Thank You So Much

Hi everyone!

24-Hour Craft Day on HSN was such a wonderful whirlwind, and I appreciate all of your kind comments, calls and support.  Days like that simply are not possible without each and every one of you. My apologies for not writing sooner!

The most surreal part to me is the amount of holiday crafting spirit we are going to spread this year.  Together we will send more than 1.2 million handmade Holiday Trimmings cards to people all over the world.  Can you believe it? Each of those recipients is going to feel like they have opened a gift, and some may even be inspired to start crafting as a result of your thoughtfulness and creativity.

Lots of you said you plan to host holiday card making parties this year, and we would love for you to share photos of your gathering with us!  You can post them on our Facebook wall or email them and we will post them for you!

And since we did not get a chance to do a live chat after the show (after all, I was on for 7 of the 24 hours!) I want to make sure we get any questions you may have answered. So, feel free to post those below and I will do my very best to get to them all.

I’ve had many requests for a an update on Georgie…

He’s growing like a weed, chews on anything that gets near his mouth, and jumps like a flying bat for a silly piece of ribbon – now that’s fun!

I am off to the UK for QVC next week and I’ll be back on HSN on November 14th with lots of brand new things. Of course I will be previewing them right here on the blog so you can get the first look.  Stay tuned for that!

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Posted by: Mary
    Hi Anna
    I am so glad you come to the UK ,I do love all your things and bought most of your items that day.I have managed to buy some of your Christmas embossing folders from otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to have them.When are you going to be on Qvc again will it be before Christmas and if so could you bring all your Christmas items with you I have also managed to buy your Christmas dies from a online Uk shop but they do cost more than qvc  would charge.could you also bring the extra sleeves for your boxes that I saw on Hsnand could you plead with them on my behalf please to do like Qvc and ship to other countries as I so love all your producs but just can’t get them in the Uk and i dont know anyone in America to ask them to buy and ship to me.Thank you Anna for making such lovely products and I hope you will for a long time to come.Come back to the Uk soon and could you do a cartridge for the Cricut imagine and then I would have some of your lovely papers to print continuely roses would be great as I love them.I do think Georgie is sweet but I have a sweet little Staffordshire girl who is wanting her dinner so I will have to go.Bye for now.Love Mary xx
  2. Posted by: Jeanne Tipton
    You’re the best!  Love update on Georgie.
  3. Posted by: Cheri Lee
    I had so much fun watching the day unfold for you and what a great day! I got my Anna Griffin Haul and am having fun playing. Good luck over the pond, have a safe and fun trip. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
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  5. Posted by: madge mcculloch
    Please bring back the Christmas calisto collection, can’t find it anywhere, love it.D6nim
  6. Posted by: madge mcculloch
    Please bring back the calls to collection, can’t find it and really love it
  7. Posted by: Maryann
    I just love babies.  He is so cute!!!!
  8. Posted by: Winnie
    Since I was visiting family before, during and after the “show”…I was able to order before, during..on my phone HSN APP and my Anna packages were following me around the country so I had a nice surprise whereever I went !  I have one question …so in love was I with your cricut cartridge that I ordered it…soooo here’s the problem…I don’t own a cricut machine for it !! I have your cuttlebutg and would love to see a Anna Cricut expression ???  Is that in the works ?  Thanks !
  9. Posted by: Heidi
    Hi Anna,  WOW!!!  You out did yourself this time.  All the items received from HSN were fantastic.  Will the items on your England show be on your next HSN show?  I would love to get those new Christmas banners.  I would also like to order some more all occasion sentiments, I was to late getting them the last time.  Thanks again for your beautiful products.
  10. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    Oh the joy of receiving our Anna goodie boxes from HSN…it’s always a good day when they arrive!!!  LOVE the photo of Georgie, what a cutie.  Your holiday trimmings card kit is awesome – I would describe it as “Perfection in a Box”.  I’m amazed at your attention to detail from the components of the kit to even the packaging – FABULOUS!  Even when you have used up all the items, you still have a great storage box to use for new Anna purchases.  Everything you debuted was fantastic, wish I could have ordered it all, but I am very happy with what I could get.  Thanks for the great products and the inspiration – that is priceless.
  11. Posted by: Annie Laura Pence
    DearAnna, I am reluctant to tell you but I can not make those Rosettes in the Holiday Trimmings Kit. I got two make but by the time I tried the third one I couldn’t see the folds and neck was in a spasm!  PLEASE have the Rosetes Pre Made!
    Hope you have a great trip to England . Hug Georgie for me.
    Annie Laura
  12. Posted by: Myra Goddard
    Hi Anna,
    Well, I just about went into bankruptcy (just kidding) when you were at HSN on Sept. 17th. I was lucky enough to be able to get the dies b/4 they sold out, also that gorgeous Christmas box of goodies, and the folders. Other things too. I have received all of them, and just for practice made the folders on white cardstock, so I can refer to them as needed. They are just beautiful. And so is your little Georgie. I love kitties, but right now I just have an old rescue Pekingese. I also would like to be able to purchase more ink for the ink pads. If you could make a scrapbook for those trips to Europe, that would be great. I promised my daughter I would make her and hubby one. But guess what? It is very HARD to find anything regarding what my daughter refers to as “their trip of a lifetime:” I finally found some European scrapbook paper, but no embellishments etc. Plus – I have never made a scrapbook, don’t know how to begin, as I have only made cards. I too would like to see more things for kids. I now have 7 great grandchildren, ages 2 to 7, boys and girls. I’m looking forward to Nov. Have a safe trip to UK. Will try to watch. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me, and so many others. And thanks to your team too. You are all a great bunch of creative people.

  13. Posted by: Dawn G.
    Hi Anna,

    Totally enjoyed your shows recently on HSN.  Love that you show so many examples of what can be done with the products.  Always so helpful to me, but wish they’d go a little slower so that I could digest the great ideas better.

    Must confess, Mom and I bought way more than our budgets could afford right now, but we both are thrilled with everything so far  (borders kit, decoupage kit, washi tape, waiting for the Cricut Winter Wonderland) and can’t wait to use on cards and scrapbook pages.  Love that the washi tape has metallic ink……way to push that industry forward!!!!   Mom is jumping at the bit to get that Cricut cartridge!  Hope we can figure out how to make the embellishes as beautiful as your examples.  🙂

    Have one question please……with regard to the decoupage kit, am not seeing how to put together the ornament with that holly?  Is it 2 different embellishments on that page to make or just 1?   Same thing for the bell…..2 embellishments on that page or 1?   Sorry, don’t know why it is not obvious to me.

    Lilttle Georgie is a love.  So sweet!  Enjoy this time and his antics for it goes by way too quick.   Not be a bummer, but I am at the other end of the spectrum with my fur one Brownie……she is in kidney failure and it seems to be progressing far faster than Dr can keep at bay.   So, love on Georgie as much as possible and don’t get too upset when he shreds the drapes or rips up the toilet paper.  🙂

    Save travels!  Look forward to the November show on HSN.


  14. Posted by: Pam
    Please could you bring your christmas dies to qvc in the uk this week and more of your embossing folders and i have tried every were to get hold of your Christmas foiled card stock.
    Please can we have in the UK
    Kind Regards
  15. Posted by: Ellen

    Hi Anna – Thanks for listening to us and for making such amazing products.  My suggestion is to ensure the self-adhesive components in the card making kits are printed on the back with a clear instructions to, “remove adhesive backing”.  I made an entire kit (Engraved Botanica) without realizing it was self-adhesive even though I “thought” I checked first. I struggled with the entire kit as multiple adhesives I attempted resisted the rather slippery adhesive backing paper.  Finally I figured it out (and felt stupid!).  I took apart and re-did every single card and hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.  Some of the backing papers are very difficult to remove, and I would imagine some of your senior customers like my mother might not realize they are self-adhesive when it’s not initially so obvious.  You’re definitely doing things right when your customers are the ones thanking you for letting us buy your products, yet you don’t let it go to your head.  Keep up the great work … I always look forward to your new product launches too … along with new pictures of Georgie!

  16. Posted by: DianneD
    Hi!  I have been a faithful buyer of your products for many many years.  The cards I make with your products are so elegant and every one I give almost always brings tears to the recipient.  I regret to say that I was SO heartbroken to find there were no inserts for the Christmas card kit this year.  I watched all 24 hours of shows and because I have every single one of your previous card kits (not just Christmas – but every one), I guess my brain just didn’t allow my eyes to see how the sentiments were printed.  The inserts are one of the things that make a card extra special.  Being a stationer, you know the insert is a sign of elegance in card-making.  I am trying to come up with an idea for hiding the existing sentiment and I plan on trying to print my own inserts because the rest of the components are so beautiful that I couldn’t bear to return the kit!  I want to plead with you to PLEASE provide inserts for your future kits.  I would gladly pay a little more for the true elegance they provide.  Thank you for all you do for us!
  17. Posted by: Beth
    Loved watching all your shows on HSN.  I was even able to go back and watch some of the videos.  Love how all your products work together.  Can’t wait to get everything I ordered.
  18. Posted by: Shelia
    Anna, I’ve heard it’s best not to lay the scrapbook flat. It would be wonderful if there was something pretty to have the scrapbooks in where guests or myself could see them….something that had a little roof over it to keep them from dust. I’ve been looking in stores but so far no luck. I know you could make one that would be beautiful. This is on my wish list. LOVE all the many great items with your name on them in my scrapbook room!
    You’re 100% the BEST!!
  19. Posted by: Jenny
    Looking forward to see you in the UK next week. Hope your bringing lots of dies with you
  20. Posted by: Deborah Bode
    Dear Anna,
    I absolutely love everything you do–especially your holiday items!  I broke the bank on my HSN purchases on the 17th.  I am going to lock myself in my craft room and craft away.  I would like to suggest that you do more holiday items (all of them) but especially Halloween and Thanksgiving!  I know you would have awesome vintage stuff!  Please do it…Cuttlebug, Cricut, card kits!

    Thanks for all you do in feeding my addiction!

  21. Posted by: Annie Laura Pence
    Yeeee Haaaw!  I love the Holiday Trimming Kit (with satin bows) and the Cricut Winter Wonderland cartridge as well as the beautiful floral borders I bought on Sept 17.
    THANK YOU for a great show.
    Anna, you and your company team have done a fabulous job of all the Christmas Items. The Cards for Him look terrific too. I did sign up for AUTO SHIP with my Holiday Trimmings Kit. That will keep me happy for a looong time!
    I love your kitten, Georgie. I have a Tuxedo cat and a Silky Yorkie.
    The cat loves sleeping in the big boxes and the dog sleeps next to my feet while I craft!
    Anna, I wish you and your company a Happy Thanksgiving and a Fabulous Christmas.
    Annie Laura Pence
  22. Posted by: Tom G.
    Hi there, Anna!

    Earlier on, you had mentioned that the component pieces of Spooktacular would be available soon, I thought you said, in your store at .  Can you tell us when?  I want to finish up on Halloween before I dive (head-first) into Christmas, which I must confess I have been dabbling with!  It is just too compelling to resist that kit…
    Have a great trip- and NO marathon performances like you pulled off here- they have to be exhausting!  (save those for us!!!)

  23. Posted by: Meg
    Dear Anna,
    Thank you for so many lovely products.  I can’t wait to get started on my cards.  Georgie is precious, and those “kitten” days go fast, but they are so fun.  Have a wonderful trip to the UK, and we’ll see you in November.  Take a break, and do some relaxing!!
  24. Posted by: margaret driscoll
    Hello Anna!
    I am so looking forward to your UK visit!
    It seems an age since you were here.
    Love reading your blog,  and all the comments.
    Take care
  25. Posted by: HollyG
    Hello Cute Miss Anna!

    Hope all is well with you and yours. Just going over all the wonderful purchases I ordered on the 17th! Love everything, thank you  so much!  I was really excited to see that you will be returning to HSN in November, yay!

    I bought a Cricut machine just for your cartridge….I have to admit I am intimidated by the machine and haven’t used it yet!  I need a lesson…or three!

    I like the previous post about having a card kit especially for children, that would be fantastic.  Also, the previous post about the fact that you help those of us that aren’t that “crafty” have the satisfaction and privilege of creating beautiful, professional looking cards and scrapbooks! And believe me, that is saying quite a lot for me and I thank you for that! I have another request, as if you didn’t have enough already, I love how classy the inserts make the cards. Have you considered making the inserts blank?  Some of the  beautiful cards lend themselves toward a personal message and the inserts seem to finish the cards in such a  classy way. I just love them.

    Please keep us informed of the upcoming projects, and of course updates on Georgie!  (I still think you should create a collection titled “Georgie”!) Looking forward to what is next for Anna Griffin! Thank you for sharing with us…

    Have the best time on your QVC UK show!

  26. Posted by: M. Baker
    Hi Anna, Just received my items today( 10 days after I ordered them delayed postal service).  Loving everything I ordered, winter wonderland is my favorite. Can you tell us what kind of “Good Cricut” cartridges is coming for 2014? Hope there will be a Valentine and Easter one. Thanks for all you do!
  27. Posted by: June Palasek
    Anna,received my card kit & my cartridge.  I was to late for the dies and metallic papers.  But I opened the card kit & was absolutely blown away – I have not put any together as yet as I’m working on 17 card boxes for Christmas give aways.  However I did PLAY with the cartridge & it is awesome – so today I pulled out papers to make them up for Christmas.   You’re the greatest & I cannot wait for November now.  Hugs to you, your staff & Georgie.
  28. Posted by: Denise
    P.S.  I forgot to say, I love Georgie.  Your cat is precious!!
  29. Posted by: Denise
    I am a huge Anna Griffin fan and have used your products for a LONG time.  I love the classy and simple elegance of your style!!  Please, please encourage HSN to have you on the weekend.   Many of us work in the daytime – Mon-Friday and miss out on SO many items.  (I must be honest.  I wish you would go back to QVC.    Not sure I understand how you are on QVC UK; but not in U.S.)
  30. Posted by: Patricia Watling
    Yes, I would also love to know what you do in between on-air sessions.  Do you scurry about with staff getting things ready for the next appearance, or relax?  How many of your team goes to HSN with you?  And when do you sleep?  You didn’t have many consecutive hours overnight last week.

    I echo Sue’s comments that we’re blessed to have you in our lives.  Thank you for not only keeping elegance alive, but making it doable for us ordinary folks.

    Hugs to Georgie! ♥♥♥

  31. Posted by: Leslie Danihel
    Hi Anna –
    I received all the goodies I ordered from HSN and have been making so many cards.  My husband says each one is his favorite and I am beginning to wonder if he will let me give any away.  I have been a fan of yours for many years and have been inspired by you.  Thank you for such great products!
  32. Posted by: Dianna
    Anna, please tell me you are going to make more cricut cartridges. I just ordered the Winter Wonderland from Amazon because HSN was sold out. I will still need a universal overlay but hopefully I can pick it up at Michaels or somewhere like that.  Love you designs and want more Cricut Cartridges.   Please say more are coming…

  33. Posted by: Marcia
    I’ve received all the items I ordered on the 17th, and love them all! I have a couple of questions for you – First, do you have reinkers available for full size ink pads from HSN? If not, do you have any plans to make them available in the future? Second, do you have any plans to make a card kit with a kid’s birthday theme? I would love to be able to purchase a kid’s birthday kit!
  34. Posted by: Joan Showalter
    Hi, Anna,  I enjoyed all of the craft day and I did get the special value.  I am so excited about making such beautiful cards.  I have some of your other kits too.   I really love your things.
    I live in SC and I have five cats.  I think your kitten is really cute.  I hope you have another  one to keep it company while you are gone.  Mine range from 13 years old to 5.  They were all strays that we took in or they would have died.
    I wish I could afford more of your things but I am 69 and live on a limited income.  Keep up the good work.  Many people love your stuff.  Love Joan Showalter
  35. Posted by: Roberta
    I purchased the Holiday Trimmings Card Kit with autoship and am wondering if the autoship kits will also have sentiments printed on the inside of the card?  I really love the Holiday Kit and especially that you did print the sentiment on the insides of the cards.  I received the kit Wednesday afternoon and have made 8 cards already.
    I also purchased the Holly Cut & Emboss dies and used them with card kit.
    The other product I purchased was the Guided Layout Scrapbook.  Will you be coming out with different styles?  I really like these scrapbooks.  They are so beautiful and easy to make.
  36. Posted by: Marge G.
    Hi Anna – It was, indeed, a wonderful day on HSN and I think I bought just about everything you had!  But, I notice that you have Christmas banner flags that will be sold on HSN UK, and am wondering if they will be available here in the US.  Can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming up next.  Great job!
  37. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Hi Anna it’s Me Debbie Dunn again. Happy Fall to you and Your Anna Griffin Team!!! I am wondering if you have considered the
    Anna Griffin App for the  iPhones and iPads? This would be a great idea to be able to track our Anna Griffin Inventory so we don’t repeat buy by accident. It would also be a a Great place to post your Samples that you show us on HSN. We could keep up with our Stamps. Inks, Anna Griffin Embossing Folders. And Anna Griffin Cricut Anna Griffin metal Dry Embossing template, Anything and Everything ANNA GRIFFIN. I ordered most everything from the show. I have yet to open the 50 million Boxes. Of course My Husband is Stroking Out seeing All Those Boxes and getting the Bill!! Oops!!! Can’t hide them anymore since he retired May 2010.
    I can’t imagine what you are gong to come up with next !!!Your little Georgie is Adorable!! Please post a Video of your Kitty!!
    the  dry Best to You and Yours,
    Debbie Dunn
  38. Posted by: Sue
    As is evident to me and everyone else, we are all so blessed to have found you and your artistry in our lives.  What a joy to learn new methods to express sentiments with such gorgeous materials.  I think God sent you to us and I’m grateful.  Truly thankful.
  39. Posted by: Crisse
    Sorry, Anna, I did not get to see your presentations for we were on vacation in Maine and where we were staying only had internet in the lobby!  So, I followed your blogs every Tuesday and Friday and was able to get on HSN to order the new items!  Since I was not going to be home when they were shipped, I had sent all my packages to my daughter-in-law’s house who is also an avid scrapbooker!  I ended up with a duplicate Cuttlebug Christmas embossing set so I gave them to her for receiving all my packages!  Now that I am home, I can’t wait to get to my crafting “loft” (took over our finished attic as my scrapbooking room!!) and to start my crafting!  Love your products, Anna!
    I will mark my calendar for the next Anna Griffin show on HSN!
    Love your style!
  40. Posted by: Karen Daviddon
    I received my packages from the September 17th show & stood right inside the doorway to open my package I was so excited!! As with every othet purchase I have received for your products, I was amazed at the quality & quantity of the products. I was just wondering if HSN will be receiving anymore of the cutting & embossing dies as they sold out before I could buy them and I will be heartbroken if I missed my only chance!! Hope you have a great trip to the UK!!