Cricut Explore Sneak Peek 4

Preparations here at Anna Griffin Inc. for the launch of Cricut Explore are coming to a close…we are officially 5 days away from the world launch!  This will be my last post until I see you on February 12th at Midnight because I’ve got most exciting Crafting Party of the Year to create on HSN!Thank you for all the wonderful comments this week. I had no idea that when I mentioned re-purposing your old machines that you would all be so adamant about keeping each and every one that you’ve ever purchased! What an endorsement for the Cricut brand!

I wish I had something to give all of you today, but the winner for this weeks box of Cricut goodies is Susan Stogner. Congratulations! Your comment made me laugh out loud. Using your old Cricut as a planter and as a piece of jewelry was priceless!

Now, on to the preview..
The Anna Griffin content in Design Space is all about Party Planning – that’s right, Splendid and Sophisticated Soirees from beginning to end!

Gorgeous cutting files for intricate invitations and 4 fonts with icons.

110 designs in total to make favor boxes, place mats, doilies…

and the most beautiful party decor ever….it’s breathtaking!

This is the layout of just a few of the themes. See, you start with the invitation and then make cupcake wrappers, treat bags, personalized labels and even greeting cards!

Those of you that know HSN, know that the fun doesn’t stop here – there’s an autoship option, so you can make perfect parties all year long!

Now that was worth waiting for, right?!!!
Tell me what you think below and I’ll see you on Wednesday!


  1. Posted by: Bob H
    Anna smashes doubters! Gosh, the pressure AG must’ve felt going into his launch; no wonder she was in tears at the end of the HSN shows. That was the sweetest moment in recent TV, and the critics will just have to try to find this technology combined with AG’s designs at a comparable price. I have a silver bullet die cutting machine but it just isn’t as useful to me without AG’s artwork. So I have a diamond tipped cutting blade but absolutely no inspiration. I just cannot imagine a crafting world without AG. Best Wishes. Bob
  2. Posted by: LoriGC
    I posted my comments yesterday but for some reason it is not there I did purchase the Explore because of you but I’m still in the dark as to all the features. I am so disappointed with HSN they know from previous years that whenever you bring a products it sell out. I felt that they did not allow enough time for your demos and most of us tape your demos and that is what we look forward to. I am sure you will probably have additional detailed demos for us but we still expect HSN to do better. If it wasn’t that your name was attached to it I would not have gotten it because I needed to convince myself  as to why I need another Cricut machine since I have four already.
  3. Posted by: Jane
    Congratulations on the launch!  I think YOU were successful, and some of the hosts… but like others have said, the host during your first couple of presentation was not helpful.  Since I had researched the Explore prior to the launch, I knew I was going to purchase one… so the host had no affect on me other than irritation.  The other presentations were great because you were allowed to demonstrate and explain the tool, and show more of your designs!

    Thank goodness I stayed up late to watch the launch and order at the stroke of midnight!  I am sssooooo looking forward to crafting with this new wonder tool.  Thank you Anna!!!

  4. Posted by: Elizabeth O.
    Hello Anna,
    Loved the products today.  Was looking forward to purchasing Explore on my break today. Without going into self pity mode I wasn’t able to get the Explore and HSN had sold out by around 3:00 P.M. central time. HSN said “I have to put it on my Wishlist and they’ll advise when one comes in”. Highly unlikely with this bundle.
    My question is for those of us that missed out on the Launch of  Explore. Why are you not able to have a raincheck type system until midnight of the special sale day. That way all would have a fair chance to purchase an Item they really wanted but weren’t able to get to until later in the day.  Is there anyway that we could raincheck this item even if we had to wait for a later delivery date. In case of a miracle, I would have loved to get the Explore with  Autoship. Love your products Anna.
    Respectfully, Elizabeth
  5. Posted by: Jeanne
    I felt bad for you that hsn was not at all prepared for your launch. That blabbering host wasted so much time and wasn’t clear about the machine, accessories or what to order. When I called to order, that guy didn’t know anything either!  I love your products and appreciate your input in each products.  The errors were the fault of hsn. Hosts who interrupt your demonstration and disrespect you shouldn’t be allowed near you.
    yes, many of us feel protective toward you.
  6. Posted by: Pat
    Why no actual cutting demo….on a show that operates on a demo based platform?  Also, have to say that cut for the “purse” is really beneath AG standards…zoom in on pic…lots of tatters!

  7. Posted by: kata cinta
    a very beautiful invitation.

    Good luck on your launch.  I can’t wait!

  8. Posted by: Heidi
    6 hours and 18 minutes.

Cricut Explore Sneak Peek 3

Hi everyone!

With only 8 days remaining until the crafting party of the year on HSN, we are cutting up a storm here and around the country! While I can’t show you everything yet, here’s a preview of the Anna Griffin party art (Splendid Soirees and Sophisticated Soirees and Soiree Lettering) that comes with the very special HSN shipment of Cricut Explore! To really see this awesome machine in action you will have to tune in to HSN on February 12th.  We will be with you all day long demonstrating its amazing features and all of our new designs. I can’t wait!

Many of you have asked if our new party designs will be sold separately and the answer is yes – BUT here’s the skinny…

In May – we hope to have the Splendid and Sophisticated Soirees and Fonts available digitally on Design Space and Cricut Craft Room. Physical cartridges of this artwork will be available to purchase sometime this Summer.

After reading through all of your comments last week, the post that was the most clever and inspiring to me was the poem from Pam M. Congratulations! We are sending you a Cricut tool kit, an assortment of vinyl and iron on materials and a 3-pack of 12×12 cutting mats!.

On Friday we’ll have one last video preview and another Cricut prize package giveaway! Want a chance to win? I have a feeling once you see the Explore in action you are going to have to have it! Comment below naming all the ways you can think of to re-purpose your old machines!

See you later!


  1. Posted by: Mary R
    I’d keep it and use it in another part of my house since it is not internet/computer dependent. There is nothing wrong with my E, so no need to ditch it.
  2. Posted by: Chassity B
    Love my cricut. Order the new one yesterday, can’t wait to get it in April. 🙁 I use my old one for school, home and church. I am going to be a bit selfish and sell my old one to help pay for the new one. But I could really use the supplies to help with what I buy and use. I have taken mine to school and it helps so much.
  3. Posted by: Karen M
    Hi Anna,
    I’ve very happy with my Expression and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get the new one – waiting patiently!!  Love-love-love!!

  4. Posted by: Kathy McCullar
    You all are so generous by donating your Cricuts to schools and churches or passing them down to children and grandchildren.  Sorry folks, I’m going to be selfish.  I have had my Expression 1 since the first year it came out and we have been through a lot together. I’m just not emotionally prepared to part with her.  In my local scrapbooking club, I am the go-to girl for Cricut assistance. Since most of my club-mates have the Create or Expression, I am going to keep my old machine for instruction. Also, I’m not going to drag my new machine to weekend retreats where it can get damaged. So I plan to keep my original Expression and my new Explore. I will gift to someone else if and when the need arises.
  5. Posted by: Eliset
    I would give to my grandaughters Christian School, they always have special events Like Grandparents Day (which I really enjoy) and I believe the children would really enjoy using the Cricut
  6. Posted by: Kristen Brink
    I know exactly how I would repurpose my E2… my granddaughter, Amaya is seven and has recently become old enough to begin learning to scrapbook.  She has waited a long time for this craft <the kids have had crafts since they were wee ones> so its been an exciting time for us both.  She gets to come out to the woods, where her Mima <me> lives… and we spend alone time, having jammed… favorite foods… craft time.  I am passing down my craft to her and she loves it!

    I have to leave soon… this summer.  My dad is now eighty five and I am going to move away to be near him during these final years together.  I would love it if my father could live his entire life, at home.

    I know he needs and will appreciate my being there. there really isn’t any question.  But, in leaving to help my father it means leaving my children and grandchildren who have been able to come to their “Mima’s” whenever they wanted… living just one hour away.

    This time in our lives feels like we are learning how to find a new path to being content in life as well as re discover our relationships, with distance.  You could think of it as… being between the rock and the hard place.  Going to where… my heart has belongs and yet leaving where… my heart belongs.  Its bitter sweet to say the least.

    I would leave my E2 with Amaya… and spend time online with her, after I have moved and can no longer be physically there for her.
    She in her and her Mom’s craft room, me in mine… so we could still have our time together, scrapping.

    Me teaching… leaving her a part of me that I have loved sharing with her… She learning… leaving with memories of her lifetime <I hope> a little something from the old woman who adores her.

    Lessons i learned from my grandparents are lessons’s I have never forgotten…

  7. Posted by: Leanne Mc
    My decision would be easy.  My daughter recently graduated with her degree in Elementary Education and she would definitely benefit from one of my “old” machines.  We just had a princess party for my granddaughter and two of the machines were busy cutting out all of the crowns, banners, etc.  I cant wait to see all of the new designs you came up with.  It is a shame to have to wait until summer to purchase the Splendid and Sophisticated cartridges.  Thanks for a chance to win a wonderful machine!
  8. Posted by: Jennifer H.
    Hhmmm…It’d take a lot of arm twisting (cause I can’t bear to part with any of my Cricut machines ;b) but if I had to re-purpose old machines, I’d probably donate them to a local church, school or orphanage. I think they’d have a blast crafting up a storm (decorations, bookmarks and cards- oh my). Looking forward to the 12th and seeing what awesome projects the new Cricut Explore can do- Thanks!
  9. Posted by: Susan Stogner
    I only own the 1st 6 x 12 cricut.  I was a little late getting the cricut so I only have the “best of” cartridges and Anna’s cartridge.  I was thinking about ways to re-purpose my cricut.  I could possibly arrange some silk flowers in it, use it as a shelf for my handful of cartridges, a door stop or even better as a necklace.  You know the chunkier and bigger your jewelry these days the better.  There is a drawback to that because it would probably be to heavy and would catch food if I wore it out to dinner and would definitely be to much bling to wear with my pjs!!  I’m just kidding!  I have mentioned before that I have 2 beautiful little granddaughters that live next door. They both love to craft especially the older one who is a special needs child. Her physical abilities are limited but she loves the cricut.  I would give one to them and let them take their choice! What a wonderful Valentine’s gift it would be for them! Thanks Anna, to you and your staff for all your wonderful products!  Keep them coming!
  10. Posted by: Maw J
    Some of the ways I could re purpose my old machines are to donate to a local school, church, library, nursing home, senior center, or daycare. All of these are on limited budgets and could use one! I will have to check to see who is on the most limited budget and would get the most use out of the machine! It would be like one of my own growing up and moving on to other things! I am excited about the new Explore and cannot wait to see it in action! Marked the 12th on my calander
  11. Posted by: Cindy Anderson

    Hello Miss Anna & Georgie boy~

    I just love everything about Anna Griffin line of quality crafting items and of course little sweet Georgie’s pictures. He is just soooo cute looking. Can’t wait to see the new Cricut machine and all of your new products on HSN this week. I wish Anna, that I could win something, just one of your beautiful items on your contest. (oh well, I will keep trying). Keep up the great work and look forward to crafting with all my A.G. products that I already have. I thank you sooo much and please have a fantastic day.

    Sincerely, Cindy

  12. Posted by: Nancy Iverson


    I sold the original Cricut 2 years after I bought it on Ebay.  Why?  The shapes and designs available just did not have the sophistication I was looking for.  So, now, I am ready, because of you, to reinvest with Cricut!

    Nancy in Colorado

  13. Posted by: Sue H.
    Looking forward to the new Explore!  I don’t have a Cricut yet but would enjoy having one.  So much fun to create beautiful papercrafting projects.
  14. Posted by: Lois
    Being an absolute novice for anything CRICUT, but not a novice for your Cuttlebug and everything to do with card making, I am so looking forward to the HSN presentations in order to learn and add the Explorer to my ever expanding Anna Griffin hobby room I have.
  15. Posted by: Claudia
    I have 3 cricuts and the gypsy.  I would have to keep one expression and the gypsy, but would give the other two to the Hospice organization I volunteer with.  They would have many many uses for them.  I really really love your designs and admire your creativity Anna!  Thanks for a chance to win a prize.
  16. Posted by: Karen
    HaChoo!!!!   Yep, that’s me practicing for the illness that’s going to keep me from working on the 12th of February!!!  I have no choice but to get the new Explore, my daughter has already made space in her home for my Expression!  My only question is what else Anna is bringing that I also won’t be able to live without, can’t wait!!!
  17. Posted by: Laurel
    I will be giving my E2 to our Local Veteran’s home, they are often forgotten when people think about donating things, I have some extra cartridges that are doubles that I will be donating along with it.  I am donating my mini to ENCOR which is an agency that works with individuals with disabilities.  I will be keeping my Imagine until the 2nd quarter and then find another place to donate it.
  18. Posted by: Donna
    I donated my old expression to the church so they can use to make their bulletin boards and for kids’ projects..
  19. Posted by: Jennifer Essad
    a few places would benefit: our church youth group, our girl scout troop, our band boosters, our public school arts class – my daughter would love it too!
  20. Posted by: ShanieC
    I plan on donating my old E2 to a recent teacher graduate!!! I can think of no better tool than to have a cutting machine to leave at school for her little hands to enjoy. The person I have in mind will be teaching K-5, any grade she can get and currently works as a sub almost daily. In the Spring I think having a machine with some added in cartridges will be wonderful.
    I plan on donating my second E to the local ladies club, we are avid community helpers and this just might be the push the ladies club needs to help out our monthly donations? Perhaps even our yearly yard sale!!!
  21. Posted by: Cindy
    I love my Cricut expression and use it all time! It is my favorite tool to use and would be lost without it.  I am so excited to see the new Explorer on the 12th 🙂
  22. Posted by: Penny Kitzmiller
    I am going to donate my Cricut Expression to my Church, so that the Sunday school teachers can cut items for their class stories. Also if any banners or other items are needed to decorate the sanctuary. They are going to be blown away with all they can do with it!
  23. Posted by: Mary Esser

    So Excited !!!!!

    Anna, I can not wait to see the new products you have been chatting about.   I love all your products, I have two rolling 4 draw units, filled with Anna Griffin.   My grand kids love you too!

    See you on HSN,   Feb 12,   🙂

  24. Posted by: Linda McQuade
    I don’t have any cricuts, so I use my daughters when she isn’t using it.  Oh I would love to have one of my own. This looks exciting and can’t wait to see the presentation.  Love your designs Anna.
  25. Posted by: Grandma Juanita
    Hello everyone, all this talk about the explorer has me looking at every website to get as many questions and answers to the new machine. I love all my cricuts (orginial, Expressions, Imagine). I work for a non-profit employer, and we help disabled persons become independent in their own apts and such. I help the craft  leader on craft day (and when she in on vacation) my bringing in my Cricut to the class room and making all kinds of projects (Christmas cards for our soliders, birthday cards for all our consumers during the year, and ideas with the Cricut for their craft fairs they go to). I enjoy watching their faces light up when an idea pops up, on ways that they can use it. I have always tried to inspire my children, friends and family to use their creative genes!!!  And they also love all the Cuttlebug can do as well as the embossing folders, too!!!
  26. Posted by: Della
    I love my Cricut Machines. I do not want to give them away but add the Cricut Explore to my craft room. If I give one away it will be to my granddaughter’s school. I decorate at my church a lot and depend on my Cricut Machines for design. So I am looking forward to seeing this machine in action. Thank you for showing this to us.
  27. Posted by: Tanya Thompson
    I love, love, love my cricuts! I have an E, an AE2, the Cake, the Gypsy, and the Baby Bug! I would re-purpose my AE2 to my daughter who is finishing up college for a Teaching Degree (she wants to teach high school advanced math). She already uses the BBug for her reports but I would give her the big one for her classroom! We already share the Craft Room with all my cartridges (you are allowed 2 computers)…She is a whiz! Thanks for the chance to win something really neat and I can’t wait for the 12th! Go Anna!!!
  28. Posted by: Melody B
      I would be so delighted to win anything Anna Griffin, (if) I was to win the Explore..I know 2 grade school teachers, that would love to have my old one in their class room!!.. But as I said I would be delighted to win anything..   Thank You for being, such a generous.Person!
  29. Posted by: Chris R
    I am keeping my old machines..and my gypsy as well. I own the original Silhouette machine..which I think the Explore is a copycat so I do not need the Explore.  My question is are the 50,000 designs parts of all the existing cartridges? I cannot imagine them to be brand new. In this economy enough is enough no matter how great something is …Wish you would have the cartridge on and not wait until the summer…Bought your xmas one and was thoroughly delighted as I am with your embossing folders.
  30. Posted by: Chris R
    I am keeping my old machines..and my gypsy as well. I own the original Silhouette machine..which I think the Explore is a copycat so I do not need the Explore.  My question is are the 50,000 designs parts of all the existing cartridges? I cannot imagine them to be brand new. In this economy enough is enough no matter how great something is …Wish you would have the cartridge on and not wait until the summer…Bought your xmas one and was thoroughly delighted as I am with your embossing folders.
  31. Posted by: Sue
    Give it my beautiful daughter!
  32. Posted by: DebIsley
    Would love to win this. Don’t have one yet. Love Anna products.
  33. Posted by: Adrianne Braun
    I love my Cricut.  The best way I could repurpose it would be to donate it to a library or school in need!
  34. Posted by: Andi

    I have 2 machines, the expression2 and the mini.  I will be keeping them for now.  Can’t wait for Feb. 12th!  I will decide then which machines, if any, will find another home.

  35. Posted by: Cathy
    Wow!  I could use design space with my Cricut.  I am relatively new to crafting and need all the help I can get.  I could use the images and icons for SB, cards, monograms and labels.  Wish me luck!
  36. Posted by: Anne Dupre
    I own an explorer and I think I will keep it to let any of my scrapbooking buddies use if because some of them only own the smaller cricut can’t wait to see the new Explorer. I do have 1 question what happen when you change computers will you still get to put the new software on the new computer I am thinking on purchase a new computer soon.
  37. Posted by: Anna Griffin
    Annette – Please provide your email address or phone number so that we can contact you. You have neglected to do this in all of your posts. Our office phone number is 404-817-8170 if you prefer to call.
  38. Posted by: Julie C Fallon
    The Homeless Shelter in town could use a Cricut since there are a lot of school children there & when projects are due my kids have our Cricut running all day! That’s where mine will go
  39. Posted by: Amy W.
    I wouldn’t give my old Expression away because of needing my cricut when I don’t have internet access. I need access to it 24/7 and would not be without! LOVE it! Also it would not be able to replace my Imagine. That machine is tool all it’s own when it come to creating. If I did have one to give away it would be to my children’s school! I always donate my time to cut things out for my children’s teachers. I know they could use it. I do see myself owning one of these someday and will watch HSN to see it in action and all the loveliness of what you created for it to cut. From the sneak peaks I can see it seems to cut details with precision! If I had the $$$ to buy it on the 12th I would ! Would so love to create some splendid creations with it!!! Thanks for all your great creations Anna!
  40. Posted by: Cheerie
    I could only think of 1 place to send my machine. My family is originally from 2 small tropical islands. 1 of them just opened its 1st public library. It’s nothing fancy like the ones here but the kids are excited about it no less. I’d send mine there! The schools don’t have libraries so anyone can come to the public library to use it, even teachers!