Cricut Explore Summer Soirees Bonus Presentation

Hi everyone!

Since our time on HSN was a bit short this weekend, I wanted to make sure that you still got to see some of the amazing features of the Cricut Explore and our Summer Soirees and Soiree Lettering content. Consider this a bonus presentation!

Let’s just pick up right where we left off, shall we? This video will show you how to locate the Summer Soiree party content in a few easy steps.

Here’s how to use the Soiree Lettering fonts – there are 4 in total.

Here’s a walk through all of the projects you can make with the Cricut Explore and the Summer Soirees party content!

Last but not least, here’s a guide to making the Summer Soiree Make it Now projects on

To get your very own Cricut Explore with our preloaded Summer Soirees content, click here: I also highly recommend picking up the new Cricut Wireless Bluetooth Adapter while you’re at it- it’s my new favorite accessory for my Explore: Now I can sit at my desk and send my projects from Design Space to the machine all the way across my office!

explore bluetooth adapter

I hope our videos were helpful to you. I’d love to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to post them in the comments section!

Next week we’ll kick off our July 23rd HSN sneak peeks, which is going to be so much fun. We’ve got more than 10 brand new items to show you!

See you next week,


  1. Vivian Kochis says:

    Dear Anna, what a wonderful collection of paper crafting delights! Theis week, the butterflies and flowers top my list of favorites. I know I’m wishing my life away as I await craft day on HSN.

  2. Roxann says:

    Love love love your card kits and have started using the die cuts and am so glad I made these purchases. Looking forward to July 23rd. Down side is I will have to record most of the programming but will try to check it out live on my break. Thanks for all your great ideas. I feel very creative thanks to you!

  3. Mary Lu says:

    do you think in the future you will design cards for fall / Thanksgiving. Fall colors are the most beautiful of the year, with many options for embossing folders, dies and embellishments, as long as it has Thanksgiving as one of the objectives. Love your beautiful craft supplies Anna.

  4. Melissa Johnson says:

    Love all you things Anna, and own quite a lot of them I might add. Looking forward to July 23. Can’t hardly wait. Thanks for all the pretties. Melissa

  5. Susan Anglen says:

    I SOOOOO WANT TO WIN THIS KIT! I will be using it to start a cardmaking ministry at my church (Riverside United Methodist in Macon, GA)! This ministry will make hand-made cards for specific people – mainly our shut-ins, so they know they are loved and thought of… But also for specific people on our prayer list who are going through a difficult time. Anna’s kits are perfect for this ministry, because all the parts are already made… So our older adults (who may not be able to use scissors easily) can easily create a beautiful card for someone!

  6. Debbie N. says:

    I love the chalk board stickers and one can never have enough birthday stickers for cards.
    Looking forward to the next HSN show.

  7. Frances mccarthy says:

    *** what a collection. I want them all for card making scrapbooking and gift giving!!!!!!!

  8. Tamara Dixon says:

    Love everything you do. Looking forward to seeing you on hsn again in July. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  9. caroline hill says:

    I love everything you do and would be awesome to win any of your products.Thanks for listening to us crafters . Carolyn

  10. Linda from FL says:

    Anna, I need more card kits, STAT! Also in need of more pages to go in that lovely stamp binder. And I am always looking for inside card message stamps. I can’t wait to see what new products you offer next. I am so addicted!

  11. Annette J says:

    AWESOME. I love all the designs and can get so creative with little effort thanks to all your hard work. Your designs make me look like a pro….THANKS

  12. Barbara Stowell says:

    Love my cricut explore! Was hesitant about buying it as I had only owned my Cricut Expression for 3 years. Love the design room and it’s creativity. Also love the predesigned cards when I need one fast! I already made the butterfly card for a friend who is in the hospital with cancer. I also made some doilies for mats on my scrapbook pages. Also bought the Bluetooth adapter and now I can use the iPad app too! Can’t wait for your new cartridges. Thank you!

  13. Janie says:

    Anna’s carts are available on line at Craft Direct and cutting Bugs. I’m very happy with my Explore but the new blade it comes with makes alllll the difference in the cutting.

  14. Edna G says:

    Thanks for the extra videos, Anna. The Explore looks like it is so easy to use. I wish your content would work with the Expression.

  15. anita H says:

    HI ! ANNA thank you for the presentations you always keep us informed and that is great costomer service. Will be looking forward to the July HSN shows and next weeks sneek peek. Hope sometime in the future you can do an autumn cartridege with general images like pumpkins, leaves, acorns etc. Love all your products!!!!!!!

  16. Lin M. says:

    I am still using my original Cricut and missed out when you had the Summer Soirees cartridge on HSN. I happened to be looking at your items on HSN last night and saw that you had it back. YAY!!!!! I ordered that and a couple of other items I missed on your last visit. I came back to watch these videos during my lunch break. Thank you for bringing back the cartridge (and other items) and for doing these videos. I am so excited now I can’t wait to get my new Anna Griffin products!!!!
    I am also looking forward to the sneak previews. My calendar is marked for July 23rd! Thank you to you and your staff for all the hard work you do to make crafting so easy and beautiful!

  17. Christa says:

    Thank you for the information on where to buy the paper, unfortunately it’s sold out 🙁 bummed I will keep an eye out when it comes back in stock.

  18. Anna Griffin says:

    The wireless adapter is so wonderful. Now it’s time to get that machine out and start crafting!

  19. Donna Cogburn says:

    Anna you know how much I love your products and of course how wonderful you are and especially helpful you are. I bought the Explore when you first sold it on HSN and only started using it about a month ago. I use a Mac and I had to call Cricut Help line twice but they were very helpful and finally got it up and running. One of the problems folks might be having is that you have to keep your computer whether it be Windows or Mac updated. I learned that. I am such a big fan I had to move all of your paper products to a larger office space that we own 5 minutes from the house. Am a collector but I use everything for scrapbooking and cards. Keep up the good work thanks for the videos. See you in July,

  20. Kat says:

    Anna, thank you very much for responding. I will watch for it. Keep making bringing us your wonderful products.

  21. kathleen says:

    I wonder if you are going to replenish HSN’s stock of your craft room furniture. It looks terrific but I missed out. any chance there will be more?
    Thanks so much.

  22. Rhonda L.P. says:

    Dear Anna…
    I don’t know if it is actually YOU sending all the replies on the blog….but whether or not, they are VERY much appreciated!! I just ordered the bluetooth adapter, and can’t wait to get it! I ordered the Cricut Explore the day of the launch, and sadly, it is still in the box! I was trying to figure out HOW to rearrange my room to set up the Explore near enough to my computer, to be usable! (I don’t have a lot of space, and am somewhat disabled, and cannot move furniture by myself.) I was going to have to re-arrange the entire room to accomodate the Explore! Now…I don’t have THAT worry anymore!!!! So, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
    I can hardly wait for the first “Sneak Peek” of the new products on July 23rd! I’ve already marked the date on my calendar, and WILL be watching!!!! See you then!

  23. Nellie Rose says:

    Thanks so much! My Grand daughters will love these. We have 11 great grand children, so this will be a very busy cartridge…

  24. Paula P. says:

    I concur with Marianne. I don’t have the Explore and would love to see tutorials specifically for Expression. I love this machine and don’t wish to upgrade to an Explore.

  25. Beth says:

    I can’t wait for next week for the beginning of the Sneak Peeks! I am new to paper crafting and was hooked by purchasing the Christmas Card kit on HSN last summer. I love all your wonderful creations and am excited to see the newest!

  26. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Nellie! The height will depending on the size of the cupcake you will be using. If the cupcake is standard, the size will be 2″ or 2 1/2″.

  27. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Connie! Have you tried contacting Cricut’s customer service department regarding your Internet issues? They should be able to help.

  28. Anna Griffin says:

    The cartridge should be available on sometime soon, and will be sold without the universal overlay.

  29. Anna Griffin says:

    JoAnne- Yes, the cartridge can be used on older Cricut machines like the Expression.

  30. Diane says:

    I agree with Marianne about the need for tutorials for those of us who have the Summer Soirees cartridge and an Expression. I’ve requested this in a number of places, with no success at a response. I also suggested having a summary sheet of sorts for Expression users of this cartridge. One example is knowing to use a 24″ mat for the placemat – no sizes are listed in the slim manual that accompanies the cartridge packaging.
    I also have an issue about some keys not working to produce the images they should, and have not had success to date with cricut support on this matter.
    I enjoy working with your products, Anna, and have friends who share my embossing folders! We just spent vacation time playing with the dies and foil papers to get the right combination for cutting and embossing, with beautiful results. I especially enjoy inking the ef’s and running them through the Cuttlebug; the subtle results are very feminine.
    Looking forward to July’s products!

  31. Penny C. says:

    My goodness, Anna. . . how you spoil us. We are so lucky! This cartridge is just beautiful Thanks for all you do!

  32. Sue Abell says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new items you will be presenting in July. I love everything you do! Thanks for sharing your genius with us, your loyal fans!

  33. Kathleen P says:

    I have been trying the flip-flop and am not getting good results (which I’m sure is user error). Do you have any helpful hints. I have changed my blade but I am not getting a smooth cut from cardstock. Thanks for your help!

  34. Kristi says:

    I had miss the cartridge the first time they were offered and sign up to be notified when it would be back in stock at hsn. But I was sure surprise Monday night to see that it was back, never got an email! I was lucky to order before they were out.

  35. HollyG says:

    Hello Miss Anna!
    It is certainly refreshing to see how much you care for your customers/fans! Although, knowing what kind of person you are, I am not surprised! You are truly a gracious lady!
    I am really looking forward to seeing the new collections you and your cute team have been working on!
    Thanks for sharing and keep on creating!!

  36. Mary R. says:

    Thanks for the bonus videos. Love your designs. Looking forward to seeing what new things you have lined up for us.

  37. Christa says:

    Thank you so much for the size of the placemats, I have the 12×24 mat wand will be trying it shortly. I look forward to all the new things to come from you.

  38. Jayne Evans says:

    I had the same thing happen twice! I ordered autoship but got only single ship! When I called customer service I was told twice that it was my error!

  39. JoAnne says:

    Hi Anna, I love everything you do and have most of it. Can the Summer Soiree cartridge be used with the Cricket Expression or must you have the Explorer. I already have 2 Crickets and don’t need another one. Thanks.

  40. cora ford says:

    On the debut of the Explore I know I pushed for the auto ship to get the physical cartridges. I call HSN and they said I did not. Well I think they are covering for the fault of their automated system the messed up. When I called HSN the said I would be able to buy them individually. Now I find that they are sold out. Not right. I collect the carts and wanted these. I hope that they are going to have more of these carts because I am starting to get angry that I am now finding that more people are finding the same thing happened with them. I hope that more of the soiree physical carts will be available
    Thank you
    For us to buy.

  41. Jeanne says:

    Loving the Explore. Am passing the Expression 2 to a good friend. I thought I ordered the autos ship when I ordered the Explore but hsn says “no.” I think they made a mistake. How can I get those projects now?
    Thank you for taking such good care of us.
    Love to Georgie.

  42. Nellie Rose says:

    I need to know what size to cut the cup cake holders… So happy that I got auto ship! Hugs

  43. Kat says:

    Anna, I have been watching for the Soiree Cartridge without the universal overlay, as I already have it. Is that available by itself???

  44. Dianne V says:

    I just wanted to say I have satellite internet (Hughes) and I don’t have any problem using my Cricut Explore or Design Studio…love love love my Cricut Explore!!!

  45. Anna Griffin says:

    We think will have them very soon. We will post on Facebook as soon as they are back in stock, so be sure to “like” our page for updates!

  46. Anna Griffin says:

    Hi Brenda! You received everything you were supposed to without adding the autoship option at the time of purchase. We always recommend choosing autoship, since you can always change your mind later BUT you cannot add it on once the item has sold out. The three autoship cartridges are Summer Soirees, Holiday Soirees and Shower Soiress, and all of those can be purchased as images in Design Space. Hope this helps!

  47. Connie Turner says:

    I wish they would also explain that those of us on Satellite Internet can’t use this or any other cricuit on line programs. This means that this new machine would be useless. I have the Expression 2 and can’t even update it or use the cricuit craft room……

  48. Anna Griffin says:

    Wonderful! You will absolutely love your new machine. Be sure to order using the link above to ensure that you get the Explore pre-loaded with our Summer Soirees designs!

  49. Gerrie Johnnic says:

    Thank you Anna! I am not a “girlie girl”, but you are changing me fast with your beautiful projects! I love your work, your products and all you share! hugs…..

  50. Brenda Zimmerman says:

    Hi Anna! I love your content for the Explore. The question I have is.. I purchased the Explore when it was the Todays Special on HSN thinking that I would get all of the Soirees you have included in the bundle. I just thought that when your packages became available that they would show up in my Design Space. I checked with HSN, and they said that I would have had to PURCHASE an autoship option in order to get that, when I thought that it was either a choice to get all the items at one time or have them delivered to me gradually. I only got the Sophisticated, Splendid and Lettering content at the time of purchase. Is there a way to get the packages I wanted and thought were included, or do I have to buy the Soiree content one item at a time through Design Space? (I thought I would get all of your Soiree content with the Explore) Thank you for any help you can give.

  51. Sally says:

    I was disappointed that you were not on last Saturday, but greatly appreciate your concern by making the FABULOUS !!!!
    I’m on my way to HSN to purchase.

  52. Christa says:

    I have the summer soiree cartridge, but I was wondering what size do you cut the placemats and do you need the 12×24 mat? I didn’t see a digital handbook or any directions.

  53. Mary Ann says:

    It would be nice if instructions for those of us that still own the Expression and probably will not go totally digital, were available as well. Hope you and Cricut don’t forget about those faithful Cricut owners as well. I love all your designs and ideas
    and will use them on my Expression.

  54. Linda says:

    Anna thanks’ this was better then hsn buy
    showing us how to. my sister will be 76 at
    the end of the month guess I need to get busy. just a note to all I don’t have Explore
    but have the Soiree cartridge and have be able to do . a lot of the same thing’s.

  55. MARISOL NIEVES says:

    Hi Anna i love your designs. When will the summer soiree cart be available again on HSN? They have been sold out for weeks 🙁

  56. Cathy May says:

    Thank you so very much for thinking of your fans. It was very thoughtful of you to take time from your very busy schedule to prepare this presentations for all of us. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated!

  57. Lorraine K Thomas says:

    I would really love to get this but it is a little out of my price range. One of these days…..until then I will keep watching and do what I can by hand. Thanks Anna for all of your ideas. Lorraine from Ohio.

  58. Mary Marr says:

    Thank you Anna I love your style I have made my Christmas cards from your Kit and they are beautiful. I also have the Bluetooth and I love it no more cables to get in my way. Thank you for making more of your patterns for the Explore machine. I can’t wait to try them. Mary

  59. Anna Griffin says:

    The Soiree Lettering is just like a font on your computer but in Anna Griffin style. You can type in letters and numbers!

  60. Dianne says:

    You are one of the most considerate, kind, sharing individals that I have ever encountered in my life.

    Thank you so very much!

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