HSN March 24th Sneak Preview 3

Hi everyone!

There are so many new Anna Griffin crafting collections debuting on March 24th that we had to split them into two jam-packed sneak previews! Let’s get right into it for this week, shall we?


First up is something for the fellows. Our For the Boys Die Cuts include a whopping 396 die cut pieces for every sports enthusiast, animal lover or Mr. Fix It in your life. You’ll also find the perfect sentiments inside to match for birthdays, Father’s Day or just wishing him good luck.

Now that we’ve got him covered, we can’t forget about her! All of you autoshippers are already busy crafting away with the All About Her Card Making Kit, but for those of you who missed it (or have to have another!) we’ll have it available separately on March 24th. The kit includes everything you need to create 20 beautifully embellished cards for the special women in your life and the Spring Holidays. It’s a great one to have on hand all year long!

Next up are 3 new Interchangeable Border Punches. These pretty punches will add flair and finesse to borders, frames and layers on your cards and layouts.  You are going to love combining these patterns on projects, folding them into pleated rosettes and so much more.

You’ll never search for something to journal on again once you get your hands on our new Totally Tags kit. Use this gorgeous set of 288 tags for journaling, as embellishments on your projects or even as gift tags!

Finally, if you love the elegant old world prints in our Jolie fabric collection, then you are going to love how it looks on paper. The Jolie Designer Kit features vintage toile designs translated for today, and includes cardstock, die cut papers and embellishments galore.

Whew! That’s a lot of sneak peeks. And don’t forget that we are giving all 20 of our brand new crafting items this Friday. All you have to do is click here, like our Facebook page this week, and fill out the entry form for your chance to win.

Next week’s preview is going to be extra exciting, because we’ll finally reveal the 24-Hour Craft Day Today’s Special! It’s all about the Cuttlebug, and I can’t wait to show you.

See you on Friday!


  1. Posted by: Patti Garcia

    Well Anna, I have decided that I simply don’t have to buy any other

    line of craft items. You always have everything I could possibly want or need. I started with you in the early 2000’s and have not quit yet!

    I want everything but I know I will need to place my order carefully. Sometimes I get something and then have to go back to HSN to watch the video of what I have bought. I miss some of the presentations and am very glad you have the videos on line. So I keep thinking is it the 24th yet???

  2. Posted by: Rhonda L.P.
    Greetings All!
    Believe it or not…I REALLY DO read every single word in this comment section…sometimes twice! I love seeing what everyone loves best! I hope you will forgive me for getting a bit “long winded”,
    when I get started on my “Anna” talk. (HELP! I’ve discovered Anna Griffin, and I can’t shut up!!!!) I’m so excited about the 24th! While waiting for it to get here, I’m excited….but it’s like being able to hear a carnival going on in the neighborhood….and I got left at home, sick; and can’t go till I get well!!!! Can you be excited and depressed at the same time???? LOL!
    There are a few items I would like to see come about. One would be a card kit for children and young people, using old fashioned ephemera. Another would be a book of pictures ONLY, of ALL the cards they show on HSN that have been made with the card kits. Many times I have seen ideas shown that are NOT shown on the idea sheet that is sent with the card kit. (One was a card that used a pleated strip of paper, with a strip of color down the center. I don’t know if it was paper or ribbon. But it wasn’t shown in the idea sheet.) I like to look at card books; NOT to copy the CARD…but to use the COMPONENTS in the cards! Anyway, by the time the show is over, I can’t remember all the different IDEAS they used on them!   I would also appreciate a “crimper” or a scoring board that would make the crimps or scores at 3/8″ incraments; like the ones in the card kits. All the crimpers and score boards I have seen make the scores or crimps MUCH too small to be folded by large human hands!!!!   I would also like it if you could buy INDIVIDUAL paper storage boxes. I LOVE the size that fits 12 X 12 cardstock, and has a lid to keep it clean and dust free! But I only need ONE of the 12 X12 trays, and ONE set of the little open drawer type containers. I like boxes with LIDS to keep things clean! I have bought two sets of the paper organizers already…but HATE spending $45.00 or $50.00 to get ONE MORE box with a lid! I’m sure some of YOU feel the same way.
    After this show on the 24th, I want to get my card paid down a bit, and THEN…I want to buy 2 of the pretty chairs Anna has, for my craft room. I have a desk, and about all the storage things I need. But, those pretty chairs will be the icing on the cake! (If you are reading this, Anna, and Co…… PLEASE don’t discontinue those chairs!!!!)
    By the way, can anyone tell me HOW or WHERE to order the “papers for guys, (or men) ? If you know…please email me at
    RPrice20@neo.rr.com  Also would like to know where and how to order the “french collection” of “papers”. Any info would be very much appreciated.
    Well, I’ve talked your ears off again, without meaning to! Again, please forgive!
    I look forward to reading all your future comments. Thanks for all the insight, (and ideas that some of you have shared) I DO so enjoy reading all the comments! Keep ’em coming!
    Sincere good wishes to all! Stay Safe! Keep Crafting!!
    Rhonda L.P.
  3. Posted by: Debbie Dun
    Hello Anna, It’s ME again, Debbie Dunn!!! : )
    Happy Soon To Be Spring!! I know your Ready as much as we All are. You have done it again!!! How do you do it!!!  More Awesome
    AG pretties. I told myself, Debbie, you have to slow down, Hubby isn’t paying that HSN Card as fast as your Charging it, You gotta Stop !! Well, right now I see so many things I Want to add to MY Anna Griffin Scrapbook Room. I Really need the Furniture !!!
    I really Love all the New things your adding to your Anna Griffin Collection of Products, it All Looks Amazing!!! I hope these items are being offered throughout the year if we can’t take advantage of all the Awesome Products right now. My Very Best to you and your Team!!
    Debbie Dunn
  4. Posted by: Pat Boone

    So lovely Anna!

  5. Posted by: Debbie Gilbert
    Could really use all the great new Anna Griffin items. My husband is having a silent auction at work to raise money for the local Veterans home. They would like crafts. So….I thought what about some beautiful cards. I even joined Facebook, which I have sworn to never do, just to enter your contests. They are that good. Thanks, Anna.
  6. Posted by: Gail G.
    I just love all of your fantastic designs and creations! Thank you!
  7. Posted by: Rhonda L.P.
    I almost forgot to mention…My new Cricut Explore came Tuesday. It is sitting in the livingroom floor… UN-OPENED!!!! I am going to wait for my nephew to come and hook it up for me AND…teach me how to USE it! I am almost computer illiterate! I swore I wasn’t going to order one when it was launched last month, (I already have the original, and the Expression…) I figured enough is enough. I wasn’t that impressed with it, UNTIL they said that it comes with lots of “Anna” designs pre-loaded into the machine!!
    I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough! I am either nuts…OR simply in love with Anna Griffin designs, to spend a chunk of change like that for an item I may never be able to use to it’s full capacity! This Old Dog MUST learn new tricks!!! I can give one of the others to my neice, studying to be a teacher. (She calls herself a “poor college student!”) LOL! She loves making cards and scrapbooking, and will make good use of it! I love my Cricut, and can’t wait to see if this new one cuts out designs like all of Anna’s Dies! LOVE those dies!!!!
    Signing off again!                      Rhonda
  8. Posted by: carol smidutz
    I love all and can not wait to see the rest. I will buy the punches and the tags. The paper is soooo pretty too. The mens stickers are a must buy for my husband and guy friends. Anna you heard use and I thank you for delivering the goods.
  9. Posted by: Rhonda L.P.
    Hi Everyone….Like all of you, I’m SOOOOOO excited for the 24th to get here! I can’t figure out how time passes so quickly, yet the days to the 24th are dra-a-a-gg i-i-i ng! Well, I guess it will give us all more time to choose all the goodies we want to buy!
    I’m trying to take naps here and there to make the time go faster.
    So……..off to dreamland! I can hardly wait to see the next preview!!!
    Way to go, Anna!!!! (and crew!)
  10. Posted by: Cathy Barber
    Tres jolie! Can’t wait for this one!
  11. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    Can’t wait till the 24th everything looks so good
  12. Posted by: Arlene R
    I am counting the minutes to show time!!! Nothing but praises
    from the recipients of your products!!!! YOU ARE THE BESTEST!!!  Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
    I would faint away if I ever won anything but at least I am able to
    get some of your beautiful products.  THANK YOU!!
  13. Posted by: Angela Astralla
    Would love to win any of Anna’s ingenious designs!
  14. Posted by: Sheri
    Anna Love your crafting cant wait until the 24th !!!!! I have the kids at my church make cards, hellos, and thinking of you for our sick and shut in members what a hit !!!!! So thank you for making all our lives a little brighter and prettier !!!!!
  15. Posted by: Linda
    I am really looking forward to all the terrific new things. Thank you once again for sharing you amazing tallent with us all.
  16. Posted by: Vivian
    I can not hardly wait to see all of the new crafy scrapbooking
    by Anna!
  17. Posted by: Liz
    I can not believe that your products are so beautiful.  Every time it see you demo your products, it makes me want to do them right away and then want more.  I originally took your kit classes and I found some of them were cha
  18. Posted by: Liz
    Is it possible that the next one can be as beautiful as the ones we have gotten a peek out?  I can not wait for the 24th!
  19. Posted by: Brenda Frame
    Can’t wait to see all the great new stuff!
  20. Posted by: Janet A.
    I love it all.  Can hardly wait until the 24th.  Would love to win ANYTHING.  I’ve never won in these things.  See you soon!
  21. Posted by: MJ
    Still waiting!  I need to know how to enter the drawings without using Facebook.  Please respond!
  22. Posted by: Mary R.
    Anna, you have every right to be super excited and proud of this showcase! And the fabulous prizes are so generous. I’m looking at all the sneak peeks and realizing that you are always thinking outside of the box! How clever of you to create that punch system! That is genious for those of us not only on a budget, but with limited storage space. So much to take in–can’t wait till the big unveil:)
  23. Posted by: Rosalin
    Will these be coming to England? If so any time scale.
  24. Posted by: Theresa Grdina
    Thought you said to comment on fb but I couldn’t find the “right spot”!!  So I DID leave a comment and came back here to let you know!  LOVE the MEN DIE-CUTS as well as the paper….and the punches….and ALL OF IT!  ha ha!!!!
  25. Posted by: shartl
    Wow what a great new release and giveaway. I sorely need to get organized and with all of your beautiful craft collections and organizers we can all be surrounded by beauty while we create!
  26. Posted by: Arleen
    Hi Anna;  I have the gal cards and the guy cards, but I can’t wait to get the die cuts for the guy cards.  Also the long embossing folder so I can use them on scrapbook pages also.  The other thing I really want is the brauer (I’m pretty sure I spelled that wrong) and the ink pads.  I loved it when you showed us your own personal print shop.  I’m hoping the chalkboard stamps will be on the 24th also.  Oh well, maybe I just should win them all.  Thanks for always giving back to us Anna.  Love you and all you do, Arleen
  27. Posted by: Brenda L.
    Loving the masculine option. Thanks for listening and responding to your customers.
  28. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    I would love to win those items.  I made an anniversary card out of the men’s kit for my husband and he loved it.
  29. Posted by: Leslie D.
    Can’t wait for the 24th!  There are so many things I am putting on my list.  My husband had surgery and I made him a card from your card kit for the guys.  It was a great hit with all the staff and my husband made sure everyone knew I had made it.  Thank you for all your wonderful products!
  30. Posted by: Paula Puckett
    Anna I’ve just come to the realization that I no longer need all the pads of cardstock and paper pads in my craft room. I have at least 1 or 2 of anything you could want. Stamps and ink pads, glues, etc.(My husband teases me about having my own little craft store.) In fact, I could clear out everything and stock up on only your card kits! Everything is included in the kit to make beautiful cards! Your prices are very reasonable! My craft room would be so much neater. I am seriously considering making that change.  Thank you Anna, for everything!
  31. Posted by: Debbie Wilson
    You always have such beautiful, quality products.  Am excited about the 24th!!
  32. Posted by: ColoradoJane
    I pretty much love it all!  Anna you are one very gifted lady, and a hard-working one at that!  I can only guess at the number of hours you put in on a daily basis to constantly bring us such gorgeous and quality products.  And on top of that… you are so generous in the giveaways leading up to your appearance on HSN, something you don’t have to do… but very much appreciated!  Love the sneak peaks, and am anxiously awaiting the 24 hour craft day on the 24th (tic-toc goes the clock).  Thank you Anna!
  33. Posted by: essay writer
    Thanks for the post. That’s wonderful!
  34. Posted by: Sandi Smith

    Another wonderful sneak peak with lots of fun items to look forward to on craft day. Log

    Anna Griffin!

  35. Posted by: joann benford
    all of this looks great, March 24th waiting for it to arrive.
  36. Posted by: Becky Jo
    How fun & exciting. I feel like I found a new friend! I am looking forward to see all your new products. I am in Hawaii time zone, so already watching to see when I need to be awake! I started with your cards, when I became disabled with a serious health condition. My 1st card I made I gave to one of my medical team, & she loved it! So thank you! Can’t wait to share more and spread the kindness!
  37. Posted by: Stephanie McKnight
    Thank you Anna for always giving us more beautiful things!  Thank you for the opportunity to win ’em all!  We all gotta have them.
  38. Posted by: Christine
    Anna, I really need to win your scrapbook furniture. I am sitting at a very small very vintage school desk with no room to work. I have boxes and boxes of your paper kits on top of each other and they are beginning to become squashed. I started crying the other day as I have a huge box of all your Christmas supplies and that box is in real trouble. I have collected almost everything you have every made and have been with you since Sandy Genivese Show. Please help me save my Anna Griffin Addiction. Just love everything you do. Thank you and keep up the good work.
  39. Posted by: Dee
    I’ve been using my new Cricut Explore and it is AMAZING!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE using it and all the Anna Griffin extras.  Thank you for making crafting so easy for an uncrafty person.
  40. Posted by: Jennifer Essad
    all these awesome new products I’m going to have to have a lot to put on my wish list for Mother’s Day, My Birthday and any other holiday 🙂

Cricut Explore and Design Space Giveaway Winner

Happy Friday, friends!

National Craft Month is in full swing, and with a little over 2 weeks until the 24-Hour Craft Day on HSN we still have so much celebrating to do! This month is fun because it gives us an excuse to bring you boatloads of new product and giveaways, but I also hope it inspires you to take your crafting to the next level and collaborate with others who share our passion.

I’m so thrilled that we get to send a Cricut Explore home with our winner today.  I’ve been using my machine constantly since I received it, and I am more and more amazed every day at the things it can create. So without further adieu, our winner is…

Dee Dee Makowski!  Congratulations! You will receive a Cricut Explore machine with Anna Griffin Soiree party designs and Soiree fonts, as well as a 1 year unlimited subscription to Design Space.

Now, did I mention we have nearly 20 brand new crafting collections debuting on March 24th? Somehow we are going to pack what we haven’t shown you into our last two sneak previews.  Coming up this Tuesday are brand new punches, card making kits, embellishments and more!

Not only that, but next week we are going to give away ALL of the new collections that we will debut on March 24th to one lucky winner. That’s more than $600 in Anna Griffin crafty goodness that will arrive on your doorstep.

Click here to enter from now until next Friday, March 14th! Don’t forget that you’ll need to enter your name each week in order to be eligible for that week’s prize.

See you Tuesday!


  1. Posted by: Sharon Sims
    Congratulations to Dee Dee!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know she will so enjoy the great prize. Have fun creating, and post some of your work if you can, maybe on Facebook, or on this site. Would love to see what you create with all the goodies Happy scrapping and card making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Posted by: Marie Campagna
    I love all your products.  Beautiful, and so easy to make. Thank you
  3. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
          I can’t wait until tomorrow to see all the new things you will show us.

    I’m really looking forward to the new punches.



  4. Posted by: Pamela McKithen
    Dee Dee Makowski Congratulations!! Enjoy your Explore and free year membership.
  5. Posted by: Virginia
    Hoping I win this.
  6. Posted by: Linda Shellabarger
    Congratulations Dee Dee. I hope you enjoy it.
  7. Posted by: Brenda Frame
    Congratulations Dee Dee! What a nice prize!
  8. Posted by: Lou Marks
    Dear Anna,
    I am another person who does not use facebook or ANY type of social media. I would LOVE to win your wonderful items, but I simply cannot participate that way. I wish THIS method would be the way to enter, but you do what you must. I will still purchase what I can, but I would love to win sometime, since my husband is still out of work. My stress reliever, retail therapy, is sort of difficult now, and my computer doesn’t work too well, so I will watch 24 hour Craft days as I always do. Hi to Georgie from Sammy, Chelsea and Abbie. Sincerely, LeftyLou
  9. Posted by: Kimberly
    Congrats Dee Dee!  I can’t wait for the 24th!
  10. Posted by: Lisa
    I love all her crafts so beautiful!!, I am a beginner,but looking forward to learning and creating! Thanks to all of you that share ideas and especially Ann Griffn!! I am so excited, I am ordering my explore Tuesday, hoping to win anything I can… Good luck to all!!!

    P.s. Congrats to DeeDee!! Enjoy!!, create!!, and be merry!! 🙂

  11. Posted by: Andi
    I am a SUPER Anna Griffin fan.  I LOVE and own TONS of her products.  I also commented a few weeks ago when the new contest started, that I don’t do Facebook, and therefore was sad I could not enter. I felt very left out.  Now, I am reading from at least 2  bloggers that there IS a way to enter.  Anyone care to SHARE that info?  I have searched every way I know how, and cannot find the SECRET.  I would especially appreciate it if Anna would give the details HERSELF. Coming from her directly would mean the world to her fans.  Would LOVE to win ANYTHING, but I will be watching March 24th with my HSN card in hand!!  Thanks Anna!!!!
  12. Posted by: Susan Everly
    Crossing my fingers!
  13. Posted by: Pamela Neal
    I would love to win the Cricut
  14. Posted by: Debbie Buske
    Way to go Dee Dee!!!What a great prize.
  15. Posted by: Jennifer W.
    Congrats to Dee Dee!  I am another Anna Griffin fan who DOES NOT DO FACEBOOK and thinks that it is unfair that it is the only way to enter drawings.  I have told other manufacturers the same thing.  Seems like bribery to have to “like” someone before receiving an entry into a contest or a coupon.  But as always, I will be watching HSN’s craft day.  And I do thank Anna and her team for great products.
  16. Posted by: Rosie J
    Elegant scrapbooking!  Thanks!
  17. Posted by: Annette J

    Congrats to Dee Dee and other past winners.  You will LOVE the new cricut machine.  I can’t wait for the 24th to see all the new and wonderful Anna Griffin products.  Good luck to everyone with the next giveaway…if I don’t win I hope you do!   LOL

    Happy Crafting to everyone

  18. Posted by: Lynne B
    I, like so many others, would love to win one of the next two prizes but I am not on facebook. Would love to know why there isn’t a way for us to enter. I love your products and have soooo many of them.
  19. Posted by: Debi Jarrell
    Congratulations Dee Dee
  20. Posted by: Gail McDowell
    Congrats Dee Dee, And thanks to the Anna Griffin staff for the chance to win great crafting goodies! impatiently waiting for the 24th!
  21. Posted by: Mildred
    I would really love to win this.
  22. Posted by: Shirley
    What a great gift for Dee Dee!!! Can’t help being excited for her. We are all Anna Griffin productolics (weird word). I have no problem admitting I record every show to just savor the wonderfully crafted products that the AG team has worked so hard to provide all of us. Plus the benefits of the recorded shows is tremendous.  I can reference anytime the use of different items I’ve purchased; learn the techniques of this super creative team; savor the beauty of the cards and scrapbook pages; have the opportunity to visually see what I need to learn; have a visual of future purchases; and a fantastic way to share time with friends. We always eat lunch and watch the latest recordings and go back to others for ideas before we start crafting. Thank you for wonderful time spent with those we love. A BIG hug for Anna and her team.
  23. Posted by: Jean Paul
    Congratulations Dee Dee.  I don’t do facebook,   and am sad that I can’t register for all your wonderful crafting items.  I am looking forward to craft day to see all your lovely items.
  24. Posted by: Carol Jones
    Thanks Anna for the fantastic giveaways. I’m patiently waiting to see your new items on the 24th! Congrats to Dee Dee. That’s too bad that some people didn’t see that you changed the contest entry format and they can now enter without Facebook.
  25. Posted by: Anna Newhouser
    I love all your items. I don’t do facebook so unfortunately I don’t get to be entered into your drawing but your items are very lovely !!
  26. Posted by: Sue Lutz
    SO looking forward to your HSN shows.  Love you and love your products.  The Explore arrived and I’m having fun with it!  Thanks,
  27. Posted by: Jo-Anne Terrranella

       Dear Anna and Staff, Same prayer with a little addition,,

    Please make more Daughter, and Granddaughter Etc.

    Stamps and etc.  Love You All Jo-Anne Terranella

  28. Posted by: Sandi
    Can hardly wait to see all the new goodies, and thanks for a chance to win.
  29. Posted by: Jodi Q
    Can’t wait to see all the new products!
  30. Posted by: Barbara
    Congrats Dee Dee
  31. Posted by: Shirley Barton
    Congrats Dee Dee ! I know you are going to have days of FUN!
  32. Posted by: Darlene
    o.k. will try for next Friday. can’t wait until 24th of march. that is a day after my 55 anniversary. can’t believe I have been married that long and to the same man. he lets me order what ever I want. I am leally lucky. love all your things. keep up the good work.
  33. Posted by: Vickie B
    Can not wait to see all the new products you are bringing to HSN on March 24th! Since I already have your golden Cuttlebug I am thrilled the TS that day will be something for the Cuutlebug!
  34. Posted by: Brenda L
    Congratulations Dee Dee. You will LOVE it!
  35. Posted by: maida
    Tanks for all the incredible giveaway chances and look forward to the fun event.
  36. Posted by: Patti Garcia
    Congrats to DEE DEE!!! I am so busy with Easter cards (from the All About Her kit) but can not wait for the 24th. I hope there will be lots more auto ship items.
  37. Posted by: PAULA
    Way to go, Dee Dee!  WOO-WOO!  Yayay!
  38. Posted by: Lady Fair
    Congrats to Dee Dee!  Thanks for another chance to win Anna Griffin crafty goodies!
  39. Posted by: Nancy Potkay
    Congrats DeeDee for wining, I know I have been playing freq over the last week. Love looking at everything I can now do.  Can’t wait til the 24th. My Dvr  will be busy that day and so will my pocket book.   Would love to win such an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance
  40. Posted by: Cheryl W
    Hope you have fun crafting up a storm, Dee Dee! No snow storms, though, please! We’ve had enough snow this year. LOL Have a great time with that new Explore.

HSN March 24th Sneak Preview 2

Hi friends!

This week is all about the Cricut. Not only are we giving you a sneak peek at some great new items for your Cuttlebug today, we’re also giving away the new Cricut Explore Machine complete with a 1 year subscription to the Design Space software (valued at more than $400).Click here for your chance to win this Friday, and be sure to spread the word about our amazing giveaways this month! Now on to the previews.

Any great project starts with the perfect paper, and boy do we have some beauties for you! Our new Pretty Papers collection includes 114 sheets of 6×6 cardstock in 19 stunning patterns, featuring a combination of new designs and lovely prints from our archives to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. These designs are so fun to cut out, fold,
and layer!

So many of you have been asking for 12 inch embossing folders for your scrapbook pages, and we heard you loud and clear!  On March 24th we’ll debut a set of four 12” x 5” embossing folders that will help you make beautiful “wow” backgrounds with floral, vine, scroll and damask designs. This opens up so many more possibilities for your Cuttlebug projects!

If you have watched our embossing presentations on HSN before, you’ve seen us ink our folders with a brayer or use a sanding block for a fun finish. So, we decided to combine all of those techniques into an Embossing Accessories Kit! This kit includes everything you’ll need to enhance your embossing projects- a brayer, sanding block (a pink one of course), pigment inkpad with refill and jars of gold and silver embossing powders. This is a must have!

Now that we’ve given you all of the tools, we have to give you some inspiration right? I am so excited to unveil our latest Idea Book that is all about embossing and die cutting! The book features 47 of my favorite Cuttlebug projects with instructions, beautiful photography and lots of great techniques.

That’s all for today. We’ll announce the lucky winner of the Cricut Explore on Friday at noon EST. See you then!


  1. Posted by: Cynthia
    Anna — You are a Goddess!!!!  I have been ordering your kits & products since you offered a VCR tape of instructions, which I still love. Am loving your cuttlebug & the die cuts & embossing folders. Am having such fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Have all your card kits & am finally getting brave enough to make my own cards (with your products, of course).  I have 2 requests.  I need more sentiment stickers — like maybe a whole pack of birthday & thank you’s. Also, my granddaughters are way into fairies — any chance of getting fairie stickers, folders & die cuts?  Can’t wait til you’re on HSN again!!!!!!
  2. Posted by: Lori
    I am so dissapointed my Cricut Explore is not shipping until May 19th, HSN really oversold this one.  I purchased from HSN because of all the extras but I’m thinking about cancelling my order.
  3. Posted by: Rosalie Dale Bullock
    Anna I have so much of your stuff, I love ALL of it! I say on HSN the beautiful card you made with many lace borders.  However I don’t have the litle narrow die that you cut before putting in the border die……..where can I purchase this die that makes all your dies look like they have the beautiful lace edge….please let me know as soon as possible….thanks for everything
  4. Posted by: Dyan Bahu
    Honestly, I’m trying to tell myself that I will have restraint on the 24th!! Trying to manage a budget….but who am I kidding!?! I just can’t resist all of the beautiful items being previewed!
  5. Posted by: Maureen Odell
    I need a second SS check for my Anna purchases!
  6. Posted by: madge mcculloch
    Would love to win everything you have, love it all.
  7. Posted by: Colleen
    I am looking forward to the shows! I can’t wait to get the new embossing folders!
  8. Posted by: Nancy Smith
    If I can’t win an Explore today … Please have plenty on Hand on the 24th!  I’m taking that day off work just to catch every moment of your sale!  If I record it and watch it later, I may miss something.  I’m ready!
  9. Posted by: Roger Amith
    Cricut Explore … For my beautiful wife who talks about Anna, Anna, Anna!   Would love for her to have for our upcoming 35th Anniversary!
  10. Posted by: Sabrina
    You go girl ! Love it all
  11. Posted by: Carol Alton
    Thank you for providing everyone with such graceful products and ideas to bring joy to others!
  12. Posted by: friv
    Very good and has many improvements and exciting new.
  13. Posted by: Liz Davis
    Your papers and projects are always so gorgeous. Can’t wait to win the Cricut explore. It looks like it cuts such delicate cuts
  14. Posted by: Earline
    Amazing who love to win this prize and use it to be a blessing to other. Love helping people and seeing the joy in there eyes when someone do something special for them.
  15. Posted by: Rosemarie Lamb
    All I can say is, “WOW!!”  Can’t wait for the 24th1
  16. Posted by: Rosemarie Lamb
    All I can say is, “WOW!!”  Can’t wait for the 24th!
  17. Posted by: caroline hill
    Hi Anna and Georgie, Your feline friends Copper and Rally and their mom of course Carolyn would love a chance to win .We also not on facebook. Our meow mom spends way to much time wishing for a cricut  explore.Thanks from our paws . We love our cat mom
  18. Posted by: Bonnie N
    Thank you ever so much. Can’t wait.
  19. Posted by: Linda
    Anna wish I  could thank you  for the chance to win   the circuit and the other prizes, but not on face book.  It is more disappointing to be denied a chance to enter than it is to  enter the contest and not win.
  20. Posted by: Cathy
    LOVE the 12″ embossing folders.  Can’t wait until March 24th!  I hope I get a chance to order some goodies before they sell out.  Thank you Anna for sharing all of your wonderful talents with us crafters.
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    I love all the new items you are going to have on March 24th!
    Thanks for giving advance notice of the date as I was able to request off from work that day. I keep watching your shows over and over again. I can hardly wait to see you on  the 24th. The new tool kit is just what I been looking for and the 6″ paper is something I was hoping you would make for us. Thanks Anna!
  22. Posted by: Vivian
    Anna, You Rock! I can’t wait to see your show on HSN on the 24th.
  23. Posted by: Barbara
    I am excited to see your new book. I have collected all your old books from way back and a special cat appears in all of them.  Just a thought, I would like to see more Lake related papers. We live in the land of the Great Lakes on a beautiful but busy inland lake. Your things I have collected are mostly by the Sea.
  24. Posted by: Marci
    I agree with the above comment.  It is so frustrating to have to listen to the host go on and on, while I am wanting to see what you have to present to us.  The camera is on the host, I want to see what you are showing us.  Seeing your ideas is what sells your product, not listening to the host on HSN.  Love everything you do.
  25. Posted by: Penny C.
    Hello there, Anna.

    I was wondering if any thought was given to doing a sympathy/get well card kit.  As we all age, these cards are becoming more and more important.  I can’t tell you how many of these I send and I would just love to have a kit devoted just to these two sentiments.

    Thanks for considering it.  Looking forward to your show on the 24th.

    Kind regards.

  26. Posted by: Sandra Lutz
    Thoroughly enjoy your HSN shows with new products. My husband is not as enthusiastic, lol, but he does love my finished cards and projects.  Please place me in your drawing as he and I want to win!!!
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    I just can’t wait to see all the new and excitingly wonderful items from
    Anna.  Time is going so slowly and the ideas are to good to be true. I definitely will be watching as I always do!!
  32. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    Yes Yes Yes embossing folders, and bigger ones. Sometimes I want to emboss and the folders are not long enough so I have to change the card some, no big deal but still another step. So happy to know you hear us. And since you do listen what are the possibility of the Cuttlebug getting wider to hold bigger folders. Sometimes I like to make a tri-fold card or other options requiring wider and bigger.  will be waiting for the 24th can’t wait.
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    All the new stuff looks absolutely great, but my budget is wayyy tooo smallll..
  36. Posted by: Angela Astralla

    Hi Anna,

    I doubt you remember me, but I took your class several years ago @ the Gwinnett Center @ Scrapbook Expo.  I stayed in your class while my friends deserted me and you dubbed me “the Lone Ranger” and addressed me as such when you autographed your beautiful albums. Needless to say, I have accumulated quite a bit of your beautiful items since & am constantly amazed by your creativity, not only designing gorgeous supplies, but designing is such a way that insures and assures ease to everyone! Your joining with Cricut has been beyond AMAZING! I really enjoyed your Cricut Explore presentation on HSN. It looked like a fabulous machine. Thank you for all you do!


    Angela Astralla

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    Can;t wait for the HSN show. I love embossing folders.
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