Final HSN January Giveaways & Shopping List

The anniversary celebrations are about to begin! Join me tomorrow as we kick off the start of what is sure to be an unforgettable 20th anniversary for Anna Griffin, Inc. and our 4th anniversary as part of the HSN family.

Ready for the final 5 giveaways? We’ve got some great things to send our lucky winners today. Here we go!

1. Theresa W – Metallic Markers
2. Trudy – Inspiring Expressions Sentiment Kit
3. Peggy Kohler – Joyful Expressions Embossing Folders
4. Susan Port – Set of document storage boxes in Camilla, Olivia or Ivory Damask
5. Granny Brenda – Autographed anniversary set (stickers, stamps and paper)

Congratulations to you all!

I know lots of you like to have a last minute shopping list so you can mark all of your must haves before the show! Here is the list of everything we are packing into our 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. hours tomorrow (whew!).

Anniversary Card Stock
Anniversary 3D Stickers
Anniversary Stamp Set
Set of 8 Ink Pads – Fresh Tints
All About Love Card Kit
Set of 3 8×8 Albums
Inspiring Expressions Card Sentiments
Joyful Expressions Embossing Folders
Chalkboard Sentiments Stamp Set
Grace Designer Paper Kit
Eyelet Border Stickers
Border Bouquet Stickers
Lovely Letterpress Stamps
Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit
Snowflake Die Bundle
Cuttlebug with 2 Folders
Holiday Perfect Palette Cards & Layers
Christmas Garland Embellishments
3D Christmas Stickers
Watercolor Markers
Everyday Ink Pads & Refills
Coca Cola Card Gift Set
Craft Room Storage
Craft Furniture

See you in the morning, everyone!


  1. Posted by: Kaye
    I have one more suggestion. I know a lot of animal lovers and I would like to make birthday cards for them that have animals on them.
    For example:
    Cats: Please make images of just the everyday, mixed breed cat, which most people have. Such as: Long- and short-haired calicos (calicos that are black, orange & white; and Dilute Calicos that are gray, peach & white),  buff tabbies, orange tabbies, gray tabbies, gray & white, gold & white, black & white, etc.
    Dogs: Collies, Shelties, Golden Retrievers, Labs (Black, Chocolate & Yellow), Vizslas, Bichons, etc…
    And please make it so that the set includes both cats and dogs, cuz an animal lover would appreciate a card with either one on it! Thx!
  2. Posted by: Kaye
    I have TONS of your products that I had to clear out a bunch of stuff from my scrapbooking room to make room for YOUR things. But I do love them.
    Since I have a lot of family members to which I send birthday cards, I have a couple of suggestions, if I may.
    1) Instead of having stickers that say, “Happy Birthday Friend”, can they just say, “Happy Birthday”?
    2) Can you include some stickers for Belated Birthdays ? (I sometimes end up sending my cards late!)
    3) Can your envelopes be gusseted to allow for the dimensionality of your cards?
  3. Posted by: Josette’ Griffith
    I just made a birthday card & as I started to hand address it to mail, I had an idea for a new product. Sheets of labels we could run thru computer for addresses & our return address. Done of course in a pretty Anna border design all the same design or with various designs. Sized to match plain blank white labels we buy at office supply stores so no special programming in our computer. Then we could print out sheets of our return address & sheets of family & friends addresses, all ready to peel & stick to the beautiful cards we’ve made. Also do ones for Christmas or just add these to future card kits too. Although I have pretty handwriting I would love to be able to print labels in a pretty font like Anna uses on her cards.
  4. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Hi Anna, in December you mentioned on your Blog that you will be back on HSN in February. Please give us the date; can’t wait!  I need more sleeves for my embossing folders!  Will you please bring them back?  Thank you!
  5. Posted by: Karen M
    HI Anne,
    Will you be offering ink refills for all of your ink pads?   Really need them!!
  6. Posted by: Patty Fisher
    Congratulations on your anniversaries on HSN and your company.
    I have been shopping with you for at the last 20 years and love everything you sell. Everyone loves my scrapbooks and cards. Your items are elegant and graceful. I have about half of what you sell and would have more if I could afford it. Please let us know the dates you will be back on HSN as far as ahead of time as you can so I can request that day off from work. I tape your shows so I can rewatch them but I want to see the show and shop before they sell out. Thank you Anna for everything you do for us. Glad to see you are a cat lover too. Georgie is so cute! I have 2 cats both from a humane society.
  7. Posted by: Rosie V
    Hi Anna, I posted before but am wondering will you be back on in February?  I love your embossing folders and am wondering if you’ve given thought to an autoship of seasonal holidays (ie Easter, patriotic, Halloween, Thanksgiving? Would love it!  I also like to make religious cards (ie Christining) and would love an embossing folder with angels, doves, etc. that only you, Anna, could design! Thank you for all your beautiful products!
  8. Posted by: Dalyce
    I was wondering if you could do some frame stamps in different sizes to fit with all the wonderful sentiment stamps you have given us. ‘
  9. Posted by: Martin del Mazo
    Huge Fan. Congrats on all your success.
  10. Posted by: Penny C.
    Anna:  Just a quick question.  I seem to remember in the back of my mind that you were going to be on HSN in January, February and March.  Was this just wishful thinking on my part, or are you on in February as well?  I hope so!  Sounds like March is gonna be epic. . . can’t wait!

    Thanks again for the great shows!


  11. Posted by: Clarissa Gaudet
    Love your show always have beautiful things. Can’t wait to you again on HSN. Thanks!!!!!
  12. Posted by: Ellen
    Great show Anna and great products AS USUAL!  I can imagine it’s a huge amount of work preparing for those shows for both you and your team.  Hopefully you all know how much we enjoy them.  It’s better than most TV shows, even the 2nd time around on the DVR!  Enjoy a nice relaxing weekend with Georgie on your lap, but you know we’re now already looking forward to March!  I have all your anniversary papers from their original day and feel like I know them personally since back then it was all there was.  Now we’re so spoiled for choice!  Congratulations on 20 great years with even more to come.
  13. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Hi Anna, loved your shows!  I always record them so I can go back & look at all your fabulous ideas for making my cards! Can’t wait to get new embossing folders, ink pads and your beautiful Christmas Trimmings kit!  Can’t wait until your next visit! Now I have to wait for my goodies!  If it’s possible, can you please offer more flex pays?  It enables me to buy more and stay within my budget! Can’t wait for next time!  Happy Anniversary to you and your staff!!
  14. Posted by: Dalyce
    Thank you for the wonderful things you brought us on HSN today.  It was so fun and relaxing to watch.  As usual I bought several items, including every stamp set you offered.  I’m finally learning how to stamp.

    I was really looking forward to the new metallic markers and they were not there.  HSN did not even have them to buy.  When do you think they will be out.  Along with the stamps, those were what I was looking forward to buying.  I hope you still intend to have them.   I love the watercolor markers you have out now.

    I also think Christmas colors would be really fun to have for next Christmas.

    Thank you Anna for all your work.
    You looked lovely today, as usual.

  15. Posted by: Jennifer M
    Anna, please allow us another opportunity to purchase the products you offered in today’s shows in the near future.  I had some unfortunate technical difficulties today with my computer.

    Thank you so much.

    P.S.  I love the new products.

  16. Posted by: Robin Goodson
    I missed the morning, but very much waiting for the afternoon show. From all the comments I’ve been reading, it sounds like there will be lots of fun items. There aren’t any stores that carry your products in the area around Hayden ID.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I might get something from this afternoon show.  I love, love your products. Happy Anniversary