A Month of Frequently Asked Questions

Hi!  Thank you for the amazingly positive response to all of our new craft products. We are all so happy that you are happy!

I’m off to the UK today, but wanted to get your questions answered first.

1. When will you be back on HSN again?
November 14th at 9am, 12pm and 6 pm.

2. I am having trouble making the rosettes in the Holiday Trimmings Kit. Any tips or tricks?
I’ll post a quick video for you on Youtube next week, but here’s the quick version.
Cut a 1 inch square of cardstock and apply adhesive to one side and set aside. Start folding the paper strip from one end back and forth condensing the strip down to a small stack pinched between your fingers. The score lines are designed to help, and will go in both directions. Let go of the stack and it will spring apart. Apply adhesive along the bottom edge of the strip and on one end. Fold it back into the stack. Holding the edge with adhesive let the stack fan out into a wheel. Connect the ends where you applied adhesive completing the wheel. Add the 1 inch square of cardstock to the back of the wheel to secure.

3. Will the floral, flourish, holly and snowflake dies be back on HSN or QVC UK?
I’m happy to say they will all be back on in November on HSN. The Flower and Flourish dies will be back on QVC UK in February.

4. What about the Winter Wonderland Cricut Cartridge?
This is not scheduled to be back on HSN this year. It is available on www.annagriffin.com and we ship anywhere in the world.

5. What can we expect for future Cricut cartridges? Any hints?
Let’s just say that 2014 is the “Year of the Cricut for Anna Griffin”…Incredible things will be happening in March!

6. Do the three autoship kits (All About Love, All About Her and All About Him) come with pre-printed inserts like the Holiday Trimmings Kit did?
No, they come with the folded inserts that you apply yourself.

8. Will there be more guided layout scrapbooks available soon?
Yes, we have a cute little set of mini albums coming up in January.

9. I noticed that there will be Christmas banner flags on QVC UK. Can we expect to see those on HSN as well?
Yes, in November. They pair beautifully with the Holiday Trimmings Christmas card making kit!

10. When will the Elegant Arrangements embossing folder bundle be back on HSN?

11. When will more embossing folder sleeves be available for the embossing folder storage?
They will be on HSN.com as soon as the stock comes in – keep checking back.

12. How about the holiday metallic layers and wreath stamps?
Those are complete for this year – perhaps they will make a come back in 2014!

13. I saw many of your layouts and cards on Pinterest. Will you be posting more soon?
We update our Pinterest boards every week with new projects.

14. When is the next 24-Hour Craft Day?
It is scheduled for March on HSN.

15. What do you do between on-air sessions on HSN?
Work! Believe it or not, there’s no down time. Setting up and tearing down a craft product takes the most time back stage. It took 3 of us 2 days on September 17th at full throttle.

16. When is the next Scrapbook Super Sale on annagriffin.com?
It will be before the end of the year. If you haven’t signed up to get our newsletter, please do so because that’s how you find out about the sale!

17. Are we going to get a sneak peek at your new craft furniture line soon?
Yes, you will. I’m going to preview everything in the November shows in the coming weeks!

I’m off!


  1. Posted by: L.r. Smith
    #5 is THE BEST NEWS POSSIBLE!!! I can NOT wait…
    I truly am looking forward to some rose cartridge from you..
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your kits… will always buy them!! They are super to have, and have a card needed in a pinch and I just take down your  box and make the card.. DONE!! (I’ve had to use a bunch of Sympathy cards lately.. SIGH, I deliver/volunteer at a Meals~on~Wheels place/site and several of our group have passed on.. but your cards are JUST WHAT I NEEDED for that PERFECT CARD in that DIFFICULT TIME!! SERIOUSLY>> Yes, I am shouting…
    But I am tooo excited to see you and Cricut coming together.. I have wanted to do my own roses, as many as I want, as large or as small as I want… and love the “HUNT” of “GATHERING” Cricut stuff and putting/desiging/making my own cards…
    EQUALLY awaiting both your Cricut cartridges and more kits..
    YAY!!! :O)
  2. Posted by: Nel
    Hi Anna I don’t know what happened but when I started getting some of your comments on my facebook I no longer get emails with info from you. I am not always on facebook so don’t want to miss anything. I just today found out about you going to be on HSN again. (can’t wait but still trying to pay down my smoking credit card.)
  3. Posted by: Juanita
    I was so excited to see your Cricut cartridge in September it is truly amazing, every time I see one cut out it absolutely amazes me. I can hardly wait to send them out for Christmas. Thank you Anna !!!!
  4. Posted by: Lois
    I purchased your Christmas Card Kit for my daughter and now I’m sorry I didn’t keep it for myself.  It is a stunning kit and I want to congradulate you and your staff.
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  6. Posted by: Marcia
    I am finishing up my Floral Impressions Cards. This is my 2nd box. I felt that you were going to make me creative if I felt I could do it or not. Well I would lay out the card and leave it on the table and every time I passed it would look it over, some time making a change but would leave it over night and if I liked it the next day I would finish the card. Well doing it this way it was taking a long time. But after a week or so it was going faster.
    I am using one of your very very old card kit and Beautiful Bouquets along with what I have. I find that I like the 72 floral die cuts with the paper that came with the old kit better then the new papers.I only make birthday and Christmas cards. I found that I did not have enough birthday sentiments so I had to get creative. I pulled out my punches and stamps pulled off the top layer of the sentiment and traced it on a sheet of light card stock. Didn’t have a punch that was the right size. anyway got my stamps and looked for all the stamps that said Happy Birthday I found that I was not happy with them until I pulled out yours I found that I had 3 that would work. They were so nice. Did not have the thick lettering but fine thin lettering and looked just right. I used a Qtip to put a ring of color around the sentiment it’s ok but was thinking if I could buy  the sentiments that looked just like what you have in the kit but with no lettering in the middle and not attached to the other layers I could use my stamps to print “Happy Birthday” and still would have the nice ring around the sentiments.
    also I would like more stamps of sentiments that would fit on the sentiments that go on the top of the card.
    I would also like to be able to buy the birds and butterflys by themselves. I like to put them inside the card on the blank left side.
    or even some flowers but they all would have to be flat to do this.
    I did get the big box of Christmas card. They will be for next year. This year I am sending the card kits I got last year and made in July. So next July I’ll be making the new set for Christmas 2014 and in Sept 2014 I’ll be looking to buy card kits for 2015.
    I hope you will keep making the large kits. I was down to my last two cards when this box arrived. I live in a senior apt complex and like every one else says the ladies just love these cards in fact just yesterday a lady told me that the card I gave her on her birthday she placed it on a pedestal. These cards mean a lot to these ladies I will not stop giving them out. and last year they like the Christmas cards also. I saw the video on making the rosette Thank You for that. You would have fell off your chair if you had watched me trying to make the rosette. But I go it made but it does not look as good as yours.
    I would like more paper projects. In pulling out all of your papers that I have, not counting the scrapbooks I find I have a stack 2 feet high. So need to use it.
    Thank You
  7. Posted by: Cathy
    First, thanks for all your wonderful products. I am starting new family traditions with your products this year. I received the cricut cartridge and I am having the same problem getting the handbook online. I receive an error message. Please let us know when it is corrected, thank you.
  8. Posted by: cheri lee
    Hello Anna,
    I purchased many of your products and am trying to go to the handbook/manual site.  There are two listings: wwwcricut.com/handbook; and www.cricut.com/linkcartridge,  which both give me a 404 error message.  I was wondering how to find the site.  I did receive a small handbook with very few words or directions.  I am an old cricut user and use the Expressions with the larger handbooks and each has it’s own overlay.  Please help.  Feeling really old and like a big dummy.  LOL.
    Cheri Lee
  9. Posted by: Debby Bondhus,
    Hi Anna. I was wondering if your other card kits were going to be made available for purchase in November?
  10. Posted by: HollyG
    Hello Miss Anna!
    You looked absolutely stunning on QVC UK! Not a hint of jet lag! How’d you do that?  Truly exciting and something to look forward to in November, and then there is the waiting! Tick, tock…tick, tock… I am very intrigued about your visit in March also! I am sure your and your team are extremely busy right now, burning the midnight oil so “they” say! Your hard work and creativity are so welcomed and in my world…needed!
    Thank you for all your dedication and hard work!
  11. Posted by: Karen
    Thank you for answering all the questions. One more for you—I have several card making kits and mix & match embellishments. Is there an easy way to tell which pieces have sticky backs?

    Thank you.

  12. Posted by: Penny C.
    Hello there, Anna.
    Just wanted to say that I went to an overnight crop/cardmaking party this weekend with some friends and got a chance to finally dive into the Holiday Trimmings cardmaking set.  The results are just stunning!  Also, everything goes together so nicely with this kit; the borders, the metallic papers, and a lot of stuff I already had, too!  I made 70 cards!  Need to make about 30 more and I’m set for the holidays.
    Just wanted to say “thanks” for making me feel so good about making  holiday cards!  I also love your Pinterest page.  You are always helping us succeed and it means so much to us.  Thanks again.

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland

  13. Posted by: Becky P
    Anna, I have had so much fun with the Holiday Trimmings card kit! Everything in it is just so beautiful and well done! My favorite thing in the kit is the mini vintage postcards! They are just so beautiful and take me back to my childhood at Christmastime! Will you please, please make a little kit or die cut pack especially for these? I would LOVE to have more of these for myself—thinking about doing some kind of Christmas collage in a frame for ME! Thank you so much for the many hours of happiness and creative joy you give to each one of us!!!
  14. Posted by: Rosemarie Correa
    Hi Anna, Love all your products !!
    will the Holiday Stamp Set me on your next HSN show?
  15. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    What a wonderful time we had on the 17th.  Actually I bought most of my things before.  I didn’t want to take the chance of not getting everything I wanted.  I bought  just about everything.
    I bought 2 of  the Holiday Trimmings.
    I really wish I could have bought 3, we are going to have such a big turn out at our card party I hope there will be enough cards for everyone.
    It has all come in and every thing is so beautiful!!!
    And Anna, you looked so pretty.  I love watching you, your such a lovely person.
    I have and Anna Griffin story I want to share:
    Before the 17th I had been on the computer almost everyday for weeks, checking all you blogs,  HSN, pinterest, and in the middle of the night and early morning, watching you on UK.  I was even on my Daughters facebook page.  I’m not on facebook.
    A couple of days after the HSN show, for some reason our internet would not work.  My husband kept working and working on it.  Finally he threw up his arms and jokingly said, “I know whats wrong with this.  We have an  ANNA  GRIFFIN  VIRUS!!!!”  My whole family laughed and laughed.  I got alot of teasing.  So now it’s a family joke that my husband has to clear our computer every time I’m looking at anything from Anna Griffin.
    It turned out that one of our sons had accidentally unplugged a wire.
    I’m looking forward to November 14th.  I have already told my husband that you will be on then and that’s what I want for my birthday, which is on the 10th.  He says he’s not sure our computer can handle that again.
    I watched you on UK yesterday and enjoyed every minute.
    Thanks again to you and your team for all you bring us.
    Oh! I love your little kitten, Georgie.
    He reminds me of my daughter’s.  He grew up to be the kindess cat I have ever seen.
    Dalyce Mangum
  16. Posted by: Diane Hunter
    I saw the Cricut cartridge back on HSN today (Oct 3). Also saw the floral and flourish die cuts on A Cherry on Top website along with some new Anna things that weren’t on HSN. Happy Shopping!
  17. Posted by: Mary
    will you bring back the 16 inspiring impressions embossing folders????
  18. Posted by: Nancy Sue
    Anna, just want to Thank You for all your products.  I love your style and can’t get enough.   Continue bringing us more new products.  Can’t wait for November.
  19. Posted by: Diann Sanderson
    I am so in love with all of your ribbons and would love to know when and where I could buy them.  I would love to have the ribbons that match your pre-made bows.  Thanks for all you do for us Anna.
  20. Posted by: Tom G.
    Sue, if you CALL HSN and order the Holiday Trimmings AUTOSHIP, then immediately have the agent cancel H.T., but leave the autoships in place,you’ll get what you’re looking for. They did it for me on the 17th when Anna was initially on. I’m sure they can still do it! Good luck…

  21. Posted by: sue
    Is it possible to order 1. All about HIM and 2. All about HER and 3. All about LOVE autoships?????? Thank you & kudos on all you bring to us crafters!!!!
  22. Posted by: Grace
    Thanks for answering our questions, Anna. I have circled November 14th on my calendar. Do not want to miss you on HSN! I bought so much last month but I am hoping there will be more items I just HAVE TO HAVE! You and your team are just the best.
  23. Posted by: Jackie Ocheltree
    Thank you for answering questions for us.  We appreciate what you do for us.  Have a great trip.
  24. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all our questions and keeping us updated on your products.  In the last blog someone had a great request – would you be selling more of the paper bows that came in the card kit – I hope you will add that to your line, they are uniquely beautiful!  Thanks again and have a wonderful and, no doubt successful, trip!
  25. Posted by: Jo Ann Portell
    Anna, I was one of the lucky recipients in your countdown contest for your big appearance on HSN a couple of weeks ago.  I won the Christmas vellum quotes and Decoupage Die Cuts.  And, I found an extra goody in with those items as well.  So, thank you once more for your generosity and for making up such a fun contest!  I truly appreciate your creativity and genuine concern for your fans and customers.  You have me as a customer for life!  Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful staff!
  26. Posted by: Mary
    Anna, author Pen Vogler is hosting a Jane Austen themed dinner at Rotunda Restaurant in London on October 21st. Maybe you could attend and share your experience with your fans in the USA.
    Have a safe trip and “mind the gap.”

  27. Posted by: Joyce Anderson
    Would it be possible to have the name of Pattern used to make
    that gorgeous scarf on your blog with  Fabric from your quilt fabric
    section…..golden holly I believe was the name of that particular design
    Thank you for answering all the questions your “fans” had for you.
    Love your products!
  28. Posted by: Larina Miller
    Thank You very much for taking the time to answer questions! Another genuine quality we adore about Anna Griffin! Happy travels in UK
  29. Posted by: Shellie Fontana
    Thanks much, Anna!  Looking forward to seeing you Nov. 14 on HSN.  I will enjoy making Christmas Trimmings cards throughout October–received all my items last week, and demonstrated the Cuttlebug to my sister who was visiting, as well as showed her how to make your Christmas cards from some leftover pieces-parts.  She’s hooked!  Happy Trails!
  30. Posted by: Sandra Miaskoff
    Hi Anna:  I love your products and have been using them for many years, and will continue using them for many more, but would you be able to do some Chanukah cards for next year?  I would love to send out your holiday cards also.
    Sandra Miaskoff
  31. Posted by: Carol Coleman
    Would love to see mini bows available for purchase in say 25 packs.  Love to see variety of colors offered.  I just worked on some card kits and made 60?cards and these bows were awesome.

  32. Posted by: Mari Basquet
    Will HSN be getting more “Holiday Impressions Embossing Folders” Didn’t know they were different then the auto ship holiday folders, by time I checked the list, they were sold out. TU
  33. Posted by: Mary Helen
    Suggestions on how to use the velum labels so that they don’t look like a cheap sticker.
    do you apply them to a colored piece of paper and use a die cut to hide the edges?
    they are cute, but lack the classy look of your other items.
  34. Posted by: Linda English
    Anna. my new wreath stamping kit that I just purchased on HSN came with two “inner circle stamps” instead of one inner and one outer! I am very disappointed! What to do? Anyone else have this problem?
  35. Posted by: Penny C
    Thanks for answering all of those questions Anna.  I’m going to an overnight crop this coming weekend and can’t wait to dig into all my new stuff!

    Have a safe trip.

  36. Posted by: Audrey Olander
    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions.  It means alot to me and I’m sure to everyone else as well.  Have a safe trip!
  37. Posted by: Myra Goddard
    Hi Anna,
    Well, as usual I’m working on making cards.With a large family there’s always a birthday or anniversary, plus holidays. Keeps me really busy, but never too busy to keep checking in at your blog, HSN, Pinterest etc.
    Wish I was going to  the UK also  – have a grand-daughter who lives in London, and her BD is this month. I have her BD card ready to mail, and will be going to PO to mail it with all the grandeur of my Anna Griffin kit and embellishments. This is the 1st. time to mail something out of the US,so need to learn the “ropes”.
    Bon Voyage, & safe trip,
    Mickey Goddard
  38. Posted by: margaret driscoll
    Hello Anna!
    Looking forward to your visit so much !
    Safe journey!