HSN March 24th Sneak Preview 1 – All Things Storage

Hi everyone!In case you missed the big news on Friday,  let me fill you in! For the next four weeks, we will not only preview all of our brand new items for HSN’s 24 Hour Craft Day on March 24th, but we will also give all of it and more away to 4 lucky winners!

Here’s a sneak peek at what great new things we’re giving away this week.

First up, we’ve decked out our craft room storage solutions in a beautiful new graphic rose pattern from our Grace Collection. This essential set includes nesting document boxes, card boxes, paper organizers, storage trays, magazine holders and embossing folder storage that will inspire you to get organized! This sturdy storage is constructed from laminated 300 point board, which gives it unmatched quality and durability.

Next is a brand new home for your Anna Griffin Cuttlebug! We wanted to design the perfect little handbag for your golden bugs to carry to scrapbooking events, card making parties or anywhere you need to tote your crafting necessities.  There are even extra pockets inside for your embossing folders!

Finally is our new Rolling Craft Tote with 4 storage bags.  This chic black bag is made of the same leather like material as the Cuttlebug bag, and the inserts allow you to easily store all of your tools, punches, ink pads and more. Or, you can remove the inserts and use it for travel. It’s so versatile!

Don’t forget to enter to win this fabulous prize package valued at over $400 by clicking here! If you are viewing the giveaway from a computer, you can also visit facebook.com/annagriffininc and click the pink “Enter to Win” tab at the top of our page.  We will draw a winner this Friday!

Thanks to our partners at Cricut, next week’s prize and previews are about the Explore!
See you then,


  1. Posted by: Helen Hayes
    Will be hard to wait for 24 March.  So excited.  Always lovely new crafting creations.
  2. Posted by: Pamela Neal

    Thank you for all the enjoyment I get out of giving cards and the people I give them to.

    Truly enjoying your products

  3. Posted by: Kim E.
    Are you going to be selling anymore of the cuttlebug embossing box inserts that hold the extra folders? They came 30 in a package.  I really need and want a couple more packs and they are sold out on HSN.   Please,Please!!! Thanks
  4. Posted by: Anita Braddock
    Awesome prizes thanks for the chance to win such Elegant products.
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  7. Posted by: Carolyn Shema
    Love all you products and looking forward to all the new items.
    But I agree about the Facebook stuff.  There should be other ways
    to win.
  8. Posted by: Diane Cecil
    Hi Anna,  sitting here with my parents at the hospital waiting on moms labs.  Thought I would let you know how much I love your products.  My granddaughters 3&4 yrs. old love to use the cuttlebug and your ink and stamps.  But mamaw is stingy, they don’t get to use my pretty Anna paper!
  9. Posted by: Jennifer W.


    But why must I go on Facebook and say this for a chance to enter your givaways?  You have so many loyal fans who express that they like you and your products on this blog, not to mention how quickly things sell out on HSN !?!  Please offer an alternative giveaway method.  Will be watching on the 24th, been wanting a stylish home for my AG Cuttlebug, thought I was gonna have to make one – Thanks.

  10. Posted by: Merrie O.
    I wish there was a way for you to include those of us that are not on Facebook–please consider!
  11. Posted by: Merrie O.
    I love the new Grace pattern storage and the Cuttlebug storage I need really bad!!  The rolling tote to match is sooo much wanted by me!  It’s elegant!
  12. Posted by: nancy p

    these next four week giveaways are so wonderful.  thank you for all of the great products you bring out. cant wait till I get my new stuff this week.  should be so much fun to play next week..

    thank you for the opportunity to win.

  13. Posted by: Cheerie
    I’m excited to see the set! & which host ur working with
  14. Posted by: barbara macaskill
    ***! If I won this storage prize package I would keep the rolling tote organizer packed with items that my hubby could bring to me when I am in the hospital. What a pleasure it would be to be able to craft when I am there so that I don’t go stir crazy!!! With this tote I wouldn’t have to try to explain to him what I want him to bring because it would already be packed and waiting to come save me. He wouldn’t even be embarrassed bringing it because the tote is so stylish!!! I LOVELOVELOVE the Cuttlebug bag also! What a sweet pair!! Then you go and throw in those awesome floral storage pieces and I am swooning!!! I am sending up prayers hoping that I see my name this Friday so I will be the most stylish crafter around!!
  15. Posted by: Leslie
    Would love to be a winner, but I have no desire to go on facebook. I am too private of a person to post my life out there. I love my privacy more than all your lovely products. Oh well, I can at least see you on HSN
  16. Posted by: Sofia Schultz
    What great items!!!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!
  17. Posted by: Billie Williams
    This is fantastic.  I love all of your stuff.  I watch every time you are on HSN.
  18. Posted by: Carolyn Hensel
    LOVE the PATTERN.. another hit !  Yay!
  19. Posted by: Carolyn Hensel
    LOVE the PATTERN.. another hit !  Yay!
  20. Posted by: Karen Brown
    Anna, I purchased your cuttlebug a few months ago and LOVE it…so much fun!!! I love these bags and will be proud to carry it. LOL 🙂 🙂
  21. Posted by: Linda Valoy
    Anna, you  make me want to join face facebook   so I would have a chance to win some of your prizes.  I know I  would not win anyway and I don’t want to waste my time on facebook when I could be crafting  with your products. Will see you on HSN.
  22. Posted by: Sue W
    Is there any way we could get a ballpark price on the Cuttlebug TSV on the 24th.  This way I can put money back for that date.
    I also want that bag.  Lov it.  It looks so rich.  Anna you are not only beautiful on the outside but, on the inside too.Thanks so much

  23. Posted by: tyanne
    Looks wonderful.  What else would we expect.  Everything you do is beautiful.3Esnb
  24. Posted by: Mary B
    Beautiful items, I’d love to show up at Scrapbook camp with these, the others would be so jealous!
  25. Posted by: Mary B
    Love your style, very classy, lady!
  26. Posted by: Jane
    Love this bag!!
  27. Posted by: Stephanie Wood
    Fantastic products!  I love them all!
  28. Posted by: Kimberley
    I can’t believe it!  I’ve wanted your Cuttlebug forever and now it’s going to be the today’s special!!!!!!! ***!!! I haven’t been this excited about a craft show in a very long time. Thank you so much for the great values you give us. The Cuttlebug will be mine. Disabled folks live on a very limited budget.  I can’t wait to see how amazing the price will be.  I just know it will be the best ever!
  29. Posted by: Toni
    All I can say is WOW! What an awesome give away.
  30. Posted by: Julia Ann
    Those bags & containers are amazing & that Cuttlebug bag is so much nicer than the box it came with!  My Cuttlebug has been in and out of that white box so many times, the box is falling apart!
  31. Posted by: Terry Horsch
    Love those bags it would be nice to have!
  32. Posted by: Sarah Biswabic Your storage products are wonderful! Not only do they function, they are so beautiful!
  33. Posted by: Julie Fallon Love the sleek, sophisticated look of the bags!
  34. Posted by: Carol Savacchio Counting the days!
  35. Posted by: Julie S Hi Anna, Everything you are giving away is Great! I’m not on face book, is there any other way to enter for those of us that are not on face book
  36. Posted by: Yvonne Hi Anna, Sure would love all of your wonderful storage supplies.They look so pretty.Good luck to all.
  37. Posted by: Julie F I just love how beautiful these are. I would love to have a set of these for my own. Gorgeous!  Can’t wait till HSN craft day I just know you will have lots of goodies, I love everything you design!
  38. Thanks Anna for keeping us  inspired!
  39. Posted by: Florence bonney Enjoying making cards from Anna’s card sets. Gets me through snowy days too…..
  40. Posted by: Valerie H Great new storage items. The floral design is gorgeous. Crossing my fingers on giveaways!! Can’t wait until March 26 to see & get products! 🙂

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