Beautiful in the Making: Wedding Card & Pillow Box

Hi friends!

What a fun day we had on HSN Wednesday! Thank you for all the fantastic calls.  I will be back with 2 presentations of the Cricut Explore June 13th and 14th so that gives us plenty of time to bring you more creative ideas in the meantime.

Now, for the next installment of our Beautiful in the Making series! With wedding season in full swing, I wanted to give you a pretty little project you could make for those brides-to-be in your life. And, just like with all of our projects, this can be used for any occasion by simply changing out the sentiment! Let’s get started.

Wedding card pillow box1
·         Cricut Explore machine
·         Cricut Cuttlebug machine
·         Lace Trimmings Embossing Folders & Dies- Francesca Lace folder and border with coordinating border die
·         Pillow box from the Sophisticated Soiree Cricut Collection
·         Interchangeable Border Punches lace border punch
·         3D flower stickers (we used a sticker from the Eleanor collection)
·         Metallic Layers Cardstock pink and cream shimmer cardstock
·         Sentiment sticker (we used a sticker from the Engraved Frames, Tags, & Sentiments collection)
·         Cream cardstock
·         Cream ribbon

1.  Trim a 4 3/4” x 5 3/4” panel of cream cardstock.  Emboss with Francesca Lace folder.

2.  Die cut and emboss 3 strips of cream cardstock with lace border embossing folder

ivory embossed layers

3. Punch 3 strips of cream Metallic Layers cardstock with lace punch.
punched cardstock
4. Layer punched and diecut borders at an angle in the upper left corner of embossed panel.

5. Trim away excess strips from around edges.

6.  Trim a 3” x 5” strip of pink Metallic Layers cardstock.  Notch one end into “v” to create banner element.  Adhere to embossed panel, tucking upper edge under lace layers.

7.  Affix sentiment and flower stickers.

8.  Mat finished panel with pink Metallic Layers cardstock and adhere to a 5 x 7” cream cardstock base.


Gift Card Holder:
1.  Use Cricut Explore to cut and assemble a pillow box from Splendid and Sophisticated Soirees.

2.  Using a sheet of cream cardstock just smaller than your pillow box, die cut and emboss two lace cream cardstock strips to create lace wrap.  Leave blank space in the middle of wrap for ribbon. Wrap around box and secure ends with adhesive.
pillow box white cardstock

3.  Tie cream ribbon around lace strip and affix flower sticker.
Wedding card pillow box2

I hope you enjoy making this project! Let me know what you think!



  1. Lynn Smith says:

    I was happy to have been in time to buy the Chalkboard Stamp and Ink set this last time. They work even so much better than I had hoped for. This set along with the folders, and papers I have gotten through HSN have been the best items I have ever purchased for my paper crafting. I can’t tell you how much I love them Anna. As is everyone else, I am waiting for June 13 to see what else is to come. Thanks Anna.

  2. Gertrud says:

    Hi, Anna! Hope all is well. Looking forward to seeing you this month on HSN. Have a suggestion, though. Can you work on bringing 12”X24” card stock to HSN? Need it for Cricut Explore crafting projects. Thanks.

  3. Becky says:

    I just received another great Anna Griffin card set and as usual it is a 5 star. With the order from HSN I got their June schedule so I was looking for the times on June 13th and 14th when you will be on so I can set my alarm but didn’t see your name anywhere on either of those two days. Can you tell me the times so I don’t miss you?

  4. Dianne says:

    Very irritated Anna griffin summer soirée cartridge came without the universal overlay and my $10.00 digital credit all HSN said was sorry it’s out of stock what a bummer!

  5. Sasha says:

    Stunningly beautiful!… always, Anna.
    Please, please, please! Could you bring us these gorgeeeeelious products to QVC in the UK on your next visit?
    Hugs, Sasha xx

  6. Anna Griffin says:

    The other Soirees cartridges will be available in July! Stay tuned for more tutorials 🙂

  7. Anna Griffin says:

    We will continue posting projects- stay tuned! You will be very happy to know that your birthday sentiment wishes might be coming true very soon…

  8. Anna Griffin says:

    The flowers from that pillow box are from our Eleanor Collection, which is unfortunately out of stock. We do have lots of kits on HSN that have very similar flower stickers though! Check out the Grace, Camilla and Garden Window Kits.

  9. Anna Griffin says:

    Esther- Have you tried calling HSN’s customer service department? They may be able to help you get your missing kit since you have the packing statement.

  10. Anna Griffin says:

    We will have the Explore with our Summer Soirees content on June 13th & 14th, but we will also be back on HSN in July with new craft collections!

  11. Linda says:

    Anna when your on HSN in June is it only the Explore or will you have other things”?
    School out grand kid’s coming to stay week we will making Flip Flop’s from the summer soireesi cartridge .

  12. Grama Pei says:

    Christine, I, too, was an RN for many years at the local hospitals. After I remarried, I moved to Home Health so I could be on Day shift, to please my new spouse. Working nights, on 12’s, was too much for me to handle with a new marriage. SO, I loved working with people in their own homes, and in the geriatric care centers (we are rural) and all was going well, when I had a patient with ordered wound care, who was unresponsive, and I had to turn her using a draw sheet by myself. She was only 98 lbs. But, apparently, per my docs, several of my disks ruptured as I turned her, -not from just that one turning of a pt, but from all those years of “turn q2h”, and from the population getting consistently heavier and heavier. Now, my right hand goes numb almost as soon as I lift my arm to write, and I can no longer lift pts. Also, am in chronic pain, because I refused the surgeries they suggested, as I am a SERIOUS scar-tissue builder. I, too, am disabled now, and my husband abandoned me for an older woman with lots of property. I TOTALLY understand what you are saying, and it IS difficult to have to transition to a much smaller financial situation. I am right there with you! I hope you have days when you can craft until you feel done! And I hope you have times when you can splurge a little for an Anna treat! 🙂 I spent my tax return (I take care of my handicapped adult son for a bit of extra money.) this year buying new Anna things- And I do not regret it at all! -I might someday, but for now, I am having lots of fun, and there is nobody to tell me I need to do something other than craft, unless I tell it to myself. I hope you are having fun crafting, too, and that your pain meds handle your pain adequately. I LOVE that Anna’s 3-d stickers are just that- premade, and stickers! I would get very little done were they not, constantly waiting for my hand to ‘un-numb’ itself over and over if I had to make them all from scratch! I believe I am truly blessed, getting to obtain items that help me get around this little roadblock of mine! I just love to say “I did it anyway!” whenever I bump into a roadblock. I bet you are like that, too. Crafty people are determined to create! Hugs, Christine! Do you visit Anna’s page on Facebook?

  13. Linda says:

    Anna Love seashell cup cake holder’s didn’t get Madison collection, but will be checking out your pages all weekend long,

  14. Christine Canterbury says:

    Anna there is really nothing I can tell you that you have not already heard. I have been with you your whole career. I love everything and I do mean everything you make. I use to be a Registered Nurse and was able to buy whatever new product you made as soon as it hit the market. But four years ago while helping my elderly father I was kicked in the head as an instinct threw my left hand up to block when I caught her out of the corner of my eye, by a 1000 pound horse. Well the massive bleeding in the brain and deformed hand, which now has RSD, I am disabled. It frustrates me so much that now I can’t always buy your products, but I do always watch your shows and record them. Follow you on Pinterest and everywhere else I can find you. I will always and only use your products. Thank you for everything you do to make it easier for us crafters, especially those of us with disabilities. We Love You Anna keep up the good work.
    Christine Canterbury

  15. Linda says:

    Anna Just got my vellum quotes and summer soirees my surprise I can make sea shell card you displayed. Finding joy in the ordinary. is one of the quotes. thanks’ Linda

  16. EstherPC says:

    I’m soooo sad. I ordered the Soft Hues Metallic Layers as soon as they were offered. Got my shipment today and even through the packing statement was correct, the items in the box were some other HSN products. Now this item is sold out. I had oral surgery today and knowing that my Anna things were due to arrive had kept in in good spirits.. MAJOR disappointment to find I had been mistakenly shipped cleaning cloths, yuck!!!

  17. Linda says:

    Anna love your booth at National Stationery Show. I could spend all day in there. New York is a little far away from Oklahoma . Thanks for all you do

  18. Suzanne Garcoa says:

    Dear Anna, this card and pillow box are beautiful! My nephew is getting married in August and the bridal shower was Saturday. I combined 2 of your cards for the shower. Your beautiful butterfly card that was on the Cricut Explore Design Space website in the beginning and the Mother;s Day card to hold the gift card. It turned out wonderful. They all loved it. Can’t wait to make these two projects! Love all your ideas, craft items and your grace in sharing with all of us. Take care

  19. Jackie Dawes says:

    What a beautiful card . There is a card for every occasion, I sent a get well card to a close family friend who has just had to go back on chemo after being. In remission for 6 years and she absolutely loved it

  20. Gisela says:

    I am in love with your Pillow Box Anna. I do have a question, are the flowers that were used going to be available sometime in the future ? I would love to make these for an added surprise for family and friends, by adding them to our Christmas tree. Putting a little treat inside and their names on the ribbon from which the hang..
    I enjoyed your HSN visit and was so happy to have gotten all items on my wish list before they sold out…

  21. Ronny says:

    I hope the watercolor markers will be back in stock soon. I was so busy ordering all the new things that by the time I realized that the markers were there they sold out. I have just recently started doing watercolor so you know I just HAVE to have this set!

    One other sugestion for the folders. I have always wondered why any of them have to have the blank border around them. I just recently saw where another company is now making them without that blank edge, so just a hint–would love to see all your new folders come out with the pattern clear to the edges, same with the wonderful borders that come with your folders. Do you think you and Provo Craft could do this?
    would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  22. Ronny says:

    Such a beautiful card. I have everything to make it except the punch so will have to use something else. I plan to have some time Monday to try this.

    please continue posting the tutorials for cards!

    Enjoyed the show and as usual went wild buying when i was only going to get one thing this time/

    Lke some of the other commenters would love flower packets (prefer on the sheets as they tend to get bent in the bags, and also would love a big bunch of 3d sentiments just for birthdays. There are never enough birthday insert verses or 3d sentiments for the fronts. I have stacks of the othe sentiments that rarely get used, maybe once or twice a year while birthdays I do several times a week.

  23. Evadene says:

    Both my sister and friend Barbara in CA also want more 3D flowers (not 2D). Your flowers are wonderful!!! Please with a cherry on top! Love you, love your stuff, love my friends who “play cards” with me. Would love to have you come play with us.

  24. Jennifer M says:

    Anna, thank you so much for continuing to surprise all us crafters. Your items are all beautiful. I loved that I was able to get my chalkboard stamps and I love the summer soiree cartridge. I have one question and one suggestion. Will you ever release physical cricut cartridges of those that are pre-loaded on the cricut design space-soirees? Also, I hope that I am not overlooking something, but have you ever considering making stamps exclusive for celebrations – like retirement, anniversaries, baby & bridal showers, weddings, graduations, etc. Thank you for your brilliant mind and beauty. I am looking forward to June already.

  25. Nancy D. says:

    These creations are EXQUISITE!!!! I saw you on HSN and enjoyed see all your projects. I am a novice card maker and love all your products. You have inspired me to make a ‘pillow’ to enclose a gift card for a June wedding! Thank you.

  26. Donna Tull says:

    Oh my goodness!! Just too beautiful!! I don’t have the explore either. I do have The Cuddle and I made your card just fine, I never can make my card just like yours but, isn’t that the deal behind being creative? I love that you give us your idea, beautiful product to achieve the concept your are trying to get across to us and we supple the will to get it done “our way”. THANK YOU for helping to make us crafty people look as talented as you are. I still go back to my old vhs tapes and use your ideas. THANK YOU for touching my life and all those that I give my beautiful works of art to. You are truly a blessing and an inspiration to all of us.

  27. Patti Garcia says:

    I loved everything Anna on hsn. I was fortunate to get the Cricut cartridge before the show so have been playing with it. I can’t wait to use it for my mother s 90th next Feb. Love the new project on the blog and will try it too. It has that special Anna touch. Thanks for the inspiration.

  28. Diane says:

    I agree with Rhonda L P. I would love a huge kit of just flowers, all kinds of flowers just as Rhonda described. And then next I would like to see a huge 3-D sentiment collection with lots of Happy Birthday, and several of each holiday.

    I so enjoy creating with Anna Griffin products, keep doing what your doing. Anna Griffin products make me happy. And you make it so easy for us to create beautiful things. When you start with beautiful things, you create beautiful things. Thank you Anna.

  29. Gertrud says:

    Loved seeing you on the 14th! Looking forward to next month! Already marked the dates on my calendar. Keep the designs coming. You are full of a plethora of ideas.
    This latest post is fabulous, as usual.
    See you soon.

  30. Mary R. says:

    The card and pillow box are so elegant, which is something I have come to expect and enjoy from Anna’s line of products.

  31. Rhonda L.P. says:

    Hi Anna! I LOVE the card from “Beautiful in the Making” …but have never seen the PALE PINK flowers you said you used from the “Eleanor” Collection. I NEED THOSE!!!!!! Where and HOW do we “Newbies” order them??
    Actually, I would LOVE to see you produce a whole package of nothing but FLOWERS to be used on our Anna Griffin projects! I mean 3-D flowers, single layer flowers, small flowers, large flowers, bright flowers, PALE PINK flowers, ….flowers, flowers, flowers!!!! (And maybe a few bees and butterflies thrown in!!!)
    I’m talking about a 250-300 piece collection !!!! I would be willing to pay a LOT to have lots of flowers to choose from! Especially PALE flowers to be used with the light, shimmery cardstocks!
    I just recieved my order today…French papers. Scrapbook, Madison coll., for the boys clear stamps, masculine ink pads, vellum quotes, and the summer soire cartridge!
    Can’t wait to get busy using them!!! I love just about everything I purchase from you! They are easy and fun to use, and everyone LOVES them when they are finished products!
    I’m soon going to have to shove some more furniture out of my house to make room for all these goodies!!! GLADLY!! LOL!
    Make it a good day…and God Bless!
    Rhonda L.P.

  32. Mary Latno says:

    Anna, I received the Cricut Cartridge Soiree yesterday and have been having fun all day using it….Thanks for all the beautiful things you come up with. Now I am waiting for my other shipments.

  33. Dianne McDonald says:

    Awesome as usual. A lady called in on HSN the other day on HSN regarding a style card from one of your older books. I believe she was referring to the cards you have in your book for Plaid, Decorative Impressions. This is the first Anna Griffin book I purchased and it started my love affair, if you know what I mean, with Anna Griffin scrapbooking products. You were amazing then and have grown more amazing every day since.

    Congrats on your 20 years and I hope we have decades more to come!

  34. Ramona Mergenthaler says:

    I love when you do tutorials. This card is beautiful.I bought the Summer Soiree Cartridge but would like to have the cartridges that came preloaded on the cricut explore. Hope you put these on a cartridge too.

  35. Ally52 says:

    I too have been checking HSN everyday looking for the refill packs for both the Stamp Storage Binder and Embossing Storage Box.

  36. Debbie Eaton says:

    Question…will you ink pads work on fabric? I want to do some stamping on quilt blocks for a quilt. Will it stay on fabric and not wash off?

  37. Chris Wooten says:

    Beautiful. I am bummed I had summer soirée cartridge in cart on hsn and proceeding to check out and it gave me a sold out. I so wish they would have made enough for us. Anyways your projects are awesome

    Congrats to the winner


  38. Colleen says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I really enjoyed your HSN shows, but was so sad that I missed out on the Madison Collection. I will keep my fingers crossed that it comes back into stock soon!

  39. Nury stevens says:

    Elegant as always. I still have the old books and come back for inspiration.
    Keep the good work. It was great to see you at HSN. Wishing you the best. Thank you for sharing this idea.

  40. Carol says:

    This card and pillow box set is lovely … so delicate and soft in design, and perfect for a wedding. But i also see this being ideal for a number of other occasions too, by simply changing the sentiment.

    Congrats on another wonderfully successful HSN show. I totally enjoyed watching you … your love of paper crafting comes shining through and draws the viewers in making us want to purchase everything so that we might be as creative as you. Luckily I was able to order everything on my “wish list” before they sold out. Now I can’t wait to receive my order (which has already been shipped) so I can start playing … Let the creativity begin! =)

  41. Sonya says:

    What a beautiful card Anna! I don’t have the explore but I could be done on another cricut. I’ve asked this before, what dies do you use for the windows in your cards so I can make then as well? I love that look. That you for all the beautiful things you make for us. I always record your HSN shows to study your cards and scrapbook pages. Have a wonderful day Anna!

  42. Mary Hagler says:

    Love your products and have most of them…. Have the explore not loving it because if computer hassles in using…. Live my summer soirée cartridge I got from autoship just recently… Will the 3 cartridges preloaded on my explore be available as stand alone real cartridges so I can use them on my trusty expression… Non digital !!! Hate hate hate computer stuff !!! Please I prefer old school stuff… Explore box with it in it works well as an auxiliary coffee table here…. 🙂 thanks !

  43. Jean says:

    Gorgeous card! I would like to know when we will be able to order the other cartridges from Design Space that were preloaded on the Explore. I was unable to get my Explore from HSN and therefore do not have access to your carts. I did, however, order Summer Soirée on HSN this week when you were on, but would like Sophisticated Soirée. Thanks for bringing back the chalkboard stamps, too. Can’t wait to see what other beautiful cards you will create and inspire us all with! Love all of your products! Jean K

  44. Rhonda says:

    First of all I would like to say how much I ENJOYED seeing you on HSN! As I have said before you are such as inspiration. I made Mother’s Day cards from your Window Kit and added a few things and they turned out BEAUTIFUL. I was so proud of them. THANK-YOU ANNA for everything that you show us and most of all the products that make it so, so easy.

    Anyway this card and pillow box is really pretty and it could be used for so many occasions; birthdays, just-because, etc. I love it! (As someone said earlier my bank account or HSN Card-WHEW). It’s OK, I am having fun and it is good therapy.

    Thanks again for all you do!


  45. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Marianne! You can make the card using only the Cuttlebug! Just try layering different embossed pieces in the left corner.

  46. Lillian Meyer says:

    You work is so beautiful and it is top shelf thank you. I have a few tips to share with you 1. when using cuttle bug write do not cut on one of the plates so when you die cut you will always cut on the same plate so you will keep one cut free for a smooth ride through machine 2. Doing this saves money as well because eventually you will need to buy more b plates which come in two pack and all you will need to replace will be the plate you cut on saving the other plate for latter replacement. Thank You Anna .

  47. Annette J says:

    These are just beautiful. I plan to adapt the wedding one to suit a new baby that is due in June. I LOVED the shows on HSN last Wednesday and about 4 things. I can’t wait for the new stamps to get here they are so beautiful. THANKS Anna for making my crafting easier. I would still love to see a set that is geared toward sympathy, get well and thinking of you much like the ones you just did. They are heartfelt and beautifully designed.

  48. DEBBIE says:


  49. Barbara Balcastro says:

    I think I am halfway to purchasing your entire line! So beautiful and great quality! Love, love, love!!!

  50. Irma Quinones says:

    I love it and definitely making. I would like to know if your cricut cartridge from the May14th show will be available sometime soon?

  51. Loralei says:

    I really love the chalkboard sentiments but I missed ordering them. I didn’t realize how fast they would sell. I hope they are available soon. I enjoy your products!

  52. Sally says:

    I just love watching you. My bank account loves you tooooooo.
    I was a tad late on your chalkboard stamps & missed out. When will you be bringing this stamp set back?
    I’ll be tuned in (as always with credit card in hand) for your next appearance. Thanks again for sharing your expertise.

  53. Lois says:

    I was just trying to dream up a lovely wedding card for one of my clients and VOILA your blog arrived. Absolutely lovely!
    Thank you.

  54. Patty Fisher says:

    It is stunning! Thanks for sharing these ideas as I have a hard time coming up with ones as beautiful as yours. Please! Please!
    get some more embossing storage sleeves and stamp storage sleeves on HSN. I really need some more. I check HSN everyday and there are none to be found. Anna, we need your help. Thanks, Patty

  55. Marianne P says:

    Some of us are not fortunate enough to have the explore machine so we would appreciate seeing tutorials that use the cuttlefish.

  56. Sally Schnetler says:

    THIS PRESENTATION IS SO PRETTY!! I want to get busy right away! I ordered your latest card kit plus a few other things on your May 14th presentation on HSN. Now I am so excited to get them in the mail!!

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