HSN Sneak Peek Returning Favorites on Thursday

We’ve got one last round of sneak peeks for you before we’re back on HSN this Thursday, November 14th!  Join us at 9 a.m., 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. as we talk all things crafting, Christmas and organization.

Today we’ve got two sets of Holiday Trimming embossing folders to give away. Congratulations to Joann Benford and Penny C on winning these! Don’t forget that this bundle will be available separately this month for the very first time! Now on to the previews.

If you missed out on some of your wish list items from my July and September shows, don’t fret! Some of those sought-after items may be returning this month. Here’s a look at what’s coming back for more…

First is my favorite crafting product of the year, the Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit. If you don’t have this yet, now is your chance! If you’ve already finished your cards for this year, then stock up on a couple of these kits – there’s a great deal in store from HSN!

Next, I’ve been “die-ing” to tell you that all four of our previously sold out die sets will be back! Choose from florals, flourishes, snowflakes and holly…or grab all four while you’re at it! You will be absolutely amazed at the kind of results these cutting and embossing dies produce.

Our Perfect Palette Cards and Layers (better known as the “little black dress of crafting”) will be available again in both everyday and holiday colorways. These are absolute crafting essentials!

Other items making an appearance are the Christmas 12×12 papers, Christmas Vellum Quotes, set of 8 Ink Pads, Eyelet Border Stickers, Cottage Rose Stickers, Cards for Him Too and the ever-popular Watercolor Markers. It’s going to be one heck of a day. I can’t wait!

See you on Thursday,


  1. Posted by: Lorri
    I loved seeing you on HSN yesterday.  Last month I ordered 4 of your items and yesterday I finally ordered the Christmas card set, 2 sets of dies and your 6×6 paper pack. I can’t wait to use everything although I’m sure my creations will NEVER be as beautiful as yours. You are so talented, I wish I had just and ounce of Anna Griffin!  Can’t wait to see what you come out with in January!
  2. Posted by: Penny C.
    Hello Anna:
    The shows were wonderful, as always.  That furniture is just lovely.  I can tell you put your heart and soul into them.  They all look so “Anna”.  The chair is so elegant!   I just love the way the boxes fit into them.  How ingenious!

    It was a pleasure to talk to you.   Happy holidays!

    Kind regards.

  3. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Hi Anna, it’s Me Debbie Dunn again, I  just wanted you to know that My 3 Yorkies Alert Me when The Hear The Big Brown Truck coming down the Street!!
    Yikes!! Nothing is a Secret Any Longer! Now I’m trying to figure out how to get my orders in the House quietly!! Shhh! I hate to hear my Hubby say “What is That”!!!
    i am going to have to get a Friend to track Down the Brown Truck Before He gets to MY HOUSE!! …….Maybe I Should have my Packages to a Friends House!!! LOL!! I am watching the Show I recorded now. I Just Love the Furniture!!! I hope you continue to make the Furniture Available all during the Year so we can Build our Anna Griffin Scrapbook Room. ( I Blew the Transmission last Friday after Physical Therapy, for what it cost I could have bought
    the entire set of Furniture many times over! 🙁
    Congratulations on your Furniture Design, It is So Beautiful and Elegant, Just Perfect for my “Anna Griffin Scrapbook Room.
    I can’t wait to see what you Create Next. A Fabric Bulletin Board would be A Perfect addition to the Furniture Line.
    Best Wishes for You and Yours and your Fabulous Team.
    Debbie Dunn
  4. Posted by: Sandra Smith
    Hi Anna- I have long been a huge fan but find I have a problem. I ordered your Cuttlebug with the autoship embodying folders when it premiere on HSN. I love the embodying folders but the handle on my Cuttlebug has broken. I can still use it as it is the silver ring around the handle that broke. Also, I ordered the snowflake and holly dies from HSN. I just tried cutting them and find that only the smaller of the holly dies cut. In addition, I ordered the Flourish die from Anna Griffin.com and I cannot get it to cut completely either. I watched you die cut on HSN today to verify that I am doing it correctly and I am. I am an experienced die cutter so I believe the problem is with the dies. I do not know how to handle these problems. I would appreciate hearing from you at 1sassysandi5@gmail.com Thank you
    Sandra Smith
  5. Posted by: Maw j
    Shows are wonderful as always! Anna you looked absolutely beautiful and Christmasy! I thought I heard you are working on another Cricut cartridge ! Roses or florals I hope is what I heard! That would be great as your winter wonderland one is gorgeous ! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Can not wait to see what you come up with for next year, but looking forward to them! Thank you for all you and your company do for us!
  6. Posted by: Dawn G.
    Hello Anna and Team…….

    The shows are a knock-out!  Enjoying immensely.  Credit card in one hand and phone in the other.  🙂  Just wish this wasn’t the last shows for the year.

    Notice you’ve been adding images to your Pinterest Boutique!  Thank you so much for doing this!!!  YAY!  I hope you will be updating with more examples from today’s shows……crossing fingers for the Winter Wonderland cartridge ideas.  🙂  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Safe travels!

  7. Posted by: SharonS
    So glad the dies are back with everything else I bought could not get them and the holly ones sold out while I was on line.  Oh just a few more hours to go can’t wait.
  8. Posted by: Diane
    I purchased and have used your Christmas Card Kit with all the layers.  They made the most beautiful cards I have ever seen and the quality of the paper is outstanding!  I have also used the metallic card stock and using many Christmas dies have made super cards.  Thank you for your wonderful work!
  9. Posted by: Dorothy Lind
    Love embossing folders!
  10. Posted by: Donna Wilson/Doherty
     It’s always a pleasure to watch Anna on HSN. First we are meeting this wonderful talented woman, the creator of Anna Griffin, then we watch and become inspired with her beautiful cards and scrapbooking pages that she and her team work so hard on because they know how we love to share that inspiration. It really is the greatest compliment to take or come right out and copy their designs. I for one am so truly grateful that all this work they do is because they do want it shared. And why not, why not spread some of this beauty around. We sure could use it.  As always, Thanks for the inspiration Anna!
  11. Posted by: Patti G
    I, Like all other AG fans can’t wait to see the new products. I love all things Anna. I am so glad you make everything so elegant. I am happy the 14th is almost here. Love everything you do.
  12. Posted by: Patty Brown
    WOW!! I just love your products!! I can’t wait to see you Thursday on HSN!!!
  13. Posted by: Ronny
    Doing the countdown to Thursday.  I bought so much last time,
    but I’m sure there are going to be some new things that hsn just
    isn’t showing yet.  Can’t Wait!
  14. Posted by: Faye Thompson
    I’ll be watching.
  15. Posted by: Becky Smith
    your card kits are great-love them

  16. Posted by: Simply Sandy
    Can’t wait til Thursday.  I’ve already made my 60 cards from the holiday trimmings and have been dying to get the flourish dies..can ‘t wait to see all the new goodies.
  17. Posted by: Penny C.
    Hello Anna:  I am so grateful to win these embossing folders.  I plan to share them with my close friends in my scrapbooking group.  They will flip over them.   Again, I must say, as I have said before, your company and team are the best at listening to your fans, answering our questions and just generally putting out top quality products; not to mention, teaching us how to use them!  It’s so rare these days.  Your personal touch is so appreciated.  Thank you again for the wonderful products.  I’m thrilled to be a part of Anna Griffin Nation!.

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland

  18. Posted by: Debbie N.
    Looking forward to the HSN shows!
  19. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    I guess I missed your list but kind of worried. I bought almost everything you had on last time on HSN and set my card on fire. It has cooled down a lot because I knew you were going to be  on so doubled up to pay it off. I am hoping you will have new stuff I don’t have but know I don’t have any of your furniture. Only problem is my room is full and won’t hold another piece of furniture (at least that is what my husband told me, he said he was going to have to go under the house and brace the floor, do you think he is kidding?) waiting for Thursday.
  20. Posted by: DonaB
    It is like countdown to joy and inspiration.  I just wish you were coming on at midnight…hard to wait until 9am.  Sorry Anna, I know those long days are draining, just can’t get enough of you.  I think I have two years of recording on DVR. Love me some AG and all her awesome “things”.
  21. Posted by: Shellie F.
    Ahhh, Anna Griffin style…floral, golden, so pretty
    with each scroll, foulard, or flourish~
    Fold a paper fan!  Emboss a metallic layer, or
    die-cut a snowflake from Winder Wonderland paper!
    Anna will teach, demonstrate, and share:
    tune in to HSN on November 14–she’ll be there!
  22. Posted by: Lin M.
    As always, Thank you for the inspiration you provide Anna! Your products make it easy to create beautiful and elegant things – cards in my case. I have continually received compliments about how beautiful my cards are since I started using your products. Last night I created another Christmas card with your Gold Cuttlebug, auto-ship Christmas embossing folders, Holiday Metalic Cardstock, and Winter Wonderland Cricut cartridge. I love the class and elegance you bring to crafting!
  23. Posted by: Sissyg
     enjoy all of your products..so pretty and elegant.  Keeps me entertained as I care for a very sick hubby. Would love to win.
  24. Posted by: Sandee Bytheway
    So excited about the 14th on HSN!  But wanted to make sure and not miss out on the Anna Cricuit cartridge and the Flourish dies, I ordered early and they come tomorrow…yay!  I record all Anna’s show for the awesome idea’s.  Hum…what else will I have to have…thanks for all of your beautiful products!
  25. Posted by: Stephanie Lipinski
  26. Posted by: lori
    Will the other set of embossing folders that were offered in September ever be available on HSN again?  I was not able to watch the shows at all and saw them online but I hadn’t gotten my autoship order with the Christmas ones in yet so wasn’t sure if they were the same ones.  I contacted HSN on their live chat and asked if they were the same as the autoship and was told YES they were so I didn’t order them. Imagine my disappointment later when I was able to watch the shows I recorded and found out they were not the same.  I absolutely LOVE all of your things and would LOVE to be able to have another chance to purchase the beautiful folders.  Thank you so much!
  27. Posted by: Debbie Eslinger
    Anna i am counting the days, just like a “December Daily”
  28. Posted by: Sandy
    Always a special day when Anna is on HSN.  Looking forward to your presentation Thursday.  Been a fan since my purchases arrived in green floral boxes.  It just gets better and better.
  29. Posted by: Yvonne
    All of your things are so beautiful. Thank you for bringing them to HSN.

  30. Posted by: Margaret
    Was planning on watching from my new home in OK but due to a couple of deaths in my family my move has been moved back a couple of weeks, I love the TSV Christmas card kit that I bought the last time you were on HSN.  Guess I have to make them here in Texas instead of OK.  Love your embossing folders & hope to get some of your die cutting folders. Love all of your products.
  31. Posted by: Linda Williams
    WOW, how inspiring.  I must remember to watch HSN on Thursday. I love your products… 😉
  32. Posted by: Cheryl Offen
    I have your Christmas card making kit that was on HSN. They make up so easy and look good. Would like to see more of your kits that you have. Thank you. Cheryl Offen
  33. Posted by: SUE K
    I love all you things and have most but do not have any embossing dies I seemed to have missed and they got sold out! I would love to have them it would make all I have for making cards complete 🙂
  34. Posted by: madgemcculloch12@yahoo.com
    Can’t wait for all the goodies
  35. Posted by: Jane Makuch
    I’m so excited to watch on thursday!  I’m planning to make Thanksgiving cards, Christmas cards and pajama pants while I watch 🙂
  36. Posted by: Sandy Bayles
    Thanks would love to win this.  I bought a kit the last time you were on HSN…I don’t have any of these folders.  Good Luck to everyone and thanks for a chance to win….
  37. Posted by: Denise Key
    Can’t wait till the 14th! Will be watch HSN! Love this new Christmas card collection!
  38. Posted by: Suzanne S
    I was hooked with Anna Griffin products the last time you were on HSN!  How is the kitten doing?  I guess he is a cat by now.  It was a wonderful surprise to hear you were going to be back on HSN!  Looking forward to Thursday!
  39. Posted by: Patricia
    Anna, everything you do blesses my heart ! The beauty of your work makes my heart feel so full sometimes I think it will burst. Thanks for the beauty you share with us. I have received so many comments on the cards I made from the Christmas kit, and others have commented on the fact that the beautiful cards make them excited for Christmas ! Thanks for sharing your talents with your fans ! I have already ordered a few things, fearing I would “miss something” on the 14th !
  40. Posted by: Linda Westcott
    Anna is an industry leader in products, love her personality too.