Cricut Explore Sneak Peek 1

Hi everyone!

I just returned from the Cricut Explore launch event in Salt Lake City, and I am just dying to tell you all about it!

This machine is amazing. I am so overwhelmed with excitement by all of the cool things it can do that I don’t even know where to begin.  So, we’ve decided to post several videos leading up to the world launch on HSN February 12th that will give you a tiny peek at the endless possibilities this technology provides.

We figured instead of just telling you how much the Explore can do, we should just show you, right? Enjoy!

We’ve also read through all of your comments from the past week so we could answer some of your most frequently asked questions.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to post a comment below. We love hearing from you!

-Will my old Cricut cartridges work with the new machine?

Yes! Explore is run by a free software called Design Space. When you create your design space account you can link all of your cartridges to it. You only have to link a cartridge once and it is in your account to use always. The free software also lets you upload your own designs to cut, score and draw!

-How about the other way around? Will new Cricut Explore cartridges work on my older machine?

No – Explore is run entirely by Design Space – a Cloud based software – therefore no traditional cartridges. You will love the Design Space library which has over 50,000 images. You can purchase those images for 99 cents each or by subscription at $9.99 a month.

-Will new Anna Griffin cartridges be sold separately for other machines?

Yes, but not until sometime in May. The HSN launch comes with Anna Griffin party designs accessible in Design Space.

-Tell me more about the Internet connection required for this machine.

Explore connects to your computer via USB cable. You use your computer’s internet connection to access Design Space.

-I already have a Cricut machine. Why should I upgrade to the Explore?

If you are like me, I’ve got lots of gadgets – with old and new technology. It’s that new technology, the latest and greatest that keeps me upgrading. I understand that not everyone can afford a new machine, but I do believe this one is worth it if you can!

I hope this helps clear up some of your questions! To read more go to:  Cricut Explore
See you next week for another video preview!


  1. Posted by: madge mcculloch
    Would love to own everything you have. I would be in heaven, thanksNESUJ
  2. Posted by: Mary
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE….your problem that I have encountered…I can get around it..Your card kits are AWESOME!!!!  but…I have found out I have to make bigger envelopes ..especially when adding the white paper bow….can you make them a little bigger????Thank you ..and again…Thank you for helping us look good with our cards…Mary
  3. Posted by: Funny Shirts
    We are really happy just for this post in this website.This article is well thought out and full of good information.
  4. Posted by: Veronica
    I have the markers and gel pens from my expression2. I want to know if they will work with the explore


  5. Posted by: Office Supplies
    I simply want to say I’m beginner to blogging andsite-building and absolutely liked you’re web page. Very likely I’m wanted tobookmark your website.

  6. Posted by: Penny K.
    I always look forward to your shows on HSN,  and the February visit is no exception. I am curious about the new Cricut and what it will do different from the others. I already own 3 Cricuts, the Gypsy (which I have never used!), the Silhouette Cameo, the eBosser, Spellbinder Grand Calibur, Cuttlebug and Big Kick…..what more could I need? However after watching the teaser video clips, you just might have come up with a new “need!”
  7. Posted by: Jesse
    I would like to know if Cricut plans to continue making cartridges for those of us who have the older machines and may not plan on upgrading?
    Are we going to have the Print and Cut option like Cameo does?
    Thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions in regards to this new lauch!
  8. Posted by: Annette H.
    Can you answer the question that I’ve sent to you in more than one email?  Does you staff EVER answer emails other than when there is one of your super sales going on and crashing and burning?  Just wondering, because I am still waiting for anyone there to even acknowledge the emails I sent during and after you 25% off sale in December that I could not get to work at all.  Not happy at all!
  9. Posted by: Brenda aka centralNYscrapper
    I am happy that Anna has this opportunity, but I have a hard time getting excited about another Cricut machine when it took 4 weeks to troubleshoot my E2 with them. They blamed my Internet connection – a MiFi hotspot from AT&T – and told me I needed to take it to another location with faster Internet. Same behavior there. Yet my original Expression just worked with the same computer, USB cable, same CCR file and same Internet connection. I would respond to their requests and days and days passed with no response. Good luck Anna, but I think I’m going to sit this one out – exclusive Anna cartridge or not.
  10. Posted by: Marcia F
    I love all of your products.  You have so much talent and we are grateful that you are able and willing to share it with us all.  Thank you.  Looking forward to the checking out the new cricut.  Have two now but always like to see something new.
  11. Posted by: Martha

    Can’t wait for the next sneak peek Video . Thought it was coming yesterday. Hurry up Feb 12th, Do not know a lot about Cloud so please cover that on one of the next video’s.

    Thanks to you and the Cricut Team !!!!

  12. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Hi Anna, will you be bringing back the chalkboard stamps?  They flew out the door before your presentation ended!  I also hope you bring more sleeves for embossing folders!  I can’t wait to see your new cartridge designs for those of us that already own Cricuts!  See you on the 12th!
  13. Posted by: Dawn G.
    Hello Anna and Team,
    I hope you all are working from home today….saw that the snow has snarled things up bad in Atlanta!  Safe travels if you do go out.

    I hope somewhere along the way, you will be giving us a peek at what your company will be offering on the 12th.

    As it seem that for this moment you are the middle person between us the customer and Cricut, please pass along my mild interest in their latest machine.  I have a Cricut, very old machine now.  Wanted it for cutting letters only; never really into all those images.  That was until Anna pair with Cricut and I purchased the Winter cartridge and now I am a snowflake fool.   As for the Cloud…….it is not a safe and secure place to be with a credit card and until I know otherwise, I am not willingly going near anything that requires me to purchase anything on the there.

    Look forward to the next shows, especially the later Anna show on the 12th….excellent time for the West Coast!!!

  14. Posted by: Sherrie Yoshi
    I have been very surprised by the negative comments about the various Cricut machines.  I have 5 including the Cake and have found them to be reliable and fun to use.  I also own the Pazzels machine as well as the Silloutte now called Cameo.  The Pazzels is “Open Source” meaning you can use you own computer fonts and images.  I keep going back to the Crcut Mini.  That so far has been my favorite.  It cuts better than the others because the cutting head is different.  So what Cricut learned about precise cutting from the Mini is going to be translated to the Explore.  I have also found the “Craftroom” support to be excellent.  Even if the tech did not know the answer they always emailed me with a follow up.  So I am a loyal Cricut user.  They have recently made an upgrade on their website so that runs smoother.  Maybe you do not notice but I do as I have done a lot of web design.  So I am looking forward to seeing the best new thing from Cricut.
  15. Posted by: Sherrie Yoshi
    The Explore is the machine that will take Cricut totally to the “Cloud”.  That is where all electronic machines will function within the next few years.  I wondered how long it would be before Cricut went with the subscription purchase for images all the other cutting machine companies are already set up on that model.  Once the Explore has really penetrated the market the only cutting machine that will be truly different is the Brother Cut and Scan.
  16. Posted by: Penny C.
    Hello there!

    This machine looks wonderful.  I’m looking forward to seeing you on February 12th.  It’s like having a girlfriend over!

    Good luck on the launch!


  17. Posted by: Denise C
    Hi Anna!
    Saw your video on this new upcoming explorer.  Love your clean desk..Lol  Still on the fence since I too have four machines not including your cuttebug.
    Will you be doing a short video on your metallic markers? I just purchased them on HSN because you mentioned them in your last preview before your January’s visit to HSN.  I’ve looked on You Tube videos for examples but to no prevail.
    Also, will you ever sell your/are you selling your ribbon storage boxes (with ribbons) again at your store.  I missed out and wish I bought them…I go back weekly but still don’t see them.  Thanks and keep up the fantastic products.

    Your Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  18. Posted by: Martha

    Hello Anna

    This is all so confusing. I do not own a Cricut or any cutting machine. As I read these post I am not sure I want any Cricut. I have waited a log time and am ready to get one of these machines Cricut or Cameo ?? I to do not want to be hooked up to a computer all the time. Please help tell those who are trying to make a decision why we should buy an Explore. I to have your Golden Cuttle Bug with all die cuts etc. I also have most of your papers and card making kits. I have heard a lot of bad things about PC and the Cricut machines. Please Please HELP !!!!!!

  19. Posted by: Janis LU
    Have many questions:
    +  For those who have linked their cartridges to CCR – will we still be able to upload those to the new Design Space?
    +  Is CCR going to be discontinued?
    + Having invested major money into digital carts and images will I be able to cut with these in Design Space?
    + Will the items I designed in CCR still be available?
    + I presently own 4 Cricut machines (original, 2 Expressions and the cricut mini)  Purchased the 2nd Expression at Christmas for $4.50.   Walmart had the machine for $99 with a $100 gift card for images in CCR – total purchase -$1 – Sales Tax 5.50 – 1 = Total $4.50)
    + Will the CCR gift cards allow us to purchase images in Design Space.

    Thank you in advance for addressing my concerns.

  20. Posted by: NANCY GRIFFIN







  21. Posted by: Marlishai
    Hi Anna,
    i love this idea.  I cannot wait to see the world launch of the Explore.  I had the Big Kick and was in love with until I saw your world launch of the Golden Cuttlebug with your exclusive auto ship folders which I own all of them.  I have been wanting to invest into a electric die cut machine and was to impress with the other cricuit.  I have been reviewing the cameo silhouette and the brother scan and cut  but now I cannot wait to see the launch of the Explore.  I look forward to the upcoming videos in the next few weeks.
  22. Posted by: Laurie
    Hi Anna, Love your style, looking forward to more info on cricut.  I buy a large amount of product for my budget.  Wish I could afford everything!!!lol Oh to dream!  Please bring back extra sleeves for embossing folders and stamp binders.  These are staples to keep growing with collections.  I didn’t buy extras at the time because I bought so much else I ran short on cash atn the time.  Figuring thet’d be back.  Honestly, I’m afraid to buy another emboss. f. storage box or stamp binder unless I know more of these will be available.
    P.S. Thanks I feel heard,  I asked for stamps that can be turned into 3 layer stickers and your new sets have alot of  versatility to do just that.
    Looking forwad to your show,
  23. Posted by: Auzgal
    You say world launch.  Does this mean that we will be able to purchase this machine in Australia and digital images from Cricut? if so, very excited
  24. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Anna, I agree with Nell & Wary; I too hold you and your products in high regard and no matter what Cricut does or doesn’t do, I will still be loyal to you and your products.  Not only have I read all of the comments on your blog, but I’ve also read comments on the Cricut Blog; lots of customers are not happy; and now Cricut is unvailing a machine that won’t be even fully functional?? That makes no sense!  Thanks Cricut but  I will stick with my Expression!  Thank you Anna for all the wonderful designs you bring to us!
  25. Posted by: Wary
    “Also, it seems that that the new machines since the original Expression
    have sort of bombed.  The ‘cake’ was a disaster, as was the Imagine, and seems that the E2 was too complicated to work.”  <– Having watched the fanfare debut of various Cricuts on HSN and the aftermath that followed, I hope Anna doesn’t get sucked into the vortex.  Those who bought the E2 at its debut later had to later pay for a wifi connection piece that eventually came with the machine which others didn’t have to pay for.  What a slap in the face for those who jumped too quickly on the E2 bandwagon!  And now Cricut is releasing yet another machine that won’t be fully functional until later on?  There is very little trust left where Cricut is concerned.  So Anna, I hope it’s clear from the posts here and on your FB page that while we’re wary of this next promise-in-a-string-of-broken-promises, that’s completely different from the high regard in which we hold you and your products.
  26. Posted by: Vivian
    I can’t wait to see more of your videos. I have an Expression which I love but it is several years old. It’s time for a new Cricut Explore. I can’t wait until your HSN show.
  27. Posted by: Ronnie R
    Thank you for planning to offer new cartridges for us that have the older machines…. I can’t wait for your new designs
  28. Posted by: Sheree
    I am looking forward to this new machine and cannot wait to purchase a the launch on HSN.  The price of 299 for the machine is reasonable…and comparable with the Cameo.  I feel that ProvoCraft has learned their lessons about the old machines and this new CEO is diligently working to turn things around.  Look forward to enjoying your products in the future!
  29. Posted by: Mary Hagler
    Anna, love your papers, embossing folders, die cuts and your cuddlebug is cute live your winter wonderland cartridge….a new cloud something voodoo complex machine from PC not so much. Not a great company horrible customer service…I’ll watch but will keep my expression works fine my e2 is too complex so this newest and greatest will not be joining them…loving my Sizzix and steel rule dies as well as the wafer thin ones.. Easy & no computers needed !!!
  30. Posted by: Sherrill Campbell
    If ProvoCraft discontinues making carts or eventually makes them obsolete, I will be waving ‘bye, bye’ to Cricut.  Although the new machine sounds exciting, I am not thrilled that it is cloud based and requires the internet to work.  Also, it seems that that the new machines since the original Expression have sort of bombed.  The ‘cake’ was a disaster, as was the Imagine, and seems that the E2 was too complicated to work.  I do like being able to use non-Cricut images.  That is the main thing that would entice me to look at the Explore.  I do believe there is another machine besides the Cameo that has that capability and is a fraction of the cost of the Cameo and the new Explore.  Please clear up any misconceptions that I might have here.
  31. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    I read all the comments and even though it sounds like most people are upset with the new cricut coming out they are not upset with you. We will still continue to be faithful to you and your products. I am glad we will be able to buy your cartridges at a later time.  I will say I have three cricuts, ecraft and a silhouette so I am machined out. I know most people are negative about the machine and people that do not have one will be the ones buying the machine. PC may have another imagine machine problem with this machine. Having said all of this I can’t wait until your next visit with HSN.
  32. Posted by: Lindy L
    Hey Anna the”latest and greatest” is not always an option for some of us that have been crafting for more than 20 years. The new technology being thrown our way on a daily basis is overwhelming to say the least. I’m a loyal Anna Griffin fan and have spent a lot of money on your products and probably will in the future, but this new machine is too pricey and too complicated for this old time crafter. I’ll take my old sizzix machine and a pair of good sharp scissors any old day!!
  33. Posted by: HollyG

    Good Evening Miss Anna!

    For someone who has never owned a Cricut machine, or any other die cutting machine, I am more and more confused!? It seems people either love it or dislike it?!  I am sure you will get to all the questions people have asked so I will look forward to your continued blog and Facebook posts. I can’t wait to learn more about it so I can make an informed decision!

    Thanks Anna!

  34. Posted by: Nannette
    Will the digital images purchase in Craft Room be available on the Explore?  I have purchased several hundred dollars in digital cartridges and images and am concerned that the craft room will be phased out.
  35. Posted by: Melissa Johnson
    I am so disappointed in the explore because it is cloud based. It didn’t have to be to give us all the new technology. Cameo is computer based and we can go online and get images just fine. They could have easily done that with your beautiful design if they wanted and to tell us that they could only do it on a cloud based program is disingenuous at best. Now we are learning that there is going to be two different kind of cartridges!!! That is going to get awfully confusing. For all you people worried about your cartridges linked to your gypsy you will just have to sync your gypsy to your cricut account. Design Space will see all your carts that are in your Cricut account just like CCR does. So all your carts in your account will be seen by this new Design Software.
  36. Posted by: Kim B.
    I agree with Rosie V.’s comments. It is apparent since Bank of America purchased Provo Craft that the emphasis has been on having to purchase new product all the time and not in the best interest of the customers that have the old machines. Yes, I love Anna Griffin products but already had one cuttlebug & needed to purchase another to get her NEW folders last year. Having 2 electronic Cricuts now, I do not plan on purchasing any other expensive Cricut to get new designs. I have found a new company to love….Spellbinders!
  37. Posted by: Sally Sikora
    I have linked my cartridges to my Gypsy, can I re-link them to the craft design
  38. Posted by: Janie
    I am looking forward to seeing all the ins and outs of this new machine. Just sit back and watch and learn. I love my Cricut!!!
  39. Posted by: Lin M.
    Thanks for sharing the sneak preview! I am THRILLED to learn that your cartridges will eventually be available seperately in case I can’t justify a new machine. I will be watching your previews and the HSN launch – maybe I’ll be convinced. 😉
  40. Posted by: Cecilia
    Will the cartridges from the old machine that were linked to a gypsy be able to be linked to the new design space?

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  1. Jasmine says:

    I am looking for a machine (can be simple, doesn’t have to be fancy) that will cut bulk heart confetti from 12″ x 12″ cardstock. I am currently using a small 3/8″ scallop heart hand punch. Can anyone suggest something that will be faster to use that I can put an entire sheet in the machine and all of the hearts will be punched / cut.

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