HSN Sept. 17th Sneak Preview 6 – Cards for Him Too

Thank you for all of your responses over the weekend about your inspiration for making cards. For so many of you it was a “who” that got you started- a friend, family member, teacher or even the crafters on our Facebook page!  For many it was a crafting class or personally receiving a handmade card.

I was so flattered to learn that our kits were able to inspire so many of you to get started as well! Lots of you have been with me since the very beginning of my career, and some of you just recently discovered the art of DIY. Either way, I’m so glad our products are making it easy for you to be creative!

Today I’ll be sending a brand new set of Cottage Rose Stickers and the new Scrapbook with Guided layouts to our winner, Marie Mac! I hope you enjoy crafting with these all year long!

This week it’s all about the guys, and OH MY GOODNESS I can hardly wait to tell you all about the new guy in my life! You’ll have to watch this week’s video to get the scoop!

Here’s a sneak peek at the amazing cards you can make with the Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit (without the help of Georgie!)

Today’s September 17th HSN preview is about a kit that you’ve been asking me to bring back for quite some time, and it’s finally here! My new Cards for Him Too kit includes everything you need to make 20 uniquely embellished cards with everything for the fisherman, golfer, sports enthusiast or handyman in your life! All of the vintage-inspired card surfaces, layers and embellishments were designed to coordinate for a laid-back look that he will like and you will love to make!

If you’d like to win Cards for Him Too, comment here and tell me about your holiday card making strategy. Do you make them all in one sitting, or do you take your time?

See you on Friday for more fun!


  1. Posted by: Rachel P.
    When making cards, I usually start off making 4-5 cards in an assembly line fashion, but tweaking each one individually so that each one is unique in its own way.
  2. Posted by: Pauline Baker
    I make them one at a time so they are unique for the person getting the card.  So glad you are coming out with more masculine cards..  Can’t wait to get my hands on them!   Thanks Anna!
  3. Posted by: Irene B.
    I start around the first week of September, and make about a dozen cards each weekend. I usually make about six of them identical, then move on to the next design, where I will make six more alike. Then by the first week of December, I have my 60 or so finished, and am ready to send them out.
  4. Posted by: Vivian Lehan
    I love the new cards for men only.  It has always been hard to make cards that fit the personality of the man I am sending the cards too.  I can’t wait for that one!  You are the best!
  5. Posted by: Bonita Ringler
    I do whatever works for those cards- maybe a bit of both!
  6. Posted by: Sandra Smith
    When using a kit from Anna, I spread things out and start from there. That way I am sure I have the beautiful layers just the way I want them.
  7. Posted by: Lisa
    My process varies…Sometimes I line them up and get multiples done all at once…and other times, I seem to take forever to decide.  haha
    But it’s a joy either way.  Can’t wait to see this card kit in September!
    Thanks for the chanceto win!
  8. Posted by: Sandra Smith
    I was a scrapbooker first and started making cards just three years ago. Every year I have planned to make my Christmas cards early in the fall but health issues put me in the hospital each year. I ended up with a scramble to get my cards completed and mailed before Christmas.y husband even helped.

    This year, i planned to make my cards in August but my Father passed away on July 29 so I have been out of state and away from my craftroom spending time with my Mom. Plans sometimes just do not go the way we want so this year I plan to purchase Anna’s new Holiday Trimming’s card kit so I can eliminate the last minute stress. I won’t be back home until the end of September so this will help me get my cards done once I am home again. Thank you Anna for your beautiful kits.

  9. Posted by: Carleen K
    I have a list for the year of all the cards I need to make each month. I then try to have my cards ready 2 months in advance so I can take my time and make each one special.  I also have get well cards and sympathy cards at hand as well.
  10. Posted by: Diana Marks
    I go through all my embellishments and then start playing around building my card.  when I like what I’m doing they I start to make the permanent card. I love it!!!!
  11. Posted by: Donna Stanek
    The first thing…dump out all the packages and look at all the treasures! I make a mental note of the items I want to use for scrapbooking! Can’t wait to get the cards for him and the gorgeous new holiday items!
  12. Posted by: Michele
    Thank You for your beautiful card ideas. You are such an inspiration! I like to gather my supplies, tools, etc and make several at one sitting.
  13. Posted by: Mike
    I’ll try to make some different cards. Thanks for your creativity
  14. Posted by: Marie Mac
    Oohh, how adorable “Georgie”. I’m  not posting to try for a chance at this kit ’cause I did win the cottage rose sticker & scrablook Yeeaaee.. I am so excited!!! Thank you! But I will say: This is a great kit for some of us ladies who seem to have problems making masculine cards. I myself, like to make the cards individually to fit the person. Like if they like yellow, pink,or red roses etc… But I have made a few for those spare of the moment…I need a beautiful card times…lol  I’m going to get this kit September! Can’t wait. saving my money…lol. GOOD LUCK TO YOU LADIES ON WINNING!!!
  15. Posted by: Peg Palmer
    Well Anna Dear,
    I am a make one card at a time kind of gal, but I can really spread out a lot of supplies to make that one card.  Once I get going I make a game of using the scraps to create new embelishments and before I know it another card is born.
  16. Posted by: Darlene S
    Getting together with 2 of my girlfriends is a ritual we plan every year in November.  We gather all our card making supplies and spend the first hour checking out all the possibilities within our stashes. Then it’s get down to business time. Usually happens at my house since I have alot of the extra tools like die cutting machine, punches, embossing folders, etc. Of course, we listen to Christmas music and have a cup or two of tea. We are always amazed how much we learn from each other. It’s all about sharing and bringing out the crafting talents in each of us!
  17. Posted by: Chyrl
    I like to spread out in the dining room when my Sister comes over and we make lots of cards.  We use your kits and create from there.  I make Thank You and Birthday cards to have on hand and also make special cards for special people.  Your kits make it so easy to get started.  Thanks for all the beautiful ideas!
  18. Posted by: Shanie Cooper
    I enjoy making my cards a little at a time. I like to make a group in an evening and then make a different layout on another night.
  19. Posted by: Penny K.
    I tend to be a “spreader outer” when I am making a batch of cards
    (like Christmas cards) so I can see all the materials and mix and match, add a bit of this and a tad of that until I have the combinations that I like. However when I am making a specific card for an individual occasion, I make them one at a time. I do enjoy making your card kits because you make it so easy to make beautiful cards, but at the same time they can be individualized.
  20. Posted by: Colleen
    OMGosh! George is the cutest!!!!1
    I spread out my cardmaking. I usually end up with a big mess too!
  21. Posted by: Cheryl S
    I unpack each kit and look at all the enclosed goodies and your inspiration sheet.  I make the cards I send to friends and family one at a time – choosing colors and images appropriate to each person and occasion.  When I make cards for charity fund raising, I usually set aside time to make 8 – 10 cards at a time.

    I purchased your original card kit for men – it was great!  Thank you for putting together an even better kit for the men in our lives!

  22. Posted by: Holly G
    Good Evening Miss Anna!
    Love, love, love you adorable new addition to the team! The goodies yes but most of all Georgie!

    Cards…Usually I get the “base” cards and the layers together and match them up as I watch television.  That way I have something to start with! On a different day I  get out the embellishments and have a blast putting them together. I sometimes make some generic cards (w/o sentiments)  to have at the ready for any occasion. I do use your guides that come included with the card kits, as well as pinterest  for inspiration, ALWAYS a welcomed help! The Cards For Him will be a much welcomed addition!

    Christmas cards, however, I take an entirely different approach! It is a free for all and fun, fun, fun!  Rewarding too! I have several different Christmas Card Kits and mix and match them….so fun! The new kit will, also, be a much welcomed addition!

    Thanks for all your hard work and creativity!

  23. Posted by: Susan Port
    Hi Anna.  It usually takes me months to make my cards, as I’m also involved in doing many other crafts,  I like to plan out what techniques I’m going to use ; ie: stamping, chalking, embossing, stenciling, the list goes on.  I love to use my creativity to the max, although you’ve helped me in many, many ways with your kits.  I LOVE the idea of a “Man’s” cardmaking kit!  I have all male siblings and it will come in handy for the guy’s birthdays, etc.
  24. Posted by: Judith M.
    Hi Anna,  What I usually do when I receive your kits is look over everything in the kit and enjoy what is in it.  Then I make each card you have on the sample sheets.  This is very important to me since I am a copier rather than a creator.  If there are card blanks left over, I try to get creative and set up the cards as you would do.  I have also used the extra embellishments for my own cards.  My favorite cards, however, are the ideas you enclose with your kits.  Thanks for all your ideas.
  25. Posted by: Diana F
    Love the manly cards, always need them, and never able to create them=your kit will be perfect
  26. Posted by: Beverley Clark
    I like to open the kit, spread everything out, look at all the pieces and then begin to think about how I want them to go together.  I make all of my cards in that kit, except for the inside sentiment.  I leave that to insert when I choose a card for a special occasion.  I used to “wait to the last minute” to purchase my cards, but now I have them ready for any event. It is absolutely wonderful!  I am excited about the “Just for Him” kit, as well.  A great big “Welcome” to Georgie – he is so adorable.
  27. Posted by: Barb
      When making my holiday cards, I try to organize my supplies then plan options for several people at once then pick & choose what I want to work w/. Usually do several at one sitting then return later to start all over again. I make extra cards to give to other organizations ie shelters, nsg. homes etc.
  28. Posted by: Judy Graham
    I usually make out 3 o4 on my own then look at your idea sheet for a while for inspiration. I usually complete them in about 6 sessions.
  29. Posted by: Maw J
    I make the majority of them in one sitting and make the rest when I can. I usually make about 10-15 after the initial grouping!
  30. Posted by: Denise
    I make Holiday cards as and when I have time as I am a full time worker and look after my disabled mother when I am at home.
  31. Posted by: Joan I
    I have to start early as I have a hand disability so it takes me a while to make a card.  I have six brothers, 2 brother in laws and a father in law and this would be perfect!
  32. Posted by: Debra Lovell
    Anna, I havent made Christmas crads Yet! Because my list is sooo long… lol  I would really love to send some self made cards to my crew! Thank you again,for such beautiful style and for the awesome giveaways!
  33. Posted by: Theresa Slattery
    I like to work on one card at a time but still spread everything out before I start. Love to see you hsve cards for guys. And your new guy in your life is so cute. I miss my kitty had to put her to sleep last month.EL4AP
  34. Posted by: Debbie McL
    I make one card at a time because as I create a card for a loved one or a friend I think about that particular person as I am making the card.  I like to remember special times with that person or family.  This way I feel that the card is more of a gift from myself.  Card making is such a lovely past time this way.  Anna~ your new little kitten is just precious.  He is such a pretty color.  Is he named after the new British Prince?  ~Debbie
  35. Posted by: Cathy May
    My goal is to set them up and make them all at once.  However, I don’t really see that happening.  Right now I just make a card as I need it.  It would really be nice to just take a day, spread everything out and make the cards.  I have several cats around that like to help me everytime I start to make cards or scrapbook so I’m usually picking up the things that they knock off.  As I’m sure that you will see when you try to start something with your beautiful kitten around.  He is a cutie! Take care of him and I’m sure that he will bring you a lot of joy and interesting times ahead.
  36. Posted by: Barbara E
    I do about 10 at a time for Christmas cards and just 1 for each person’s birthday.
  37. Posted by: Denise C
    Dear Anna, This will be my first Christmas doing my own cards. I tried before and it was a disaster! I had no template and I was stamping. The glue didn’t stick and my cutting suck…..The cards were a big mess. …My oldest sister can make cards but I don’t have the touch until I tried your card making set!!!  There was hope for me yet..I plan to lay them out on what design goes with what. Then stack who gets what and then finalize the pieces the following morning.  I’m soooo excited and it will be a mother and daughter project together…She’s will be home from college and this will be quality time for us….Best Wishes and keep them coming….Thanks!!
  38. Posted by: Tom G.
    So, in conclusion, by the way, ONE by ONE
  39. Posted by: Tom G.
    I really don’t have a card- making strategy, but this is how it usually plays out:  I’ll get out the kit with all of the best intentions, and, as you described in the video, S-P-R-E-A-D it all out.  Then, like a really bad ADHD case, my eye will taken by some embellishment, and I’ll start flipping through and admiring EVERY PIECE, piece by piece.  Then, I’ll notice that I’ve been lost for, say, 4-5 hours, and I’d better get down to the task at hand.  So then, I’ll start rifling through my stash for a nice solid paper to buffer the two patterned layers.  Another hour later, miracuously, a card emerges from this quagmire of creativity!!!  And then, it’s time to clean up and go to bed.  And so I pack it up, saying goodbye to each little embellishment and layer or accent, making mental notes of what my next masterpiece will entail. At this point, the alarm goes off, and I have to shower for work and catch the morning train.  Honestly, I cannot tell you just how painful it is being **** retentive!!!   But I cannot, for the life of me, imagine a world without your products- Thanks!!!
  40. Posted by: Becky E
    I enjoy taking time over several weeks to make holiday cards.  I like to enjoy every single moment and the card making has become a part of the holiday tradition for me.  Love it!


  1. Alissa Archer says:

    Probably too late to win the kit, but I LOVE this idea. I love a well thought out and well rounded gift. Once that shows a little effort.

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