Our Biggest Giveaway Yet

Hi everyone!

This March, the magic number is 24.

On Monday, March 24th there will be 24 exciting hours of crafting on HSN. To celebrate, we thought we’d have our biggest giveaway yet!

That’s $2,400 in prize packages over the next four weeks! Yes, you heard that right- $2,400!

Here’s how it will work. Simply click here, like our Facebook page (if you haven’t already) and fill in your name and email address. We will draw one lucky winner every Friday for the next four weeks! We’ll also have special sneak peeks of all of our new collections every Tuesday right here on the blog.

By entering this week you’ll have a chance to win a complete set of Anna Griffin Craft Storage boxes in our new Grace pattern, along with our new Cuttlebug Tote Bag and new Rolling Craft Tote.  If your goal is to get organized then you definitely want to enter for this prize package, valued at over $400! We’ll draw a winner next Friday, February 28th at noon EST.

Here are the other prizes that will be up for grabs and when you’ll need to enter to win. I hope you are sitting down, because they are pretty incredible!

Prize 2
A Cricut Explore machine and 1 year subscription to Design Space – valued at $400 (Enter to win 2/28 to 3/7 – Winner drawn on 3/7 at 12 noon EST)

Prize 3
Every new Anna Griffin crafting item debuting on HSN’s 24 Hour Craft Day on March 24th – valued at $600 (Enter to win 3/7 to 3/14 – Winner drawn on 3/14 at 12 noon EST)

Prize 4
A complete set of Anna Griffin Craft Room Furniture – valued at $1,000 (Enter to win 3/14 to 3/21 – Winner drawn on 3/21 at 12 noon EST)

*Note: If you would like to enter for more than one prize, you will need to enter your name each week.

This is going to be so much fun! See you Tuesday for the first round of sneak peeks.


  1. Posted by: Cynthia
    Always out doing yourself Anna! Thank you for offering such wonderful products!
  2. Posted by: Jeannine
    Wow! What great prizes, Anna! Thank you so much for the exciting chance to win!
  3. Posted by: Madge McCulloch
    Your items and card kits are so gorgeous! I cannot wait for March 24th!! I can’t wait for all of the things to come of you and your amazing ideas!! See you soon!!!
  4. Posted by: Jasmine Ancheta
    Ohhhh this is sooooo exciting and amazing hoping ill win
  5. Posted by: Cheri Serrano
    I just wanted to thank you for all your beautiful craft items that you create.If I could only pick one designer ever for the rest of my life it would be Anna Griffin without a second thought you Might Are The Best!!!!
  6. Posted by: Vinita

    I don’t have words enough after seeing this bountiful candy giveaway.It will be a dream come true if I win.


  7. Posted by: Monica
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your product line. You have provided us with so many gorgeous craft items that have enhanced the craft world tremendously. It would be fantastic to receive any of these beautiful gifts. I am very excited of the opportunity to take part in this Anna Griffin Giveaway. Counting the days until March 24th to see what new & exciting things you have for us.
  8. Posted by: Terry Horsch
    Very excited about a chance to win such great prizes thanks for giving us a chance to win
  9. Posted by: Lindsay Fekitoa
    Loving the styling of everything you do!
  10. Posted by: Sherrie
    When you unpack your new Cricut Explore an hook it up to your computer there will be a link to connect to the right portion of Cricut’s website.  You register using the same sign in as your Cricut.com account using the same email – same log in and password.  Then all the cartridges you have linked to Cricut “Craftroom” will automatically be available in the Design Space for the Explore.  So it should be easy, I will let you know.

    Sherrie Yosh

  11. Posted by: Sherrie
    I am waiting now everyday for the delivery of the Cricut Explore.  The other day I looked on line at the comments on some other cutting machines.  On each product there were owners who had problems or had an issue.  Like any product until it gets out into the general population the flaws or difficulties will not show up, but Cricut did a lot of pre-testing among the craft bloggers for their input.  With all the product research I am hoping that those of you who ordered it will have a smooth first operation and a good experience with the Cricut Explore. (No I do not work for Cricut.)  I think I will be in a learning curve for a few days and then be flying through my designs.  If I do not I will call tech support and hopefully get the right information to solve my problems.  I have found those nice people at Cricut have been patient and very helpful.  Sherrie Yosh
  12. Posted by: Sherrie Yoshimura
    I have a big sign on both my laptop and my IPAD for the 24th of March.  This way I am sure not to forget you when you will be on HSN.  Looking so forward to it.  Just received today your auto-ship of card kits.  Looks wonderful and very appealing to women. Can’t wait to dive in and see what I can create.  Thank you Anna and your team for creating this wonderful kits for us.  Sherrie Yosh
  13. Posted by: Shelley Harden
    I am loving you stuff. Great prizes .
  14. Posted by: Robin
    I Love all your designs! I get excited everytime Anna comes out with something new!!!
    I’m looking forward to March 24th… Love y’all…
  15. Posted by: barbara stover
  16. Posted by: Georgia
    Love your crafting supplies. Wish I could enter the drawing without going thru Facebook!
  17. Posted by: Pamela McKithen
    Anna, First let me start by saying what a huge fan I am of yours. I have watched you since you were on QVC. I have some of your old punches and your Iris Folding Kits which I really love to make. Wish you would do some Iris Folding Kits for HSN.  I am so excited about your give away. Would really like to win something. Keep bringing us beautiful designs.
  18. Posted by: Cathy May

    Dear Anna:

    Thank you so much for all that you do for us.  I can’t believe that you are hosting yet another giveaway.  Your kindness and generosity is endless. Just loved your olive green dress on HSN in February.  It actually looked like it could have been one of your patterned papers.  Can’t wait until March 24th.

  19. Posted by: Sabrina
    Mrs Anna Griffin I was wondering if there will be a comeback on HSN with your chalkboard stamps Sadily I missed out on them the first airing I have been surching for them every where  thank you
  20. Posted by: Marissia Seals
    I recently took on the task of organizing my father in laws photos, ect.  He had passed several years ago and I kept putting it off, it made me feel like he was really gone.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered he had kept every card his family had sent to him.  When I ordered the card set for men, it was bitter sweet.  All I could think of is how he would treasure one of those. I had almost thoughtlessly picked out those cards, now I realize what they really meant to him, what we meant to him.
  21. Posted by: Cathy van Vollenstee
    These prizes are what dreams are made of!  I am crossing anything and everything that will cross till the end of this competition!!!!
  22. Posted by: arlene
  23. Posted by: Marilyn
    I’m so excited to see what you have for us on March 24th.  Thank you for the chance to win some awesome prizes. I would enjoy any of them.  I just finished making 35 Christmas cards and now am anxiously awaiting some new items that I ordered from HSN so I can make more. I’m retired and if I had as much money as I had time it would be great.  Thanks Anna for all your great things.
    Marilyn C.
  24. Posted by: Kay Mitchell
    In my wildest dreams!
  25. Posted by: HollyG

    Hello Miss Anna & Co!

    The fun and excitement never end with your creativeness!

    Looking forward to all the previews…and March 24th!

    Give Georgie a hug from me and tell “the crew” hello!

    Sure looks like  busy times ahead for you and your team, thank you!

    Stay healthy and happy!

  26. Posted by: Betsy Carty
    Everything is so beautiful. Your generosity is almost overwhelming. But it is you Anna. You will be blessed for it. Thank you for the contest. I await the next the next show with joy. Oh yeah, Cricut did a great job answering questions about the Explore. Just a few more days till it arrives 🙂 Blessings. Betsy
  27. Posted by: barbara macaskill
    WOW!! LOVE all 4 of these prize packages and would love to be the lucky winner or ANY of them!! Your storage boxes are gorgeous and they would look beautiful  in my craft room!! I am somewhat of a storage box addict and these are just divine!! Thank you for the chance to win such amazing prizes!!!! Your generosity is mind blowing!!! Good luck to all who enter!!
  28. Posted by: Cassidy Sanborn
    So excited for this giveaway! Such great prizes!
  29. Posted by: Bobbi
    Hi Anna….Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your fabulous products. I’m so happy you’ve put out the new “Grace” pattern. What I’ve done in the past is buy something to suit my space needs and repainted/stenciled to the colors I like. Happy happy. : )
  30. Posted by: Rosann DuChette
    Absolutely love your products!  Can’t wait until March craft month!!
    So generous of you!  Maybe you can straighten Bieber out by getting him into crafting when he moves to Buckhead!!!
  31. Posted by: Bianca
    All my alarms and notifications are set for the next Month!! All my crafting buddies are on stand by! New toys!!
  32. Posted by: Annie Laura Pence
    Yeee Haaw!  What a gal, Anna Griffin and her company of Team Workers. Ya’ll are terrific.  This giveaway is FANTABULOUS!!!
    Looking forward to seeing all the new goodies on HSN in March. I’m also waiting to get my autoship cards, “For Him”….need to get some birthday cards made soon! Hugs to All and Many THANKS
  33. Posted by: Carol
    Thank you Anna for offering these amazing giveaways … I love them all!
  34. Posted by: Teresa Schumacher
    These are the best giveaways ever!  I could never justify spending hundreds of dollars on the new Cricut, but I would not mind WINNING it!  I will definitely be asking for March 24 off so that I can scrapbook and watch Anna on HSN.  I fear I’m turning into a kind of Anna Griffin junkie!  Until then, happy crafting, everyone!
  35. Posted by: Barbara Inabnit
    I usually don’t participate in these types of giveaways. I love Anna Griffin’s products so much, I’m willing to take a chance of winning.
  36. Posted by: Gloria Wright
    Pity UK residents not eligible.
  37. Posted by: Susan T
    I want a Cricut so bad!! Thanks for a chance to win one.
  38. Posted by: Mary R.
    Anna, All I can say is WOW!! I’m looking forward to the 24 hour craft
    fair on HSN (always watch your segments). Thanks for your generous opportunity to win prizes–they are spectacular! Can’t wait to see what else AG & Provo Craft have in store for us in 2014.
  39. Posted by: Marlishia Carey
    Ms. Anna this is an awesome giveaway. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
  40. Posted by: Patty
    AWESOME…Oh my am I dreaming? Please dont wake me…what a generous giveaway!!! Not to my surprise because you have a <3 of gold 🙂 Hopefully we will see some “Georgie” items! Your stamp binders are my new favorites and really need extra sleeves!!!
    Have a Wonderful Week!