Hi everyone!

With the holidays in full force, the hustle and bustle of preparing family gatherings and scoping out the season’s best sales (like our Scrapbook Super Sale!), sometimes we forget the real reason for Thanksgiving. It is so important to take a minute away from the craziness to reflect on the things that we are most thankful for, and I wanted to share a few of mine with you.

I am thankful for Team Anna Griffin. Each and every person who works with us here in the office, every sales rep, every retailer, every artist and every vendor plays such a huge role in what makes this company what it is!

I am thankful for my new kitten and team member, Georgie! That little ball of fur has made my heart so full this year, and has been and will continue to be a fantastic companion. It’s been so fun sharing photos of him with you, too!

And speaking of you, I cannot even begin to say how thankful I am for YOU! Your constant support means everything, and makes it possible for me to wake up every morning and do what I love all day long.  I have cherished so many of your posts here that made me laugh, cry and smile this year, and that is what my products are all about! My hope is that I can continue to make beautiful things that inspire all of you to be confident and creative, and to share your passion with others.  You all are absolutely the best!

Wishing you  a wonderful Thanksgiving full of gratitude!


  1. Posted by: Mary Roberson
    Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks also for reminding us that it is not all about Black Friday, but about taking the time to set that aside and remember what we are most thankful for. Looking forward to your sale, but doubt much will be left by the time I get home (sad face).
  2. Posted by: Karen Franks
    Thank you Anna for making all of your wonderful designs available to us through HSN.  I do have a request, I love scrapbooking as well as card making, but I am a traditional scrapper – I like to design my own pages & put the pictures & embellishments where I want.  I love your albums and would buy in a heartbeat a kit that contained the papers, and embellishments etc. that would allow me to design the page myself.  Look forward to your next appearance on HSN.  Karen
  3. Posted by: Linda

    Happy Thanksgiving Anna and Team,

    Just in time to start holiday dinner prep I finished making 65 cards for my Church’s holiday craft sale.  YAY! Your Winter Wonderland cartridge is like having you in my craft room! Love love love it.

    My husband and I share desk/workspace, so I can’t buy what really appeals to me,,,your gorgeous furniture line!  We’ve downsized, so prospects are slim, plus I can’t envision him in that lovely chair:(

    Here’s hoping that Monday and your big sale go off without any glitches.  I’ve looked forward to it so much!!!!

  4. Posted by: Dawn G
    To Anna, her Family and the Anna Team!!

    With every best wish for a most bountiful season.

    Warmest Regards!

  5. Posted by: Maw j
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your team! We are truly blest to have a wonderful person as yourself to inspire and encourage us in our crafting lives! You and your team are truly the best in the business and I mean that! I am grated for all that team Anna Griffin shares with us and keep up the great work! Can not wait for next year as you continue to surprise me by continually getting better!
  6. Posted by: Terri C
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  7. Posted by: Penny K.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Anna and Team…..Thank you for your continuing inspiration and provision of products that not only inspire us, but also provide a base for individual creativity. Have a safe and blessed holiday…
    Penny K.
  8. Posted by: Kim Haygood
    We are thankful for you, too! You share so freely and generously of your soul and ideas! Thank you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Time to start my Christmas card-making this weekend. I will be thinking of you and thanking you for the card-making kits that make it possible for me to make and share beautiful cards for Christmas!

  9. Posted by: Sandy
    I a so thankful for God blessing you with such glorious talent and a big heart to share it with all of us less blessed with it.  You are a blessing !
    Keep the pictures of Georgie coming, he is a little doll baby.  So glad you found each other.
    God bless, and happy thanksgiving. Luv, Sandy
  10. Posted by: Nancy Pence
    Sending HAPPY THANKSGIVING greetings from Ohio and much love to all at Anna Griffin & Co!!!
  11. Posted by: HollyG

    Dearest Anna & Co,

    Ditto! Ditto! Ditto to all other posts! I couldn’t have said it any better. May I just add, like all the others, the gratefulness I feel towards you and you wonderful team. Bringing crafting to a level of beauty that is unmatched!

    Have a Wonderful and Safe Thanksgiving!

  12. Posted by: Patti G

    Dear Anna,

    We are so blessed and thankful to have you in our crafting lives. Your designs are so perfect that we can almost do our crafts blindfolded since you take such care to supply wonderful products.

    I hope that this new year will bring you joy with little Georgie. Might we see a new kitty and doggie kit next year??


  13. Posted by: caroline hill
    Happy Thanksgiving Anna and Georgie
  14. Posted by: Mcjeeps
    I could echo the public sentiments expresses here and I must write also that Anna Griffin’s products are so wonderful because of their talented creator. Other companies have tried unsuccessfully to imitate AG’s style; what these others lack is her amazing spirit and genuine wish to inspire us in ways that are always new. Even without the paper products,AG does make our corner of the world a better place through the way she treats others. It is our good luck that she works so hard to make us see that the best is always yet to come and that ‘more is never enough!’
    So the best holiday wish for AG is that the universe returns all the goodness to her that she extends to us.
  15. Posted by: Lin M.
    Your kind words are as elegant as the fabulous products you create. Your genuine warmth and caring for others shines through. I am thankful to be able to enjoy the creativity you share and to share it with others.
    I am Thankful for family and getting to spend some time with mine tomorrow. (and will rest up and be ready for your Super Cyber Monday sale 🙂 )
    I wish you, your family, and the whole Anna Griffin Team a very Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. Posted by: Tobey
    Thanks for all your inspiration and fabulous products, you make everything so easy to use and so beautiful to give!

    I hope you have a joyous thanksgiving surrounded by those you love!


  17. Posted by: Mary Helen Harris
    Thankful for your beautiful products that have allowed me to make beautiful cards. Loved sharing a stack of cards with my Mom today. She and my Mother-in-law will each get to select some cards to mail to their friends.I brought 12 cards, each one beautifully different, that they will get to choose from. Thanks for helping me find my creative outlet!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  18. Posted by: Robin
    Dear Anna, I am thankful for all the inspiration and creativity from you and your team.  I wish you all, and especially Georgie, a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I can’t wait to see what amazing creations you have in store for us next year!
  19. Posted by: Laurel M.
    I am thankful for so much this year.  I’ve been truly blessed.  I want to thank you, Anna, for your beautiful works of art that help ME be creative.  I will be working on Christmas cards from the wonderful Anna kit tomorrow between checking on the turkey and watching Macy’s parade. A Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
  20. Posted by: Vickie
    As I said to you couple years back when we spoke on HSN, I vote for All Anna All the time on HSN!  Thank you and your team for your God-given artistic abilities, your effervescent personality, joining us when we exclaim joy over your products, and listening and responding to our concerns when things go wrong.  Your products have brought such joy into my hobby I can’t tell you, as so many others I feel we’re kindred spirits in our creative styles, but YOU and your team are the masters at putting it together.  May each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may we all pause to give thanks for our individual blessings as well.
  21. Posted by: Georgia
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.  You are an inspiration.

  22. Posted by: Joanne
    I thank you for all of your inspiration !  Happy Thanksgiving!
  23. Posted by: Joann
    Happy Thanksgiving Anne and for the beautiful products you create to help us create something beautiful for our family.  You are Blessed to have such a wonderful talent and we are Blessed that you share it with us!!
  24. Posted by: Mary Henderson
    I hope you take the day to be with family and friends .  I enjoy doing your projects I have ordered  the Christmas cards what else can I say but Beauitful.  When I order something I can’t wait till it gets here.  I hope you and your family has wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!
  25. Posted by: Lennie Hartley
    We are thankful for you, Miss Anna, for using the God given talent you have in such a beautiful way.  You bring us joy with your designs and we can pass this joy to so many others.  Thank you for all your hard work and for being such a blessing to everyone around you.  Have a great Thanksgiving.
  26. Posted by: Georgeanne
    Anna, your card making products, papers and kits bring me joy and makes me feel like I’m the most advanced card maker.  I’m thankful that you have such a great love of the older designs and romantic eras.  I wish you and all of your team and of course, little Georgie (I think if him as my namesake as that is what I’m called), a wonderful And safe Thanksgiving.
  27. Posted by: Kris
    Thanks, Anna, for all the wonderful things you and your team do and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
  28. Posted by: Georgie
    A Very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too! And thank you for all your wonderful products.
  29. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    I don’t know where I’d be without my Anna Griffin supplies and am thankful to have found you way back when… Thanks for being so kind and generous with Us! I just adore you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
  30. Posted by: Paulette
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Anna and your team! I love all your paper and card designs and have been very happy with your Cricut products. I can’t wait to see what you design in the future. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit with us at Circle Mania. It was truly a pleasure to meet you.
  31. Posted by: Patricia Watling
    A BIG THANK YOU to Team Anna Griffin from me.  I appreciate all you do.  THANK YOU for keeping elegance alive and making it easy for us common folk to achieve, for giving us an alternative to all the other styles out there.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Georgie on his first one ever!  🙂

  32. Posted by: Anne Marie
    Dear Anna, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to wish you a blessed thanksgiving.  I’m pretty much housebound taking care of my husband and the things he used to do but your going to HSN has encouraged me to do more cardmaking and scrapbooking.  Your joy in your work and loving attention you give to your customers (that is friends) is inspiring in this world of negatives.  Dealing with you and your company gives me confidence and hearing the testmonies of the many people who call in, I know you are a very special person.  I wish you much joy and peace for this blessed season .
  33. Posted by: Penny C.
    Hello Anna:  What a lovely post.  You really are our inspiration and, as my post in your last blog entry said, “I will just buy.”  Hee hee. Thought that was a great way to celebrate your sale!

    Can’t say enough about how much I love your products.  They are one of a kind and the best anywhere.  It must be so rewarding doing what you love everyday and knowing that you are touching so many lives with your products, both the crafters who buy them and the ones who receive them.  How wonderful!

    May you and yours have the best Thanksgiving ever!

    Kind regards,

  34. Posted by: Sue

    And a big hug & thanks to you, Anna, for offering such beautiful products for all of us out here in your fan base to seem like a genius when we give a lovely card or make a gorgeous scrapbook.   Happy Thanksgiving to you and all those who do their magic at Anna Griffin Inc.!

  35. Posted by: LeeGrace
    You’re the best too, Anna! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  36. Posted by: margaret driscoll UK
    Hello Anna
    …and we thank you for all your inspiration, for making things beautiful, and making the world a better place for a while !
    love Marg
  37. Posted by: Shanie Cooper
    Thank you for continuing your wonderful design efforts, they bridge generation gaps and my daughter and I enjoy using your products. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and have fun with Georgie. I look forward to more from you in the new year. 🙂