HSN January Sneak Peek 3 – Anniversary Stamps, Inks and Albums

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas! It flew by, didn’t it? My Dad has always said how fast time passes once you get older. I’m experiencing that now and need just a few more weeks in this year to get a few things done!

Another fun day on HSN is drawing near! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for January 10th at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. EST. We’re kicking off a year of exciting anniversaries and three straight months of crafting shows!

We’ve got three previews for you today with five giveaways on Friday, and three more next Monday with the final five giveaways on Wednesday. Next week I’ll also post a shopping list with all of the new and returning items that will be available on the 10th. Let’s get started!

First up is the last of 3 extra special anniversary items that will be up for grabs – our Anniversary Clear Stamps.  We brought back 30 of our most spectacular stamp designs, from beautiful florals to fantastic corner details to stunning swirls. You are going to love these!

To complement the stamps, we’ll also have a brand new set of 8 ink pads in amazing shades of pink, blue, purple, green and gold. In my opinion, you can never have enough ink colors in your crafting arsenal, and these are the perfect set to add to yours!

Last up this week is our new Set of 3, Instant 8×8 Albums. Many of you have been asking for these! These albums are the perfect way to record memories, and they make the most wonderful and thoughtful gifts for those special people in your life. All you have to do is add photos, embellish to your hearts desire with the included stickers and sentiments and voila! A beautiful scrapbook in just minutes.

Now, let’s take a look at what we’ll be giving away this Friday! Comment below for your chance to win one of these 5 prizes:

1. Grace Designer Paper Crafting Kit
2. 80 piece Anniversary Stickers
3. Anniversary Clear Stamps
4. Set of 8 New Inks
5. Set of 3, 8×8 Albums

Happy New Year one and all!


  1. Posted by: KymmLisa
    I think I bought just about everything you showcased on the January show.  I absolutely love the ink pads.  I must have over 60 ink pads, but these colors are so unique and beautiful.  I just got done with my niece’s birthday card and used the inks and they look so classy, like a professional made the card!  Thank you so much Anna, you and your supplies always make me look so good!!  Keep up the amazing work and I can’t wait until your next HSN visit!!
  2. Posted by: Diane Shull
    Hi Anna,  I look forward to your shows on HSN.  I even take off work to catch them.  Thank you for bring us such beautiful crafting items.  I enjoy all the items you create and have loved working with everything I have purchased so far.  I am really looking forward to the new scrapbooks and I hope you plan on offering them at a special price. I have been saving some extra cash just for this event. Can’t wait to see all the new great stuff.  Thank you.
  3. Posted by: Lehua
    Really beautiful, per usual!  Looking forward to HSN and the new Cricut things I’ve been seeing on your FB page!
  4. Posted by: Cindy Anderson

    Hello my dearest Anna & Georgie~

    I just love all your products-I admire you so much, your not just a business woman, you truly do care about what your fans/customers have to say. You have a heart of gold and it shows in the way you write and when you talk on HSN. Don’t ever change who you are-we all love you dearly. (ok before we all cry)your the best at what you do and your team is #1 and Georgie is the cutest kitty cat. I would enjoy being a winner in your give aways-but I’m just not that fortunate-I am very happy for all the winners. I could go on and on about how great you are and how much I love all your products and style and how I wish I could win just once. Please think about picking me as one of the lucky winners…Still a fan whether I win or not, and your the best Anna

    sincerely, Cindy

  5. Posted by: Barbara D.
    Was glad I saw you last month. I bought the 20th anniversary papers. They are just too pretty to cover up on my scrapbook pages, so I enjoy making cards with them.
  6. Posted by: Laurie
    Love all your products and would love a chance to win one.  Thanks for that chance..Can’t wait to see all your products on HSN in January.
  7. Posted by: Kimberly Rayborn
    I have been buying your products for many years now and love your beautiful designs. Thanks for sharing your passion and producing wonderful products!
  8. Posted by: Gavi S
    Looks like there are some awesome new goodies & I’d be more then happy to win some!:-)
  9. Posted by: stampnk
    Beautiful colors and patterns! I would love any of these gorgeous items!
  10. Posted by: shartl
    Everything is so beautiful. I love the paper crafting kit and those wonderful new ink colors! Perfect for springtime creations!
  11. Posted by: shartl
    Everything is so beautiful. I love the paper crafting kit and those wonderful new ink colors! Perfect for springtime creations!
  12. Posted by: karenladd
    Oooh, I love the luscious new ink colors and the beautiful stamps! Actually, I love everything Anna Griffin
  13. Posted by: virginia
    Would love to win one of your prizes.  Thanks for the chance.
  14. Posted by: Jenny Hunt
    Love your products. Working on your new card kit. Love it.  Can’t wait to see all your new products. So glad to see you are using  your talent God gave you for design and creating. You do a great Job! Would love to win some of your products. See You on HSN!
  15. Posted by: linda r
    love the anniversary stamps with the new ink colors.
  16. Posted by: louise johnson
    always enjoy watching you on tv and the new colors look fun!
  17. Posted by: Brenda
    Can`t wait for the 10th to see all the new things you have to offer. Your inks are beautiful, and I am sure your new stamps will be stunning. Thanks for the chance to win such nice gifts.
  18. Posted by: Mavis Swart

    Anna, so glad to hear your next visit to HSN is on the 10th.  I cannot wait to see all the goodies you have to show us!  Really looking forward to seeing you.  Thanks for you & your staff working so hard to bring us all the new products.

  19. Posted by: Charlene H
    Can’t wait to see all that is new!!!
  20. Posted by: Rae R.
    These new items look simply wonderful and just what I need to add to my crafting inventory. Can’t wait for the 10th to arrive so we can ee all your new items on HSN. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas and helping us to create our own. Happy crafting everyone!!
  21. Posted by: Jessie Hawthorne
    I’m SO HAPPY you are on HSN! Can’t wait to see you again.
    Take care Anna and thank-you.

  22. Posted by: Tina Michael-Dahlmann
    So pretty.  Can’t wait to see everything.


  23. Posted by: vivian sinnett
    I can’t wait to see all the new stuff and get to use it!
  24. Posted by: Kay Hanley
    You are always so pleasant to watch on TV.  Sure wish you lived next door to me.  Love all your stuff.  New inks look great too.  Thanks for being you……
  25. Posted by: Sue Mckin
    Love your creations..I can’t wait until the 12th to see you on HSN. I bought your embossing machine and embossing mats and I am having a ball learning how to use them. I love your new colors of ink pads also..Keep up the good work…enjoy your blog very much.
  26. Posted by: HollyG

    Dear Miss Anna & Co.

    So happy you will be back on the 10th!  HSN is lucky to have you and so are we!  You have so many fans…incredible!!! I would just like to echo many of these comments.

    Thanks for all you do!

  27. Posted by: Shannon
    I love your colors and designs!
  28. Posted by: Gertrud
    You bring a history and a depth to your craft offerings that is both unique and eclectic. The combination of nostalgia and artistry that you inject into your products separates you from your peers. And I LOVE it! And I LOVE sharing this artistry with others through cardmaking and scrapbooking. Can’t wait to see you this month on HSN! Happy New Year!
  29. Posted by: Antoinette T
    Hi Anna, Good to hear from you after the holidays. I love your products…and your eye for beautiful things that you so generously create and share with us to use. Thank you…Hugs, Antoinette T
  30. Posted by: Gail
    Anna, Anna, Anna!  I have finally figured out how to use You Tube, yes that sounds strange but I had believed that You Tube was just for dumb things that dumb people do who have nothing to do with their time.  I was so wrong!  I have spent the last 4 evenings watching and listening to all the comments about the new Cricut Explorer.  My heart is saying I need this but my bank account says I don’t.  I just got started with using my Cricut Mini (yes I am behind the times and yes it is true I do not know how to text…don’t even know where my mobile is!)  There are so many comments about the New Explorer.  I was so surprised to see that some Cricut fans have every Cricut made and then some plus the “Gypsy” which I had no idea what this was as it was phased out (I think) The devout Cricut users are thinking the price will be out of their budget thinking that you will add a bundle package with the introduction on February 12th.  The anticipation is just bubbling over with excitement.  This is sort of fun as I thought I was the only one who really loved the antique designs as I am now an ANTIQUE and relate to your designs (not beautiful, just OLD!).  I have such a large collection of your items and I can’t decided which paper to use or which stamp.  I have used your new color pallet…just beautiful.  The selection of inks to use to make this pallet is right on…you won’t find any of your colors in a super large box of crayons, EVER!
    Best of luck with your presentation of the Explorer and I think my heart will win the battle!  I sure hope whatever you will be adding to the Cricut will be on “Flex Pay”.  I am anxiously waiting to see what you will be presenting for your new line for 2014, so far I have bought all your new items.  Keep them coming, Honey!
  31. Posted by: Theresa Grdina
    Oh the colors are gorgeous!!  I LOVE the new ink colors and the new albums are just to beautiful for words!!!
  32. Posted by: Bonnie
    Hi Anna,
    I have been a fan of yours for a very long time.
    I am excited to be watching what this new year brings.
    The new inks look like something must have, but then it
    seams as tho everything you introduce us to I must have.!!
    What fun you bring to this old lady of 71 to be able to make
    such beautiful cards ( You are my secret weapon)
    don’t tell anybody!! smiling
  33. Posted by: Jennifer B.
    Love the new ink colors~!  Can hardly wait to get my hands on your anniversary stamps and the inks to go with them!
  34. Posted by: Kelly W
    Blessings on the New Year. Would love to get the Ink pads. Really loving all the products, mos recently the Chalk Stamps. Looking forward to the next show.
  35. Posted by: bonnie
    Love all your products and I try not to miss any HSN airing for your products… plus hubby always turns over his Credit Card to me so I can purchase the new things and keep making the beautiful cards..
  36. Posted by: Lil K
    I purchased the mini albums at the last HSN show.  I gave them to my daughters to fill up with my granddaughters pictures.
  37. Posted by: CAROL
    love the spring colors
  38. Posted by: Ramona Mergenthaler
    Anna, I got three of your card sets this year from HSN  and love them all. I also bought your cricut cartridge and love it. I am so glad you will have more cartridges available in May as I can’t afford a new machine right now. I have a small one and bought a new expression  to replace one that broke. Bought it about 6 months ago. Maybe would have waited if I knew there would be new technology this Feb. Still I would have been lost without a large machine for 8 months. There are many things I can’t cut on a 6×12 mat.)I am looking forwrd to the Feb 10th show on Hsn. I love your stuff.
  39. Posted by: Suzann Anderson
    Love your products! Would truly love to win!
    Happy New Year:)
  40. Posted by: Gail Wenzel
    Anxiously counting down the days until your show!!
    Looking forward to everything new !