Happy Valentine’s Day

Beautiful flowers came for me today and I thought I would share them with you! I love Le Jardin Francais here in Atlanta. Marie Laurie’s style is so full of texture and grace. I like to think her arrangements are like our card making kits come to life!

Speaking of beautiful flowers…

The breathtaking flowers on the HSN set were from floral and event designer Gisselle Sanchez in St. Petersburg, Florida. You have to look at her website –  http://www.gissellesanchez.com. I love her too! I think I need to start a garden club…

Thank you to everyone who watched the launch of Cricut Expore on HSN this week. What an incredible event! For those of you who bought the machine, stay tuned because this is our year for Cricut. We started on the Explore project nine months ago and haven’t stopped yet. It was an honor and a privilege to be one of the first to work with and get to sell this amazing machine.

Go spread the love!


  1. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    Anna…The flowers are lovely. I too received roses, which us unusual for my family. They came from Michael Horne’s Florist in
    Wadesboro, NC.  Michael should be in a bigger city as his talent is exquisite.  But I hope he stays here.
  2. Posted by: Carol
    Mmmmm, I love flowers in my home, they add such a wonderfully fragrant freshness, like a smile from Mother Nather … and that is what these lovely flowers make me think of.  =)

    Congrats on the outstanding success of the HSN shows.  I watched every single airing (BTW, you were as pretty as always), but have to agree that I would have liked to have seen a little more of the machine in action.  Too bad some of the HSN hosts didn’t take a step back and allow you to really demo the machine.  It was wonderful to see all the incredible items made by you and your staff.  The party decorations were amazing, however, seeing more of the “how to” would have really been helpful.

    I’d like to share a call I received from my BFF the day after the HSN shows aired.  She called, so excited and out of breath and talking a mile a minute that it was hard to understand what she was saying.  Then it suddenly hit me, and I said … “Did you just say that your incredible husband ordered a Cricut Explore for you from HSN?”  Her reply was loud, but unmistakeable … YESSSS!  It will arrve in a few days, and I will be patient and give her a few days to play with it … but then we are getting together for a day of crafting.  So it looks like I will get to see this awesome machine in action after all (happy dance).  Congrats again, Anna, for the great HSN shows, you did a fabulous job.  Hope your Valentine’s Day was beautiful.

  3. Posted by: Regina
    Your work for the Explore is beautiful as always.  I really wanted one for that reason, but I wanted more of a demonstration of how it works before I committed to purchase.  You tried, but a few of those hostesses were unbearably chatty and silly.  A few times you did exert yourself to show us the screen.  Good for you!  You are too nice!
  4. Posted by: Tracey
    I can’t wait to get my Explore. Although I was hoping to see more of the machine in action, I was still excited. I too missed out on the pens. Hope they bring them back soon.
  5. Posted by: Cricut Couple
    Hey Anna, these are going to be “make it now” projects, right?  Hee hee!  Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.  Happy val day!  Looking forward to exploring my deliver next week!
  6. Posted by: Cathy Moses
    The machine looks awesome and I can’t wait to get it.     That said:  I agree with some folks that they should have demoed it much better.  Not nearly enough of the machine doing it’s thing.    Not sure it anyone is replying to any of these posts but….  does it come with any better instructions than past machines?  Or a dvd maybe?  And not like the ones already out there as they don’t do too much for actual operation.   And please tell me that the embossing stylus is for sale by itself?  I have been only able to see it in the new kit—which is sold out everywhere.  And why in heavens name would it not come with the machine??  I get it, they want to make ‘add-on’ money, but I already have a Cricut kit and don’t need a second one just for that.  Please tell me it will be at least for sale as a stand alone item?     Thanks, Cathy
  7. Posted by: Anne Dupre
    Anna the day of the cricut launch Adam showed a craft he made with the explorer it was a picture of his pet dog is there any way I could get the instruction on how  he made that thanks
  8. Posted by: Gail Lopez
    Hello, Anna love the flowers that you got for Valentines Day! I also watched the launch party on HSN! And i was lucky enough to pick up the new Explore machine with the auto ship. But I didn’t like that the scoring tool was not included and that they didn’t tell us that it was with the tool kits. I would have ordered it if i knew. They sold out by the next morning. But I’m so happy that we finally have some Anna Griffin images to play with. I can’t wait to be that mom, that makes all the party stuff. And my girls will have the best looking birthday parties ever~!! Thanks Anna for creating AWESOME stuff with PC.
  9. Posted by: marcia loomis

     HI I watched your show on HSN and purchased a cricut machine. From what I was able to see and learn from you on the show I should be able to make cards. I want to be able to make cards with gates and other styles. I need to make so many (for senior’s in my apt building) cards. I only make birthday and Christmas cards. I am worried that you will not have the card kits (large ones) as I am are running low on Birthday cards. I hope that does not happen. I agree with the others the program hosts did talk tooooo much also cut in on what you were saying, did not like that. This is the first cricut for me and I wanted to get more information on it and was not able to. I am waiting for the cricut to come and learn what I can do with it. But I see I am going to need supplies I hope HSN stocks them soon. I enjoy your card kits very much and the people here love to receive your cards so much. They often tell me that they save all the cards I give them because they are soooo pretty.    Thank You so much.


  10. Posted by: Beverly
    Happy Valentine’s day! Wow what a fast HSN cricut show. I was so glad I ordered when I did. I am so excited to see the delivery truck coming with my newest crafting tool. I was also blown away by the projects, beautiful set and flowers. If I was getting married I would be using that color palette. So fresh and happy. I just love the flower designs photos you posted above. I will have to host a Mother’s day brunch at our B and B with these colors. Stunning! Keep the great items coming.


  11. Posted by: Kathy
    I took the plunge and ordered the Cricut Explorer…only because your name was attached!  It’s my first Cricut and I feel I have so much to learn. I would have liked a lot less host chit chat and way more Anna Griffin demonstration. Maybe next time there will be more content and learning opportunities for us newbees! Your flowers are positively beautiful!!!!
  12. Posted by: Judy N.
    Anna, I was lusting after the Cricut but couldn’t justify buying it because I just bought the Silhouette. Yours would have been so much better! How I wish you would have offered it sooner! Please keep in mind that many of us have to Tivo your show because we need to be out during your showings. I had so wanted to buy the “love” card kit that you featured in an earlier show but they were gone before I could watch the show. Is there any chance you may have more of them?
  13. Posted by: Leslie D.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.  Gorgeous flowers!  I, too, was one of the lucky ones that got in on ordering the Explore with autoship for February delivery.  I also lucked out in ordering the tool set.  This will be my first Cricut other than the Cuttlebug.  I’ve been showing my husband the various videos for the Explore and he can’t wait to try it out himself!  I can’t wait until the 27th to start playing!  Thank you for all your hard work on this launch!
  14. Posted by: Brenda S.
    Love the flowers!!   Thanks for sharing.  Watched your show on HSN but not able to buy the explore this time.  Love watching you and your ideas, just wish the host would hush and let you talk.  After all you are Anna Griffin and they dooo not know what they are talking about.  Would love for you to have an hour “Anna Griffin” show on TV!!!  Sound like great idea to me!!!!  Thanks for everything!!
  15. Posted by: Pat S
    Anna,  What beautiful flowers!!  Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I to was one of the many people who watched HSN and was determined I was not going to weaken and purchase another Cricut (I already own several).  Well, all it took for me Anna was to see all the beautiful things you had made and your involvement with the Cricut Explore.  Needless to say,  I was one of the lucky ones who was able to get one with the Feburary delivery date with the auto ship program.  Later I lucked out and was able to get the tool set (someone must have cancelled their order).  I keep watching for the pens and blades.  I think Provo Craft was very smart to team up with you-I’m sure your name and products connected with them will hopefully bring back some of the customers that have left them (I for one have always been devoted to them).

    Thanks again for being so special and good to all of us.  We can all hardly wait to learn more about the Cricut Explore and everything else you have in store for us!!!

  16. Posted by: Mary Hagler
    Continued… Video. Wish it had been ivory and d gold … No don’t suggest it  I don’t need 4 cricuts! I wish the hosts had stifled their tee hee bs chatter and let you speak and demo the machine and explain we need accessories such as scoring blade and is there a pen set as well as a heavy blade etc etc…. Found out a bit more on the white papers on the pc site should be interesting… Live your products got rest if the stamp sets and card stock this time as well thank you Anna you rock girl !excuse typing errors I’m on my iPhone and failing eyesight typing …. Hugs !
  17. Posted by: Mary Hagler
    Anna, beautiful flowers,aValentine treat!thank you ! Even though I have 2 other cricuts I ordered the auto ship explore…will receive in April which will be fine since I have to learn how to use a new computer couldn’t afford a new iMac do got a stupid window laptop… I see why they are called pcs stands for pieces of s… However I digress… I wasn’t going to order but I’m hoping it will be as great ad it appears to be in the
  18. Posted by: Sherri
    WOW beautiful flowers, your TV on HSN was so nice, but way to short.  I am one of the lucky ladies who got mine in the first 5 minutes of the show. But I was so excited that I got one that I did not order the extra blades !!! I did manage to get the pens and tools. I hope the blades will be offered on HSN or Cricut because I know I will need them.  Oh and I got auto ship as well.  I really wanted more demo from you and just to see all your beautiful things you made and I was wanting you to talk more on the rose wall.  Of course I want to make one !!  Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful talents with us.
  19. Posted by: Rose W.
    Beautiful flowers Anna, and Happy Belated Valentines Day. I have been hearing so much about the Cricut and my sister-girlfriend has had them for a few years.  I watched the launch of the Explore and decided to take the plunge and ordered my first Cricut, with the autoship.  This is my first venture into any kind of crafting whatsoever.  This weekend my S-GF is coming up and bringing her Expressions-2 and show me how to use the Cricut.  I have a feeling that this is going to turn into a huge addiction.  And from what I have read here, I won’t be alone.  I can’t wait for it to get here so I can get started.
    I am also looking forward to getting a Cuttlebug.  I watched the videos on it and know that this, too, will be mine in the not to distant future.  I think that I read somewhere on this site that you will be doing a show on HSN with the Cuttlebug in April.  Here’s hoping it will be a Today’s Special.
  20. Posted by: Diane M

    Like the other posts, I so enjoy your products and could not wait for the Explore launch.  Just 30 minutes prior I was unable to stay awake (long, hard day).  so I finally went outside and let the cold air wake me up and so happy that I was able to do so.  I was able to be one of the lucky ones to get the Explore and eagerly awaiting its delivery this month.   So happy. I had many conversations with myself as to why I didn’t need a new Cricut because I have 2 but I just had to have it just few seconds into the presentation.  Beautiful.  I was fast enough to order the pens and tools but not able to get the extra blades.  Are they the same that are used on the expressions?  The only disappointment was that the Explore sold out so soon.  I was looking forward to more presentations with more info.  But congratulations for such a successful event.  I am so please and excited that you partnered with Cricut.  I love all you products.  Keep them coming Anna.  Thank you.

  21. Posted by: Diane B
    I was one of the lucky ones and was able to get the new Explore!! This is Cricut #4 for me. Bought it because of your association and built in programs,(got the auto-ship).Would have liked to see more demos on how the machine works, and less “host” chatter. Can’t wait to get it. Thank you Anna,
  22. Posted by: Debbie Dunn
    Happy Valentines Day Anna!!!! Your Flowers are So Beautiful and So Anna Griffin!! As far as Watching the Launch, I Recorded to watch it on my Big Screen the next day But……..I told you I was going to hook up my Ear Buds to my iPhone and lulu the Cover Over My Head to watch it Live so Hubby wouldn’t wake up and ask me what I was Doing!!! (Shhhhhhh!!!! ordering my Explorer and everything that goes with it except for the Extra Blades, those fell out of my Basket I had and lost out on those, I waiting trying to figure out if they were for the New Machine and I missed out)!!
    I have just about blown up my HSN card with so many AG things, I don’t know if I can go another Show!! ……. hello, My Name is Debbie Dunn and I have an illness, it is called AGA!! Yes, I Am an Anna Griffin Addict, and I can’t walk away from it!!! LOL!!
    Congratulations to you and your Team!
    Best Regards,
    Debbie Dunn

  23. Posted by: BrendaS
    Anna, I purchased the Explorer w/auto ship!  I tried hard to resist purchasing another Cricut but I could not resist your beautiful designs and the simplicity of the machine, I had to have it!

    Your flowers are beautiful; I received beautiful flowers also.  Hope the flowers will inspire you to make a floral Cricut cartridge.

    Thanks for sharing your talents/gifts with the world.

  24. Posted by: Cee
    I’m so bummed cause the Cricut Explore sold out when I tried ordering even tho it said it was still available on HSN. Please offer it again Anna, when will u be back?
  25. Posted by: Cheri Lee
    It was gut wrenching watching and not being able to purchase this really cool machine.  I wish I would afford one of eveyrthing, but not possible.  I did get my valentines collection, auto ship, from the Christmas Auto ship.  The cards are beautiful and everyone loves them.  I hope you intend on making the designs for the Explore available in a purchasable plug in cartridge for the old Cricut machines.  I would love to have that collection.  It seems a shame to exlude those of us faithful fans who want the product but can’t afford another system at this time.  I am certain I am not alone in my hopes that you can make this happen.  Just loved the show.  Made me want it all the more.
  26. Posted by: Suzanne Garcia
    Dear Anna, what a great time on HSN!  I hadn’t planned on buying the Explorer, as I have had the Cricut Create and Expressions, BUT fell in love with it and your beautiful ideas.  My sister also bought it.  Have many ideas planned with friends that have little girls and one friend that is going to be a grandmother again – a baby shower coming up in April.  So much fun.  Also, through showing your beautiful cards, folders, die-cuts, etc.  five more people that I know have joined your Fan Club!  We all love you.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you also.  Sincerely,
  27. Posted by: HollyG

    Dear Miss Anna & Team…

    Happy, Happy St. Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

    Anna, you sure did a fabulous job on HSN!  Your outfits were lovely! The pink dress…just stunning…

    Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts, inspiration and Valentine Flowers with all of us!

    Looking forward to see what Anna Griffin Designs and Cricut have in store for us the rest of the year!

    All the Best…


  28. Posted by: cindy
    I can’t wait until I get my circuit explore.  I knew it had to be good because of you.  I have the expression but will have to sell it.  Have a wonderful Valentine’s day.
  29. Posted by: Ronnie R
    Happy Valentines Day to you and your staff.. Just got the Expression for Christmas so didnt purchase the Explore. ( Will probably be kicking myself for not getting it ) — Keep your amazing designs coming….
  30. Posted by: Mary R
    Dear Anna,
    The flowers are lovely. Your blog is always an inspiration.
  31. Posted by: Trish S.
    The flowers are beautiful! My husband bought me the Explore for Valentine’s Day! We never exchange anything that costly, but he said he couldn’t resist when he saw me so excited about it. He’s awesome! I can’t wait to start cutting your designs! 🙂
  32. Posted by: P Boone

    Happy Valentines Day Anna!! Thanks for sharing you flowers!!!


  33. Posted by: Christine Z
    YOU were awesome!!! Not sure I’d have bought without your name attached!! Can’t wait to see what you do next!!! I’ll be waiting!!
  34. Posted by: Traci
    Hi Anna, I’m SO disappointed! I was at work giving a scrapbook class and completely missed the show on HSN. I wanted SO BAD to tune in to see what the new machine and all it’s glory was all about, anything new and exciting that I can learn from and share with my “students” and it was all over in a flash…any repeats? People that I’ve talked with are so excited to learn techniques and see what the new BUZZ is all about…and I missed it! Is there any site in which I can view the new Cricut machine, how it works and if any programs that come with it? Thank you!
  35. Posted by: nadinebd
    Purchased the Explore and now am on pins & needles waiting for its arrival. It is wonderful that you are now part of Cricut’s design team. I have purchased your lovely papers and kits before & am excited that your designs will come to Cricut. Can you beleve how quickly the package sold out. Pleased I did not wait until morning!

  36. Posted by: nadinebd
    Bought the Expore on HSN
  37. Posted by: Marilyn Shipe
    Hi Anna, I was so happy to see you on HSN selling the Cricut Explore. I wanted one, but can’t afford one right now and really don’t have a place to put one if I owned it! I do so love to use all of your flowers, etc. stickers for my greeting cards. Keep up the good work!
  38. Posted by: Arleen Cappatocio
    Hi Anna, super great demo for Provo craft, you sold a ton of machines.  I didn’t buy because I have 2 and didn’t think I could afford another.  Today I told one of my two daughters what the explore would do and first thing out of her mouth, mom you should get it and we would split it 3 ways and use it when we come over for our scrap weekends.  Sure hope your designs are on it when it comes out again.  Your flowers are beautiful and so was that wall.  You should did a lot of work for the launch.  At the end of your show, your emotional tears brought me to tears also.  Love, Arleen
  39. Posted by: Betsy Carty
    Happy Valentine’s Day Anna. Thanks for sharing. I used to be a full time floral designer and my heartgoes out to all of them today. I am sharing the love with my precious Vietnam Veteran of 47 years. Almost finished with his favorite meal. I am blessed he was sent back home to me and blessed you are a part of my life now. Thank you Anna for all your and your staffs hard work. Betsy
  40. Posted by: Rosie V.
    Anna, Happy Valentines Day!  What beautiful flowers!  I am not able to afford a new Cricut but I loved your presentations none the less! I was disappointed that you did not have any new embossing folders, especially after having called your company and having been told that you would have them! Oh well I love my Cuttlebug and hope you present more dies and embossing folders; I love all your card kits!  Thank you to your team as well for all their hard work!