Giveaways Galore Part 3 of 4

Hello from chilly Atlanta!

We are less than a week away from our first 2014 visit to HSN- can you believe it? Join us next Friday, January 10th at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. EST for two jam packed shows, featuring 14 brand new items, the launch of our limited edition anniversary collections and lots of returning favorites!

We’ll have one more round of sneak peeks on Monday, January 6th, and our final five giveaways on Wednesday, January 9th.  And, of course, we saved the best prizes for last!

Here are this week’s five lucky winners – Thank you all for your comments!

11. Christine D.- Grace Designer Kit

12. Brenda S.- Set of New Inks

13. Helen H.- Anniversary Stickers

14. Ann G.- Anniversary stamps

15. Anne Marie Couto- Set of 3 8×8 Albums

See you on Monday, everyone! Hint hint: we’re giving you a peek at new embossing folders…



  1. Posted by: Jean Middleton
    Looking forward to seeing exactly what the explore can do!
  2. Posted by: sonnie
    Why am i being sent these emails AFTER the party
    Hppened?  I’m frustrated.
  3. Posted by: Bobbi Hatfield
    Hi Anna-I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your style. I love elegance on my scrapbook pages and on my cards. Your products allow me to accomplish that with a lot less work than when I tried doing it all on my own. Thanks! Like someone else mentioned, I would absolutely love you having  your own show on TV. (Hint, hint) Congrats to all winners, nice way to start off the New Year. I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch your next show…I’m one of those stranded from home because of the weather. It will be taping at home, but I’ll still be missing out on the buying unless the grandkids allow me a TV or I can get the show on my computer. Sometimes that gets glitchy or freezes. Anyway, I’ll sure be thinking of all the fun you all will be having.
  4. Posted by: Mildred Johnson
    I cannot wait until the show airs.  I love all of your beautiful  products.
  5. Posted by: Marissia Seals
    I wish, I wish that I could win this because I already have so much I want to buy!  Why doesn’t Anna have her own show.  There isn’t a crafting show out there that could match Anna for her beautiful cards and projects.  I love her things as do the millions of her fans.  I keep her HSN shows for defence in my DVR.  Please Anna do a sow.
  6. Posted by: donna tull
    I love reading all the blogs.  Sorry I don’t win but Mom always said nothing comes free.  So will wait and see if I have anything left on my charge card to purchase all the new products.  If not all maybe the embossing folders.  Me and my granddaughter so enjoy making beautiful cards with them.   Thanks Anna for some very beautiful things.
  7. Posted by: Patricia M. Gonsalves

    How do I enter to win?

  8. Posted by: Dyan B
    My 13 year old son & my husband think I’m absolutely crazy when they see me get sooo excited over your hsn spots! I can’t wait to see it all put together! Happy to be on the west coast, so I can watch a bit before work!
  9. Posted by: kim m
    Anyone else feel a cold coming on so they might have stay home Friday-cough cough.  Just kidding 🙂  I will be at work Friday so everyone enjoy the  11 am show and I will be tuned in at 7:00 pm. Thanks for all the sneak peaks! I can’t wait!
  10. Posted by: Betsy Carty
    Congratulation winners. We are all winners because Anna will be on HSN Friday. YAY! Create a great week 🙂 Betsy
  11. Posted by: Kathleen R.
    Looking forward to the show on the 10th.  Congratulations to the winners.  Can’t wait to begin making some cards with your new products!
  12. Posted by: Christine Dahlin
    Exciting beginnings for the New Year!
  13. Posted by: Marilyn
    Congrats to all of the winners!!
  14. Posted by: Christine Canterbury
    Congratulations to all the winners. Anna and staff keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see what papers are coming out of the archives. I love making everything papercrafts with your papers only. Each time the project/s turn out amazing. We need a 24 hour Anna Day!
  15. Posted by: Paula Puckett
    Congrats to all the lucky winners! Happy for you all! Can hardly wait until the 10th.  My hubby asked me what I was gonna buy this time. I said “one of everything”.  He just shook his head and smiled. He knows I love Anna Griffin products! What a great guy, huh.
  16. Posted by: charlene robertson
    In Oct. my daughter came from New York for a week,I had your Christmas Card kit, we spent many enjoyable hours together making our cards for 2013, we hope to make this a yearly project, THANKS !!!
  17. Posted by: Kathy Kramer
    I would love to win any of your products. My husband knows when you are on HSN not to bother me and I will get as much as I can buy. I’m an old fashion girl and love the flowers, ribbons and lace. Can’t wait.
  18. Posted by: Norine Butcher
    Congrats to the winners! I am excited for the 10th!!!
  19. Posted by: Leanne
    Looking forward to the 10th!!!!!  Congrats to the winners.

  20. Posted by: Karen
    Love seeing each year’s new designs, Anna has such a creative spirit and the hands on to go with it.  Keep it up Anna!
  21. Posted by: Edna G.
    Happy New Year, Anna! Each year you bring us better and better products. Counting down the days…this is so exciting:)
  22. Posted by: HollyG

    Happy New Year Miss Anna and Crew!

    Congrats to all winners! Looking forward to seeing what you will create with your winnings!

    The DVR is set Anna and I can’t wait to see EVERYTHING! What a wonderful way to start the New Year!

  23. Posted by: Kathi O
    I love all your products Anna. I just finished making 2 Cards from your beautiful inventory. I can’t wait to see your 14 new products….my DVD is set! I grounded myself so I hope the limited edition anniversary collection will be available for awhile….still can’t wait and Happy Anniversary:)
  24. Posted by: lil
    Can’t wait for your show.  love your designs.  keep up the good work.  your design team is great.
  25. Posted by: Debbie Allen

    I love everything you make and can’t wait to see what you have coming up.  Thank you for all the beautiful things you make.

  26. Posted by: Jane
    I love your embossing folders, they make such beautiful cards.  Can’t wait to see the new ones.
  27. Posted by: Sharon
    There is nothing that you have ever done that my daughter and I didn’t love. She just got another set of your embossing cuttlebug
    yesterday and has and has been playing with it all day. Please keep making more Christmas Circuit cartridges. I missed out on the one you had on last time. Thanks from a sister Georgia peach.
  28. Posted by: Arleen Cappatocio
    Hi Anna; you’re being very generous as usual, thank you.  I haven’t received any auto delivery cards yet but I’m sure they will be here shortly.  I just received 3 more boxes of the Christmas cards, what a deal!!  Thanks again.  I got many many compliments for the cards I sent out.  I was a little concerned about the postage, but apparently no problem (I like lots on my cards too). Luv you as always, Arleen
  29. Posted by: Melody B
    Wow bet winners are so Happy, Congrat’s…
  30. Posted by: Belinda Cadena

    Congrts to all the winners!  And am so looking forward to your shows, I will for sure be right there with you.  I will contct friends about your program!

  31. Posted by: Wendy W
    Wow what great prizes! Congrats winners! Anna is always a crafting inspiration
  32. Posted by: Daisy C
    Anna  I’m  teaching my ladies watercolor technique  using
    your beautiful embossing folders.
    ladies and myself love using your products.
    thank you Daisy Cooper
  33. Posted by: Susie Durrschmidt
    Congratulations to all the winners. Wow! Thanks for creating such fun and excitment Anna. I already am excited to await your show next week. Your creativing is so beautiful, just like you!
  34. Posted by: BarbaraE
    Got my fingers crossed for more refill embossing folder holders!
  35. Posted by: Tanya Thompson
    ***! Embossing folders! I LOVE your embossing folders…they’re beautiful and are such a great addition to my paper crafting! Can’t wait for the 10th!
  36. Posted by: Linda Hughes
    So looking forward to January 10th for new products and your great inspirations!  Happy New Year Anna and the team!!!
  37. Posted by: Karen
    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us.  I am sure it is AWESOME!!
  38. Posted by: Linda Aden
    Looking forward to the 10th! “See” you then!
  39. Posted by: Ruth Halbach
    Your embossing folders are great.  Thanks for the opportunity to win.
  40. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg