September 17th Sneak Preview 4 – Christmas Papers

Hi everyone!

Thank you for all of your amazing comments over the weekend! It’s so remarkable to hear that you will be sending cards to our troops, nursing homes and hospitals and to individuals like store clerks, school teachers, volunteers, estranged friends and family and even the postman this holiday season.

It got me thinking…if we all gave a card from the Holiday Trimmings Card Kit this year to someone in need, imagine how many people we could touch together! It just gives me goosebumps. Speaking of Holiday Trimmings, the video below will give you another exclusive look at what’s inside, so be sure to watch.

Today’s giveaway winner will take home my new Wreath Stamps to get their holiday crafting started early. A big congrats to Sharon Konkus! Happy stamping!

I hope you are all registered for our AMAZING Facebook giveaway as well.  If you aren’t, make sure to enter by CLICKING HERE The winner will receive every new item on my upcoming shows, valued at more than $600!

Now let’s talk about the pretty paper I have in store for you on September 17th!

My new 12×12 holiday paper kit includes 48 pieces of beautiful cardstock with every color in my Christmas color palette. These patterned papers feature exquisite foil-stamped details and beautiful designs that mix and match perfectly. With a pair of craft scissors in hand and a little bit of imagination you’ll be amazed at what you can create with this kit!

In today’s video I’ll also flip through each and every one of these 48 sheets, because I can’t wait until the 17th for you to see them all!

I’ll be giving this paper away on Friday to one lucky winner, and I hope it’s you! Here is how to win this time around, tell 3 friends about the Holiday Trimmings Christmas Card Making Kit and report back right here with a comment about who you inspired to make cards this week and we will draw a winner! (If you are old enough to remember the shampoo commercials from the eighties, you will understand why we said tell 3 friends!)

See you on Friday!


  1. Posted by: Cheryl O
    My girlfriend Judy got me into rubber stamping many years ago, and for that I will be forever grateful.  It has gotten me through many stressful times……
  2. Posted by: Joanne R
    I have four cousins who are very crafty too 😉 and who enjoy making cards, gifts and scrapbooking.  They all get to see the new Anna Griffin products I get and now they are excited about the September show.  We may all get together, get some pizza, and watch and plan our Christmas cards and gift wrapping.
  3. Posted by: Kim Haygood
    I have shared your name, cards & products, and shared the new giveaway to several people and on Facebook. I am almost a little afraid that TOO many people will want your things on HSN and that they will sell out so fast on the 17th! I have watched in the past and missed out because your items sell out so fast. Please bring plenty, and I mean PLENTY, of your items on the 17th of September. Don’t want to miss out on all the wonderful things you and your team keep presenting.
  4. Posted by: Theresa W.
    I told 3 of my family members and they felt they weren’t creative enough, but I told them with the ease of your kits, anyone can do it. Thank you Anna and can’t wait till Sept 17th…
  5. Posted by: Maw J
    I have told 2 cousins and 5 friends. My grandchildren have inspired me to make cards this week as they have all started a new school year and like to hand them to their new teachers. A couple have made their own from my AG kits and they were given extra hugs!
  6. Posted by: CherylS
    Anna – These papers are beautiful and will be a great addition to the Holiday Trimmings Christmas Card Making Kit!  I told three
    colleagues at work about the kit – we are going to teach each other new crafting skills (jewelry making & knitting by my colleagues, and I am a card maker), so we are going to make Christmas cards together this Autumn with your kit!

  7. Posted by: Dee F
    I told my Bible Study class and that was 16 lady’s. I believe I got them excited to watch Anna in Sept. to see the wonderful things I told them about her products. I give them cards for different occasions and explained that they are all Anna Griffin products. They love the cards so they were interested.
  8. Posted by: Starqueen
    Hi Anna,
    oh, what gorgeous papers…so festive! I’ve shared your blog with all my crafty friends…would love to see one of them (or me!) win. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Posted by: Rosemary
    “The cat is out of the bag.’ Since I joined you on Facebook I have received a lot more than 3 people asking me if the beautiful cards I have been sending them came from Anna Griffen. I had to fess up and say yes. I told them the kits are wonderful and how excited I am to get to order for Christmas.Everyone is excited. Then I reminded them they have to put them together. Looking forward to my Anna Griffen cards at Christmas. LOVE IT
  10. Posted by: Trudy
    Anna, I gave my entire email list a link to your video so they
    could see how pretty. We are so excited you have outdone
    yourself pretty lady. You only give the best to your fans,
    Trudy from Texas
  11. Posted by: Lee Grace
    Hi Anna, I told 5 of my crafting co-workers and my family about the gorgeous Christmas card kit and these beautiful papers. We can’t wait to see your new products on Sept. 17th!
  12. Posted by: Lisa
    I have told family and friends about the upcoming show. My daughters and I make cards together and we look forward to using the new items available.
  13. Posted by: Ronnie R
    I shared with 3 friends and parted with some of my card making goodies from the card making collection I purchased this summer. They were thrilled to be able to make such a beautiful card with such little effort.
  14. Posted by: Laura
    I inspired my mom to get into card-making with your kits and she makes them for all of our relatives and her friends.  It’s so much fun!
  15. Posted by: Shellie F.
    Hello, Anna!  These Christmas papers are so beautiful!  I have invited my daughter and her friend to sip hot cocoa served in my Christmas Holly cups & saucers at midnight on September 17–a pre-holiday viewing party!  I have made your cards the past 2 seasons; and, we have made scrapbooks for years, including your Instant Scrapbooks for holidays, vacations, and family heritage.  I also called my sister and invited her via Facebook.  I don’t think I’m going to need the ‘reminder’ I put in my Smartphone calendar, and I can hardly wait to see you on HSN!
  16. Posted by: Laura Lowther
    More beautiful papers by Anna. I shared your beautiful kit with my daughter, my daughter in law and my neighbor. They were amazed with the contents in the kit. I hope they fall in love with your products as much as I have.
  17. Posted by: Kathie G.
    A co-worker who is a card maker and an avid fan of Anna Griffin products said she can’t wait to buy your Christmas card kit and start making cards.  The sneak preview looks beautiful….can’t want to see everything.
  18. Posted by: Maria
    Love your things Anna!  I can’t wait for September 17!~  I am counting the days!  Thanks for all you do for us so we can make amazing things!  🙂
  19. Posted by: Denise C
    Anna love all your products!   This will be my fourth attempt to comment and upload.  For whatever reason,  once I enter my verification code, it kicks me out to the web saying to retry. All my comments are then gone. What a bummer. So here I am trying again.  I did tell my friends and shared on my Facebook and Twitter.  I wish good luck to all and myself. Lol..  Hope this one goes to be posted
  20. Posted by: Debbie N.
    I asked 3 ladies from work over for a night of scrapbooking. Little did I know out of the 4 of us 2 of us were Anna Griffin fans.  We had a great time and made cards for the local nursing home.
  21. Posted by: Karen P.
    I have shared with my group of 14 friends, we get together once a month and spend the day making cards.  They have all shared with friends and family.  Anna, I think that by the time your HSN show airs on September 17th you will have an enormous audience!
  22. Posted by: Dawn Whetstone
    Hi Anna, These papers are beautiful and I would love to have them! I have told two of my scrapbooking buddies about your upcoming show and all the Christmas goodies on there. I also told my husband so he would be aware of where my money is going that month! Can’t wait until the 17th! Thank you!
  23. Posted by: Karen
    This is the first holiday season in 6 years that I have all three of my daughters in the same area.  I have told them about all the exciting new items you have for this holiday season , so we plan on creating wonderful cards, scrapbook pages, and holiday decorations together.  Can’t wait.
  24. Posted by: Jacki Mounts
    It just gets better!  I love all AG products and when I think I have everything Anna brings us so much more. Love how you are keeping everything fresh and irresistable!!  I did spread some AG love to three wonderful people in my life, who did not scrapbook or make cards…..but they do now:)
  25. Posted by: Rhonda M.
    Love this.  You always have the most beautiful Christmas papers.
  26. Posted by: Donna
    Not only am I old enough to remember the shampoo ads of the ’80’s so do my 3 daughters.  While they have very busy lives and families of their own I had them all over last night to show them what I had bought last time you were on HSN and what I plan to purchase in Sept.  they are not crafters and were fascinated.  They all stayed late and they made their very first cards…birthday cards for their children.  We all had a blast and they want to get together once a month to craft.  I can hardly believe it and my cheeks hurt from smiling.  So thank you Anna.  Your contest nudged me over the edge to share with my girls something that I love that I was sure they would have no time for…crafting…  No matter if you choose my name or not for any of your items, I am already a winner and soooo happy.
  27. Posted by: Stacey Milam
    Absolutely love your Christmas card sets! I received so many compliments last year on them. I have told my best friend who wants to start scrapping and Cardmaking. I also told my husband, all my scrapping friends and all my other friends that I believe would enjoy paper crafting .
  28. Posted by: Susan
    One word: GORGEOUS!!!!!! I’m telling everyone who has ever received and admired an AG card I sent!
  29. Posted by: Jackie Ocheltree
    Hi Anna,
    What beautiful papers! I can’t wait til Sept. 17th.  I told all the girls I work with about the Holiday Trimmings Card Kit. They told me that even if they purchase the kit, they still expect a card I made for Christmas!  Too funny! I also told my husband, so he wouldn’t be “sticker shocked” when he sees our HSN bill.
  30. Posted by: Marge
    First of all I told my husband (so he won’t be in shock when he sees the HSN bill) then I told my two daughters, my crafting pals and all my friends on facebook. I tell everyone I see about it. Hope I win as I enter and enter and never ever win.
  31. Posted by: Judy Thompson
    Anna, The paper is just beautiful. I plan to do alot of my Christmas shopping with you on the 17th. I can’t wait. I just got the rest of the things I ordered from hsn over the last few days. I am all set to go. I have shared with my sisters and my daughter who scrapbooks with me when she has time. I will also share with a group I get with monthly to scrapbook. We meet this Saturday. So Fun! I will have your new cartridge tomorrow too.
  32. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Hi Anna, just can’t wait for your visit to HSN on Sept 17 . I already told all of my girlfriends and of course my two daughters and they are ready with there credit cards to start purchasing your products, I have been showing them your sneak previews on your blog they got so excited when they saw the video.
  33. Posted by: Bob H.
    One of the most gratifying aspects of giving AG cards to others is that the recipient regards just the card as a gift (they say!) some also become AG fans themselves and this has improved the quality of many more than three friendships. But my mission is accomplished as I grovel again for advance bits of what appears to be a magnificent collection. Thank You!
  34. Posted by: Anne
    What wonderful papers counting down the days telling all
  35. Posted by: Dalyce
    Had to tell you again…..

    These Papers are gorgeous!!!!  One pack will not be enough.  I will HAVE  to buy at least 2 or 3.

    I have just looked at some of your pre-view items from your QVC UK show.  I am more excited than ever.  These Christmas products are the best I have ever seen.  I feel sorry for the other items that will be showing on September 17th. on HSN.   Everyone will definitely want to purchase yours.

    I have told my mother about your Christmas Kit.  She always sends store bought cards, but she has loved all the cards I have sent her from you.  She is very Victorian.  She said she may take a try at yours this year

    I’m always telling ladies about Anna Griffin products.  And sending them to your website.

    I have told several ladies from church about your Sept. show and all about your Christmas items.

    I’ve also told 7 of my daughters and daughter-in-laws.

    My daughters and I will be watching you together on Sept. 17th. For those who cannot get with us, we do a conference call so we can all watch you together.

    Looking forward to more product pre-views.

    Really looking  forward to September 17th.

    Thanks Anna

  36. Posted by: Tom G.
    Those papers are gorgeous!  But these are the papers  that I thought were going to be sold separately, with all of those wonderful embellishments we saw in the video! (Or, so, I thought- maybe  I’m confused!!!
    .I’ve pretty much told everyone who would listen to me about the new kit, and how much of an inspiration Anna has been to be in card- making.
  37. Posted by: Cathy B
    I told my son’s girlfriend, my mother and my two sisters.  They have all recieved cards from me that I made with Anna Griffin kits. In fact I made Anna’s Glorious Christmas cards and gave them to my youngest sister for her birthday because she was so taken with the Anna Griffin Christmas and Birthday card I sent last year.  The papers are gorgeous!  All of the new products are amazing and I must have them all.  I already put in for a vacation day so I can watch Anna on HSN.  I don’t want to miss a thing.
  38. Posted by: JodieH
    I was so glad to share the news about your upcoming September show with my two daughters and daughter-in-law.  Christmas is my favorite time of year and I am anxious to start making my cards.  I will also have a new granddaughter in Nov. so I’ll also be working on a scrapbook for her as a very special Christmas gift for her family!  What fun…and I know you will supply tons of inspiration during the Sept. show…can’t wait!
  39. Posted by: Kim Johnson
    I have told my Mom and a couple co-workers about the new Anna Griffin products coming out.  Can’t wait to see the show on 9/17/13. Wish the craft day could be on the weekend since I work can only catch the night shows.  Everything Anna has is beautiful.
  40. Posted by: Linda Valoy
    Love the papers Anna. I have told two cousins and a friend how easy it is to make your cards. Just peel and stick. They will be watching you on HSN. I  am afraid speed dial will not be fast enough on sept 17th. Please bring enough products so you dont sell out before  the 17th.  I would be heart broken if HSN says Anna  is not in the show today because  everything is sold out.