You’re Invited to the Crafting Party of the Year

We told you that 2014 would be the Year of the Cricut, and now we can finally tell you why!

Amazing things are happening with our beloved licensing partner, Cricut. They are throwing a party like never before, and you are all invited…

The party kicks off today in Salt Lake City with the announcement of Cricut’s latest design and cutting system, the Cricut Explore. More than 100 bloggers are gathered for the festivities, and I am fortunate enough to get to speak, and experience the excitement first hand! Here are a couple of photos from last night’s dinner and bingo event- so much fun!

But wait, it gets better.

I am so excited to partner with Cricut for the world launch of Explore on HSN February 12th. To celebrate, I’m throwing the very first of 100 nationwide parties for this amazing machine by loading it with my exclusive party designs.

So, mark your calendars for midnight on February 12th everyone! It’s going to be a party that you won’t soon forget.



  1. Posted by: Nancy F
    I had read and watched a lot of info on the new Explore and wanted to see the presentation on HSN….fell asleep watching the Olympic coverage but thankfully woke up in time to see you do the intro, about 10 minutes in, I lost the HSN channel on FIOS, so I logged into it on my IPAd…got in just in time to order for the 1st delivery date….I have an Expression, can’t wait for this to arrive.  So happy to get in on your designs and the auto ship option.  I have been using the CCR and love it, so I am sure the new Design Space will work as well or better.  Really anxious to be able to use the fonts on my computer etc.  can’t wait!!!
  2. Posted by: Annette J
    I love my cricut machines and have 2 of them I can’t wait to get the new cricut explore how awesome was the presentation.  My husband asked me if I wanted flowers or the new cricut explore for Valentine’s day and without hesitating we both said at the same time…the cricut.  I love flowers and now can make my own bouquets.  Thanks for such wonderful and beautiful designs you are an inspiration Anna.  Congrats to all who were lucky enough to get the new machine before it sold out.
  3. Posted by: Sherrie Yoshimura
    Dear Anna and Team,

    I am surprised at the negative comments about Circut machines.  I have 5 of them including the Cake.  Each one runs fine and I am
    especially fond of the “Mini.”  That is the one I use the most.  It cuts more precisely.

    I also have a Silhouette and a Puzzles Machine.  The Pazzles is an “Open Source” machine as the new Circut Explore is.  Having the
    option of using all the favorite Fonts you have saved in your computer is indeed a great benefit. I collected these machines over a period of 10 years.

    Using a machine with the Wi-Fi aspect is a help in a cluttered craft room. I have found the “Circut Craftroom” to be excellent software and easy to use.  The only issue I have had is the
    issue of having to create mats inside the cutting design to cut different layers.  The transition to do that is not elegant.  It seems the Explore will do that automatically so that will be most welcome.

    I have found over the years of using the software that Cricut technical help has been friendly and very eager to please.  If they could not answer the questions during my phone call, they
    would either call me back e-mail me later.

    As I understand it using the new software for the Explore in the “Cloud” is no different than using the Cricut Craftroom.  Any designs you have created in the Cricut Craftroom will be available to you in the new software as well as access to all the cartridges you registered in the Craftroom.  It is your account with Cricut and it will be accessible by you with the new Explore.

    I look forward to watching the presentation on the 12th.  HSN makes purchasing a machine less painful by offering Flex Pay. Right now the only other consideration for me is the Brother Scan and Cut.  I have been looking at that one more than once.  It has features that are tempting me as they would speed up my work.

    Thank you for working with Cricut and offering your superior designs for us to use.    Sherrie Yoshimura

  4. Posted by: Sandee B
    Excited to see the new machine and new products.  Can’t wait for the February 12th shows!
  5. Posted by: Patricia Boone
    Can’t wait for the new Cricut and love all of your things Anna!
  6. Posted by: Jenny Hunt
    I’ll have ti have ny husband watch, he is always buying craft things for me because he can;t think of anything to buy me thats how I got my last Cricut, Fiskars Fuse and a lot of other machines. Can’t wait to see this one. See you in February. Anna!
  7. Posted by: SYLVIA MACK
    I envy your life, How fun it must be . Thanks for all the inspiration you give us. Looking forward to the cricut.
  8. Posted by: Kathleen
    I always look forward to new creations from Anna Griffin!  I can’t wait for February and the new cartridges!
  9. Posted by: caroline hill
    Hi Anna, Glad to hear you teamed up with Cricut.. At Least I know anything that you put your input on has to be Anna approved.I love my cricuts I have 4 . Just wished cricut did not come out with another machine and just made some up grades that we could have plugged into our exiting machines and up grades on the gypsy.Please pass this on to cricut. I will be looking forward to your cartridge.Another thing is tell them to still keep cartridges.What if your computer has a virus and you lose all your info.Hesse that is why I like gypsy. Thanks Anna and tell Georgie I said, Hi.
  10. Posted by: Leslie
    I am not a techie so I am also hoping that your cartridges in the future will be compatable with the old cricuts which most of us have already spent a small fortune on. Will there be trade-ins? LOL. I look forward to the year of cricut so long as we get to call it the year of Anna.
  11. Posted by: Sandy
    I’m not sure what is meant by ‘open source’ but the new machine will only work on-line with Design Space, not CCR, not stand alone.  You won’t be able to use the imagine carts, you won’t be able to plug in a cart and just cut, and many of the touted features won’t work until much later this year.  All too often in the past, features that were promised to work ‘soon’ never materialized.  Plus, by having everything on the cloud, designs you purchase can’t be downloaded or saved so if something happens to the cloud, you are out of luck.  And from what I have read on their site, any carts you have that you want to cut MUST be linked to your account, which prevents anyone else from using them.

    But I’m afraid the on-line requirement makes this machine a no-go for me.  My wifi at home is iffy at best and I am on a metered plan – I don’t want to use it all up just trying to create a design.  And it pretty much stops you from toting your machine around unless you are going to some place with wifi.  It’s really too bad because the machine itself looks like a winner, but until it can be used without the internet, I will have to pass.

  12. Posted by: Dee S
    Can’t wait, looking forward to something NEW. Dee
  13. Posted by: Diane
    Wow!! A new Cricut. My daughter and granddaughter both have their very own cricuts, so maybe it will soon be time for me to have my very own also!! Can’t wait to see what it has to offer.
  14. Posted by: Louise
    I just bought the expressions2 in December. My luck………No way my husband would let me get this one by him.  I would love it though.  Excited for anyone that gets it though.
  15. Posted by: Michelle Reaves
    How exciting!!!! Can’t wait to check it out!
  16. Posted by: Cheri

    Exciting times! You sound so thrilled.

    Here’s hoping HSN will allow YOU to be presenting ALL of the workings of this new machine. WE need to be filled in on Each and Every action built in.

    I too am a lover of your products, Thank you so much.

  17. Posted by: Martha Rushton

    I have waited and looked and watched Cricut on HSN for years. I am so glad I waited. I have most of your paper and card kits. I love them all. I will be one of the ones who will be getting my FIRST Cricut. Just so excited. Hurry up Feb 12th !!!!!!!!!

  18. Posted by: Sherrie
    Interesting that Cricut after all these years is finally bringing a open source machine to market.  Seems like catch up to me.  As with many others posted here I have several Cricut machines.  Will have to weigh this purchase very carefully.  I hope with the others that your cartridges will work with the older machines.  Keeping my fingers crossed about that.  Did Cricut consider bulding in a scanner? Running into times I wish I had the Scan and Cut by Brother. Running the Cricut in Cricut Craftroom solved all my previous problems with the Cricut. and the Help desk for Cricut Crafroom is super.
  19. Posted by: Treava
    This is really exciting to hear that you are going to launch the Cricut Explore on HSN!  I can’t wait to watch and find out what it can do. I love your Winter Wonderland Cartridge and hope that you will be coming out with more cartridges.  I currently have the Expression I wanted the E2 but now I might rethink that plan.
  20. Posted by: Ronnie R
    Love your designs….Embossing folders and Cuttlebug are my favorite tools….. Just received a Cricut Expression for Christmas with your Winter Wonderland cartridge….Too late to return expression machine.   Could anyone answer to let us know if  you will have new cartridges this year that will work in the older machines with universal overlay or will your designs only be available to use with the new machine?
  21. Posted by: Lee Grace
    Wow, Anna, it’s exciting to see what you have going on with Cricut and I am very happy for you. …The invitation is sooo cute-I’ll be tuned in on Feb. 12th!
  22. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card.  I just recieved it yesterday.
    It went to our old address in Utah.  We are now back in the Dallas area.  We were only in Utah temporarily.  I can’t believe it took so long to reroute.  But the timing was perfect for me.  I have been under the weather and recieving the card in the mail warmed my heart so much and I was so excited it was the best medicine I could have ever recieved.
    Thank you so much for your kindess.
    My girls tell me I should frame it.  Good idea!!!!

    I loved the new products you had on HSN , Jan. 10th.  I got all your stamp sets and your new inks.  They are wonderful.  The colors of  inks are beautiful.  I had to try them as soon as they came in.

    This new Cricut looks fun.  I hope you will sell your cartridges separatetly.  I just bought a new Cricut to use with your Christmas,
    Winter Wonderland.

    I look forward to all the new product you have for us this year.  It sounds like a fun, exciting year.

    Thank you again for all you do for us.
    And, Thank You again for the card Anna.  That was so thoughtful of you.
    Dalyce, now from Dallas

  23. Posted by: Melody W
    Anna and Cricut a great partnership.  I probably won’t be purchasing this one because as many others have said, I already have 3 and I don’t want to be hooked to a computer.  I am on one all day long and don’t want that when I get home to make cards or scrapbook.  Can’t wait though to see what else you will be offering that day. Love your designs.
  24. Posted by: Vivian
    Can’t wait for you and the new Cricut Explore in HSN.
  25. Posted by: Diane M
    Hoping that any new items work with my other machine. I really dont think I would be able to purchase another machine. Love all the items from Anna and would be sooo dissapointed if the  designs are only online or designed only for the new machine!!  Looking forward to Feb show!!
  26. Posted by: Juanita McStraw
    Oh my gosh!!! I am so excited about this. It’s quite awesome and to think the added bonus of your designs included is like the icing on the top of a big piece of cake. I have February 12th marked on the calendar already, what a terrific present for my February birthday.
    Anna Griffin and Cricut…it doesn’t get any better than that!!!!
  27. Posted by: Ronny
    This new machine sounds exciting.  But looks like it is much like
    the Cameo that I have and love.
    I like on the Cameo that you can fill your designs with any color you want, also print on your designs, design your own cuts and then cut them, size anything, wrap words in or around anything, cut svg and others files, don’t have to use cartridges, can buy one design at a time and can save all your designs to your library and a zillion other designs and things that the Cameo does, The thing I didn’t like with Cricut was buying expensive cartridges just to get one or two designs and never using the others on the cartridge So I am interested to see how Cricut, will measure up to what we have already been doing on the Cameo.
    I see Explore will draw and cut (at the same time?) but is that worth $300 .  So it seems like Cricut is just trying to catch up with  what we have been doing with the Cameo .
    My E2 has been gathering dust ever since I bought my Cameo 2 years ago.     I have not seen a video yet on what the Explore can do different than the Cameo so it will be interesting to see.  It will have to be a lot in comparison to warrant getting a new machine plus since we are living on a small retirement I would have to sell my E2 and a few other things to be able to buy it.  My other problem is I have bought so much Anna G product–which I love every bit of–that I have run out of room to even put that, it is stacked around everywhere!    Love you Anna and all the beautiful products you design.   I can’t remember exactly what you said on your last show but it sounded like your show in March is going to have some big surprises.  can you elaborate on that a bit or were you maybe referring to the Explore that is coming out on Feb 12?
    Hope you can answer some of these questions everyone has.
  28. Posted by: Sylvia Mack
    Can’t wait for my first cricut!  Thanks Anna.
  29. Posted by: Mary R
    Hi Anna!
    I have been anxiously waiting for this since you told us 2014 would be the Year of All Things Cricut. I’ve got my Cricut ready to go! Hoping this launch will be your most successful one yet.
  30. Posted by: Ramona Mergenthaler
    I can hardly wait. Anna Griffin and cricut, a great combination.
  31. Posted by: Sonya
    Sounds Great but I hope it’s better than the launch of the imagine that I bought from HSN. That was an expensive mistake. I do love my E2, and I see things that I like on this new one but not crazy about having to be connected to a computer. Provo craft STILL has not figured out how to use the craft room for the iPad and I am now going to buy a laptop to use it on my E2 or this new one. Very disappointing. But I love ALL things Anna and will be watching. Hoping that we can buy the carts for our E2’s. Love U Anna!
  32. Posted by: Jennie
    Oh my goodness!!! I’m so excited!! Love when HSN has a new Cricut because I can use flex pay because I just know I’m going to NEED it!!! 🙂
  33. Posted by: MaryJo
    Oh I will be watching with my credit card in
  34. Posted by: judyG
    OH, my.  Now what am I supposed to do.  I already have 2 Cricuts and I really want this one.  I’m going to have to do some thinking on this one.
  35. Posted by: LeeAnn from NC
    I’ve been planning to buy a machine that can cut svg files and I’m so glad I haven’t bought one yet.  I love the idea of adding to my cricut collection with a machine that can use all of the cartridges I already own and  can cut from jpeg files…….I’m excited about the new machine and am really looking forward to owning it.  Can’t wait to find out what the hsn price will be and what will be bundled with it !
  36. Posted by: JoAnne
    I thought I never really needed to  purchase a Circuit for doing all of my scrapbooking and crafts.  I guess you could say I could not part with the money and I enjoy doing scrapping the old school way. That was until you partnered up with Circuit, and I saw all the gorgeous scrapping possibilities. Now I need to crack open my cookie jar  and purchase one.
  37. Posted by: Sandra Smith
    I am probably passing on this new machine. I already have four Cricut machines, two Cut, Grand Cuttlebugs, Big Shot, ebosser, Grand Calibur and the Silhouette Cameo. Too many machines. I wish they would have come with a new software package like Sure Cuts A lot to upgrade the Expression and/or Expression 2 to cut svg files and sold the software like Silhouette sells the Designer Edition software. Aother new machine???? No way!!!
  38. Posted by: Susan
    Looking forward to the 12th – very interested in seeing any products with which you partner. Your designs are always lovely!
  39. Posted by: Kimberley
    Love, love, love your products. BUT, I won’t be purchasing another Cricut – at least not this one. I do not want to be strapped to the computer to work. It’s just not for me. Hopefully, you will offer more cartridges for people like me. This product looks lovely….I’m sure it will be a huge success. Thanks Anna.
  40. Posted by: Mariz Yu-Ihada
    Another die-cutting machine to add to my collection! So excited!