March 24th Sneak Preview 4

The countdown is on! 24-Hour Craft Day on HSN is just six short days away.  Join us on March 24th at Midnight, 12 p.m., 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST to see all of our new collections (including the Today’s Special) and learn some fun new techniques to enhance your handmade projects! It’s going to be such a fun day.

We saved five final sneak peeks for you today, so let’s get started!

First up…Our new 12” Beautiful Border Stickers, featuring 96 of the most stunning borders that will become your “go-to” set for any project. We’ve added intricate details like die cut edges and gold foil stamping to these for that extra wow factor. Layer them, pleat them or even emboss them.  The possibilities are endless!

You can never find enough ways to say happy birthday, so we thought we’d put all the celebratory sentiments you’d ever need in one place! Our new Birthday Clear Stamps include 22 unique designs and phrases for sending birthday wishes!  You can use these on the inside or outside of cards, use multiple stamps on scrapbook pages or even combine sentiments to create a longer message.

For those of you who have been waiting for a new all occasion card kit, you will not be disappointed with what we have in store for you!  Our new Garden Window Card Kit features enough cards, layers and embellishments to make 48 beautiful cards for every occasion. A new feature about this kit is the die cut window frames and layers that give you the feeling of peering through a garden window. It’s truly springtime in a box and made for embossing and die cutting!

We’ll also have a great supplement to this card kit available on March 24th called Liners, Ribbons and Sentiments.  This kit is loaded with envelope liners, sentiment stickers and pre-tied satin bows. Best of all, you’ll get 40 oversized A8 envelopes for those highly embellished cards we love to make and send! You asked for it, you got it!

Okay, I feel like I am forgetting something…is that everything? Only kidding. It’s time to finally reveal the Today’s Special!

I’m so excited to debut the ultimate embossing and die cutting bundle for your Cricut Cuttlebug on March 24th. This must-have set includes sixteen embossing folders & borders, plus fourteen cutting dies! Each features intricate lace designs that will absolutely take your breath away. Guess what, the fun doesn’t stop there – I’ve created auto ship embossing and cutting bundles for the rest of the year – 4 in total! Each group has a different design theme and we’ve even got a new Christmas bundle in the mix.

Wouldn’t it be great to use your brand new embossing and die bundle while sitting in your brand new craft room full of Anna Griffin furniture? Thanks to our partners at SEI, all you have to do to win this prize package valued at $1,000 is click here and enter your name and email address.

We’ll pick one lucky winner and post your March 24th shopping list right here this Friday!

See you then!


  1. Posted by: Tina Few
    I am a retired art teacher and used your scrapbooking and card making ideas with my students.  We made cards to sell at Christmas for several years.  I showed the the possibly of making and creating something unique.  I shared examples and visual aids showing how you could layered  the cards.  I have collected you products since 1994. As you know they could not copy your work but just showing them what you could do inspired them to make a something unique and beautiful.  Now that I am retired, I have bought many of your dies, and embossing folders.  I dream of having a art room in my house someday.  I have serious health issues.  So I find that working with your products gives me pleasure and I can focus on something other than the pain.  I love the beauty in nature.  Using your craft products inspires me too so thank you for creating such a beautiful collection of items.
  2. Posted by: Sharli
    Hello Anna and Friends – I tried to make the Easter Basket but it requires larger paper than 12×12.  Do you have some?  I would like to purchase the larger size.  Thanks
  3. Posted by: cartier replica
    It’s important also to look at the color and condition of the wood. Wood darkens and shrinks as it ages. Thin panels used as door inserts and drawer bottoms shrink faster than the thicker frames that support them. This shrinkage causes splits or cracks in panels that were nailed to the frame. Panels that were loosely held in place may no longer cover the full space of the frame. Where this is the case, the exposed edge should be slightly lighter in color than the rest of the wood composing the furniture.
  4. Posted by: Patti Garcia
    I am so excited!!! I just ordered my first three items on HSN today. I could not take the chance I may not get the card kit, 12×5.5 embossing folders and the accessory kit for the card kit…..yea still need to wait for the 24th to get my auto ship folders and dies…Can you dance up and down at 62? Yes you can!!! Keep the beautiful things coming, Anna! I use a lot of this for my church in Florida even though I live in New Mexico.
  5. Posted by: Tammy Green
  6. Posted by: Tammy Green
    ***, I would love to have this furniture ( & anything else Anna Griffin makes) but, unfortountaely S.S. Disability don’t go very far.Gooed Luck Anna,
    Tammy Green

  7. Posted by: liz vellali
    can’t wait
  8. Posted by: Carolyn Richard
    I hope I can remember to watch the program Monday night.  I keep forgetting about the time difference and miss it everytime.  Hmmm, maybe a note to myself would help.  Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize.  I love your designs.
  9. Posted by: HollyG

    Dear Anna & Co.

    You guys have been busy, busy, busy! Not to mention Creative, yes, with a capital C!!! Lovely designs and fantastic new additions to the Anna Griffin line!

    Very exciting indeed!

    Looking forward to the 24th!

  10. Posted by: Judy
    Mom and I are looking forward to her birthday, 3/24!
  11. Posted by: Thia Beniash
    I am absolutely addicted to all of your great creatives! What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you so much! I will be tuning in on the 24th 🙂
  12. Posted by: Audrey
    Love all of your products!
  13. Posted by: Debbie Gilbert
    Please bring more Metallic papers back. My Mother needs them for a project. I own them and can’t imagine that I may have to give her mine!
    Monday will be great fun. Safe travels.
  14. Posted by: gisela

    Hi Anna,

    Since I can not enter to win this great give away , no Facebook account . I had to console myself by buying four more of your great items before the airing of your show on the 24th.. Now I will dry my tears and go  back on my Cricut Explore and learn how to use it, which by the way is sitting on a cardboard box that I am using as a table for it.

    I am looking forward to seeing all your new creations on the 24th. well 23rd  here on the West Coast..

    Have a safe trip Anna.

  15. Posted by: Pat
    Would love, love, love to be the winner of this great prize!
  16. Posted by: Laura R
    Can’t wait for Monday! I want it all!
  17. Posted by: Tobey
    Love the card kit, and stencils!!!!
  18. Posted by: Norine B.
    Thank You Anna for all you do to help us to get inspired! Your products are absolutely beautiful!
  19. Posted by: Janet Alba
    Oh dear.  Here goes my social security check….. Again.  They say when you have more supplies than you can ever use in a lifetime you are no longer a crafter, you’ve become an addict. Well, when it comes to Anna Griffin, I passed addict long ago!
  20. Posted by: Connie
      Can’t wait, I love everything.
  21. Posted by: Carol S
    I feel like a child waiting for Santa!  So excited for the
    24th, love everything Anna.
  22. Posted by: Nancy Potkay
    Been looking thru your pages and have already put things in my basket
  23. Posted by: BN
    Anna. My son just got married on the 15th. I can’t wait wait to start on the pics. But 1st I have to stop crying. The beauty of the dies, borders, are making my head spin. See you later
  24. Posted by: Tamera B
    Love the dies! I’ll be watching on the 24th!
  25. Posted by: Tamera B
    Love the dies! Will be watching on the 24th!!
  26. Posted by: Stephanie McKnight
    WOW!  More and more beautiful products that I must absolutely have!  Thank you for another opportunity to win it all.  Anna, there is no one like you!!A7VL
  27. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    Well, I’m back to  thank you for the correction I found on your HSN pg, Anna,  since I complained so loudly earlier today when I saw the  “For the Boys” diecuts  with a sold out sign.  Must have been a glitch of some sort.  The “For the Boys” diecuts are back where they belong—among our choices!   Thank you, Anna and looking forward to Monday.  Not sure I can afford the TS since I’ve bought several items in advance of the presentations that I know are going to bring quick sellouts, but we’ll see….I have every diecut set and every folder you’ve brought to HSN to date.
  28. Posted by: Kathy Redman
    Love your new embossing folders and dies, and the furniture is gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win.
  29. Posted by: Anita A
    Wow! I want all the dies. I can’t wait to order.
  30. Posted by: Lynne
    I don’t know if you will post this or not, but I have to write it. I have been buying your products for years and do love them.  Many of us have posted our disappointment that we could not enter all of these new giveaways because we are not on facebook. I have posted mine a couple different weeks. But, what is even more upsetting to me, is that you have not even responded to our posts. Even a response as to why we can’t enter in another way would be better than no response at all.
  31. Posted by: gisela

    I have just been on a shopping spree  🙂  on HSN . I fell in love with the Birthday stamps and a few other items.. I did not want all the new items to be sold out before the show, I have learned to not wait.

    The  For the Boys Die  Cuts were sold out earlier today , but a happy dance  they are back in stock. so if you are reading this Betty  , take a look 🙂

  32. Posted by: Dianne McDonald
    This year is amazing! It just keeps getting better!
  33. Posted by: Betty
    I am SO disappointed that the “For the Boys Die-Cuts” is already out of stock – it NEVER showed up under new items and just happened to check the program guide for the 24th and found them there – but sold out.  Are you going to have more?
  34. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    You HAVE to be kidding!!!  I am SO upset.  Just went to HSN because I’ve been following the new items as they’re posted planning for my purchases on the 24th.  I was there this morning looking for the “For the Boys” set of diecuts and just got on a while ago to find that they’re posted but ALREADY SOLD OUT!  Ladies—if you were planning to buy these, it’s too late. You can imagine that I put the tags kit, the stamp set and an extra set of storage folder for all my stamps in my cart and checked out as quickly as my little fingers would type!  Anna, Can you PLEASE make more “For the Boys” sets available soon??
  35. Posted by: cheri lee
    Dear Anna,I can’t wait until the 24th.  I’ve already ordered a few things in advance.  I wish good luck to everyone who has entered, but, also hope that I am chosen.  I am an AnnaManiac and love your products.  I believe I have at least one of everything, with the exception of the office set, cuttlebug and a few other items.  I am like everyone else, I can’t seem to get enough.  Good luck with your presentation on the 24th.  I can’t wait to see you then.
    Cheri Lee

  36. Posted by: Jo Anne Mason
    Really looking forward to the 24th!  So glad I have autoship on HSN.  Love all the kits I’ve received so far!
  37. Posted by: cindy
    Oh my, oh my!  My pocket book is saying “oh no” and my credit card is saying “flex pay, flex pay”.  My crafting self is saying “get it while you can cause it won’t last for long” and “I can’t wait to get my hands on all that wonderful stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  38. Posted by: Cheri
    Fun and Beautiful = Anna and all her creations!   Way to Win to those that have won prizes and Good Luck to all in the biggie prize.  I too am waiting for the 24th and hubby is interested too. What fun.  Thank you so much Anna for sharing with us
  39. Posted by: Mary Ann Bisogno
    I am soooo excited I have received my new Cricut Explore I bought two minutes into show when you introduced it.  I have been enjoying your products for years.  With your stamp of approval I felt the machine would be awesome and it is…thanks Ana Griffin and Cricut.
  40. Posted by: Genevieve
    It seems like the 24th will never get here.
    You have been teasing us for so long, I just want to buy everything right now. You are so amazing and so generous !!!