Winners Revealed!

Greetings from HSN! We are here setting up for the big day tomorrow. There are lots of last minute preparations going on so I don’t have time to be nervous…yet.

The winner of the Winter Wonderland Cricut cartridge is Nancy G ! Congratulations and happy cutting!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our weekly giveaways leading up to the 24 Hour Craft Event tomorrow. Here’s a very special video to remind you of our journey over the past six weeks.

‘Twas the Day of the Giveaway

‘Twas the day of the big giveaway, and all came to see
Who the lucky winner, lucky winner would be.
Twelve HSN sneak peeks were crafted with care
In the hopes that on September 17th I’d see you all there.

On the first day of previews you met the star of the show
A green box of goodies tied up with a red bow.
Holiday Trimmings will help you make Christmas cards galore
Since we know that handmade cards always mean more.

Next you saw new holiday stamps and inks
And outside of the box I asked you to think.
Who could you send cards to that you haven’t before?
Like the troops, hospitals and the clerks in the stores.

Then came borders, washi tape and festive new paper
You spread the news of Holiday Trimmings to your friends and your neighbors
So inside this wonderful kit I decided to let you see
But when the green box was opened, inside was Georgie!

The previews rolled on, with vellum quotes and decoupage
Our twice weekly giveaways had me feeling like Santa Claus.
You told me your goal to sign, seal and deliver
The Holiday Trimmings cards you would craft up this winter.

For the last of the sneak peeks you had a front row ticket
To see my latest designs for your Cuttlebug and Cricut
Beautiful Christmas trees were embossed on Metallic
And holly and snowflakes were die cut on Perfect Palette.

These 19 new collections are sure to deck the halls,
But only one lucky winner can take home them all
I reached in the bag to see who it would be,
And Karen Solt’s name was drawn from thousands of entries!

Midnight marks the Holiday Trimmings on air debut
And I am so excited to share the fun with you.
So tune in tomorrow, somehow, some way
For a very special 24-Hour Craft Day!

A very special CONGRATULATIONS to Karen Solt! We hope you enjoy all of your new crafting items. Please post a photo of yourself on our Facebook page!

Whew! I’ve got less than 12 hours to go….


  1. Posted by: ROZY S.
    Hi Anna: I apologize for being late in comments, but have been very sick he last couple of months. I was still able to watch your HSN crafting show and spent a good amount on your new products. Had my surgery and came home yesterday and all of my fun stuff was waiting! As usual your things are exquisite! Signed up for auto-ship so more goodies to come. My dilemma now is where to put all the goodies! Rozy
  2. Posted by: Rose
    Hi Anna,
    I just got my Winter Wonderland cartridge. Yippee! Can’t wait to start creating my christmas cards. Because if the delicate cuts, what speed, pressure, depth settings do you recommend?
  3. Posted by: Maw J
    Dear Marsha , I too had a similar event in Jan. all I can say is that the cartridge looks to be available on either in the digital or cartridge form! Good luck!
  4. Posted by: Marsha Sitchler
    I’m sorry but I didn’t know where else to go as I am so upset.  I will also be trying to write HSN’s CEO. I watched Anna on HSN on the 17th and placed an order for her Winter Wonderland Cricut Cartridge in plenty of time as I knew they would be sold out.  I got the email that my order was received.  Tonight I was looking to see why I had not received the cartridge yet and under the order on HSN it said that I received a refund on Sept. 20.  I called HSN and was told the refund was because there were no more cartridges available.  Yet, I made the order long before they announced on the show they were sold out. Plus I didn’t receive an email about it either. Anyway, I am so upset I can’t sleep so am writing this.  I suppose that HSN will not be getting any more of the cartridges in either will they?  It’s just so unfair. I know it’s not Anna’s fault but I just had to say something.  I wanted that cartridge so bad.
  5. Posted by: PEnny C.
    Anna I don’t have Facebook and couldn’t comment on the picture of George but, based on that picture, you should have named him Mick after Mick Jaggar!  LOL.  So, darn cute!
  6. Posted by: HollyG
    Good Afternoon Miss Anna!

    First, I would like to thank you for the great HSN show yesterday!   you looked gorgeous,  was it three or four outfit changes? They were ALL fabulous!  I really enjoyed your poem and also, would like to congratulate Tonya and Karen.  How lucky for them and oh, so generous of you!  It  sure was the highlight of my day  to speak with you via HSN yesterday!  I would have said more but they gentlemen told me to concentrate on talking about the TS, so I did.  I didn’t get to fill you in on all the other items I purchased…Wow…I’m gonna have to tip my UPS man! I bought a Cricut machine just for your cartridge so I hope you are planning on more of those for us! I purchased just about everything and very happy to do so! This will keep myself, my daughter and grand daughters busy for awhile!  Just a great big thank you to yourself and your team for creating all the beautiful things you help us create, truly unbelievable!  I sure hope you are able to get a good rest from your busy, busy day/s!

    Thank you so much!

    P.S. Could you post more pictures of Georgie? He is adorable!

  7. Posted by: Cathy C
    Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you Anna for all your products.
  8. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Hello Anna:  I hope you’re still sleeping.   That was a LONG day for you.  I couldn’t believe when you were still on at 10 p.m. and still had energy!  How do you do it?  Well, I guess I know the answer.  It’s because you are so passionate about what you do, and that is golden.
    I was so honored to get a chance to talk to you.  Congratulations on a crazy successful day!  You so deserve it!.  And we all appreciate you so much.

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, MD

  9. Posted by: Cheryl Wright
    This kit looks absolutely fabulous, but here in Australia it’s almost impossible to buy your products.
    Any ideas how we can have this changed?
    Yes, I can buy via US sites, but the postage is super expensive.
    I’ve been waiting for over two months for an EF I ordered from my craft shop!!!
  10. Posted by: Sue H.
    Ohmygosh!  I am so excited and can’t wait to get my order!  The today’s special is absolutely fantastic!  Anna, you and your team rock!  Thank you for making us such beautiful kits.  WOW!!!!
  11. Posted by: Debbie McL
    Congratulations to Nancy and Karen and the fabulous gifts you both won from Anna.  I know as a crafting fan of Anna’s for many many years each of you ladies will have a wonderful creative time crafting with these new products that Anna and her team created!!!  Enjoy all of the fun hours!!!!  Anna~~ your poem is absolutely so adorable and creative and just so perfect for you.  Thank you for sharing  this sweet poem with all of us.  Your demonstrations on HSN today are just  wonderful and all of your new products are just beautiful!   Your Christmas products are so elegant.  Thank you!!!!! ~Debbie
  12. Posted by: Cathy May
    Congratulations to Nancy and Karen and all of the other winners these past weeks.  Everything so far on HSN is just fabulous.  I purchased the TSV and can’t wait to receive it.  Hope everyone enjoys this special day for crafters………………………….
  13. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    Sadly, I can keep the dust ON my cricut machine because the cartridge sold out before I could get it.  Hope there will be another opportunity to purchase it.
  14. Posted by: Allie
    Oh Anna I have ordered so much today thank you so much for having such great products…. I would love to see a instant scrapbook for Halloween and maybe a halloween card kit it would be to die for 🙂
  15. Posted by: M Barricklow
    Congratulations to Karen & Nancy…And a very big Thank You to Anna Griffin, for her gift of “GIVING”….
  16. Posted by: Tom G.
    Go Karen!!!!!
    Enjoy your goodies- Wow!!!
  17. Posted by: Dawn B
    Thank you so much for all of the inspiring materials your team has created for us. Your ideas have helped take my crafting over the river and past the woods. Enjoy the rest of the year. Have a wonderful Christmas season!
  18. Posted by: Evadene
    See you all tonight!
  19. Posted by: Shemaine Smith
    What a Fun and Delightful way to announce the winner! Congrats to Karen and good luck on the show Anna! Can’t wait to see you on HSN!
  20. Posted by: Lin M.
    I love your version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”!Very cute!!! And I am anxiously waiting for midnight EST to see/purchase the fabulous Holiday Card Kit!!!!
    Thank you for all the previews – I can’t wait to watch all of your shows and see these goodies presented. This is the first time I have actually taken the day off to enjoy an HSN 24-Hour Craft Day and I am so looking forward to it!
  21. Posted by: Kris
    Congratulations to the winners!  I’m ready to go with Anna at 9 pm PDT tonight.  Yippee!
  22. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    I, too, am watching reruns of the shows from July for inspiration. I probably will not be awake too far after midnight. I’ve got my items in my SAVE FOR LATER basket and will move them over to BAG at midnight, and push the button for purchase. Then it’s happy dreams for me. I have to go to the funeral of a very special friend tomorrow, so my DVR will be working overtime. I’ll check my phone from time to time to make sure no surprises have popped up. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!!!!
  23. Posted by: Mary Jordan
    Can’t wait until the show.  Have my timer set to move automatically there.  Congrats to all the winners.  Hope you have a successful show, Anna!
  24. Posted by: Sherry Shea
    Anna Griffin’s Comin to town!
    Anna Griffin’s Comin to town!
    A-n-n-a G-r-I-f-f-I-n-s coming to T-O-W-N!
  25. Posted by: Shellie Fontana
    CONGRATS, fellow AG fan Karen S.  I am sooo happy for you!  Anna really has style, don’t ya think?!  Looking forward to joining Anna and all her fans this evening!  IT’S LIKE STAYING UP LATE TO GET A GLIMPSE OF SANTA!
  26. Posted by: sherry shea
    Sooo fun!
  27. Posted by: Robin
    Congratulations to Karen and Nancy!  Enjoy your new goodies.
    Anna, the Holiday Poem is delightful.  Great job.  Thanks for
    all of the previews.  I can’t wait for the HSN shows to begin!!
  28. Posted by: Sue
    Happy crafting, Karen!  I’m so happy for you & am sure that you will be busy making cards & pages galore.  Not fall house cleaning for you as you won’t have time.  Thanks, Anna, for the clever Christmas poem.  I love it!
  29. Posted by: Lucy
    Congratulations Karen!!!! Enjoy!!!!! you are so very lucky….
  30. Posted by: Kathleen Clark
    Congrats Nancy and Karen! So much fun! Am so excited for tonight and tomorrow on HSN. Starts at 9pm for us on the West coast. Yipee! See you all there!
  31. Posted by: Brenda L
    Congratulations to the winners! I am looking forward to tomorrow’s presentations. I hope my CC doesn’t catch fire. 🙂
  32. Posted by: Dalyce
    Soooo, Soooo, CUTE!!!!!!

    Congradulations Karen!!!!!

  33. Posted by: Dreama
    Congratulations, winners! Have fun with all your new goodies!
  34. Posted by: Cheri Lee
    Dear Anna,
    Thanks to the winner!  Wow!  You are so excited I know.  They would need to peal me off the ceiling.  I am celebrating with you.  I am going to order my items and get them ready. I already missed out on one that sold out early.  NOT missing another opportunity.  Have fun Anna and know we are all their with you cheering you on!
  35. Posted by: Penny C.
    I was so excited that I forgot to congratulate Nancy too!  Congrats Nancy!  Wahoo!
  36. Posted by: Mary Roberson
    Congratulations to Karen, Nancy, Tom and all the other winners.
    Enjoy your gifts, they are truly outstanding! Can’t wait til Midnite!
  37. Posted by: TeranceH
    Congrats Karen and all the other winners, I am so ready to see you tonight at midnight i am so crafting till midnight just to make sure i see you and my HSN wishlist is full as i see the items i want show up on the site all morning.  You are very exciting designer and i am so proud to own your items and we are all blessed and lucky you were given the opportunity to share your ideas with the craft world.

    ps:  If you are looking for new items one you might think of is a roller for your niks that can be used for your embossing folders, i found one but some of my friends not in my area are having a hard time finding it.

  38. Posted by: Aymee B.
    Wow… Congrats Nancy and Karen!  Karen you lucky duck!  I hope you have enough room on your porch for that big ‘ole box that will be coming.  🙂  Have fun!!  Anna… I can’t wait to see all the goodies on HSN tomorrow.. I will be recording the whole day! Happy Christmas …. in September… to us all!!
  39. Posted by: maxine
    Spare a thought for us Brits who want to see more of Anna & have to settle for twice a year if we are lucky!Please bring the Christmas card kit with you in October l missed out & am desperate to get one as they are my only Christmas card kit & have been for more than 5 years,only the best will do!
  40. Posted by: Katie Lavine
    How sweet is that poem Miss Anna!  You are adorable!  Best wishes tomorrow as I am sure you are going to be crazy busy!!  Congrats to Karen!  🙂