Garden Cuttings Embossing Folders & Dies Extended Preview!

Hi everyone!

Many of you just received your Garden Cuttings embossing folders and dies on autoship and had questions about how to use them. We are so glad that you let us know so that we can help you and those who will be purchasing this set this week! Enjoy a more detailed sneak peek at how to use these dies and coordinating embossing folders.

The Garden Cuttings set includes 16 embossing folders (8 folders and 8 borders) as well as 4 coordinating cutting dies. The rose and leaf outline dies pair with the Garden Roses embossing folder. The two border designs coordinate with the Blossom Toss and April Garden folders.



1 detail

We recommend die cutting first, then embossing. Here’s a quick review on the order of your Cuttlebug plates when die cutting: A plate, rubber mat, B plate, die face up, paper face down, second B plate. Or, you can substitute a C plate for the rubber mat and first B plate.

2- rose

Here’s a look at the rose, leaf and two borders in their die cut state.


Now, you’ll want to match up the die cut shapes to the appropriate embossing folders.


Now you are ready to emboss! Here’s a quick review of the order of your plates for this step: A plate, B plate, embossing folder with paper inside, second B plate. Run through your Cuttlebug and voila! Here’s the finished result.


I just love this collection, and hope you found this bonus preview helpful!






  1. Susy Whisenant says:

    Dear Anna
    Is it possible to buy only one embossing folder with the dies the one with the rose and liaves dies. Unfortunately I cannot affort to buy the whole set. I am a Mexican/American woman of 62 years old.
    Thank you
    Susy Whisenant
    1501 Cerro Crestado Dr.
    Los Lunas NM 87031

  2. Faye ferguson says:

    I have the original cricut. I purchase the elegant embellishments cartridge from hsn. I am having trouble with trying to cut the borders. What am I doing wrong. It’s says won’t fit.

  3. Marlene Wenger says:

    I ordered the TSV on Autoship. However, when waiting for the July shipment, it did not come. I called to make sure I was on autoship, and found I was. It was discovered the July shipment was “delivered”. I did not get it. When I contacted HSN, I was told I could not get a replacement shipment. Is there anyway I can get the JUly shipment???

  4. Jennifer M says:

    Hello Anna. Thank you so much for a wonderful show last week. I just received alot of the new items you had today and they are so awesome. I can’t wait to have time to sit and get to know all of them personally. I esp. love that you released the cricut cartridges. I have a suggestion. In the kindness card set you have beautiful fall leaves/embellishments. Have you considered releasing more fall items. I love the fall and all it would please the senses to maybe have a fall cartridge with leaves, acorns, pumpkins, wreaths, etc. I’m sure you and your brilliant designing team have those ideas in the making. Anyway, keep up what your doing for all of us. Thanks so much.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hello Anna. I am such a huge fan. I’ve been watching and “collecting” your items for a few years now. Loved watching you on HSN last week. Could you please post your ideas (to go along with the newest products) for cards, etc. on Pinterest? Thanks so much. You and your team are just incredible! Thank you for bringing your talent, product and ideas to HSN!

  6. Rosie V. says:

    Anna, thanks to you and your team for such a wonderful show! I was only able to afford 5 items but, if it had not been for flex pay, I would not have been able to purchase all the items. Thanks so much for easy pay! I can’t wait to get my goodies! Have a wonderful birthday!!!

  7. kim k says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful show on HSN. Even my husband watched with me as he was home from work due to an injury. He was so impressed and encouraged me to order whatever I wanted. I really love your blog and all of the products you offer. Thank you so much for sharing what you love with all of us. You make the world a more beautiful place in so many ways!!

  8. Rhonda L.P. says:

    Dear Anna,
    After such a BLAZING day last Wednesday, I can’t believe I’m about to ask this….but here goes….WHEN WILL YOU BE ON HSN AGAIN??? I’m a hairdresser, and get booked up, sometimes two months ahead, so I need to plan ahead, if I want to be able to take off work for the show… which OF COURSE, I want to do!!!! PLEASE let us know, as soon as possible! Thanks!
    Rhonda L.P.

  9. Linda says:

    Anna I love the solid core perfect card stock cut’s everything out on the map and no sticking . hope you will always keep it in stock . Thanks’ for the Christmas card preview. Linda

  10. Laura says:

    Yes I found your posting very helpful;
    I couldn’t see which way to face the die-cut.
    Thank you and take care….

  11. Patty Fisher says:

    I received all the items I ordered from Anna on HSN on Wednesday. I love all 7 items I ordered. Excellent quality and value. Thank you Anna and your staff for all the hard work you do to give us such beautiful products. I have been buying your products for over 15 years. When the flowers had to cut out with scissors and embossing was done on a light box. Crafting has come a long way since then.

  12. Sharon says:

    Love ALL your stuff and you are wonderful. was wondering if you could do a larger embossing machine (12 X 12)????Love to emboss everything!!! Your Halloween ideas are Spooktackular!!!!!! will there be more give aways???

  13. Gildamar Gil says:

    Hello Anna I am newin card making and scrappbooking but I follow your work and its wonderfull, I have a question about your stamps, have you ever think about making the sentiments in spanish?, and thank you for the inspiration and your beatiful workG

  14. Patti Garcia says:

    Thanks for the demo and information. I played with them today. I need to try inking the rose. I love that you gave us which ones went with the borders. I have to confess I haven’t really figured the first set yet. I will need to go back and get them in the correct sleeves.Thank you for the great products.

  15. Rhonda L.P. says:

    Dear Anna,
    Thanks so much for the reply about the dies and cardstock. I have 2 or 3 sets of the perfect palette cardstock, and LOVE it! I was just impressed with the COLORS in the solid core cardstock, and wondered why they weren’t offered in the white core, as well, since you were again offering the 12″ embossing folders , which would most likely be used for scrapbooking, and are BEAUTIFUL when distressed.
    Dear Sweet Anna….you have made us RICH with creativity, through your lovely works. Unfortunately, the rich, always seem to want more! We “rich” crafters are no different. We can ALWAYS wish for MORE! I realize you are only one person, and can’t POSSIBLY make everyone happy! (Though you certainly TRY!) If I have to live without that same palette of colors in white core, I promise you…I will not die because of it. We ALL have to live with disappointments in life. In the big picture… this is a “small” one! I am very blessed. I’m not rich, or anywhere near it, but I have never been without food, shelter, clothing, or medical care…so I am blessed! Many are not so lucky. You always say you have a real love affair with flowers….PLEASE take the time to “smell” them, and don’t worry about the cardstock! I can “MAKE DO” with all the many other gifts you have given me. If I can’t….there is something VERY wrong with me! I don’t know when your birthday is…but I hope you take some time off to REALLY relax and enjoy it! Have a VERY Happy Birthday!
    Love and Best Wishes,
    Rhonda L.P.

  16. Anna Griffin says:

    Got it! Thanks for sharing what works and what doesn’t. It’s too late to change any of the autoship dies this year, but I will keep this in mind for our new kits in 2015. We do have the Perfect Palette 12×12 with the white core and Wednesday we offered the first Perfect Palette in solid core. So they are both for sale. Hope I’ve helped!

  17. Anna Griffin says:

    Lefty Lou,
    It sure was great to talk to you! I think we need to have an event so that I get to meet you and everyone that so generously contributes here and on my Facebook page. Thank you for sharing your story about the card. I love how crafting touches people! Have a great weekend!

  18. S says:

    Rhonda, Michelle, ditto your ditto!! The larger
    7″ and 12″ things Cuttlebug (embossing and die cuts) is the way to go. Some of the smaller embossing folders leave a line, then one must cut the card stock along that line. One can always trim a 7″ or 12″ it to fit a smaller need…..Please… Anna, think on this one (you probably already have 😉 ).
    Adding Happy Birthday wishes to you, on YOUR SPECIAL Day!!! OUR Anna!!

  19. Michelle Staley says:

    Rhonda, I SO DITTO your comments about going exclusively with 7″ border dies and border embossing folders! It’s something that has bothered me for a long while; you’re the first person to acknowledge feeling similarly! Thanks for speaking up!

  20. Lou Marks says:

    Dear Anna,
    Lefty Lou here. .After ten years of trying, I can’t believe I ACTUALLY got to talk to you yesterday! I was so nervous-NEVER been on air before, so I forgot one of the main reasons I wanted to talk to you. I have a 93 year old uncle, my late father’s brother. I made him an Anna birthday card. In my whole life on this planet, 62 years now, he has NEVER called me. I always call him. And it’s usually 5 minutes tops. When he received the birthday card I made him (he was in the air force-thanks for the planes!)
    we must have talked a good half hour. For that call alone, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I really did get everything you presented. Except, of course those things I already have. 20plus years of, well EVERYTHING! I am truly an ANNAHOLIC.(I am in recovery, at least until your next show)…Luckily, good credit comes in handy. When your husband loses a job of 20plus years, and you can’t work at the moment, priorities do surface. I planned ahead for this show-income tax refund! So, thank you again for your beautiful creations, your kind heart, and your awesome sense of style. You are one special lady, and on behalf of the gang, Abbie, Chelsea and Sammie, plus my uncle, I send love and wishes for continued success and your willingness to share with me your talent and your kindness. Go Lefties! Love, Lefty Lou

  21. Marcia says:

    I love the border dies and coordinating embossing folders!! I would really like to see you on HSN on a Saturday or Sunday because I am at work during the week.

  22. Rhonda L.P. says:

    Dear Anna…
    I LOVED the show yesterday! You were great, as usual! As always, I bought everything I wanted. I may end up in the poor house, but I’ll be the Happiest, Craftiest person in the joint!!! I think I purchased 17 items, (some multiples)….and can’t wait for them to get here! I may wrap up a few items for myself for Christmas, so I’ll be sure to get something from “Santa” that I really want! LOL!
    I also received my Garden Cuttings folders and dies. Loved them…but have only one small complaint. I was a little disappointed that the border dies were both for a 5-1/2″ card…when you have spoiled me into preferring the 5X7″” cards. It would be very helpful to have 7″ border dies. They can always be shortened to 5-1/2″, but the 5-1/2″ ones cannot be lengthened to 7″, without a 6″ REPEAT pattern! As near as I can tell by looking, they have no pattern repeat. LOVE the designs though! I love EVERYTHING you do! Also, now that you sell the 12″ embossing folders, and have shown them being lightly distressed, to expose the white core…you are now offering SOLID CORE cardstock, instead of the white core! I didn’t purchase the cardstock packet for that reason. (Had to shake my head over that one!) Am I missing something here? Are you planning to introduce a packet of white core cardstock in the near future, to be used with the folders, or are we on our own to find it? PLEASE tell me you will have it! I’ve become accustomed to the “Anna Griffin” quality…and don’t really want to settle for other cardstocks. Thanks! Keep up the GREAT work! I really DO love all my A.G. products, (even the short border dies, and folders!) and am so grateful to you, and the wonderful team you work with. Many Blessings to you all!
    Rhonda L.P.

  23. S says:

    Anna, the party you threw us yesterday on HSN was a doozie!!! My plastic is totally melted from making purchases. I have one of the first line (oldest) of Cricut, I bought the Embellishments cartridge- see how it goes. Not into the digital world much. Happy to hear that you will be having more 12″ embossing folders. I have an original Cuttlebug from when they first came out, have the 12″ AB&C plates already. Really want those 12″ embossing folders to make larger, different shaped cards. LOVE the Botanical Die Cuts, will get more when those come in!! Thank you so very much for all you and the team do.
    God bless you and all your team……….

  24. Dalyce Mangum says:

    I just had to tell you I am still “reeling” from yesterday.
    I am so excited about what I bought, I feel like it’s Christmas.
    I can’t wait for everything to come in.

    I am really excited about the new Elegant Embellishments Cartridge and the decoupage and the card kit and EVERYTHING!!! I want to start playing!!

    I bought 12 items yesterday. As always,mostly all yours. We do need glues to paste things together.

    I spent almost every penny I had saved. I literally ended up with $000.23 left. So FUN!!
    The Autumn Wreath set was the only thing I wasn’t able to get. I hope it will still be there in a couple of weeks. I noticed it was sold out with the stamper.
    I’m going to start saving again right away. I don’t want to miss anything on your Christmas show.

    Thanks again Anna. So much fun. I can never tell you enough how I love your products.

    Oh! I ment to tell you before, but I kept forgetting, in your last showing in May, I could tell you were from the South.
    You commented on an item being so good it was “Top Drawer” I don’t think I have heard that term since the last time I watched Auntie Mame. I thought it was – So cute!!
    -So Southern!!

    Love you Anna,

  25. Pat Marsh says:

    Hi Anna, It was so much fun shopping yesterday. I purchased 14 of your items and still missed the Antique Botanicals die cuts, 3-set Soiree cartridges (backup for my Cricut E-2 and Expression machines), and New Kindness card kit. Do you plan on bringing these items back? I love your paper so much I even purchased the Halloween paper and I don’t celebrate that holiday.
    Happy Birthday, Anna (from one Leo to another). I feel like you’re my friend, sister or kinfolk. My husband thinks you may be related to Merv Griffin… are you?
    Please do not stop designing and we love you! Have a nice weekend! !

  26. Tammy Whitley says:

    Hey Anna, loved seeing you again on HSN yesterday. I watched for th efull 24 hours with only a 2 hour break for a nap. I didn’t want to miss anything. I ordered so much from you, like I do everytime you are one, but I wanted to tell you this was by far, your best show ever. So many new and beautiful things!!!! I really enjoyed watching!! It amazes me how you remember certain people from the blog when they call in to the show and talk to you!!! Thank you for doing what you do best!!! I can’t wait to get all my crafty goodness sent to me so I can start playing!!!

  27. Bob H. says:

    I have the stamps you’re looking for and haven’t used them so I would be glad to send them to you. Email your address…looking for anything else? I have some AG papers from 2001-2004 that are also yours if you can use them.
    Best regards,

  28. Marcia says:

    Thanks for the great directions! I received my auto-ship from HSN last week. After looking over the dies I noticed that I received two of the same border dies. 🙁
    HSN says that they can not replace the duplicate die. I am looking forward to trying the rose die though, I love roses!

  29. Regina says:

    Thanks for the clarification! Love your products. Also I agree with Carol (on the show yesterday). Please bring back the antique hardware stamps. I missed them bc I was at work and have not seen them since. I have been looking on Ebay for over a year and can’t find them there either. PLEASE bring them back! They would work great with your metallic markers.

  30. Diane Lynne Clemen says:

    I got home from work to find out that the Fretwork dies and Botanical die cuts were sold out. (I cannot order from work as all webs sites are blocked. Rats!) Will HSN reorders these items ? I am desperate for them.

  31. Shawna says:

    I began numbering my folders, borders and cutting dies with the first shipment. I use a black sharpie and number all three that go together with the same number, so for the first set I had 1-8, and there were 3 of each item, so there was a folder 1, a border 1 and the cutting die 1. Now I am up to 16 with this latest group. It makes finding the matching pieces easier when you are working.

  32. Dalyce Mangum says:

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for such a wonderful day. I bought almost everything you had today. I hope my pocket book will replenish enough for your Christmas show.

    I am so excited about what I bought today. Somewhere in my head says, if Anna made it I have to have it.

    I wanted to call and say Hi, again. But I know there are so many others that want to talk to you too. I can’t be selfish. We all feel like you are such a part of our lives you are a personal friend.
    I think when someone really influences your life for good, you feel that way.

    When I hear so many ladies talk about their grand-daughters it makes me hope you will consider the little girl’s collection I mentioned A few days ago.

    Again, what a wonderful day!!! and you looked very lovely. As usual!!!

    Thanks to you and your team.

  33. Linda says:

    Anna I new they going to do the explore
    last night was so happy to see you there it was 12;30 last night and then I was up at
    6am. today the mail lady brought me the
    new Cricut Cartridge and the 12×12 paper 72 pages. thanks Anna

  34. Patty Fisher says:

    Loving your show on HSN today! I have been watching and recording all day. I have ordered 7 items. I love everything you make. They are always so beautiful. Thank you, Anna.

  35. Vicki Colston says:

    Hi Anna!
    Watched you very early this morning – great job! I appreciate this post on which die goes with which folder. Can you please do the same thing with the lace trimmings set? Thanks so much! Vicki

  36. Lou Marks says:

    Dear Anna,
    Taking my nap soon-won’t see you until 4am this morning. I wish you and HSN could let us West Coast folks have a glimpse of you during daylight hours. Most things sell out so quickly-thank you for the list ahead of the show. Prior years were not fun for me. Computer savvy folks snagged everything before I had a chance to SEE anything. This time I got a little bit luckier! Thank you for the extra instructions. I was worried my thinking skills were diminishing too soon. Love to you and Georgie(recent picture?????) from Lefty Lou and Sammie, Chelsea and Abbie. The gang is 17 now, and 4am is tough on them too!

  37. DeAnn Meythaler says:

    Yeah!! Have purchased12 items from the list you provided to us all! Now can lay back, relax, and watch the shows with no worries..thank you so much Anna for the beautiful products and projects!

  38. Sue H says:

    I just ordered the botanical diecuts, foil flourishes and the fretwork dies. WOW!!! Can’t wait to get them.

  39. Linda says:

    Anna thanks’ got the cricut cartridges
    plus battastic item’s for granddaughter’s page’s . I will be up at 6am to see ya
    that’s central time. Linda

  40. Anna Griffin says:

    We recommend inking the embossing folder after die cutting the rose shape. Then when you emboss the inked design will show through beautifully!

  41. Anna Griffin says:

    It is die face up, paper face down! We just wanted to show you that we were cutting the rose- sorry for the confusion!

  42. Anna Griffin says:

    We will be back on QVC UK on August 19th with some items for the Cuttlebug. We will preview all of those next month!

  43. Anna Griffin says:

    Jeorgette- the 24 Hour Craft day begins at midnight on Wednesday (late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning) and will take place all day and night on Wednesday until the following midnight. Hope this helps!

  44. do says:

    How elegant! Love the new borders and dies – perfect for any time of year, too! Thanks for the tutorial on how to use the products. Best of luck in tomorrow’s debut! de

  45. Pennylynn says:

    Hi Anna! I’m so excited for tomorrow! I ordered your solid paper pallet and I’m just wondering if you will be coming out with Fall and Christmas solid paper pallets? I would love it if you would. I’ll be buying more tomorrow for sure!! I appreciate all that you have created for us and all the hard work you and your staff have put into making scrapbooking and card kits! Thank you!

  46. Jeorgette says:

    I’m a little confused. Is the event going to be midnight Tuesday to Wednesday morning (7/22-7/23) or midnight Wednesday to Thursday morning (7/23-7/24)?

  47. Nancy Iverson says:

    Thanks for showing the steps on using them and your tips! I got a long list for Wed!
    Nancy in Colorado

  48. Annette J says:

    Thanks for the tips…I just got my set on Friday and can’t wait to use them. Looking forward to Wednesday and all the great crafting.

  49. RandellynB says:

    Just received my dies & folders today! They’re absolutely beautiful and this blog post is perfect timing! I love the ability to cut the rose and leaf designs…layered dimensionals…here I come!!!! Once again, thanks Anna for another hit of beautiful projects!

  50. Jeanne says:

    My friend and I opened ours and decided once again that you are brilliant.
    It was so easy to see how the dies fit the embossing folders perfectly. Couldn’t be more simple.
    Love to Georgie.

  51. Annie Laura Pence says:

    You have made this look so easy! Thanks for help.
    I hope you will do detail instructions on your new CRICUT Cartridge also. I will be recording the HSN demos for sure.
    Thanks for great products to play with!

  52. Sherri Levinton says:

    I am so glad to read this tutorial, it really makes things a bit more understandable…because of finances I offered to sell it and now I see how pretty it is….love Anna Griffin, but realize I can’t always have everything!

  53. Rhonda L.P. says:

    Well, I’ve got to say it!!! If all else fails, Girls… READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!! The little paper that came with the “Garden Cuttings” Dies and folders, has instructions on it, IN ADDITION, it tells you WHICH DIES WORK, WITH WHAT FOLDERS!!!!!! Something else I found to be helpful is…after determining which folder is to be used with what die…I use a SHARPIE pen to write on the back of the die, the name of the folder that the particular die works with!!! Saves a LOT of TIME in the long run! Hope this helps! Happy Crafting!

  54. Lin M. says:

    I received mine (auto-ship) last week and played with them this weekend. They are really beautiful – dies and embossing folders. This tutorial looks perfect for folks who are new to using your cutting die/embossing folder combinations.
    Thanks for all you do to make our crafting beautiful!

  55. Melinda Hart says:

    I always find these posts helpful. Thank you! I just can’t get enough of the preview samples! I check Pinterest every day for those new Halloween projects! I know I need to wait for the shows. I just wish I could order them right now! Keep the project posts coming, too! Those are wonderful!

  56. Kris says:

    Do you also have a picture tutorial on the set you sold as the TSV. That would be great to have. Thank you for showing this to us. Also if this was already posted let me know. I did not have the time to read all of the comments.

  57. Susan says:

    Thanks so much for clearing this up. I was just going to wait until the 23rd and hope that you were going to do something. I have set my DVR.

  58. Jill M says:

    I am so glad you cleared this up. I thought they were a bit Spartan in nature, but you have given them back the spirit with the embossing! Thank you for that!!!


  59. Peggy Wilson says:

    Love this set of folders & dies. Looking so forward to watching the demonstrations and seeing the cards and pages you’ve created. I tape them all so I can watch them over and over. So much fun!!!!

  60. Avon Thompson says:


    I know that the Gold Cuttlebug is a product designed especially for you, however, is it possible for your cuttlebug model to have an magnetic plate? This would make it easier to use with your metal dies and it would hold them in place. Thanks

  61. Sandra says:

    I love the rose & leaf die cuts. I got my last week with the auto ship & just love all new folders. I’v been playing with them all weekend long. Thanks Anna, for making such beautiful dies & folders.

  62. Dianne McDonald says:

    This was great! Sometimes it is hard to figure out which die goes with each folder. It would be nice if you had that info all of embossing folders with matching dies.

    Awesome as usual!

  63. TeranceH says:

    You and your staff are awesome, i love the way you throw out little classes to spark our memory. Good Luck on Wednesday i

  64. Doris Elkins says:

    Thank you for the info. I love the folders , have been showing them off to all my stamping buddies. Thanks again.

  65. ElizabethD says:

    Thank you, I just didn’t get this till I saw this tutorial. Please keep this on the board for those of us who, when we get to doing this have a place to go.

  66. Jayne Evans says:

    I hope you plan to demo this Rose and leaf die set on the HSN show. I’m a visual learner! Thanks, Anna.

  67. Suzan says:

    I got mine. They are beautiful. Thanks for telling us how to emboss the leaf and rose and which borders to use I had wondered why they weren’t marked which one they went with. Thanks so much. The folders are absolutely beautiful! That’s pretty smart to make the embossing folder and a die cut that goes inside it to then embosses the die. Thanks Anna!

  68. Patty Fisher says:

    Thank you for showing how to use the dies and embossing correctly with this set. It is so much easier to understand when it is shown to you. I like to get shown how to use all of your items and with examples like you did here. I do hope you are able to do that on your show on HSN on the 23rd. I just ordered the perfect palette 12×12 solid cardstock 354-727 on HSN. Thanks Anna!

  69. Suzan says:

    Hi= I was wondering are you talking about the explore. If so you don’t have to have to have window 8 to use if that’s what your talking about I have windows 7 and it works ok for me. Sure as usual with cricut there is always problems. But It does work fine with window 7 I connected mine without any problems I hope this helps. God bless!

  70. Teggy says:

    Just got mine last week. Thank you so much for sharing how to use them. This is wonderful and I can’t wait to run them through the Cuttlebug!

  71. Heidi says:

    Oh for crying out loud I just noticed the border being embossed. I gave up on the border because it always moved around or I dd not catch the paper corredty. Now that I just looked at the image again and said wait I did not get those borders I realized you embossed them. HA makes sense now. Now I’m in love

  72. sandra sellers says:

    My daughter received these last week. Beautiful!!! Can’t wait to play with them. She and I will both be watching on the 23rd.

  73. Penny K. says:

    Question: Do the instructions match the picture in Picture #3 which is about die cutting first? The picture shows the paper down first, then the die with face down, but the instructions say “die face up, paper face down.” Please clarify….

  74. Penny K. says:

    Thank you, Anna, for the detailed instructions. I had already boxed the folders and dies up to return because I have so many embossing folders, and they all begin to look similar after so many. At first sight, the dies weren’t impressive – particularly compared to the others I have of yours (all of them!) HOWEVER, after these instructions, I have definitely changed my mind! Thank goodness I saw this before a trip to the post office this afternoon!!! Love the roses…..

  75. Sue M says:

    I had figured out the borders but the rose was still a mystery. Thanks to your great instructions, I now know howt to use it also. See you on Wednesday & am so looking forward to the shows. Hope you get to tell us about all the products before HSN cuts it off.

  76. MaryB says:

    Thank you so much for the info Anna. I received my folders and dies last week and was wondering how to use the rose and leaf dies. A small leaflet might be useful.

  77. Talesia says:

    Thanks for the info. Now that I have a better understanding I will see what I can do with it! 🙂

  78. Terri Reeves-Lopez says:

    My dear friend just received these and WOW, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, but I felt like the dies looked like something was missing…NOW, I totally understand them! I am SOLD that these are a MUST!!! Thank you for the explanation and i just shared this! Awesome Anna!!!♡

  79. Marta V. says:

    Thank you for sharing. I was wondering how to make them work together. It all makes sense now!!! Love it.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday!

  80. Christine Hafner says:

    I can’t wait to see what Anna will show on HSN this month! Since her last visit on HSN, I’d been looking for that special solid colr pearlized-like paper but can’t fin it anymore on HSN. It’sperfect for embossing and die cutting. Will that beautiful paper be back on HSN for sale?

  81. Shawna says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. I had figured out the borders but not the rose.

    I have to say, I was very disappointed that there were not cutting dies for all the borders as there were last time. The cutting dies are what set your collections apart from others, in my opinion. Will there be more than just 4 cutting dies in the two remaining collections that were part of this package? I hope so.

    In the meantime, thanks for the lovely flower collection.

  82. Gail Graham says:

    Thanks for the tutorial Anna. Unfortunately,I couldn’t get this authorship,but I’ll get the next one. My 3 yr old granddaughter had to have surgery on her colon,so we had to help my son out financially but maybe next time. You should open your own stores. I would travel especially in the Atlanta area.What a day trip that would be!!!!!! Better then a vacation. Can’t wait to see you on the 23rd. HSN should have you on every month. Just a thought. You are such a down to earth person, I feel like you’re my friend when you’re. On air. They need to make sure you’re videos are always done perfect. I always watch them and also you tube. Anna Griffin, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Faye Thompson says:

    Thank you, Anna, that was very helpful. I had figured out most of that except I would have embossed first.

  84. Janis says:

    Would love to stamps that would Los coordinate with the dies and embossing folders. Maybe some layered stamps. It would give another dimension or an alternative look.

  85. Elizabeth A says:

    Thank you, exactly the info I needed. It would be good to include a little sheet showing what should be in the package and which folders the dies work with. I appreciate the reminder about how to assemble it also. Your pictures are great!

  86. D~DesignsByDragonfly says:

    Thanks for sharing. It is always helpful to see things in action. Love that you listed the Cuttlebug plate and pad order.
    Crafty hugs,

  87. Heidi says:

    These were fun to play with. I had to ask my mom what on earth do you do with this die? She knew right away and created 100’s of them over the weekend. When she stamped them after embossing they came to life and I said “gorgeous mom!” Now I logged onto Facebook and you have a card done the same way.

  88. Debra says:

    Anna… are the prices for your items currently posed on HSN now the same prices that will be offered on Wednesday?

  89. deborah says:

    Lovely, as I collect all of these, I wanted your book showing the cards that used your embossing folders etc. But alas, none on HSN or anywhere else I could think of. Will it be coming back to HSN? I need examples as I am a big copycat!

  90. KarenA says:

    Received mine last week just before vacation with family. Have not
    Had time to play yet. Thanks for the information and the photos.

  91. Anna Griffin says:

    Kymm Cummins – this item is on sale now on it is item number 350158 Garden Cuttings Embossing Folders and Dies.

    You won’t miss out if you order now. We wish we could have a say in how many they stock, but we don’t.

  92. Doug G. says:

    Just received mine !!!! Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the refresher !!! Looking forward to the 23rd – I have my list ready !!!!

  93. Cathleen Bowing says:

    Thanks for the directions. I was disapointed untill I figured it out/ Now all is great. It would have been a bonus to include these instructions in the package. They are so lovely when completed and we can 3D some for a great look.
    Thanks Anna and I am so glad you provided these instructions. Now if I only had a computer that worked with your expresions machine:( I did not know when I bought it I needed 8.0 or 8.1 to be able to use it. So it sits for now.
    Love your beautiful products. You are so blessed to be such a lovely creative artist. God Bless.

  94. Nancy Lorenz says:

    Thank you so much! I got my folders and dies last week and I so appreciate the tutorial for using. I know I will use these folders and dies for a long time to come!

  95. Kymm Cummins says:

    These will be avail able on the 23rd correct? The problem is I live on the West Coast so by the time I see the show everything is sold out. I suggest ordering more Anna, and saving some for us scrappers and card makers out here in sunny CA! Please I’ve missed so many deals, I’m about ready to wait till your products hit Amazon. It’s frustrating!!!

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    Just received my set from HSN auto ship. Can’t wait to have some fun crating with these beautiful items. Looking forward to Wednesday to see more beautiful craft items from you.

  97. Marlene A. says:

    I got my order last week and I only got the flower and leaf die. I thought it was a little skimpy on dies. What should I do?

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  100. TamiB says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much! Makes perfect sense once you see it. 🙂 I’m guessing the other 3 sets coming in August/October/December will work like this? Very fun – can’t wait to play some more!

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