Final HSN January 10th Sneak Peek

Hi everyone! It’s almost that time!
I am heading off to HSN this week for what is sure to be a fun visit on Friday, January 10th. Mark your calendar or set those DVRs for 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. EST- we are going to pack a whole lot of crafting into two hours! I’ve got three final previews for you and five more wonderful items to give away.

Let’s get started! There’s nothing like sending a card to lift someone’s spirits or motivate them in a time of need. Our Inspiring Expressions Sentiments Kit contains everything you’ll ever want to say to a friend, relative or special person who needs words of encouragement. These uplifting embellishments include sentiments like “Get Well Soon”, “You are My Inspiration” and “Enjoy the Little Things.” They are fantastic for so many occasions!

So many of you loved our last set of Watercolor Markers on HSN, so we are giving you more creative coloring options! The new set of 8 Metallic Markers feature shades of gold, green and pink, that are perfect for anything from journaling to coloring in detailed embossed designs. The results are simply stunning!

Lastly is our latest work of artful collaboration with the wonderful folks at Cricut! You are going to see lots of amazing new things coming from this partnership! Our new Joyful Expressions embossing folders feature beautiful braid, medallion, floral and scallop designs that are going to add that “wow” moment to any paper project. I can’t wait to demonstrate these for you on Friday!

Now, you don’t want to miss your chance to win this week’s final 5 prizes to round out our 20 giveaways. Simply comment below for your chance to take one home! Giveaways:
16. Metallic Markers
17. Inspiring Expressions Sentiment Kit
18. Joyful Expressions Embossing Folders
19. Set of document storage boxes in Camilla, Olivia or Ivory Damask
20. Autographed anniversary set (stickers, stamps and paper)

Good luck and I’ll post again on Thursday!


  1. Posted by: Shelley Slentz
    Love all your beautiful products! Thank you for bringing them to us. Your card kits are the best!
  2. Posted by: Nancy Potkay
    Watched on Friday and shopped quite a bit. But would love to win any of your products. Thank you for a fun Friday
  3. Posted by: Deana Davis
    My credit card is on fire. I can’t wait to get my cuddlebug & start some embossing.
  4. Posted by: Peg Bodovinitz
    Anna:  Just finished watching your HSN show with the embossing folders, embellishments and the gorgeous card designs.  You’ve long been an inspiration to me with all your feminine designs that are so beautiful.  I look forward to your creations and check your website and the HSN to see what’s new!
  5. Posted by: Patsy Miracle
    Your kits are AMAZING! I make cards and a friend rushed to work on day and said “You’ve got to see this!”. It was your Christmas card kit. I ordered it immediately along with the next 3 auto ship card sets.

    I would love to see you put together a card kit specifically for sympathy, thinking of you, your’e in my thoughts, etc. I would buy it in a minute!

  6. Posted by: cheri lee
    as I stated before my fiance just got home from ICU plus 4 days in the regular Ward from the hospital . so thankful for being home and all the prayers and everyone chipping in to help out . our neighbors make sure a trash was taken out and I’m out with taking and we have such a lovely neighborhood . I want to send something very very special for me a collection of the each and everyone who helped. it would mean so very much to me to win something. if I’m too late well it couldn’t be helped. hope your cell goes great and have fantastic success love sharing.
    Cheri Lee
  7. Posted by: Debbie Blackwell
    Love love love your products – the use of colours and design is amazing and they all complement each other. Always get great comment from the recipients of my cards when using Anna Griffin products.
  8. Posted by: Becky H
    I have been in love with your designs and products for many years. I have and do own many of them. The papers, embossing and dies could not be more beautiful. I own many stamps and punches from previous years. This past Christmas I bought the papers already sized for cards which allowed me to do cards so much faster. I will be watching tomorrow on HSN . I am already planning by purchases. Wishing you continued success.
  9. Posted by: Barbara Balcastro

    Hi Anna! I absolutely love your products. I bought the AG gold Cuttlebug last year, with the card kits, markers and one of the paper packs – the pictures on t.v. do not do the products justice – they are even more beautiful right down to the packaging, great stuff. I just started making cards last year and your kit was my inspiration!! Cannot wait until tomorrow!

  10. Posted by: Jennifer M
    I am looking forward to the new releases.  New products…new year…what a way to start out.  Thanks
  11. Posted by: BN
    Can’t wait. Beautifulllll products from a Beautifullllllllll person.
  12. Posted by: Dalyce
    I received my joyful expressions embossing folders from the auto -ship. They are just as beautiful as any of the others. I saw that HSN has them for Friday. If you buy them, you will not be disappointed.
    I love Anna’s new products.
    I am looking forward to Friday.
  13. Posted by: Tom G.
    I am most eagerly awaiting the anniversary collection, but I also have to give a nod to the metallic markers. While the new stuff is all cool, the real fun is in your enthusiasm as you demonstrate it all! I’m owed 2 comp weeks from all the extra time I put in this autumn, so I’m taking off the week of January 18- 25 to play with all my new toys. Cannot wait for Friday– and, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
  14. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    Everything looks great!! I can’t wait to see it all! TFS the sneak peaks! I would love to get my hands on some of the new products!
  15. Posted by: Joan C.
    Can’t wait for Friday you have been on my calendar since I first learned of the date of this show and have been saving money for this show, can’t wait to see and purchase your card making kit. I would love to win any of the item being offered this week, I love everything. I because of my health have to move in with my Son and his family and sent them a picture of my craft wall and said I would give up just about everything but not my craft wall which had my Son laughing because as a small boy I got my Grandson into making homemade gifts and he told his Dad “I can’t wait to see Grandma’s craft wall she has the coolest things to make”. He’s going to be 12 and his sister will be 15 in Feb and she also loves to do crafts with me and I told them I now have enough of your scrapbooks that we can finally get all of our picture out of the boxes and into your albums so I now have 2 new Anna Griffin fans for you, I also post a lot of your item on my Facebook page and my friends love to see what new cards I am making. See you on Friday.
  16. Posted by: Christine G
    So excited for Friday….thanks for the chance to win !!!
  17. Posted by: Christine D.
    Anna, I love your products.  I am so excited to see your new items on Friday on HSN.  I will be watching and buying 🙂
  18. Posted by: LinDB
    Such beautiful cards! I can’t wait to see all the new products on Friday!
  19. Posted by: tallchicky
    Anna, there are no words!!! WOW!
  20. Posted by: Dalyce
    I have been checking on HSN for your new products
    but they haven’t posted yet. I can hardly wait!!!
    My DVR is all ready. And so am I.
  21. Posted by: Debi W
    Anna, what can I say but counting the hours now for your show on HSN! Beautiful products as always.
  22. Posted by: Ellen S.
    Can’t wait to see all the beautiful things that can be created with the new products. I’m especially excited to see the new metallic markers.
  23. Posted by: Marcia Stearman
    I love your card kits, embossing folders, and stamps. Would be great if you could offer a birthday card kit (mix of adult and juvenile).  I will be stationed in front of the TV on Friday to watch you on HSN. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your products!
  24. Posted by: DarleneS
    Hi Anna, you sure know how to get our pulse rates up in anticipation of your HSN shows!  The 10th can’t come soon enough!
  25. Posted by: Marcia Stearman
    I love your card kits, embossing folders, and stamps. Would be great if you could offer a birthday card kit (mix of adult and juvenile).  I will be stationed in front of the TV on Friday to watch you on HSN.
  26. Posted by: Lee Grace
    Hi Anna, I love the cards you posted. …I’ve set my DVR to record the shows Friday. Happy Anniversary to you!
  27. Posted by: Linda H
    Can’t wait to see the new embossing folders!  (Oh yeah, and please pick me for ANY of your wonderful prizes!!!!!)
  28. Posted by: Theresa W.
    Looking forward to Friday. Hope I win!!! Thanks
  29. Posted by: Victoria Weiss
    I went onto the HSN website and i absolutely love your desk ensemble.  JUST GOREGEOUS!!!  i will be watching from work, and am ready!
  30. Posted by: Margaret Baker
    Anna, so looking forward to the 10th! You are such a blessed person and you bless us with your designs and creativity.
  31. Posted by: Carol Fischer
    Hi Anna! I can’t believe we only have 2 more days until we can purchase all your new beautiful and inspiring products!!  I love seeing all the cards and scrapbook pages you and your very talented team have created.
  32. Posted by: Kim Kemmsies
    I love new Anna Griffin stuff!
  33. Posted by: Deb Juillerat
    Metallic markers…I can’t WAIT!!!!
  34. Posted by: Janet Newmaker
    I’m looking forward to the new products and inspiration!
  35. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    Hi, Anna–
    Will be watching both shows on Friday—I do NOT want to miss that paper set with some of the retired designs you’re bringing back. I’ve kicked myself a dozen times for not buying the set with some of those designs that sold out a few yrs ago.  So of course  I would LOVE to win the paper/sticker/stamp set.  Your designs dominate my papercrafting storage because there’s simply nothing else like them. Made over 90 cards at Christmas with your kits (the Christmas kit and the basic kit and also the Christmas borders, eyelet borders metallic papers, etc. to complete.  Also made good use of my AG Cuttlebug with the Christmas embossing folders and those wonderful Christmas dies.  You can just imagine the compliments I’ve received, having sent and given that many handmade cards!! Now I’m working on a project with your Valentine kit and several other components—the stitched heart pages from that set, the Cottage Roses, your Valentine pad of 2 sided cardstock that I’ve had for some time. We do events for women at our church that comprise along with a speaker, a hands-on feature.  Some 40+ ladies will be making Valentines from your kits along with other Anna Griffin components.  Gals who didn’t even know about you and your designs will be enjoying them and taking a Valentine home for a loved one.  I can’t thank you enough for how far your designs have reached, how they inspire great conversations—not to mention a selfish aspect—making me look really good!
    Thank you so much again and I’ll be right there on Friday–both shows!
    Sharla Wilson
  36. Posted by: Joyce Caraway
    So excited to see everything you have available for 2014.  Can’t wait for Friday the 10th to get here!!!  Going to set DVR now.   🙂
  37. Posted by: Juanita McStraw
    Good morning, what a way to warm up a chilly Erie, PA morning but to see that beautiful butterfly on an equally beautiful card !! I can tell already that I want to purchase everything in those 2 hours you have for us on Friday !!! Would love to win, thanks you and your team for all their hard work, and not to forget another cricut collaboration, wow !!! Stay warm……..
  38. Posted by: Anne with an e
    Happy New Year! Hope everyone is keeping warm! Looking forward to your shows, and more inspiring products, as always. Thank you!  ALN
  39. Posted by: Robyn Nunn
    As usual, you have outdone yourself again!I know the first thing I’m ordering is the new Watercolor Markers… love. Can”t wait to see all of the NEW goodies.

  40. Posted by: MJ
    I can’t wait till Friday!
  41. Posted by: Kathleen Clark
    Oh, I am so excited Friday is near! Your products are so beautiful, they bring the best out of everyone. I DVR all your shows so I can watch them again and again!
  42. Posted by: Patti Garcia
    I, like so many others are waiting and holding my breath for Friday. Love everything you do. My craft room is quickly becoming my Anna room. I am trying to get everything Anna on one bookshelf. I have been a fan for so long that I need more room. But I am sure I will figure out how to get more in there. Need more Anna…

  43. Posted by: Jan Fowler
    I can’t wait to see all the new products this Friday on HSN. I just love Anna’s card kits so I’m really looking forward to the premier of the Inspiring Expressions Sentiment Kit. I really hope it’s of the same quality as the kits from my auto-shipments a few years ago!
  44. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Hey Anna, It’s Me Again, Debbie Dunn! Just wanted to say Hello,
    and that I can’t wait for Friday! Oh the Big Brown Boxes are Dancing in My Head, ( I hope I’m not Talking in my Sleep of What
    My Plans are for Friday)!! LOL!! shhhhh, someone might be watching, I’m Typing this while Hubby is Sleeping, Shhhhh! I think he hear my Brain saying “Anna Griffin, Anna Griffin. I want My
    Anna Griffin Room” , “Look at All the new pretty Things”
    “But Honey, I just had to get more, HSN Will Sale Out!! LOL!!!

    Anyway, I Love to pick!!
    Best to You and Your Awesome Team!!
    Debbie Dunn

  45. Posted by: Ronny
    Can’t wait for Friday to see everything in live living color 🙂
    I always want everything but will have to be very selective
    this time around, (sigh)    Always love everything you show us.
  46. Posted by: Donna W
    Once again, beautiful items.  So hard to choose!  But eventually I should have everything.  Heaven…
  47. Posted by: Kathi O
    Beautiful products Anna! You did it again always bringing the best to us…’s so hard to resist everything…..just want it all!
    Love the watercolor markers so I’m sure the metallic markers will be awesome. Sentiment expressions kit looks sweet & I love using the
    Cuttlebug you just don’t want to stop. New embossing folders….Ooh
    Aah… I guess you could say I would love to win any of your Beautiful products….Happpy Anniversary Anna:)
  48. Posted by: Rita Robinson
    Ever since I bought and put together your Christmas card making kit I have been hooked we have been haunting your blog for news and look forward to January 10
  49. Posted by: Rita Robinson
    Ever since I bought and put together your Christmas card making kit I have been hooked we have been haunting your blog for news and look forward to January 10
  50. Posted by: Rita Robinson
    Purchased your Christmas kit on the today’s special and absolutely love it have since purchased one for my mother and another for next Christmas we have been haunting your blog and look forward to this Friday all of your items are just beautiful
  51. Posted by: Laura Harris
    Happy New Year and Happy 20th Anniversary!!! Your beautiful crafting items help me create beautiful cards, scrapbook layouts and more. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me as well as to so many others!!!
    P.S. I made your Christmas cards this year and my friends and family all said how they are saving them because they are so beautiful!!!
  52. Posted by: Laura Harris
    Happy New Year and Happy 20th Anniversary!!! Your beautiful crafting items help me create beautiful cards, scrapbook layouts and more. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me as well as to so many others!!!
    P.S. I made your Christmas cards this year and my friends and family all said how they are saving them because they are so beautiful!!!
  53. Posted by: Vee
    Anna, all of your projects have been adorable. I am excited to add new embossing folders to my ever growing anna collection.
  54. Posted by: Trudy

    Anna thank you listening to us and bringing beautiful new things

    Your card kits have to be my favorite thing you to hint hint lots morefor 2014 pretty please

    Anna you are a blessing in my life


  55. Posted by: Dalyce
    Looking forward to Friday.  I just had 2 more grandchildren born yesterday and today.  I am babysitting.  Having alot of fun but looking forward to relaxing will Anna is on the air.
    Thanks Anna for your new products.
  56. Posted by: Shellie F.
    These items will be new inspiration to me!  I am looking forward to learning more about Cricut.  I lovec Anna Griffin style–and so do all those on ky Christmas card list!  ; 0)
  57. Posted by: Dalyce
    I am looking forward to Friday.  One of my daughters has her 4th baby yesterday and another had her second today!!!!  Grandma is babysitting.  So Friday is my rest day.  Hopefully!!
    Thank you Anna for the new products.  They look really exciting.
  58. Posted by: Dalyce
    We had such a fun time making Christmas Cards.  I am looking forward to Anna’s new ideas.  Every new item is like Christmas morning.  Thank you for your pre-views.  I always look forward to Tuesday and Friday to see what else you will give us.  We look forward to Friday !!!
  59. Posted by: Shellie F.
    These items will be new inspiration for me, and I’m looking forward to learning more about using the Cricut.  I love Anna Griffin style, and so do all those on my Christmas card list!
  60. Posted by: Merrie O.
    I look forward to Friday and your new things!  Good thing I have some Christmas money to Spend!  I hope you’ll have some new dies soon too
  61. Posted by: Debbi H.
    I’m getting excited. I feel Anna Griffin in the air. I can’t wait to see what I can add to my Anna G collection.
  62. Posted by: Ann A.
    Thanks for all the previews. Love the new embossing folders.  Will tape both shoes.  Like the embellishment kit also.
    Thanks Anna
  63. Posted by: Rhonda M.
    Looking forward to your show Anna.  Can’t wait to see all the new products.
  64. Posted by: Luann s
    Just caught up on ur blog…love the idea of your partnership with cricut..2 brilliant creators putting their heads together..can’t wait to see new folders…3 days and counting.!!
  65. Posted by: Luann settles
    3days and counting !!..can’t wait to see new folder and what u have cooking with cricut….great ideas!
  66. Posted by: Carol Johnson
    Anna, I got into scrapbooking when my son was in Special Olympics. My husband and I are sooo proud of him and all of accomplishments. Since then I’ve been working on an Album from my parents Wedding, Honeymoon and Special Anniversaries (25th, 40th, 50th plus 1) where I’ve used your past papers that I absolutely Love. My mom passed away in 2007 and so my Resolution for 2014 is to get back working on their album not only for me, but for my Dad too.
    I also LOVE your Card kits and made my Dad three cards for Christmas from your various Christmas kits.
    I can’t wait to see what you have coming out this year as I’ve been a fan of yours since you were on DIY with Sandy Genovesse.
  67. Posted by: Susan S
    I’m using our “snow” day here in Atlanta to catch up on your blog and look forward so seeing the items and lovely samples you will bring to HSN.  I also love the new iPad cases you shared on your blog… need to find those as well
  68. Posted by: Susan S
    I am using our “snow” day here in Atlanta to read your blog and will shop Friday on HSN. Love seeing the samples you bring! I also read about your new iPad cases – need to find those as well.  Thanks for all your lovely products.
  69. Posted by: Dalyce
    I Love all your new things.  I am so excited about your new watercolor marker colors.  I was thinking at Christmas time that, if only Anna had Christmas watercolor markers.  They would be very handy to have.  I am very excited about Friday.  I can’t wait to see you and your fun creations.
  70. Posted by: Marge G.
    Well, after making all your Christmas cards, I’m looking foward to making some for other occasions.  Can’t wait for your show, and would LOVE to win these products!
  71. Posted by: Bonnie Wilson
    Looking forward to seeing the new collections, especially interested in the embossing folders.
  72. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Hi Anna!  I’ve been saving my Christmas money so I can buy a couple of your beautiful things! I was hoping for new embossing folders & my wish has come true! I also have been waiting for purple so can’t wait to see your new stamp colors! I missed out on auto ship this last time so I hope you will offer the “All About Her” card making kit separately!  Thank you to you and your team for all of your inspiration! Can’t wait until Friday!!!
  73. Posted by: gisela

    Thank you for all the sneak peeks these past weeks, and another chance to join the winners group !                                                    . In a few days you will be showing your wonderful  items, and I am truly looking forward 10th.

    The metallic markers will be on my order list for sure 🙂

  74. Posted by: Andrea
    Hi Anna,
    Looking forward to your shows on Friday!!
  75. Posted by: Florence
    The products are gorgeous.  Getting to spend a lot of time indoors due to the bone chilling cold – yesterday’s high -10, today’s 2.  I will DVR your shows.  Looking forward seeing all of your products.  Keep up the good work!
  76. Posted by: Brenda L aka centralnyscrapper
    Since I cannot take a vacation day on Friday, is it wrong that I blocked off my calendar with meetings during the crafty shows? I am so looking forward to seeing and buying the items I don’t have. I need a pick-me-up from the January blahs and these products will be the perfect gift to me.
  77. Posted by: Evadene
    Joyful, Joyful, how I want these.  (everyone sing along with me)
  78. Posted by: maria m
    would love to win one of your pretty things…thank you
  79. Posted by: Tanya Thompson
    I love your products! Can’t wait for the 10th…Last year went by so fast, let’s hope the rest of this week goes by even faster…but it can stop on the 10th!
  80. Posted by: Jean Middleton
    I love your card kits!  Looking forward to Friday!
  81. Posted by: Susan Port

    Would love to have a set of your beautiful storage boxes .   Also looking forward to the anniversary items, embossing folders and metallic markers. Thanks Anna and hope  to see you on the 10th.

  82. Posted by: Vicki Coleman
    For sure will be getting a couple of the card kits.  Will also be getting embossing folders. Probably be buying everything that is offered. I think I’ll just sleep till Friday, because I can’t wait.
  83. Posted by: Crystal
    Can’t wait!! I have all of your other embossing folders and use them frequently! If the Joyful pack is all new, I will most certainly be purchasing.
  84. Posted by: Melody B
         Loving all your newest products. just 3 more days!! Just as excited as Christmas eve..
  85. Posted by: Jackie Ocheltree
    Everything is so wonderful…just like you and your staff.  I am looking forward to Friday and watching you “WOW” us with your ideas! Love everything you creat.
  86. Posted by: Cathy barber
    3 more days, just 3 more. Keep telling myself that.

  87. Posted by: Julia T.
    I’ve laid in a nice supply of Earl Grey & programmed the TV to record (gotta save it all this time) & I’m ready to sit back and  watch! (relax? I think not) I’m excited to see the stamps and folders and the paper (I’m a real paper nut) and everything!  I’m also looking forward to seeing how to use those blackboard stamps- it sounds great!
  88. Posted by: Jeri J.
    thank you, Anna, for your creativity. I can’t wait for Fri.
  89. Posted by: Linda Pearce
    Can’t wait until Friday, just love these products.
  90. Posted by: Nancy Haines
    Friday will be my best day this week. It has been so cold and I look forward to bringing into my home your hsn day with Spring on paper!  It looks so fun to think of card making during this cold dreary winter. Thank you for all your inspiration.  I had such fun with your Christmas cards.
  91. Posted by: Ellen
    Hi Anna, I’ll be watching online from the other side of the wprld and enjoying every minute. Looking forward to seeing all your new products and owning them too!!!
  92. Posted by: Avanell Randall
    Can’t wait for Friday. So excited!
  93. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
  94. Posted by: virginia
    Love it all.  Sure would like to win some.
  95. Posted by: Gail M.
    Hi Anna! I am so looking forward to seeing all of your new products on HSN and learning how to use them from your demonstrations. Best wishes!
  96. Posted by: Lou Marks
    Dear Anna,
    This will be my last chance to win something wonderful of yours, and I have a good feeling about it this time. Things in my life have been so miserable lately that the only thing that keeps me going is crafting with Anna and her awsome brainchildren. New items always intrigue me, so anything new would be ever so welcome in my home. Not that I have anywhere to put yjem, but I’ll worry about that later. One way or another they will get here… You and your ideas are so inspirational, even if I do copy a bit here and there…I really want you to know how speacial you are, whether I ever win a single piece of paper. It’s just important to me you know how much you have touched my life. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, and to me, there there is nothing more beautiful than you. With much love and thanks, Lefty Lou (I really am left-handed..)
  97. Posted by: Maria from San Francisco
    Wow Anna !!  I am so excited about Friday !! Question: were the new folders part of the autoship folder collection ??  See you Friday !!