Christmas Vellum Quotes & Decoupage

Hi everyone!

I loved introducing you all to Georgie on Tuesday!  He is still a little camera shy, but he’s warming up to the idea of being in show biz.  I am just head over heels for that little kitten!

You all told me how you go about making all of your cards, so I thought I’d share mine with you too. I like to make mine all at one time. I make a giant mess on my dining room table and then make each one individually. I have been known to host Card Making parties, though, and my favorite weekend for that is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My crafty friends and I have a little lunch and then make cards all afternoon! No matter the approach, our Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit is going to make card crafting effortless, beautiful and fun!

Today’s winner will take home my new Cards for Him Too kit.  Congratulations to Charlene M. !  I hope you enjoy using this kit to make some extra special cards for the men in your life.

We’ve wrapped up all of the every day product previews for September 17th, so let’s get back to Christmas shall we?

As you know, all of my new holiday items were designed to coordinate beautifully with the Holiday Trimmings Card Kit, and these Christmas Vellum Quotes are no exception!  I’m bringing you four sets of 36 vellum quotes this year (I’ll save you the math- that’s a whopping 144 seasonal sentiments!).  There’s a traditional set, gold and silver, emerald and a fun kitsch collection with blues, pinks and lime greens for you to choose from. I can promise you’ll be able to find just the right thing to say to every person on your list!

Next is the new Christmas Decoupage Kit, featuring 72 holiday die cuts with images of beautiful bells, holly, candy canes and ornaments that come to life when layered on a card or scrapbook page. And, of course, I included some amaryllis and poinsettias for you – I’d never leave out the festive florals!

Want a chance to win these 2 new items? Tell us when you mail your Christmas cards – what day do you want your cards to be signed, sealed and delivered?  Comment below, and you could win both of these items on Tuesday!

Have a great long weekend!


  1. Posted by: SANDRA GRISWOLD
    Usually I mail my Christmas cards out on the 30th of November hoping most of my friends and relatives receive them around the 5th of December in time to incorporate them into their holiday decorating throughout the house.
  2. Posted by: Rachel P.
    I absolutely love the Christmas season.  Since one of the best parts is receiving cards from loved ones and friends that I am very thankful to have, I try to stick to a Dec 1 mailing deadline as close as I can.
  3. Posted by: Carol Burke
    OOps…. better late than never. Almost forgot. I have never hosted a party, but would love too.

    I bet the hint is Sept 17th, H.S.N  is going to feature a beautiful breathtaking Christmas card kit. (fingers crossed) LOL. Either way, any Anna Griffin product will be smokin…  Good chance to put your book to good use too!

  4. Posted by: Pauline Tallerico
    Hiya Anna! !   I have to say, you have the most Bodayshious & Outstanding Christmas Card Crafting Collection EVER, Girlie…! ! !  (giggle)  My Christmas Cards go out on “Black Friday”. I take them to my Post Office first thing in the morning. It’s a fun race for me, to see if I can beat my brothers, by getting mine to them before I get their cards. Your cards are Good Luck for me too!! Because, I’ve won, ever since I started making & sending your amazing & beautiful cards.  I get compliments on every one of them.
    I wish you could make an entire collection of just “JEWISH CELEBRATION DAYS” & also a “JEWISH ALL OCCASSION” collection. i.e. Bat & Bar Mitzvah,  Wedding & Sympathy.
    Then I’d have a whole new set of deadline dates to meet with Card Crafting Creation days.. giggle giggle..
    You’re AWESOME ANNE… keep the collections and keepsake boxes coming.
    love ya, love ya, love ya….
  5. Posted by: Debbie
    I’d like to send them right after Thanksgiving so all my friends and family will receive them by December 1st. I have friends and family in the States, Puerto Rico, Europe, and I send them to all the nurses, doctors, and aids who have helped me get through my many years of pain.
  6. Posted by: Diane Martin
    I like to write out my cards the Sunday after Thanksgiving which means I need to start them sooner than that day.
  7. Posted by: Bonita Ringler
    My deadline is a soon as I can get them done.  But your goodies are so tempting I do not know when I’ll start- at least after this next show!
  8. Posted by: Terri Gonzalez
    Hi Anna,  My husband and I have also tried to send out our Christmas cards and set our Christmas tree by December 9th.
    That is my husband’s birthday. Just like to have our cards stamped on
    his big day. The kids always knew we had to do it on that day.  The kids are now grown , but 50 years this November we will still try to keep the tradition going.
  9. Posted by: Jan W
    I start making my cards in August, but I don’t send them out until December 15.
  10. Posted by: LoriGC
    Hopefully I can get them out by the second week of December
  11. Posted by: Debbie House
    I always mean to get them out the first week, but it seems to take me the entire month. Can’t wait to buy your new items.
  12. Posted by: Debbie House
    I always have good intentions to get them out the first week of Dec. but I usually take all month long. Love all of your new items…..can’t wait till we can order them.
  13. Posted by: nancy reich
    Hi Anna, I like to have my cards mailed  by the second week of December. Thats the plan!
  14. Posted by: Lynda
    I always MEAN to get them out in early December, but they usually don’t go out until right before the holiday.  My sister and I have so much fun with our card-making sleepover weekends.  It’s become a yearly tradition for us.  I spend several weekends at her house and we go all day into late night, stopping only to eat!
  15. Posted by: Cathy May
    I like to get my cards mailed out by Dec. l5th.  Not so early that they are forgotten before the holiday. Love your new products…..
  16. Posted by: Julie S
    Hi Anna,
    I like to try and get mine out by the second week of December.
  17. Posted by: Christian Chandler
    I like to try and get all the cards out by the first weekend of December.
  18. Posted by: Susan DuRette
    I like to have mine sent by Dec. 15. I love sending your cards.
  19. Posted by: Anne
    I like to have card in mail by the second week in December
  20. Posted by: Eileen
    Would love to say that I was organized enough to have them out by Dec 1 but realistically it would closer to the 15th.
  21. Posted by: Doris A.
    The first week of Dec.

    Love all sneak peeks thus far.

  22. Posted by: Cheryl R
    I start sending my cards after Thanksgiving and try to be done by Christmas.  Every item you have shown us is beautiful…..cannot wait until the 17th.
  23. Posted by: Annie Laura Pence
    CHRISTMAS!  Most Beautiful Holiday……….I normally get my Christmas Cards sent out by Dec. 1st, but this year due to double knee replacement in Nov. I must have my cards made at least by Nov 10th. I will have them ready to be mailed by Dec. 1st. This will be my goal this year.
    Thank You, Anna and the Anna Griffin Inc Team of Workers for all the great products, & service you provide.
    Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas to ya’ll and crafters.
  24. Posted by: Kathi ormsby
    My goal would be to mail them right after my Mom’s Birthday December 8… can I do it?
  25. Posted by: Amy Lindblade
    I cannot wait to get my hands on the new Anna Griffin Christmas products.  My deadline is December 7th, as I know it will be realistic using Anna’s products.  I also really appreciate that the Christmas items will be sold on September 17th, which will give me plenty of time to meet that deadline.  Its also a bonus because I can get started early on setting the holiday mood.  I would like to decorate for Christmas as soon as Halloween is over, but I guess that might be getting a bit too carried away.
  26. Posted by: Terri
    Love these cards – beautiful as always!!!
  27. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    I like m ailing them out the first week of December because I’ve tried to do it later and it was a disaster. My cards ended up arriving after Christmas and I wasn’t a happy camper. Mailing my cards the first week is fantastic because they are usually the first ones received and they are left out the longest!
  28. Posted by: gisela
    Christmas Cards in the mail on December the 12th.
  29. Posted by: Karen P.
    I usually have my Christmas Cards signed, sealed and delivered by the first weekend in December.  This year it will be December 7th.  Love the pictures of Georgie!
  30. Posted by: Cathy C
    I want to send my cards the week of Thanksgiving. So, after I receive my wish list that I have been making for Sept 17 show I will be making cards, gifts, bags, ect. for the Holidays
  31. Posted by: lori
    My  birthday is Nov 29 .   Instead of a normal birthday party I would    have a card making party .A coarse with Anna Griffins last year Christmas card making kits I would  have a lot a fun with my friends  and  a coarse can’t  forget the cake and ice cream. Than  I would send them off  the next day.
  32. Posted by: Beth W
    You so have it together! I target Dec.10 as my mail day.
  33. Posted by: Diana Durst
    I usually mail my cards out the second week in December but my husband has been helping me address the cards so he pushes me for the first week in December.  So ok I have to get busy earlier to get them done.  Gotta love that man!
  34. Posted by: Sherry Clark
    Hi Anna,
    First of all I would like to say, I LOVE all your products, just ask my UPS man. Second of all, I think we are kinder spirits. You remind me so much of me, in all you selection of papers, roses, flowers, vintage, and the beauty of it all! I like my cards to be received by the first Saturday in December, so everyone can display them.
  35. Posted by: Sharon Williamson
     I plan to mail my cards the day after Thanksgiving.  Since I’m making some of my relatives a package of Christmas cards as an early Christmas gift, I want them to have a preview of what’s to come.
  36. Posted by: Anita G
    Hi Anna,
    My husband’s birthday is December 2nd so I like to get them out
    then.  After that I finish up the last of the Christmas shopping and
    plan the Christmas meal.
  37. Posted by: Adrianne Braun
    My birthday is December 8, so I usually use that as my due date for sending out the family Christmas cards.  When I hand-craft my cards, I begin right after Halloween.  I
  38. Posted by: Jacque
    This is going to sound corny, but its so true.  Every year Mom made Dad put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night.  There are five kids in our family and each kid had a special job at decorating the tree, decorating the front lawn (my Mom won best Christmas house decorations almost every year), sneaking the broken cookies from the edge of the dining room table (honest they were broken), and wishing Dad would play something other than Bing Cosby.  After all of the decorations and cookie eating activities were finished, we all sit down and penned our Christmas cards.  Dad had the job of licking the envelopes.  Yuck!  So, we completed and maiedl our Christmas cards during the week between Thanksgiving and December 1.  Till this day (I just turned 42), we still honor our Christmas card making tradition–even though Dad has been gone since 1998, but he is still with us in our hearts and yucky envelope glue tongues.  Thank you Anna for all the beautiful paper crafts.  They bring back my little girl Christmas memories.  Merry Christmas and God Bless.
  39. Posted by: Leah D.
    I usually only have a few hours on the weekend to work on cards, so I tend to push deadline a bit.  But my mom’s birthday is Dec. 17, so I use that THE date.  I imagine the holiday trimmings kit could speed things up a bit, though, so I wouldn’t have to worry quite so much about getting them all done.
  40. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna!

    Congrats to the winner!  I suspect that great things will be accomplished when she receives her goodies!

    I try to mail my Christmas cards out so that people can enjoy them for a l o n g time!  For many, this is their only gift of the season so I believe it is important to send them out early!

    Last year I had a “general” card making party so I am going to take your lead and host a Christmas card making party too!

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me (and others) to enjoy beauty in the form of a card! Nothing short   GEORGEOUS Projects  I can create that give the recipient a wonderful surprise and help me give in a more personal way!

    So very sincerely,
    Holly G