HSN January 10th Sneak Peek 2 Anniversary Stickers & Chalkboard Stamps

Hi everyone!

Can you believe Christmas is just a week away? I have been busy decorating, sending last minute Christmas cards and getting ready for our annual office cookie swap all while working on what is sure to be a very fun day on HSN on January 10th!

A couple of important things to note: We are going to take week off from our previews and giveaways next week for the Christmas holiday, and will start things back up on Monday, Dec. 30 with a giveaway on Friday, January 3rd. Then we’ll go back to our normal Tuesday/Friday routine!

Let’s take a look at some more fantastic new things!

Last week you saw our 20th Anniversary Card stock collection, and today we’re giving you a look at the coordinating 20th Anniversary Sticker Library. This garden of stickers is a celebration of the most fantastic floral designs we’ve created over the years, all in our versatile color palette to mix and match with Anna Griffin items both past and present.  This is the second of three anniversary items coming in January, so stay tuned for the final part of this must-have set!

Next are our new Chalkboard Stamps – you are going to love using these! The chalkboard effect has been huge in everything from home décor to scrapbooking, and now we are bringing it to stamping! You’ll get 30 clear stamps with green and black ink pads that are reminiscent of classroom chalkboards, and these work perfect for every occasion.

Now, in case you haven’t heard, we are giving away 20 amazing prizes leading up to our shows in the New Year! Here are the goodies up for grabs this week (a few of which are brand new for January!):

1. Christmas 3D stickers & Holiday Gift Tags Set
2. Snowflake dies & Holiday Label Stickers
3. Chalkboard Stamps
4. All About Love Card Making Kit
5. Anniversary Card Stock

To win this week comment below and tell us what’s on your Anna Griffin crafting wish list. What would you love to see us create in 2014? We will draw five winners from your comments here on Friday!

Happy crafting,


  1. Posted by: Kimberly
    I love all the items!  I can’t wait to get my hands on them!
  2. Posted by: Nancy g
    Can’t have enough of you beautiful items, any of them would be a pleasure to have.. Thank you for the beautiful christmas card.. What a beautiful sentiment and unexpected.
  3. Posted by: Nel Konkle

    Why does Christmas come so fast and waiting on your HSN show is taking way to long. I love your dies and would love more also stamps stamps stamps . I love your pencils also but would love more colors, which of course means more ink colors. I have so many of your stamps and use the stamp holders which leads me to ask if there would be a way to have a flap on them to keep them from sliding out. Can’t wait till January and don’t forget to put a present under the tree for Georgie.

  4. Posted by: Jean Zima
    Chalkboard stamps, dont know if my first comment went through
  5. Posted by: Jean zima
    Chalkboard stamps!
  6. Posted by: Rosie Jungerheld
    Love more of any type of flourishes–they give a finished look to any scrapbook page!
  7. Posted by: Barbara Norfolk
    Hi Anna,
    So excited for the new items coming! Always love using your card kits and embellishments so beautiful…I have a request…please bring back the butterflies and birds stickers!!! I need them so badly!!! Happy 20th!!!
  8. Posted by: Terry Weatherford
    I love every thing you bring on HSN.  It’s like Christmas every time your on TV.  Happy 20th.
  9. Posted by: Nancy B
    Would love to see more Cricut cartridges.
  10. Posted by: Judy
    Hi Anne – I’m so excited to know you’ll be showing new items in January. I’m waiting for my first auto-ship from the fall show. Very exciting!
    I sure like the look of those chalkboard stamps. Once again, you don’t disappoint. Happy New Year!

  11. Posted by: cindy anderson
    Hello my dearest Anna & Georgie,
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a great huge THANK YOU for giving everyone of us a wonderful and fantastic year filled with great and exciting goodies. Look forward to 2014.
    Oh Anna, there is so many things I would love to receive on my Anna Griffin wish list, haha-but my one wish would be for everyone else to win and enjoy one of your fantastic goodies, honestly I’m very great full for everything I have from you Anna and from life. You are a very amazing lady who I adore so very much. I may not have the talent to write you a poem, (she is an amazing writer), but I think your the greatest and I hold you dear in my heart.
    Your team is awesome, they really know what we want and like. haha I look forward to the New Year, what goodies your talented team and of course you Anna will bring to us your loyal fans and what we might expect in January(my birthday) and in March(crafting special with HSN).
    Two~my cat, my precious Zekke would love to have his Christmas wish come true. Anna, how about we organize a play date with Georgie and Zekke. Haha he’d love that 🙂 He is also a loyal Anna Griffin crafter, for he sits on his side of the desk with me and meows to the color he thinks would work best when I show him. He is my crafting buddy and he loves to get close up to the t.v. when your on, He too knows talent when he sees you Anna on the tele.
    I’d like to see more stamps that can be interchangeable with other stamps(like you’ve done in the past)but with more variety for all the seasons, events and animals. “WE” just love everything you bring to us, I have been a loyal fan of yours for a long time.
    May you, your team and all of us “the loyal Anna fans” have a safe and Happy Christmas and a start to a fantastic New Year with Anna….~~THANK YOU~THANK YOU~THANK YOU~~
  12. Posted by: Peachy W
    What a fun new Anniversary show in store for us all!  I love your beautiful floral cardstock & papers – so very feminine and pretty!  The new chock board stamps – will be a must have for me!  For new 2014 products – more dies, and just more any beautiful ideas that a crafter would love to use – especially Anna Griffin style!!!!
  13. Posted by: Ann
    Have a Blessed Holiday, Anna And Team.
    Wish list include: more beautiful embossing folders, a card kit for sympathy/get well/thinking of you, more metallic/vellum paper for embossing and flower cricut cartridge. Thank you
    Our bible study group made 120 Anna G. Christmas cards!
  14. Posted by: Bonnie B.
    The new chalkboard stickers and ink look really interesting, but I love adding texture and varying levels so I do a lot of cutting around design elements in your wonderful designer paper. (I can hardly wait for the Anniversary Paper Collection). I do enjoy doing that but once you started creating your own dies I was in love! I love the embossing folders which bring the feeling of antique flocked papers, so you can’t design too many of them– keep ’em comin’! But first and formost, more dies, more dies, MORE DIES! They are to die for- pun intended.
  15. Posted by: Cynthia R.
    Happy Holidays to all! Of course, I love everything you do-it’s a toss up which I like the most! I would really like to see more vintage papers, and paper doll papers, little children papers, and vintage embellishments you could use for other decor.  I loved the vintage embellishmenrs this year in the kit! Thank you again for the inspiration you have given a very non crafty person. Oh, one teeny complaint–the envelopes do need to be bigger–can’t get the  cards in there with all the embellishemnts I use! Merry Christmas!
  16. Posted by: Jennifer H.
    Hi Anna,

    Happy 20th/4th Anniversary! On my AG wish list are all of your new Anniversary products (cardstock & stickers) and any new Cuttlebug embossing folders & dies. It’s so hard to choose favorites because I love all your products (especially the embossing folders- they take my cards/crafts to the next level).

    For 2014 product ideas: I was lucky enough to get (they sold out so quickly on HSN) and use your Holiday Gift Tag set. Can you create an all seasons gift tag set (for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, other holidays, etc.)? It’d be great to use your beautiful gifts tags on presents year round. Also, I loved the Animal Kingdom and Sea Life sticker sets. Please make more 3D animal stickers (like pandas, monkeys, koalas, peacocks, etc.). Thanks for all your great 2013 crafting products, ideas, and inspirations- Keep them coming!

  17. Posted by: Beverly
    I would just love to see a bigger size self inking stamper to fit the larger stamps you have created. Would love to see additional self inking stamp pads in new colors to fit the self inking stamper and maybe once that can be filled with your own ink colors. I was the kid that always loved the 100+ crayons in all the great colors. Please bring us more colors and a larger size self inking stamper… Please
  18. Posted by: Jan Scott

    Hi Anna, Got all the beautiful cards mailed for Christmas, they were gorgeous.  Here are a couple of comments:  Just want to agree with Annette H and some others that requested Christian themed sentiments for the inside of the cards, there are a lot of us out here.  Also totally agree with those who had trouble with the envelopes, too small for all the embellishments and the glue was useless.  I had to use my ATG tape runner, and then add packing tape to hold the envelope shut where the envelope top folded over the bottom.  It wouldn’t make it through the post office without tearing open.  Loved the foil liners, but would be nice if they were a thinner material.  All the cards were around $1.00 each to mail! By the time you buy the kit and accessories and mail them, a bit expensive! May have to save for hand deliveries and very special people only!  I may buy a small postal scale to weigh the cards while making them.  However, I did have fun making them and just got my notification that the next kit is on it’s way!

    It would also be fun to have a website where all of us could post some of the cards we made so we can see what others are making and share ideas.   Merry Christmas, Anna

  19. Posted by: Kathleen Tennison
    I am eagerly looking forward to your upcoming 20th Anniversary celebration’s. I can’t wait to see what your bringing us!!! So far I am in love with it all!!! The amazing new card stock collection, the chalkboard stamps-ink and the beautiful flower sticker library collection. As always it’s Anna Griffin at her best!!!
  20. Posted by: Nancy Iversn

    I have been getting the kits and for the first time in years, made and sent out all 60 of the Christmas cards.  I am on autoship for the other 2 kits coming out, so my wish list is two things.  If there is a different kit or the Anniversary papers and matching embellishments.  I have bought all the other items so far listed.  More important, I would love to have not just photo shots, but the ingredients for all the cards shown on HSN that are not on the instruction sheets.  Many items, I can’t find, they might be new or in old items on the website.



    Loyal fan for 20 years

  21. Posted by: JaneR
    Absolutely LOVE the chalkboard stamps and the Anniversary Cardstock Collection.  Oh wait… I pretty much LOVE everything you design!!!  I bought several items, including the gift tags, when Anna was on HSN last time.  The gift tag set was easy to put together and really added a nice touch to my presents.  Beautiful!

    1) Please make a bow only kit..  And include the paper bows that were in the Holiday Trimmings card kit, and a variety of colors in the satin bows.  Both types add a touch of elegance on anything you add them to.

    2) A pinwheel/rossette kit in a variety of colors, patterned and solid, put together or not (it is the scoring that is tedious).  I love, love, love the dimension they add to any card or scrapbook page.

    Thank you Anna for all of your elegant products.  My pocket book has taken a hit since I started using your products, but it has been worth every penny!!!

  22. Posted by: Shelia P.
    Thank you Anna…if not for you there would be no card making from this old girl. I have a beautiful AG hoard & have a great time looking at my stuff.  : )
    Wishes … The Cuttlebug makes everything so pretty. Would love more things to do with that. The 3-D stickers are great! Need more that are for men-folk. Would be excited to see vines, smaller size birds & outdoor things.
    The chalkboard stamps look like something we’ll all have fun with.
    Excited & looking forward to seeing you next month!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to Anna & the Gang!
  23. Posted by: Tom G.
    Would like to see sets of mini-graduated die sets to aid in cutting vellum quotes into Anna- friendly designs. Also a few different sets of 12×12 paper in perfect pallette colors.

    Also, Christmas Greetings to all of you there at AG!

  24. Posted by: madge mcculloch
    Would love to see your older paper collections brought back, like Callisto Christmas collection, thanks for all the neat things.
  25. Posted by: Debbi
    Hi Anna. Just got my auto ship from HSN. The All About Love card kit is ab fab dahling. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The sentiment cards are sweet and the inserts are really different. Adorable!! I can’t wait to give my hubby the valentine’s day and anniversary cards. Yeeeesss!!!
  26. Posted by: victoria weiss
    i love the chalkboard stamps.  that is a must have for me.  in the upcoming year, i would like to see more travel items.  stamp sets or scrapbooking items would be wonderful.  i travel alot for work and pleasure so i scrapbook my travels.  hope you and your staff have a very merry christmas and may the new year be very good to you all.  i will be watching on 10 jan with my sister who idolizes you and hoards your products.
  27. Posted by: victoria weiss
    i love the chalkboard stamps.  that is a must have for me.  in the upcoming year, i would like to see more travel items.  stamp sets or scrapbooking items would be wonderful.  i travel alot for work and pleasure so i scrapbook my travels.  hope you and your staff have a very merry christmas and may the new year be very good to you all.  i will be watching on 10 jan with my sister who idolizes you and hoards your products.
  28. Posted by: Sherry Clark
    First of all, I would like to say I LOVE everything in the Anna Griffin line! On my wish list is the new anniversary paper collection. I just love it. What I would like to see for 2014 is two things…..One is, I have the Fifi and Fido kit and love it, but it is very whimsical. I would like to see a new pet kit done in more of Anna’s style, maybe vintage. With all us pet lovers, one kit is not enough. Also, a new cartridge a little different then the rest. A cartridge with words, we use on cards and scrapbooks everyday, like mother, dad, sister, etc., but have an Anna flower attached to the appropriate word, or a picture of  a male related item, net to dad and brother. Next to happy birthday a cake, Easter a basket, well you get the idea. Words, but pictures attached in beautiful Anna style! I would love to win anything from Anna, and congrats to those who do win!!!
  29. Posted by: Ellen Schmeer
    I don’t think that you have ever created any product that I couldn’t imagine using in some creative way. I fell in love with your style with the first wood mounted rubber stamp I found in the bargain bin at the local big name fabric store. Little did I know that I had been introduced to the beautiful world of Anna Griffin. The one thing on my wish list would be more watercolor markers. I just discovered that the pink, brown & grey are the only perfect markers for coloring in the cute mice in my House Mouse stamps.Can’t wait to see the new releases. Happy Holidays to you and you staff.
  30. Posted by: Caroline T
    Love all the scrapingbooking products and cardmaking.  This Xmas I was able to make all my christmas cards and was pleased by the response of the receipents.  I am looking forward to making new pages of my granddaughters.  Keep the new products comings
  31. Posted by: Rhonda M.
    I would love to see more stamp sets and more scrapbooking kits.  I love your products.  The quality can’t be beat.
  32. Posted by: Ellen
    Everything you make is amazing and I would love to see a 3D sticker library of only birthday stickers and another with only get well stickers. Fingers crossed for your next HSN visit since it is actually … my birthday. We’ll be celebrating, but hopefully at home during the hours you are on TV!
  33. Posted by: Annette H.
    Some additional ideas:

    1.) An kit of just the inside sentiment stickers (like you had in the Christmas add-on kit this year) that had just messages about the real reason for Christmas (the birth of the Savior of the world) on them.  So we could send out cards that fit our faith.  Along that line, but a little different angle — sometimes the pre-printed sentiments inside the cards this year did not really go with the embellishments that went with the cards or that you showed in your examples.  So it might be better to not have the pre-printed sentiments inside and just give us options of different add-on packages (one Christian one please) to put inside the card.  Or leave it blank inside card and we can stamp our own sentiment.

    2.) Bring back the banner stamp set.   You featured it in you card making book, but it is nowhere to be found.

    3.) Better adhesive on the envelopes in your kits.  The Christmas kit envelopes hardly stuck at all once you had the embellished card in there and the envelope liner, etc.  I gave up and just scotch taped all of them.  That didn’t make for pretty envelopes, but it was the only way they were going to stay closed.

  34. Posted by: Kim Kemmsies

    My favorite is the snowflake dies.  I look forward to new die cutting designs for the cuttlebug.  I would love to see very elaborate monogram letter dies ( like the days of old). We could emboss, stamp, ink, glitter, paint, etc. and create a beautiful embellishment for personalized cards. Looking forward to Jan.

  35. Posted by: Luannsettles
    All of your stuff is made very well…love everything I have bought..
  36. Posted by: Chris
    I would love to try chalkboard stamps!  I love your products and the way they can be interchanged easily into many different looks.  My daughter has special needs and it’s great to see the joy on her face when she proudly holds up a card she’s made using one of your kits.  She loves that she can make something truly beautiful that doesn’t require cutting and pasting.  Thank you from both of us!
  37. Posted by: Susan Bullock
    Anna and more Anna, oh my!  Never can get enough ~ I am so putting the chalkboard stamps on my Christmas wish list.  I really need, well maybe should say “want” them. I gave up “need” long ago and I am happy to say I want, I want and I want.  Thanks for the chance and wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!!  Looking forward to the January airing !
  38. Posted by: Rebecca Starr
    My neighbor came over and I wanted her to make Christmas cards with me. She said that she couldn’t do it because she wasn’t creative.
    I told her, in my inimitable fashion, that a monkey could do it and I showed her how you just pick the elements that you like and put them together. She was amazed and loved her cards. She said her children wouldn’t believe that she made them. She said she is addicted and she wants to come back and make more cards.
  39. Posted by: Paula Evans
    Anna, I sent out “our” beautiful Christmas cards last week and they have been well-received. Thank you for the kit. I got notification my next kit is on the way from the autoship. Cant wait! I would live to see even more of your beautifully designed stamps. I have enjoyed using the Christmas greeting stamps. Your quality is superb.
  40. Posted by: Trudy

    EVERYTHING ANNA GRIFFIN is on my wish list

    Would love to see more die cuts, Valentines kits, mothers day kits  with sayings,and new flowers How about some English cutting garden flowers. Flowers from different parts of the world and very vivid colors to



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