HSN Sneak Peek #8- Halloween Paper Crafting

I hope everyone had a very happy Labor Day weekend! I spent mine working on my never ending to do list, seeing the movie “Jobs” and playing with my new best friend Georgie.

Only four more sneak previews to go before the big day on September 17th! Can you believe it? I can hardly wait for everyone to receive their Holiday Trimmings Card Kits so we can all start crafting together! Have I mentioned it’s a must have? Ha!

Today’s lucky winner and recipient of our Christmas Vellum Quotes and Christmas Decoupage Kit is Jo Ann Portell. Enjoy!

Now on to a very spooky September preview…

Many of you have seen glimpses of the Spooktacular Collection on our Facebook and Pinterest pages, and you’ll be able to purchase the entire collection on September 17th! This kit includes novelty pumpkin, harlequin and damask print papers paired with scary script embellishments and stunning glitter die cut papers that will help you weave a festive web of scary scrapbooks and cards this Halloween.

Spooktacular makes a perfect backdrop for Trick-or-Treating photos and costume parties, and even lends itself to Halloween party décor. So much fun!

We’ve also partnered up with HSN and UNICEF to craft for a cause this Hallow’s Eve! We’re bringing back our Halloween sentiment stamps and ink pads for a limited time only, and a percentage of proceeds will go toward this wonderful children’s charity. Click here to learn more.

If you’d like to win the Spooktacular Collection this week, all you have to do is comment below and tell me what you do with all of the Christmas cards you receive each year. My Mom had a special embroidered basket that said Merry Christmas where all of the cards went. It was so much fun to look through!

See you on Friday,


  1. Posted by: terri
    I attach my holiday cards to the woodwork on the big open doorway between my living room and kitchen. By Christmas I usually have it filled from floor to the top of the frame. Very festive!
  2. Posted by: SANDRA GRISWOLD
    I like to display my Christmas cards in an antique sleigh by my fireplace in a confortable chair where people that sit there can pick them out and read them. also I like to put some in a Christmas container and place them in my bathrooms and kitchen, since they are two of the most used rooms in my home!!People have commented on the ones in the bathroom in particular!!
  3. Posted by: Barbara
    I display all my cards and enclosed pictures on the refrigerator. After the holidays I take them down and use the pictures in my scrapbooking.
  4. Posted by: Barbara
    I always put my Christmas cards and enclosed pictures on the refrigerator. After the holidays I take them down and use the pictures in my scrapbooking.

  5. Posted by: Sandy Miles
    Hello, Yaaaa ~ I Can’t wait just 1 more day until the big show!!! I’m so looking forward to buying every new sneak peak item & any others that we haven’t seen yet! I took off work, paid off the credit card & I’m ready to max it out again ~ just for you Anna!
    O- Sorry on to the Christmas Cards!  When I was a little kid, every year at my Gram’s house, we would make special boxes out of the cards. All the kids would fight over our favorite ones. We would match up all the different sizes,add a touch of glitter, punch holes around the edges & lace them together with yarn. Once completed we would add a few home made cookies, or one of the hand made button necklaces we made. We would give them as gifts to everyone that was special to us. But, I always had a hard time parting with mine. So it was a good thing that we had lots of cards to use. All the teachers, baby sitters & Aunt’s received one. They all made a big fuss over how much the loved them.
    Now we carry on this extra special tradition with all the young nephew’s, nieces & Grandkids. Making these card boxes is one of my favorite things we do during the holidays. It brings back so many memories of my Grand mom and my brothers & sister. I’m sure this Christmas tradition will be passed on through generations to come. It’s a simple project that allows us to slow down and enjoy each others company- without a big mess to clean up afterwards.
  6. Posted by: GretchenLont
    I have a white-washed card rack that hangs on the wall and displays cards nicely 🙂
  7. Posted by: Liz Sandstrom
    I have been using your Cuttlebug and embossing folders that I did the auto-ship.  Love the quality and deep texture I get from them.  I started Scrapbooking in 2008 and one of my first purchases was your papers; been a fan ever since.  I am new to card making but, I would love to host a card making party with my friends.  They love my scrapbooks, especially when I make their Grandchildren a baby book.  I look forward most to the cut and emboss dies.  I’ve seen what other designers have done with them and I’m inspired!

  8. Posted by: Rachel P.
    When I was growing up, my mom would put the Christmas cards around the door frames of the doors that you had to push in to open.  To this day I still display my Christmas cards that very same way.
  9. Posted by: Michelle Nored
    Halloween is  my favorite holiday of the year.our family tends to go all out  with everything Halloween. We do everything form decoratiny, sending cards, and dressing-up.
  10. Posted by: Kay Hanley
    I have a little cardboard box with a postman on the front, and all my cards fit in his box.  For over 40 years he has hung on my wall and when the kids come home, they like to go through the box and see who has sent cards.
  11. Posted by: Terri Braun
    The Spooktakular collection is gorgeous, and can’t wait to get it! At our house, all of the holiday cards go into a wooden basket that is painted in candy cane colors. It has a handle so it’s easy to carry, and the basket usually gets handed to family members that come visiting to see what cards, notes and pictures we have received from other family members. It is so fun to share these things at a time when family is so special to us! Thank you for this opportunity, Anna!
  12. Posted by: Michele DeWerth
    I have made the Christmas card kits I get from Anna Griffin & HSN ahead of time and given them to the local soup kitchen, so they would have nice Anna Griffin cards to give to their family and friends.  I also sent other unsigned ones to the troops in Afghanistan, because when I was there I know I wanted nice cards to send to family and friends.
  13. Posted by: carol
    I tape all the handmade and/or photo cards on my front closet door. The rest I put in a ribbon bedecked basket. I can’t wait to open each and every card and I flip through the basket of cards several times during the holiday season. I love Christmas!!
  14. Posted by: Theresa Lafleur
    My family keeps our cards in an old German cookie tin and the really old special ones are in a special archival box
  15. Posted by: Theresa W.
    I love to display my cards all throughout the house. It adds to all of my other Holiday decor. Thanks..
  16. Posted by: Sandiie Herron
    How interesting to hear that your mom put your Christmas cards in an embroidered basket.  I put mine in a basket which I lined with fabric and wound ribbon around the handle.  As you said, it’s fun because they’re all in one place and you can always tell if thee[s a hew 9heo
  17. Posted by: Diana Durst
    I tape my Christmas cards to the doors of my rooms so we card look at them every day.  The special home made cards go on display on the sofa table as part of my Christmas decorations.  These cards are then used to scrapbook with.  They make wonderful pages.  I love Anna Griffin products.  Can’t wait for the 17th.  I’ll be watching and buying.
  18. Posted by: Gisela
    This year I will have our cards hanging from beautiful ribbons that will cascade off a large decoration  of stuffed letters that spell  Merry Christmas that was made many years ago. It spans 6 feet  across the wall . I have a shelf across  this wall on which I display my Santa collection, and I think adding the cards this year will bring smiles.  Each year I try to find a new way of displaying
    all the wonderful Christmas greetings.
  19. Posted by: Anita Braddock
    what a great giveaway I would love to win I love your products very elegant. thanks for the chance to win
  20. Posted by: Melissa R
    I love to display my Christmas cards all over the house, not just in one area. This helps to spread the holiday cheer throughout my home. I also display some old cards from different periods of my life and the lives of my  family. I smile every year as I unpack my decorations and reread the cards made by my daughter and cards from my chilhood. The holidays are about making memories and revisiting past memoreis. What better way then through cards!
  21. Posted by: Alice
    I remember seeing your Esmeralda kit years ago on HSN and thinking WOW that’s beautiful. It was my first time watching you and underestimated how fast it was going to sell out. I have been watching you since definitely getting it ASAP
  22. Posted by: Pat Sugden
    We  place our Christmas Cards in a Special Wall Hanger so that we pull them out and look at them throughout the Holiday Season.

    Halloween items look like so much fun.

  23. Posted by: Karen S
    I have a wire wreath that has about clips all the way around it.  As the cards come in, I decorate the wreath.  I becomes such a wonderful mass of pictures and patterns.  At the end of Christmas, I have a special scrapbook to record the cards my family receives and to document my daughters Santa picture.  It is so much fun to go back and relive each Christmas.
  24. Posted by: Tom G.
    Growing up, my Mom had this felt Santa that used to hang on the door to the cellar.  It’s about 30 inches tall, and has 4 pockets, where the cards are displayed.  When Mom and Dad had both passed, and we broke up the house, I took the Santa.  I still use it.  It’s kind of an eyesore now, with all worn spots, and tears, more than 50 years old, but i just can’t seem to part with the old guy!  I have plenty of other ways of displaying cards, but this one is the only one that takes me back, when us kids would arrange them in the pockets by how much we liked the pictures, the favorites going in the upper pockets!!!
  25. Posted by: Nanci Hatcher
    I have a beautiful fabric hanging Christmas Card holder with three big pockets. It is a beautiful decoration and will hold about 75 cards. It is a tradition at our house and I have given one to each of my three daughters.
  26. Posted by: Sue H.
    In a basket.  Hey!  I just bought your holiday ink pads on HSN!!  Thank you for putting some things up early!  WOOHOO!!
  27. Posted by: Carrie Pangborn
    I display the Christmas cards on my kitchen cabinets by taping them to red crepe paper, it helps to decorate the cabinets for the Christmas time!
  28. Posted by: pennyco@zoominternet.net
    Hello Anna:

    I am actually responding to Jackie from your Facebook page.  I don’t have facebook, but I wanted to find out if she still wanted a doily stamp set.  I have one I am willing to part with because she seems to want one so badly.  Jackie, if you ware interested, post your email and I will send you a private message.


  29. Posted by: Scrappinvall
    I had a pick at your Halloween and Christmas papers, stamps and embellishments at CHA in Vegas…can’t wait to see it in the stores.  I love all of your ideas.  Want to try most of them and come up with a few of my own.  Thanks for a chance to win.  Love all of your products.  What a special person you are to fill out lives with beauty
  30. Posted by: Marilyn Drumgool
    Hi Anna, we have a sliding glass door between the kitchen and dining area. That is where I tape all the cards for all to see. So many people send photo pictures or hand-made cards that
    I love to display them. I have a hard time throwing away cards of any kind therefore I have lots of them that
    I can use to make new ones from.
  31. Posted by: Sherry tasker
    Love the Halloween stuff!! I hang the cards taped to the back of my front door, so that everyone who comes over can enjoy them. Thanks for the chance to win!!
  32. Posted by: Frances Wiley
    Usually, I hang them on the inside of  the front door. However,  last year I used magnets and hung them on the refrigerator doors. I  liked that it made the kitchen so merry.I think I will do the same thing this year.
  33. Posted by: Maria from San Francisco
    I display my cards on a wire stand. I purchased it in Disneyland. It holds up to 10 cards at a time, so I rotate the cards as they arrive.
  34. Posted by: Andi
    All my Christmas cards are hung around the living room to give a festive flair. When I take them down, I go through them. Those that I can’t bear to part with, I save. The others, I re-purpose by cutting out the cutest parts, and use them to embellish my new cards I am making, or my scrapbook pages.
  35. Posted by: Joy Smith
    I use a card holder that I have had for years it is old but I love using it brings back a lot of memories. I will be watching on the 17th can’t wait
  36. Posted by: Deborah W.
    I live in an old Craftsman house, with tall ceilings and doors, with the beautiful old, wide moldings – so my cards get hung along the doorframe into the living room.  And since my birthday is Dec. 15, I hang my BD cards up too! I really LOVE the new Halloween look – I have just started working on some Halloween cards and this would be so FUN to play with!  Thank you for all your give-aways!
  37. Posted by: Teresa Schumacher
    I have a special snowman holder to display each Christmas card.  At the end of the season I put the cards away and save them.  I just can’t bring myself to ever throw them away.
  38. Posted by: Shelley Dayman
    Lol, forgot to mention Christmas cards….Most of the cards I get are digital, but the paper ones I get, I usually cut them up for the pictures and run them thru my Xyron sticker maker, and reuse them to make other cards, giftwrap stickers to add a ribbon, or jazz up a place card at the table with bells or holly.
  39. Posted by: Shelley Dayman
    Yay…found the blog!!!  Anna, I like your complete product line.  I especially love to do the manipulated pages with the pleats and cuts…makes for a unique page,,,thanks for sharing1
  40. Posted by: DawnMarie
    Love to hang Christmas cards banner style. I like hang the banners in my big kitchen windows.

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  1. Stacie Erickson says:

    I display my cards around the entry to my kitchen and with my favorites I turn them into pretty ornaments or decorations to reuse for many years. It is so nice to look at the lovely cards and remember that someone felt we were special enough to put the time into sending us a holiday greeting!

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