Thank you, thank you, thank you

Hi everyone!

Where do I even begin to express my gratitude for your support on Monday? This 24-Hour Craft Day was more than 7 months in the making, and it surpassed every expectation I had. We welcomed so many new members into the Cuttlebug family, tried out some fresh techniques and hopefully gave you plenty of inspiration for all the new goodies you’ll be receiving at your doorstep! Can you believe that I already got what I ordered? That was fast!

Amidst the craziness of the day, I loved taking a few moments between each show to read the outpouring of love on our social media channels. Even after two days with absolutely zero sleep, I found myself lying awake until the wee hours reading all of your heartfelt and hilarious comments on Facebook. Each one of you is so much more than a fan of our products. You are friends who share our passion for crafting and love celebrating creativity with us!

Some of my favorite on-air moments of the day were spurred by those of you who called in. Many I knew by name, one brought tears to our eyes with the touching story of crafting with her special needs daughter, and one even called me evil for causing an addiction to our products!  So many of you noted that your favorite part of the day was the “aha” moment when I embossed a vellum envelope. That little golden bug never ceases to amaze me with the beauty it can produce.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos of what you didn’t get to see!

This is one of 4 carts of our sample products that are awaiting their presentation on the tables.

The blurry “before”…

The BEAUTIFUL “after”…

What fun! This was a day I won’t soon forget.

We’ve come so far, and it just keeps getting better. Thanks to you all!



  1. Posted by: Teresa
    I just love you and the work you do so much! What a joy to watch you on HSN. I hope that you’ll be back very soon. My dies and folder’s arrived today. Can’t wait to start creating and with any luck They’ll be as lovely as yours!
    Warm Regards,
  2. Posted by: Peachy
    Your show was so great – I loved all the products!  Unfortunately, I was in the hospital from 2/25/14 – 3/27/14 and did not get to see your show live – fortunately I had it set to record on my DVR so at least I get to watch your shows.  I was unable to take advantage of the Today’s Special with the Autoship – or to get the beautiful Emboss, Cut and Create book – they were all sold out by the time I could place my HSN order on 3/30/14.  You are so gifted and talented – I just love your style – I sign up for all of your autoship programs and the majority of what I purchase is your beautiful items, including the new Grace pattern for the boxes – it is so pretty.   Thank your for all of your beautiful designs and I am glad that you are doing the die cuts – they are my favorites along with your gorgeous paper and design folders.  I will just have to watch HSN for when you sell the autoship bundles separately – and hopefully you will get more books in stock – they are so beautiful.  Keep designing all of your beautiful things, because I am a huge fan!
  3. Posted by: Tina M.
    Love, Love, Love your products!  I just can’t get enough.  My husband brings me food to my craft room because he say’s I won’t take a break to eat anymore.  My pup doesn’t come to visit me anymore because she has a paper faddish and she likes to steal my papers and run downstairs with them.  I’m in my own world-with Anna Griffin products.   JUST CAN’T STOP STARRING!  🙂
  4. Posted by: Lynn
    I am impatiently waiting for my items to be delivered.  I took a vacation day to watch, usually I am watching DVR instead.  Thank you for making me able to change my cards from “really nice” to ***, this is BEAUTIFUL.  I can’t believe you made this!!!  I saw you by accident last year as I found crafting on HSN.  I look all the time to see when you are on so I can have even more fun.  Thank you Anna and all your helpmates, as I am sure they are also wonderful.
  5. Posted by: Julia Ann
    Yesterday I had such fun making a few cards with my new “toys”!  LOVE the new folders and dies AND the new book!!  I read it cover to cover & will likely do that yet again!  QUESTION:  I noticed that in the book, the dies seem to have names- is there a way to know which names go to which dies?   Maybe a printable photo of the dies with their names?  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Anna for the classy & classic prints & designs!
  6. Posted by: Celeste Tripician
    I was so excited to receive your craft desk, only to find the desktop cracked. HSN states that they can not send me a new one since they are sold out. Now I have two bases without a top.