Wreath Stamp Preview & Huge Giveaway Announcement!

You all are doing an amazing job at spreading the Christmas crafting spirit and it’s not even September yet! Each and every one of your comments the past few days was such a wonderful reminder of how much a card means to those we care about during the holidays.If you are just tuning in to these sneak previews for my September 17th HSN shows, here’s the deal.  Every Tuesday and Friday I’m going to give something away, give you a peek at something new and reveal a little something special about the must-have Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit (watch the video for all things Holiday Trimmings!)

You’re going to be able to do so much with this kit, not to mention I am giving you so many great holiday products to serve as fantastic add-ons to your Holiday Trimmings cards.  So let’s give some of those items away, shall we?

Today’s winner will receive 12 rolls of my new Christmas Washi Tape and 96 Christmas Border Stickers! The lucky recipient is Donna Doherty!Congratulations and enjoy!

Okay, it’s preview time!

A beautiful holiday wreath can make such a statement in your home, and this year you’ll be able to make the same statement on your cards! My new self-inking Wreath Stamps come with 24 festive patterns. Make a traditional green wreath with a big red bow, or mix things up with snowflake, reindeer and ornament patterns. These are so much fun to use and produce an amazing, detailed result!

If you’d like to win the wreath stamps, just comment below and tell me this: How can you think outside the box this year when you send your Holiday Trimmings cards? Who can you touch through crafting that you never have before?

Last (and oh my goodness not least!) I have a HUGE exciting announcement for you. From now until September 16th we will be running a sweepstakes contest on the Anna Griffin Facebook page, and one lucky winner will take home every single new item I will have with me on September 17th. This unbelievable prize package is valued at more than $600!!! To enter, visit www.facebook.com/annagriffininc and select the gold “Enter to Win” tab.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Posted by: Lee Grace
    Hi Anna, I know I’m very late on answering this question you asked. My neighbor, Joe, has 2 dogs named Ralph & Maggie and they are his ”kids”. Joe occasionally reminds we that Ralph and Maggie are disappointed that I didn’t make them a Christmas card last year. This year I am making special cards for Joe, Ralph and Maggie!
  2. Posted by: Heidi
    I love stamps and scrapbooking as well as card making. You inspire me just by the papers I see. I belonged or came from that era if Victorian decor. My friend has shown me how to make boxes and other containers and she includes stamps and inks or sometimes little trinkets she picks up here and there. I like making pictures out of them and framing them to give out as gifts all year round. I make teachers neat signs for class as well as gift bags for the special days where we try and pick them up andale them smile and say thank you to them and all their hard work. That’s it. I’m not very creative in writing 🙂
  3. Posted by: Shelby McDaniel
    I was the only child born to an unwed Mother in 1953, the only contact I had with my Father was through cards & letters.  I never realized that I had younger brothers and a beautiful younger sister!  Throughout our correspondence he never told me!  My Father was gravely ill and not expected to make it in 1984.  I left my children on Christmas and flew to Baltimore to be with my Father but was denied entry by his wife who understandingly had a problem with us being there.  The nurse at the hospital told me there was another Daughter who had been trying to see our Father & Hadn’t been able to see him!  She led me to my sister & that was how we met!  I am the bold Italian Daughter &his wife changed her mine after I had called the hospital administrator, the doctors, several Catholic Churches and she allowed us to see our Farther!  Unfortunately my Father died the next day but I’ve been able to maintain contact with my brothers and sisters.  I’ve always taken particular care of the cards I’ve sent because of my station in life.  Sending exquisite, handmade cards conveys the message that while my station in life may not be the same as theirs I enjoy a gentile, quality life.  I am no ignorant redneck!  I appreciate Anna Griffin and staff!
  4. Posted by: peg
    I love stamping.  My favorite thing to do with them is to use watercolor paints to accent the stamp.  This year I will be sending a special thank you card to my local Hospice chapter, who were wonderful to my Father during his last weeks.
  5. Posted by: CarleneT
    These Christmas stamps will make a great addition to my cards as well as decorating gift bags, wrapping paper, treasure boxes, and decorations.  I love giving homemade cards, not only to just family and friends, but to show appreciation to those that have been so encouraging to me while working through health problems.
  6. Posted by: Suzy Girl
    I volunteer at the local dog shelter and I would love to start making cards for the people who adopt the dogs out of there. I think it would make a HUGE impact by them receiving a card. AG I need you to design a real nice dog image next. lol.You have the best products on the market by far!

  7. Posted by: Debra Hutchinson
    Hi Anna,
    I adore the wreath stamp and I would like to get my granddaughter and grandson involved for an evening of ornament making with the wreath stamp for the wonderful staff at Henryville Elementary and High School located in Southern IN that was devastated by an F4 tornado in March of 2012.
    I love your amazing products and have been buying and making wonderful crafts with them for years.
    Keep up the good work Anna!
  8. Posted by: Cheryl R
    Beautiful stamps, I am sure they are as wonderful as all you other stamps.  I woul like to give cards to all the volunteers in our Garden Club and our Master Gardeners group.  Both these groups do much to help beautify our community.
  9. Posted by: Theresa W.
    Thinking outside of the box, I would like to send special cards to my Mother’s best friends that stood by her side during her battle with cancer and her passing.. They meant a lot to her and our family..
  10. Posted by: Nancy
    I love to make cards and send than out to people in need on some of my card making groups .  I have received cards from friends when I have had surgery and I know how much they can mean to someone in need
  11. Posted by: Antonia Radford
    I would use the wreath stamps for the kids in my Christian homeschool group. I  think they would be perfect for them to make ornaments with, and they can give to their family members. They are quite beautiful! Can you imagine them sparkling with glitter as the lights twinkle on them?  ^_^
  12. Posted by: Linda Shellabarger
    This is a beautiful page.
  13. Posted by: Pam Allen
    Love the wreath stamp Anna!! I don’t have a Cricut but I bet your cartridge is awesome!! I want to send cards to the Children’s Cancer Center in Arizona.  I began following a blog of a young family that had a 5 yr old with cancer.  She spoke about the hospital and staff becoming an extended family.  She started a toy drive for the kids and their families.  Those of us that don’t have sick children don’t always stop and think about those that do.  I also joined a challenge to make Sympathy Cards to leave at my local Vets office for those that lose a furry family member.  Thank you so much for the sneak peeks and generous giveaway.
  14. Posted by: Rhonda
    Hi Anna, I enjoy treating the hard working staff at my Costco photo center.  I have hundreds of photos developed there each year and they take such care with every order. They undertand how important my photos are to me and my love of scrapbooking. At the holidays I make my great aunt’s homemade caramel corn for them and I think the wreath stamp would be a lovely addition to the card. It’s important to acknowledge the people in our lives who do the little things that mean so much…Thanks, Rhonda
  15. Posted by: Beverley Clark
    My Mama has Alzheimer’s and we have been caring for her over five years 24/7. We have sitters on weekends and we always give them gifts for Christmas. These stamps would be a beautiful addition to use to make their gift boxes even more special. I would also make gifts for the Home Health nurses. Love Anna Griffin products and her willingness to share her talents with all of us.
  16. Posted by: Lisa
    This year in addition to family/friends, I would like to send holiday cards to veterans.
  17. Posted by: Kathie G
    Our vet and his staff who are giving our very sick kitty such good care deserve a special card at Christmas this year.
  18. Posted by: Doris A.
     I am planning to make cards for The Grace(Free) Clinic to be given to the patients that come into see the doctors that donate their time and skill.
  19. Posted by: Susan S
    Hi Anna, I enjoyed reading all the comments from your fans. Your lovely products have inspired a lot of creativity and generosity!
  20. Posted by: Sylvia Mack
    We have 2 new babies in the family this year. I want to encourage scrapbooking while their babies are young. I plan to make them christmas cards w/their new babies. Hopefully they will ask me thelp them get started! I would love that.  Love your papers Anna!
  21. Posted by: Barb Wagar
    I really don’t know how to think outside the box when sending special made cards other than using bubble envelopes.   I would love to volunteer to help kids make Christmas cards for the local seniors!
  22. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    I forgot to mention I would love to win these stamps.  They are wonderful.
    Anna is always so generous.
    Good luck to everyone in her drawings.We all love Anna and her team.  Thanks again for all the wonderful products.

  23. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    I love these stamps.  It gives so many more possibilities for cards.  I did mention before that I am making more cards this year than I ever have.  I am excited about all of Anna’s Christmas Products.
  24. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    I have a son and a son-in-law in the military. So since I am fairly new to card making I will be sending cards to troops.
    I also have a son serving a mission in India. I will be making cards for him to give away to people.
    I look so forward to your Christmas presentation in September on HSN.
  25. Posted by: Jennifer H
    Hi (thinking outside the box)- I would love to use these wreath stamps to make Christmas cards for children in foster care or bring these stamps to a local orphanage so the kids can use them to make Christmas cards/decorations. I think the kids would have a lot of fun crafting/using these stamps (& my stash of other Anna Griffin products- including the new Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit, of course ;b) to make beautiful holiday cards. Thanks for a chance to win all these awesome items!
  26. Posted by: Irene S
    What a great giveaway. I would love to make more holiday cards this year rather than send boxed cards. I would love to have a lunchtime craft class with the ladies I work with. They love to craft but rarely do it because of time constraints.
  27. Posted by: Pam D.
    Wow !  So much excitement & I can’t wait until Sept 17th !.  I make cards for the Troops (Operation Write Home) every October; most are Christmas/Holiday but I send a mix of hello/miss you/birthday cards as well.  These products would be so AWESOME to use for these !!!  I usually make my Mom a basket of Anna’s cards as she just loves signing her name to them and mailing them out 🙂
  28. Posted by: Janice
    I can see making cards with this stamp set.  And I think they would make cute ornaments to put on my Christmas packages!  I love all things Anna!
  29. Posted by: tina moore
    I LOVE all your card kits!  Everyone is always so happy to receive a handmade card from me – in fact, if I give a card in person, they usually say “oh I KNOW this card is going to be special!”   I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS!!!
  30. Posted by: Cheryl T
    I would love to use the stamps to make the Christmas Cards I am making from Anna’s collections all the more interesting.  I want to make cards and give them to people who have no one that thinks of them on Christmas.  I have such a heart for the lonely and this gives me great pleasure to send them a card with a gift certificate for groceries…clothing and even split wood to heat their home.  I can’t wait for to get to it…..I love Anna’s creativity and they are such a pleasure to work with.
  31. Posted by: Cheryl T
    I would love to use the stamps to make the Christmas Cards I am making from Anna’s collections all the more interesting.  I want to make cards and give them to people who have no one that thinks of them on Christmas.  I have such a heart for the lonely and this gives me great pleasure to send them a card with a gift certificate for groceries…clothing and even split wood to heat their home.  I can’t wait for to get to it…..I love Anna’s creativity and they are such a pleasure to work with.
  32. Posted by: Karen
    I am a high school art teacher. Every time I take cards I am working on, the kids want to see. They all want me to make them one, but I don’t have the time. I do show them some “tricks” and how to use materials, though, so they can make their own. I have my cricut at school and bring in my dies and folders for them to use. It makes me so happy to see them learning gaining confidence and sharing their talents with other people. It is sort of the “pay it forward” principle. Someone taught me everything I know, and I want to share it with as many people as I can.
  33. Posted by: Susan D
    Christmas is a great time to share a beautiful card with some one who might not be expecting it.
  34. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Thinking out of the box I would make Christmas cards and I would take them to the cancer clinic and would give them out to the patients who’s getting there infusion done.I bet I would see happy faces there!
  35. Posted by: Sherrie
    Anna, I would use the cards to make Christmas Ornaments and give them to my neighbors and special friends; groomer, beauty operator etc.
  36. Posted by: Lainie Michel
    I think it would be fun to give an encouraging card of hope to those in Shelters.
  37. Posted by: A.Murphy
    Keep it coming! everything is beautiful
  38. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    I love these stamps.  My daughters and I are getting together to do a lot of Christmas cards this year.
    To Troops, and for missionary work,  and for my new hair dresser!Thanks Anna.

  39. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    I am rearranging my craft room as things got a little out of hand.  With all the Christmas Card Kits I bought at your online sale, and the new items you have coming in September, I find myself overwhelmed.  I will make cards for anyone I think needs a smile, which is pretty much everybody in our town right now. I’ve decided to make some shadow boxes, especially for my son, and other people than have touched my life. My husband just had rotator cuff surgery, and I am partially disabled, I need to send cards to everyone we know.  My husband owns his own business so I guess I better get started NOW.
  40. Posted by: Janet Cobb
    I will be making cards for this holiday season to donate to Operation Write Home, for our service personnel to send home to their loved ones.
    These stamps would be wonderful for the cards!

HSN September 17th Preview Number 2

WOW. When I say I have the best fans in the entire crafting world, I mean it! Your response to the new Holiday Trimmings Card Kit last week was fantastic!

Remember to check back right here every Tuesday and Friday for a great giveaway and an exclusive sneak peek at what’s coming up on my September 17th HSN shows. This Friday is also going to be extra special, because I will be unveiling a grand prize giveaway that you won’t want to miss hearing about…

…Seriously, don’t miss it.  It’s just that good.

Now, it’s prize time! Today we are giving away the new Christmas Sentiment Clear Stamps and the Set of 8 Holiday Ink Pads. Our first, of many lucky winners, is April L.! Congratulations!

I’ve got another double dose of sneak peeks for you today, so let’s get started!

First up is my new Christmas Washi Tape. These 12 rolls of festive decorative tape are going to work beautifully on your cards, layouts, envelopes, gift bags and so much more! Each stunning snowflake, music note, ornament and bough of holly was designed to coordinate perfectly with the Holiday Trimmings Kit as well. I love, love, love this washi tape and know that you will too!

Next I have to show you the new Christmas Die Cut Border Stickers. If you’ve bought our 12-inch border stickers before, you know that you are getting quality, dimension and beauty that you simply can’t find elsewhere. These 54 borders come in 9 unique designs from traditional to contemporary, and you’ll get two three-dimensional and four flat borders in each design.

Want a chance to win these two items before they are even available on HSN? Simply comment below or on our Facebook page telling me why you send handmade cards during the holidays versus the store bought kind, and we will draw a winner right here on Friday!

See you then!


  1. Posted by: Marna
    I love to give home made cards for the holidays, have done it for years.  It’s a little gift, that took some thought and effort rather than grabbing a box at the store.  I love to see the reactions from people when the open the card.  They really do appreciate getting something that I made!
  2. Posted by: Azella Tingler
    Hi Anna:  I enjoy making homemade Christmas and all kinds of cards.
    I love to make people happy.  I donate most of the cards that I make to the Womens’ shelter of the Roanoke Rescue Mission.  They don’t have money to guy cards.  This makes my heart happy to help someone who needs a boost.  Making cards is my therapy to keep my hands nimble and mind working.  Looking forward to Sept. 17th.
  3. Posted by: Ronnie R
    I love making handmade cards instead of store bought because it shows and extra special touch and the recipients normally will not throw a handmade card away.
  4. Posted by: Leslie D
    Homemade cards make people feel special and it’s an incredible feeling the spread that joy.  They know they are getting something made especially for them.

  5. Posted by: Sally S.
    Hello Anna!  I took up the hobby of  scrapbooking and then card-making while I was in a wheelchair for eight months.  This particular craft relaxes me.  I have received so many compliments on my cards over the years!  My friends and family tell me they love receiving my cards in the mail.  I personally do not do much with emails or texting for greetings, but I sit down and take the time to send friends and family beautiful cards and so many are from your products – the prettiest cards I send, matter of fact.
  6. Posted by: Gracie
    Christmas is a time of remembering our blessings. As I make each card, special memories of the addressee come to mind and I like to incorporate these memories or traditions into my card. Sometimes they are recent memories, but the fondest ones are of many Christmases past that may have been tucked into the back of our minds. All it takes is a little trigger to bring them back along with the laughter or tears that make them special and remind us to count our blessings with each passing Christmas season. The elegance of Anna Griffin products just makes each of my cards a more lasting rememberance of the greeting of the season.
  7. Posted by: Sasha
    Whoops! Put the wrong URL link
  8. Posted by: Sasha
    Yay! Already ordered your beautiful new dies, (which may are say are a fabulous price compared to others), and your super new embossing folders. I love your Christmas washi tape and I’m so looking forward to seeing your other lovely goodies on QVC UK on Friday.
    Handcrafted cards are always received with appreciation for the time and TLC that goes into making them x

  9. Posted by: Shellie Fontana
    To make Anna Griffin Christmas cards is to enjoy preparing for Christmas, which is my favorite part! Besides, everyone deserves to receive an Anna Griffin card (that you let me take the credit for, “gush!”). Each card I make & send is a way to send a “gift” to everyone on my list.

  10. Posted by: Margie
    I just love making cards  over buying them
  11. Posted by: Kathie Reihing
    I have a daughter just turning 9.  My neighbor, Jeanette Falcon (who absolutely loves your products and not only talks about them all the time but will show us new ones she has received or ones she is waiting to receive) makes such beautiful cards that my daughter Lillie is anticipating and looking most forward to the card that Ms. Jeanette makes for her than her presents.  If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does.  Your items are beautiful and I am loving perusing your site.  I, unfortunately, don’t have a creative bone in my body but I am trying and seeing the way there are “collections” of products, even I may be able to make something beautiful!!!
  12. Posted by: Kim
    Looking forward to making wonderful items with winning this wonder.
  13. Posted by: Eleanor Parsons
    I like making homemade cards.  It gives me great joy to put a card together and get it ready to send.  I also like all the calls I get afterward.  People think I’m so talented…Little do they know, my talent is purchasing Anna Griffin cards.
  14. Posted by: Lorraine Koschock
    Hi Anna, maybe the question should be why wouldn’t you make homemade cards for friends and family.  First of all they’re totally unique.  You’re not going to see that card coming back at you.  I once had 4 of the same cards received during the Christmas season.  I didn’t think they were very special.  Second, they are absolutely beautiful.  No one has ever thrown away a handmade card that I sent them.  They always call to tell me how beautiful they are and how much they appreciate them.  They also tell me they save them from year to year to put out again.  Third, they’re a bargain and so much fun to do.  Thanks to you and your crew.  You truly think of everything.  And I’m so glad you do.  I’m an accountant not a designer but I still love beautiful stationery and cards.  Fourth, I think they really convey the meaning of the season and during the year they show thoughtfulness and the fact that you are willing to take the time to do something special for that person you are sending the card to.  I’m so thankful that you make these kits and that I have the opportunity to buy them at a reasonable price.  I really hope I win either of the prizes.  I’ve never won anything in my life but I certainly would love to win either of these.  I can’t wait to see the borders and tape up close and personal.  I’m a senior and making your cards fills up some of my extra time with something useful and beautiful in the end.  Hope each of your days are a great as they can be, I appreciate you and your gifted talent.  Sincerely,  Lorraine Koschock
  15. Posted by: Collette
    I think our serviceman( men&women) would appreciate a beautiful care using your beautiful card kits. Receiving a handmade card from a complete stranger would show them that people back home care enough to take time out of their busy lives to craft a card for them since they are away from their family and friends
  16. Posted by: Brenda
    Your question made me think about the residents at an assisted living facility where I go once a month.  I will make cards for all the residents and deliver them when I go in December.  Thanks for jogging my thinking!
  17. Posted by: Candice Stamguts
    Making and sending hand made cards is fun for me and is a nice way,  in this day and age of electronic media, to stay in touch with something personal.
  18. Posted by: Paige L.
    Homemade cards for Christmas always brighten up my December! My mom always makes handmade cards for everyone in my family and I always look forward to them. Unfortunately I only have enough time to make a few Christmas cards each year, but when I do I make them with my mom, and we always end up using your products in some way!
  19. Posted by: Donna
    Hi Anna, I am so excited about your new products. This year I plan to make Christmas cards for every person on the “sick and shut in” list at my church, just to show them that they are not forgotten.
  20. Posted by: Myra Goddard
    Hi Anna,
    Love making cards using your products. They have given me an added dimension I didn’t have before. The cards I make seem to bring people joy. They are an upgrade from OTC (over the counter) ones, as I can say exactly what I want, and convey a very personal message to each person.
  21. Posted by: wendy
    I make all my Christmas cards, I feel like receiving a handmade card is like receiving a gift., because you put so much more in handmade cards.  I know I love a homemade card over a store card any day!
  22. Posted by: Diane Hunter
    I love making handmade cards. I’m so happy when I’ve created something beautiful. And the people who receive them always love them too and save them and display them. It’s a great feeling.
  23. Posted by: Pam C
    Unfortunately I haven’t made cards as much in the past as I would have liked to.  I scrapbook twice a month with my mother, 2 sisters, niece and great niece.  I started much sooner than they did so I suggested us getting together every month so that I could teach them many different techniques so they could enjoy it even so much more.  I never really was into making my own cards but after continuously seeing the cards you make as well as all the beautiful card making supplies that you design I think I am going to try to start making my own.  I have made many things in the past and given them away as gifts for many different occasions to family and friends who have absolutely loved them.  I don’t know why it has taken me so long to decide to start making all my cards for family and friends.  I enjoy scrapbooking so much and card making isn’t really different other than you usually don’t put pictures on the cards although you can.  I can even make the cards when we get together to scrap because only I will know which card is for who.  I absolutely LOVE your products, you have such a great talent to be able to design such beautiful things, I only wish I had that kind of talent.  It would be so fantastic if I were to win your Christmas Craft Giveaway because I would then have so much top grade supplies to start me off making my homemade Christmas cards for this year.  I absolutely love seeing the looks on their faces and/or hearing how much my family and friends enjoy receiving, reading, continuously looking at and saving the things that I have made for them and my starting to make cards would just be one more thing that is added to their list of saved items.

    I will be anxiously awaiting to see if I am the lucky winner of your beautifully designed Christmas Craft Giveaway for 2013, I will keep my fingers crossed.  Thank you for this opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  24. Posted by: TLady
    I WISH it weren’t ALL ABOUT FACEBOOK!!! I DON’T DO Facebook!!!!!!!!!! SO SORRY I’m OUT OF THE RUNNING for winning ANY of these FABULUOS PRODUCTS!  AND SORRY, but NOT EVEN ANNA GRIFFIN PRODUCTS will entice me to join! NOTHING against Anna Griffin Products!!!!!!!!:) I LOOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!:)
  25. Posted by: cindy burns
    Hi Anna  The reason I prefer handmade to store bought is basic to me. Each card I send is created for the person I am sending it to, not mass produced but lovingly created just for that person. I give much time and thought to my cards, so each person feels special when they receive and they know they won’t see one in another home just like it. You can not achieve that satisfaction with store bought cards.
  26. Posted by: Judy Thompson
    Cards are so expensive to buy and never say the things you want to say. This will be my first time to make personalized cards for the holidays. I feel these will become keepsakes for my children and family. I am so excited to be able to make beautiful cards that I know will be cherished. I am sure will be a lot of fun for me to make and will truly be from my heart. I have received many things over the years and they mean more to me than anything that could have ever been purchased. Anna your cards are just so beautiful and I can’t wait to get started. I will be there Sept 17th and I can’t wait to get your cards. Thanks so much!
  27. Posted by: Blanca
    I love to make cards  not us the one in the store cuz the one that I make are making with love and with your stuff I always  get  ah uh I love it  I love the 3-d stuff that I can put of them  the one in the store  most of them are flat
  28. Posted by: Nicki C.
    I would rather make handmade cards because it is more personal.  I love your products, Anna! (My comment didn’t show up so I tried again!)
  29. Posted by: Marijane
    I make handmade cards for Christmas and other times of the year because I have so much fun doing it!  I know that the recipients feel special when they receive them, probably keep the cards (I hope) because they are beautiful, appreciate the time I spent on each of them personally, but it all comes down to the fact that I LOVE expressing my creativity through art – and your card kits are “Art-Made-Easy!”
  30. Posted by: Lynn M.
    I’m not a creative person, but using Anna Griffin products, I’m going to
    be making Christmas card masterpieces that are beautiful and unique!
    Family and friends will treasure the beauty and personalization of their
    cards!  Thanks to Anna Griffin!
  31. Posted by: Tammy K
    I prefer to make handmade cards because they are just more special. I think it tells the person you give them to how special they are to you. It’s so easy to just go buy a card, but to make one shows you cared enough to make the time to create them something special.
  32. Posted by: Debby W
    I started crafting with my two precious little grands kids when they were living here state side (father is in the Navy). Two years ago when they moved overseas I began making Christmas cards for them. Thank you Anna for creating such wonderful kits. I now make cards for all my family and friends, as well as spouses business contacts.
  33. Posted by: Cheryl S
    Anna – Your Christmas Washi Tape and Holiday Borders are beautiful, and I look forward to using them as I make my Christmas cards this year!  I make cards because they are little works of art that can be made in a short period of time, and they give so much joy to the recipients.  I personalize each one, using color themes and images I know a family member or friend will like – and it is as if I am spending time with each person in my heart as I make a card especially for that particular person.  I have been a card maker for 5 years and use your products almost exclusively . . . my style is Anna’s style.  Thank you for the products and inspiration!

  34. Posted by: HollyG
    I knew how I felt about sending hand crafted cards. Besides being productive and therapeutic and satisfying. You also get the opportunity to spend the time you to think about the recipient and exactly what they what like to look at and truly personalize them!Everyone has a distinct style and tastes and you get the pleasure of creating something just for them and they feel it.
    I asked my sweet Mother how she felt when she received hand crafted cards. She indicated to me the feelings were many! Here are a few of her thoughts; “special”, “unique” “want to find a way to display it”, treasure it”!    Love that! I am so happy that I can provide  a feeling like that for someone! So I thank you Anna for giving me the tools to accomplish a special experience like a hand crafted card for someone!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Much thanks to you and your talented team!

  35. Posted by: Diane A. Sadler
    I enjoy making my cards with your products because they turn out so beautiful.  I have pride in my card when I give it to someone and they are so excited!  It makes me feel good.  Can’t wait until the 17th!
  36. Posted by: Jennifer T
    Handmade cards are the best. My friends and family appreciate the card more and always kept it.
  37. Posted by: Christine
    Hi Anna,

    It is fun to make cards.  You take more of your precious time to make cards than to go to the store and pick one. It means more.   It is gratifying when people love your cards.

    Thank you

  38. Posted by: Amy Green
    I send homemade cards because I enjoy making them, and it is nice to create something special for someone. I wish I had more time to make more. I love the new stickers!  They are my favorite embellishments so far!
  39. Posted by: Joan C
    ***, that goodness I set a side a lot of money for your show next month, every thing is just beautiful and I want one of everything.  Your team is awesome!!!
  40. Posted by: Elva C.
    I send personal cards for just that reason – they are Personal. I like to make a sincere connection with my friends and family and personal cards allow me to create an individual card to match the recipient and  provide a personal connection.

HSN Sneak Preview Kickoff

Hi crafting family!Welcome to the first of many exciting sneak peeks of my upcoming September 17th HSN shows! I am so proud to be part of this 24-hour craft event, and I know all of you will help make it my best visit yet.

This year, my Christmas present to each and every one of you comes in a giant green box tied up with a beautiful red bow. Feast your eyes on the brand new Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit.

card making kit, crafts, HSN

If you’ve purchased our Christmas card kits before, you will be even more in awe of this one than ever before.  If you’ve never used an Anna Griffin holiday kit, this is the year to start your tradition! What’s in this giant box of goodies, you ask? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned to all of my upcoming posts for the inside scoop, but trust me…you HAVE to have it!

What’s also really fun is that all of the other holiday items I’ll have for you on HSN are designed to go with the Holiday Trimmings Kit, so let’s get to the previews shall we?

First up are my Christmas Sentiment Clear Stamps. What I love about these is that no matter who you are sending a card to, we’ve created the most perfect, thoughtful message for you to use!  Pair the script sentiments with more traditional cards for a beautiful result, or jazz things up with a bright ink color. The possibilities are endless!

Next, pair these stunning stamps with my new Set of 8 Holiday Ink Pads,featuring a festive color palette of red, green, silver and gold that will make your sentiments merry and bright. These two are a match made in holiday heaven!

Now, let’s talk giveaways!

Want to win the Christmas Sentiment Stamps and the new inks? I am changing things up slightly this time around, so pay close attention. Each Tuesday and Friday until September 17th, I will show you something brand new AND give something away! That’s two giveaways each week. AND (yes…there’s more…) very soon I’m going to announce the biggest grand prize giveaway we’ve had to date. Need I say that you should stay tuned?!

So leave a comment here on the blog or on Facebook, telling me how many Christmas Cards you plan to make this year and we will draw the first of many winners on Tuesday!



  1. Posted by: Deanna Kuroda
    Thank you for your beautiful designs. I am excited about Sept 17th. I am hoping to win this fabulous giveaway.
  2. Posted by: Charlene Booker
    What a fabulous idea this give away is and all new products besides, sign me up!  I’ll be starting my Christmas card project soon, normally I make about 20 -25 cards, time allowing.  My friend however has recruited me to help her create 300 cards for our service men/women, we have to recruit others to write in each one and have the cards ready by Dec 1st to ensure our service men/women receive them in time.  Awesome idea.
  3. Posted by: Mary Cash
    Hi Anna
    Sorry I have gotten a little behind, I have been busy putting up a few late garden veggies.  I always love your videos. I watched one this morning and will catch up with the rest this afternoon.  I look forward to seeing all the new goodies you have been busy with.
    i look forward to seeing you on HSN on the 17th.  I am gearing up to make my Christmas cards and it will have to be soon.  I usually make between 25 and 50.  I have in the past took orders and made cards for other people.  But since I had eye surgery I can not see as we’ll as I used to and I have to have a lot of time to do them.  Your kits, tags, embellishments, etc. help me to make quick cards.  It is so simple to create beautiful cards.  Got to go and catch up on your videos!
  4. Posted by: Laura
    I love, love, love your Christmas and Halloween card kits! WOW! Found one on Pinterest and hopped on over to your blog.
  5. Posted by: Anita Braddock
    wow how Awesome I would love to win this thanks for the chance to win your Amazing products.
  6. Posted by: Ronnie
    I plan to make about 30 special cards for Christmas this year.  Just starting card making and love Anna’s products
  7. Posted by: Leslie D.
    I have lots of special soldiers, friends and family I will be making cards for this year.  Can’t wait to order and get this kit!
  8. Posted by: Peggy Kroupa
    I love using your products to make cards.  I look forward to the new Christmas materials. I’ll probably make at least 50 cards.
  9. Posted by: Susan
    Anna, I love your Christmas card making kits.  I have purchased 4 or 5 over the last few years, and have a few left but am eagerly awaiting a new set!  I have used them myself and I have also made and donated cards to OperationWriteHome.org.  This year I will make as many kits as I can afford to buy!
  10. Posted by: Marilyn D
    I love all your items,
    every single one!
  11. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    what a response you are getting. It doesn’t surprise me. These are absolutely gorgeous.
    I have learned that a home made card is a gift from the heart.
  12. Posted by: Judy Thompson
    Oh Anna, I just purchased your New Winter Wonderland Cricut Cartridge from  Cartridges & More. I can’t wait to receive. I have just purchased some things and received today from HSN. I am so excited. I have a life time of pictures to put in albums and I have just started to make cards. One question I have is do you have directions that I can print out or do I need to get from HSN tutorials or YouTube. I have looked all over for hard copies to print. I find I do better sometimes with directions I can put my hands on and read. I will make 30 to 35 cards this year. As the years have went by I have cut my list down. I mostly send to family and a few friends. I am so glad I found you and will check in often to see what is going on. I wont miss your Sept. 17th Show. Thanks so much!
  13. Posted by: Jan Scott
    Hi, Anna, responded before but have a question.  Just got email from circuit on your first circuit cartridge.  Will the cartridge be offered 9/17/13 on HSN?
  14. Posted by: Rachel Tate
    I plan to make 50 Christmas cards and am soo excited to see what you have in store for us.
  15. Posted by: Cindy
    I have ordered at least two of each of your card kits and all my family think I am “wonder woman” because my cards are so fabulous.  Of course I have to give credit to you.  I plan on ordering several of the new Christmas card kits so I can make at least 100 cards to send out for
    Christmas.  I make at least 15 each month to send out for birthdays and anniversaries each month.  They are just so much fun to make and you get such a fabulous result!
  16. Posted by: Angela Ridder
    Although I will probably only create 25 Christmas cards this year I use Anna’s card kits to make scrapbook albums. They can be combined effortlessly to make rich pages so elegant that I look like an expert. I have watched my pages morph from humble beginnings to exquisite creations.
  17. Posted by: Rosemary
    Anna, I love your products. Last year I ordered two of your Christmas card kits. My daughter was taking a class to take her test to get into the masters program. I went with her and waited in the lobby for twelve weeks three hours twice a week. I took the kits and but together all the cards and the other students were amazed. They were so excited to see at their brakes what I had done. They made me feel special when they complimented me at how beautiful the cards were. Thank you Anna for making me special. I plan to order enough product to send at least 100+ this year.
  18. Posted by: Tammy Sallade
    Anna, I usually make between 50-80 Christmas cards a year. Actually, I make all my cards now.  I haven’t purchased a card in along time. Probably in 6 yrs.  I always try to make up a set of cards for gifts at Christmas time for people.  Can’t wait to see what other  surprises you have in store for us!!!
  19. Posted by: Joyce C
    my husband and I make the Christmas cards together and probably this year we will be making about 52 to send to family and friends.   The best part about it is, my husband helps me work on making my Christmas cards each year.  It’s fantastic. time we have together
  20. Posted by: Alexandria Goff
    Hi Anna, I just love your products and I am looking forward to September.  I will be making over 100 cards this year using only your kits.  They are just fabulous and thank you for sharing your many talents with us.  See you in September.
  21. Posted by: Cheri Koning
    I plan to send about thirty cards this year
  22. Posted by: Sarah Miller
    Hi Anna!
    Last year my wonderful husband gave me a manual die cutting/embossing machine. It has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of  paper crafting. I am new to the craft but have been adding to my machines and dies and this year my goal is to make around 50 special Christmas cards for family and close friends.
    The possibility of receiving a Anna Griffin kit (surprise) is exciting!
  23. Posted by: Vivian Sparks
    Hello Anna,
    I have not bought any of your Christmas card kits. This one looks very exciting. I plan on making 35 Christmas cards this year. Your stamps and ink would be great to make these cards. Thanks for giving me a chance to win!
  24. Posted by: Mary Helen Harris
     I will be starting new cards today. simple one that will be waiting for your new stamps for the finishing touches.
  25. Posted by: Jessy Basso
    I plan on helping my mom make anywhere from 75-100 cards.
  26. Posted by: judyG
    I will probably only make about 25 to 30 cards this year but I hope they turn out to be the best.
  27. Posted by: Merissa
    Off the top of my head I’ll be making 25 cards. I probably should get started soon and I’ll probably realize that I need more but for now it’s 25 😉
  28. Posted by: Barbara Inabnit
    I’ve never bought a Christmas card kit, so I’m not sure how many I will make….definitely more than zero!  I usually make Christmas “mini albums” out of paper, cardstock & embellishments for my immediate family.  I plan to include items from your Christmas Card Kit for this year’s albums.  Can’t wait to see the kit!
  29. Posted by: Kathrine Scott
    Hello Anna and Team!
    Well, I think I will be making about 35 to 40 cards this year. But, my Husband Ron, used to love to stamp. So, I was lucky and got your Christmas stamp ver 1& 2. I am hoping if I win this week, I can get my Husband to be excited to help me with the Christmas Cards. Good Luck Everyone!
  30. Posted by: Dawn I
    Initially, I made your cards for only my dearest friends. Well, my dearest friends talked about how beautiful the cards were and I started getting questions from other friends asking if they would get a “special” Christmas card this year.  I think I might have to buy 2 sets this year!
  31. Posted by: Beverly Brown
    I plan on making as many as I can from all the kits I have from you for my mothers nursing home fall bazaar.
  32. Posted by: Monna Accurti
    Woo-Hoo!!! It’s almost time to make Christmas cards again.  I can’t wait because the Christmas Season always puts me in such a good mood and my spirits need an adjustment!  I usually make between 50 and 75 cards for Christmas so I’ll need some new supplies for this year and I’d better get started early (but after my AG package arrives from the September 17th shows.)
  33. Posted by: Nel
    I will post again did not see my posting I plan to make about 24 cards
  34. Posted by: Suzanne Petticord
    Anna, I have been a fan of your products since I started scrapbooking many years ago.  Your beautiful papers and embellishments inspire me to want to create scrapbooks and cards for family and friends.  Especially, this year.  I haven’t had to greatest year due to health concerns but I have always been able to count on family and friends to be there for me with anything I needed in the way of support and prayer.  I will be sending about 40 special cards this year to thank them for all that they have done for me and I will be using all Anna Griffin products.  Please keep creating beautiful papers and embellishments!
  35. Posted by: Lou Marks
    Well, Anna, I am that pesky Anna Griffin collector who keeps asking for Chanukkah items be included in your holiday kits. Maybe this year?? I don’t actually make Christmas cards-they actually are Happy Everything Cards.About 40 or so… Your sentiments and inks would REALLY come in handy..Thank you for being you..Season’s Greetings and I will keep my fingers crossed..I’d love to win ANYTHING, but I’ll probably get it all anyhow! Good luck to us all!
    Sincerely, Lou (that’s Lefty Lou for you!)
  36. Posted by: Terri Braun
    My holiday card list runs between 65 and 75 cards! The last two years, everyone has gotten an Anna Griffin card, and I have had some amazing comments–even from the men who have received them. I had two that said they were not going to throw them away, they were so beautiful! Thank you Ann for offering such great products!
  37. Posted by: Renee Cooper
    I plan on making about 100 cards.  I am excited to create them with all your new releases!!!
  38. Posted by: Kathy
    Hi Anna,
    I plan on making 75-100 cards this Christmas.  I have been a fan of yours for many years. I followed you from QVC to HSN. My craft studio is all Anna with a french theme. You are such an inspiration, and your card kits are ingenious.  I look forward to each and every appearance on HSN.
  39. Posted by: Kathy F
    Can’t wait for this years Christmas Card kit.  I have purchased these every year.  Anna always includes the most beautiful papers and embellishments. I am making only 40 cards this year so one kit will do the job.  The left over material will make wonderful gift tags.  Of course the new inks are a must have.  Anna please make 12 x 12 cardstock in solid colors to match your line!
  40. Posted by: Carolyn Holden
    Oh, my!  While I have used other of your card kits, I have never had the opportunity to use a  Christmas one.  This year, though, I will have more than ample time to prepare the 45 or so cards I generally send because I will be having knee replacement surgery and that should mean lots of down time.  This 73 year old would be thrilled to send cards of beauty and quality.  Thank you, Anna.

Your HSN September Preview Checklist

Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for all of your sweet birthday wishes. You made my day so very special!

As we gear up for my September 17th HSN shows, we’re going to do things a little differently this time around! Today, I’m going to give you a quick rundown on everything new that you can expect to see from me next month. Then, every Tuesday and Friday I will give you a video preview, show you beautiful projects you can make with these new collections AND give new items away in every post! Exciting, huh?

So, make your list and check it twice! Here’s what’s new for September 17th:

The Holiday Trimmings Cardmaking Kit with Auto Ship (an absolute MUST HAVE!)
Christmas Sentiment Clear Stamps
Set of 8 Holiday Ink pads
Perfect Palette Cards, Layers & Envelopes for Christmas
Christmas Washi Tape
Metallic Card Layers for Christmas
12×12 Christmas Paper Kit
Christmas Decoupage Bouquets & Embellishments
Christmas 3-D Die Cut Border Stickers
Christmas Vellum Quotes
Cottage Roses 3D Flower Sticker Library
Cards for Him Too Card Making Kit
New Scrapbook with Guided Layouts (1st cousin to our Instant Scrapbook)
Halloween Paper Crafting Kit
Halloween Clear Stamp with Inks
Provo Craft Holiday Embossing Folders (new set, not the Autoship bundle)
Provo Craft Cutting Dies for Christmas – Snowflakes or Holly
Provo Craft Holiday Project Cartridge – Winter Wonderland

Whew! It’s going to be a beautiful day!
See you Friday,


  1. Posted by: gayle
     Anna I am so excited for your HSN visit. I am not one to push the summer months but I am excited to see all your wonderful new products…..
  2. Posted by: Lisa
    I cannot wait for September 17th and all of the new AG awesomeness!
    I LOVE your designs.  Thank you for making your beautiful creations available to the rest of us!
  3. Posted by: Kathleen Rimer
    OMGosh!  I can barely wait until September!  This sounds so incredibly exciting!
  4. Posted by: soccer jersey replica
     The new Foxes shirt was revealed by the club on 27 July, 2013 and they will be sporting a grey strip as their primary change kit this season. The goalie kit will be blue in colour, as this pic below tells us.
  5. Posted by: Antonia Pierre-Radford
    So, excited, about it all! I can’t wait to start buying and receiving them. I got married on Christmas Day. These will help with the final touches to our wedding album.  ^_^
  6. Posted by: Gail Wenzel
    As my girlfriend said “I want that green box!!!”  Anxiously awaiting all the new Christmas things!  Looking forward to you Sept. 17th show.  In face, have scheduled my vacation so that i am still home on that day!!
  7. Posted by: Sue In’t Veld
    Can’t wait for September 17!  I am anxious to see the new cartridge, dies,sentiment stamps, and embossing folders and all of your other new goodies!
  8. Posted by: ana
    Wow, you have been very busy like the elves in the North Pole. That is a long list of things to showcase on the 17th. Can’t wait. I will be ready to order the day before. I can’t wait to see the furniture line.

  9. Posted by: Rita P.
    Hi Anna,
    Can’t wait for the Christmas Kit to come out. I have been doing all kinds of cards for years like 10-15 years. Sometimes it takes me forever because I have to match up all the colors of papers, embellishments, get the right verse etc… If I don’t have all the supplies I have to take a trip to AC Moores, Michaels and Joann’s just to get the perfect supply for that individual card. I just started watching you on HSN last year and purchased your Christmas kit and *** was it the best! It was so easy having everything together in one kit to fit and mix and match. I didn’t have to run to the craft stores to find everything. It saved me so many steps! Thank you. The products were such excellent quality, I just couldn’t believe that after all these years I finally found the supplies I needed all in one kit! So I continue to watch HSN and have a notification for them to let me know just when you are going to be on. I purchased the Floral Impressions card kit. Another wonderful and beautiful kit! Again I thank you! Also purchased some of your embossing folders and fell in love with them! Hope I get to win the Sentiment stamps and ink. I’m sure I would love them also. The quality and work you put into your products is just the best I have seen in all the years I have been scrapbooking and making cards. So thank you again for all the beautiful kits and supplies that you come out with. Looking forward for more! Can’t wait to get my Christmas cards started!
  10. Posted by: Wendelyn
    I’m looking forward to Anna Griffin holiday treats!  I’ve marked my calendar.
  11. Posted by: Juanita
    I’m going to have to start saving . I think I’d like one of each.
  12. Posted by: joann benford
    September 17 is on my Calendars all of them. cannot wait to come out and play.
  13. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    The list of what I already know will be gorgeous paper crafting goodies is LONG!  Decisions, decisions!!!  But what a fun day Sept. 17th is going to be!  That month between visits to finish “easy-paying” is much appreciated.   Also have to say that  I’m enjoying the die sets immensely!  The cuts from the floral dies are outstanding in their original state, but they’re great to take apart and use as smaller decorative components.  I’ve wished for more of that black flocked floral adhesive border from the Darcy set (gone long ago!)that I used for that purpose, and this, cut apart, is very similar.
  14. Posted by: Barbara Norfolk
    Hello Anna, would you please in the future bring back the birds and butterflies die cuts I want them so badly and cannot find anything to compare to yours!!! Thank you!
  15. Posted by: Bonita Ringler
    Wow I can’t wait to see!  I better start saving up now!  Thanks so much!
  16. Posted by: Barbara E
    WOW!  Can’t wait to see them all-Christmas in September!
  17. Posted by: Yvette
    I agree with other comments, wow amazing I need them over here in the UK. I know your coming here soon but when can we have your new Christmas dies and folders?

  18. Posted by: Sandra Riddick
    Please Anna we would like the same here in UK
    Thank you
  19. Posted by: Nancy
    Thank you Anna for the Halloween items. I am a Halloween girl and love this time of the year for my Halloween goodies. I will watching and waiting.
  20. Posted by: gayle
     Anna do you ever sleep? I love to watch you on HSN. You are so kind and so full of life it makes me want to create as soon as your show is over. Thank you for all you do and the effort given. It shows.
  21. Posted by: Lou Marks
    Dear Anna,
    My first post EVER, ANYWHERE!! I HAD to thank you for the July 11th collection. I got it ALL. Really. And more. Broke, but amazed and happy…
    I have so much to say to you, but others likely won’t want to read it(WAY too long.)- I’ll write you an actual letter soon -so my only official request is this: PLEASE add a little Chanukkah to your repertoire. I KNOW so many would scoop up every last bit….
    When people tell you they are your biggest fan, I will raise and call that. I can honestly say that for at LEAST fifteen years, probably longer, I have bought at least two, maybe five, (who’s counting?) of pretty much everything you have ever offered. It’s not an option for me. Your creative designs and ideas are only matched by your wonderful heart and spirit. Your love for crafting and simply making the world a more beautiful place are obvious in everything you do. I know my heart is overflowing with admiration and joy every time I see you or your work. My DVR is getting a workout-I watch all of your shows almost every day. If I could just figure out my DVD…
    Thank you, Anna, for enriching my life, and just making this world a better place. Beauty, caring and sharing are your special gifts. Thank you. Most sincerely, Lou Marks (also a left-handed craftaholic, preschool teacher and art lover..) )
  22. Posted by: Annie Laura Pence
    You and your Team have been working really hard for ChristmasM
    i am excited to see it ALL!  Gues I won’t be buying Xmas gifts since I will be too broke after Sept’ s show ! LOL
    Looking forward to seeing all the goodies.
    thanks for telling us.
    Your gift giving is really nice of you too.
    glad you had good Birthday.
    have fun on England.
  23. Posted by: Pam Allen
    Hi Miss Anna!!!! Wow you have been a busy little bee!! Love everything on the list.  Really love your stamps and want to get the Christmas ones.  Finally a cartridge for all the Cricut lovers!!!! Can’t wait for the 17th!!! Glad you had a great Birthday. Mine is the 9th.
  24. Posted by: Colleen
    I can’t wait for the 17th! I am so excited to see the Cricut Cartridge and your Halloween items. It’s going to be a great day!
  25. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    So excited to see “CARDS FOR HIM TOO”. Hope you have a lot of those, because I must have several. September seems so faraway now. I guess I’ll have a lot of sleepless nights due to excitement, or restful nights thinking of all the things I want to get. Thanks for the heads up!!!
  26. Posted by: Joann
    Oh WOW I can see that I am going to have to save up for that show!!! I blew my scrappin budget on your last show ;).  Can’t wait 🙂
  27. Posted by: Nancy
    I just ordered AG cuttlebug and can’t wait for it to arrive…can’t wait for the September event …sound amazing
  28. Posted by: Addie
    The comment above from the woman who is moving out of bed with her husband to make room for your supplies had me in stitches!  I appreciate your work also, and am happy with the dies and stamps I purchased at your last visit.  Keep up the good work, but don’t work too hard because that’s what we women tend to do!
  29. Posted by: M Barricklow
    Oh Lordy, another tease, & mind is flooded, with all the new things.. gonna have the UPS man stop here a lot after Sept. 17th.. Going to polish an shine the credit card, and just pin it to my bra night before..(in case husband see’s it laying around)..lol
  30. Posted by: Jackie Ocheltree
    Anna, Again I am in awe over all of the goodies, but I have another question…..I bought you Watercolor markers, even though I do not do stamping.  I watched the video presentation onf HSN again.  During the show, you said these are the Floral Impressions color palate.  You also said that one of the techniques you DIDN’T SHOW, was how to use these to color your embossing.  Can you show some examples of coloring the embossing using the markers?  Since I don’t stamp, this will be very helpful. Thanks.
  31. Posted by: Lin M.
    WOW!!! What an amazing list of new stuff – so exciting!!! I can’t wait for the sneak previews and especially for Sept. 17th!!! I think I’d better check my vacation days and see if I can take the day off for this.
  32. Posted by: Cathy May
    Wow!  I wish that I had your creativity and imagination.  You must work all the time.  Can’t wait until September 17th.  I bought your Cuttlebug and I am absolutely amazed at how beautiful the embossing is on the paper.  It really makes all the difference in the world.  Just wish that I could quit work and have the time to do everything that I want.  Thanks again for all you do!
  33. Posted by: Terance
    I so cant wait for September 17, thanks for giving us a month between shows to get caught up on payments so we do it all over again.  I am still enjoying all of my July purchases and my friends are enjoying the cards they get each month.
  34. Posted by: Alice G
    I want them all sight unseen for my birthday which coincidentally is Setember 17th 68 years ago.  Can’t wait!
  35. Posted by: Maryann
    WooHoo – I can’t wait until 9-17!!!!  I want everything.  I think I need a bigger house and a bigger paycheck.  Thanks so much Anna.  We love you.  I’m doing a happy dance!!!!
  36. Posted by: Donna O
    Ooh la la!!!
  37. Posted by: Jeri
    There are so many great products listed!! Like many others , I will need to start saving now. Maybe I should print the list, highlight all the must have and give the list to my wonderful husband and daughters for my birthday and Christmas gifts. OH, I like that idea. Blessing to you and all your staff.
  38. Posted by: Nina Alphonso
    Wow….can’t wait to see them on HSN. Already making my list…..it’s gonna be my birthday gift…. 🙂
  39. Posted by: Claudia Henderson
    I wish Sep 17th would be tomorrow 🙂 Can’t wait for the Provocraft items and the kits…My count down started 40 days to go…so excited!!!
  40. Posted by: Melinda
    I cannot wait! I requested both Halloween and more Cards for Him. I’m so thrilled you and your team truly listen to the customer requests and are able to bring them to us in addition to the Christmas products extravaganza! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

The HSN Holiday Previews are Coming!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I am headed to the coast for a fun-filled birthday weekend, but before I go I can’t resist letting you in on some exciting news about my upcoming visit to HSN.

We’ve been working on the 24 hour Craft Day shows since last February and we are pulling out all the stops! The kits are going to be more incredible than ever… our giveaways leading up to the show are going to be bigger and better… and the holiday spirit is going to be in full force before I even hit the air on September 17th.

Be sure to check back on Tuesday, August 6th for your first look at what’s new! I truly believe that these are my best holiday collections to date, and I can’t wait to show you.

Until then – here are a few Birthday Card photos I found to start my Birthday celebration!


  1. Posted by: Maw J
    Happy belated birthday! Hope it was filled with all the joy and happiness you give each and everyone of us! We all love you very much!
  2. Posted by: Lynn
    Where’s the August 6th HSN preview of products for the Sept.
  3. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    With regard to birthday cards–and not intending to be poetic in the process!–I send many, many of them that I make from your card and paper crafting kits.  Recently a friend told me that her daughter had made her an album containing all the cards I’d given her over the past several years.  She was thrilled!  Just a thought for all of us who can’t bear to part with something so beautiful.
  4. Posted by: cheri lee
    Happy Birtday Anna! hope your day is filled with love and fun of friends and family.
  5. Posted by: Debbie McL
    ~~~Happy BIRTH  DAY to YOU ANNA on this YOUR special day.  May God’s precious Blessings be with YOU today and always as YOU celebrate another year~~~Sincerely, Debbie
  6. Posted by: Dawn G
    With every best wish for a wonderful Birthday. 🙂
  7. Posted by: Cathy May
    May your birthday bring you every happiness.  Happy Birthday!
  8. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    Happy Birthday!  I hope you have a beautiful weekend and look forward to your upcoming visit to HSN.
  9. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    May God bless you with another great and successful year.  I pray your wishes come true and  hope you have a very fun filled weekend.
    Looking forward to your previews.
  10. Posted by: Tom G.
    Happy Birthday, Anna, and may you be blessed with many, many more healthy ones!
  11. Posted by: Meg
    Happy Birthday Anna!
    I hope you have a wonderful fun and RELAXING birthday.  You deserve the best….Thank you again for all the wonderful designs you bring to us.  Can’t wait till the HSN time, saving up the money for my items.  I just know that it will be great.
  12. Posted by: Dee
    Happy Birthday Anna!!! Have a great weekend.
  13. Posted by: Doris A.
    Happy Birthday, Anna.
  14. Posted by: Lois Kocon
    I love your ideas for cards, they are absolutely beautiful, but you can’t put them in the mail unless you put them in a prepaid box from the post office.  That get very pricy when you mail out well over 50 or more cards a year.  I was hoping you would show some cards that aren’t so “thick”.
    Thank you for all the beautiful paper etc. and ideas, but think envelope size cards, please.
  15. Posted by: Donna Boyer
    Happy Cake Day Anna…you have such a sweet smile and I love how much you care about your products you bring to us…so go enjoy your birthday…I know you work hard so take some time for your self and have some fun…then come back and bring us for more things to play with.
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    Have a wonderful well deserved relaxing Birthday weekend!
    Love to you…
  22. Posted by: Karen P.
    Have a Great Birthday Weekend! ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!!
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  30. Posted by: Sissy Geist

    You bring such joy to my life, friend..

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    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland!

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    Enjoy your birthday celebrations.
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