QVC UK February 28th Preview

Hi friends!

February may be a short month, but there has been no shortage of exciting things happening here at Anna Griffin, Inc.! I’m so thrilled that we are making a long overdue trip to QVC UK next week to bring you some brand new items, as well as some that you may have been swooning over from our HSN previews here on the blog.

Be sure to tune in Friday, February 28th at 10 a.m., 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. BST for all of the fun (that’s 5 a.m., 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST for those of you who like to watch online in the U.S.).  Meanwhile, here’s a peek at a few things you’ll want to make sure to add to your shopping cart!

We are celebrating our big 20th Anniversary milestone all year long, and it’s your turn to get in on the festivities! We’ve compiled the most beautiful collection of our favorite stamps, stickers and scrapbook paper from the last two decades into 3 of my favorite kits of all time.

Another popular product we will have in tow is the Chalkboard Clear Stamp Kit. This stylish set includes 30 clear stamps reminiscent of classroom chalkboards, featuring fun type design and great sentiments for any occasion. These are so fun and will likely go fast, so don’t delay!

Last up is something that all of my fellow floral enthusiasts are going to love. We’ve taken the beautiful cottage roses in our latest Grace collection and put them on all of our craft storage items! These beautiful boxes will make spring cleaning and organizing seem like less of a chore, and are the perfect home for your crafting supplies, photos, magazines and more!

See you on February 28th!


  1. Posted by: Mary Hodges
    Hi Anna I too am looking forward to your QVC UKvisit I do so hope I can watch it missed your last one and I do love your products and with my Son being diagnosed with Terminal Cancer fortnight before xmas lost interest in anything but my daughter suggested I make cards for cancer trust so that has got me going again.Have a safe journey,happy anniversary,please visit the UK more often I can’t seem to get hold of your things as much as I would like even on American sites and an item I ordered from your own site for some reason after I had been waiting weeks for it got cancelled not by me yet it’s still showing on your web.Safe journey to Uk .Love Mary xx
  2. Posted by: Kathy Goski
    I so love your designs. I have an upcoming wedding for my daughter and so hope she sees the same uses for your products as I do so we can enjoy the DIY process of the wedding. I have been hit hard over the past 5 years with unemployment and plan to upgrade my Cricut to the explore when I am able. The good news about your designs being available in May for cart users is well received.
  3. Posted by: Theresa Buckles
    I also miss seeing you on QVC in the US – how do I access the QVC  UK via internet?  I have not been able to locate the website when I do the search.  Will you eventually offer those products via your own website?
  4. Posted by: Lyn Thorogood
    I’m emigrating to USA cos we don’t see enough of your lovely producs!
  5. Posted by: Paola V
    Dear Anna,
    Greetings from little old England.I am so looking forward to your forthcoming visit to the UK. As usual I have watching your US shows and dreaming about the gorgeous products and projects that I might be able to create with them. My daughter and I have used the wonderful die cuts to create beautiful wedding celebration cards. A couple of friends will be attending 13 weddings this year and naturally want to give handmade cards. We would still love to extend an open invitation to tea. As your shows are due to be on Friday I will be able to watch as I don’t work on Fridays. It will be lovely to see you back in the UK. I’m sure your huge British fan base will be watching with relish. Wishing you a safe journey and an enormously successful set of shows.
    Paola xx
  6. Posted by: Cynthia
    I too ordered during the Explore HSN event and am getting a delivery date of 4/2!  This seems abit lopsided to offer others this product on QVC and HSN with immediate delivery and a lower cost!  Please advise how we (your loyal HSN purchasers) can expedite our order!  This will be my 4th cricut and am hoping my choice to follow this line is correct.  Prior to hearing about the explore I had it in my mind a shilouette was my next purchase.
  7. Posted by: KymmLisa
    Anna, I believe someone else has mentioned the same thing I’m going to say.  When you unveiled the Explore, I was entering my credit card number into the checkout process, and before I could finish putting those numbers in a notice came up saying ” Product is Sold Out”  I was told I’d be on the waitlist, however when it does finally come in I will have to pay more and not have the option of flex pay.  How can I lose my Explore machine after it’s in my cart and on it’s way to being paid for?  I was and still am furious, not at you, it wasn’t your fault, but at HSN!  I will not be purchasing the Explore now, I refuse to give them my money!!
  8. Posted by: TeranceH
    Hi Anna, I am one of the male crafter that follow you like the caller you got on HSN, it was nice to here a male voice every once in a while. I and so excited about my Explorer if its going to be as easy as it looks on TV once i get it i might be using the party designs soon since i am turning 50 this summer i might start cutting party decor NOW in B&W and getting ready for some fun with decor and the masks idea that would be awesome fun for everyone to have.  And the invitations ideas i have from looking at the samples will be so impressive.  I will be watching you online for UK show and ready for your march show back here at home.  I am not a big flower guy but i do buy a few of those designs to use for my coworkers and MOM, they really enjoy them
  9. Posted by: Mary R.
    I’ll be watching online. Thanks for correcting the times for those of us in the US. Too bad QVC USA stopped selling crafts-I stopped being their customer when they cut the crafts and made the switch to HSN.
  10. Posted by: Penny K.
    Hi, Anna – This comment is somewhat different from the other posts, but I have a concern regarding the Cricut Explore and HSN. I ordered the Explore on your last visit and the launch of the machine. I am on extended delivery until 3/18. However, when I checked HSN today under Anna Grifffin I saw the Explore was available to order with a delivery date of 2/27. How is it possible to order the Explore NOW and have it delivered BEFORE those of us who ordered it on 2/12? I called Customer Service, and the rep I spoke with said the only way to get it prior to 3/18 was to cancel my original order, pay the higher price and order it now through HSN! Doesn’t seem fair to me – if the legions of faithful AG followers are astute enough to watch and order on “launch day” at the TSV price, why should we be penalized and have to wait longer to get our Explores? Very strange….It was my understanding that the reason we went into extended delivery mode was because Cricut could not produce the machines fast enough to meet the demand, BUT lo and behold – Magic! Cricut Explores are miraculously produced and are available for new consumers. Just sayin”….
  11. Posted by: Paula
    *** – the purple scrapbook layout/papers and flowers are absolutely STUNNING!!!  My wedding was in that colour – I was one of the first to have lilac in my area – when everyone else was in the throws of the peach era!!!  I love the colour of those papers and flowers.

    I can’t wait to see the chalkboard clear stamps because I’m a massive fan of your stamps, particularly the sentiment and greetings ones… they usually find their way either on the front or inside the card.

    Looking forward to you coming back to the UK Anna, have a safe trip here – see you on 28th.

    Paula x x x

  12. Posted by: Mary Scheidler
    Can Chalkboard Sentiments be purchased in the US? Will this product return to HSN?
  13. Posted by: Lin M.
    How exciting for your UK fans that you will be on QVC there. I hope you have safe travels and another successful trip!
    I’m looking forward to your March HSN shows – my calendar is marked. I absolutely love the purple sheets used in the scrapbook layout. Would you ever consider doing a smaller collection with purples like that? Or even 6 x 6 pages?
  14. Posted by: Cherry Cronly
    Dear Anna
    I’m so pleased you are coming to qvcuk next week and soo looking forward to what you are going to bring with you. My family love and cherish the cards I make with your kits.  I’ve made my first ever scrap book with pictures of my mum and dad’s golden wedding celebrations which mum loves to show friends and family. My beloved dad is no longer with us but the happy memories are alive in the book. Mum is 80 on Thursday and I would love to make  scrap book of her birthday celebrations. Hope you don’t leave it too long before you’re back in the uk again.
  15. Posted by: Roop
    Hi Anna,
    Am a big fan of yours, can’t wait to see you in QVC UK.Love all your designs . Have been drooling over your website. Last time you were here I bought just about everything! Card making is very therapeutic  and it goes to all my family and friends abroad.
  16. Posted by: Judi

    Dear Anna,

    Please consider making a Christmas set of 3 mini instant scrapbooks.  They would make lovely gifts, plus presents to oneself.  Thanks.

  17. Posted by: Jeanne
    I missed the chalkboard stamps so I watched for them when you brought them back.  I am not surprised they sold out again.
    i am thrilled with all the items I purchased since your last hsn appearance.  Thank you for being a perfectionist and bringing us the best of everything.
    looking forward to your March visit to hsn.
    Safe travels.
  18. Posted by: Heather Kenyon
    Love the purple layout!!! It is so beautiful!
  19. Posted by: Sharon S.
    I think these are beautiful.  I hope this is a peek of what we will have in March.  Simply Lovely.  What more can I say.
  20. Posted by: Annette J.

    WOW what a beautiful wedding layout and in shapes of purple.  A family friend got married and her colors were purple. I hope to make a framed picture for her using your idea and wonderful products.

    Looking forward to the UK show…wish you were doing it here with QVC AND HSN.  Good luck and keep making the wonderful products.

  21. Posted by: margaret driscoll UK
    Hello Anna!
    I am looking forward to seeing you on QVC…… it seems an age since you were here!
    Take care
  22. Posted by: Pat
    Hi Anna, Happy Anniversary! I bought a Cricut Explore with delivery scheduled for February 27th. I also missed your Chalkboard stamp set presented on HSN and wondered if you plan on featuring it on your March 24th show. Have a great trip.
  23. Posted by: Donna O
    Anna – why are you on QVC UK but not in the US?
  24. Posted by: Diane
    Thank goodness next week is nearly here.  I totally second all the comments about products/overdue visit and seeing and drooling over all the lovely stuff in HSN and we can’t get it.  I especially support the PLEASE BRING SCRAPBOOKS plea above!  I have MISSED you!
  25. Posted by: Joan Baker
    P.S.Please bring the 3 mini scrapbook albums to QVC…they look wonderful and I have photos waiting to go in them!!! Your ready made albums are one of my favourite products.

  26. Posted by: Margaret Clancy
    Looking forward to your shows Anna, it seems a very long time since, we have seen you. and the Items on the cards look great, so do your cards, but then you always do the best cards.
  27. Posted by: Debbie
    Will your chalk board stamps and inks be available? If yes, how I can I order then in the US?
  28. Posted by: Penny W
    Really looking forward to your QVC appearances on the 28th, Anna.  Having been enviously eyeing your HSN appearances and fabulous blossoming Cricut partnership, the date has long been marked in my calendar, (not in a stalky way!).  Am super-excited that the chalkboard stamps will be appearing … can’t wait to see what else appears, and to your endless inspiration.  Safe travels!
  29. Posted by: Pat Tams

    Your cabbage roses and flowery card blanks are my reliables when \I need a classy card in record time, they never let me down and the results are always fabulous. Looking forward to adding more to my Anna Griffin stock during your UK visit.

  30. Posted by: Joan Baker
    Can’t wait for all the beautiful products we can purchase. It is sad when we see all the lovely goodies on HSN and we can’t order them in England. Travel safely Anna and thank you in advance for making the long trip to QVC. I am your Number 1 fan in the U.K.
    Last time I was in America I purchased some of you fabulous Camilla  fabric…I love pretty….especially pink nd pretty.
    Thank you …..thank you…thank you.
  31. Posted by: Ellen
    All of it is needed especially the wedding papers how do you order from uk
  32. Posted by: Regina
    The layout of the bride and groom uses some of my favorite papers. I have used those papers for so many layouts! Love the storage boxes. They are a must have.
  33. Posted by: Donna W
    I have 3 weddings coming up next year.  Do you have a wedding card kit – that I can make 3 different cards for the three different grand daughters getting married.  Want a beautiful card to go with the gift.  Thanks
  34. Posted by: Mary Hagler
    Wow you never fail to amaze us!!! Beautiful offerings… How do we Oder from the US or will some things also be on hSN later in March or slightly different configurations ?
  35. Posted by: Jennifer Essad
    so many beautiful options for creating our keepsakes
  36. Posted by: Mary Helen Harris
    Have a safe trip. We will continue making cards for our families and friends while you are away!
  37. Posted by: Judy
    Happy anniversary!!!! I can’t wait to touch these goodies…
  38. Posted by: anita
    Great news – can’t wait, its been too long!
  39. Posted by: Cathy May
    Wow!  Do you ever stop!  I’m tired just trying to keep up with you.  Such wonderful products!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one of your products.  Never thought that I would get into card making but I truly enjoy it.  Everyone loves the cards that I have made them.  I can’t wait to be able to purchase more products.  I was truly caught up in how fast the Cricut Explores vanished when you debuted them.  Even my husband was amazed.  Can’t wait until you return in March.  Thanks for keeping us informed.