Cricut Explore Sneak Peek 2

Hi friends!

We are back in the office after a crazy snowstorm in Atlanta. I’m sure you saw us on the news!

In today’s video preview we are going to dive a little deeper into the amazing Cricut Explore Design Space software, where you can create lots of ready-to-make projects by simply pressing “Make it Now!”

This online crafting heaven includes photos and instructions for cardmaking, scrapbooking, invitations, party décor and so much more! You can also create a project from scratch using any of the 50,000+ images in the Design Space library—or even upload your own files. It’s pretty amazing. (More to come on Creating a project from scratch next week!)

Best of all, when you purchase your Cricut Explore on HSN February 12th you will receive a three-month subscription to Design Space!

Here’s an answer to one of the most popular comments on the blog this week:
Are Cricut Explore and Cricut Design Space compatible with the Cricut Gypsy device?

While there is not a direct way to link a your Gypsy with Cricut Design Space, if you have linked your Gypsy device to your Cricut Craft Room account, the images on your device will also be automatically ready to use in Cricut Design Space.

Instructions on how to link a Cricut Gypsy to your Cricut Craft Room account can be found here:

Want to win some Cricut essentials? I’ve got Cricut tools, vinyl, iron ons and cutting mats for a very lucky reader. Starting today (and twice next week), I will give away these crafting goodies to the person that has the most clever, uplifting comment below! A winner will be drawn on Tuesday.

Now, next week we are going to talk about my favorite part of the launch on the 12th – the three digital Anna Griffin party cartridges that will come with your new Cricut Explore. I can’t wait to show you!



  1. Posted by: Gail
    Anna, Anna, Anna!!
    I did have a very strategic plan on how I was going to approach a decision to buy the new Explorer.  I would listen, get the facts,watch ALL the presentations, check my budget, imagine all the plans I want to do with the Explore that I can’t do with my Mini Cricut, and consider my friends comments that I don’t need this extra expense and be happy with what you can do now.  Hmm, not what I really wanted to hear, but kept will keep it in as part of my plan  I was trying to keep my decorum under control like Lady Mary from Downton Abbey.  I even had a plate of tea cookies and a cup of Earl Grey ready to go when your launch on HSN was to start.  Though the dog did not like staying up to midnight, he settled in next to me as he surely sensed the excitement in the air.
    The clock struck 12 and the TV was on and then I was overcome with what I saw!!!  Over 1,000 had been sold already.  Holy CR** on a Cracker!   FORGET LADY MARY & THAT PLAN! I was truly afraid that I would not be able to dial fast enough and I would loose out but since I have HSN on speed dial, the worry was unfounded. After I hung up and with my confirmation number in hand, I jumped from the chair as though I had just won the best time for hog tying at some rodeo.  The dog was scared to death as I was doing my happy dance, singing little tunes like “I got mine, bet you missed out, ha, ha, ha!”  I simply did not know why I was acting like a complete fool…it was the HSN ticker of items sold!  It was going so fast that it began charting off sales in groups of 10’s.  My so called calmed, regimental, thoughtful and brilliant idea of just watching the presentation, look at what my little Mini Cricut could do, and sip on Earl Gray went out the window into 2 feet of snow!.  I had planned on retiring and in the morning, call for Carson after another cup of tea, make a rational decision and abide by what decision I would settle with. It did not happen like that!   Like I said, the dog went flying off my lap the tea bag never touched the hot water and singing as though I was Julie Andrews in the Alps, in such happiness that my order went through….I could not contain myself.
    The dog finally came out from under the bed and I fell asleep ever so pleased that my midnight dance was well worth it!  I did order a few other items that came on after your presentation, maybe out of pity that the ticker was not flying like it was during the Explorer Launch.  I did not watch the morning shows, why should I, I HAVE AN EXPLORE IN PREPARATION,  but at noon I thought I would check out to see just how many were left all the while feeling rather haughty that my order was well on its way to be loaded with the extras and then be packed up ready to be sent.  I stopped dead in my tracks to find out the Explorer was SOLD OUT!!!  I cheered, sneered, did the happy dance again, and sang with the dog, AGAIN!  I think my neighbors told me I was singing…”I have an Explorer and you don’t, nanny, nanny boo boo!”  I am not a mean person, far from it but I must say, I did feel a little BAD and just rubbing it in to the thousands who missed   My action were not llike me at all.  I was so childish when forms for Medicare are all over the place!  Anna, the Explorer is proof that God loves us (as do you and Cricut) and wants us to be happy!  The only thing I can say and say with ABSOLUTE TRUTH…”If your ordered your Explorer before 1:00 AM on 2/12/14, You can keep your Explorer order. Period!
    My friend forgot all about the launch and I did not mention that I did indeed order it…a little secret until the UPS truck shows up.  I can not wait to make SOMETHING, ANYTHING!  I think I will make a batch of cup cakes just to get ready for the lacy cup holders and invite my friends for tea, then they will see what I have been doing while the snow  was piling up here in the Mid-Atlantic.
    I am proof that God has a sense of humor so I hope you enjoyed my retelling of the events (all true!) of February 12, 2014, a day that will go down in infamy.  I have been watching too much news about Obama Care.  I signed up for CRICUT-GRIFFIN CARE!” (No problems with that web site!)  I got the auto delivery plan so my year will be one surprise after another….Thanks, Anna and as Carson would say “Well Done”
  2. Posted by: Kathy McCullar
    I’m really excited about the new explore.  I got my Expression the first year they came out and every time something new came out I debated it over and over, there seemed to be some little something that kept me from that particular machine.  This time, I think Provo Craft might have gotten it right and you better believe I will be staying up Tuesday night to be amongst the first to buy this machine.

  3. Posted by: Office Supplies
    I simply want to say I’m beginner to blogging andsite-building and absolutely liked you’re web page. Very likely I’m wanted tobookmark your website.

  4. Posted by: Patty
    I dont have anything clever and uplifting but just have to say that your making this new cricut look easier then any from the pass and usually things get more difficult!!! Thanks for sharing all the info in advance so we that want a new one should be armed with the info to make the purchase if we choose…
  5. Posted by: Shari Elford
    There once was a crafter named Anna
    Who lives in the town of Atlanta
    We love all her “stuff”
    And never have enough
    She treats us just like she was Santa!

    Ok, Hokey, I know….but the sentiment is there…thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  6. Posted by: Susan
    Can’t wait for the 12th!!!!
  7. Posted by: Cynthia K Reeder
    Oh Anna how I Love your work and design!!!!  I makes me feel that I have stepped back in time….and I’m with my Grandmother again.   I feel all warm and cozy.   I’m a 5 yr  breast cancer survivor, I went through 13 surgeries in 4 yrs  I had a bilateral mastectomy so I don’t have a lot of strength in my arms anymore.  So the circuit helps me a lot to do my crafting.   I can’t wait to see you New Cricut  I know I have to have it even though I have all the other cricut machines.  I guess I need to donate one are two of them to our Church School.  Have a safe trip to HSN I’ll be watching!   Thanks for everything you do for us….we Love You!!!  Well I know for a fact I DO GIRLFRIEND!!!!  I would love to Win!
  8. Posted by: Tricia
    I truly love all things Anna and I had to stop and asked myself why ?  Like some many others have said, Anna.. your designs are truly beautiful. Each flower feels like it is hand picked and delivered to touch all of our hearts. Your work is truly from the heart and it touches your hearts. So thanks for all your beautiful designs. I have gained a greater appreciation for graphic design and crafting because of all you do with paper ( pleating, scoring, mitering, layering, weaving, ruffling, paper piecing, creating using repeat pattern and pleating… need I say more.  Anna You Rock !  I am excited about the Explorer and plan to expand my Cricut collection…..
  9. Posted by: Jennifer H.
    [-Insert the Sound of Music’s My Favorite Things melody-]

    Teacups and linens all decked out in roses,
    Swirls and paisleys adorning throw pillows,
    Gold and cream damask surround everything,
    These are a few of my favorite things.

    When the 12th comes,
    When the shows on,
    When I’m feeling glad,
    I simply remember these/new things to create
    And then I don’t feel so bad.

    Here’s to all the new favorite things we can create on the new Anna Griffin and Cricut Explore (the possibilities)!  =^u^=

  10. Posted by: Michelle
    Oh Anna! You have surely outdone yourself with the designs and teamwork for this machine! I got my first Cricut in 2007 as a present from my dad (I was 14 years old)! It was the best gift ever and I have been an avid Cricut love ever since! This new machine is going to be amazing! I’m an elementary ed. major and I love using my Cricut to make things for the students and for the classroom! Congrats to you and may many more great creative endeavors be in your future this 2014!
  11. Posted by: Cathy May
    Absolutely cannot wait to see what all the circuit explore can do.  There’s probably not much that it can’t do!  Looks like it will be able to help those of us who are creativity challenged.  Goof proof might be easier to say. Counting down the days………………………….
  12. Posted by: Grandma Juanita
    Good Afternoon! Wow, this is so amazing. I am so excited for the 12th of  February, now if only this machine could read my mind I wouldn’t have to do anything. All the things it can do… I am simply in awe. Also, to come with Anna’s designs..well, that’s just another reason it’s awesome. I am so looking forward to seeing it at midnight. The days cannot go fast enough. Thank you Anna and team.
  13. Posted by: Martha

    Hello Anna

    Was going to set my DVR to record for Feb 12th and was surprised to see it was not your Cricut show. I have DirecTV please  check with HSN.

    Can’t hardly wait to see you !!

    Thanks 🙂

  14. Posted by: Marlishia Carey
    I am excited for the world launch of the Cricuit Explore.  I always wanted an electronic cutting marine and February 12th has been mark for early Valentine’s gift from my hubby.  I have been an admire of your design for many years and ready to move to the next stage of designs with you.  thank you very much for this opportunity.
  15. Posted by: Linda Valoy
    Anna you are the clever one and you uplift me.  I feel so creative everytime I make one of your cards.  I think your name should go on the backs  of the cards.
  16. Posted by: Laurel
    I absolutely love both products, yours and PC’s.   I am especially excited about the release date since it is my birthday.  I will be 61 years old and one if the things that has has helped me heal from
    My recovery from Breast cancer and the double mastectomy has been crafting and the peace that has come from creating.  My Cricut and your products have been instrumental in my recovery and keeping my spirits lifted my during the difficult times.

  17. Posted by: Cindy Thrall
    “Design Space” needs to be in my design(ing) space!  and my sweet hubby agrees….He’s telling me “Happy Valentine’s Day” with this new Cricut!
  18. Posted by: Mary R

    I’m so excited about all the new items you have coming our way in 2014. PC has always been a favorite for my paper crafting, so this marriage between AG & PC is bliss.

  19. Posted by: Fern Nissenbaum
     Though I cant draw a straight line, Cricut’s designs and ingenuity allow me to create beautiful cards and projects, which bring happiness to my friends and family. Until I started using the line of Cricut products, I didn’t realize that level of  creativity could be MINE!! Cricut is my secret to creative success. 🙂
  20. Posted by: Amy Yoder
    This new machine so exciting! Then when it is coupled with Anna’s designs, it is just too much! Patiently waiting for the 12th.
  21. Posted by: Kathy Jones
    I cannot wait for the new Explore machine! Cricut combined with your designs gives me the ability to create something beautiful that I would take forever (if ever) to come up with on my own. Thanks!
  22. Posted by: Charlene M.
    Hi Anna, I’m looking forward to seeing you and the Explore on HSN!!  Can’t wait to see all the hoopla in action. 🙂
  23. Posted by: Debbie Wilson
    My crafting buddies are all abuzz about the new Explore and your upcoming HSN show.  I cannot wait!!  Ice, snow, rain, whatever…it will be bright and shiny in my world when we get to see you and the new Explore on the 12th!!
  24. Posted by: Lilygirl
    Thank you for the video. I love that you have paired with PC for this great new cutter. Seeing the new Cricut Explore and Design Space in action is very exciting. I use my Provocraft products every time I craft, they add so much to my art. My Cricut obsession started about 7 years ago, I added the Cricut Expression to my hobby room and have not looked back since. Years ago I had a conversation with LSS owner who stated that ” Oh I do not use electronic cutting machines, it takes the art out of creating.” I whole-heartedly disagreed. This experience propelled me to show that using a Cricut adds to “my” art. It is a wonderful tool that I use in all my crafting as an extension of my creativity. Cricut machines can be used as simply or as extravagantly as one wishes. I have used the cuts in many unconventional ways, as templates for 3-D chipboard pieces, as stencils for artwork on furniture, as well as for adding texture to acrylic paintings on canvas. Cricut machines have helped my imagined projects come to life. It is great that PC has made the settings so simple. I am thrilled that this new machine is offered with some of your designs, I can not wait to create with them! Thank you for sharing in my creativity! Warmest Regards, Colleen
  25. Posted by: Nancy Iverson

    I was introduced to your products about 15 years ago.  I still have many of the original papers, scrapbooks, etc. that are in your 20th anniversary celebration.  Now, I am slowly buying more and more and more of your first class products.  I bought the 3 scrapbooks to reunite my family with me and make special books of our mother who passed away 7 years ago.  I have all her pictures, and my sister agreed to come and we make the 3 scrapbooks: one for me, one for her and one for  my brother.  Anna, thank you– you are bringing a family CLOSER than it has been in years.  Actually, this brings tears to my eyes.

    I feel like I know you personally, I tape and rewatch the shows a lot to be able to duplicate the projects I see on HSN.

    Thanks for all you do

    Nancy Iverson

    Monument, CO

  26. Posted by: ShellyM
    Hi Anna, I’m looking forward to seeing you and the Explore on HSN in less than 2 weeks!! It’s really going to be hard resisting the new machine, especially with your wonderful designs on it!!! 🙂
  27. Posted by: Nancy Evans
    Three Anna Griffin party cartridges with a new and improved Cricut machine…what more could a girl want or need. Thanks for sharing and so glad you are part of this wonderful company. Nancy in So Cal
  28. Posted by: Colleen

    Cricut picked such the perfect time to announce the Explore. It’s making this winter go by much more quickly! Anna, I just love the little sneak peeks that you’re doing. I’m not a clever person, so I’ll just say one thing: You’re an inspiration for all of us crafters and we think you’re awesome!

  29. Posted by: Margaret Harrell
    I got to meet you at Circle Mania. The fact that you are endorsing
    the new Cricut, gives me renewed faith in it.  I have never saw a need in having a HSN card, but will be applying for one today, before the launching.
  30. Posted by: Brenda Newton
    Thinking about buying a machine to cut out designs. This could be the one. Thanks for chance to win some nice gifts.
  31. Posted by: Karen Ondes
    Love any and all Anna designs! Not sure about the new explore, keeping my options open tho LOL. Thank you so much for keeping us updated although your last email I got was for the December 30th? Not in spam so I will keep watching 🙂
    I love my Provo Craft Cricut and wouldn’t hesitate to buy again 😀
  32. Posted by: Annette H.
    I just left a message on your last blog posting, because one again I didn’t get the email for that post.  I have emailed you about this and NO RESPONSE at all.  Same as the NO RESPONSE at all I’ve received in regard to the supposed 25% off sale that you had going one in December.  I realize that this is hardly the uplifting comment that you wanted here, but I figured that just maybe someone on your staff would actually accidentally read this here, so you and your staff only read your emails during big super sale events on your website.  Sorry, but I am getting tired of being COMPLETELY IGNORED when I have a legitimate issue with either your website or with not getting emails that I have signed up to get.  And no, they are not in my spam, because I’ve checked.
  33. Posted by: Pam M.
    Anna, I would love to win some of the items.  Sure would help the budget.  Appreciate your sneak peaks as well, and hope you enjoy this…

    Anna Griffin is a classy lady full of inspiration.
    For twenty years, Anna has been spreading cheer.
    Now she has sent a special invitation.
    It’s to the crafting party of the year.
    It will be a day of celebration…
    Unless her products sell out, I fear.
    Watching HSN will be my only obligation.
    For vintage at its best, it’s Anna I must watch and hear.
    So many elegant and beautiful creations for the presentation,
    I may be moved to shed a happy tear.
    February 12, 2014, will be a day of revelation.
    More ribbons, florals, and flourishes–the day draws near.
    Cards, paper, dies, stamps, and inks are the result of dedication.
    Embellishments too, and at what else may I peer?
    Cricut Explore is the new fascination.
    It’s loaded with her cartridges, so toward this I steer.
    Things are heading in a new direction.
    Anna will need to help me change gear.
    She is known throughout the nation.
    Weaving, cutting, and something to bring up the rear.
    Happy to benefit from her education.
    Thankful she is such a dear.

  34. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    I just want you to know I bought a great antique cabinet last summer with the pull down glass doors. There are three shelves and two large drawers also. The cabinet is almost 5 feet tall and 5 1/2 feet long, This is my Anna cabinet, well didn’t think how heavy it would be and it is loaded with Anna treasures, so my husband had to go under the house to brace the floor and wall it is on because the wall has a gap on the ceiling all along that wall. Husband never asked me to lighten the load because he knew it had your goodies in it and that was out of the question. Should I tell him you are on HSN again in February?  What is a Anna fan to do, only one thing watch you on the 12th  and get another cabinet for another wall.
  35. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    Papers and punches and tea cups all sizes
    Borders and stencils and glittering pages
    paper bows and Anna griffin anything
    these are a few of my favorite things!
    you get the jist of it all 🙂
    <<~~~~Team Anna~~~~~~
  36. Posted by: Cricut couple
    I doubt this will be so clever, but I must say that even though I had lost a little faith in provocraft due to the untimely death of my beloved imagine machine, I have always had faith in HSN and everything Anna Griffin!  I purchased the imagine during the launch and get the extended warrantee offered by HSN.  Although my machine could not be repaired or replaced, HSN returned every penny I had originally paid, so for that, trusting in Anna’s quality and HSN’s amazing service, I’m going to be glued to the TV waiting for the launch!  I’m so excited about this partnership and I am so pleased that there will be Anna content with this machine!  Sound like a win-win-win!  Now… PLEASE Anna, PLEASE give us a couple of sneak peeks of the party cuts…  I can’t wait to see a teaser of what I’m going to get to do with my new machine!
  37. Posted by: Janese
    I am so glad I waited to buy a machine! I am so excited!! Love all the poems. Anna fans are very creative!
  38. Posted by: Pam H.
    Cricut and Anna Griffin, a match made in crafting heaven!
  39. Posted by: Marcia H
    What could be better than a new product that also features Anna! A better combination couldn’t be found.  Thanks for coming on board with Provo Anna.
  40. Posted by: Sandy
    I am excited about the Cricit Explore because it has dials to set the machine to cut different materials and we won’t have to guess if we have the right settigs and the ability to cut and print at the same time and to cut your own designs is just so exciting. Can’t wait until the 12th!  I love the CCraft Room and the design Studio seems even better.