.
  39. Posted by: Ruth
    Will you be offering your 6×6 pack of paper again? I think there were 114 pieces in a attractive packaging
  40. Posted by: Marianne
    The video of the new floral and flourish dies – will you have them on the blog this Wednesday July 17??