Cricut Explore Sneak Peek 2

Hi friends!

We are back in the office after a crazy snowstorm in Atlanta. I’m sure you saw us on the news!

In today’s video preview we are going to dive a little deeper into the amazing Cricut Explore Design Space software, where you can create lots of ready-to-make projects by simply pressing “Make it Now!”

This online crafting heaven includes photos and instructions for cardmaking, scrapbooking, invitations, party décor and so much more! You can also create a project from scratch using any of the 50,000+ images in the Design Space library—or even upload your own files. It’s pretty amazing. (More to come on Creating a project from scratch next week!)

Best of all, when you purchase your Cricut Explore on HSN February 12th you will receive a three-month subscription to Design Space!

Here’s an answer to one of the most popular comments on the blog this week:
Are Cricut Explore and Cricut Design Space compatible with the Cricut Gypsy device?

While there is not a direct way to link a your Gypsy with Cricut Design Space, if you have linked your Gypsy device to your Cricut Craft Room account, the images on your device will also be automatically ready to use in Cricut Design Space.

Instructions on how to link a Cricut Gypsy to your Cricut Craft Room account can be found here:

Want to win some Cricut essentials? I’ve got Cricut tools, vinyl, iron ons and cutting mats for a very lucky reader. Starting today (and twice next week), I will give away these crafting goodies to the person that has the most clever, uplifting comment below! A winner will be drawn on Tuesday.

Now, next week we are going to talk about my favorite part of the launch on the 12th – the three digital Anna Griffin party cartridges that will come with your new Cricut Explore. I can’t wait to show you!



  1. Posted by: Gail
    Anna, Anna, Anna!!
    I did have a very strategic plan on how I was going to approach a decision to buy the new Explorer.  I would listen, get the facts,watch ALL the presentations, check my budget, imagine all the plans I want to do with the Explore that I can’t do with my Mini Cricut, and consider my friends comments that I don’t need this extra expense and be happy with what you can do now.  Hmm, not what I really wanted to hear, but kept will keep it in as part of my plan  I was trying to keep my decorum under control like Lady Mary from Downton Abbey.  I even had a plate of tea cookies and a cup of Earl Grey ready to go when your launch on HSN was to start.  Though the dog did not like staying up to midnight, he settled in next to me as he surely sensed the excitement in the air.
    The clock struck 12 and the TV was on and then I was overcome with what I saw!!!  Over 1,000 had been sold already.  Holy CR** on a Cracker!   FORGET LADY MARY & THAT PLAN! I was truly afraid that I would not be able to dial fast enough and I would loose out but since I have HSN on speed dial, the worry was unfounded. After I hung up and with my confirmation number in hand, I jumped from the chair as though I had just won the best time for hog tying at some rodeo.  The dog was scared to death as I was doing my happy dance, singing little tunes like “I got mine, bet you missed out, ha, ha, ha!”  I simply did not know why I was acting like a complete fool…it was the HSN ticker of items sold!  It was going so fast that it began charting off sales in groups of 10’s.  My so called calmed, regimental, thoughtful and brilliant idea of just watching the presentation, look at what my little Mini Cricut could do, and sip on Earl Gray went out the window into 2 feet of snow!.  I had planned on retiring and in the morning, call for Carson after another cup of tea, make a rational decision and abide by what decision I would settle with. It did not happen like that!   Like I said, the dog went flying off my lap the tea bag never touched the hot water and singing as though I was Julie Andrews in the Alps, in such happiness that my order went through….I could not contain myself.
    The dog finally came out from under the bed and I fell asleep ever so pleased that my midnight dance was well worth it!  I did order a few other items that came on after your presentation, maybe out of pity that the ticker was not flying like it was during the Explorer Launch.  I did not watch the morning shows, why should I, I HAVE AN EXPLORE IN PREPARATION,  but at noon I thought I would check out to see just how many were left all the while feeling rather haughty that my order was well on its way to be loaded with the extras and then be packed up ready to be sent.  I stopped dead in my tracks to find out the Explorer was SOLD OUT!!!  I cheered, sneered, did the happy dance again, and sang with the dog, AGAIN!  I think my neighbors told me I was singing…”I have an Explorer and you don’t, nanny, nanny boo boo!”  I am not a mean person, far from it but I must say, I did feel a little BAD and just rubbing it in to the thousands who missed   My action were not llike me at all.  I was so childish when forms for Medicare are all over the place!  Anna, the Explorer is proof that God loves us (as do you and Cricut) and wants us to be happy!  The only thing I can say and say with ABSOLUTE TRUTH…”If your ordered your Explorer before 1:00 AM on 2/12/14, You can keep your Explorer order. Period!
    My friend forgot all about the launch and I did not mention that I did indeed order it…a little secret until the UPS truck shows up.  I can not wait to make SOMETHING, ANYTHING!  I think I will make a batch of cup cakes just to get ready for the lacy cup holders and invite my friends for tea, then they will see what I have been doing while the snow  was piling up here in the Mid-Atlantic.
    I am proof that God has a sense of humor so I hope you enjoyed my retelling of the events (all true!) of February 12, 2014, a day that will go down in infamy.  I have been watching too much news about Obama Care.  I signed up for CRICUT-GRIFFIN CARE!” (No problems with that web site!)  I got the auto delivery plan so my year will be one surprise after another….Thanks, Anna and as Carson would say “Well Done”
  2. Posted by: Kathy McCullar
    I’m really excited about the new explore.  I got my Expression the first year they came out and every time something new came out I debated it over and over, there seemed to be some little something that kept me from that particular machine.  This time, I think Provo Craft might have gotten it right and you better believe I will be staying up Tuesday night to be amongst the first to buy this machine.

  3. Posted by: Office Supplies
    I simply want to say I’m beginner to blogging andsite-building and absolutely liked you’re web page. Very likely I’m wanted tobookmark your website.

  4. Posted by: Patty
    I dont have anything clever and uplifting but just have to say that your making this new cricut look easier then any from the pass and usually things get more difficult!!! Thanks for sharing all the info in advance so we that want a new one should be armed with the info to make the purchase if we choose…
  5. Posted by: Shari Elford
    There once was a crafter named Anna
    Who lives in the town of Atlanta
    We love all her “stuff”
    And never have enough
    She treats us just like she was Santa!

    Ok, Hokey, I know….but the sentiment is there…thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  6. Posted by: Susan
    Can’t wait for the 12th!!!!
  7. Posted by: Cynthia K Reeder
    Oh Anna how I Love your work and design!!!!  I makes me feel that I have stepped back in time….and I’m with my Grandmother again.   I feel all warm and cozy.   I’m a 5 yr  breast cancer survivor, I went through 13 surgeries in 4 yrs  I had a bilateral mastectomy so I don’t have a lot of strength in my arms anymore.  So the circuit helps me a lot to do my crafting.   I can’t wait to see you New Cricut  I know I have to have it even though I have all the other cricut machines.  I guess I need to donate one are two of them to our Church School.  Have a safe trip to HSN I’ll be watching!   Thanks for everything you do for us….we Love You!!!  Well I know for a fact I DO GIRLFRIEND!!!!  I would love to Win!
  8. Posted by: Tricia
    I truly love all things Anna and I had to stop and asked myself why ?  Like some many others have said, Anna.. your designs are truly beautiful. Each flower feels like it is hand picked and delivered to touch all of our hearts. Your work is truly from the heart and it touches your hearts. So thanks for all your beautiful designs. I have gained a greater appreciation for graphic design and crafting because of all you do with paper ( pleating, scoring, mitering, layering, weaving, ruffling, paper piecing, creating using repeat pattern and pleating… need I say more.  Anna You Rock !  I am excited about the Explorer and plan to expand my Cricut collection…..
  9. Posted by: Jennifer H.
    [-Insert the Sound of Music’s My Favorite Things melody-]

    Teacups and linens all decked out in roses,
    Swirls and paisleys adorning throw pillows,
    Gold and cream damask surround everything,
    These are a few of my favorite things.

    When the 12th comes,
    When the shows on,
    When I’m feeling glad,
    I simply remember these/new things to create
    And then I don’t feel so bad.

    Here’s to all the new favorite things we can create on the new Anna Griffin and Cricut Explore (the possibilities)!  =^u^=

  10. Posted by: Michelle
    Oh Anna! You have surely outdone yourself with the designs and teamwork for this machine! I got my first Cricut in 2007 as a present from my dad (I was 14 years old)! It was the best gift ever and I have been an avid Cricut love ever since! This new machine is going to be amazing! I’m an elementary ed. major and I love using my Cricut to make things for the students and for the classroom! Congrats to you and may many more great creative endeavors be in your future this 2014!
  11. Posted by: Cathy May
    Absolutely cannot wait to see what all the circuit explore can do.  There’s probably not much that it can’t do!  Looks like it will be able to help those of us who are creativity challenged.  Goof proof might be easier to say. Counting down the days………………………….
  12. Posted by: Grandma Juanita
    Good Afternoon! Wow, this is so amazing. I am so excited for the 12th of  February, now if only this machine could read my mind I wouldn’t have to do anything. All the things it can do… I am simply in awe. Also, to come with Anna’s designs..well, that’s just another reason it’s awesome. I am so looking forward to seeing it at midnight. The days cannot go fast enough. Thank you Anna and team.
  13. Posted by: Martha

    Hello Anna

    Was going to set my DVR to record for Feb 12th and was surprised to see it was not your Cricut show. I have DirecTV please  check with HSN.

    Can’t hardly wait to see you !!

    Thanks 🙂

  14. Posted by: Marlishia Carey
    I am excited for the world launch of the Cricuit Explore.  I always wanted an electronic cutting marine and February 12th has been mark for early Valentine’s gift from my hubby.  I have been an admire of your design for many years and ready to move to the next stage of designs with you.  thank you very much for this opportunity.
  15. Posted by: Linda Valoy
    Anna you are the clever one and you uplift me.  I feel so creative everytime I make one of your cards.  I think your name should go on the backs  of the cards.
  16. Posted by: Laurel
    I absolutely love both products, yours and PC’s.   I am especially excited about the release date since it is my birthday.  I will be 61 years old and one if the things that has has helped me heal from
    My recovery from Breast cancer and the double mastectomy has been crafting and the peace that has come from creating.  My Cricut and your products have been instrumental in my recovery and keeping my spirits lifted my during the difficult times.

  17. Posted by: Cindy Thrall
    “Design Space” needs to be in my design(ing) space!  and my sweet hubby agrees….He’s telling me “Happy Valentine’s Day” with this new Cricut!
  18. Posted by: Mary R

    I’m so excited about all the new items you have coming our way in 2014. PC has always been a favorite for my paper crafting, so this marriage between AG & PC is bliss.

  19. Posted by: Fern Nissenbaum
     Though I cant draw a straight line, Cricut’s designs and ingenuity allow me to create beautiful cards and projects, which bring happiness to my friends and family. Until I started using the line of Cricut products, I didn’t realize that level of  creativity could be MINE!! Cricut is my secret to creative success. 🙂
  20. Posted by: Amy Yoder
    This new machine so exciting! Then when it is coupled with Anna’s designs, it is just too much! Patiently waiting for the 12th.
  21. Posted by: Kathy Jones
    I cannot wait for the new Explore machine! Cricut combined with your designs gives me the ability to create something beautiful that I would take forever (if ever) to come up with on my own. Thanks!
  22. Posted by: Charlene M.
    Hi Anna, I’m looking forward to seeing you and the Explore on HSN!!  Can’t wait to see all the hoopla in action. 🙂
  23. Posted by: Debbie Wilson
    My crafting buddies are all abuzz about the new Explore and your upcoming HSN show.  I cannot wait!!  Ice, snow, rain, whatever…it will be bright and shiny in my world when we get to see you and the new Explore on the 12th!!
  24. Posted by: Lilygirl
    Thank you for the video. I love that you have paired with PC for this great new cutter. Seeing the new Cricut Explore and Design Space in action is very exciting. I use my Provocraft products every time I craft, they add so much to my art. My Cricut obsession started about 7 years ago, I added the Cricut Expression to my hobby room and have not looked back since. Years ago I had a conversation with LSS owner who stated that ” Oh I do not use electronic cutting machines, it takes the art out of creating.” I whole-heartedly disagreed. This experience propelled me to show that using a Cricut adds to “my” art. It is a wonderful tool that I use in all my crafting as an extension of my creativity. Cricut machines can be used as simply or as extravagantly as one wishes. I have used the cuts in many unconventional ways, as templates for 3-D chipboard pieces, as stencils for artwork on furniture, as well as for adding texture to acrylic paintings on canvas. Cricut machines have helped my imagined projects come to life. It is great that PC has made the settings so simple. I am thrilled that this new machine is offered with some of your designs, I can not wait to create with them! Thank you for sharing in my creativity! Warmest Regards, Colleen
  25. Posted by: Nancy Iverson

    I was introduced to your products about 15 years ago.  I still have many of the original papers, scrapbooks, etc. that are in your 20th anniversary celebration.  Now, I am slowly buying more and more and more of your first class products.  I bought the 3 scrapbooks to reunite my family with me and make special books of our mother who passed away 7 years ago.  I have all her pictures, and my sister agreed to come and we make the 3 scrapbooks: one for me, one for her and one for  my brother.  Anna, thank you– you are bringing a family CLOSER than it has been in years.  Actually, this brings tears to my eyes.

    I feel like I know you personally, I tape and rewatch the shows a lot to be able to duplicate the projects I see on HSN.

    Thanks for all you do

    Nancy Iverson

    Monument, CO

  26. Posted by: ShellyM
    Hi Anna, I’m looking forward to seeing you and the Explore on HSN in less than 2 weeks!! It’s really going to be hard resisting the new machine, especially with your wonderful designs on it!!! 🙂
  27. Posted by: Nancy Evans
    Three Anna Griffin party cartridges with a new and improved Cricut machine…what more could a girl want or need. Thanks for sharing and so glad you are part of this wonderful company. Nancy in So Cal
  28. Posted by: Colleen

    Cricut picked such the perfect time to announce the Explore. It’s making this winter go by much more quickly! Anna, I just love the little sneak peeks that you’re doing. I’m not a clever person, so I’ll just say one thing: You’re an inspiration for all of us crafters and we think you’re awesome!

  29. Posted by: Margaret Harrell
    I got to meet you at Circle Mania. The fact that you are endorsing
    the new Cricut, gives me renewed faith in it.  I have never saw a need in having a HSN card, but will be applying for one today, before the launching.
  30. Posted by: Brenda Newton
    Thinking about buying a machine to cut out designs. This could be the one. Thanks for chance to win some nice gifts.
  31. Posted by: Karen Ondes
    Love any and all Anna designs! Not sure about the new explore, keeping my options open tho LOL. Thank you so much for keeping us updated although your last email I got was for the December 30th? Not in spam so I will keep watching 🙂
    I love my Provo Craft Cricut and wouldn’t hesitate to buy again 😀
  32. Posted by: Annette H.
    I just left a message on your last blog posting, because one again I didn’t get the email for that post.  I have emailed you about this and NO RESPONSE at all.  Same as the NO RESPONSE at all I’ve received in regard to the supposed 25% off sale that you had going one in December.  I realize that this is hardly the uplifting comment that you wanted here, but I figured that just maybe someone on your staff would actually accidentally read this here, so you and your staff only read your emails during big super sale events on your website.  Sorry, but I am getting tired of being COMPLETELY IGNORED when I have a legitimate issue with either your website or with not getting emails that I have signed up to get.  And no, they are not in my spam, because I’ve checked.
  33. Posted by: Pam M.
    Anna, I would love to win some of the items.  Sure would help the budget.  Appreciate your sneak peaks as well, and hope you enjoy this…

    Anna Griffin is a classy lady full of inspiration.
    For twenty years, Anna has been spreading cheer.
    Now she has sent a special invitation.
    It’s to the crafting party of the year.
    It will be a day of celebration…
    Unless her products sell out, I fear.
    Watching HSN will be my only obligation.
    For vintage at its best, it’s Anna I must watch and hear.
    So many elegant and beautiful creations for the presentation,
    I may be moved to shed a happy tear.
    February 12, 2014, will be a day of revelation.
    More ribbons, florals, and flourishes–the day draws near.
    Cards, paper, dies, stamps, and inks are the result of dedication.
    Embellishments too, and at what else may I peer?
    Cricut Explore is the new fascination.
    It’s loaded with her cartridges, so toward this I steer.
    Things are heading in a new direction.
    Anna will need to help me change gear.
    She is known throughout the nation.
    Weaving, cutting, and something to bring up the rear.
    Happy to benefit from her education.
    Thankful she is such a dear.

  34. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    I just want you to know I bought a great antique cabinet last summer with the pull down glass doors. There are three shelves and two large drawers also. The cabinet is almost 5 feet tall and 5 1/2 feet long, This is my Anna cabinet, well didn’t think how heavy it would be and it is loaded with Anna treasures, so my husband had to go under the house to brace the floor and wall it is on because the wall has a gap on the ceiling all along that wall. Husband never asked me to lighten the load because he knew it had your goodies in it and that was out of the question. Should I tell him you are on HSN again in February?  What is a Anna fan to do, only one thing watch you on the 12th  and get another cabinet for another wall.
  35. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    Papers and punches and tea cups all sizes
    Borders and stencils and glittering pages
    paper bows and Anna griffin anything
    these are a few of my favorite things!
    you get the jist of it all 🙂
    <<~~~~Team Anna~~~~~~
  36. Posted by: Cricut couple
    I doubt this will be so clever, but I must say that even though I had lost a little faith in provocraft due to the untimely death of my beloved imagine machine, I have always had faith in HSN and everything Anna Griffin!  I purchased the imagine during the launch and get the extended warrantee offered by HSN.  Although my machine could not be repaired or replaced, HSN returned every penny I had originally paid, so for that, trusting in Anna’s quality and HSN’s amazing service, I’m going to be glued to the TV waiting for the launch!  I’m so excited about this partnership and I am so pleased that there will be Anna content with this machine!  Sound like a win-win-win!  Now… PLEASE Anna, PLEASE give us a couple of sneak peeks of the party cuts…  I can’t wait to see a teaser of what I’m going to get to do with my new machine!
  37. Posted by: Janese
    I am so glad I waited to buy a machine! I am so excited!! Love all the poems. Anna fans are very creative!
  38. Posted by: Pam H.
    Cricut and Anna Griffin, a match made in crafting heaven!
  39. Posted by: Marcia H
    What could be better than a new product that also features Anna! A better combination couldn’t be found.  Thanks for coming on board with Provo Anna.
  40. Posted by: Sandy
    I am excited about the Cricit Explore because it has dials to set the machine to cut different materials and we won’t have to guess if we have the right settigs and the ability to cut and print at the same time and to cut your own designs is just so exciting. Can’t wait until the 12th!  I love the CCraft Room and the design Studio seems even better.

Cricut Explore Sneak Peek 1

Hi everyone!

I just returned from the Cricut Explore launch event in Salt Lake City, and I am just dying to tell you all about it!

This machine is amazing. I am so overwhelmed with excitement by all of the cool things it can do that I don’t even know where to begin.  So, we’ve decided to post several videos leading up to the world launch on HSN February 12th that will give you a tiny peek at the endless possibilities this technology provides.

We figured instead of just telling you how much the Explore can do, we should just show you, right? Enjoy!

We’ve also read through all of your comments from the past week so we could answer some of your most frequently asked questions.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to post a comment below. We love hearing from you!

-Will my old Cricut cartridges work with the new machine?

Yes! Explore is run by a free software called Design Space. When you create your design space account you can link all of your cartridges to it. You only have to link a cartridge once and it is in your account to use always. The free software also lets you upload your own designs to cut, score and draw!

-How about the other way around? Will new Cricut Explore cartridges work on my older machine?

No – Explore is run entirely by Design Space – a Cloud based software – therefore no traditional cartridges. You will love the Design Space library which has over 50,000 images. You can purchase those images for 99 cents each or by subscription at $9.99 a month.

-Will new Anna Griffin cartridges be sold separately for other machines?

Yes, but not until sometime in May. The HSN launch comes with Anna Griffin party designs accessible in Design Space.

-Tell me more about the Internet connection required for this machine.

Explore connects to your computer via USB cable. You use your computer’s internet connection to access Design Space.

-I already have a Cricut machine. Why should I upgrade to the Explore?

If you are like me, I’ve got lots of gadgets – with old and new technology. It’s that new technology, the latest and greatest that keeps me upgrading. I understand that not everyone can afford a new machine, but I do believe this one is worth it if you can!

I hope this helps clear up some of your questions! To read more go to:  Cricut Explore
See you next week for another video preview!


  1. Posted by: madge mcculloch
    Would love to own everything you have. I would be in heaven, thanksNESUJ
  2. Posted by: Mary
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE….your problem that I have encountered…I can get around it..Your card kits are AWESOME!!!!  but…I have found out I have to make bigger envelopes ..especially when adding the white paper bow….can you make them a little bigger????Thank you ..and again…Thank you for helping us look good with our cards…Mary
  3. Posted by: Funny Shirts
    We are really happy just for this post in this website.This article is well thought out and full of good information.
  4. Posted by: Veronica
    I have the markers and gel pens from my expression2. I want to know if they will work with the explore


  5. Posted by: Office Supplies
    I simply want to say I’m beginner to blogging andsite-building and absolutely liked you’re web page. Very likely I’m wanted tobookmark your website.

  6. Posted by: Penny K.
    I always look forward to your shows on HSN,  and the February visit is no exception. I am curious about the new Cricut and what it will do different from the others. I already own 3 Cricuts, the Gypsy (which I have never used!), the Silhouette Cameo, the eBosser, Spellbinder Grand Calibur, Cuttlebug and Big Kick…..what more could I need? However after watching the teaser video clips, you just might have come up with a new “need!”
  7. Posted by: Jesse
    I would like to know if Cricut plans to continue making cartridges for those of us who have the older machines and may not plan on upgrading?
    Are we going to have the Print and Cut option like Cameo does?
    Thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions in regards to this new lauch!
  8. Posted by: Annette H.
    Can you answer the question that I’ve sent to you in more than one email?  Does you staff EVER answer emails other than when there is one of your super sales going on and crashing and burning?  Just wondering, because I am still waiting for anyone there to even acknowledge the emails I sent during and after you 25% off sale in December that I could not get to work at all.  Not happy at all!
  9. Posted by: Brenda aka centralNYscrapper
    I am happy that Anna has this opportunity, but I have a hard time getting excited about another Cricut machine when it took 4 weeks to troubleshoot my E2 with them. They blamed my Internet connection – a MiFi hotspot from AT&T – and told me I needed to take it to another location with faster Internet. Same behavior there. Yet my original Expression just worked with the same computer, USB cable, same CCR file and same Internet connection. I would respond to their requests and days and days passed with no response. Good luck Anna, but I think I’m going to sit this one out – exclusive Anna cartridge or not.
  10. Posted by: Marcia F
    I love all of your products.  You have so much talent and we are grateful that you are able and willing to share it with us all.  Thank you.  Looking forward to the checking out the new cricut.  Have two now but always like to see something new.
  11. Posted by: Martha

    Can’t wait for the next sneak peek Video . Thought it was coming yesterday. Hurry up Feb 12th, Do not know a lot about Cloud so please cover that on one of the next video’s.

    Thanks to you and the Cricut Team !!!!

  12. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Hi Anna, will you be bringing back the chalkboard stamps?  They flew out the door before your presentation ended!  I also hope you bring more sleeves for embossing folders!  I can’t wait to see your new cartridge designs for those of us that already own Cricuts!  See you on the 12th!
  13. Posted by: Dawn G.
    Hello Anna and Team,
    I hope you all are working from home today….saw that the snow has snarled things up bad in Atlanta!  Safe travels if you do go out.

    I hope somewhere along the way, you will be giving us a peek at what your company will be offering on the 12th.

    As it seem that for this moment you are the middle person between us the customer and Cricut, please pass along my mild interest in their latest machine.  I have a Cricut, very old machine now.  Wanted it for cutting letters only; never really into all those images.  That was until Anna pair with Cricut and I purchased the Winter cartridge and now I am a snowflake fool.   As for the Cloud…….it is not a safe and secure place to be with a credit card and until I know otherwise, I am not willingly going near anything that requires me to purchase anything on the there.

    Look forward to the next shows, especially the later Anna show on the 12th….excellent time for the West Coast!!!

  14. Posted by: Sherrie Yoshi
    I have been very surprised by the negative comments about the various Cricut machines.  I have 5 including the Cake and have found them to be reliable and fun to use.  I also own the Pazzels machine as well as the Silloutte now called Cameo.  The Pazzels is “Open Source” meaning you can use you own computer fonts and images.  I keep going back to the Crcut Mini.  That so far has been my favorite.  It cuts better than the others because the cutting head is different.  So what Cricut learned about precise cutting from the Mini is going to be translated to the Explore.  I have also found the “Craftroom” support to be excellent.  Even if the tech did not know the answer they always emailed me with a follow up.  So I am a loyal Cricut user.  They have recently made an upgrade on their website so that runs smoother.  Maybe you do not notice but I do as I have done a lot of web design.  So I am looking forward to seeing the best new thing from Cricut.
  15. Posted by: Sherrie Yoshi
    The Explore is the machine that will take Cricut totally to the “Cloud”.  That is where all electronic machines will function within the next few years.  I wondered how long it would be before Cricut went with the subscription purchase for images all the other cutting machine companies are already set up on that model.  Once the Explore has really penetrated the market the only cutting machine that will be truly different is the Brother Cut and Scan.
  16. Posted by: Penny C.
    Hello there!

    This machine looks wonderful.  I’m looking forward to seeing you on February 12th.  It’s like having a girlfriend over!

    Good luck on the launch!


  17. Posted by: Denise C
    Hi Anna!
    Saw your video on this new upcoming explorer.  Love your clean desk..Lol  Still on the fence since I too have four machines not including your cuttebug.
    Will you be doing a short video on your metallic markers? I just purchased them on HSN because you mentioned them in your last preview before your January’s visit to HSN.  I’ve looked on You Tube videos for examples but to no prevail.
    Also, will you ever sell your/are you selling your ribbon storage boxes (with ribbons) again at your store.  I missed out and wish I bought them…I go back weekly but still don’t see them.  Thanks and keep up the fantastic products.

    Your Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  18. Posted by: Martha

    Hello Anna

    This is all so confusing. I do not own a Cricut or any cutting machine. As I read these post I am not sure I want any Cricut. I have waited a log time and am ready to get one of these machines Cricut or Cameo ?? I to do not want to be hooked up to a computer all the time. Please help tell those who are trying to make a decision why we should buy an Explore. I to have your Golden Cuttle Bug with all die cuts etc. I also have most of your papers and card making kits. I have heard a lot of bad things about PC and the Cricut machines. Please Please HELP !!!!!!

  19. Posted by: Janis LU
    Have many questions:
    +  For those who have linked their cartridges to CCR – will we still be able to upload those to the new Design Space?
    +  Is CCR going to be discontinued?
    + Having invested major money into digital carts and images will I be able to cut with these in Design Space?
    + Will the items I designed in CCR still be available?
    + I presently own 4 Cricut machines (original, 2 Expressions and the cricut mini)  Purchased the 2nd Expression at Christmas for $4.50.   Walmart had the machine for $99 with a $100 gift card for images in CCR – total purchase -$1 – Sales Tax 5.50 – 1 = Total $4.50)
    + Will the CCR gift cards allow us to purchase images in Design Space.

    Thank you in advance for addressing my concerns.

  20. Posted by: NANCY GRIFFIN







  21. Posted by: Marlishai
    Hi Anna,
    i love this idea.  I cannot wait to see the world launch of the Explore.  I had the Big Kick and was in love with until I saw your world launch of the Golden Cuttlebug with your exclusive auto ship folders which I own all of them.  I have been wanting to invest into a electric die cut machine and was to impress with the other cricuit.  I have been reviewing the cameo silhouette and the brother scan and cut  but now I cannot wait to see the launch of the Explore.  I look forward to the upcoming videos in the next few weeks.
  22. Posted by: Laurie
    Hi Anna, Love your style, looking forward to more info on cricut.  I buy a large amount of product for my budget.  Wish I could afford everything!!!lol Oh to dream!  Please bring back extra sleeves for embossing folders and stamp binders.  These are staples to keep growing with collections.  I didn’t buy extras at the time because I bought so much else I ran short on cash atn the time.  Figuring thet’d be back.  Honestly, I’m afraid to buy another emboss. f. storage box or stamp binder unless I know more of these will be available.
    P.S. Thanks I feel heard,  I asked for stamps that can be turned into 3 layer stickers and your new sets have alot of  versatility to do just that.
    Looking forwad to your show,
  23. Posted by: Auzgal
    You say world launch.  Does this mean that we will be able to purchase this machine in Australia and digital images from Cricut? if so, very excited
  24. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Anna, I agree with Nell & Wary; I too hold you and your products in high regard and no matter what Cricut does or doesn’t do, I will still be loyal to you and your products.  Not only have I read all of the comments on your blog, but I’ve also read comments on the Cricut Blog; lots of customers are not happy; and now Cricut is unvailing a machine that won’t be even fully functional?? That makes no sense!  Thanks Cricut but  I will stick with my Expression!  Thank you Anna for all the wonderful designs you bring to us!
  25. Posted by: Wary
    “Also, it seems that that the new machines since the original Expression
    have sort of bombed.  The ‘cake’ was a disaster, as was the Imagine, and seems that the E2 was too complicated to work.”  <– Having watched the fanfare debut of various Cricuts on HSN and the aftermath that followed, I hope Anna doesn’t get sucked into the vortex.  Those who bought the E2 at its debut later had to later pay for a wifi connection piece that eventually came with the machine which others didn’t have to pay for.  What a slap in the face for those who jumped too quickly on the E2 bandwagon!  And now Cricut is releasing yet another machine that won’t be fully functional until later on?  There is very little trust left where Cricut is concerned.  So Anna, I hope it’s clear from the posts here and on your FB page that while we’re wary of this next promise-in-a-string-of-broken-promises, that’s completely different from the high regard in which we hold you and your products.
  26. Posted by: Vivian
    I can’t wait to see more of your videos. I have an Expression which I love but it is several years old. It’s time for a new Cricut Explore. I can’t wait until your HSN show.
  27. Posted by: Ronnie R
    Thank you for planning to offer new cartridges for us that have the older machines…. I can’t wait for your new designs
  28. Posted by: Sheree
    I am looking forward to this new machine and cannot wait to purchase a the launch on HSN.  The price of 299 for the machine is reasonable…and comparable with the Cameo.  I feel that ProvoCraft has learned their lessons about the old machines and this new CEO is diligently working to turn things around.  Look forward to enjoying your products in the future!
  29. Posted by: Mary Hagler
    Anna, love your papers, embossing folders, die cuts and your cuddlebug is cute live your winter wonderland cartridge….a new cloud something voodoo complex machine from PC not so much. Not a great company horrible customer service…I’ll watch but will keep my expression works fine my e2 is too complex so this newest and greatest will not be joining them…loving my Sizzix and steel rule dies as well as the wafer thin ones.. Easy & no computers needed !!!
  30. Posted by: Sherrill Campbell
    If ProvoCraft discontinues making carts or eventually makes them obsolete, I will be waving ‘bye, bye’ to Cricut.  Although the new machine sounds exciting, I am not thrilled that it is cloud based and requires the internet to work.  Also, it seems that that the new machines since the original Expression have sort of bombed.  The ‘cake’ was a disaster, as was the Imagine, and seems that the E2 was too complicated to work.  I do like being able to use non-Cricut images.  That is the main thing that would entice me to look at the Explore.  I do believe there is another machine besides the Cameo that has that capability and is a fraction of the cost of the Cameo and the new Explore.  Please clear up any misconceptions that I might have here.
  31. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    I read all the comments and even though it sounds like most people are upset with the new cricut coming out they are not upset with you. We will still continue to be faithful to you and your products. I am glad we will be able to buy your cartridges at a later time.  I will say I have three cricuts, ecraft and a silhouette so I am machined out. I know most people are negative about the machine and people that do not have one will be the ones buying the machine. PC may have another imagine machine problem with this machine. Having said all of this I can’t wait until your next visit with HSN.
  32. Posted by: Lindy L
    Hey Anna the”latest and greatest” is not always an option for some of us that have been crafting for more than 20 years. The new technology being thrown our way on a daily basis is overwhelming to say the least. I’m a loyal Anna Griffin fan and have spent a lot of money on your products and probably will in the future, but this new machine is too pricey and too complicated for this old time crafter. I’ll take my old sizzix machine and a pair of good sharp scissors any old day!!
  33. Posted by: HollyG

    Good Evening Miss Anna!

    For someone who has never owned a Cricut machine, or any other die cutting machine, I am more and more confused!? It seems people either love it or dislike it?!  I am sure you will get to all the questions people have asked so I will look forward to your continued blog and Facebook posts. I can’t wait to learn more about it so I can make an informed decision!

    Thanks Anna!

  34. Posted by: Nannette
    Will the digital images purchase in Craft Room be available on the Explore?  I have purchased several hundred dollars in digital cartridges and images and am concerned that the craft room will be phased out.
  35. Posted by: Melissa Johnson
    I am so disappointed in the explore because it is cloud based. It didn’t have to be to give us all the new technology. Cameo is computer based and we can go online and get images just fine. They could have easily done that with your beautiful design if they wanted and to tell us that they could only do it on a cloud based program is disingenuous at best. Now we are learning that there is going to be two different kind of cartridges!!! That is going to get awfully confusing. For all you people worried about your cartridges linked to your gypsy you will just have to sync your gypsy to your cricut account. Design Space will see all your carts that are in your Cricut account just like CCR does. So all your carts in your account will be seen by this new Design Software.
  36. Posted by: Kim B.
    I agree with Rosie V.’s comments. It is apparent since Bank of America purchased Provo Craft that the emphasis has been on having to purchase new product all the time and not in the best interest of the customers that have the old machines. Yes, I love Anna Griffin products but already had one cuttlebug & needed to purchase another to get her NEW folders last year. Having 2 electronic Cricuts now, I do not plan on purchasing any other expensive Cricut to get new designs. I have found a new company to love….Spellbinders!
  37. Posted by: Sally Sikora
    I have linked my cartridges to my Gypsy, can I re-link them to the craft design
  38. Posted by: Janie
    I am looking forward to seeing all the ins and outs of this new machine. Just sit back and watch and learn. I love my Cricut!!!
  39. Posted by: Lin M.
    Thanks for sharing the sneak preview! I am THRILLED to learn that your cartridges will eventually be available seperately in case I can’t justify a new machine. I will be watching your previews and the HSN launch – maybe I’ll be convinced. 😉
  40. Posted by: Cecilia
    Will the cartridges from the old machine that were linked to a gypsy be able to be linked to the new design space?

You’re Invited to the Crafting Party of the Year

We told you that 2014 would be the Year of the Cricut, and now we can finally tell you why!

Amazing things are happening with our beloved licensing partner, Cricut. They are throwing a party like never before, and you are all invited…

The party kicks off today in Salt Lake City with the announcement of Cricut’s latest design and cutting system, the Cricut Explore. More than 100 bloggers are gathered for the festivities, and I am fortunate enough to get to speak, and experience the excitement first hand! Here are a couple of photos from last night’s dinner and bingo event- so much fun!

But wait, it gets better.

I am so excited to partner with Cricut for the world launch of Explore on HSN February 12th. To celebrate, I’m throwing the very first of 100 nationwide parties for this amazing machine by loading it with my exclusive party designs.

So, mark your calendars for midnight on February 12th everyone! It’s going to be a party that you won’t soon forget.



  1. Posted by: Nancy F
    I had read and watched a lot of info on the new Explore and wanted to see the presentation on HSN….fell asleep watching the Olympic coverage but thankfully woke up in time to see you do the intro, about 10 minutes in, I lost the HSN channel on FIOS, so I logged into it on my IPAd…got in just in time to order for the 1st delivery date….I have an Expression, can’t wait for this to arrive.  So happy to get in on your designs and the auto ship option.  I have been using the CCR and love it, so I am sure the new Design Space will work as well or better.  Really anxious to be able to use the fonts on my computer etc.  can’t wait!!!
  2. Posted by: Annette J
    I love my cricut machines and have 2 of them I can’t wait to get the new cricut explore how awesome was the presentation.  My husband asked me if I wanted flowers or the new cricut explore for Valentine’s day and without hesitating we both said at the same time…the cricut.  I love flowers and now can make my own bouquets.  Thanks for such wonderful and beautiful designs you are an inspiration Anna.  Congrats to all who were lucky enough to get the new machine before it sold out.
  3. Posted by: Sherrie Yoshimura
    Dear Anna and Team,

    I am surprised at the negative comments about Circut machines.  I have 5 of them including the Cake.  Each one runs fine and I am
    especially fond of the “Mini.”  That is the one I use the most.  It cuts more precisely.

    I also have a Silhouette and a Puzzles Machine.  The Pazzles is an “Open Source” machine as the new Circut Explore is.  Having the
    option of using all the favorite Fonts you have saved in your computer is indeed a great benefit. I collected these machines over a period of 10 years.

    Using a machine with the Wi-Fi aspect is a help in a cluttered craft room. I have found the “Circut Craftroom” to be excellent software and easy to use.  The only issue I have had is the
    issue of having to create mats inside the cutting design to cut different layers.  The transition to do that is not elegant.  It seems the Explore will do that automatically so that will be most welcome.

    I have found over the years of using the software that Cricut technical help has been friendly and very eager to please.  If they could not answer the questions during my phone call, they
    would either call me back e-mail me later.

    As I understand it using the new software for the Explore in the “Cloud” is no different than using the Cricut Craftroom.  Any designs you have created in the Cricut Craftroom will be available to you in the new software as well as access to all the cartridges you registered in the Craftroom.  It is your account with Cricut and it will be accessible by you with the new Explore.

    I look forward to watching the presentation on the 12th.  HSN makes purchasing a machine less painful by offering Flex Pay. Right now the only other consideration for me is the Brother Scan and Cut.  I have been looking at that one more than once.  It has features that are tempting me as they would speed up my work.

    Thank you for working with Cricut and offering your superior designs for us to use.    Sherrie Yoshimura

  4. Posted by: Sandee B
    Excited to see the new machine and new products.  Can’t wait for the February 12th shows!
  5. Posted by: Patricia Boone
    Can’t wait for the new Cricut and love all of your things Anna!
  6. Posted by: Jenny Hunt
    I’ll have ti have ny husband watch, he is always buying craft things for me because he can;t think of anything to buy me thats how I got my last Cricut, Fiskars Fuse and a lot of other machines. Can’t wait to see this one. See you in February. Anna!
  7. Posted by: SYLVIA MACK
    I envy your life, How fun it must be . Thanks for all the inspiration you give us. Looking forward to the cricut.
  8. Posted by: Kathleen
    I always look forward to new creations from Anna Griffin!  I can’t wait for February and the new cartridges!
  9. Posted by: caroline hill
    Hi Anna, Glad to hear you teamed up with Cricut.. At Least I know anything that you put your input on has to be Anna approved.I love my cricuts I have 4 . Just wished cricut did not come out with another machine and just made some up grades that we could have plugged into our exiting machines and up grades on the gypsy.Please pass this on to cricut. I will be looking forward to your cartridge.Another thing is tell them to still keep cartridges.What if your computer has a virus and you lose all your info.Hesse that is why I like gypsy. Thanks Anna and tell Georgie I said, Hi.
  10. Posted by: Leslie
    I am not a techie so I am also hoping that your cartridges in the future will be compatable with the old cricuts which most of us have already spent a small fortune on. Will there be trade-ins? LOL. I look forward to the year of cricut so long as we get to call it the year of Anna.
  11. Posted by: Sandy
    I’m not sure what is meant by ‘open source’ but the new machine will only work on-line with Design Space, not CCR, not stand alone.  You won’t be able to use the imagine carts, you won’t be able to plug in a cart and just cut, and many of the touted features won’t work until much later this year.  All too often in the past, features that were promised to work ‘soon’ never materialized.  Plus, by having everything on the cloud, designs you purchase can’t be downloaded or saved so if something happens to the cloud, you are out of luck.  And from what I have read on their site, any carts you have that you want to cut MUST be linked to your account, which prevents anyone else from using them.

    But I’m afraid the on-line requirement makes this machine a no-go for me.  My wifi at home is iffy at best and I am on a metered plan – I don’t want to use it all up just trying to create a design.  And it pretty much stops you from toting your machine around unless you are going to some place with wifi.  It’s really too bad because the machine itself looks like a winner, but until it can be used without the internet, I will have to pass.

  12. Posted by: Dee S
    Can’t wait, looking forward to something NEW. Dee
  13. Posted by: Diane
    Wow!! A new Cricut. My daughter and granddaughter both have their very own cricuts, so maybe it will soon be time for me to have my very own also!! Can’t wait to see what it has to offer.
  14. Posted by: Louise
    I just bought the expressions2 in December. My luck………No way my husband would let me get this one by him.  I would love it though.  Excited for anyone that gets it though.
  15. Posted by: Michelle Reaves
    How exciting!!!! Can’t wait to check it out!
  16. Posted by: Cheri

    Exciting times! You sound so thrilled.

    Here’s hoping HSN will allow YOU to be presenting ALL of the workings of this new machine. WE need to be filled in on Each and Every action built in.

    I too am a lover of your products, Thank you so much.

  17. Posted by: Martha Rushton

    I have waited and looked and watched Cricut on HSN for years. I am so glad I waited. I have most of your paper and card kits. I love them all. I will be one of the ones who will be getting my FIRST Cricut. Just so excited. Hurry up Feb 12th !!!!!!!!!

  18. Posted by: Sherrie
    Interesting that Cricut after all these years is finally bringing a open source machine to market.  Seems like catch up to me.  As with many others posted here I have several Cricut machines.  Will have to weigh this purchase very carefully.  I hope with the others that your cartridges will work with the older machines.  Keeping my fingers crossed about that.  Did Cricut consider bulding in a scanner? Running into times I wish I had the Scan and Cut by Brother. Running the Cricut in Cricut Craftroom solved all my previous problems with the Cricut. and the Help desk for Cricut Crafroom is super.
  19. Posted by: Treava
    This is really exciting to hear that you are going to launch the Cricut Explore on HSN!  I can’t wait to watch and find out what it can do. I love your Winter Wonderland Cartridge and hope that you will be coming out with more cartridges.  I currently have the Expression I wanted the E2 but now I might rethink that plan.
  20. Posted by: Ronnie R
    Love your designs….Embossing folders and Cuttlebug are my favorite tools….. Just received a Cricut Expression for Christmas with your Winter Wonderland cartridge….Too late to return expression machine.   Could anyone answer to let us know if  you will have new cartridges this year that will work in the older machines with universal overlay or will your designs only be available to use with the new machine?
  21. Posted by: Lee Grace
    Wow, Anna, it’s exciting to see what you have going on with Cricut and I am very happy for you. …The invitation is sooo cute-I’ll be tuned in on Feb. 12th!
  22. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card.  I just recieved it yesterday.
    It went to our old address in Utah.  We are now back in the Dallas area.  We were only in Utah temporarily.  I can’t believe it took so long to reroute.  But the timing was perfect for me.  I have been under the weather and recieving the card in the mail warmed my heart so much and I was so excited it was the best medicine I could have ever recieved.
    Thank you so much for your kindess.
    My girls tell me I should frame it.  Good idea!!!!

    I loved the new products you had on HSN , Jan. 10th.  I got all your stamp sets and your new inks.  They are wonderful.  The colors of  inks are beautiful.  I had to try them as soon as they came in.

    This new Cricut looks fun.  I hope you will sell your cartridges separatetly.  I just bought a new Cricut to use with your Christmas,
    Winter Wonderland.

    I look forward to all the new product you have for us this year.  It sounds like a fun, exciting year.

    Thank you again for all you do for us.
    And, Thank You again for the card Anna.  That was so thoughtful of you.
    Dalyce, now from Dallas

  23. Posted by: Melody W
    Anna and Cricut a great partnership.  I probably won’t be purchasing this one because as many others have said, I already have 3 and I don’t want to be hooked to a computer.  I am on one all day long and don’t want that when I get home to make cards or scrapbook.  Can’t wait though to see what else you will be offering that day. Love your designs.
  24. Posted by: Vivian
    Can’t wait for you and the new Cricut Explore in HSN.
  25. Posted by: Diane M
    Hoping that any new items work with my other machine. I really dont think I would be able to purchase another machine. Love all the items from Anna and would be sooo dissapointed if the  designs are only online or designed only for the new machine!!  Looking forward to Feb show!!
  26. Posted by: Juanita McStraw
    Oh my gosh!!! I am so excited about this. It’s quite awesome and to think the added bonus of your designs included is like the icing on the top of a big piece of cake. I have February 12th marked on the calendar already, what a terrific present for my February birthday.
    Anna Griffin and Cricut…it doesn’t get any better than that!!!!
  27. Posted by: Ronny
    This new machine sounds exciting.  But looks like it is much like
    the Cameo that I have and love.
    I like on the Cameo that you can fill your designs with any color you want, also print on your designs, design your own cuts and then cut them, size anything, wrap words in or around anything, cut svg and others files, don’t have to use cartridges, can buy one design at a time and can save all your designs to your library and a zillion other designs and things that the Cameo does, The thing I didn’t like with Cricut was buying expensive cartridges just to get one or two designs and never using the others on the cartridge So I am interested to see how Cricut, will measure up to what we have already been doing on the Cameo.
    I see Explore will draw and cut (at the same time?) but is that worth $300 .  So it seems like Cricut is just trying to catch up with  what we have been doing with the Cameo .
    My E2 has been gathering dust ever since I bought my Cameo 2 years ago.     I have not seen a video yet on what the Explore can do different than the Cameo so it will be interesting to see.  It will have to be a lot in comparison to warrant getting a new machine plus since we are living on a small retirement I would have to sell my E2 and a few other things to be able to buy it.  My other problem is I have bought so much Anna G product–which I love every bit of–that I have run out of room to even put that, it is stacked around everywhere!    Love you Anna and all the beautiful products you design.   I can’t remember exactly what you said on your last show but it sounded like your show in March is going to have some big surprises.  can you elaborate on that a bit or were you maybe referring to the Explore that is coming out on Feb 12?
    Hope you can answer some of these questions everyone has.
  28. Posted by: Sylvia Mack
    Can’t wait for my first cricut!  Thanks Anna.
  29. Posted by: Mary R
    Hi Anna!
    I have been anxiously waiting for this since you told us 2014 would be the Year of All Things Cricut. I’ve got my Cricut ready to go! Hoping this launch will be your most successful one yet.
  30. Posted by: Ramona Mergenthaler
    I can hardly wait. Anna Griffin and cricut, a great combination.
  31. Posted by: Sonya
    Sounds Great but I hope it’s better than the launch of the imagine that I bought from HSN. That was an expensive mistake. I do love my E2, and I see things that I like on this new one but not crazy about having to be connected to a computer. Provo craft STILL has not figured out how to use the craft room for the iPad and I am now going to buy a laptop to use it on my E2 or this new one. Very disappointing. But I love ALL things Anna and will be watching. Hoping that we can buy the carts for our E2’s. Love U Anna!
  32. Posted by: Jennie
    Oh my goodness!!! I’m so excited!! Love when HSN has a new Cricut because I can use flex pay because I just know I’m going to NEED it!!! 🙂
  33. Posted by: MaryJo
    Oh I will be watching with my credit card in
  34. Posted by: judyG
    OH, my.  Now what am I supposed to do.  I already have 2 Cricuts and I really want this one.  I’m going to have to do some thinking on this one.
  35. Posted by: LeeAnn from NC
    I’ve been planning to buy a machine that can cut svg files and I’m so glad I haven’t bought one yet.  I love the idea of adding to my cricut collection with a machine that can use all of the cartridges I already own and  can cut from jpeg files…….I’m excited about the new machine and am really looking forward to owning it.  Can’t wait to find out what the hsn price will be and what will be bundled with it !
  36. Posted by: JoAnne
    I thought I never really needed to  purchase a Circuit for doing all of my scrapbooking and crafts.  I guess you could say I could not part with the money and I enjoy doing scrapping the old school way. That was until you partnered up with Circuit, and I saw all the gorgeous scrapping possibilities. Now I need to crack open my cookie jar  and purchase one.
  37. Posted by: Sandra Smith
    I am probably passing on this new machine. I already have four Cricut machines, two Cut, Grand Cuttlebugs, Big Shot, ebosser, Grand Calibur and the Silhouette Cameo. Too many machines. I wish they would have come with a new software package like Sure Cuts A lot to upgrade the Expression and/or Expression 2 to cut svg files and sold the software like Silhouette sells the Designer Edition software. Aother new machine???? No way!!!
  38. Posted by: Susan
    Looking forward to the 12th – very interested in seeing any products with which you partner. Your designs are always lovely!
  39. Posted by: Kimberley
    Love, love, love your products. BUT, I won’t be purchasing another Cricut – at least not this one. I do not want to be strapped to the computer to work. It’s just not for me. Hopefully, you will offer more cartridges for people like me. This product looks lovely….I’m sure it will be a huge success. Thanks Anna.
  40. Posted by: Mariz Yu-Ihada
    Another die-cutting machine to add to my collection! So excited!

Final HSN January Giveaways & Shopping List

The anniversary celebrations are about to begin! Join me tomorrow as we kick off the start of what is sure to be an unforgettable 20th anniversary for Anna Griffin, Inc. and our 4th anniversary as part of the HSN family.

Ready for the final 5 giveaways? We’ve got some great things to send our lucky winners today. Here we go!

1. Theresa W – Metallic Markers
2. Trudy – Inspiring Expressions Sentiment Kit
3. Peggy Kohler – Joyful Expressions Embossing Folders
4. Susan Port – Set of document storage boxes in Camilla, Olivia or Ivory Damask
5. Granny Brenda – Autographed anniversary set (stickers, stamps and paper)

Congratulations to you all!

I know lots of you like to have a last minute shopping list so you can mark all of your must haves before the show! Here is the list of everything we are packing into our 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. hours tomorrow (whew!).

Anniversary Card Stock
Anniversary 3D Stickers
Anniversary Stamp Set
Set of 8 Ink Pads – Fresh Tints
All About Love Card Kit
Set of 3 8×8 Albums
Inspiring Expressions Card Sentiments
Joyful Expressions Embossing Folders
Chalkboard Sentiments Stamp Set
Grace Designer Paper Kit
Eyelet Border Stickers
Border Bouquet Stickers
Lovely Letterpress Stamps
Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit
Snowflake Die Bundle
Cuttlebug with 2 Folders
Holiday Perfect Palette Cards & Layers
Christmas Garland Embellishments
3D Christmas Stickers
Watercolor Markers
Everyday Ink Pads & Refills
Coca Cola Card Gift Set
Craft Room Storage
Craft Furniture

See you in the morning, everyone!


  1. Posted by: Kaye
    I have one more suggestion. I know a lot of animal lovers and I would like to make birthday cards for them that have animals on them.
    For example:
    Cats: Please make images of just the everyday, mixed breed cat, which most people have. Such as: Long- and short-haired calicos (calicos that are black, orange & white; and Dilute Calicos that are gray, peach & white),  buff tabbies, orange tabbies, gray tabbies, gray & white, gold & white, black & white, etc.
    Dogs: Collies, Shelties, Golden Retrievers, Labs (Black, Chocolate & Yellow), Vizslas, Bichons, etc…
    And please make it so that the set includes both cats and dogs, cuz an animal lover would appreciate a card with either one on it! Thx!
  2. Posted by: Kaye
    I have TONS of your products that I had to clear out a bunch of stuff from my scrapbooking room to make room for YOUR things. But I do love them.
    Since I have a lot of family members to which I send birthday cards, I have a couple of suggestions, if I may.
    1) Instead of having stickers that say, “Happy Birthday Friend”, can they just say, “Happy Birthday”?
    2) Can you include some stickers for Belated Birthdays ? (I sometimes end up sending my cards late!)
    3) Can your envelopes be gusseted to allow for the dimensionality of your cards?
  3. Posted by: Josette’ Griffith
    I just made a birthday card & as I started to hand address it to mail, I had an idea for a new product. Sheets of labels we could run thru computer for addresses & our return address. Done of course in a pretty Anna border design all the same design or with various designs. Sized to match plain blank white labels we buy at office supply stores so no special programming in our computer. Then we could print out sheets of our return address & sheets of family & friends addresses, all ready to peel & stick to the beautiful cards we’ve made. Also do ones for Christmas or just add these to future card kits too. Although I have pretty handwriting I would love to be able to print labels in a pretty font like Anna uses on her cards.
  4. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Hi Anna, in December you mentioned on your Blog that you will be back on HSN in February. Please give us the date; can’t wait!  I need more sleeves for my embossing folders!  Will you please bring them back?  Thank you!
  5. Posted by: Karen M
    HI Anne,
    Will you be offering ink refills for all of your ink pads?   Really need them!!
  6. Posted by: Patty Fisher
    Congratulations on your anniversaries on HSN and your company.
    I have been shopping with you for at the last 20 years and love everything you sell. Everyone loves my scrapbooks and cards. Your items are elegant and graceful. I have about half of what you sell and would have more if I could afford it. Please let us know the dates you will be back on HSN as far as ahead of time as you can so I can request that day off from work. I tape your shows so I can rewatch them but I want to see the show and shop before they sell out. Thank you Anna for everything you do for us. Glad to see you are a cat lover too. Georgie is so cute! I have 2 cats both from a humane society.
  7. Posted by: Rosie V
    Hi Anna, I posted before but am wondering will you be back on in February?  I love your embossing folders and am wondering if you’ve given thought to an autoship of seasonal holidays (ie Easter, patriotic, Halloween, Thanksgiving? Would love it!  I also like to make religious cards (ie Christining) and would love an embossing folder with angels, doves, etc. that only you, Anna, could design! Thank you for all your beautiful products!
  8. Posted by: Dalyce
    I was wondering if you could do some frame stamps in different sizes to fit with all the wonderful sentiment stamps you have given us. ‘
  9. Posted by: Martin del Mazo
    Huge Fan. Congrats on all your success.
  10. Posted by: Penny C.
    Anna:  Just a quick question.  I seem to remember in the back of my mind that you were going to be on HSN in January, February and March.  Was this just wishful thinking on my part, or are you on in February as well?  I hope so!  Sounds like March is gonna be epic. . . can’t wait!

    Thanks again for the great shows!


  11. Posted by: Clarissa Gaudet
    Love your show always have beautiful things. Can’t wait to you again on HSN. Thanks!!!!!
  12. Posted by: Ellen
    Great show Anna and great products AS USUAL!  I can imagine it’s a huge amount of work preparing for those shows for both you and your team.  Hopefully you all know how much we enjoy them.  It’s better than most TV shows, even the 2nd time around on the DVR!  Enjoy a nice relaxing weekend with Georgie on your lap, but you know we’re now already looking forward to March!  I have all your anniversary papers from their original day and feel like I know them personally since back then it was all there was.  Now we’re so spoiled for choice!  Congratulations on 20 great years with even more to come.
  13. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Hi Anna, loved your shows!  I always record them so I can go back & look at all your fabulous ideas for making my cards! Can’t wait to get new embossing folders, ink pads and your beautiful Christmas Trimmings kit!  Can’t wait until your next visit! Now I have to wait for my goodies!  If it’s possible, can you please offer more flex pays?  It enables me to buy more and stay within my budget! Can’t wait for next time!  Happy Anniversary to you and your staff!!
  14. Posted by: Dalyce
    Thank you for the wonderful things you brought us on HSN today.  It was so fun and relaxing to watch.  As usual I bought several items, including every stamp set you offered.  I’m finally learning how to stamp.

    I was really looking forward to the new metallic markers and they were not there.  HSN did not even have them to buy.  When do you think they will be out.  Along with the stamps, those were what I was looking forward to buying.  I hope you still intend to have them.   I love the watercolor markers you have out now.

    I also think Christmas colors would be really fun to have for next Christmas.

    Thank you Anna for all your work.
    You looked lovely today, as usual.

  15. Posted by: Jennifer M
    Anna, please allow us another opportunity to purchase the products you offered in today’s shows in the near future.  I had some unfortunate technical difficulties today with my computer.

    Thank you so much.

    P.S.  I love the new products.

  16. Posted by: Robin Goodson
    I missed the morning, but very much waiting for the afternoon show. From all the comments I’ve been reading, it sounds like there will be lots of fun items. There aren’t any stores that carry your products in the area around Hayden ID.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I might get something from this afternoon show.  I love, love your products. Happy Anniversary

Final HSN January 10th Sneak Peek

Hi everyone! It’s almost that time!
I am heading off to HSN this week for what is sure to be a fun visit on Friday, January 10th. Mark your calendar or set those DVRs for 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. EST- we are going to pack a whole lot of crafting into two hours! I’ve got three final previews for you and five more wonderful items to give away.

Let’s get started! There’s nothing like sending a card to lift someone’s spirits or motivate them in a time of need. Our Inspiring Expressions Sentiments Kit contains everything you’ll ever want to say to a friend, relative or special person who needs words of encouragement. These uplifting embellishments include sentiments like “Get Well Soon”, “You are My Inspiration” and “Enjoy the Little Things.” They are fantastic for so many occasions!

So many of you loved our last set of Watercolor Markers on HSN, so we are giving you more creative coloring options! The new set of 8 Metallic Markers feature shades of gold, green and pink, that are perfect for anything from journaling to coloring in detailed embossed designs. The results are simply stunning!

Lastly is our latest work of artful collaboration with the wonderful folks at Cricut! You are going to see lots of amazing new things coming from this partnership! Our new Joyful Expressions embossing folders feature beautiful braid, medallion, floral and scallop designs that are going to add that “wow” moment to any paper project. I can’t wait to demonstrate these for you on Friday!

Now, you don’t want to miss your chance to win this week’s final 5 prizes to round out our 20 giveaways. Simply comment below for your chance to take one home! Giveaways:
16. Metallic Markers
17. Inspiring Expressions Sentiment Kit
18. Joyful Expressions Embossing Folders
19. Set of document storage boxes in Camilla, Olivia or Ivory Damask
20. Autographed anniversary set (stickers, stamps and paper)

Good luck and I’ll post again on Thursday!


  1. Posted by: Shelley Slentz
    Love all your beautiful products! Thank you for bringing them to us. Your card kits are the best!
  2. Posted by: Nancy Potkay
    Watched on Friday and shopped quite a bit. But would love to win any of your products. Thank you for a fun Friday
  3. Posted by: Deana Davis
    My credit card is on fire. I can’t wait to get my cuddlebug & start some embossing.
  4. Posted by: Peg Bodovinitz
    Anna:  Just finished watching your HSN show with the embossing folders, embellishments and the gorgeous card designs.  You’ve long been an inspiration to me with all your feminine designs that are so beautiful.  I look forward to your creations and check your website and the HSN to see what’s new!
  5. Posted by: Patsy Miracle
    Your kits are AMAZING! I make cards and a friend rushed to work on day and said “You’ve got to see this!”. It was your Christmas card kit. I ordered it immediately along with the next 3 auto ship card sets.

    I would love to see you put together a card kit specifically for sympathy, thinking of you, your’e in my thoughts, etc. I would buy it in a minute!

  6. Posted by: cheri lee
    as I stated before my fiance just got home from ICU plus 4 days in the regular Ward from the hospital . so thankful for being home and all the prayers and everyone chipping in to help out . our neighbors make sure a trash was taken out and I’m out with taking and we have such a lovely neighborhood . I want to send something very very special for me a collection of the each and everyone who helped. it would mean so very much to me to win something. if I’m too late well it couldn’t be helped. hope your cell goes great and have fantastic success love sharing.
    Cheri Lee
  7. Posted by: Debbie Blackwell
    Love love love your products – the use of colours and design is amazing and they all complement each other. Always get great comment from the recipients of my cards when using Anna Griffin products.
  8. Posted by: Becky H
    I have been in love with your designs and products for many years. I have and do own many of them. The papers, embossing and dies could not be more beautiful. I own many stamps and punches from previous years. This past Christmas I bought the papers already sized for cards which allowed me to do cards so much faster. I will be watching tomorrow on HSN . I am already planning by purchases. Wishing you continued success.
  9. Posted by: Barbara Balcastro

    Hi Anna! I absolutely love your products. I bought the AG gold Cuttlebug last year, with the card kits, markers and one of the paper packs – the pictures on t.v. do not do the products justice – they are even more beautiful right down to the packaging, great stuff. I just started making cards last year and your kit was my inspiration!! Cannot wait until tomorrow!

  10. Posted by: Jennifer M
    I am looking forward to the new releases.  New products…new year…what a way to start out.  Thanks
  11. Posted by: BN
    Can’t wait. Beautifulllll products from a Beautifullllllllll person.
  12. Posted by: Dalyce
    I received my joyful expressions embossing folders from the auto -ship. They are just as beautiful as any of the others. I saw that HSN has them for Friday. If you buy them, you will not be disappointed.
    I love Anna’s new products.
    I am looking forward to Friday.
  13. Posted by: Tom G.
    I am most eagerly awaiting the anniversary collection, but I also have to give a nod to the metallic markers. While the new stuff is all cool, the real fun is in your enthusiasm as you demonstrate it all! I’m owed 2 comp weeks from all the extra time I put in this autumn, so I’m taking off the week of January 18- 25 to play with all my new toys. Cannot wait for Friday– and, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
  14. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    Everything looks great!! I can’t wait to see it all! TFS the sneak peaks! I would love to get my hands on some of the new products!
  15. Posted by: Joan C.
    Can’t wait for Friday you have been on my calendar since I first learned of the date of this show and have been saving money for this show, can’t wait to see and purchase your card making kit. I would love to win any of the item being offered this week, I love everything. I because of my health have to move in with my Son and his family and sent them a picture of my craft wall and said I would give up just about everything but not my craft wall which had my Son laughing because as a small boy I got my Grandson into making homemade gifts and he told his Dad “I can’t wait to see Grandma’s craft wall she has the coolest things to make”. He’s going to be 12 and his sister will be 15 in Feb and she also loves to do crafts with me and I told them I now have enough of your scrapbooks that we can finally get all of our picture out of the boxes and into your albums so I now have 2 new Anna Griffin fans for you, I also post a lot of your item on my Facebook page and my friends love to see what new cards I am making. See you on Friday.
  16. Posted by: Christine G
    So excited for Friday….thanks for the chance to win !!!
  17. Posted by: Christine D.
    Anna, I love your products.  I am so excited to see your new items on Friday on HSN.  I will be watching and buying 🙂
  18. Posted by: LinDB
    Such beautiful cards! I can’t wait to see all the new products on Friday!
  19. Posted by: tallchicky
    Anna, there are no words!!! WOW!
  20. Posted by: Dalyce
    I have been checking on HSN for your new products
    but they haven’t posted yet. I can hardly wait!!!
    My DVR is all ready. And so am I.
  21. Posted by: Debi W
    Anna, what can I say but counting the hours now for your show on HSN! Beautiful products as always.
  22. Posted by: Ellen S.
    Can’t wait to see all the beautiful things that can be created with the new products. I’m especially excited to see the new metallic markers.
  23. Posted by: Marcia Stearman
    I love your card kits, embossing folders, and stamps. Would be great if you could offer a birthday card kit (mix of adult and juvenile).  I will be stationed in front of the TV on Friday to watch you on HSN. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your products!
  24. Posted by: DarleneS
    Hi Anna, you sure know how to get our pulse rates up in anticipation of your HSN shows!  The 10th can’t come soon enough!
  25. Posted by: Marcia Stearman
    I love your card kits, embossing folders, and stamps. Would be great if you could offer a birthday card kit (mix of adult and juvenile).  I will be stationed in front of the TV on Friday to watch you on HSN.
  26. Posted by: Lee Grace
    Hi Anna, I love the cards you posted. …I’ve set my DVR to record the shows Friday. Happy Anniversary to you!
  27. Posted by: Linda H
    Can’t wait to see the new embossing folders!  (Oh yeah, and please pick me for ANY of your wonderful prizes!!!!!)
  28. Posted by: Theresa W.
    Looking forward to Friday. Hope I win!!! Thanks
  29. Posted by: Victoria Weiss
    I went onto the HSN website and i absolutely love your desk ensemble.  JUST GOREGEOUS!!!  i will be watching from work, and am ready!
  30. Posted by: Margaret Baker
    Anna, so looking forward to the 10th! You are such a blessed person and you bless us with your designs and creativity.
  31. Posted by: Carol Fischer
    Hi Anna! I can’t believe we only have 2 more days until we can purchase all your new beautiful and inspiring products!!  I love seeing all the cards and scrapbook pages you and your very talented team have created.
  32. Posted by: Kim Kemmsies
    I love new Anna Griffin stuff!
  33. Posted by: Deb Juillerat
    Metallic markers…I can’t WAIT!!!!
  34. Posted by: Janet Newmaker
    I’m looking forward to the new products and inspiration!
  35. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    Hi, Anna–
    Will be watching both shows on Friday—I do NOT want to miss that paper set with some of the retired designs you’re bringing back. I’ve kicked myself a dozen times for not buying the set with some of those designs that sold out a few yrs ago.  So of course  I would LOVE to win the paper/sticker/stamp set.  Your designs dominate my papercrafting storage because there’s simply nothing else like them. Made over 90 cards at Christmas with your kits (the Christmas kit and the basic kit and also the Christmas borders, eyelet borders metallic papers, etc. to complete.  Also made good use of my AG Cuttlebug with the Christmas embossing folders and those wonderful Christmas dies.  You can just imagine the compliments I’ve received, having sent and given that many handmade cards!! Now I’m working on a project with your Valentine kit and several other components—the stitched heart pages from that set, the Cottage Roses, your Valentine pad of 2 sided cardstock that I’ve had for some time. We do events for women at our church that comprise along with a speaker, a hands-on feature.  Some 40+ ladies will be making Valentines from your kits along with other Anna Griffin components.  Gals who didn’t even know about you and your designs will be enjoying them and taking a Valentine home for a loved one.  I can’t thank you enough for how far your designs have reached, how they inspire great conversations—not to mention a selfish aspect—making me look really good!
    Thank you so much again and I’ll be right there on Friday–both shows!
    Sharla Wilson
  36. Posted by: Joyce Caraway
    So excited to see everything you have available for 2014.  Can’t wait for Friday the 10th to get here!!!  Going to set DVR now.   🙂
  37. Posted by: Juanita McStraw
    Good morning, what a way to warm up a chilly Erie, PA morning but to see that beautiful butterfly on an equally beautiful card !! I can tell already that I want to purchase everything in those 2 hours you have for us on Friday !!! Would love to win, thanks you and your team for all their hard work, and not to forget another cricut collaboration, wow !!! Stay warm……..
  38. Posted by: Anne with an e
    Happy New Year! Hope everyone is keeping warm! Looking forward to your shows, and more inspiring products, as always. Thank you!  ALN
  39. Posted by: Robyn Nunn
    As usual, you have outdone yourself again!I know the first thing I’m ordering is the new Watercolor Markers… love. Can”t wait to see all of the NEW goodies.

  40. Posted by: MJ
    I can’t wait till Friday!
  41. Posted by: Kathleen Clark
    Oh, I am so excited Friday is near! Your products are so beautiful, they bring the best out of everyone. I DVR all your shows so I can watch them again and again!
  42. Posted by: Patti Garcia
    I, like so many others are waiting and holding my breath for Friday. Love everything you do. My craft room is quickly becoming my Anna room. I am trying to get everything Anna on one bookshelf. I have been a fan for so long that I need more room. But I am sure I will figure out how to get more in there. Need more Anna…

  43. Posted by: Jan Fowler
    I can’t wait to see all the new products this Friday on HSN. I just love Anna’s card kits so I’m really looking forward to the premier of the Inspiring Expressions Sentiment Kit. I really hope it’s of the same quality as the kits from my auto-shipments a few years ago!
  44. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Hey Anna, It’s Me Again, Debbie Dunn! Just wanted to say Hello,
    and that I can’t wait for Friday! Oh the Big Brown Boxes are Dancing in My Head, ( I hope I’m not Talking in my Sleep of What
    My Plans are for Friday)!! LOL!! shhhhh, someone might be watching, I’m Typing this while Hubby is Sleeping, Shhhhh! I think he hear my Brain saying “Anna Griffin, Anna Griffin. I want My
    Anna Griffin Room” , “Look at All the new pretty Things”
    “But Honey, I just had to get more, HSN Will Sale Out!! LOL!!!

    Anyway, I Love to pick!!
    Best to You and Your Awesome Team!!
    Debbie Dunn

  45. Posted by: Ronny
    Can’t wait for Friday to see everything in live living color 🙂
    I always want everything but will have to be very selective
    this time around, (sigh)    Always love everything you show us.
  46. Posted by: Donna W
    Once again, beautiful items.  So hard to choose!  But eventually I should have everything.  Heaven…
  47. Posted by: Kathi O
    Beautiful products Anna! You did it again always bringing the best to us…’s so hard to resist everything…..just want it all!
    Love the watercolor markers so I’m sure the metallic markers will be awesome. Sentiment expressions kit looks sweet & I love using the
    Cuttlebug you just don’t want to stop. New embossing folders….Ooh
    Aah… I guess you could say I would love to win any of your Beautiful products….Happpy Anniversary Anna:)
  48. Posted by: Rita Robinson
    Ever since I bought and put together your Christmas card making kit I have been hooked we have been haunting your blog for news and look forward to January 10
  49. Posted by: Rita Robinson
    Ever since I bought and put together your Christmas card making kit I have been hooked we have been haunting your blog for news and look forward to January 10
  50. Posted by: Rita Robinson
    Purchased your Christmas kit on the today’s special and absolutely love it have since purchased one for my mother and another for next Christmas we have been haunting your blog and look forward to this Friday all of your items are just beautiful
  51. Posted by: Laura Harris
    Happy New Year and Happy 20th Anniversary!!! Your beautiful crafting items help me create beautiful cards, scrapbook layouts and more. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me as well as to so many others!!!
    P.S. I made your Christmas cards this year and my friends and family all said how they are saving them because they are so beautiful!!!
  52. Posted by: Laura Harris
    Happy New Year and Happy 20th Anniversary!!! Your beautiful crafting items help me create beautiful cards, scrapbook layouts and more. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me as well as to so many others!!!
    P.S. I made your Christmas cards this year and my friends and family all said how they are saving them because they are so beautiful!!!
  53. Posted by: Vee
    Anna, all of your projects have been adorable. I am excited to add new embossing folders to my ever growing anna collection.
  54. Posted by: Trudy

    Anna thank you listening to us and bringing beautiful new things

    Your card kits have to be my favorite thing you to hint hint lots morefor 2014 pretty please

    Anna you are a blessing in my life


  55. Posted by: Dalyce
    Looking forward to Friday.  I just had 2 more grandchildren born yesterday and today.  I am babysitting.  Having alot of fun but looking forward to relaxing will Anna is on the air.
    Thanks Anna for your new products.
  56. Posted by: Shellie F.
    These items will be new inspiration to me!  I am looking forward to learning more about Cricut.  I lovec Anna Griffin style–and so do all those on ky Christmas card list!  ; 0)
  57. Posted by: Dalyce
    I am looking forward to Friday.  One of my daughters has her 4th baby yesterday and another had her second today!!!!  Grandma is babysitting.  So Friday is my rest day.  Hopefully!!
    Thank you Anna for the new products.  They look really exciting.
  58. Posted by: Dalyce
    We had such a fun time making Christmas Cards.  I am looking forward to Anna’s new ideas.  Every new item is like Christmas morning.  Thank you for your pre-views.  I always look forward to Tuesday and Friday to see what else you will give us.  We look forward to Friday !!!
  59. Posted by: Shellie F.
    These items will be new inspiration for me, and I’m looking forward to learning more about using the Cricut.  I love Anna Griffin style, and so do all those on my Christmas card list!
  60. Posted by: Merrie O.
    I look forward to Friday and your new things!  Good thing I have some Christmas money to Spend!  I hope you’ll have some new dies soon too
  61. Posted by: Debbi H.
    I’m getting excited. I feel Anna Griffin in the air. I can’t wait to see what I can add to my Anna G collection.
  62. Posted by: Ann A.
    Thanks for all the previews. Love the new embossing folders.  Will tape both shoes.  Like the embellishment kit also.
    Thanks Anna
  63. Posted by: Rhonda M.
    Looking forward to your show Anna.  Can’t wait to see all the new products.
  64. Posted by: Luann s
    Just caught up on ur blog…love the idea of your partnership with cricut..2 brilliant creators putting their heads together..can’t wait to see new folders…3 days and counting.!!
  65. Posted by: Luann settles
    3days and counting !!..can’t wait to see new folder and what u have cooking with cricut….great ideas!
  66. Posted by: Carol Johnson
    Anna, I got into scrapbooking when my son was in Special Olympics. My husband and I are sooo proud of him and all of accomplishments. Since then I’ve been working on an Album from my parents Wedding, Honeymoon and Special Anniversaries (25th, 40th, 50th plus 1) where I’ve used your past papers that I absolutely Love. My mom passed away in 2007 and so my Resolution for 2014 is to get back working on their album not only for me, but for my Dad too.
    I also LOVE your Card kits and made my Dad three cards for Christmas from your various Christmas kits.
    I can’t wait to see what you have coming out this year as I’ve been a fan of yours since you were on DIY with Sandy Genovesse.
  67. Posted by: Susan S
    I’m using our “snow” day here in Atlanta to catch up on your blog and look forward so seeing the items and lovely samples you will bring to HSN.  I also love the new iPad cases you shared on your blog… need to find those as well
  68. Posted by: Susan S
    I am using our “snow” day here in Atlanta to read your blog and will shop Friday on HSN. Love seeing the samples you bring! I also read about your new iPad cases – need to find those as well.  Thanks for all your lovely products.
  69. Posted by: Dalyce
    I Love all your new things.  I am so excited about your new watercolor marker colors.  I was thinking at Christmas time that, if only Anna had Christmas watercolor markers.  They would be very handy to have.  I am very excited about Friday.  I can’t wait to see you and your fun creations.
  70. Posted by: Marge G.
    Well, after making all your Christmas cards, I’m looking foward to making some for other occasions.  Can’t wait for your show, and would LOVE to win these products!
  71. Posted by: Bonnie Wilson
    Looking forward to seeing the new collections, especially interested in the embossing folders.
  72. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Hi Anna!  I’ve been saving my Christmas money so I can buy a couple of your beautiful things! I was hoping for new embossing folders & my wish has come true! I also have been waiting for purple so can’t wait to see your new stamp colors! I missed out on auto ship this last time so I hope you will offer the “All About Her” card making kit separately!  Thank you to you and your team for all of your inspiration! Can’t wait until Friday!!!
  73. Posted by: gisela

    Thank you for all the sneak peeks these past weeks, and another chance to join the winners group !                                                    . In a few days you will be showing your wonderful  items, and I am truly looking forward 10th.

    The metallic markers will be on my order list for sure 🙂

  74. Posted by: Andrea
    Hi Anna,
    Looking forward to your shows on Friday!!
  75. Posted by: Florence
    The products are gorgeous.  Getting to spend a lot of time indoors due to the bone chilling cold – yesterday’s high -10, today’s 2.  I will DVR your shows.  Looking forward seeing all of your products.  Keep up the good work!
  76. Posted by: Brenda L aka centralnyscrapper
    Since I cannot take a vacation day on Friday, is it wrong that I blocked off my calendar with meetings during the crafty shows? I am so looking forward to seeing and buying the items I don’t have. I need a pick-me-up from the January blahs and these products will be the perfect gift to me.
  77. Posted by: Evadene
    Joyful, Joyful, how I want these.  (everyone sing along with me)
  78. Posted by: maria m
    would love to win one of your pretty things…thank you
  79. Posted by: Tanya Thompson
    I love your products! Can’t wait for the 10th…Last year went by so fast, let’s hope the rest of this week goes by even faster…but it can stop on the 10th!
  80. Posted by: Jean Middleton
    I love your card kits!  Looking forward to Friday!
  81. Posted by: Susan Port

    Would love to have a set of your beautiful storage boxes .   Also looking forward to the anniversary items, embossing folders and metallic markers. Thanks Anna and hope  to see you on the 10th.

  82. Posted by: Vicki Coleman
    For sure will be getting a couple of the card kits.  Will also be getting embossing folders. Probably be buying everything that is offered. I think I’ll just sleep till Friday, because I can’t wait.
  83. Posted by: Crystal
    Can’t wait!! I have all of your other embossing folders and use them frequently! If the Joyful pack is all new, I will most certainly be purchasing.
  84. Posted by: Melody B
         Loving all your newest products. just 3 more days!! Just as excited as Christmas eve..
  85. Posted by: Jackie Ocheltree
    Everything is so wonderful…just like you and your staff.  I am looking forward to Friday and watching you “WOW” us with your ideas! Love everything you creat.
  86. Posted by: Cathy barber
    3 more days, just 3 more. Keep telling myself that.

  87. Posted by: Julia T.
    I’ve laid in a nice supply of Earl Grey & programmed the TV to record (gotta save it all this time) & I’m ready to sit back and  watch! (relax? I think not) I’m excited to see the stamps and folders and the paper (I’m a real paper nut) and everything!  I’m also looking forward to seeing how to use those blackboard stamps- it sounds great!
  88. Posted by: Jeri J.
    thank you, Anna, for your creativity. I can’t wait for Fri.
  89. Posted by: Linda Pearce
    Can’t wait until Friday, just love these products.
  90. Posted by: Nancy Haines
    Friday will be my best day this week. It has been so cold and I look forward to bringing into my home your hsn day with Spring on paper!  It looks so fun to think of card making during this cold dreary winter. Thank you for all your inspiration.  I had such fun with your Christmas cards.
  91. Posted by: Ellen
    Hi Anna, I’ll be watching online from the other side of the wprld and enjoying every minute. Looking forward to seeing all your new products and owning them too!!!
  92. Posted by: Avanell Randall
    Can’t wait for Friday. So excited!
  93. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
  94. Posted by: virginia
    Love it all.  Sure would like to win some.
  95. Posted by: Gail M.
    Hi Anna! I am so looking forward to seeing all of your new products on HSN and learning how to use them from your demonstrations. Best wishes!
  96. Posted by: Lou Marks
    Dear Anna,
    This will be my last chance to win something wonderful of yours, and I have a good feeling about it this time. Things in my life have been so miserable lately that the only thing that keeps me going is crafting with Anna and her awsome brainchildren. New items always intrigue me, so anything new would be ever so welcome in my home. Not that I have anywhere to put yjem, but I’ll worry about that later. One way or another they will get here… You and your ideas are so inspirational, even if I do copy a bit here and there…I really want you to know how speacial you are, whether I ever win a single piece of paper. It’s just important to me you know how much you have touched my life. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, and to me, there there is nothing more beautiful than you. With much love and thanks, Lefty Lou (I really am left-handed..)
  97. Posted by: Maria from San Francisco
    Wow Anna !!  I am so excited about Friday !! Question: were the new folders part of the autoship folder collection ??  See you Friday !!