Cottage Roses & Guided Scrapbook Preview

Hello from London!

My shows on QVC UK have been such a blast- a huge thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch yesterday and this morning. I’ll be on again at 10 p.m. BST tonight, so I hope to see you there!

This week I asked you all to help me spread the word about the Holiday Trimmings Kit, and spread the word you did! Thank you for telling even more than 3 friends. We have just started a Christmas Card making revolution!

Today’s giveaway winner will take home 48 sheets of my new 12×12 Christmas cardstock. Congratulations to Aymee B!  Don’t forget all of the chances you have to win from now until September 17th- we’re giving away new items every Tuesday and Thursday right here on the blog, AND you can enter to win our biggest giveaway of all on Facebook (valued at $600!) by clicking here

For our next two previews we’re going to switch gears just a little bit.  Even though I’ll have loads of fabulous holiday collections for you on HSN, there are also some great everyday items for you to add to your crafting stash. And be sure to watch my video today for another fun fact about this must-have box of Christmas goodies!

It wouldn’t be an Anna Griffin show without some insanely gorgeous flowers, now would it? Step into my new garden of Cottage Roses, a set of 50 three-dimensional stickers that captures the beauty of some of my favorite florals. These pair wonderfully with the Perfect Palette Card Kit or the French Floral papers that you saw in July both of which are still available on

Next is the new Scrapbook & Guided Layouts in my Olivia pink and green damask pattern. Inside is everything you need to instantly create an album of your favorite memories. I’ve done all of the hard work for you, just add pictures and embellishments! These make fantastic keepsakes or gifts for those nearest and dearest to you.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, in order to win these two items you’ll have to answer a question for me! Who or what first inspired you to make Christmas Cards?

Check back on Tuesday for the winner and yet another sneak peek you can’t miss.  If you’ve been waiting for something for more masculine projects, then you’ll definitely want to mark your calendar…



  1. Posted by: Rachel P.
    I actually started off by making birthday cards and baby cards. Most of the recipients had never received a handmade card before and felt very special.  Each and every card is made with a particular person in mind.  Even using Anna’s card kits I am able to individualize the card.
  2. Posted by: Lora
    Anna your products inspire me to do what ever it is they are meant to be, because they are so beautiful and I just have to have them.  Thank you always.

  3. Posted by: Terri Gonzalez
    My daughter Audrey first inspired me to make cards, all kinds of cards on Sept.17th she will be celebrating her birthday and I would love to give this gift to her for the gift of card making she has given to me.  My friends can not believe the cards she has helped me to create. So by her sharing her creativity, my friends can receive a card that will brighten their day. Each card is made with that friend in mind.  She  lives in North Austin and I live South Austin so you know that their will only be one telephone
    line open.  Maybe we should have a sleep over.  Thanks Anna.

  4. Posted by: Lina
    Actually it was St Jude’s hospital. Each yr, I would tear the front part of all my Christmas cards & gave them to a friend who use  to send to them to make recycled new Christmas cards to sell.

    Then I started keeping a couple to try my own cards. Then I saw your products 8 years ago while looking to make my wedding cards & of course googled you when I got home and saw all the beautiful flowers that mimic what I grow in m small garden & went crazy
  5. Posted by: Judy Broussard
    You inspired me. My Mother passed away and I was so miserable and could not concentrate on anything. I was so depressed. I went to a Scrapbook Store in the Woodlands Texas with a friend and I saw your beautiful papers and flowers and ribbons and all I could think of was going into some wonderful memories with my Mother and how those memories would look on your beautiful floral papers and floral accessories. I was soooo hooked. I have followed every show with you own it and HSN and Pinterest. I just can’t get enough. Thank you for giving me something to remember those good memories and I can go back and look at them with smiles and even laughing. You have no idea how you changed my life and took me out of that depression. Now I have something to look forward to. I keep elderly folks in an Assisted Living and we have begun to take pictures and doing pages and putting them on a beautiful stand. Maybe when I finish I can send you some pictures. Thank you so much. Judy B
  6. Posted by: Barbara Ott
    I truly enjoy making handmade Christmas cards. Approx. 15 each year and my first choice is of course your beautiful papers and embellishments.  I use Anna Griffin products all year in every place I can.  Thank you for your wonderful ideas – Have a beautiful day.  Love the Christmas collection and have my idea board just about filled!
  7. Posted by: Debbi
    Hi Anna, I followed you from QVC to HSN and if it wasn’t for you I would’ve never known how much creativity I have in these hands. I have loved making scrapbooks and cards ever since you.
  8. Posted by: Cheryl R
    Anna, you and your beautiful products inspired me to cardmaking.  Thank you so much.
  9. Posted by: Debra Wald
    The love of making Christmas cards comes from the era of my youth, when I would get a card in the mail that was Christmas to me, ripping open the envelope and eyes wide open!  Anna, your card designs help to pass on this feeling to someone else, and giving them the surprise, putting the beautiful designs together, this makes me proud and gives the spirit of Christmas to another!  Having the love of crafting my entire life and thinking up new projects now made easier since I found Anna Griffin!
  10. Posted by: Linda
    The cabbage roses look beautiful I can’t wait to buy them. I am doing heritage pages and I think this whole line will be perfect for them. Thank you once again for all your beautiful work.
  11. Posted by: Cheryl S
    Anna – I have been a fan of you and your products since your first
    clear stamp kit with Plaid.  When I moved to London 15 years ago, I was inspired by Dawn Bibby to make Christmas cards,
    sending a little work of art from my heart to friends and family back home in the USA.  I was delighted when you arrived in London and shared your designs and inspiration for elegant card
    making all year – and congratulations on your 10th Anniversary on QVC UK.  Now that I am back in Kentucky, I am so happy to find you on HSN!  Thank you for your wonderful products and providing the opportunity to win these goodies!
  12. Posted by: Susan D
    After I learned to calligraphy needed to find ways to use it. Hand made cards are one of my favorites. It’s much easier to mske them now with all of your beautiful products. Thank You!
  13. Posted by: Susan Stogner
    You were the one that inspired me to start card making.  Love all your products.  Anxiously waiting until your next show!
  14. Posted by: Bonnie Bousquet-Smith
     I do almost every hand craft but had been concentrating on quilting and beadwork. Then I injuredy shoulder and over a period of 7 yrs had 3 surgeries. I couldn’t pull a needle and thread out to the length I needed to to do those things. I happened to watch a shop at home TV program showing one of the die cutting machines on the market and cards were used to show off the machine and dies. Then I started looking for more dies and paper at Michaels where I saw your early booklets, stamps and embossing stencils. Your style was elegant and sophistocated without being stuffy. It was/is romantic. I got totally hooked on making cards for all seasons and all reasons. I’ve always used Christmas cards as a yearly way to touch base with everyone I care about-friends, relatives, co-workers, doctors so I have a long card list. But the new die machines, papers, and dies make it easy to add texture and something a little extra in every card. Your style adds the inspiration. Thank-you.
  15. Posted by: Lisa
    My sister first inspired me to try making cards, although I have been scrapbooking for years. It was your Christmas card kits that made me feel confident enough to make all of my holiday cards. I don’t have alot of time, so it didn’t seem so overwhelming to use the kit, and of course the cards were beautiful.
  16. Posted by: Kathie G
    My creative daughter inspired me to make cards.  She makes beautiful cards and always makes it look so easy to do.  It’s so much fun to make Christmas cards with her and using Anna’s products makes it easy.

    Thanks Anna for the all of your lovely products.

  17. Posted by: Marie Campagna
    I discovered your beautiful papers and flowers and knew that making cards with your products would be the ultimate gift. Thank you for all you do.    Marie Campagna
  18. Posted by: cheryl
    I have made Christmas Cards over several years but have NEVER  been able to make any that look as stunning as the ones I have made using Anna’s kits.  I only bought one last year and sent them to special friends.  LOL  My family was not happy that they did not get any of them so this  year I will be purchasing more.  I can’t wait to see everything that is going to be in the September show.  All I know is this….it takes a lot of thought and love to make something so special that we can pass on to others Anna.  Thank you so very much!
  19. Posted by: Karen B.
    About 16 or 17 years ago while attending a program at our church, one of the activities for the children was stamping!  My 7 yr old thought embossing was the greatest trick ever and we became stampers/card makers along with scrapbooking.  Papercrafting has been a family hobby and event at our house ever since that evening!
  20. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Hi Anna, I have been scrapbooking for a very long time but every time that I watch you on QVC and then on HSN I kept on liking more and more the things that you were making. Then this year I was really getting excited with your new products that I got so inspired to start making cards, and every time I gave a card out everyone started to comment how beautiful they were including my husband, so Anna you inspired me to make the cards. Thank you!
  21. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Hi Anna, I always did scrapbooking for a very long time but every time that I was tune in QVC and then HSN I kept watching you and I kept loving more and more everything that you were making so I kept getting mor excited and loving the cards that were on the show so Anna you inspired me to make cards! Thank you for inspiring me!
  22. Posted by: karen day
    I needed something to do when I had to stop working.  I got into scrapbooking, then moved on to making cards, then, I just started to do homemade Christmas cards as I can’t bring myself to buy a store bought one now.  I used your Christmas card kit last year and it was a huge hit!
  23. Posted by: Amy F Jones
    My mother taught me to make cards & then I wanted to make all my Christmas cards to make it more personal. Everyone loves getting homemade cards bc they know they are made with love.
  24. Posted by: Shana
    I think we all started making cards back in grade school. We called it passing notes, but I remember folding them just so and adding pictures or drawing on flowers to make them more special. The ones I make today are nicer papers and beautiful embellishments and many start with AG products, but the memories of those grade school “cards” will always be sweet.
  25. Posted by: Debbie N.
    You !!!  I first started to make cards when you released your lovely scrapbooking products and I have been making cards every since.
  26. Posted by: Debbie McL
    Hi Anna~
    My beautiful Grandmother taught me how to make greetings cards when I was a little girl. I was very close to her and I always tried to do things the way she did as a child and even as a grown woman.  Her creativity always inspired me to learn new crafts.  Crafting was a love the both of us shared together.  My Grandmother came from an era of never throwing anything away and paper scraps, ribbon bits, pipe cleaners, tinsel and old jewelry beads turned into beautiful Christmas cards for our family members at her dining room table.  (My Grandmother taught me to recycle long before recycling came about in America!) So ~ it is She that I credit for my love of paper crafting~may God rest her dear soul.  Your Cottage Roses are so beautiful Anna and they make me think especially of my Sweet Grandmother. Sincerely, Debbie
  27. Posted by: Nadine S.
    Watching shows for scrapbook supplies on hsn I saw your Christmas holiday card box presentation-needless to say I purchased it immediately and have been making cards ever since.  I have several of your products that go even back to the Q-my room is full of “Anna Griffin”-lol !
  28. Posted by: thomas
    my inspiration is my wife, She makes our cards and since I retired she has me helping her… We just made some from the floral collection for birthdays
  29. Posted by: Patty
    I get the greatest compliments on the cards we make together!   Love how you give my limited creativity WINGS!!
  30. Posted by: Gilda
    I began making Christmas cards when I started making my own greeting cards, many of which were inspired by the beautiful papers you produce!  Even though there are many beautiful, commercially produced, Christmas cards available, I wanted to send out something handmade with a personal touch.  So, I began making my own Christmas cards about 12 years ago!
  31. Posted by: Diaine Sadler
    My best friend was the first one to get your card making kits.  I fell in love with them and have quite a lot of all your things for card making.  I love the new cottage rose stickers.  I love having things that are made for use with the stickers already to go.  Looking forward to the 17th.  I haveit posted eveery where so I won’t forget it.  I am 73 years old and made a birthday card for a friendjust this morning.ZF
  32. Posted by: Jean Drouin
    Having to take an early retirement due to health reasons is what started me making my own Christmas and other occasion cards. Anna your products are so beautiful. Do you ever get tired of hearing that? I only recently discovered you thanks to your visits to HSN, wish I had found you when I still had a paycheck  coming in. Thank you for the chance to win the new Cottage Roses Stickers and Scrapbook with Guided Layouts .
  33. Posted by: Connie
    A friend took me to a stamping class 13 years ago and that began my addiction to card making.  One card led to another and since Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, it was so much fun making cards for my loved ones.  I have to say your papers, stamps, stickers, etc. we’re also a huge inspiration.  I just can’t resist the beautiful things in your line of products.  Can’t wait for the HSN shows and your next sneak preview!
  34. Posted by: alan
    thanks so much for all the beautiful products you brought to QVCUK last week Anna…can’t wait for them all to arrive so i can start using everything! hope you have lots of fabulous new things to show in october!
  35. Posted by: Olivia
    I was learning to paint with water colors and one morning noticed how pretty my patio was with the garland draped fence in the background.  I sat down and sketched it, painted it and used it as my Christmas card that year.  Not very crafty but they were originals.
  36. Posted by: Shrody
    I love doing handmade gifts for Christmas. I am in love with Anna’s crafting materials and last year made Christmas cards using her kit. Everyone exclaimed over their unique cards! It makes me feel so good when I can lift up someone’s spirits by giving them something I have made just for them. I will continue to make Christmas cards because it satisfies a need within me!
  37. Posted by: June Palasek
    WOW, I just fell in love with your presentation of the Cottage Roses & the scrapbook.  However, I was a scrapbooker for many years when we moved to Florida for my retirement.  I was bored once we became settled & I needed something to do.  Reading a small area newspaper I seen an advertisement for a scrapbook store in my area that talked about CARD classes.  Now I thought it sounded interesting so I went to the shop looked around seen the type of cards they were talking about & thought well if I’m gonna add a new idea to my life this could be it.  I signed up for a class & in the meantime I was watching QVC at the time & you were on with your papers & card kits – so I thought well try it you might like it – LIKE IT was the understatement – I opened the kit I received, look at the creative booklet & thought WOW can I do this – well some 6 years later along with encouragement from a friend I met at the class & her craft afternoons at her house I was so hooked.  I made 1000’s of cards for the troops with her & sent several cards to friends & family.  My MOM who was extremely talented in many crafts fell in love with all the cards I sent her over the next few years.  So you, a dear friend & my MOM kept me infatuated with all aspects of card making.  Anytime you’re on TV I either DVR it or sit & watch & buy,buy.
    I can hardly wait for September 17th at midnight to get here.  Love you & all of your ideas.  Thank you for sharing your many talents with the rest of us crafters out here.  See you on the 17th.
    Hugs, from a card,craft,scrapbook making friend.
  38. Posted by: Donna Ewing
    Love the beautiful collection. I have ill husband  , I have been making cards while taking care of him.
  39. Posted by: Jen Johnson
    My friend Joyce started me stamping cards. Before that I was stamping on fabric for quilting labels. I didn’t want to pay $15 per hand made label and thought I could made them cheaper. Wow, was I wrong!!  That was 20+ years ago and about 10,000 stamps ago!  Haven’t looked back either.
  40. Posted by: Lisa
    My first inspiration came from my family…as I just wanted to make something hand made for them…  But you, Anna, were the inspiration for me to take the cards I make to a level above and beyond what I could ever hope to.  So thank you for that and for the chance to win some of your lovely products. 🙂