More Questions Answered

Hi everyone! Happy Friday.

I thought I would take a minute to respond to your most recent questions all in one place. Don’t worry, the Cuttlebug Die video is still on the blog, just scroll down to the previous entry for July or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch there. Anna Griffin on YouTube

Here are the answers to even more of the questions you have asked this week:

I’m worried I might break the handle on my Cuttlebug when passing the dies through. Any tips?  – Yes, the die cutting can be tricky. We experienced the same thing and found if you put press down on the gold top handle while cranking the handle, it made the pressure more even and easier to turn. Just go slowly. Flip the top B Plate over when you go back to emboss, that way any warping is corrected.

One of our designers owns a C Plate and she gave this advice:
I cut the flower out using A platform, the die/paper between the two B plates and one C plate on top. Then keeping the cutout intact in the cutting die, I embossed it using the rubber mat sandwiched between the B plates on top of the A platform (no C Plate on the emboss).

Can these dies be used on the eBosser or Grand Caliber machine?  – Provo Craft has advised that the dies work with other leading machines. We would however recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your machine for assistance.

My die set came with 2 of the same die or is missing a die. What should I do?  – Contact Customer Service at HSN with your order number – Online orders: 1.800.933.2887  Phone orders: 1.800.284.3900  AutoShip orders:  1.800.557.0714

Will you ever make a smaller embossing folder storage box just for A2 folders? – Good idea, but for now our 1 size fits all!

Will the Watercolor Markers work inside of the embossing folders? – We recommend that you emboss the design first and then use the markers to further enhance the design.

Will the new Cricut cartridge that is coming up in September work on any machine? – Yes!

Is it possible to give a sneak preview for the upcoming Today’s Special? – Yes! Previews will start soon, right here!

Will the Instant Albums be coming back next year?  – There is a new one coming  in September.

How do you secure the centers of the rosettes and the bases of the fans in the Pleating Papers kit? – After you have pleated the paper, made the wheel and glued the ends together, secure the whole thing by adding a piece of card stock to the back of the wheel. It can be any size, we use scraps of paper.

Will you do another birthday kit soon? – There are Birthday Cards in the 3 Auto Ships available with the September 17th Today’s Special.

What is Instagram and how can I access it for special sneak peeks? It’s an APP to download on your Smartphone. We are found #ANNAGRIFFININC. Someone also posted that they Googled Anna Griffin Instagram and saw some of the photos online.

Will you be offering the 6×6 pack of paper again? – Yes, there is a 6×6 card stock pack for Christmas on September 17th. The Floral one may come back next year.

Will there be a Halloween paper crafting kit on HSN on September 17th? – Yes it is called Spooktacular. There are also clear stamps with inks for Halloween.

Do you have color refills for the self-inking stamping machine available? – Yes, look for them to come back on

Will there be any new stamp sets on in September? – Yes, Halloween and a beautiful Self Inking Wreath stamps set.

Will you ever make satin ribbons to go with your card kits? – We’ve wanted to for a long time. Just need to work out the details!

Whew! Have a great weekend. I’m on the way to Vegas for Create and Connect!


  1. Posted by: HollyG
    Good Evening Miss Anna!
    Looking and loving all my AG items I received from the July 11th show on HSN.
    I haven’t had a chance to use the dies yet but thanks for the tips in advance! I’m thrilled that you are going to have a Halloween Collection and the return of an auto-ship card kit collection. I will agree with other posts regarding the plain paper packs in your signature colors! That would be more than great! I love the French Floral Paper Collection you have available and would love a cardstock collection if possible. I like the suggestion regarding the bows as well.
    I guess it really wouldn’t matter what you decided to create…I’m in!
    Your schedule sounds crazy but fun!
    Thanks to you and your team for everything you do!
  2. Posted by: Trudy
     Will you pretty please bring the fan folding kits back??? A lot of us were not able to get them.
    A;so can you make a stamp set that are the sayings that we bought separately for a card kit.

    We need a card kit that has Valentine, Fathers Day, Mothers Day and symphony card in in.
    ” Anna you are my crafting hero”
    Trudy from Texas

  3. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    Wow, can’t believe how many “gotta have” items you will offer on the 17th.  Better start saving $ now!!  Thanks for answering all the questions – feels like we are all on a team working together on this blog, it is very helpful.  I would also like to see a 12×12 pack of solid paper in your beautiful colors.
  4. Posted by: Jackie Hutson
    I store most of my Anna papers vertically, so I would love to have vertical storage similar to the Magazine storage.  It would be so pretty in my craft room.  Love everything that I have ever ordered from Anna Griffin.  I have been a fan since the beginning almost 20 years.
  5. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Hello again, Anna.,

    Just stopped by to say that I finally had a chance to make the little dresses in your Fabulous Folded Embellishments kit and they are just so cute!  It took me about an hour to figure the first one out but, after I did, I was on a mission and finished all of them.  So, so precious for little girl cards.  Loved them.  It would be neat to have some in white for wedding cards, too.  Just a thought.  Hope you’re relaxing a little bit in Vegas!

    Kind regards.

  6. Posted by: Cynthia Little
    Hi ~ I often use Anna Griffin papers to gift wrap small gifts for friends: a little box of Schaeffer’s chocolates for example.  Then I attach an Anna Griffin handmade card.  These “little things” are so well received. Cute little packages tied with ribbon!  Thank you for your lovely creations!
  7. Posted by: Amina
    Hi Anna,

    I just read what you will be bringing to the UK in August, I can not wait to see them and have the chance to purchase some more of your goodies.

    A question Anna, is there any chance not in the too distant future when you can bring back the CREATIVITY AND THE KITCHEN SET CLEAR STAMPS, unfortunately I was unable to purchase them at the time, I know that for new crafters and old crafters who did not get them, would given the chance love to have this set, which are vintage and gorgeous.

    Please, please can you re launch these stamps. I have sent you an email on this.
    Have a great day. Amina

  8. Posted by: Gaila
    Hi Anna,
    I ordered seven items from your July 11 shows on HSN and LOVE them all!
    I have spent hours searching online for the border punch I’ve seen used on several of your sample cards:  it has triple swags with a tassel between each swag.  Please, could you tell me who makes this border punch?
    My favorite new items are your book, both sets of cutting dies, the perfect palette card making set, and the storage box for the embossing folders.  LOVE the beautiful matching boxes you’re packing things in and how well they’re packaged to arrive in perfect condition — no crushed corners!!

    Thanks again for all your beautiful products!

  9. Posted by: Lisa
    For Michelle…the self-inking stamper with black stamp pad is available right now on this very site.  Click on products tab, click on sale, it’s toward the bottom for $15.00.
  10. Posted by: Meg
    Thank you for the video showing the correct way to use the dies. I was one that thought I would break my machine.  I tried it after seeing the video, and had no problems.  Thank you also for taking the time to answer our questions, you truly love what you do, and it shows by responding to us.  Enjoy Vegas, keep COOL, and try to get some relaxing in.  Looking forward to Sept. show.
  11. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Poor Anna.   All this cross-examination has to be exhausting.  I hope you will take a day for yourself on your upcoming trip.  Thanks for all of the advice, but take a day off.  You deserve it!

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland

  12. Posted by: Joni
    THAnK YOU for answering my questions! ! I love all the sneak peaks and tips about what’s coming up…’s like the childhood fun of looking forward to Christmas, only with Anna  Griffin Inc., we we get to do this all year long! Thank you for being so generous with your advice and other information!
  13. Posted by: Anne Marie
    Received my dies and love them.  After playing with various ways to use them on the sizzix, I found that using the platform on no-tabs worked the best for cutting and embossing, just follow the directions on Anna’s blog.
  14. Posted by: Sue
    I tried my new dies yesterday & like some of the others felt that I was going to break the Cuttlebug.  I went really slow & it all worked out just fine.  One thing that I learned was the kind of paper I used made a big difference.  Just have to experiment.  Also I think Marge has hit upon a really good idea.  When I look for solid paper or even something less patterned to go with your florals, etc. it is hard to find something that really works.  A pack of solids similar to the Perfect Palette layers in 12X12 would be great.
  15. Posted by: Ronny
    Thankyou for answering our questions.  I know you are so busy as
    we can plainly see from your schedule.
    It is so refreshing to actually have someone who listens, answers, and
    is so very interactive on her blog.    Again thankyou so very much.
    YAY–another birthday kit coming!!!
  16. Posted by: Michelle
    I’m so excited to see all of the new goodies!!! Thanks for answering all of our questions!

    Will we be able to purchase the self inking stamper that you referred to on hsn?

  17. Posted by: Myra (Mickey) Goddard
    Hi Anna,
    Well, I have received my order from HSN, and I absolutely LOVE every single thing. My 1st. order ever was your warehouse sale, and that was enough to convince me I had to have MORE. Been watching you quite a while on HSN, and am very impressed by your wonderful talent for getting everything just right. I love the quality of your paper, and the embossing folders are to die for. I just tried out 2, the one with the bird, and theone with hearts etc. I love anything Victorian, love it all. I have a request: Could you make embossing folders with some cherubs? I use them all the time on my cards, which will be greatly improved with the stuff I just ordered. Haven’t tried the dies yet, That’s next, and I’m so excited about them. Can’t wait for September. One of your newest fans,
  18. Posted by: Marge
    Hi Anna – thanks for answering all these questions.  I do have one, though.  Could you put together a paper pack using solid colors that match your pattern paper?  I make a lot of cards, and while I have plenty of the patterned paper, it’s hard to find solid colors to layer with them that match.  LOVE your products! Thank you.
  19. Posted by: Karen P.
    Thank you for answering all those questions.  I am very excited about the Halloween Paper Kit , Stamps and Ink!  Actually all of the new items sound Fabulous!  I have found that using the C plate instead of the rubber mat while cutting with the die works the best with my cuttlebug.  Have a great time in Vegas!!!
  20. Posted by: Debbie Gilbert
    Thanks for the video, got the dies to work. Best hint, keep the cutting edge up. Can’t wait for Sept. A Halloween kit and a Today’s Special with Christmas Cards! Have to make more room on my shelves!

    i love to craft. 🙂


  1. Jeorgette says:

    Just got your watercolor markers the other day and watched the video you did on coloring in the stamps with them. I’m looking forward to trying this technique (dipping the marker in a little water and then using it), but I have just one concern: will dipping the markers in water eventually affect their performance? Will it affect the ink in the barrel of the marker? Or were these markers designed to be used exactly as you demonstrated with no problems?

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