HSN November 14th Sneak Peek: All Things Organization

It’s time for another HSN sneak preview! With just a little over a week until our November 14th shows, there are still so many fantastic things for you to see! Be sure to tune in at 9 a.m., 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. EST next Thursday for my last visit of 2013.

You’ve seen all of our last minute Christmas crafting must-haves, and now you’re going to need a place to put all of those extra goodies, right? It’s time to talk about all things organization and introduce you to my brand new line of craft room furniture!

First is our stylish new Peg Board, where you can hang your favorite craft supplies like art on the wall. This beautiful home accessory features a painted white frame and ivory peg board with hooks for your punches, craft tools and more, and even has ivory pins that snap in to hold smaller items. Think of it as a more chic version of what the guys use for garage organization!

Next is the new Craft Cart (not pictured), designed to make your DIY necessities organized, accessible and mobile! The cart (painted white just like the Peg Board) is topped with a removable ivory tray to hold supplies like markers, tapes, inks and more, with a hanging file folder rack nestled underneath for all of your favorite papers. The rack will hold standard hanging files, but of course we made beautiful ivory ones to match that you can purchase separately.   This craft room staple is easy to put together, fun to use and can go anywhere in your house. I am slightly obsessed with it!

Now that you’ve seen this functional furniture, it’s time to pretty it up even more with our storage boxes. We will have everything from paper organizers to embossing folder storage for you to choose from.  Oh, and we even have a new Stamp Binder Kit! All of these storage solutions will be available in three signature Anna Griffin patterns: Camilla Floral, Olivia Damask and Ivory Damask.  I am so excited to get everyone’s craft space looking and feeling beautiful!

And you know me, I couldn’t get through these previews without at least one great giveaway.  Comment right here on the blog, tell me about how you would use these organization solutions in your craft space and we will give away not one, but TWO sets of Christmas embossing folders next week (these are the autoship folders that will be available separately this time around).

I’ll be back next Tuesday with the winners and a look at what old favorites will be returning to HSN on November 14th!



  1. Posted by: Juanita
    Hello Anna,
    Well, as usual I was not disappointed with all the new items on HSN yesterday, the new furniture is to die for!!! So beautiful and feminine
    I would love to have that. So have so many great things its so hard to choose from. When I had my new house built several years ago, I had the whole upstairs floor made into a crafting/sewing areas and love all the beautiful things you have for us. I am already looking forward to your January visit. Enjoy your holidays….
  2. Posted by: Ms. L.
    Dear Anna,
    I have been a fan of yours for as many years as I think you have been on t.v. I have many, many multiples of your items, and could likely open a shop selling only your things. You have no bigger fan than I. I use your products practically every day, and virtually no one else’s. I have had Nov. 14th on my mind for every waking moment lately. I even purchased a few small items this week, as a week without Anna is, well, you know what I mean.
    Sadly, my husband lost his job last week, and I am disabled. Money is beyond tight. My credit is great, but getting quite a workout. After seeing your new line of furniture, I cried. Knowing I can’t even afford the pegboard is a mixed blessing. I am so miserable I can’t afford any of it, yet I guess I’m glad it is so far out of my reach I will focus on paper and stickers, and such. I can’t seem to stop that part of my brain from keeping on keeping on. I did not mean to depress you, but I only wish you could maybe come up with a less expensive group of pieces that I could build upon. Really, I don’t mean to be a nag, but I love you so much and have almost everything you create, my heart hurts. Again, sorry for being a downer, but I say what I feel. Can’t help it. I may even make myself a card to cheer me up. I know there will be SOMETHING I can get, because I will never forgive myself if I see something I “need”…
    My three cats, Sammy, Chelsea and Abbey send Georgie a big hello.
    Thanks again for being Anna.
  3. Posted by: Dianne Kozil
    I love how you are helping us organize our craft rooms!!! I can hardly wait to start my holiday cards!
  4. Posted by: Debby W
    Wow. This desk and everything in it is organize heaven. I need to get all my stuff in one place. This desk is beautiful and functional. I would be in heaven I think. You make things so beautiful and special. Thank you 🙂
  5. Posted by: Maria Elena
    This product line is amazing! Have had a peg board in my sewing room for years, but have been updating my sewing space and it was time for it to be replaced by this one! Perfect! This entire
  6. Posted by: Gisela
    It would be so nice to see,
    my craft space clutter free,
    your products tucked neatly away,
    ready to be played with another day !Gisela

  7. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    As always I will be waiting and can’t wait. got card down to a reasonable amount and ready to get it smoking again. love love love your stuff.
  8. Posted by: Lennie
    Wow, sure could use the peg board and the boxes.  They are absolutely beautiful as well as functional.  What do you suggest for punches.  I have quite a few and they are heavy and bulky.  Thanks in advance.
  9. Posted by: Terry
    Oh, how could I use your peg board. I have lots of ribbons, and bows, I would like them out in the open. They are too pretty not to be out in the open. Love all your products, have many of your card making kits!
  10. Posted by: Marijane
    I already own four sets of your Camilla organizer items and four sticker storage binders in black/white flourish designs and they make my craft room look gorgeous!  I want to get a couple more sets of the boxes and am very interested in the craft cart… Can’t wait to see everything on the 14th!
  11. Posted by: Cathy Barber
    Anna, proves it! Organization is a BEAUTIFUL thing!
  12. Posted by: Debbie Hein
    I can’t wait for the pegboard!  It’s so much nicer than the old piece of pegboard that I currently have.  I love pretty organizers!!
  13. Posted by: Nanacy Sue
    BOY, I need all the help I can get with organization.
  14. Posted by: Pam Allen
    Oh Anna I am so in loveeeee with the Peg Board and desk!!! Oh my goodness.  You are the perfect person for designing craft room storage as you put alot of thought into each piece.  You also are a crafter yourself not just someone to put your name on product to make money.  What a dream it would be to have such a great space.  thanks for your generous giveaways and so hope to be able to win the embossing folders.  Can’t wait until Thursday.
    Big Hugz
    Pam Allen
  15. Posted by: Mary H.
    Spent the weekend assembling Anna Griffin Christmas Cards.  20 cards done….so GORGEOUS.  Thank you for creating packages so easy for us to put our unique touches…even my 14 year old and her friends thought the cards were stunning…blush.  🙂
  16. Posted by: Andi
    I am all about organization!  The fact that you can use this item ANY place in the house is SUPER!  Can’t wait to see MORE.
  17. Posted by: Sabrina Wickman
    can’t wait for Thursday I love my new Christmas card kits loads of fun
  18. Posted by: Sandra U
    I’m about to set up a new craft space. What better way to start it off than to use your organizational system!?!  🙂
  19. Posted by: Jessica Tron
    I’ve loved your designs and style from the first time I saw you many years ago.  Your new designs and colors would be beautiful in my new pale yellow craft room!
    Your embossing folders are amazing and so are you.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity and God bless you!
    I’m looking forward to seeing you on HSN next week!!
  20. Posted by: Margi Lunn
    I love this sets. I would use them to organize not only my craft stuff but also my home remodeling projects. I have papers, fabric samples, paint color swatches and magazine clips everywhere and these files and folders are perfect to keep them organize and in one place. Thank you very much for this amazing giveaway.
  21. Posted by: Carla Hundley
    I need more organizers
    items to help with my
    clutter in the room!
    Would be fun to have.
    Carla from Utah
  22. Posted by: Dawn G.
    Hello Anna and Team!If you saw how much organizational help I need, you’d faint on the spot!  I kid you not!  🙁   There are 4 things I am vowing to tackle this upcoming year:  Paper!  Especially the scraps that are way too big to throw out but get lost in a paper keeper….think those boxes and file folders will help.  The washi tape…the stash is growing; again think those boxes would help. I have a lot of fabric flowers.  Finally, I’d like to sort by color(s).  And I need a larger place to house the ink pads.  Oh my…………(shaking head)

    Look forward to your upcoming HSN shows!

    All the best!!

  23. Posted by: Karen Brown
    These products are beautiful……..my happy space/scrap booking room will be happier!!! Ahhhhhh! Am new into embossing and love your products. Always look forward to your shows on hsn. Thank you for your creative mind.
  24. Posted by: Debbie H
    I am putting together all of your products in one spot so when I want to craft “Anna” style, I won’t have to hunt all of your things down. It all looks so pretty together. I have items all the way back to your “other” network days and I love them just as much as your new items!! They would ALL look fantastic in this beautiful system!
  25. Posted by: SharonS
    I need to get organized.  I am trying to set up a nice scrapping space in my spare bedroom.  These are  wonderful I would love to have some of them.  I can not wait for Thursday!!
  26. Posted by: Jan
    I am disable so to have something that was not only beautiful but was functional too would be wonderful . I love your products they make cardmaking and scrapbooking so much more easier.
  27. Posted by: Judy R
    Everything there would help organize any craft room!
  28. Posted by: Linda Valoy
    I could use some pretty organization in my life. I have a small cabinet  with shelves with all kinds of boxes sitting on them. Your boxes would make the cluttered look go away. Love those embossing folders..Keep making them.. Want more and more. My Christmas cards are  so pretty with the embossing.
  29. Posted by: Nancy garvey
    Go Anna…you think of everything.  Luv all of the organizational items.
  30. Posted by: Bonita Ringler
    Oh I have been wanting a little space of my own to craft. You items are not only useful but oh so pretty and feminine!  It would give me just the organization and workspace to use!
  31. Posted by: Beverley Clark
    Just when you think it can’t get any prettier, Anna surprises us again! Everything is so beautiful and just as I would have imagined it IF I could have thought of it myself.  You make us all feel like a princess in our own crafting space and you make us want to create more.  I can just imagine opening my crafting cabinets and seeing everything labeled in such lovely containers.  What a dream come true!
  32. Posted by: Gail
    Hi Anna!
    I really need to organize my scrap room which is currently a storage room. Your craft furniture and organizing items will definitely be a great help. Thank you for all that you do!
    Love and appreciation,
  33. Posted by: Penny C.
    Hello Anna and Team:Here is a celebratory song (sung to Winter Wonderland) in honor of Anna’s HSN appearance.

    Anna’s on. . .
    Are you viewing?
    You gotta stop
    What you’re doing.
    She’s on HSN
    We’re happy again
    She’s demonstrating Winter Wonderland.

    Now my Cricut is a-humming
    And more cartridges are comin’
    In twenty fourteen
    By Anna’s team
    In addition to the Winter Wonderland.

    In my craft room I can get creative
    Using all of Anna’s precious tips.
    Holiday Trimmings really is the bomb, gals!
    I’m dreamin’ bout the future autoships!

    Later on, I’ll retire
    and make cards by the fire
    My Cricut in tow
    Cuttin’ a package and bow
    Using Anna’s Winter Wonderland.

    How I’ve loved the sneak previews
    Gotta write some more reviews.
    Perfect Palette’s the best,
    The little black dress.
    Along with Anna’s Winter Wonderland.

    In a moment we can make a great card
    And pretend it was so hard to do.
    Getting all the credit is the best part
    I can keep our secret, but can you?

    I’m expressing appreciation
    Along with all of “Anna Nation”
    As we frolic and play
    the Anna G Way
    Lovin’ Anna’s Winter Wonderland.

  34. Posted by: Karen B.
    I love all of your new items!  Love the peg board and furniture!  🙂
  35. Posted by: Kathie
    All of your products are beautiful and I could use help organizing our scrapbook room.  I love the idea of the cart for mobility.  Do you plan to offer the desk you are showing in the picture sometime in the future?  Looking forward to Nov 14th!
  36. Posted by: Leslie
    LOVE the new Stamp Organizers. I hope you will sell extra pages, as I have your garden stamp set and holder. Would LOVE to win the folders to give as a Christmas gift as I have all of your folders so far. I am looking forwar to Thursday. But not my credit card, still paying off the last show. LOL.
  37. Posted by: Monique W
    Everything is so awesome. I wish I could have it all.
  38. Posted by: Lisa Briscoe
    Anna, what can I say! You have done it again. Everything is as elegent and classy as you. Love the new organizational products, got to have them all. So excited to update my room! Thanks so much for all you do for us! Just a quick note, I didn’t have or even want the cricut until you came out with your cartridge. Well, guess what I am now a proud owner of! Hehehe.
  39. Posted by: Deb Juillerat
    Oh my, Anna…everything is just GORGEOUS!! I could definitely put all the pieces to good use in my craft room! (Especially with all the new AG pieces I’m getting from HSN!!!)  ;o)
  40. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Anna Please Disregard the info in the CARDS For Smiles, Some how it Copied and Pasted to my letter to you.
    Debbie Dunn