HSN Sneak Preview #9- Christmas Metallic Layers & Embossing Folders

Hi everyone!

Can you believe that there are only a couple more sneak previews before September 17th? This has been such fun and I am so happy that you all have been participating with us by sharing your stories and experiences.

I enjoyed reading about all the special places around the house where you display your Christmas cards, and learned that many of you even decorate your entire home with the cards you receive during the holidays. I love that!

Today’s winner will be taking home the Spooktacular Paper Crafting Kit and our Halloween Clear Stamps and Inks. Congratulations to Anne Marie!

Don’t forget, if you buy the Halloween stamps before October 31st a portion of the proceeds will benefit UNICEF.

Now, the good news about the previews coming to a close is that the last few I have for you are some of the most exciting! And, like all of my new holiday collections, these next two items coordinate perfectly with everything in the Holiday Trimmings Card Kit.

First up are my Christmas Metallic Layers.  You’ll open up this festive folder to find 112 cardstock sheets of reds, greens, golds and silvers  in a variety of sizes, from borders to 8.5×11 sheets.

What makes stunning, shimmery paper even more amazing? Embossing, of course! The Metallic Layers are a match made in crafting heaven with my new Christmas embossing folder bundle! All of you autoshippers will be getting another amazing set of folders this month, but this special new set was created to buy separately on the 17th!

This holiday collection features trees with pretty bow garland, gorgeous holiday damask prints, snowflakes, starburst designs and beautiful Christmas typography. The results are simply breathtaking.

To win both of these collections on Tuesday, please comment here on the blog! Here’s what I want to know this week: Have you ever hosted a Christmas card making party before? If so, tell me how you did it. If not, would you like to host or attend one this year?

Hint hint: there is a very special reason I’m asking you this, and I’ll tell you about it on Tuesday!

See you then!


  1. Posted by: Denise Nichols
    Hi Anna,
    I have hosted a card making party with my friends Linda and Gail. They were so envious of my Anna Griffin goodies that I have got them hooked on HSN CRAFT DAYS! I would love to host one with you as my secret special guest designer!
    I’m 65 yrs old and work with special needs adults. My crafting ,especially with your products helps me unwind after a stressful week. God bless you and your creative,amazing staff! Sincerely,Denise from Humble, TX

  2. Posted by: Susan U
    Cant wait for the September 17 on HSN and have already made my list of wonderful goodies which I am going to purchase if I’m not lucky enough to win the prize draw – keep the wonderful ideas coming Anna as love, love, love everything that you do – good luck to everyone who enters; may we all win
  3. Posted by: Judy Estrada
    Never had a Christmas Crafting party. You have some awesome stuff coming up. I enjoy your items from HSN.
  4. Posted by: Rachel P.
    I have never hosted a Christmas card making party, but would love to host one using your beautiful, spanking brand new card kit.  All the fun that could be had would last a lifetime!
  5. Posted by: Stacey Milam
    I love the idea of a Christmas card making party! I have never been to one but would absolutely go if invited!
  6. Posted by: Rebecca M
    My daughters card parties is what got me interested in scrapbooking and making my own cards.  Best fun I have ever had and resourceful as well.
  7. Posted by: Michelle Nored
     Planning a Christmas Card making party . My Mom, my two daughters, my Sister-in law, and my niece. it is becoming a family tradition.
  8. Posted by: Lora
    I never have.  I am continually amazed how you keep coming up with more and more beautiful things, Anna.

  9. Posted by: Dianne M
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for the new self-inking colors!!! I cannot wait to get them and start using them!
  10. Posted by: shartl
    Yes, I actually have hosted a card making party for 22 of my friends from a Mom’s group. We mixed it up with card making and yummy snack while the Dads watched the kids at home! Awesome fun!
  11. Posted by: Theresa W.
    Hi Anna.. I have never hosted a Card Making Party nor have I been to one. After hearing you speak of it on one of your past HSN shows, I have thought about having one.  Maybe next year.. Thanks
  12. Posted by: Susan Stogner
    Anna, your products just keep getting better and better!!!  I’ve never been to a Christmas card making party but I bet they are lots of fun and probably even more fun to host (because you get to look over everything ahead of time)!!  Thank you and looking forward to your HSN shows!!
  13. Posted by: Mary Rodriguez
    Anna, you are the best. Can’t wait to see all of your new products. I am so excited.
  14. Posted by: Mary Rodriguez
    I love ANNA Griffin.  She is the master of elegant card making. She makes it possible for everyone to create a master piece with the beautiful card kits that she makes availabe to us.
  15. Posted by: Mary Rodriguez
    I love ANNA Griffin.  She is the master of elegant card making. She makes it possible for everyone to create a master with the beautiful card kits that she makes availabe to us.
  16. Posted by: Laura Lowther-Blake
    I have never hosted a Christmas card making party or attended one. I would absolutely love to attend one. I may have to host one in order to attend one :).
  17. Posted by: Renee S
     Hi Anna, my 2 sisters and I had a christmas card making party last year and sent all hand made cards.  We take turns going to each other’s houses and we make excuses to visit each other more often than ever. As a matter of fact, we have to thank you for giving us a a wonderful reason to see each other and keep in touch. Just last night I was at my sister Mary’s house ( she is your biggest fan, saves a huge budget before each show to buy everything) and we made  a record 7 cards  with your products, in a couple of hors, which is unheard of for us because usually, we adore your stuff so much we don’t want to use it! I didn’t want to go home, but someone’s got to work to buy more Anna Griffin.  I have to tell you my sister Mary’s husband booked a surprise trip for them on the week of your show Sept 12 to sept 18, and she is so upset. She has been planning to take a vacation day off work, but now she has arranged for my stay home sister to watch and buy everything for her. We love you Anna! Our biggest inside joke is that we just want to stay home and “roll around naked all over your beautiful paper and embellishments.” Lately we love the embossing folders, but we’ve been thinking a lot, and we have somehow decided that your next best move will be to make the Anna Griffin Cricut die cuts, which we would go crazy over. So there’s an idea, …. We’re waiting.. For our next party.
  18. Posted by: Karen B.
    I love using the embossing folders Anna & cannot wait for these beautiful Christmas folders. No, I have not hosted a Christmas card making party but it would be so fun to have a party with all of these awesome new AG products!
  19. Posted by: D~DesignsByDragonfly
    I have not hosted a Christmas card making party but it sounds like fun! Love this beautiful paper. TFS.
  20. Posted by: Brenda Berry
    Ooooo La La!!!!  (or should I say “Fa La La”?  I LOVE this weeks give away!  Especially the embossing folders!!!! So excited to see them up close and personal. And, YES!  I do host card making parties and we have a ball!  So much fun to spend creative time with friends!
  21. Posted by: Doris A
    I have not  been to any card making  party but I would love to attend one.
  22. Posted by: Lin M.
    I have never attended a Christmas cardmaking party  but it sounds like fun. I cant wait to get these Christmas metalic papers and embossing folders!
  23. Posted by: Denise Bennett
    My Mom, Sisters and I would get together often to make all kinds of cards but since I have moved too far away to just drop in, I will be watching HSN for some holiday card inspiration since I’m on my own this year.  Can’t wait to see what’s new!
  24. Posted by: Andrea
    So I have been giving this Christmas Card Making Party some real thought and I am getting very excited.
    It makes me want to buy several of these metallic paper kits.  And many of your items.
    Your Christmas line is BEAUTIFUL.
    I have so many idea going through my head.
    I have even been thinking of what to serve.
  25. Posted by: Sheila E
    I have not hosted a party but I have a friend that has hosted card parties for stampendous. Unsually one each season for their new catalog items. We make 2 cards and have snacks and have alot of fun.Then they ask who would like to host another party, and you earn credit for free stamps etc.. We also have a card making class at our local adult center they would go crazy for your cards. I havent hosted the party because I like more elegant styles like yours. I think I own almost everything on HSN of yours and would LOVE to do a Anna Griffin party that would be AWESOME!!!!!! I soooooo hope you do that I’m IN !!!!!!!!!
  26. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Anna, I have never hosted or attended a Christmas cardmaking party; it sounds like so much fun!  Sadly I don’t know of anyone in my area that is a crafter but I have always wanted to get a group together at my home to craft.  It’s lonely sometimes but very theraputic and so much fun for me.  But I’m hoping that with all your products that I own, I can’t image not finding anyone that wouldn’t want to craft with me if I share my wonderful supply of all ANNA!  I love your Cuttlebug and your embossing folders on autoship so I can’t wait to see your shows!  Thanks, Anna for being so generous in your giveaways!  P.S.  I love Georgie too!   🙂

  27. Posted by: Gisela
     I also have not hosted a card crafting party, I surely would if there were crafters among my friends.  But I do consider it a party when I craft and  have my cat helping me by stretching out over my card making items, and batting the embellishment’s  off the table !
    I have never been to a  Christmas card making party and would
    be a delighted to join in on one.
  28. Posted by: Bonnie Bousquet-Smith
    I have not hosted a card making party myself but belong to a group that learns different paper crafting techniques and we share the hostessing of that group. For the last several years we have had card making parties prior to various holidays or focusing on cards for guys-whatever reason we can find for a card making party. But there has always been a Christmas card making party. We usually get 8 cards 2 each of 4 different styles done in 2 hours and have a great time. It’s always been a time to share ideas, see new papers or products and get each other’s feedback-as well as try different recipes and share personal news.
  29. Posted by: Brenda
    I have never hosted a Christmas Card Making party. I would love to, but I don’t have enough space. Someday….
  30. Posted by: Beverley Clark
    I have never hosted or been to a card making party before. The closest thing to one was this past August on our vacation when three of my grandchildren and I used your embossing folders on our cards and then used the watercolor markers to add beautiful color to our embossing.  The kids absolutely loved it.  What fun it would be to host or attend such a party.  Looking forward to the 17th…already have my list ready! Thanks, Anna, for all your beautiful ideas and collections.
  31. Posted by: Mary Cash
    Hi Anna,
    Can not wait to see you on HSN for all the new goodies.  I love the embossing folders. I am on auto ship but will get the special folders also and will get my daughter a set since I gave het my old cuttlebug and got your new cuttlebug which I absolutely love!  I have never hosted a card making party but would love to get some of my friends and neighbors together for a Christmas card making party or even do one as a demonstration card making party for anyone who has never made cards before so they can see what fun it is.

  32. Posted by: N Smith
    What a fab idea! Never hosted or attended a Cardmaking party before, but it certainly would be fun as well as productive.  Love the metallic papers- they will work great in my golden cuttlebug when I receive the Christmas autoship embossing folders–looking forward to the 17th!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Posted by: Andrea
    I have never hosted a Card Party but I enjoy very much hosting parties. I am a real people person.
    So I love the idea of having a Christmas Card Party.
    I am new to Anna Griffin products. My mother uses them all the time. I just never have. I had to go to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and had forgotten to get a card. My mother said, “No problem” then pulled out an Anna Griffin card set. Within minutes she had made this lovely wedding card. I WAS SOLD.
    All your Christmas collection is beautiful.
    I especially like these metallic papers and the folders. It would be very exciting to win these.

  34. Posted by: Joanne Rose
    A store in our town is making cards for the armed forces and I think that is a wonderful idea.  I may ask my friends to join me and maked cards at home too
  35. Posted by: Jo Ryder
    I have never hosted a holiday card part but think it is a wonderful idea.  Have to talk with my friends and see what we can come up with
  36. Posted by: Edna Glenn
    Hi Anna,
    I usually send around 30 Christmas cards every year. I’ve never seen (or received) any quite as grand as your collection. I can not wait to see you unveil the entire kit on the 17th. I haven’t ever been to a Christmas card making party, but I think its a wonderful idea and I’d jump at the chance to attend one.
  37. Posted by: Cheryl S

    The embossing folders and metallic card layers are beautiful!  I am looking forward to using them with my Anna Cuttlebug this year.  I have never hosted a Christmas card making party, however, this year I will be making cards with a friend who is interested in making her first Christmas cards this year.  We will be using your Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit, of course!

    Although I have never hosted a party, I would be interested in hosting or attending a party this year.  Thanks for the wonderful products and inspiration!

  38. Posted by: Judith M.
    I have never hosted a Christmas card making party.  However, it does sound like it would be fun.  Any card making party with material from Anna Griffin would be a delight to attend.
  39. Posted by: Karen Wilson
    I have never hosted a Christmas card making party. I would love to host one sometime. I think it would be a lot of fun! Your Christmas card kit along with all of the products you’ve shown us so far would be perfect for a party! Hope to win!
    Karen W.
  40. Posted by: Kathi Ormsby
    I never hosted a Christmas card party but what a great idea! I sure would love love to win your beautiful products:)

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