New Year, New Things!

Can you believe Christmas is so close and 2014 is just around the corner? Crazy!  My team and I have been hard at work on some really fun new products for the New Year, and I wanted to give you a quick peek at some of our new stationery items and our brand new line of PJs. Yep, you heard it right, we are doing sleepwear!

We’ll have six new collections of stationery debuting in the first part of 2014, one of which is the Caravan Dreams by Josephine Kimberling! This bright, fun feminine collection is currently available in fabric for all you sewers, and these pretty patterns translate beautifully onto our stationery.

I’m a firm believer that nothing means quite as much as a handwritten thank you note. These new stationery sets will include 12 folded note cards with plenty of room to write a message to a special friend, family member or co-worker. Oh, and the envelopes are lined with a coordinating pattern for an extra “wow” moment for the recipient!

Next up, note taking is a breeze with our triple pad and new-and-improved sticky notes set. Both of these are great on your desktop or by the phone, and they make fabulous hostess gifts! Best of all, each retails for under $20.

Last is an extra fun sneak peek.  Our decorative fabric line has proven perfect for quilting and home décor, and we thought it would make a pretty cute pair of PJs too! Wouldn’t you agree?  We’ll have lots more details about our new comfy collection of sleepwear very soon, but I couldn’t resist showing you one of the possible patterns. Too fun! Georgie seems more interested in my slippers though, huh?

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Personally, I Love the PJ’s , I think since you have come up with the
    Anna Griffin PJ’s, could the next step be Bedding?????
    Yes, Yes. Yes!! All the Beautiful English Roses and The beautiful
    Hydrangias an Beautiful Butterflies and really Beautiful Birds.
    also  a Cozy Robe and a Beautiful Throw to cuddle up with would
    be something unexpected!!
    As always, My Best Reguards to you and your Fabulous Team
    Merry Christmas!!
    Debbie Dunn
  2. Posted by: Susan F
    I love those PJ’s!! I would order a pair for all my girls!! I hope you do decide to add them to your collection1
  3. Posted by: madgemcculloch
    Love everything you do, can’t decide what I love the best. Just keep up the good work, love it
  4. Posted by: Mary Hodges
    Love the pjs Anna and papers,embossing folders card making sets etc unfortunately I haven’t been able to get the rest of the xmas embossing folders or holiday trimmings card set or the inks to go with the self inkers I have your beautiful things are helping me through a most horrid and difficult time my son has been diagnosed with bowel cancer and we are waiting to see if it is in his liver and lungs so we won’t be celebrating xmas except for his two beautiful little boys,he so doesn’t deserve this he’s a beautiful son and father.Take care Anna keep up the lovely things you do.x
  5. Posted by: wanda dockham
    I’ve been a fan of Anna’s for years and love the designs,
    Colors,everything! I’m looking forward seeing these beautiful kits Jan.10th Thank you for years of talent.
  6. Posted by: jan
    Hon you might have to offer those on for sale on hsn .love your product’s .hugs, Jan
  7. Posted by: Elizabeth Bolek
    I can’t wait for your PJ’s! I’m a pajama person. Soft cotton in the summer and flannel in the winter. I’ll need at least a couple pretty pairs. I’m sure Georgie will snuggle. It has been really nice that you have shared Georgie with all of us! My husband and I got a new kitten about the same time, his name is Prince. He’s an orange tabby. A kitten after a long line of rescue cats – has been a pleasure and delight!!! Thank you again for sharing your little (getting bigger?) cutie! 🙂
  8. Posted by: Robin
    Love, Love, Love the pjs.  A great idea.  I can hardly wait to get
    my own pair.
  9. Posted by: HollyG

    Dear Miss Anna & Co.

    Just received some of my goodies from your super sale!  Just in time for gift giving too, if I can part with any of it!?  A big thank you to you and your team for making the sale happen!

    Wow! PJ’s! Love them, and Georgie too! Maybe I’m rushing things but how about some matching slippers too! I mean…why not!? If the PJ’s are like your scrapbooking and card making kits we are set!

    I am really looking forward to your Jan 10th visit to HSN!

  10. Posted by: Carrie Harris
    Would love to have a pair of AG PJ’s. Definitely would like a Circle Mania AG PJ party!  Can we please have a purple shade????
  11. Posted by: Carrie Harris
    Would love a PJ party at Circle Mania in AG PJ’s!  PLEASE, can we have a shade of purple????  Love the sticky note, too!
  12. Posted by: Mary Roberso n
    Bring on the PJs! So pretty too. Anna, I think pink must be one of your favorite colors? Hope you’ll do these in blue too.
  13. Posted by: Shellie Fontana
    Charming pajamas, very much my style, too!  I can hardly wait to get my AG PJs!  (By the way, I can totally imagine how such an innovative gal like you came up with something both stylish AND comfy!)
  14. Posted by: Kelly
    Love the PJs. Can’t wait to see more. Blessings this Advent and into the Christmas Season.
  15. Posted by: Cathy May
    Wow!  Do you ever stop!  I can’t believe how many different things you do.  Love the PJ’s.
  16. Posted by: Penny C.
    ***!  The Numb Buns are gonna flip!   Love these PJs!   What a great idea!   Now that you are making PJs, can an Anna Griffin Scrapbooking Retreat Weekend be far behind?  Please, please, please Anna???  Please have one in Maryland!
  17. Posted by: Kathy
    Anna, I hope you’re making your PJ’s in plus sizes and in some of your beautiful florals!
  18. Posted by: Sharon S
    Love these PJ’s  hope they are also going to be offered.  They look soft and cozy.
  19. Posted by: Marijane
    I am thrilled to learn that you are expanding your beautiful papers and fabric lines to include new stationary products and P.J.’s!  Will these be inretail stores or HSN or both?
  20. Posted by: Paulette Trent
    Wowzers! Love the PJs! You know, at Circle Mania we have a PJ party after dinner. . .maybe you could come join us! What fun it would be to have eveyone in AG PJs with Anna!!! 🙂