Beautiful in the Making: Embossed Picture Frame

Hi everyone!

We are starting a new series of posts dedicated to inspiring you to make beautiful projects with our products. Welcome to the very first of many useful, step by step, blog posts.

We hope you have been enjoying your Lace Embossing Folders and Cutting Dies set from Cricut and HSN! Here are 5 simple steps for transforming a plain old picture frame into a beautiful piece of embossed art.

embossed frame 500 px

Supply list:



1.  Lay a piece of blue Perfect Palette cardstock face down onto work surface and place frame on top, right side down.  Trace and cut frame opening and outer edge with a craft knife.

2.  Trim several, 1.5″ x 7” strips of blue cardstock.  Die cut and emboss with the lace border die and coordinating embossing folder.

blue lace 1

3.  Beginning at the top of the frame, adhere strips with foam adhesive, placing adhesive on the upper edge only, leaving the bottom scalloped edge free to form a layered lace effect.  If strips are not wide enough to cover the width of the frame, create a seam in the center of the frame which will later be covered with an embossed strip.  Continue adding lace strips until desired amount of frame is covered.

4.  Trim two 5×7 panels of blue cardstock.  Emboss with embossing folder. Adhere the panels to the lower portion of the frame, with the seam in the center of the frame.  Use a craft knife to trim away excess from outer edges and opening of frame.  If you are using a smaller frame, a single panel might be sufficient to cover the lower portion of the frame, and seaming two panels would not be necessary.

5x7 embossed piece

5.  Trim a 1 1/2” strip of ivory cardstock.  Diecut edges with scalloped die and emboss with coordinating embossing folder.  Adhere embossed strip down center of frame, covering the area where the cardstock strips and panels were seamed.  Wrap strip around edges of frame.  Trim away any excess.

Repeat for bottom portion of frame

ivory ribbon 1

Happy crafting!



  1. Posted by: Lorene
    I cannot figure out how to use the edge folders and match up the die to cut the edge and get it lined up right.  Please help……………..
  2. Posted by: Peggy Rusgo
    Anna I use all of your papers and card making kits.  I love all of your products but I was wondering what kind of double sided tape you use.  I spend so much on tape and would like a good product that is economical.
  3. Posted by: VPMary
    Spent the entire week creating a memory album from last summer’s Paris vacation. I used the new 12″ embossing folders, the French papers” and 12″companion floral border stickers, along with my new lace embossing folders. I just have to say how lovely the album turned out. I know it will be a family treasure for years to come. The quality of Anna’s products in incomparable. The beauty of her patterns is just beyond. Ive been so happy with my recent purchases!
  4. Posted by: Mary Roberson
    Your designs are so elegant, beautiful embossing! Looking forward to seeing more from your collection. You make it easy for those of us who are not as talented as you (but aspire to be talented).


  5. Posted by: Diane Cecil
    I got your 12″ folders, love them!  Hope you will have more styles and that they include a matching 12″ border.  That would make things easier when scrapbooking.  We all love things that makes it easier. My 4 yr. Old granddaughter told me last night while she was cranking out embossed paper on the cuttlebug, that she hopes the Easter Bunny puts some paper and a machine (cuttlebug) in her basket!  I have a little crafter on my hands.
  6. Posted by: Erlyn

    Hi Anna,

    I received my lace and trim and I started making my Mother’s Day cards already. My mother and friends will love these cards they are so elegant and the cards look like I spend a fortune on them. I know that I will not be able to find better looking cards then the ones I’m making myself.

    As far as the die cuts I did not have a problem at all; like some of the reviews I read before I even used them. I was hoping I did not run into any problems. I followed the instructions that came with the die cuts and embossing folders, and all was fine. No problems at all!

    I love your stuff Anna keep bring in the beautiful crafting made easy to us. Thank you.

  7. Posted by: Myra Goddard
    Hello Anna,
    I was glued to HSN on the 24th. of March, and ordered the TS and the book, which I have NOT received as yet. Oh, I am so on tenter-hooks waiting for this order. I have NEVER had to wait this long. I tracked my order, and it was shipped on the 26th. of March from Ontario, Canada. It arrived in Lauderhill, FL on April 1st, and has been sitting there since. On the Activity column it says: package transferred to local post office.Allow for 1 to 2 additional days for delivery. I am really hoping  it will come tomorrow. When you return something to HSN they start counting the 30 day return policy from your order date, not when you get it. I don’t return much, but thought others might be interested in this. Now … to you my dear Anna. You are just the greatest and most talented person. I love, love, love all your stuff, and wonderful ideas. And by the way – how is Georgie? He is so cute. I have reading all the comments about the dies. I have not received mine yet, but do have all the previous ones. I have no trouble cutting them out, except for one, which I thought might be defective, as no matter what kind or quality cardstock I used it would’nt cut.

    came out all torn to pieces. Then, on U-Tube I was reading some comments from a posting. Everybody should at least TRY this suggestion. Lay a piece of wax paper over the upturned die, then put your cardstock on,along with the remaining plates and roll it through. Worked like a charm for me, and now I use wax paper a lot. Just the kitchen wax paper. I am itching to try that beautiful frame idea. However, have a big wedding to go to on May 12th. My grand daughter is getting married, and I want to make her a VERY special card. Any ideas anyone? Well, keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow’s mail. When will you be back on HSN Anna? I want to order the large folders, and some other things I couldn’t afford this time around. And am looking forward to getting more dies, as I did sign up for auto-ship.

  8. Posted by: lu ann settles

    HI Anna, hows the familt? I just had a question,,,do u have reinkers for the chalkboard ink pads ..r u going to? also r u going to make magnet sheets for your dies to fit in folder sleeves…I cut a sheet I had works u know when sleeves will be in again?love the new stuff.i will send a pic when I get time to make a card…

  9. Posted by: Earline
    Love your folders and dies will you be selling the 12×12 embossing folder again I went to buy them and they sold out oh and can you please sell them without the cuttlebug plate I don’t own that machine I just want the folder thanks cannot wait until you come again to hsn
  10. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    My HSN purchases finely came in!!
    My daughter, who is now 9, and I were so excited.  It took us nearly 2 hr. to go through everything.  Relishing every package we opened.
    When we got to the new embossing folders and dies she started singing!!!
    Everything was so beautiful.  As usual.
    I had been reading that several people were having trouble with the dies so I checked mine immediately.  They cut beautifully.   No problem at all.   Beautiful dies.  They are so intricate and cut perfectly.   I don’t know what people are doing, but for me, still a beginner, they work wonderfully.
    Thanks again Anna for so many fun toys.
    The HSN craft day was so much fun.
    I would say you are my Fairy-God mother.
  11. Posted by: Nancy Iverson


    Just what I have been asking for.  Projects with detail explanations with current products.  Thanks so so much

    Nancy in Colorado

  12. Posted by: Heidi
    I had a difficult time getting the dies off the so called cardboard paper they were attached to that I bent one die. After running it through the cuttlebug often it did not finish the cut. I kept going on scrap paper and it finally bent itself back into shape and does well.
    The packing company used way to much tape to hold these to cheap paper for packaging. Only two would have done the job. I had an entire die taped down. This is not your fault by any means as the designs live up to their expectations of you. However where they are made and how they are handled is a whole new category and one I would probably look into. I had purchased the paper holder furniture unit and let’s just say I won’t be buying the whole shabang of a unit. I should send it back for the price of it and damage however I decided I shall hang onto it and see if I can’t fix it correctly. Somebody must have had this and it looked like they used wood putty sanded it and repainted the corner. They did a lousy job as the corner droops 🙁 Nothing on you Anna, I still adore you to death!
  13. Posted by: Rheta
    Anna, Are you going to be bringing back the 12 inch folders that sold out on HSN will you b
    e bringing those back?
  14. Posted by: Linda
    Thanks Anna I made a card tonight for my daughter birthday and used my cutting dye’s it turn out pretty good. I love all my new stuff by the way.
  15. Posted by: Kim
    I too have had problems with getting the dies to cut, they’ll cut parts, but not all of the design.  I’ve watched the videos and still no luck.  Very disappointing.  The embossing folders are beautiful & am glad I bought the new book for the tips & beautiful projects, a great investment.  I am disappointed with the Just for Him die cut pack.  With all the great man themed images, there was not one for the golfer, hopefully Anna will correct the oversight if she puts out another male themed kit (please).  I sell my cards to raise money for animal rescue and would appreciate some animal (cat & dog) themed embossing folders & embellishments.
  16. Posted by: Lin M.
    Thank you for posting this beautiful project – I look forward to seeing more!
    I finally received my dies & folders (and all the other stuff of Anna’s) yesterday after work. I read through these responses and decided to wait until I had tried the dies. I tried them last night and had issues with them sliding around and also not cutting well. After a long day at work I was too tired to think about it.
    At work today I was thinking about my B plates and that they are a little warped. I had a new set I had purchased so I decided to use them and see if that made a difference. It absolutely did. I got several great cuts with these beautiful dies. Then the small one decided not to cut well again. I tried Jill H M’s suggestions (THANK YOU JILL) of swapping out a B plate and mat for a C plate and also using either method with a couple of scraps of paper. I think this is just going to take a little playing with – which is fine with me. I’ll be back at it this weekend when I’ve had some rest. LOL
    I absolutely love the designs – they are so intricate and elegant. I can’t wait to use them on a card!
    I agree with others comments about issues with HSN and shipping as I’ve experienced those issues too. I think we need to make sure we let HSN know about that.
  17. Posted by: Azella
    Wow!  I am enjoying all my new stuff  from Anna.  The new dies are much better then the silver original dies.  Have been watching a lot of you tube to get ideas for all kids of crafting.  I found some old stuff Inks and embossing things.  Thanks again.  When will the embosing folder storage pages be available again.  I have gone thru 2 sets.  Need some more.
  18. Posted by: Paula –Grama Pei
    I received my Anna order yesterday, Oh, it was SO fun!  I’ve been staying up till 5 am, sleeping 4-5 hrs, and cleaning, working, etc, since the show- got some mileage on all that excitement!  ha!  So, when the huge box full of boxes came yesterday, it took me the ENTIRE day to go through everything, looking, admiring, and falling asleep right where I sat.  🙂  But, I learned how to cut and emboss all night!  – well only till 2 am.  Then I slept so I can be ready for a full day of nothing but crafting- its my reward for having to work to pay for all this.  And I feel very blessed!  While I, too, was concerned when I saw the “made in China” label, because there is nothing consistent about anything made in China, my dies cut PERFECTLY!  Blessed me!  In fact, they maybe cut TOO perfectly, because they are actually cutting into the top B plate.  But, I know where they come from, and if it begins to eventually fail, I will buy another.  So far, all my folders have embossed beautifully.  There IS a learning curve- not a steep one, however, to cutting and embossing.  For instance, I could NOT figure out how those beautiful cards were made- with an embossed layer, with a diecut edge- since the card was just too wide to go through the machine.  I finally had to just assume, after folding a card face and essentially ruining it by doing so, that these diecut edges are ‘built’ with tapes and glue, cleverly disguised.  Yes, I know one can purchase the $400.00 machines that do wider products, and if I ever get good with this adorable cuttlebug (LOVE this thing!) I might buy one, or just go out to my wringer washer and try popping a sandwich through it!  ha!  Still laughing over that image!   So, in all, Anna, I am thrilled with my purchase-  NO I haven’t tried all the dies yet, since I bought a GOB of them!  I mean, lots!  But, kids, if I ever buy one from Anna Griffin, Inc, and it does not cut, I will remember the adage that the SQUEAKY wheel gets the grease.  I would call, write, etc, HSN first, then Anna if I got no results, and I would KEEP calling about it until the phone crew knew my children by their first name, and knew my voice.  I am ABSOLUTELY SURE that Anna, herself, cares VERY much about whether or not we are satisfied with our purchases, since it is her ‘bread and butter’ that we purchase them and that she has a loyal following.  Yes, her products stand alone in the world of crafting, but we pay well for them also, and I know she understands that.  So, keep trying to get satisfaction, kids.  Anna’s entire business depends upon whether or not we get satisfaction from her offerings.  Negative advertising is lethal, and she will work to please.  Just make sure if you are a newbie, that you are doing it all correctly before returning anything.  Personally, I am SUPER satisfied thus far into my thrilling quest for beauty!   Thank you, Anna!
  19. Posted by: Sue G
    Love, Love, Love my new craft furniture!  Got the TS yesterday and cannot wait to use it!  Thank you Anna!
  20. Posted by: Jill H M
    Back a second time to comment – second night working with the Cuttlebug and the dies was wonderful! I also discovered that the paper does make a difference. I had been using a cheaper card stock and although it worked, a better card stock paper from Anna Griffin really worked better. I am going to always try cutting with the dies with the less expensive card stock to test each die. I think some dies will be more intricate, slightly bigger or smaller. You may have to shim some dies and not have to do it with others! My plates are getting older and that may also make a difference. Turn your plates so you aren’t cutting in the same direction and not on the same side every time. Buy a C plate. That made all the difference in my cutting with the dies. Last night I cut 20 different things out and not one “fail” in the bunch. It really was fun to conquer cutting and embossing with the dies.
  21. Posted by: Minnie
    I just got my “stuff” from HSN and I am so excited to start something new.  Thank you so much for such wonderful products and inspirations.  I love getting new projects and was wondering if you have any decorating ideas.  I have a new kitchen and built in dining room hutch and want something to brighten them up on a budget.  I thought your party projects were amazing on HSN and thought I would try something like that for my hutch! God Bless!

  22. Posted by: Minnie
    I just got my “stuff” from HSN and I am so excited to start something new.  Thank you so much for such wonderful products and inspirations.  I love getting new projects and was wondering if you have any decorating ideas.  I have a new kitchen and built in dining room hutch and want something to brighten them up on a budget.  I thought your party projects were amazing on HSN and thought I would try something like that for my hutch! God Bless!

  23. Posted by: Nadinebd
    really lovely
  24. Posted by: Joy Chattin Hannabass
    I ordered the TS and am lovin it! But I am having problems with the dies as well. They don’t cut all that well, and I watched several YouTube videos of Anna and I did it right! I have trouble with the rubber mat moving while going through the machine and the skinny dies bend when I put them through the machine. It is so tight when everything is layered. I think these dies are new? So maybe they need a little perfecting!
  25. Posted by: Twilightscrapper
    I too, like everyone else, just got all of my Anna Griffin goodies by UPS.  I had to place several orders in order to get everything I wanted before it sold out!, so my UPS guy…has come to deliver packages several times. However; he the UPS guy told my husband that he needs to cut the cable. I guess he noticed they were all from HSN,  LOL, I told my husband thanks to me and all of us ordering he has a job and left it at that! LOL I loved everything I ordered, just got my last package yesterday and my lace folders and joyful folders, can’t wait to start using them today. I hope that everyone who ordered anything from Anna’s line, just enjoys it, I know I will. Even my husband was so impressed with all of her products. Love my hubby for being so supportive. Enjoy everyone! Have a great day!
  26. Posted by: luann settles
    I just wanted to know a few things…r u going to have re=inkers for the chalkboard all your new it!..also I have a little tip…when you run things thru xyron nd you have tacky parts on your card..i use talc powder and a artist paint brush  dab over area then brush off…works great!!!
  27. Posted by: Jan
    For those having problems with the dies, have u watched Anna’s demo in the July 2013 blog?  She shows how to load the cuttlebug using the green mat.  Or u can purchase a C plate which is a cutting plate.
  28. Posted by: Kathleen Lundman
    I did order some new things from your HSN show and can’t wait to get them in the mail.  I had selected the box of tags that was just what I was looking for, and after I clicked it to put it into my order, it asked if I wanted to purchase another item that would be half price on the shipping.  I decided to go back and look and after a few minutes, I went back to my shopping bag and it was removed!  Wow!  What a big disappointment!  I guess I should order one thing at a time and pay the extra postage if I want something next time.  I sure hope that you have those on again because they were just perfect!  You last show I missed out on something too because it was sold out before your shows even started!  I tried to do a backorder but was told that product wouldn’t be back on.  It was the chalkboard set of labels and two ink pads of beautiful colored chalk like colors.  I sure wish that would come back on again too.  Here’s hoping!!!!!!!!
  29. Posted by: Kathleen P
    I have just received the last of the packages from my “ignore the price and have some fun” and wow I love everything.  I decided to get organized so I could find everything as I was creating.  This was an amazing “package” and I LOVE the new Garden Window card making kit.  I am home on medical leave and have time to create, create & CREATE.  Thanks for keeping entertained!
  30. Posted by: Kim
    Wonderful new series to help our use of all the new products we purchased from such a great day. Loved everything I ordered. I wanted to send another thank you to your staff. They let me know that the embossing sleeves to store the folders in the storage boxes were going to be available so I ordered 3 sets as soon as I ordered the TSV. They are wonderful.
  31. Posted by: Scrappinglatina
    Thank you for these posts. I think it will be very useful and inspiring when using your products. Thanks again.
  32. Posted by: Rose W.

    Jackie, I had the same problem with the Bug not holding firm on my table.  What I did was to take one of my glass cutting boards and turned the textured side down so the smooth side was up.  I set the Bug on, opened it up, and not a problem with it not adhering to my working surface.  I hope this helps.

    I also received my Bug last week and I embossed anything and everything I got my hands on.  LOL  I embossed some tissue paper for using in a gift bag, a piece of folded aluminum, a few pieces of cardboard, some felt, and a whole pack of napkins.  Needless to say, I love my Bug.  I nicknamed it the Doodlebug after my very dear Yorkie who I am having way too much fun with this.

  33. Posted by: RandellynB
    Wow, what a gorgeous project…just beautiful. I will look forward to this series. I just received some of my first Anna Griffin products today and I am just floored at the quality and beauty of everything I received. I still have another order I’m waiting for of dies and folders and can’t wait to use them. I hope some of the other products come back in a future show, I’d really love to get some of the 3D sticker sets, especially the animals and sea life, and the card kits for men. Will Anna be on HSN again in April?  Does she do an HSN show every month? Thanks, Anna for all of your beautiful creativity and top-notch quality products. Keep up the great work, really appreciate it!
  34. Posted by: Elaine
    Thanks for the project.  You are so creative