Cuttlebug Die Cutting Demo

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a quick demo of how to die cut and emboss with our Cuttlebug dies. Enjoy! Anna


  1. Posted by: Terance
    Howdy Anna, thanks for this video i’m so glad you put this video up since this product was so successful on HSN you barely showed it before it was gone so we never got a good demo.  As usual your product are AWESOME and i’m sure my friends cant wait to get their next cards from us.  Now to figure out how to add these designs into my style.  There are men who enjoy scrapbooking and your items, we just have to figure out how to make combine your items with simple items to take the feminine down a little bit for some of our male friends but we do it pretty successfully.
  2. Posted by: Diane H
    I see that I am not alone and others are having trouble with the dies too. I was able to cut the smaller one but the large dies just won’t go through. I have warped two “B” plates. I bought two more sets today and don’t want to warp them too. I guess I’ll go buy a “c” plate tomorrow to see if that will help. The rubber mat is too thick, IMHO.
    The dies are beautiful and I’m looking forward to be able to use them. Thanks Anna for beautiful products
  3. Posted by: NANCY B.
    I’m also having problems with the floral set of dies!      I tried using my Grand Calibur instead of my cuttlebug because  the plates don’t warp like the  the ones in the cuttlebug when cutting dies. The embossing folders and dies should work in both machines.  I ran the smaller bouquet die and it cut just fine but I was unable to run the other two dies—–I thought I would break my machine  by forcing the dies through. Maybe I need a new cutting plate for my Grand Calibur as my plate is pretty cut up from hundred of uses.  If I have this trouble with the Grand Calibur,  I ‘m afraid of trying to run the dies through the cuttlebug.  The dies are beautiful and I hate to send them back so I will try a new cutting plate—hope this will solve my problem.  I don’t have the new Golden Cuttlebug but have the original machine.
  4. Posted by: Sonnie
    I’m frustrated that I can’t order the die and embossing folders…hopefully you will have more made soon.
  5. Posted by: terri
    Oh my goodness. I just got my Anna Griffin borders from HSN. I love them. Cant wait to use them. Much nicer in person. Thanks for creating such lovely things Anna
  6. Posted by: Barbara
    I think it does take a few times  to flex the “B” plate to get it going. I ordered a “B” and a “C” plate from HSN just to have them.  (just in case)
  7. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    TFS… Ana might I suggest next time you come up with the interchangeable sentiments kit that you make them a tad smaller? Even on 5×7 cards they are taking over my focal points. I do love them all though and am looking forward to seeing whatever else you come up with. Thanks a bunch.
  8. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    Anna, Thank you for being right there with that great tutorial—I really appreciate the video.  The instructions that came with the die sets were a little confusing–at least to me–but you saved the day.  I set up my Cuttlebug and got everything together right here in front of the computer, watched what you did and had no problem at all. I agree–the B plate does get warped and the rubber mat is going to be very sliced up eventually but I will keep using and replace as necessary. The result:  BEAUTIFUL die cuts!  I did the small scroll in the metallic gold cardstock and the quality is superb…almost as if it’s actually cut from metal.   I usually send picture cards (grandkids, you know!) but am thinking that this year I’m going to do my own Anna Griffin cards w/the Christmas dies….Sept. is already marked on my HSN-watching calendar!   And speaking of Christmas—when that box arrived yesterday with all my Anna goodies I had a ball!
  9. Posted by: Terri C
    Yay Ellen Ann! Thanks for the tip. I’m going to try the C plate trick to cut. I bet this would save your plates from getting too cut and bent and wear and tear on the machine. (It’s only one B plate that gets marked and bent from the cutting otherwise anyway.)
  10. Posted by: Ruby
    Thank you Anna for the video.  I tried and tried to use these dies 2 days ago and like others, thought I had ruined my Cuttlebug and B plate. I saw on your Blog that you were making a video and waited until today to watch it.  I was amazed when I tried again.  I was “building” it right but this time the “sandwich” rolled right through.  Think it takes a couple of tries to make the B plate become flexible and bend.  Beautiful cuts!  What paper do you recommend thickness-wise???
  11. Posted by: Ellen-Ann Adler
    I am happy to let everyone know that after much frustration and experimentation with different machines, sandwiches and paper, I have succeeded in getting perfect, easy cuts using the C plate in place of the rubber mat and a B plate to cut. The video method works nicely to emboss. I am so happy!!!! Hope this helps.
  12. Posted by: Debbie Baker
    These are beautiful, but where can you get them.
  13. Posted by: Dee Fisher
    Anna, thank you so much for the video. It really helped to see you use the dies. I cut & embossed tonight after getting my packages yesterday. Love, Love, Love them.
  14. Posted by: Barbara
    Terri C. I am anxious to hear if your “C” plate will work. A thinner rubber mat should work also but don’t know where to get one. I thought for sure the handle on my cuttlebug was going to break off.
    I don’t want to use it until there is a solution. Hopefully Anna will get back to us. Also HSN has “B” plates and “C” also.
  15. Posted by: Terri C
    O. M. G. I am so embarrassed! I couldn’t get the large flourish to cut on the edges and tried a couple different papers etc. but I Was Doing it Wrong! And I bet you gals with the cutting problems are to!! Now I see that the rubber goes down on the A plate FIRST
    , then the B plate etc… I did it this way and it worked like a charm and is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I don’t care if I need a dedicated set of B plates. It’s worth it! Anna,you and your team are a genius! 🙂 Be careful to watch the instructions carefully, gals. This order is different from other dies I’ve used.

  16. Posted by: Terri C
    I’m wondering if the A plate on the bottom, then the rubber mat with paper and die, then a C plate on top might work better, like people do with the spellbinder dies? It wouldn’t be as thick to go thru the machine. 2 B plates are thicker than 1 C plate.. I have a C plate so I’ll try this and report back. I’d rather not bend up my B’s faster than I need to, but I’d gladly sacrifice a set of them for these awesome results! These will look amazing in combination with my embossed papers! So glad I got the folders and the dies.  🙂
  17. Posted by: Erica H.
    Hi!!! I’m so in love with the Cuttlebug bundle(So glad I caught it before they sold out on HSN!)….The Folders are so much fun, especially with pearlized mats/card stock and foil card stock papers-the effect is really amazing….

    I also bought the die cuts….I thought I was using them wrong, as well-but your video confirms that I wasn’t using them wrong-they eventually go through-you have to make sure the machine doesn’t move and if you stand it’s a little bit easier to crank-but the B plates are all bent and cut up….Literally….8( I guess, the mat is too thick-like the ladies above suggested, I couldn’t pass reg. card stock in with it, but eventually passed reg. paper through-I probably have to go buy new B plates now…Any suggestions where to buy them, by chance?

    Thanks for your help,
    Erica H. <3

  18. Posted by: Zandra
    Oh, I just got mine today!  Yea, I can’t wait to use them.  See you at CHA.
    Hugz, Z
  19. Posted by: Lin M.
    Thank you so much for the video – it helps reaffirm I am doing this correctly. I had recorded the HSN show where you demo’d this – even though they cut you off at the end – so I went back and watched and was able to go ahead and use mine Monday evening when they arrived. I am glad that you commented on air that it would take more strength than embossing – it sure does. The first time I thought I was going to break my pretty Gold Cuttlebug getting it through. I cut with all of the dies twice and found that it gets a little easier with each time you cut.
    The finished product is so beautifully detailed I just couldn’t believe it. I can’t wait until you offer dies again and I’ll get all of them next time. 🙂
  20. Posted by: Jana Polly
    I appreciate the demonstation for using the cutting dies.  However, the mat is too thick to use with your Cuttlebug model, my old Cuttlebug, or the Sissix Big Kick.  Some people have been able to use it with the Big Shot. If you do any future dies, could you please consider doing a thinner mat?  Thanks!
  21. Posted by: Barbara
    Anna: the dies are beautiful but I am having the same problem as Elixabeth and Ellen Ann , I am afraid the handle will break off and the “b” plate is warped. It appears the  rubber mat is to thick. Help what can I/we do?
  22. Posted by: Elizabeth D
    Hi Anna, Thank you for the video, it was so much more than the instruction sheet. I am new to the Cuttlebug and I am having problems with some of the dies going through the machine and when I do get it through, some of it or half of it (mostly at the edges are not cut through. I tried to cut with small scissors but the pattern is so narrow that it rips. Any advice?
  23. Posted by: Ellen-Ann Adler
    Hi Anna,
    The dies are beyond beautiful but many people are having many problems. It is nearly impossible to get them to go through the cuttlebug and they don’t cut through all the way even with 2 passes. The large one won’t go through at all  and when forcing I was afraid I would break my hand or my machine. The B plate came out totally warped. I hate to complain as I have all of your stuff in multiples bought on HSN as well as here and this is the first thing I have been disappointed in. What can be done as I don’t want to return them?Please help. Thank you.
  24. Posted by: Marsha
    I have many cutting dies I use with my Cuttlebug but your dies are by far the most beautiful.  I love, love, love your embossing folders and dies.
  25. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Thank you, Anna.  Your attention to detail with your products and your attentiveness to your fans’ needs and wishes truly make your company stand out from the rest.  Also, thank you to Ashley from your staff yesterday for helping me by sending me some lost instructions.  You all are priceless!
  26. Posted by: Pam Ramesh
    Awesome and thank you for making the video.
  27. Posted by: KQWieland
    Well, my big ol package arrived yesterday. I must say, it is the biggest HSN package I ever got at one time! So far, I have just looked at the book – over and over and over. Thank you so much for all the products – they are entirely my style!
  28. Posted by: Janese
    Thank you!!! You explain it so well!  Absolutely beautiful!!!
  29. Posted by: Debbi
    Now I’m REALLY not happy I didn’t get these dies. Is is Sept yet??
  30. Posted by: nancy lee
    Beautiful…available through HSN?
  31. Posted by: Barbara E
    Thank you!  I just figured it out myself after looking at the instruction card although  it is very confusing.  Your explanation should be on the card- so much easier to understand.  By the way, absolutely beautiful!
  32. Posted by: Rose S.
    Thanks so much for the video. I am a retired teacher and your demo was perfect!  I am disappointed with HSN for not giving you enough time to do this since this was your biggest new product and the demo was so necessary for proper use.  Hopefully they will give you more shows with enough time for future products!  Keep your fabulous creativity going!!
  33. Posted by: Vicky
       Perfect!  This will help sooooo much.  Thanks Anna!
  34. Posted by: Rita Viscardi Santo
    Thank you Anna for this.  I followed the directions that were included with the dies, but it is always easier to follow with the video.  I received my dies yesterday and made one from the flourish kit, the one you had in your demo video.  I was blown away how beautifully detailed it was.  The photos give you an idea, but to see in person, to hold in your hand, the detail is amazing.  Thank you for making the tools so we may create these beautiful items.
  35. Posted by: Shanabme
    Thank you. Appreciate how responsive you are to our questions and comments.
  36. Posted by: Tammy Whitley
    Im so glad you showed that.  I get confused about the cutting and the embossing with the pad.  I just received my Anna Dies yesterday and cant wait to play with them.  They are the prettiest dies I have seen….ever.  And I have a lot of dies.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! I know it will be beautiful!


  1. Catherine Murphy says:

    I’m disappointed that I don’t see an answer for dies that do not cut through. I tried other dies, and different stock paper and all my dies work, excepting for this one, which I have so many uses for.

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  3. myrna hartley says:

    I have the cuttlebug and it was cutting fine until now. The dies aren’t cutting thur the entire design. Could you recommend what to do?


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